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2017年10月18日 12:08:24

Me, Myself And The Loo: A Woman#39;s FutureCan Rest On A Toilet我,我的健康状况和情绪以及厕所:厕所之上的女性未来What does it mean to have a toilet?有厕所上意味着什么?We in the West don#39;t spend much timepondering that question.西方人并不需要花费很多时间来考虑这个问题。;It#39;s something that#39;s always in thebackground that keeps everything else moving,; says Sam Drabble of Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP),a London-based nonprofit. ;It allows us to live very busy lives, and it#39;snot something we ever need to think about.;来自伦敦非盈利组织城市贫困人口用水与卫生的Sam Drabble 说,“厕所永远是上不了台面但却让其他一切事情得以正常进行的那部分,厕所让我们可以投入忙碌的生活,但也不用为其而操心”。Others aren#39;t so fortunate. Geeta has notoilet near her home in northern India; she treks 2 miles in thedark to a field for privacy. If Vanessa#39;s school had private bathrooms, the17-year-old wouldn#39;t have to miss class when she#39;s having her period. In Ecuador, Reverside,37, wouldn#39;t have to visit her brother#39;s house to use his toilet, which isshared by nine other people from different families.可其他人就没有这么幸运了,生活在印度北部的Geeta就无法在家里附近找到厕所;她要在黑暗中跋涉2英里到一处旷野解决私事。如果Vanessa的学校有独立卫生间的话,17岁的她就不会在来例假期间缺课了,而来自厄瓜多尔的37岁女子Reverside也就不用非得去她哥哥的家里用卫生间了,公用这个卫生间的还有来自不同家庭的9名人员。在这25亿没有清洁像样的厕所可上的人当中——有过十亿的人在户外排便——而成年女性和女孩们是最严重的受害者。这种情况在南亚、东南亚和撒哈拉以南非洲地区的收入较低国家很常见。The theme of WorldToilet Day this year is how women suffer when they lack a proper toilet.Without running water or plumbing, many resort to unsafe and squalidalternatives. A toilet may simply be a hole in the ground or a space in an openfield. In some parts of South Asia,;hanging toilets;— bamboo huts with a hole cut out in the floor, suspended 3 feet above a pond —are common.今年世界厕所日的主题是女性没有像样的厕所可上会遭受怎样的痛苦。如果没有自来水或水暖设备,很多人就转而选择不安全的不洁饮用水。而厕所的概念可能就只是地面的一个坑或户外的一片空地。“悬空厕所”在南亚有些地区很常见——在竹棚的地板上挖个坑,悬挂于池塘3尺之上。Geeta comes from the Indian village wheretwo teenage girls were gang-rapedand murdered over the summer while relieving themselves in a field. InAfrica, 1 in 10 girls skipsschool during menstruation or completely drops out.Geeta来自印度村落,这里有两名十几岁的女孩在今年夏天因在旷野上方便而遭到轮奸和谋杀。在非洲,有十分之一的女孩因例假缺课,甚至辍学。Think how different Geeta#39;s life would beif she had a toilet in her home.想想看,如果Geeta在家里就有厕所可上的话,她的生活会是多么地不一样。 /201411/343675嘉兴曙光医院粉刺痤疮哪家好As thousands in southwest China struggle in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, the country#39;s main charity has a plea: forget rumors and scandals of the past and open your wallet now.在中国西南地区成千上万的民众奋力抗击一场毁灭性的地震灾害之际,中国的主要慈善机构向公众发出了这样的请求:忘记过去的种种谣言和丑闻,为抗震救灾慷慨解囊。In the early hours Monday morning, the Chinese Red Cross Foundation urged Chinese citizens to forget Guo Meimei, a woman who has caused damage to the organization#39;s reputation since 2011, when she claimed to work for the Red Cross and stirred considerable anger after bragging about her flashy, high-end lifestyle.周一凌晨,中国红十字基金会(Chinese Red Cross Foundation, 简称:红十字会)呼吁国内民众忘记郭美美。郭美美曾在2011年声称自己为红十字会工作,并因炫耀其浮华的高档生活方式而引发了民众的巨大愤怒。自此之后,郭美美事件给红十字会的声誉造成了严重伤害。#39;Numerous people have been fighting through the night for the rescue operation, as now time really is life. Is there anything more important, more urgent, more worthy of the investment of our hearts and souls?#39; the foundation said on its official microblogging site.红十字会在其官方微上称:“无数人正在为救援行动彻夜奋战,这个时候,时间真的就是生命。难道还有什么比这件事更重要、更揪心、更值得我们全身心投入的吗?”Ms. Guo had incensed Chinese in 2011 after showing off her opulent lifestyle by posting photos of luxury cars and expensive accessories, while unconfirmed rumors linked her with a high-ranking official at the Red Cross Society, prompting many Chinese to believe that the Red Cross funds were used to fund her luxuries.2011年,郭美美在网上发布了豪华跑车和昂贵饰品的照片,以此来炫耀自己奢侈的生活。此举引发了国内民众的愤怒,因为有未经实的谣言将其与红十字会的一位高层官员联系到了一起,促使许多民众相信红十字会的钱已被用来维持郭美美的豪华生活。