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7 能否便宜3句英文任你选How much do you want for that?多少钱肯卖给我?Can I get a discount?可以给我打点折吗?Cant you give me a break on the price?不能便宜点吗?半个句型要记牢make it any cheaper than that? (能多降点吗?)Tip:如果对方的折扣不满意,你可以这样进一步还价 Cant you make it any cheaper than出at?(就不能多降点吗?) /201503/364082海盐县人民医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱layout--------布局(名词)英文释义 (noun) A general design or plan; physical arrangement of things.例句 The office in our new building has a much more convenient and spacious layout than our former office.我们新大厦办公室的布局比从前的办公室要便利、宽敞得多。 /201410/334715嘉兴市去眼袋多少钱第17期:薪资期望我可以问问薪酬的问题吗?May I ask about the remuneration?I want like to know something about the salary?#8195;For example:A: May I ask about the remuneration?我可以问问薪酬的问题吗?B: Of Course. The Salary is 1500 yuan.当然。工资是 1500 元。你现在的薪水是多少?What is your salary now?How about your present pay?How much money do you get now?Whats your monthly (yearly) salary?我目前的薪水是每年10万元。My present pay is 100000 yuan per year.At present I get 100000 yuan per year.My present yearly salary is 100000 yuan.Now I receive a yearly remuneration of 100000 yuan.你期望的薪水是多少?What are your salary expectations?What are your income expectations?What are your pay expectations?Whats your expected salary?How much do you hope to get a month?Whats your required monthly(yearly) salary?What remuneration would you like to call for?What remuneration would you like to ask for?For example:A: What are your salary expectations?你期望的薪水是多少?B: I like to be paid more than that. Hopefully ,120000 yuan per year. 我希望能比原来的多些,希望是每年12万元。就这个工作而言你希望你的薪水是多少?How much money are you looking for in this job?#8195;For example:A: How much money are you looking for in this job?就这个工作而言你希望你的薪水是多少?B: Id like to have a yearly salary of 30000 yuan, plus 1% commission on all sales.我想要求年薪为30万元D另加销售额1%的佣金。凭我的经验,我希望开始时每个月能拿到4000元。With my experience,Id like to start at RMB 4000 per month. Because of my experience,Id like to start at RMB 4000 per month. Based on my experience,Id like to start at RMB 4000 per month.工资是多少?Whats the pay?For example:A: Whats the pay?工资是多少?B: I can give you 4 dollars an hour.我每小时可以给你 4 美元。我的试用期多长?How long is my probation?For example:A: How long is my probation?我的试用期多长?B: Generally it is 6 months and during this period you are half-paid.一般来说是6个月,这段期间你只能拿到工资的一半。probation(n.)试用,见习你希望我们这里的起薪是多少?What starting salary would you expect here?What starting salary would you like to begin with?What commencing salary would you expect here?我希望起薪是每月9500元。I require 9500 yuan per month as a start.Id require a commencing salary of 9500 yuan a month.The salary I should require would be RMB 9500 per month as a start.Id like to commence at 9500 yuan a month.Id like to start at about 9500 yuan a month.The salary at which I should like to commence is 9500 yuan per month.我愿意接受。I can accept it.For example:A: Would you consider a starting salary at RMB 3000?你认为起薪每月3000元怎么样?B: I think it is reasonable,! can accept it.我认为这很合理,我愿意接收。我相信你会给我提供一个合理的数目。I am sure whatever you offer will be a fair amount.对我来说,薪水不是最重要的。Salary is not the most important factor to me.你现在拿的是佣金还是薪水?Are you paid on a commission or salary basis now?For example:A: Are you paid on a commission or salary basis now?你现在拿的是佣金还是薪水?B: I am paid on a salary.我现在拿的是薪水。你们公司是否有奖金呢?Does your company give bonuses? /201501/354999海宁市去除川字纹手术多少钱

