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嘉兴市第一医院祛疤痕多少钱嘉兴微针美塑多久做一次The top U.S. military officer says critics who claim it will take years to even have a chance to defeat the Afghan insurgency ignore the fact that a similar counterinsurgency strategy turned around a similarly difficult situation in Iraq in 2007. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, spoke to reporters traveling with him to South and Central Asia Thursday.Admiral Mullen acknowledges that it may take years to fully defeat the Afghan insurgency. But he says that is not what the ed States expects to accomplish by this time next year, when President Barack Obama has said he will begin to withdraw U.S. troops. But Mullen says the year-and-a-half the president allowed for the new strategy to prove itself is adequate."Insurgencies last a long time," said Mullen. "But, as you look at how long it took to turn Iraq around, it was about 18 months. Now, we're about two-and-a-half years later, and we're still working in Iraq. But it was sort of that period of time where it really turned. Turning it doesn't end it, [but] you've got to turn it to get it moving in the right direction."The admiral says the situation in Iraq seemed impossible to resolve a few years ago, and, although the two countries are very different, and progress in Iraq is not a guarantee of progress in Afghanistan, it does give him reason to be hopeful about Afghanistan - even during the current period of heavy violence and, at best, slow progress."There are similarities and differences between Iraq and Afghanistan, and I understand that," added Mullen. "But I don't accept the fact that, just because it takes insurgencies a long, long time [to be defeated], that we're not at a point where it can't be turned, because I think it can. It doesn't mean it's going to be easy. But, I think it can be [turned] over the period of time that we're talking about."U.S. officials acknowledge that, even if the situation in Afghanistan begins to turn during the next 12 months, the U.S. withdrawal will likely be very gradual, and some number of international troops will be needed in Afghanistan for many years to come.Admiral Mullen welcomed the statement by Afghan President Hamid Karzai this week that he wants his forces to be able to take responsibility for security in the country by 2014. Mullen said the goal sounds reasonable and that it is important for leaders to set such targets to focus the efforts of their governments.The admiral spoke as he flew toward New Delhi, where Afghanistan will be among many issues he will discuss with Indian defense officials. It will be on the agenda again when he visits Pakistan later in the week, before heading into the war zone itself.  美国参谋长联席会议主席马伦上将承认,完全打败阿富汗叛乱分子需要几年的时间。他说,这不是美国预期在明年这个时候实现的目标。明年7月是奥巴马总统设定的美军开始撤军的日期。但是马伦说,总统留出一年半时间来明新策略的有效性,这是合适的。 他说:“叛乱行为会持续很长时间。但是如果你看看扭转伊拉克的局势需要多长时间,那大约是18个月。现在,2年半后,我们仍在伊拉克行动。但是局势真正出现扭转用了大约18个月时间。扭转并不意味着结束,但是你必须扭转形势使它朝正确方向发展。” 马伦上将说,几年前伊拉克局势看起来根本无法解决。虽然伊拉克和阿富汗有很大不同,而且伊拉克的进展并不能保在阿富汗也会取得进展,但这使他有理由对阿富汗的未来抱有希望,尽管目前仍存在严重暴力,而且局势进展缓慢。 他说:“我很清楚,伊拉克和阿富汗的情况有相同之处,也有不一样的地方。但是如果因为需要很长时间才能击败叛乱活动,就说我们现在不能扭转局面,我不认同这种看法。因为我认为局面能够被扭转。这不意味着能轻而易举实现,但我认为在我们所说的这段时间里,形势是可以好转的。” 美国官员承认,即使阿富汗局势在今后12个月里开始好转,美军撤离也很可能是非常缓慢的,而且阿富汗在未来很多年仍将需要一定数量的国际部队。 马伦对阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊这星期发表的谈话表示欢迎。卡尔扎伊说,他希望在2014年前,阿富汗军队有能力承担起自己国家的安全责任。马伦说,这个目标听上去是恰当的,领导人设定这样的目标,使政府有工作重点,非常重要。 马伦是在飞往新德里途中发表上述谈话的。他将同印度国防官员讨论包括阿富汗形势在内的一系列问题。马伦本周晚些时候访问巴基斯坦时也将讨论阿富汗问题。马伦此后将前往阿富汗战区。201007/110155嘉兴假体隆鼻术哪家好 Tea Party Draws Thousands to Nevada Desert 茶党数千人在内华达州沙漠集会Thousands of so-called Tea Party activists rallied in the hometown of Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada Saturday. The Tea Party rally launched a nationwide bus tour for the grassroots conservative group that plans to arrive in Washington on tax day, April 15.数以千计被称为茶党的活动人士星期六在美国国会参议院民主党领袖雷德的家乡内华达州集会。这次茶党集会为这个草根性的保守团体发动了一项遍及全国的乘巴士旅行活动,计划在4月15号报税日到达华盛顿。