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嘉兴腭裂手术哪家医院好海宁市人民医院激光祛痘多少钱Tumbling oil prices have long been seen as kryptonite for clean energy companies — and share prices of some of the world’s best known renewable power groups have slumped in the wake of the latest slide in crude.油价暴跌一向被视为清洁能源企业的克星。近期原油价格大幅下滑,一些世界最知名的可再生能源集团的股价也随之猛跌。Shares in Denmark’s Vestas, the world’s largest wind turbine supplier, dived after the oil producers’ cartel Opec decided not to cut production in late November and prices are still down 11 per cent, noticeably below the broader market.11月末石油输出国组织(Opec,简称欧佩克)决定不减产后,丹麦维斯塔斯公司(Vestas)的股价应声暴跌——目前跌幅仍达11%,明显逊于整体股市表现。维斯塔斯是全球最大的风力涡轮发电机供应商。The Chinese solar panel giant, Yingli Green Energy, and Tesla Motors, the US electric carmaker, have suffered even sharper share price falls. Crude’s surprise rise of a barrel to .40 on Wednesday did little to halt the decline.还有两只股票跌幅更大,中国太阳能电池板巨头英利绿色能源(Yingli Green Energy)和美国电动汽车制造商特斯拉汽车(Tesla Motors)。即使周三原油价格意外回涨3美元,至63.4美元每桶,也未能遏制这两家公司股票的跌势。Even before Opec’s move, lower oil prices appeared to be hitting hybrid cars in the US, where sales were down 11 per cent in November compared with the same month last year. Sales of some models of fuel-hungry sports utility vehicles, meanwhile, were as much as 91 per cent higher last month than a year ago.在欧佩克做出不减产决定之前,油价下跌似乎就已经开始冲击美国混合动力车市场。11月美国混合动力车销量同比下降11%。同时,一些耗油量大的运动型多功能车(SUV)销量同比上升了91%。That trend may not be so pronounced in other industrialised countries where taxes make up a bigger component of pump prices than they do in the US. And some analysts say the market has overreacted when it comes to wind and solar companies.这种趋势在其他发达国家或许不那么明显,因为与美国相比,这些国家的成品油零售价中税项所占的比例较大。一些分析人士称,对于风能、太阳能相关企业,市场反应过度了。However, there is still a large question about how a prolonged period of low crude prices might affect global investment in clean energy, which has climbed from bn in 2004 to about 1bn last year.然而,一个更大的问题是,假如原油价格长期处于低位,全球范围内的清洁能源投资会受到什么影响?此类投资已经从2004年的600亿美元攀升至2013年的2510亿美元。A large chunk of that investment has been powered by the growth of renewable energy subsidies and analysts say a sustained bout of cheap oil dents the arguments many governments make that consumers are better off funding renewables because fossil fuel prices are likely to rise while wind and solar prices fall.可再生能源补贴的增长带动了很大一部分清洁能源投资。分析人士表示,原油价格持续低企会削弱许多政府的以下论点,即投资发展可再生能源会让消费者享受更多实惠,因为化石能源价格可能会升高,而风能和太阳能价格会降低。“Much policy in recent years has been justified on the basis of scarce hydrocarbons and continually rising prices of said hydrocarbons,” said Ian Temperton of Climate Change Capital, a green investment specialist owned by Bunge, the global agribusiness.“近年来许多政策的依据都是烃类能源的稀缺性,以及这类能源持续走高的价格趋势,”跨国农业集团邦吉(Bunge)旗下绿色投资企业——气候变化资本(Climate Change Capital)的伊恩#8226;坦珀顿(Ian Temperton)说。This argument may have to be adjusted even if the latest oil-price rout eases, he says, because if governments end up taking tougher action on global warming, such as the international climate deal to be sealed in Paris next year, it may dampen fossil fuel use.坦珀顿表示,即使最近的油价崩盘有所好转,这种论点或许也需要调整,因为如果政府最终对全球变暖采取更大力度的行动,比如计划明年在巴黎签署的国际气候协议,这些行动或许会抑制化石能源的使用。“Policy makers will have to come to terms with the fact that if the plan is to stop using hydrocarbons before we run out of them, then they will go into oversupply and their price will fall in the long term,” said Mr Temperton.“政策制定者必须接受以下事实,如果相关计划是在我们逐渐用完烃类能源前停止使用此类能源,那么烃类能源将供过于求,其价格在长期来看将下降,”坦珀顿说。