嘉兴整形公立医院做隆胸手术多少钱嘉兴注射玻尿酸去皱Business Travel 商务旅行 2.Checking In 检票 Mr. Lee: Hi. I’m here to catch flight 513 to New York. 你好。我赶飞往纽约的513次航班。 Ms. Shrimp: May I see your ticket please? 请看看您的票。 Mr. Lee: Here you are. Do you need to see my passport? 给你。要看我的护照吗? Ms. Shrimp: Any form of picture I.D. will do. 任何有照片的件就可以。 Mr. Lee: Hmmm … a photo I.D. I have my New Jersey driver’s license. Is that ok? 有照片的件。我有新泽西的驾驶执照,可以吗? Ms. Shrimp: That will do. What an interesting picture! How old is it? 可以。这张照片真有意思!照了多久了? Mr. Lee: Actually it wad taken just last year, but I had a shaved head and a beard. Can you still recognize me? 其实只是去年照的。不过那个时候我是光头,留了胡子,你能认得出我吗? Ms. Shrimp: Barely. Will you be checking any luggage today? 几乎认不出来。你有要托运的很行李吗? Mr. Lee: Yes, One suitcase. I also have a carry-on bag. 是的。一个行李箱,还有一个包随身携带。 Ms. Shrimp: Ok. Mr. Lee, you’re all set. Your flight leaves from gate 10. Boarding begins at 10:30 好的。Lee先生,已经好了。你的航班在十号登机口,十点半开始登机。 /200612/9847陈豪这小伙子正在和他的同事美籍华人Mary在一个美国餐馆吃午饭。两人正在点菜。(Office ambience)C:Mary, 看到菜谱上的汤就让我想起一句英文:"As the ships sail out to sea, I spoon my soup away from me." 不过,我一直没有弄懂这句话究竟是什么意思?M:Oh, that's a little rhyme that helps children remember the correct way to eat soup.C:喝汤还有正确不正确的呀? 不就是一勺一勺舀了往嘴里放吗?M:美国人在正式场合喝汤时有一定之规。"I spoon my soup away from me" means you spoon the soup toward the front of the bowl and then bring the spoon back to your mouth.C:(若有所思地)用调羹往汤碗的外边舀,然后再把调羹收回来送到嘴边。Why so complicated?M:这样可以避免勺下面的汤滴在桌布上或衣上。C:Mary,let's each order a soup and try it out. I'm hungry, I want a clam chowder.M:Clam chowder with sea food and meat. It's too filling. 我不饿,要个清汤就行了。(Soup arrives and they start to eat. Sounds of slurping)M:陈豪,你吃得好香呀! It sounds as if you're enjoying your soup..C:It's delicious! 味道真好。M:But I'm sorry to say that slurping is considered bad manners in Western etiquette.C:听说过西方人喝汤不能有声音。这汤也太烫了。我吹吹再吃。M:不要吹。 If your soup is too hot, stir it slightly or simply wait.C:又不能出声,又不能吹。那我就用勺搅动搅动,等它凉一点。M:陈豪,你注意到没有,我喝的是清汤。我在勺的边上往里喝。而你的clam chowder 里面有肉,土豆等,没法从边上往里放。C:That's right。我的杂烩里好多东西,没法象清汤那样往嘴里喝。M:This is a good restaurant. The soup is wonderful, we should come more often.(Sound of spoon scraping the bowl)M:Chen Hao,don't scrape your bowl. Just tip your bowl away from you to retrieve the last spoonful of soup.C:把碗往外抬起一点,让汤都到一边去。Mary, what are the main points that I need to remember?M:Spoon the soup toward the center or front of the bowl and then bring the spoon back to your mouth; slurping is considered bad manners in Western etiquette; if the soup is too hot, stir it slightly or simply wait; tip your bowl away from you to retrieve the last spoonful of soup. /04/67721嘉兴哪里纹眼线好多少钱办公室行为及情感表达——和客户打高尔夫球  1.Driving range 高尔夫球练习场  A: Does Changchun have a golf course?  B: No. It has a driving range at the Moon Lake Park.  A:长春有高尔夫球场吗?  B:没有,只有在净月潭公园有一个高尔夫球练习场。   2.Golf glove 高尔夫手套  A: You like a pro.  B: Why?  A: You wear the golf glove.  B: I don't think I'm any better than you.  A:看来你是个高手。  B:为什么?  A:你带着高尔夫手套。  B:可我并不觉得我打得比你好。  3.Green 高尔夫球场,尤指球洞附近   A: You are pretty good, getting on the green with one single swing.  B: It was purely luck.  A:你打得真好,只打一杆就离球洞不远了。  B:纯粹是运气。  4.Slice 球打偏了  A: I always do slice.  B: Let me show you how to get it straight.  A:我总是打偏。  B:来,我教教你怎样才能打得直。  5.Tee off 开始打球  A: When are we going to tee off?  B: One o'clock sharp.  A:我们什么时候开始打?  B:一点整。 /200811/54742浙江嘉兴去眼袋医院哪家好

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