They came by the thousands, from across state lines and across the country, in campers, recreational vehicles and by motorcycle.他们来自全国各州,乘坐露营车、休闲车和托车,一来就是数以千计。With flags that "Don't T On Me", Tea Party supporters gathered in a windswept dusty lot in the desert in Searchlight, Nevada, the hometown of Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid.茶党持者们携带写着“不要践踏我”的旗帜,聚集在参议院民主党领袖雷德的家乡内华达州瑟奇莱特的沙漠上一片风尘滚滚的空地里。The featured speaker was former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who urged the crowd to hold President Obama and the Democrats accountable for the health care plan recently approved by Congress despite unanimous Republican opposition.主要发言者是前阿拉斯加州长、共和党副总统候选人佩林,她敦促集会群众为最近由国会在共和党一致反对下通过的健保计划向奥巴马总统和民主党人问责。"What we are doing, folks, we are rolling up our sleeves and we are getting down to business and getting back to the common sense conservative principles that made this country the greatest country on earth, and we are not going to sit down and shut up," said Palin. "Thank you for standing up!"“同胞们,我们所做的是卷起袖子,严正以对,回到基本常识的保守原则上去,这些原则使得这个国家成为地球上最伟大的国家。我们不会坐视不管保持沉默。谢谢你们挺了起来。”Palin is a favorite of the Tea Party movement, and many carried homemade signs urging her to run for president in 2012.佩林是茶党运动的一个宠儿,许多人携带着自制的标语敦促她在2012年竞选总统。201003/100012冰岛火山灰云团迫使欧洲空域关闭,近10万架次航班被取消或者延误。国际航空运输协会说,这场危机给航空业造成超过17亿美元的损失,并使已经遭遇困境的航空业雪上加霜。英国航空公司CEO 威利·沃尔什说,空域关闭期间英航每天的损失在2000万美元到3000万美元之间。The closure of airspace over Britain, Northern Europe and Scandinavia is having economic repercussions around the world. It has halted the transport of goods, stranded hundreds of thousands of passengers and dealt a severe economic blow to the airline industry.Nearly 100,000 flights were canceled or delayed as volcanic ash forced the closure of European airspace. The International Air Transport Association says the crisis has cost airlines more than .7 billion and is devastating an aly beleaguered industry.British Airways Chief Executive Willie Walsh says his company lost between million and million a day."My personal belief is that we could have safely continued operation for a period of time," said Walsh. "I think there were occasions when the decision to close airspace could have been justified."Walsh says canceling everything was unnecessary and that after the unprecedented delays and cancelations there will still be complications with air travel."I think to get back to normal levels of operation, from an industry point of view, I think will take weeks," he noted.About 20 percent of airline revenues comes from air freight. Aramex logistics company managing director Jim Armour says the shutdown cost his company about a quarter of its daily revenue. The real problem is the uncertainty he says."If someone said this was going to last for two weeks like a strike, you could make your plans, you could think about what you do with your people. I think the concern is the unknown really," said Armour.Armour says the implications are not just economic."[There are] terrible impacts. [For example,] you want to move blood plasma around and you need it badly, you want to move kidneys around… There [are] some disastrous consequences apart from the economic ones," he explained.Flower growers in Kenya and Israel have had to destroy tons of roses and other flowers that are too wilted to have any economic value. Fruit and vegetable producers have also lost crops that could not travel to Europe. Jo Tanner, with Britain's Freight Transport association says there are lots of untold costs."The impact economically is really difficult to judge at this stage, because we do not know how much has been able to be salvaged, how much extra cost there has been in terms of the contingency planning, so moving stuff to particular hubs by air and then picking up the rest of the journey by road, rail or sea," said Tanner.Airlines are asking European governments for financial and logistical compensation to help alleviate some of their losses. Many businesses will not have the same option and it may take some time before the full economic impact of the volcanic ash cloud is known.201004/102108南湖区去粉刺多少钱