For the moment, it is still too early to be able to discern a meaningful impact on renewable investment trends from falling oil prices. But at first glance, history suggests the impact could be serious.就目前来说,要辨明油价下跌对可再生能源投资是否有实质性影响,还为时过早。但若是根据历史情况初步判断,这种影响可能会十分严重。A jump in crude prices during the 1970s Arab oil embargo prompted what looked like a new age of green energy, not least in the US.20世纪70年代阿拉伯国家石油禁运导致原油价格飙涨,使美国等国家迎来了绿色能源的新纪元。Solar panels went up on the roof of the White House then occupied by President Jimmy Carter, while a raft of energy conservation measures were launched and insulation rates rose.时任美国总统吉米#8226;卡特(Jimmy Carter)在白宫屋顶安装了太阳能电池板,同时政府推出了许多节能措施,绝热率也上升了。As oil prices came down, however, so did the White House solar panels, under President Ronald Reagan, along with investment in a nascent wind and solar industry. Sales of gas-guzzling vehicles, on the other hand, climbed.然而,当油价降了下来,白宫屋顶的太阳能电池板也在总统罗纳德#8226;里根(Ronald Reagan)任内被拆除,对新兴的风能和太阳能产业的投资也随之下降。同时,高油耗汽车的销量则提高了。Today, however, a new driver of clean energy investment has emerged in the shape of global warming concerns. This was not the case last century, when worries centred on too heavy a reliance on foreign oil imports.现在,全球对气候变暖的担忧成为了带动清洁能源投资的新动力。而在上世纪,情况并非如此,当时的忧虑主要集中在对外国原油进口的过分依赖上。“Back then the prospect of climate change barely registered as a policy concern,” said Maria van der Hoeven, executive director of the International Energy Agency. “Today we know otherwise,” she said, adding that governments should take advantage of the latest oil price slump to encourage more low-carbon investment, by eliminating fossil fuel subsidies and putting a meaningful price on carbon.“那时,气候变化的前景几乎未被纳入政策制定的关注范畴,”国际能源署(International Energy Agency)总干事玛丽亚#8226;范德胡芬(Maria van der Hoeven)称,“如今我们知道情况不同了。”她补充道,各国政府应该利用这次油价下跌的机会,通过取消化石能源补贴以及制定合理碳税,鼓励增加对低碳产业的投资。There are now more than 480 climate change laws in countries around the world, up from fewer than 40 in 1997, according to Globe International, a legislator body that annually assesses laws to combat global warming.根据Globe International的数据,目前世界各国共有超过480部有关气候变化的法律,而1997年不足40部。该机构是每年对抵御全球变暖的法律进行评估的立法者团体。That includes those subsidies for wind farms and solar plants that have pushed up green-energy use worldwide, especially in countries such as Germany, Europe’s largest economy, where renewables now account for as much as a quarter of the electricity used.其中包含一些向风力发电厂和太阳能发电厂提供补贴的措施。正是这两类发电厂推动了绿色能源在全球范围的应用,特别是在欧洲最大经济体德国,可再生能源如今为德国供给1/4的电力。That support — plus the fact that the use of oil-fired power plants has declined sharply in many countries — is one reason analysts say share market slides in some renewables companies may be overblown.这种持措施,再加上很多国家的燃油发电站急剧减少的情况,是分析师认为一些可再生能源股已经跌得过多的一个原因。“The conventional wisdom is that if oil prices go down, then it drags down power prices and makes wind and solar look more expensive,” said Credit Suisse analyst Mark Freshney. The correlation is a lot more complicated now, he says. “But I think there is still a perception in the market that the link exists.”瑞信(Credit Suisse)分析师马克#8226;弗雷谢尼(Mark Freshney)称:“传统观点认为,如果油价下滑,便会拉低电价,使风能和太阳能显得更贵。”他称,这种关联如今变得复杂得多。“不过,我觉得市场中仍然有人认为存在这种关联。”Some parts of the clean energy industry, such as biofuels, may face a greater risk from cheap oil. But analysts say the broader investment outlook is uncertain.清洁能源产业中的个别领域,比如生物能源,遭受低油价冲击的风险可能更大。不过分析师称,整体产业投资前景目前尚不明朗。