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官渡区妇幼保健人民中心医院激光去痘手术多少钱昆明省中医院脱毛多少钱4.Gettysburg Adress4.林肯葛底斯堡演讲Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, 八十七年以前,我们的祖先在这大陆上建立了一个国家,它育于自由,and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.并且献身给一种理念,即所有人都是生来平等的。Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. 当前,我们正在从事一次伟大的内战,我们在考验,究竟这个国家,或任何一个有这种主张和这种信仰的国家,是否能长久存在。We are met on a great battle-field of that war. 我们在那次战争的一个伟大的战场上集会。We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. 我们来到这里,奉献那个战场上的一部分土地,作为在此地为那个国家的生存而牺牲了自己生命的人的永久眠息之所。It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.我们这样做,是十分合情合理的。But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate -- we can not consecrate -- we can not hallow -- this ground. 可是,就更深一层意义而言,我们是无从奉献这片土地的--无从使它成为圣地--也不能把它变为人们景仰之所。201608/460522昆明韩辰整形美容医院开双眼皮手术多少钱 英语日常口语 26:Planning a 本单元是关于计划菜谱的对话Michal: Alice was only helping me!Helen: I'm sorry Michal, I didn't mean to fly off the handle. What's wrong?Michal: I was just telling Alice I wanted to eat better but that I didn't know how to cook any of my favourite dishes. Helen: Mm, let's think about this. I know! Chinese New Year is coming up soon. Why don't we make a special Polish-Chinese dinner together! We'll both do research, find typical recipes, buy all the ingredients? Michal: And cook a meal together! You do the main course, and I'll make the pudding! Helen: Sounds like a perfect second date, don't you think?Vocabulary :to fly off the handle (v, informal): to be very angry 发脾气a pudding (n): a dessert or a sweet 布丁(西餐中的一种甜点心)本单元的语言点是间接引语,间接引语是当我们告诉别人我们或他人说过什么的时候,我们可以用直接引语或间接引语来表述。Reported speech 间接引语When we want to tell someone else what we or someone else has said we can use either direct or reported (or indirect speech). 当我们告诉别人我们或他人说过什么的时候,我们可以用直接引语或间接引语来表述。 In Episode 25 Michal said to Alice "I don't know how to cook" using direct speech. But in today's episode he said to Helen "I was just telling Alice I didn't know how to cook" using reported speech.The reporting verb 引语动词In reported speech, the first verb is usually in the past tense (在间接叙述中,第一个动词通常是过去时)for example:He said that he was trying to give up fast food. He told Alice he missed his mum's cooking.He explained to Helen that he wanted to eat better.However, if the reporting verb is in the present tense, it isn't changed in reported speech 然而,如果引语动词是现在时,那么它在间接引语中不会改变) . Michal says "I want to make pudding." He says he wants to make pudding.Modal verbs 情态动词Some model verbs change in reported speech (有些情态动词在间接引语中要发生变化): Direct speech Reported Speechcan could will wouldmust had to While some others don't (有些则不发生变化): Direct speech Reported speechwould wouldshould shouldcould couldmust mustmight mightThatYou can leave out that in reported speech:Michal said that he was trying to give up fast food.Michal said he was trying to give up fast food. He told Alice that he missed his mum's cooking.He told Alice missed his mum's cookingPronounsPronouns can change in reported speech depending on who the reported speech is directed to (直接引语变为间接引语时,须在代词人称方面作一些必要的调整)。 For example:Michal said "I want to give up fast food" changes to:"He said he wanted to give up fast food" when Alice is telling Helen what Michal said.Alice (talking to Michal) said "I'll make you a cup of tea" changes to: "She said she would make me a cup of tea" when Michal tells Helen what Alice said. But pronouns don't always change (但代词人称不一定总是会变)。 