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2018年04月23日 02:00:40

嘉兴除唇毛The Chinese government has long resented accusations that, as US President Donald Trump put it in a tweet in early January, it “won’t help with North Korea美国总统唐纳特朗Donald Trump) 1月初在Twitter上发贴称,中国“在朝鲜问题上不愿帮忙”。中国政府对这样的指控一向很不满。On Wednesday China’s foreign minister used a colourful metaphor to describe his government’s position on the crisis-prone Korean peninsula, likening Pyongyang, Seoul and Washington to “runaway trainsthat Beijing was doing its best to stop.周三,中国外交部长王毅用生动的比喻形容了中国政府对危机四伏的朝鲜半岛的立场,将朝鲜、韩国和美国比作“不断加速的列车”,而中国正在竭尽全力让它们停下来。The press conference by Wang Yi also marked the first time that a senior Chinese government official has commented substantively on the Korean crisis since last month’s assassination in Kuala Lumpur of Kim Jong Nam, the half-brother of North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un, and a series of missile tests by the reclusive nation.王毅举行的这次记者会,也是自金正Kim Jong Nam)遇刺和朝鲜这个封闭国家进行一连串导弹试射以来,中国政府高级别官员首次就朝鲜半岛危机作出实质性。金正男是朝鲜统治者金正恩(Kim Jong Un)的同父异母兄长,上月在吉隆坡遇刺。Speaking at a briefing at the annual session of China’s parliament, Mr Wang criticised North Korea for pursuing its nuclear programme “in violation of UN Security Council resolutions but also censured Seoul and Washington for “conducting military exercises of enormous scale and ramping up military pressure on [North Korea]在中国全国人大年会记者会上发表讲话时,王毅批评朝鲜推进核计划“违反联合国安理UN Security Council)决议”,但他同时也谴责美韩“进行超大规模的军事演习,持续加大对朝鲜的军事压力”。“The two sides are like two accelerating trains coming towards each other with neither side willing to give way,Mr Wang said. “The question is are the two sides really y for a head-on collision? Our priority is to flash the red light and apply brakes on both trains.”王毅表示:“就像两组不断加速的列车,互不相让,难道双方都做好了迎头相撞的准备吗?当务之急要做的就是亮起红灯、同时刹车。”While Mr Trump believes that China lacks the will to rein in North Korea, Chinese officials argue that they do not have the power to do so because the problem is not theirs to solve.特朗普认为中国缺乏约束朝鲜的意愿,中国官员则辩称他们无权这么做,因为这不是该由他们解决的问题。“North Korea is a rusty lock but China does not have the key,says one Chinese official. “North Korea wants security but the threat doesn’t come from China.”一名中国官员表示:“朝鲜是一把生锈的锁,但钥匙不在中国手里。朝鲜想要的是安全,但威胁不来自中方。”Mr Wang acknowledged that as “a next-door neighbour with a lips-and-teeth relationship with the Korean peninsula, of course China is indispensable to the resolution of the nuclear issue王毅承认,“作为半岛唇齿相依的近邻,中国当然也是解决半岛核问题不可或缺的重要一方”。But he also insisted that “the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula is mainly between [North Korea] and other states namely South Korea and the US. Instead of refusing to negotiate with Pyongyang until Kim Jong Un abandons his nuclear programme, Beijing advocates a “dual-trackapproach.但他也坚称,“半岛核问题的主要当事方是朝美两家”。中国政府提倡“双轨并进”思路,而不是金正恩不放弃核计划就拒绝与朝鲜谈判。“To defuse the looming crisis on the peninsula, China proposes as a first step [that North Korea] suspends its nuclear and missile activities in exchange for a halt of the large-scale US-[South Korean military] exercises,Mr Wang said. “This suspension-for-suspension can help us break out of the security dilemma and bring the parties back to the negotiating table. Then we can follow the dual-track approach of denuclearising the peninsula on the one hand and establishing a peace mechanism on the other.