“We do not expect a lot of impact unless the oil price falls significantly further and stays at those lower levels,” says Angus McCrone of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, a research group.“我们不认为会产生很大影响,除非油价进一步急剧下跌并维持在较低水平,”彭新能源财经(Bloomberg New Energy Finance)的分析师安格斯#8226;麦克龙(Angus McCrone)称。Even in regions where oil prices are linked to some gas contracts, such as Europe, it is difficult to see a short term impact on renewables, he says.麦克龙称,即使在油价与天然气合约存在关联的地区,比如欧洲,也不太可能看到油价对可再生能源形成短期冲击。“Weaker gas prices in Europe could give utilities a reason to burn more gas and less coal,” says Mr McCrone. “But there is no reason at the moment to expect an impact on wind and solar investment,” he says, because investment decisions are driven largely by national incentive schemes.“欧洲天然气价下跌,可能给公共事业部门提供一个燃烧更多天然气、减少使用煤炭的理由,”麦卡龙称,“但是,目前没有理由认为这会对风能和太阳能投资造成冲击。”他称,这是因为相关投资决定很大程度上是受国家激励计划的驱动。“The chances of early policy changes are slim, since no country would base its strategy for the future power mix on short-term movements in the spot price of gas,” he said.他称:“初期发生政策变动的几率不大,因为没有国家会把未来能源构成战略建立在天然气现货价格的短期波动上。”A shift in the way electricity is generated since the days of the Arab oil embargo is also important, say some wind industry leaders.风电行业的重量级人物称,自阿拉伯石油禁运时代之后发电方式的转变,也是一个重要因素。“We don’t compete with oil,” said Steve Sawyer, secretary-general of the Global Wind Energy Council.全球风能理事会(Global Wind Energy Council)秘书长史蒂夫#8226;索耶(Steve Sawyer)表示:“我们不与石油竞争。”“Twenty-five years ago there was a substantial amount of electricity generated by oil, but not now,” he said, adding the cost of wind power had declined so much that even with crude at a barrel, wind farms could be competitive with the diesel generation still used in some developing countries and island states.“25年前,石油发电量相当大,但现在不一样,”索耶补充称,风力发电的成本已经大为降低,即便原油价格降到每桶30美元,风力发电厂仍然可以与柴油发电(一些发展中国家和岛国仍然使用这种发电方式)竞争。 /201412/350067嘉兴疤痕做去除费用 Tourists have been evacuated from one of the most iconic bridges in Paris after it began to crumble under the weight of thousands of #39;love locks#39;.法国巴黎最具有代表性的“爱情桥” 因为不堪诸多“同心锁” 的重压,开始发生部分垮塌现象,游客们已经被从桥上疏散。A chunk of the Pont des Arts bridge fell away on Sunday night and the police were called to seal off the area which remains closed today.爱情桥的一大块在周日晚上坠落,警方接到通知封锁了该区域,到今日为止爱情桥仍处在关闭状态。It is a popular custom for tourists to secure a padlock to the bridge branded with their names as a romantic gesture, with Kourtney Kardashian and boyfriend Scott Disick also indulging in the tradition.来到这里的游客,都会把刻有自己名字的锁挂在桥上,这种浪漫的方式已经成为流传甚广的风俗。美国真人秀明星考特妮·卡戴珊和男友斯考特·迪斯科就效仿过。But the weight of the locks is damaging the metal Ponts des Arts, which was originally completed in 1804 but rebuilt in the 1980s following damage in the two World Wars.但“同心锁”的重量已经开始损毁金属制的“爱情桥”,该桥始建于1804年,在两次世界大战期间遭到德军轰炸被毁,最终在上个世纪80年代得以重建。A local French police spokesperson said: #39;A metal grille had fallen inwards, rather than into the river. If it had landed on a passing boat, the results could have been disastrous.法国当地警方发言人表示:“一块铁栅掉到了桥体内部,好在没有掉到河里。如果不慎落到经过的船上,结果不堪设想。”#39;As it happened, nobody was injured. The bridge was evacuated, and will now be closed until Monday morning at the earliest.#39;“幸运的是,没人在本次事故中受伤。目前桥上的游客已被疏散,该区域已被关闭,最迟将于周一早上开启。”It has become common practice for visitors to buy a padlock, attach it to a bridge, and then throw the key into the river, in Paris#39;s case the Seine.在巴黎这已经成为传统,慕名而来的游客们都会买把锁挂到桥上,然后把钥匙扔到塞纳河里。A spokesman for the City Hall said: #39;If the tradition continues to grow in popularity and causes too much damage to the city#39;s monuments, solutions will be considered in a bid to address the problem.