嘉兴短鼻矫正价格The economy’s prospects经济前景Waiting for the earth to open待重头收拾旧山河The usual accelerators of recession are absent—but so are the brakes经济不再像往常般加速下滑——而是已经减速Aug 27th 2011 | WASHINGTON, DC | from the Economist print editionHOURS after an earthquake struck America’s east coast on August 23rd, office workers were still milling around the streets of Washington, DC and New York (above), nervously waiting for aftershocks. A similar watch over the economy is now under way. The earthquake that ripped through the American economy from 2007 to is still generating tremors. The latest may be the strongest yet. Since late July stock markets in America and round the world have nosedived, fearful that America is falling back into recession and that Europe’s debt crisis will drag down its banks.在美国东海岸8月23日的地震之后数个小时,上班族们仍在华盛顿和纽约(见上图)的街道上游荡着,惴惴不安地等待着下次余震。美国经济也正出现类似的情况。跨经2007年到年的美国经济大地震破坏其经济体系,并不断产生余震。或许,最后的才是最强的。自7月下旬美国股市和全球股市都遭受重创,人们担心美国经济衰退,同时也害怕欧洲的债务危机拖垮。America’s economy is certainly weak. It grew at an annualised rate of just 0.4% in the first quarter and 1.3% in the second. Future revisions may push both numbers into negative territory: the economy would have aly double-dipped.美国经济确实已经很衰弱了。第一季度的经济增长只有0.4%,而第二季度则为1.3%。以后的计算修正或许会让这两个数字变为负值:美国经济已经出现二次探底。Much of that weakness may be traced to the run-up in oil prices that followed the Libyan uprising and to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, which disrupted supply chains. As both shocks receded, economic activity turned up. An index of economic reports compiled by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago suggests that the economy grew in July (see chart 1), though it may since have flagged again.经济的虚弱之处大部分应归咎于原油价格的急剧增长,这是因为在利比亚起义和日本地震海啸之后,原油的供应链遭到了破坏。在这两大冲击都有所减弱后,经济活动得到了喘息之机。在芝加哥联邦储备编纂的一份经济报告指数显示,美国经济在7月份产生正增长(见表1),虽然它后来可能会再次陷入低迷。201109/153474嘉兴市中医院激光去斑手术多少钱 Cambodia’s ancient temples at Angkor Wat are under threat from the large numbers of tourists who are now visiting the site. There are fears that ongoing damage to the temples’ soft stone may mean they could eventually be destroyed. The temples at Angkor Wat are considered among the best surviving examples of ancient religious architecture in the world. The temples were built about a thousand years ago. And relief work on the walls tells of the many threats the ancient empire survived throughout the centuries. But today a new threat to the temples comes from mass tourism. Thousands of tourists now visit the area every day. Local restaurant owner M. believes that too many people walking on the stones are damaging the temples. “Mass tourism destroys any monuments and especially Khmer monuments for a very simple reason - the sandstone on which I sit with my nail. So imagine millions of people walking on them. ” Professor Jacque G. has been excavating in and around the ancient city for five years. He says vehicle pollution affects the stone as well. “Everybody goes at the same time to see the Bayon, everybody goes at the same time to see the Bakeng, everybody enters the city of Angkor Thom at the same spot.” Professor G. recently drew up plans for new type of tourism at Angkor Wat, but says that so far his recommendations have been ignored. “You can extend new type of tourism with the forest - a kind of ecological and archaeological tourism. New itineraries with new ways of transportation, with elephants, with bicycles - make some excavations at some points, explain to people where they are in the city. ” The authorities say they are working hard to protect the temples. Some stairways have now been boarded over and other areas are closed to tourists. But R. says that more must be done. “We need to learn from the advice-how to increase the techniques, how to put more ways, how to protect longer time, how to get people to understand especially awareness to the tourists. When they come they have to understand how to protect together.” With tourist numbers at Angkor Wat growing every year, most agree more needs to be done if the temples are to be protected for future generations.200812/59188桐乡市治疗疤痕多少钱