The Red Cross denies any connection to Ms. Guo. Officials announced on Sunday that Ms. Guo has been in no way connected to the Red Cross, according to China#39;s official Xinhua News Agency.红十字会否认与郭美美有任何关系。据新华社报道,公安机关周日宣布郭美美与中国红十字会毫无关系。#39;So from this moment, forget about her, and put the limited energy and resources into this disaster, #39; the foundation said Monday. The people hit by the earthquake will need supplies immediately, the Red Cross notes on its microblog.红十字会周日称,所以,从这一刻起,请忘记她,把有限的精力和资源全部转向灾区。红十字会的微称,灾区民众急需救灾物资。The plea comes as rescuers are rushing to reach southwest China, where a 6.1 earthquake that struck Sunday in the city of Zhaotong has killed 381 people and injured 1,800 others. The impact could be greater, as the epicenter was in Ludian county, home to more than 265,900 people, according to Xinhua.红十字会这一表态正值救援人员火速赶往中国西南地区救灾之际。云南昭通周日发生6.1级地震,已经造成381人死亡,1,800人受伤。新华社称,由于震中心在人口超过265,900人的鲁甸,地震造成的伤亡可能会更大。While the government has been quick to react, the destruction of the earthquake is vast, with rescue efforts complicated by inclement weather. Houses have toppled, crushing lives and the livelihoods that many have built for themselves. Xinhua ed a Ludian resident as saying the streets were like #39;a battlefield after bombardment.#39;中国政府迅速采取了行动,但地震造成的破坏非常严重,恶劣的天气也使得救援行动遭遇困难。地震导致房屋坍塌,夺去了许多人的生命以及他们努力创造的生活。新华社援引一位鲁甸居民的话报道称,街道像被炮轰之后的战场。Chinese citizens have struggled to trust charitable organizations in China, where a number of scandals over the years has left people questioning if their donations are truly going to people who need them most.然而在中国,民众对慈善组织缺乏信任,过去几年来一系列的丑闻令人们质疑他们的捐赠是否真正到了那些最需要它们的人手中。The 2011 Guo Meimei scandal was made worse by persistent questions over the whereabouts of billions of yuan in donations for victims of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, a significant chunk of which was managed by the Chinese Red Cross, and did lasting damage to charity fund-raising efforts in a country aly short on trust. Unlike most Red Cross organizations around the world, China#39;s is tightly linked to the state, something that has further deepened mistrust of the charity among many Chinese.外界对为2008年四川地震受害者捐赠的数十亿人民币去向的质疑从来没有停息过,这也令2011年郭美美丑闻造成的影响加重。这些捐赠大部分都为红十字会管理。这些也给这个原本就缺乏信任的国家的慈善筹款带来了持久的影响。此外,不像全球大部分红会组织,中国红十字会与政府部门联系紧密,进一步加剧了许多中国人对这个组织的不信任。Ms. Guo could not be reached for comment.记者未能联系到郭美美置评。The Red Cross has made many attempts to move beyond rumors and problems in the past. And now, as it faces thousands of people who need help in some of China#39;s hard-to-reach areas, it will attempt to do so again.过去红十字会多次努力消除传言的影响。现在它面对的是中国交通最不便利地区成千上万名急需帮助的民众,红十字会将再一次作出努力。#39;Yes, relentless action is our only option to wash away the sewage, to overcome the rumors and overcome ourselves,#39; the Red Cross said on its microblog.红十字会在其微上写道,是的,只有不懈的行动才是我们唯一的选择,能涤出污水,战胜谣言,也战胜自己。 /201408/318648嘉兴腋臭手术哪家医院好WASHINGTON — While the ed States and Japan dawdle over the last details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, China is moving to fill the vacuum. Beijing is intent on defining trade relations in the Asia Pacific for the 21st century.华盛顿——美国和日本就跨太平洋伙伴关系(Trans-Pacific Partnership,简称TPP)最后的细节久拖不决之时,中国正积极地填补空白。北京已经下定决心,要为21世纪的亚太地区设定贸易关系框架。As host of the approaching Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings, which take place just a week after America’s midterm elections, Beijing has been pushing for a post-meetings declaration that will lock in its vision of free trade — language that will, according to reports, endorse the so-called Beijing road map, which does not include the T.P.P. As the ed States trade representative, Michael Froman, said, “We do not expect to have a final agreement on T.P.P. at APEC.”