#39;市政厅的一位发言人表示:“如果传统继续的话,来这里的人可能会越来越多,给这座巴黎的标志性建筑造成更多的损坏。我们会致力于想办法解决这个问题。”The pedestrian Pont des Arts, which links the Louvre Museum and the Institut de France, is an exact replica of one designed by Napoleon Bonaparte#39;s architects in 1802.“爱情桥” 连接着卢浮宫物馆和法兰西学院,原建筑是拿破仑时期的建筑师在1802年设计建造的,目前的这座桥是复制品。 /201406/305129In the English naturalist Isabella Bird’s 1899 account of her travels on the Yangtze River, she noted that fishermen regularly caught sturgeon “weighing from 500 to 700 pounds” off the port in the town of Jingzhou.英国物学家伊莎贝拉·伯德(Isabella Bird)在她1899年长江考察的记载中,描述了距离荆州港口不远的渔民经常打捞到“500到700磅重”的鲟鱼。Such abundance is now a distant memory. Pollution, decades of overfishing and the cleaving of the Chinese sturgeon’s habitat by massive dams mean the 140 million-year-old species faces extinction, Chinese scientists say.如此富饶的资源现已是一个遥远的记忆。中国的科学家说,污染、几十年的过度捕捞,加上中华鲟的栖息地被巨型水坝分割,意味着这个存在了1.4亿年的物种濒临灭绝。A recent survey by the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences found that the sturgeon in the Yangtze were now probably sustained solely by artificial breeding.中国水产科学研究院最近的一项调查显示,长江中的中华鲟只剩下来自人工繁殖的。“It is the first time that we found no natural reproduction of the endangered sturgeons since records began 32 years ago, when a dam was built,” Wei Qiwei, the principal investigator of the study, told Xinhua, the state news agency.这项研究的主持人危起伟对国家通讯社新华社说,自32年前一座水坝建成后,“这是有记录以来,首次发现中华鲟没有自然繁殖活动现象。”Many sturgeon species around the world are endangered. The scaleless fish, which have rows of bony plates and barbels that dangle before their mouths, can live for decades and are slow to reach maturity. That makes them particularly vulnerable to pollution and poorly regulated fishing.世界上许多地方的鲟鱼物种濒临灭绝。这种无鳞鱼长着列骨板,嘴前有触须,能活几十年,需较长时间才能成熟。这使它们对污染和监管不力的打捞尤为脆弱。The sturgeon of the Yangtze have been further devastated by the damming of the river. Chinese researchers say construction of the Gezhou Dam in 1981 blocked upstream migration of the Chinese sturgeon, reducing its breeding ground from 350 miles of river to just four. The problem was exacerbated by the construction of the Three Gorges Dam, the world’s largest hydroelectric station, in 2003.长江中的中华鲟由于水坝建设受到进一步破坏。中国的研究人员说,1981年建成的葛洲坝阻挡了中华鲟向上游迁徙,将其自然繁殖区从560多公里的河道减少为不到7公里。这个问题被三峡大坝的建设进一步加剧,2003年建成的三峡大坝是世界上最大的水力发电工程。China established programs to breed sturgeon in captivity in the late 1970s, and more than nine million juveniles were released into the river from 1983 to 2007, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.中国在20世纪70年代后期开始在渔场人工繁殖鲟鱼,据国际自然保护联盟(International Union for Conservation of Nature)统计,从1983至2007年间,共有900多万条鱼苗被释放到河里。In the 1970s, there were some 10,000 Chinese sturgeon in the Yantgtze, according to the I.U.C.N.’s Red List of Threatened Species. Their number dropped to about 2,000 in the mid-1980s and to fewer than 300 by 2007. Now there are most likely fewer than 100, Mr. Wei told Xinhua.据国际自然保护联盟发布的濒危物种名单,在20世纪70年代,长江中有1万多条中华鲟。到了80年代中期,它们的数量已下降到大约2千条,2007年的数量则不到300条。危起伟对新华社说,现在的数量很可能不到100条。Researchers found no Chinese sturgeon eggs downstream from the Gezhou Dam from Oct. 31 to Dec. 28 last year, he said. The lack of natural reproduction means the fish risks extinction without artificial intervention.他说,从去年10月31日到12月28日,研究人员在葛洲坝下游没有发现中华鲟自然产卵。他说,没有自然产卵,意味着如果不加强保护工作,这种鱼将面临灭绝危险。The environmental harm to the Yangtze has aly extinguished another of its iconic creatures. The baiji, a white, largely blind, freshwater dolphin that was found only in the Yangtze, was declared extinct in 2006. The last known baiji died in captivity in 2002.对长江环境的危害,已让其中另一个标志性的生物灭绝。只在长江中才有的白鳍豚,是一种大型且视觉很差的淡水豚,它已经在2006年被宣告灭绝。人们知道的最后一只白暨豚于2002年在饲养场死亡。 /201409/329115嘉兴双眼皮手术有几种