浙江新安医院脱毛手术多少钱A grand wedding ceremony of Swedish Crown Princess Victoria and her personal trainer, Mr Daniel Westling was held in the Cathedral in Stockholm on Saturday.About 1,500 family members and guests including the Kings and Queens from Sweden, other European countries and even Jordan attended the wedding.Swedish Archbishop Anders Wejryd married the couple in front of their parents and guests. Thousands of roses decorated in and outside the church.The wedding is also considered a festival for the whole city. Tens of thousands of people stood along the road to watch the couple's cortege with royal guards riding on the horses after the church ceremony.After the 6.4 kilometer trip both by the cart on land and the royal barge at the sea, the newly-weds went up to the castle together with the King and the Queen, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and his wife and other leaders and waved hands to tens of thousands of the crowds gathering around the palace."I like to thank you, the Swedish People, it is you who gave me my prince, I and my husband are unbelievably happy and grateful," Princess Victoria said to the public.Many people expressed that Princess Victoria did a good job and it is great that she married the one she loves.The new couple will live in the Haga park in Stockholm after the wedding.Vocabulary:cortege:a procession, esp. a ceremonial one(行列,随从)背单词 — 装英语词汇201006/106767 Cancer therapy癌症治疗Taking aim sooner即将实现对症下药If personalised medicine is to achieve its full potential, it should be used earlier on in clinical trials若想让个体化药物发挥最大潜力,那就应该尽早将它投入临床试验。Jun 9th 2011 | from the print editionONE of the prospects supporters of the Human Genome Project held out was personalised medicine. Knowing which genes were involved in a particular patient’s disease would allow drugs to be deployed with greater precision. That is starting to happen in the field of cancer. Several targeted therapies, aimed at specific cancer-causing mutations, including Gleevec for chronic myelogenous leukaemia and Herceptin for some types of breast cancer, have been spectacularly successful. Yet in most cases of cancer doctors still base their treatment on where in the body a tumour has sprung up, rather than on which molecular aberrations have caused it.人类基因组计划持者认为该计划的前景之一就是个体化药物。通过了解哪些基因与特定病人的疾病存在关联,会使药物的使用更加精确。在癌症领域,这种情况即将成为现实。几种针对特定致癌突变的靶向疗法——包括治疗慢性髓细胞性白血病的格列卫和治疗多种类型乳癌的赫塞汀——所展现出的治疗效果令世人瞩目。而在癌症的大多数病例中,医生们的治疗仍然基于人体中肿瘤出现的位置,而不考虑究竟是哪几种分子畸变导致了肿瘤的发生。The same is true of medical researchers recruiting volunteers for clinical trials, especially those known as phase I trials, in which a new drug is tested on people for the first time. Participants in such trials are often those whose tumour has sp beyond its original site, and will probably prove fatal. Usually, they have tried all proven therapies, to no avail. Their precarious condition means they are rarely accepted for phase II and III trials, which are more complicated and extensive.对于招募临床试验志愿者,尤其是所谓的第一阶段试验(在该阶段,人们要接受新药的第一次人体试验)志愿者的医疗研究员来说,情况也同样如此。该阶段试验的参加者通常是那些肿瘤发生扩散而远离初始位置的人,他们也将因此而有性命之忧。一般来说,他们已然尝试过所有经过验的疗法,却徒劳无功。他们危急的病情意味着只有少数人能接受更为复杂和广泛的第二和第三阶段试验。Oddly, though, even if the drug being tested is a targeted therapy the tradition in phase I trials has been to gather together patients with, say, lung cancer and assume that all carry the relevant mutation. That is because such trials are concerned mainly with testing a drug’s safety, not its efficacy. The volunteers are usually happy to go along with this. But the odds are not good. On average, fewer than 5% of participants in phase I trials respond successfully to the treatment.但是令人感到奇怪的是,即便所试验的药物是一种靶向治疗药物,第一阶段试验的传统也一直是招募病人,比如肺癌患者,并假定他们所有人都携带相关的突变体。那是因为这些试验主要关注点在于测试药品的安全性,而非有效性。志愿者通常愿意从头到尾全程配合,但是效果仍不甚理想。平均来说,在第一阶段试验中只有不到5%的参与者经过治疗后病情大有起色。201106/141187嘉兴激光祛雀斑价格嘉兴曙光整形医院胸部整形哪家好



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