王毅表示:“为应对半岛的危机,中方的建议是,作为第一步,朝鲜暂停核导活动,美韩也暂停大规模军演,通过‘双暂停’摆脱目前的安全困境,并且使各方重新回到谈判桌前。之后,按照‘双轨并进’思路,将实现半岛无核化和建立半岛和平机制结合起来。”“Nuclear weapons will not bring security and the use of force is no solution,he added. “Talks deserve another chance. Peace is still within our grasp.”他还说:“拥核不会安全,动武不是出路,复谈还有机会,和平仍有希望。”来 /201703/497287嘉兴曙光私密整形多少钱The Clinton campaign lashed out at the director of the FBI over the weekend after news that it was investigating a further batch of emails upended the US election campaign as it headed in to its final full week.希拉里竞选团队在周末猛烈抨击联邦调查局(FBI)局长,此前该局宣布正在调查又一批电子邮件,这个消息在美国大选竞选活动进入最后一个完整星期之际搅乱了选情。FBI director James Comey’s shock disclosure that his agents are seeking court approval to review newly discovered emails from Huma Abedin, 联邦调查局局长詹姆斯.科米(James Comey)上周宣布,该局探员正在寻求法庭批准,以审查从希拉里.克林Hillary Clinton)的核心幕僚之一胡玛.阿贝Huma Abedin)新发现的电子邮件。one of Hillary Clinton’s closest aides, looks set to dominate the final days of the campaign.这个令人震惊的消息看起来势必会主宰最后几天的选情。It comes amid signs the race was aly tightening. 这条消息出炉之际,迹象显示两名候选人之间的差距正在收窄。An A News tracking poll released on Sunday showed Mrs Clinton clinging to a one-point lead over Mr Trump, 46-45, in a four-way showdown that included the Libertarian and Green party candidates. 美国广播公司新闻A News)周日发布的一项追踪调查显示,希拉里相对于特朗普勉强保持一个百分点的领先,二人持率分别为46%5%;此次大选最终将是四人角逐,另外两人分别是自由意志党和绿党候选人。The poll, a rolling four-day average, had Mrs Clinton up by a dozen points just one week ago.追踪四天平均持率的这项滚动民调,在仅仅一周前显示希拉里领2个百分点。Separate N News polls in a pair of battleground states showed Mrs Clinton maintaining a six-point edge in North Carolina and locked in a dead heat with Mr Trump in Florida.全国广播公司新闻N News)在两个关键的战场州进行的民调显示,希拉里在北卡罗来纳州保持六个百分点领先优势,在佛罗里达州与特朗普难分上下。Kellyanne Conway, the property tycoon’s campaign manager, told A News that voters were souring on the constant cloud of corruption that follows Hillary Clinton around.特朗普的竞选经理凯利安康韦(Kellyanne Conway)对美国广播公司新闻部表示,选民对希拉里.克林顿周围不断出现的腐败乌云感到恶心。Robby Mook, Mrs Clinton’s campaign chief, said the Democrat had had her best Saturday fundraising performance this year and was buoyed by early voting turnout in states such as Nevada.希拉里的竞选经理罗穆克(Robby Mook)表示,民主党总统候选人进行了今年以来成果最佳的周六筹款活动,并受到内华达等州早期投票人数的鼓舞。Mr Comey’s public announcement on Friday, made before the FBI had obtained court approval to review the emails, drew fierce criticism from Democrats. 科米上周五在法庭批准联邦调查局审查电子邮件之前作出的宣布,招致民主党方面的猛烈批评。This was a terrible error in judgment by the director, said Adam Schiff, the senior Democrat on the House Intelligence committee.这是联邦调查局局长犯下的一个可怕的判断错误,众议院情报委员House Intelligence committee)资深民主党人亚当.希夫(Adam Schiff)表示。John Podesta, Mrs Clinton’s campaign chairman, said Mr Comey’s decision was unprecedented. 希拉里竞选团队主席约波德斯塔(John Podesta)说,柯米的决定是史无前例的。There is no evidence of wrongdoing, no charge of wrongdoing, no indication that this is even about Hillary, he told CNN’s State of the Union. 没有不当行为的据,没有针对不当行为的刑事指控,甚至没有迹象表明这与希拉里有任何关系,他在有线电视新闻网(CNN)的《国情State of the Union)节目中表示。