嘉兴自体脂肪隆胸医院China’s previously overheated property market has been in the doldrums for most of this year but things are likely to get a lot worse, because of demographic shifts that are about to reverse a main driver of the decades-long boom.中国先前过热的房地产市场在今年大部分时间持续低迷,但今后可能会更加糟糕,因为过去数十年房地产繁荣的主要推动因素——人口结构即将发生变化。According to newly published research, the size of China’s main property-buying population — people aged 25 to 49 — will peak next year and then start to decline, just as a huge glut of new apartments hits the market.根据新公布的研究报告,中国购房主力人口(25岁至49岁之间人群)将在明年达到峰值,随后就会开始下降,而与此同时还有大量超过需求数量的新公寓投放市场。This demographic will shrink drastically from 2018, with the number of urban homebuying Chinese falling much faster than contemporaries from the countryside, who are far less likely to have the means to buy expensive apartments, according to Ai Jingwei, an expert on Chinese real estate and author of the research.中国房地产专家、报告作者艾经纬表示,购房人口数量将从2018年起大幅下降,城市购房者人数下降速度将远远超过同时期的农村购房者,而且后者有能力购买昂贵公寓房的可能性也要低得多。The real estate sector has been the most important driver of growth in the world’s second-largest economy for most of the past decade, as house prices soared and construction of apartments mushroomed across the entire country.在过去十年的大部分时间里,房地产业一直是这个全球第二大经济体最重要的增长引擎,在此期间中国房价飙升,新开工楼盘在全国遍地开花。Moody’s Analytics estimates the building, sale and outfitting of apartments accounted for 23 per cent of Chinese gross domestic product last year.据穆迪分析(Moody’s Analytics)估计,去年房地产的建造、销售和配套占到中国国内生产总值(GDP)的23%。The long-term health of the property sector is still seen as crucial to maintaining the high growth rates to which China has become accustomed.中国已习惯了高增长率,房地产行业的长远健康仍被视为保持高增长率的关键因素。But after years of white-hot growth, Chinese property sales fell 10 per cent in the first 10 months of 2014 from a year earlier, prompting the steepest annual drop in nationwide prices in October since the data series began in 2011.但在多年过热增长之后,中国房地产销售在今年前十个月同比下降10%,促使10月全国房价出现自2011年官方开始发布这项数据(即国家统计局发布的70个大中城市新建商品住宅销售价格变动情况——译者注)以来的同比最大跌幅。Still, the fall in volumes and prices has so far been relatively mild and developers across China have continued to expand their inventories, albeit at a slower pace, in the hopes of a recovery next year and beyond.然而,房地产销量和价格的下跌迄今仍相对温和,中国各地的房地产开发商寄望于明年乃至更远的未来市场会出现复苏,仍在继续扩大库存,尽管步伐有所放缓。Most analysts argue this worsening oversupply is the biggest threat to China’s all-important property market.房地产市场对中国至关重要,大多数分析师认为,这种日益恶化的过度供应是房地产市场面临的最大威胁。“Developers are currently sitting on 5.6m units of unsold property, according to official statistics, a figure that has almost doubled in the space of two years,” says Mark Williams, economist at Capital Economics. “In reality the overhang is probably even larger.”凯投宏观(Capital Economics)经济学家马克#8226;威廉姆斯(Mark Williams)表示:“官方统计数据显示,目前开发商手中的待售商品房数量高达560万套,这一数字在两年的时间里几乎翻了一番。实际的待售商品房数量甚至可能还不止这么多。”Mr Ai calculates that China probably now has more than seven years worth of unsold real estate inventory. But he argues that a shrinking pool of potential homebuyers is an even more worrying long-term challenge.艾经纬估算,中国现在待售和在建的住宅很可能需要7年多时间才能消化完。但他认为,从长期来看,潜在购房人口缩减是更令人担忧的挑战。