亚太经济合作组织(Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)峰会的召开,就在美国中期选举之后一周。作为APEC会议的东道主,北京已经在推动一份会后的宣言了。这份宣言会确定其自由贸易愿景,据报道,措辞会持所谓的北京合作蓝图,其中并不包括TPP。就像美国贸易代表迈克尔·费罗曼(Michael Froman)所说的,“我们并不期待在APEC会议期间,就TPP达成最后协议。”The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement would bring broad economic benefits for a vast majority of citizens in the 12 countries that would be signatories to the deal — including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico and Vietnam, among others. The T.P.P. would set high standards for regulatory systems, rules on intellectual property and fair competition — standards that China should aspire to but cannot currently meet.TPP协议将会为12个缔约国的绝大多数民众,带来广泛的经济利益,包括澳大利亚、新加坡、马来西亚、墨西哥和越南等国。TPP也会为监管体系、知识产权规则和公平竞争,设置很高的标准,都是中国应该努力追求、但目前达不到的标准。So as well as promoting its alternative plan to shape the region’s economic future by means of an Asia-Pacific free trade area with considerably lower standards, Beijing is betting that the small number of vocal opponents of the T.P.P. in America and Japan will derail the agreement. For the T.P.P. parties, failure to conclude an agreement would have untold costs, as countries like China that pursue mercantilist, government-directed economic policies would be emboldened to set the terms of trade in the Asia-Pacific region.所以,除了推动自己的方案,以标准明显更低的亚太自贸区,塑造该地区的经济未来之外,北京还期望美国和日本国内一小部分尖锐反对TPP的人,能够破坏相关协议。对TPP的参与方来说,无法签订协议会造成难以估量的后果,因为中国这种追求重商主义,由政府主导经济政策的国家,会受到鼓励,来为亚太地区设置贸易规则。China understands that democratic systems like those of the ed States and Japan show great deference to the interests of small groups. They protect minorities from the tyranny of a majority. In effective democracies, however, the interests of small groups are protected not through stalemate and inaction, but through compromise, as new policies move forward for the overall benefit of a country.中国明白,美国和日本这样的民主政体,会对小群体的利益给予极大的尊重。它们保护少数群体免受多数人暴政的侵害。然而在有效的民主体制里,保护小群体的手段并不是僵持不下的不作为,而是要通过妥协,为了国家的整体利益推动新政策。Trade negotiations test democracies to their limits. In the final phases, weary negotiators attempt to find common ground. Small interest groups that fear being disadvantaged become more shrill and intransigent; larger business and industry stakeholders that would gain by the deal fall largely silent; and the public, which would gain most of all, is confused. Media coverage is saturated with ever more strident rhetoric over ever narrower issues, overshadowing the fundamental interests at stake.贸易谈判对民主体制的极限提出了考验。在最后阶段,疲惫的谈判代表试图各让一步达成共识,然而担心利益受损的小利益集团却会发出更为尖锐的声音、更加顽固;将从协议中受益的规模较大的工商界利益相关方,基本上会保持沉默;绝大多数民众会从协议中受益,但他们已经被搞糊涂了。媒体报道则充满越来越强硬的言论,针对的议题却越来越狭窄,遮盖了其中涉及的根本利益。This is the stage we have reached in the American-Japanese negotiations over the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Public debate has become dominated by, on one hand, the profits of pork farmers in Japan and the ed States and, on the other, political maneuvering to assign blame in anticipation of a failure to close a deal.美国与日本就TPP举行的谈判就来到了这个阶段。公共辩论的主导议题,一方面是日本和美国养猪业者的利润,另一方面是来自政界不断的动作,以确定在无法达成协议时该指责谁。Lost in the discussion are the advantages to both countries’ overall national interest and an overwhelming majority of their respective citizens. Few voices are heard saying that a T.P.P. agreement will establish American-Japanese leadership in setting a course that will enable greater prosperity throughout the Asia Pacific region.公众讨论中所欠缺的,是它对两国的整体国家利益,以及各自国家的绝大多数民众有哪些好处。我们极少听到有人说,TPP协议能够让美国和日本取得领导权,规划出一条路线,从而促进整个亚太地区实现更大的繁荣。It is time to make the compromises necessary to close a deal that will set the standard for international business in the future. Critically, a small number of relatively minor issues must not block an agreement between two of the world’s three largest economies.现在应当做出必要的让步,达成协议,从而为未来的国际商业活动树立标准。