Hillary’s not going to be distracted, in the final days of this election, over nothing.在这场竞选进入最后几天之际,希拉里不会为了无中生有的事情分心。Mr Comey began briefing lawmakers including the chairman and ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary committee over the weekend.科米周末开始向立法者通报情况,包括众议院司法委员House Judiciary committee)的主席和资深民主党成员。Mrs Clinton attacked the FBI chief for his deeply troubling handling of the email probe, 希拉里抨击联邦调查局局长,称他对电子邮件调查的处理令人深感不安。as Donald Trump seized on the issue to paint his Democratic rival as corrupt.与此同时唐纳特朗Donald Trump)抓住这个问题,称他的民主党竞选对手腐败。It is pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election, Mrs Clinton said at a rally in Florida on Saturday. 在选举前夕作出那样的宣布却没有什么信息是相当奇怪的,希拉里上周六在佛罗里达的一次集会上说道。In fact, it’s not just strange. 事实上,这不只是奇怪。It is unprecedented and it is deeply troubling.这是史无前例的,令人深感不安。At rallies in Arizona and Colorado, Mr Trump said the email issue was the biggest political scandal since Watergate.特朗普在亚利桑那州和科罗拉多州的集会上表示,电子邮件问题是自水门事件以来最大的政治丑闻。来 /201611/475330In his highly entertaining biography of Winston Churchill, Boris Johnson observes that “To some extent all politicians are gamblers with events. They try to anticipate what will happen, to put themselves on the right side of history.Mr Johnson even interprets his hero’s decision to campaign against Hitler, early in the 1930s, in this cynical light, explaining that Churchill “Put his shirt on a horse called anti-Nazism... his bet came off in spectacular fashion鲍里斯约翰Boris Johnson)在自己撰写的关于温斯顿丘吉尔(Winston Churchill)的极富趣味性的传记中指出:“从某种程度上讲,所有政客都是见风使舵的赌徒。他们设法预测将要发生什么事,并让自己站到历史正确的一边。”约翰逊甚至用一种嘲讽的语气解释丘吉尔在上世0年代反对希特Hitler)的决定,他说,丘吉尔“把全部家当押在一匹被称为反纳粹主义的马上……他的押注获得了辉煌的成功”。I thought of that passage when I heard that Mr Johnson has thrown in his lot with the Leave campaign ahead of Britain’s referendum on EU membership on June 23.当我听说约翰逊将自己的命运与英国退出欧盟运动紧密联系起来时(英国将3日对其欧盟成员身份进行公投),我想起了书中所写的这一段。Mr Johnson has put his shirt on a horse called Euroscepticism. He is clearly hoping that his bet will also “come off in spectacular fashionand carry him, like Churchill, all the way into 10 Downing Street preferably without the added bonus of a world war.约翰逊把自己的家当押在了一匹被称为“欧洲怀疑主义”的马上。显然,他希望自己的押注也能“获得辉煌的成功”,并将他(像丘吉尔那样)一路送入唐宁0号——最好是没有一场世界大战作为额外赠品。The mayor of London’s decision is certainly a significant moment in the referendum campaign. A Vote Leave group that was in danger of being led by cranks, nobodies and octogenarians will now be headed by one of the country’s most popular politicians.这位伦敦市长的决定无疑是本次公投运动中的重要事件。有被怪人、无名之辈及耄耋老人领导危险的持退欧群体,如今将由这个国家最有声望的政治家之一率领。June could also be a particularly propitious time to be making the case against the EU. By then, the Greek debt crisis may well have flared up again. Europe’s migrant crisis is also likely to have intensified, as improved weather increases the numbers of would-be refugees crossing the Mediterranean. That will increase infighting among the members of the EU, making the organisation look ever more shambolic.6月或许还将是主张反对欧盟的特别有利的时机。届时,希腊债务危机很有可能已再次爆发。欧洲移民危机同样可能已进一步加剧——天气好转将使得穿越地中海的准难民人数增加。这将加剧欧盟成员国之间的明争暗斗,让该集团看起来显得愈发混乱。