“From 2015 China’s house-buying demographic will start to shrink and the property market will undergo a structural shift in demand,” Mr Ai told the Financial Times. “We are actually likely to see a serious structural shortfall in purchasing power.”艾经纬向英国《金融时报》表示:“从2015年开始,中国购房年龄人口数量将开始下降,房地产市场将经历需求结构改变,事实上,我们有可能看到购买力出现严重的结构性短缺。”He calculates the number of people in China in the 25 to 49 age group will peak next year at about 568m, before dropping to 543m in 2020 and falling below 500m by 2025, compared with 547m in 2010.他估计,中国25岁至49岁人口数量将在明年达到5.68亿的峰值,随后在2020年降至5.43亿,到2025年降至5亿以下,而在2010年该数据是5.47亿人。China’s official working-age population (people aged 15-59) peaked in 2012 and has shrunk by several million in each of the past two years, according to government statistics.政府统计数据显示,中国劳动年龄人口(15岁至59岁之间)的官方数据在2012年达到峰值,并在过去两年里每年下降数百万人。This demographic shift has been exacerbated by the one-child policy introduced in the late 1970s and early 1980s to control the country’s population.中国在上世纪70年代末和80年代初、为控制人口数量而出台的计划生育政策,加剧了人口结构变化形势的恶化。The shift has aly been manifested in tighter labour markets and higher wages in many sectors.劳动力市场趋紧和许多行业工资上涨已经体现了这种转变。One of the more alarming revelations from Mr Ai’s research is the apparent correlation between a declining working-age population and the bursting of real estate bubbles in other countries in the past.艾经纬的研究报告中更令人不安的发现之一是,历史上其他国家劳动年龄人口下降和房地产泡沫破裂之间看上去存在相关性。The most obvious and disturbing example from China’s perspective is that of Japan, which saw its working-age population peak in 1992, just one year after an enormous real estate bubble began to deflate.从中国的角度来说,最明显且最令人不安的例子是日本的房地产市场,后者的劳动年龄人口在1992年达到峰值,仅仅一年后巨大的房地产泡沫就开始破裂。 /201412/347259嘉兴脸上毛孔粗大怎么办 Migrants to the UK are to be quizzed about their English skills before being able to claim income-related benefits, the government has announced.英国政府发表声明:英国的移民在获得与收入相关的津贴之前需要通过英语能力测试。In a move to ;protect the integrity of the benefits system;, people will also be asked what efforts they have made to find work before coming to Britain.人们需要回答他们到达英国之前是怎么找工作的,此举是为了“保护福利系统的合理性”。Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said people should not be able to ;take advantage; of British benefits.就业和退休金部大臣伊恩?邓肯?史密斯表示,移民者不能在英国津贴上“占便宜”。Job centres in England, Scotland and Wales will use the ;more robust; test.英格兰,苏格兰,威尔士的职业介绍中心会进行更加严格的测试。The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) said the test would ensure ;only migrants who have a legal right to be in Britain and plan to contribute to this country can make a claim for benefits;.就业与退休金部门声称,这个测试只会让那些有合法权利居住在英国并能够给应该带来贡献的移民得到补助。;For the first time, migrants will be quizzed about what efforts they have made to find work before coming to the UK and whether their English language skills will be a barrier to them finding employment,; the DWP said in a statement.就业与退休金部门声明,移民首先会被询问在来到英国之前付出了什么努力,以及他们的英语能力是否会阻碍就业。Income-related benefits include council tax benefit, housing benefit, income-based jobseeker#39;s allowance and pension credit.与收入相关的津贴包括家庭税收津贴,住房津贴,基于收入的求职者津贴和养老保险信用。Mr Duncan Smith said British people were ;rightly concerned; that migrants should contribute to the economy and should not be ;drawn here by the attractiveness of our benefits system;.邓肯?史密斯先生表明,英国人对“合理关注”移民福利事务。移民应该对英国经济的发展做出贡献,而不是因为想要享受这儿的福利体制而搬到这里。;It is vitally important that we have strict rules in place to protect the integrity of our benefits system,; he said.他说,设定严格的规则来确保福利制度的健全是至关重要的。He said the new test would help create a fair system which provided for ;genuine; workers and jobseekers but ;does not allow people to come to our country and take advantage;.