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Argh, my computer has been possessed! All letters are huge! gigantic! What will be the next!? the letters are taking over the world!娘亲呀,我的电脑鬼缠身了,所有的字母都是大写的!大大写的!接下来会发生什么事啊!?大写字母掌管世界!Jerry was one of those people who didn#39;t fully understand caps lock杰里是那些没有完全明白大写锁定键功能人群中的一个 /201704/501585

All outlets of one of Shanghai#39;s most popular French bakeries, Farine, were closed last Thursday amid accusations it had been using expired flour and had sanitary issues.上周四,上海最受欢迎的法式面包店--法润面包店(Farine),其所有门店都被勒令关门,原因是涉嫌使用过期面粉,并出现了卫生问题。Farine#39;s factory, which opened at the beginning of March on the outskirts of the city to meet surging demand, also suspended operations.法润面包店为了满足激增的市场需求,三月初在上海市郊开设的工厂也被暂停运营。;We received a tipoff from a person who provided their real name,; said Wu Jun, a market administration supervisor in the city#39;s Minhang district. ;We found the expired flour and sealed the storage unit that same day.;上海闵行区市场行政监管员吴军表示:“我们接到了实名举报。随即我们就查获了过期面粉,并于当天封存了储藏室。”In total, 578 bags of expired flour that had been imported from France were found in Farine#39;s factory, according to the administration.据该行政机构表示,在法润的工厂里总共查获了578袋过期的法国进口面粉。Inspectors said they believed it had been used to make baked goods.检查人员表示,他们认为这些过期面粉已经被用来烤制食品了。Farine was opened in 2012 by French restaurateur Franck Pecol. Aside from the bakery chain, Pecol also runs an ice cream stand, cafe and a bistro in Shanghai.法国餐馆老板弗兰克·佩科尔在2012年创办了法润。除了该连锁面包店以外,佩科尔还在上海经营着冰激凌摊、咖啡馆和小酒馆。 /201703/501537

What do Russian, American, Japanese and Chinese astronauts eat in space? Do they eat the same things as on earth or something totally different? Are these foods tasty? The truth may blow your mind.俄罗斯、美国、日本和中国的宇航员在太空中吃什么?他们吃的东西和在地球上一样还是完全不同?这些食物美味吗?真相可能会打击你。Russia俄罗斯As the first country to send astronauts into space, Russia started to develop space food since the early 1960s.作为第一个将宇航员送入太空的国家,自20世纪70年代初,俄罗斯就开始发展宇航食品。Food that can be sucked was the earliest type of space food, but astronauts still felt hungry after eating them.宇航食品的最初版本是可吸入食品,但是吃完这些东西以后,宇航员仍然觉得饿。Later, more satisfying foods like ox tongue, herring pie and chicken cutlets were then added to the to solve the problem.随后,像牛舌、鲱鱼馅饼和鸡肉饼这样更容易果腹的食物被加入菜单,解决了宇航员吃不饱的问题。Now Russian astronauts can enjoy a variety of food similar to on earth, such as black b, honey cake, ham, quail, Polish pike, Russian cheese and sturgeon.如今,俄罗斯宇航员已经可以享用一系列和地球食物相近的食品了,比如黑面包,蜂蜜蛋糕,火腿、鹌鹑,波兰梭子鱼,俄罗斯奶酪和鲟鱼。Food is stored in special packages, and astronauts can eat them with a spoon or fork rather than suck them with a straw.食物被储存在特制包装里,宇航员可以用勺子或者叉子食用它们,而不是用吸管吸食。US美国Fast food is the main food for American astronauts. The range of delicious food includes sausage pies, spicy grilled fish, potato roast beef, butter b, tempeh broth, tuna salad and drinks like Coca-cola.快餐是美国宇航员的主要食物。这些美味的食物包括香肠派、麻辣烤鱼、土豆烧牛肉、黄油面包、豆豉汤、金鱼沙拉和可口可乐这样的饮料。Japan日本Japanese space food expresses their unique cultural identity. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency displayed 29 different types of space food at an exhibition in Tokyo in June, 2007.日本的宇航食品表达出它特有的文化特性。2007年6月在东京举行的展览会上,日本宇宙航空研究开发机构展示了29种不同类别的太空食物。Most of these are traditional Japanese food, including rice balls, tomato fish, curry noodles, mountain vegetables, beans, glutinous rice, and sweets.绝大多数食物都是日本传统食物,包括饭团、番茄鱼、咖喱面、高山蔬菜、豆类、糯米、和甜食。China中国Chinese space food has become more diverse and delicious in recent years. In 2003, there were 20 or 30 types of food for China#39;s first astronaut, Yang Liwei, who was carried aloft by Shenzhou V.近年来,中国宇航食品已经变得越来越多样且美味。2003年,中国首位搭载神舟五号进入太空的航天员杨利伟的食谱里,有20到30种食品。On Shenzhou VII which blasted off in 2012, there were about 70 types of items.2012年升入太空的神舟七号,有大约70种食品。The first breakfast for crew members was assorted fried rice, dried braised Pleurotus eryngoes, pickled cabbage and pork, pickled mustard, Char Siu Sauce and milk tea.船员的第一顿早餐是什锦炒饭、烩干杏鲍菇、酸菜猪肉汤、榨菜、叉烧酱和奶茶。The for Shenzhou X has expanded to more than 80 types of food, with moon cake and ice cream on the list.神州十号的菜单已经扩充到80多种食品种类,包括月饼和冰淇淋都在菜单里。Shenzhou XI, on the other hand, carries more than 100 types of food and beverages, including spiced beef and shredded pork in garlic sauce, a popular dish in almost every Sichuan cuisine restaurant, and desserts.此外,神州十一号运载了100多种食品和饮料进入太空,包括五香牛肉、甜品和猪肉碎蒜酱,后者几乎在每间四川餐厅里都很流行。Recipes were designed and arranged in accordance with nutritional requirements in different phases of the mission.菜谱根据不同任务阶段对营养的需要设计并且安排。For example, the astronauts can eat congees if they lack appetite during their first days in space; Chinese food therapy will be adopted in the middle phase in line with the changes in the astronauts#39; physical conditions; while in the latter stage, food with low dietary fiber along with multivitamins will kick in.比如,刚进入太空的头几天,如果宇航员食欲不振,他们可以喝粥;在宇航探索中期,将根据宇航员身体状况的变化使用中国食疗法;在宇航探索的最后阶段,低膳食纤维并且含有多种维生素的食物会介入。The recipe will change every five days during their 33-day stay in space. All food can keep for more than one year and are free from preservatives.在33天的宇宙探索过程中,每五天更换一次食谱。所有食品的保质期都超过一年,并且不含防腐剂。 /201610/475200

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