The vision of hundreds of thousands more desperate would-be migrants, not too far from the English Channel, will also play directly into the most emotive argument that the Leave campaign will deploy: the fear of mass migration from Europe and the demand that the free movement of people from the EU should be halted.数十万绝望的准移民(在离英吉利海峡不太远的地方)前景也将直接切合退欧运动可利用的最能激起民众情绪反应的理由:欧洲对大规模移民的恐惧,以及叫停欧盟境内人员自由流动的诉求。Seeing the potentially terminal difficulties that the EU is facing may have led Mr Johnson to try to “put himself on the right side of history by placing a bet against Europe.看到欧盟面临的这些潜在致命困难,可能已让约翰逊试图通过把宝押在反欧洲上,“让自己站到历史正确的一边”。But there is more than one way of being on the right side of history. The first is simply to anticipate the direction of events. The second, more important, way is to align yourself with the right causes and values those that the history books will ultimately vindicate. Churchill’s decision to oppose the appeasement of Hitler was right in both senses. He saw how events were unfolding and, yes, he ultimately benefited politically from his prescience. But he also stood up against evil.但站到历史的正确的一边的路不止一条。第一是要预测事态的发展方向。第二(更重要)是从事正义的事业,秉持正确的价值观——历史最终将明这一切。丘吉尔反对对希特勒实行绥靖政策的决定在这两个方面都是正确的。他看清了事态的发展方向——没错,他最终在政治上获益于自己的先见之明。但他同时也站起来反抗邪恶。Mr Johnson’s decision to campaign for Brexit might put him on the right side of history, but only in the first and narrowest sense of foreseeing the direction of events. The EU is certainly in a sorry mess at the moment. There is also a strong strand of anti-establishment, anti-immigration populism loose in both the US and Europe, which could easily translate into a British vote to leave the EU. So betting against the EU could allow the London mayor to pocket some political winnings.约翰逊持英国退欧的决定或许会让他站在历史正确的一边,但仅仅是在第一层也是最狭隘的意义上,即预测事态发展方向。当下的欧盟确处于一种令人遗憾的混乱之中。美国和欧洲都有一股强大的反政府、反移民的民粹主义松散力量,它们可以很容易地转化为持英国退欧的投票结果。因此,押注退欧可以让这位伦敦市长获得些许政治资本。But Mr Johnson is on the wrong side of history in the more important sense, because he is aligning himself with some of the most malign forces in Europe and Britain. Across Europe, it is the far-right and the far-left that are calling for the destruction of the EU and they will cheer loudest if Britain votes to leave. On the borders of the EU, Vladimir Putin sees Brussels as a bitter enemy and hugely resents the sanctions that the EU imposed on Russia after its annexation of Crimea. The Russian president will be delighted and emboldened at any sign of the disintegration of the EU.但在更重要的意义上,约翰逊站在了历史的错误一侧,因为他跟欧洲和英国最有害的势力站在了一起。在整个欧洲,正是极右翼和极左翼势力在呼吁摧毁欧盟——如果英国通过投票脱离欧盟,他们的欢呼声将是最响亮的。在欧盟的边界上,弗拉基米尔渠京(Vladimir Putin)把欧盟视为一个劲敌,而俄罗斯吞并克里米亚招致欧盟的制裁,也引起了俄罗斯的极大怨恨。欧盟解体的任何迹象,都将令这位俄罗斯总统感到欢欣鼓舞和信心大增。In failing to appreciate the wider international context for his actions, Mr Johnson is following a distinctly un-Churchillian path. Churchill was the very opposite of a Little Englander. That is why he understood so quickly what the rise of Hitler meant for Britain, Europe and the world. It is also why he was one of the first politicians to understand the significance of Soviet actions in eastern Europe after 1945 leading him to coin the term “iron curtain约翰逊走上了一条不同于丘吉尔的道路,因为他未能从国际大形势的角度思考自己的做法。丘吉尔非常反对“小英格兰主义者Little Englander)。正因如此,他才那么快就明白了希特勒的崛起对英国、欧洲和世界意味着什么。也正因如此,他才成为最早理945年以后苏联在东欧行动的意义的政治家之一,他为此创造了“铁幕”一词。