他还说这个新测试有助于建立一个能务于真正的工人求职者的公平体制,而不是任由移民占便宜。To claim the benefits, migrants will have to pass a ;habitual residence test; including more than 100 extra questions compared to now.与现在相比,为了领取救济金,移民还必须通过一份100多道问题的常住居民测试。This will be overseen by an ;intelligent IT system; which will ensure questions are ;tailored to each individual claimant;.这将会由能根据每位申请者不同而提出相应问题的智能信息技术系统监督实行。Migrants will be allowed to claim benefits if they can prove they are legally allowed to be in Britain and are ;habitually resident; the country.移民者若能明自己在英国是合法的常住居民就能得到救济金。As part of this they might be questioned about what measures they have taken to ;establish; themselves in Britain and what ties they still have abroad.作为测试的一部分,他们还要回答怎样定居下来,以及在国外还有什么关系。;They will also have to provide more evidence that they are doing everything they can to find a job,; the DWP said.就职及退休金部门说:他们还需提供更多的据以明他们会想方设法找到工作。 /201401/274155嘉善县光子脱毛多少钱

嘉兴曙光中西医医院怎么样Samsung Electronics may be considering a management shakeup as it faces pressure from cheaper Chinese device makers and Apple’s iPhone in the highly competitive smartphone arena.在竞争激烈的智能手机市场,三星电子(Samsung Electronics)面对中国廉价手机制造商和苹果(Apple)iPhone带来的压力下,可能正在考虑对管理层进行重大改组。The Wall Street Journal laid out a scenario of change that could occur, citing people familiar with the matter, which could result in some changes to the electronics giant’s unusual executive management structure. Samsung has had three co-CEOs since 2013, fairly uncommon in the corporate world. One of those co-CEOs, J.K. Shin, could be moved out of his role overseeing the mobile division. Another co-CEO, B.K. Yoon, could potentially oversee the mobile division on top of his current duties running Samsung’s home-appliance and TV business.《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)报道援引知情人士的说法,给出了一个可能发生的变革方案,这家电子产品巨头或许将对与众不同的高层管理结构做出调整。自2013年起,三星就拥有三位联席首席执行官,这在企业界相当特殊。其中联席首席执行官申宗均或将不再负责移动业务。而另一位联席首席执行官尹富根可能会在负责原有的家用电器和电视业务之外,再接管移动业务。Samsung has in the past claimed that the leadership structure allows for independent management of its vast businesses, which includes smartphones, televisions and other consumer electronics, as well as messaging and services meant for business clients.三星之前曾表示,公司独特的领导结构有助于对其庞大业务进行独立管理,包括智能手机、电视和其他电子消费产品,以及针对商业客户的通讯和务。A Samsung representative wasn’t immediately available to comment on this report.三星的代表并未立即对这篇报道发表。Samsung, 13th on Fortune‘s Global 500 list, posted a 17% jump in sales in 2013 to nearly 9 billion — a record for the firm. But the company has faced some challenges in the smartphone market. Samsung’s shipment volume in the third quarter of this year slipped from a year ago, the only company among the top five vendors to report a decline, according to the International Data Corporation. Samsung, which has long relied on its high-end devices, reported better volume for its lower-end models, resulting in lower average selling prices, IDC said.三星在《财富》世界500强企业中排名第13,其产品销售额在2013年猛增17%,达到2,090亿美元,创造了该公司的纪录。但三星在智能手机市场也遭遇了一些挑战。根据IDC的数据,三星今年第三季度的智能手机出货量同比有所下降,也是五大供应商中唯一出现下滑的公司。IDC表示,长期以来依靠高端机型的三星,目前在低端机上的销量更好,这也拉低了公司产品的平均售价。The company’s stock has had a weak performance since early June, and shares on the Korea Exchange have dropped 11% so far in 2014.自6月初开始,三星便在股市中表现低迷。2014年以来,公司在韩国券期货交易所(Korea Exchange)的股价已经下跌了11%。(财富中文网) /201411/344885 嘉兴曙光整形美容医院提眉手术怎么样嘉兴祛斑哪家医院便宜




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