至关重要的一点是,世界前三大经济体中的两个国家之间的一项协议,不应当因为少量相对轻微的问题而受到阻挠。The T.P.P. will provide an American- and Japanese-led framework for business in the world’s center of economic power. It will establish the best practices aly observed by American and Japanese companies for a trading area of nearly 800 million consumers in 12 countries. And it will be open to new members, including China, that are willing to accept the high standards that the T.P.P. will demand.TPP能够在世界经济的核心地区,建立起一个由美国和日本领导的国际商业框架。它将为一个包含12个国家、拥有近8亿人口的贸易区,建立起美国和日本企业已经在遵循的最佳行为准则。它也欢迎新成员的加入,包括中国,只要它们愿意接受TPP提出的高标准。It’s important to note that China has expressed interest in joining the T.P.P. — even if this reflects a view in Beijing that the agreement is more inevitable than desirable. While China’s accession to the T.P.P. would place the world’s second-largest economy on a more certain and stable path, it would do so based on rules developed under the leadership of free-market democracies. Many of the areas in which weak World Trade Organization rules have failed to level the playing field for foreign companies in China would be strengthened under the T.P.P., making China a better place to do business.需要注意,中国已经表达了加入TPP的兴趣,不过这只是反映出,中国更多是认为该协议无法避免,却未必乐于加入该协议。中国加入TPP,会让这个世界第二大经济体,走上更加确定和稳定的道路,而且中国在这样做时所遵循的规则,也是在信奉自由市场的民主国家领导下制定的。在许多领域,世界贸易组织(World Trade Organization)软弱的规则,并没有让外国企业在中国享有平等的竞争环境,但在TPP之下,这些规则会得到加强,使中国成为一个更适宜开展商业活动的国家。China understands that the T.P.P. will reinforce the vital American-Japanese alliance. That alliance is, of course, the bedrock of the region’s security upon which the Asian economic miracle was built. As Japan assumes a more important international role, the T.P.P. provides additional strategic ties that will enhance Tokyo’s ability to manage relations with the countries that pose the greatest challenges.中国理解TPP会增强美日之间至关重要的联盟。而美日联盟当然也是亚太地区安全的基石,正是在这种安全的环境之上,才构筑起了亚洲的经济奇迹。随着日本承担起更重要的国际角色,TPP也会提供更强的战略联系,从而为日本赋予更强的能力,来管理与那些构成最大挑战的国家之间的关系。A failure to conclude the T.P.P. would be a terrible setback. In place of establishing joint leadership in a rules-based regional economic system based on free-market principles, the American-Japan relationship would suffer from a period of mutual recriminations and loss of trust and cooperation. As both President Obama and Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, have stressed, the time for bold action to conclude the T.P.P. is at hand. China’s bet against Japan and the ed States has only reinforced the urgency of closing the deal.如果不能签订TPP,将会是一个糟糕的挫折。无法基于自由市场原则,在一个遵守规则的地区经济体系里,建立共同的领导地位,美日两国就会在一段时间里相互指责,失去信任并减少双边合作,进而对双边关系造成冲击。就像奥巴马总统和日本首相安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)强调的,果断采取行动,签订TPP协议的机遇就在眼前。中国认定日本和美国无法达成共识,更让这份协议的签订显得颇具紧迫感。 /201411/341767Conjuring up the ghosts of Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky and Peter the Great, Vladimir Putin put on a show last night to rival London and Beijing, with a simple message: Russia is back and as hungry as ever.在昨晚这场可与伦敦奥运会和北京奥运会匹敌的演出上,托尔斯泰(Tolstoy)、柴可夫斯基(Tchaikovsky)、彼得大帝(Peter the Great) 之魂接连出场,弗拉基米尔·普京(Vladimir Putin)借此传递一个简单的信息:俄罗斯回来了,像昔日那样雄心勃勃。In a feat reflective of the bn epic Sochi experiment itself, a giant troika of horses floated through the freezing air, the workers’ revolution was reimagined as a Malevich-inspired musical and an inflatable St Basil’s coalesced on the stage. Volcanoes spewed fire, fireworks lit up the stadium and soft flurries of snow fell on command from the sky. Mr Putin bowed and waved.开幕式壮丽地史诗表演折射出索契冬奥会510亿美元的投入。三匹巨马飘过冰冷的空气,从马列维奇(Malevich)得到灵感、以工人革命为主题的音乐剧表演,以及舞台上出现的充气圣巴西尔大教堂。一个个小火山引燃了火炬台,烟花照亮整座体育场,安排好的细雪从天而降。普金向人们鞠躬并挥手示意。