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昆明祛疤整形云南韩辰医院祛眼袋手术多少钱第一句:How do you spend your Valentine Day?你们怎样过情人节呢?A: How do you spend your Valentine Day?你们怎样过情人节呢?B: Usually well have a party and to see a film.通常情况下我们会有个聚会,并看一场电影第二句:Tell me something about Ice and Snow Day. 给我讲讲冰雪节吧A: Tell me something about Ice and Snow Day. 给我讲讲冰雪节吧B: That the most magic festival. People build palaces and sculpture things with ice and snow. It beautiful.是最神奇的节日了,人们用冰雪造宫殿,雕刻各种各样的东西真是美丽极了其他表达法:Can you name some festivals of religious nature?你能说出几个有宗教来历的节日吗?How many days do you take off Christmas?你们圣诞节放几天假? Is Saint Valentine s Day official?情人节是法定假曰吗?Do you know about April Fool Day?你了解愚人节吗? 59香格里拉妇幼保健院做红色胎记手术多少钱 面试英语口语 Lesson6: About Your Educational Background(Ⅱ)经典对话:85.How were your scores at college?你在大学时成绩如何?86.They were all above average.成绩都在平均分以上87.How are your grades all college?你读大学成绩如何?88.They are above average B.平均在B以上89.Did you get a good record in English?你的英语成绩好吗?90.Yes,I obtained 9 marks in English.是的,我英语得了9分91.Which band did you pass in College English Test?你通过了大学英语考试几级?9.I passed Band Four in College English Test.我通过了大学英语四级考试93.How is your score in chemistry?你的化学成绩是多少?9.It 88 points.88分95.In what subject did you get the highest marks?你哪门科目得分最高?96.What records did you get at middle school?你在中学成绩如何?97.I got excellent records:96 points average.我成绩优秀,平均96分98.I am ranked the second of my class in terms of average marks.照平均分数,我名列全班第二99.How do you think the education youve received will con-tribute to your work in thisinstitution?你认为你接受的教育将如何有助于在本机构的工作?0.I have aly learned a lot in the classroom and I hope to be able to make practical use of it in business in your company.我在课堂上学了很多东西,我希望能在贵公司把它实际运用到商务活动中情景案例:Dialogue A(I Interviewer主试人 A Applicant受试人)I:How were your grades at college?A:They were all above average.I:What scores did you get at college?A:They were above average B.I:Did you get a good record in English?A:Yes,I obtained 9 marks in English.I:Which band did you pass in College English Test?A:I passed Band Four in College English Test.I:How was your score in chemistry?A:It was 88 points.I:In what subject did you get the highest marks?A:In macroeconomics.I:In what subject did you get the lowest marks?A:In calculus.Only 78 marks.I:What was your best subject at college?A:English was my best subject.I liked it very much.Besides,I was aware of the importance of learning English well.Nowadays every enterprise would prefer to hire a man who has a good command of English.So I worked hard at college on English.I:What was your worst subject?A:Well,that might be mathematics.There were so many mulas in mathematics class that they were hard me to remember.I:What records did you get at middle school?A:I was ranked the second of my class in terms of average marks.Dialogue BI:How have you been getting on with your studies so far?A:I have been doing quite well at college.According to the academic records Ive achieved so far,I am confident that I will get my Master of Business Administration degree this coming July.I:What does your MBA thesis deal with?A:It deals with macro-modulation in the socialist market economy.I:How do you think the education youve received will contribute to your work in this institution?A:I have aly learned a lot in the classroom and I hope to be able to make practical use of it in business in your company. 66昆明韩城整形美容医院切埋线双眼皮怎么样

昆明韩辰整形医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱A foreign policy adviser to President Barack Obama says Republican candidate Mitt Romneys pledge to label China a currency manipulator on his first day in office is irresponsible and risks upsetting U.S.-China relations.美国共和党总统候选人罗姆尼曾经承诺,他如果当选总统,上任第一天就会将中国列为货币操纵囀?奥巴马总统的一位外交政策顾问表示,这是不负责任的表现,并会威胁到美中关系。At a debate Wednesday at Johns Hopkins University, Mr. Obamas former senior Asia policy aide Jeff Bader said it is ;astonishing; Mr. Romney would take the step during Beijings sensitive leadership transition, which begins two days after the November 6 election.星期三在约翰霍普金斯大学举行的辩论会上,奥巴马总统的前任高级亚洲政策顾问巴德说,如果罗姆尼在北京权力交接的敏感时期采取这一行动将会“令人震惊”。中国的18大将在美国大选两天后举行。Bader, who serves on the presidents re-election committee, said Chinas new Communist Party leaders will ;not be in a passive mood for threats and being backed into corners.; He said he guarantees they will ;retaliate.;巴德目前效力于奥巴马总统竞选连任委员会。他说,中共新领导人不会消极对待美国的威胁,不会被逼到没有退路的角落。他说,他可以肯定,中国领导人会进行报复。Romney campaign national security adviser Aaron Friedberg said the U.S. should not ;be paralyzed; because of fears of sparking a trade war between the worlds two largest economies. He insists the move would not ;trigger Armageddon,; arguing that ;China is more dependent on the ed States than we are on them.;罗姆尼竞选班子的国家安全事务顾问弗里德伯格表示,美国不应该因为害怕世界上两个最大的经济体爆发贸易战而“陷入瘫痪”。他坚称,将中国列为货币操纵国不会导致世界末日,因为中国对美国的依赖大于美国对中国的依赖。来 /201210/205901昆明韩辰医院好不好 5 Steer clear of junk foods. 5 与垃圾食物划清界限Theyre not really foods,anyway,Chips,dips,crunchies,munchies-sounds like something you throw to the animals at the zoo.Junk food is low in nutrition high in calories and almost guaranted to pack on the pounds.反正它们也称不上是真正的食物洋芋片、沾酱、脆片、脆饼-听起来好像那些你丢给动物园里的动物吃的东西垃圾食物营养价值低,卡路里高,而且保几乎全是大包装的健身短语steer clear of. . .避开……=avoid... 361983云南省中医院整形美容科

昆明市红会医院开双眼皮多少钱A: Morning,Madam. This is the window eign Exchange Savings.How can I help you?早上好,夫人这个窗口是办外汇存款的我如何为您效劳?B: I want to save some US dollars into my .我想存一些美元到我的账户里A: That fine. Is it a Time Deposit?那好是定期存款吗?B: Yes, that what my husband advised me to do. But Im not sure how long I should save .是的,是我的丈夫让我这样做的但我确定不了应该存多长时间A: Well, we offer 5 grades as standard:1 month,3 months, 6 months, 1 year and years.嗯,我们有5档基准存期:1个月、3个月、6个月、1年和两年B: Hmmm ... years does seem like a long time. How about the interest if I save 6 months?唔……两年期好像很长如果我存6个月的话,利息怎么样?A: 6 months we can offer you 0. 59%.6个月存期的,我们可以给您0.59%的利率计算B: That sounds fine to me. Yes, I think 6 months is the way to go.对我来说是蛮好的好吧,我想6个月存期正合适 5 昆明疤痕修复哪家医院好昆明整个脸型多少钱



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