A modern Churchill, which is what Boris clearly aspires to be, would immediately understand that Britain’s decision about whether to stay in the EU has to be seen as part of a wider global picture. And that big picture is very worrying with Russia rediscovering its taste for war, the Middle East disintegrating, violent jihadism on the rise, China flexing its muscles in the Pacific and the US flirting with the lunacy of “Trumpism约翰逊明显希望成为现代丘吉尔。但丘吉尔如果活到现在,他立刻就会明白,必须在全球大形势下权衡英国是否留在欧盟的决定。目前的大形势非常令人担心——俄罗斯再次燃起了战争意愿,中东在分崩离析,残暴的圣战运动在兴起,中国在太平洋地区伸展肌肉,而美国似乎有实行愚蠢的特朗普主义(Trumpism)之势。Given all that, it is depressingly small-minded of Mr Johnson to justify campaigning for Brexit partly on the grounds that Britain might save a bit of money on its contributions to the EU budget. The fact is that Britain will pay a very heavy price directly and indirectly if the EU disintegrates. As David Cameron, prime minister, correctly pointed out, this is ultimately a question of national security.鉴于这一切,约翰逊以脱欧会节省一点对欧盟预算的摊派额作为持脱欧的部分理由,此举目光短浅得令人沮丧。事实上,如果欧盟解体的话,英国将付出非常昂贵的代价——包括直接和间接代价。英国首相戴David Cameron)说的有道理,这从根本上来说是一个关乎国家安全的问题。When Mr Johnson made his name as a journalist in the 1990s, campaigning against the follies of Brussels was fun. It was even possible to argue, back then, that the ambitions of the EU represented a serious threat to British self-government. But it would be absurd to look around today’s world and identify the EU as the biggest threat to British democracy or national security. The times have changed. Sadly, it seems that Mr Johnson has not changed with them.当上世纪90年代约翰逊以记者身份成名的时候,反对欧盟愚蠢之举是件趣事。在那时,甚至可以辩称,欧盟的雄心对英国自治构成严重威胁。但是,环顾当今世界之后,还把欧盟说成英国民主或国家安全的最大威胁,将是荒谬可笑的。时代变了。遗憾的是,约翰逊并未随着时代变迁而改变。来 /201602/428523秀洲区大腿激光脱毛多少钱

嘉兴哪一家整容医院,去眼袋效果好嘉兴去痣一般多少钱President Bashar al-Assad’s forces seized a wide swath of rebel territory in the embattled Syrian city of Aleppo, spurring the flight of tens of thousands of civilians amid intense fighting that threatens the collapse of the opposition’s last major urban stronghold.巴沙阿萨Bashar al-Assad)总统的部队在饱受战火蹂躏的叙利亚城市阿勒Aleppo)攻占了一大片叛军地盘,促使数万平民逃亡,激烈的战斗看起来可能摧毁反政府力量的最后一个主要城市据点。Activists and rebel leaders said pro-Assad forces on Monday recaptured the northern districts of the city, 活动人士和叛军领导人表示,持阿萨德的部队周一夺回了阿勒颇北部的几个区。Which has been divided between opposition forces on the east and Assad forces on the west since the rebels first stormed Syria’s second city in 2012.012年反政府力量首次攻打这个叙利亚第二大城市以来,该市一直处于两军对峙状态:反政府力量占据东部,阿萨德部队占据西部。The government advance means that over the course of a few days, rebels have lost about a third of their territory in Aleppo, which has become the most crucial 政府军在战场上的进展意味着,在几天时间里,叛军失去了自己在阿勒颇的大约三分之一地盘。and bloodiest battleground of Syria’s five-year civil war.在叙利亚五年内战中,该市已成为最关键和最血腥的战场。While past offensives in Aleppo led to intense jockeying among world powers to halt the fighting and maintain the status quo, the latest struggle has been marked by the absence of it at least on the rebel side.尽管以往在阿勒颇发起的攻势导致世界大国之间忙碌斡旋,以平息战火、维持现状,但最新攻势的特点是没有伴随任何外交努力,至少在叛军一方是如此。Key opposition supporters appear unable or unwilling to intervene. 主要的反对派持者似乎不能(或不愿意)干预。The Turkish government is focused on negotiating with Russia in an effort to weaken a Kurdish enclave in northern Syria that has stirred tensions with Turkey’s Kurdish population across the border.