If many have doubted Mr Putin’s decision to host the Winter Olympics in a tiny beachfront town that had little pre-existing modern day infrastructure, the president’s opening ceremony could be seen as a strong rebuke. Homage was made to Peter the Great and Russia’s Imperial capital St Petersburg – built against all architectural logic on a marshland – and the Stalinist skyscrapers of Soviet Moscow that remain standing to this day, as viewers were taken on the tumultuous ride that is Russia’s history.当普金决定在一个缺乏现代基础设施的海滨小镇举办冬奥会时,也许有人曾有过怀疑,而这场开幕式可被视作总统的反驳。开幕式的表演展现了彼得大帝,俄罗斯帝都圣彼得堡(在沼泽地上克建筑技术局限而兴建的城市),以及今天依然伫立在莫斯科的斯大林式的高楼,让观众们走马观花地一览俄罗斯历史。The Sochi games have been among the more controversial in Olympic history, with western critics using them as a springboard to criticise Russia in particular on its human rights record.索契冬奥会是奥运会历史上一次备受争议的比赛,西方的批评家们以它为跳板来批评俄罗斯,尤其指责其人权记录。In perhaps a cheeky nod to critics of the country’s new “gay propaganda” ban, the ceremony featured music from tATu, a Russian pop duo who posed as faux lesbians during their peak in their early 2000s. Their song – “Not Going To Get Us” – played as Russia’s Olympic competitors made their entrance during the traditional Parade of Nations.该国新出台的“禁同性恋宣传”法律招致了大量批评,或许是为了调侃这些批评,开幕式选用了tATu的音乐。tATu是一俄罗斯流行音乐二人组,在21世纪初的巅峰时代曾假装女同性恋。当俄罗斯冬奥会的选手们踏入会场,进行传统的运动员游行仪式时,tATu的歌曲“别想阻拦我们”(Not Going To Get Us)响彻会场。The opening ceremony may help Russia reclaim the Sochi narrative from critics who have highlighted the event’s shortcomings. In recent days, arriving journalists complained of yellow tap water, unfinished hotel rooms and shoddy construction work – evidence of a rushed job.开幕式或许有助于俄罗斯从批评者那里夺回索契冬奥会的话语权,近日这些批评者抓住此次奥运会的缺陷大做文章。近日来,抵达索契的记者们纷纷抱怨自来水泛黄,酒店客房没完工,以及粗制滥造的施工——这都是赶工的明。The show was not without hitches. One of the five Olympic rings, in the form of giant snowflakes, initially failed to open properly.开幕式并非一帆风顺。在巨大的雪花状奥运五连环中,有一环最初没能正确打开。While the leaders in Mr Putin’s Olympic box included China’s leader Xi Jinping and Viktor Yanukovich, the embattled leader of Ukraine, major western leaders, including US president Barack Obama and German chancellor Angela Merkel, skipped the party, sending junior delegations instead.普京的冬奥会包厢里坐着中国国家主席习近平和陷入困境的乌克兰总统维克多#8226;亚努科维奇(Viktor Yanukovych),但美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)和德国总理安格拉#8226;默克尔(Angela Merkel)等主要西方国家领导人没有出席开幕式,而只是派出了低层官员组成的代表团。Offsetting the lack of western luminaries, Mr Putin had gathered Russia’s rich and famous from the Bolshoi and Mariinsky theatres, Moscow film sets – and some from abroad. Svetlana Zakharova, the nation’s prima ballerina, danced, while Anna Netbrenko, Russia’s world-famous soprano, sang the Olympic anthem. Maria Sharapova, the tennis star, came from her residence in Florida and oligarch Roman Abramovich from the UK.为了弥补西方要人的缺席,普京从莫斯科大剧院和马林斯基剧院、莫斯科电影界召集了俄罗斯的许多富人和名人,也有一些从国外应邀赶来。芭蕾舞首席女舞者斯维特拉娜#8226;扎哈洛娃(Svetlana Zakharova)翩翩起舞,世界闻名的俄罗斯女高音安娜#8226;奈瑞贝科(Anna Netrebko)演唱冬奥会会歌。网球明星玛丽亚#8226;莎拉波娃(Maria Sharapova)从她在美国佛罗里达州的住所前来助阵,寡头罗曼#8226;阿布拉莫维奇(Roman Abramovich)从英国赶来出席开幕式。At the end of the three-hour ceremony, Russia put on a beautifully terrifying firework display set to the music of Tchaikovsky. As Mr Putin seemed to have proved, there are things Russia still does stupendously well: pyrotechnics most certainly included.长达3小时的开幕式结束时,俄罗斯方面在柴可夫斯基音乐的伴奏下进行了美丽壮观的烟花表演。正如普京似乎已明的那样,俄罗斯仍有许多事情能做得非常漂亮:烟火表演肯定包括在内。 /201402/275318平湖市做文眉手术多少钱

嘉兴市中医院韩式隆鼻多少钱嘉兴市中医院整形科Crash investigators are examining what may be the most significant development yet in the 17-month search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 after debris potentially related to the crash was found on the Indian Ocean island of La Réunion.长达17个月的马航(Malaysia Airlines)MH370搜寻过程可能出现迄今最为重大的一项进展,空难调查人员正对此展开调查。此前警方在印度洋法属留尼汪岛发现了一片可能与这架失踪飞机相关的残骸。A French aviation expert pointed on Twitter to apparently strong similarities between the part — apparently a flaperon, a control surface from a wing — and the same part on a Boeing 777, the type of aircraft lost. Associated Press, the wire service, ed an anonymous “US official” as saying “with a high degree of confidence” that the part came from a 777.一名法国航空专家在Twitter上指出这片残骸(看上去是机翼的一个控制面襟副翼)看上去与波音(Boeing)777非常相似,MH370正是这种机型。新闻通讯社美联社(Associated Press)援引一位匿名的“美国官员”的话称“高度怀疑”该零件来自一架波音777。Daniel O’Malley, a spokesman with the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, said on Thursday the agency was working with French officials and experts from Boeing to try and confirm the type of aircraft the debris was from and whether it was from MH370.澳大利亚交通安全局(Australian Transport Safety Bureau)发言人丹尼尔攠汙利(Daniel O’Malley)周四表示,该局正与法国官员和来自波音的专家合作,将努力实这片残骸来自哪个型号的飞机以及是否来自MH370。“The location where the debris was found is not inconsistent with the current search location,” he said.他表示:“碎片被发现的地理位置与目前的搜索范围并无不符。”If the part is from the missing flight, it could provide critical clues to the fate of the aircraft, which disappeared on March 8, 2014 with 239 people on board during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Radar tracking showed that the aircraft changed course suddenly part way through the flight and later analysis suggested the aircraft had headed out over the Indian Ocean.如果这片碎片来自失踪飞机,那么这可能会为MH370的命运带来关键线索,2014年3月8日,从吉隆坡飞往北京的MH370航班失踪,机上共有239人。雷达跟踪数据显示,这架飞机在飞行过程中突然改变路线,后来的分析显示,飞机飞向印度洋上空。Based on the earlier analysis, the Australian Air Force and Navy have been searching for a remote area off Australia’s west coast for signs of the aircraft, with no success. While Réunion, a French territory east of Madagascar, is more than 1,000 miles from the area of the Australian search, it is possible the part was carried by ocean currents to the small island.根据早先的分析,澳大利亚空军和海军一直在远离该国西海岸的海上搜寻失踪飞机的迹象,但没有取得任何进展。位于马达加斯加东部的法属留尼汪岛距离澳大利亚军队搜索区域有1000多英里之遥,但洋流有可能将飞机碎片带到这个小岛。 /201507/389616嘉兴法令纹去除As the Chinese stock market slumps, the country’s government has stepped in boldly, unveiling a series of measures to prop up shares. But those efforts have done little to stabilize the market, with stocks continuing to slide on Wednesday.上海——中国股市暴跌之际,该国政府积极介入,已经推出了一系列托市措施。但是这些努力几乎没有起到稳定市场的效果,周三,中国股市继续收跌。The losses create a political and economic challenge for the nation’s leadership.对于中国领导层来说,这种暴跌带来了政治和经济上的挑战。Beijing could face social unrest if the sell-off accelerates, since tens of millions of ordinary investors have plowed their savings into the market. The psychological toll on investors, in turn, could erode consumer confidence, dragging down growth in the aly slowing economy.如果抛售加速,北京可能会面临社会动荡,因为数以千万计的普通投资者把自己的储蓄投入了股市。投资者承受的心理压力,可能会削弱消费信心,拖累已经放缓的经济增长。“The stock market is connected to the real economy,” says Fraser Howie, a longtime Asia banker and co-author of “Red Capitalism: The Fragile Financial Foundation of China’s Extraordinary Rise.” “When you see such violent moves, you don’t know what kinds of ripples are going to come down.”“股市与实体经济相连,”侯伟(Fraser Howie)说。“当你看到这种剧烈的动荡,就不知道会有何种影响蔓延开来。”侯伟长期在亚洲业工作,是《红色资本主义:中国非凡崛起之下的脆弱金融基础》(Red Capitalism: The Fragile Financial Foundation of China#39;s Extraordinary Rise)一书的合著者。The Chinese government is moving swiftly to prevent any broader fallout.中国政府正在迅速采取行动,防止产生影响更加广泛的后果。The country’s central bank has made extra cash available to fund share purchases. Brokerage houses have been ordered to pump billions of dollars into the market. And government-backed funds have earmarked billions more to prop up the shares of flagging companies.中国央行提供了额外的现金以供买入股票。经纪公司受命将数亿资金注入股市。由政府撑的一个基金则另外拨付了巨额资金,为股价低迷的公司护盘。The mess in China has not roiled global markets. That is partly because the “Chinese financial system is largely sealed off from the global financial system,” Derek Scissors, an analyst at the American Enterprise Institute, said in a report.