土耳其政府正集中精力同俄罗斯谈判,目的是削弱叙利亚北部的一块库尔德地盘,那里的库尔德人挑起了土耳其境内库尔德人与该国政府的紧张关系。Washington, always a reluctant rebel backer, has made no attempt at brokering a deal with the Kremlin to stop the bloodshed as it did in September. 华盛顿方面一直是不情愿的判军持者,这一次它没有月份那样,试图与克里姆林宫达成协议,以制止流血。Rebels believe the lack of a US diplomatic initiative is a direct result of Donald Trump’s election, which they believe has disoriented US officials with the prospect of a pro-Assad administration in the White House.叛军方面认为,美国没有采取任何外交行动是唐纳特朗Donald Trump)当选的直接结果,他们相信,白宫出现亲阿萨德的行政当局的可能性,使美国官员们不知所措。UN Syria envoy Steffan de Mistura tried but failed to get negotiations off the ground.联合国叙利亚特使斯特德米斯图Steffan de Mistura)做了尝试,但未能开启谈判。Faced with uncertainty in Washington, Mr Assad’s patrons, Russia and Iran, have moved to take the upper hand both in Aleppo and the wider Syrian war. 面对华盛顿的不确定性,阿萨德的后台俄罗斯和伊朗趁机行动,争取在阿勒颇乃至整场叙利亚战争中取得优势。They are throwing in military assets, with Moscow providing air support as Iran and allied Shia foreign fighters from Lebanon and Iraq pour into the battle.它们正投入军事资产:莫斯科方面提供空中援,而伊朗以及来自黎巴嫩和伊拉克的什叶派外国战斗人员投入战斗。来 /201611/480543桐乡市第一人民医院祛眼袋多少钱Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has said strains between Russia and the West have pushed the world ;into a new cold war;.近日,俄罗斯总理梅德韦杰夫表示,俄罗斯和西方之间的紧张关系会将世界推至“新冷战格局”;On an almost daily basis, we are being described the worst threat - be it to Nato as a whole, or to Europe, America or other countries,; Mr Medvedev said.梅德韦杰夫说道:“几乎每一天,我们都被描述成是最大的威胁--不只是对整个北约来说,还是对欧洲、对美国或是对其他国家。”He cited Nato chief Jens Stoltenbergs speeches and films depicting Russia starting a nuclear war.梅德韦杰夫引用北约秘书长延斯·斯托尔滕贝格的演讲内容以及描述俄罗斯将开启核武器战争的一些电影。The Cold War was a period of ideological confrontation between the former Soviet Union and Western countries. It began after World War Two and ended with the collapse of the Soviet-led communist camp in the 1989. The 45 years of tension were marked by espionage and proxy wars involving client states. The Nato alliance was established in 1949 to protect Western countries.冷战是指前苏联和西方国家意识形态对抗的这一时期。它开始于二战结束之时,随着1989年以苏联为首的共产主义阵营解体结束。持5年的紧张局势中充满了间谍活动和附庸国参与的代理人战争。北约成立于1949年,用于维护西方各国利益。Russia has recently come under strong criticism over its air strikes in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and over its role in neighbouring Ukraine, which culminated with the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014.最近一段时间,俄罗斯因利用空袭来持叙利亚总统阿萨德,以及014年吞并邻国乌克兰的克里米亚半岛而广受批评。In an interview with the B at the same Munich conference, Mr Stoltenberg said Russia had changed borders by force and had become more assertive - and that Nato had to be able to respond to threats.在慕尼黑会议的一次采访中,斯托尔滕贝格表示,俄罗斯通过武力改变了疆土边界,也变得越来越武断,北约不得不对这些威胁有所防备;We are not in a cold-war situation, but also not in the partnership that we established at the end of the Cold War,; Mr Stoltenberg said. Nato, he said, did not want an escalation, but enhanced political dialogue with Russia.斯托尔滕贝格说:“我们并未处于冷战的局面当中,现在我们也不是冷战结束时的伙伴关系。”他还表示,北约并不想让这种紧张关系升级,而是希望能促进与俄罗斯的政治对话。来 /201602/426674嘉兴市第一医院祛眼袋多少钱

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