全球市场并没有因为中国的混乱而陷入动荡。美国企业研究所(American Enterprise Institute)分析师史剑道(Derek Scissors)在一份报告中称,这在一定程度上是因为“中国的金融体系在很大程度上与全球金融体系相隔绝”。For now, the action is domestically focused. China’s Communist Party leaders are trying to restore confidence and stabilize the market before things get too ugly at home, introducing new fixes nearly every day. On Wednesday, China’s Ministry of Finance pledged to “adopt measures to safeguard the stability of capital markets,” and in particular protect state-owned financial enterprises. The move signals that this broad-based effort is being directed from the very top echelons of the state.目前采取的行动主要集中在国内。中国共产党的领导人几乎每天都出台新的解决措施,试图在国内情况变得太不堪之前,恢复投资者的信心、稳定市场。周三,中国财政部甚至发誓要采取措施,以保障资本市场的稳定,特别是保护国有金融企业。这显示出,这场广泛的运动是由国家最高领导层指挥的。“There are no buyers, only sellers,” said Francis Cheung, a market analyst at CLSA, the brokerage house. “So the government is buying, and they’ll ramp up buying to stabilize the market.”“市场上没有买盘,只有卖盘,”里昂券(CLSA)的分析师郑名凯(Francis Cheung)说。“因此政府正在买入,他们还会进一步买入股票,来稳定市场。”Trouble is, they haven’t found the right formula. Despite the latest batch of moves, China’s markets were battered on Wednesday. In Shanghai, prices plunged 5.9 percent. In Shenzhen, they fell 2.5 percent. The damage is also sping regionally, to Hong Kong and Japan, where shares also fell sharply.麻烦的是,他们还没有找到正确的办法。尽管采取了这批新的措施,周三中国股市还是遭受重挫。沪市跌5.9%,深市跌2.5%。影响还蔓延到了周边地区,香港和日本股市也大幅下跌。While the markets are up over all for the year, the recent downward spiral is creating substantial pain. Both major exchanges are off between 30 percent to 40 percent in six weeks, putting them in bear market territory.虽然从一年的周期来看,股市仍然有涨幅,但近期的下跌行情造成了巨大打击。在过去六周里,这两大交易所暴跌30%至40%,进入了熊市。The numbers don’t give the complete picture either. In recent days, many stocks have been halted because of exchange rules that are supposed to guard against too much misery in a single trading session. At least a third of the companies listed on the major stock exchanges had trading in their shares suspended on Wednesday.但这些数字也没有勾勒出完整的画面。近日来,不少个股已经跌停。中国股市有跌停机制,是为了防止在单一交易日内产生太惨烈的冲击。在沪深两市上市的公司,至少有三分之一在周三停牌。Those market dynamics can create a chain reaction of selling. China’s major exchanges prevent a stock from falling more than 10 percent on any given day. When that happens, analysts say, many investors opt for selling other shares, broadening the sell-off. Then when the market opens the next day, they continue selling down the stock that was previously halted, effectively prolonging the turmoil.这种规则可能会造成连锁抛售状况。沪深两市不允许股价在同一天跌幅超过10%。分析师说,当一只股票跌停,很多投资者就选择卖出其他股票,让更多股票遭到抛售。而当股市第二天开盘的时候,投资者会继续抛售前一天跌停的股票,实际上延长了动荡的时间。“It just delays the correction, so it delays the downturn,” said Mr. Cheung at CLSA.“这只是推迟了调整,因此延长了低迷时间,”里昂券的郑名凯说。While China’s stock markets have a long history of volatility, the environment is different now. The country’s economy has been sluggish. The stock market is far bigger than it has ever been, second in size only to that of the ed States.虽然中国股市长期以来都有较强的波动性,但现在已经不同于过去。目前该国经济形势不景气。股市规模也远远大于以往任何时候,在全球仅次于美国。And aggressive investors, many of them first-time buyers of equities, have been playing a different game. They were buying stocks with borrowed funds, using leverage as if they were “barbarians at the gate.”而激进型投资者也在玩一个不同的游戏,他们中不乏首次炒股的新手。这些人使用杠杆,借钱来炒股,就像“门口的野蛮人”一样。The panic, in part, is being driven by concerns about the huge amount of borrowing. Some analysts estimated that margin buying reached about 0 billion, or as much as 15 percent of the value of all tradable shares on the two major exchanges.人们对负债炒股的金额巨大感到担忧,这在部分上推动了市场的恐慌情绪。一些分析师估计,目前保金交易达到约5500亿美元,相当于沪深两市所有流通股价值的15%。Fear is gripping the market after a phenomenal bull run in which mainland China’s major stock indexes doubled, tripled and even quintupled over the past few years. By the time the market peaked, in early June, share prices in China were among the most expensive in the world, vastly costlier than in the ed States, Europe or Hong Kong.在过去几年里,内地主要股指涨了一倍、两倍甚至三倍。在大牛市之后,市场陷入了恐惧。行情在6月初达到最高点时,中国的股价堪称是全世界最昂贵的,远超美国、欧洲和香港的水平。Investors in mainland China, in other words, had to pay a huge premium to buy domestic shares, a sign the country’s stock market was frothy. Some analysts have noted that the price-to-earnings ratio of companies listed on China’s start-up index, called ChiNext, were far higher than those listed on the Nasdaq stock market in 2000, when the Internet bubble burst.换句话说,内地投资者购买国内股票时不得不付溢价。这个迹象表明,中国股市存在泡沫。一些分析人士指出,中国创业板上市公司目前的市盈率,远高于2000年互联网泡沫破灭时,纳斯达克(Nasdaq)上市公司的水平。Just a few weeks ago, the pipeline of initial public stock offerings was robust. There was the promise of innovative companies that could use the capital markets, rather than the banks, as a source of cash, and the prospect of new bourses being set up for China’s technology start-ups.就在几周前,新股发行的势头还颇为强劲。创新公司有望通过资本市场而非募集资金,并且中国还有望设立新交易所,面向科技初创企业。China’s state-run news media, including The People’s Daily, helped hype the rip-roaring market. As recently as April, news media said that the bull market had “just begun,” only to warn some weeks later of the risks.包括《人民日报》在内的中国官方新闻媒体,也帮助了对热火朝天的股市的炒作。最近一幕发生在4月。新闻媒体当时称牛市“才刚刚开始”,但仅过了几周,就转而发出了危险警告。Since then, sentiment has soured, and investors have lost confidence. The worry, analysts said, is that it could be a prolonged downturn, like the one that began in 2007 and lasted about seven years.在那之后,情绪发生了变化,投资者失去信心。分析人士称,人们担心的是,它可能会成为一场旷日持久的低迷,就像之前那次一样。那次下跌始于2007年,持续了大约七年。The sharp decline in prices wiped out trillions of dollars in value from a market that at one point topped trillion. Still, the decline has not yet erased all, or even most, of the gains. China’s major exchanges remain up about 75 percent from a year ago, in part because big state-owned companies have fared better.股价的大幅下跌导致数万亿美元的市值从股市蒸发,中国股市的总市值一度达到了10万亿美元。然而,下跌尚未抵消掉全部甚至大部分的涨幅。中国两大交易所的指数仍比一年前高出大约75%。这在一定程度上是因为大型国企表现得比其他公司好。In late June, the government cut interest rates, which is ordinarily a good sign for stocks, since it makes them more attractive relative to bank deposits. But share prices fell anyway.6月末,政府调低了利率。对股票来说,这通常是一个利好,因为这样会让它们比存款更具吸引力。但股价还是在下跌。Since then, the authorities have introduced a wave of additional measures meant to prop up prices. Stock trading transactions were slashed. I.P.O.s were suspended. Huge stabilization funds were set up to purchase shares. Brokerage houses promised to buy more. And China’s insurance regulator eased rules so that insurers could more easily invest in stocks.那之后,当局又出台了一波旨在稳定股价的措施。下调交易费率、暂停新股发行、设立巨额救市基金买进股票、券公司承诺增购股票。此外,中国的保险监管机构也放宽了规定,这样保险公司就更容易投资股市了。In the face of further selling, the government continued to introduce new measures on Wednesday.周三当天,面对进一步的抛售,政府继续出台新举措。管理大型国企的国有资产监督管理委员会对很多大型国有上市企业下令,不得减持自己的股票。China’s State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, which oversees the country’s big state corporations, ordered many such companies with public listings not to reduce holdings of their own stock.监会甚至发布通知,鼓励大股东和企业高管增持自己公司的股票。监会在通知中还强调,为防止内幕交易而对交易时机实施的规则,当下并不适用。The China Securities Regulatory Commission even issued a notice encouraging major shareholders, directors and executives of companies to increase their holdings of their companies’ stock. The commission emphasized that rules about the timing of insider stock transactions that might deter such purchases would not apply.瑞银(UBS)驻香港市场分析师何伟华(Patrick Ho)称,这是一种“试错”的办法。而且鉴于当局希望刺激经济,并试图阻止市场过快跌落,可能还会有更多举措。 /201507/385242海盐县中医院激光祛痣多少钱

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