For example:Tim said "We're going to the pub later" talking to Michal (about Michal, Alice and Helen), changes to: "He said we were going to the pub later" when Michal tells Helen what Tim said. /200707/16028电影学口语 Lesson 13:[指环王III-王者归来]I am sorry,Sam 【精片断】剪辑自《The Lord of the Rings-Return of the King》指环王III--王者归来Sam: I am sorry to wake you, Mr. Frodo. We have to be moving on.Frodo: It’s dark still.Sam: It’s always dark here. It’s gone. The Elven b.Frodo: What? That’s all we have left.Sam: He took it. He must have.Smeagol: Smeagol? No, no, not poor Smeagol. Smeagol hastes nasty Elf b.Sam: You are a lying wretch(家伙)! What did you do with it?!Frodo: He doesn’t need it. He can’t have taken it.Smeagol: Look! What’s this? Crumbs(面包屑) on his jacketses. He took it. He took it. I have seen him. He’s always stuffing(填塞) his face when master’s not looking.Sam: That’s a filthy lie! You stinking(讨厌的), two-faced sneak(鬼鬼祟祟的人)!Frodo: Sam!Sam: Call me!Frodo: Stop it! Sam!Sam: I’ll kill him!Frodo: Sam, no!Sam: Oh, my – I am sorry. I didn’t mean it to go so far. I was just so, so angry. Here just – let’s just rest a bit.Frodo: I am all right.Sam: No, no, you are not all right. You are exhausted(精疲力竭). It’s that Gollum. It’s this place. It’s that thing around your neck. I could help a bit. I could carry it for a while. Share the load.Frodo: Get away!Sam: I don’t want to keep it. I just want to help.Smeagol: See? See? He wants it for himself.Sam: Shut up, you! Go away! Get out of here!Frodo: No, sam. It’s you. I am sorry, Sam.Sam: But he is a liar. He’s poisoned you against me.Frodo: You can’t help me anymore.Sam: You don’t mean that.Frodo: Go home.【口语财富】1. We have to be moving on. 我们该走了。2. It’s dark still. 一片沉寂。3. You are a lying wretch! 你是个撒谎的家伙!4. That’s a filthy lie! 那是丑恶的谎言!5. I didn’t mean it to go so far. 我本没想那么过分。6. He’s poisoned you against me. 他挑拨离间! /200604/6489昆明韩辰整形医院眼窝肉泡眼眼睑眼角哪家便宜价格

云南去胎记价格18. John McCains Concession Speech18. 麦凯恩败选演讲My friends, we have come to the end of a long journey. The American people have spoken, and they have spoken clearly.我的朋友们,我们已经走完了这次漫长的旅程。美国人民已经说出了他们的决定,说得非常清楚。A little while ago, I had the honor of calling Senator Barack Obama to congratulate him.刚才,我非常荣幸地给奥巴马参议员打电话,向他表示祝贺。To congratulate him on being elected the next president of the country that we both love.祝贺他当选为这个国家的下一任总统,这个我们两个都无比热爱的国家的下一任总统。This is an historic election, and I recognize the special significance it has for African-Americans and for the special pride that must be theirs tonight.这是一次历史性的选举。我明白这次选举对于非洲裔美国人的特殊意义,感受到了此刻他们心中油然而生的自豪感。Ive always believed that America offers opportunities to all who have the industry and will to seize it. Senator Obama believes that, too.我始终深信不疑,对于任何一个勤奋努力、勇于开拓的人,美国都会给予他机会。奥巴马参议员也深信这一点。These are difficult times for our country. And I pledge to him tonight to do all in my power to help him lead us through the many challenges we face.我们的国-家正处在艰难时刻。奥巴马参议员将领导我们迎接挑战。今晚,我向他保,我将尽我所能帮助他。I urge all Americans who supported me to join me in not just congratulating him, but offering our next president our good will and earnest effort to find ways to come together to find the necessary compromises to bridge our differences and help restore our prosperity, defend our security in a dangerous world, and leave our children and grandchildren a stronger, better country than we inherited.我呼吁所有持我的美国人,一起加入我,不仅向我们的下一任总统表示祝贺,而且将我们良好的愿望和不懈的努力都提供给他,一起构筑沟通的桥梁,一起找到恢复繁荣的道路,在这个危险的世界中确保我们的安全,让我们的子孙生活在一个更强大、更美好的国家。201704/503872昆明祛痘坑哪里好 And indeed, in the handful of places that the Bible talks about homosexuality, its almost always in the context of a discussion of idolatry because homosexuality was very much associated with certain pagan practices.而且事实上,在圣经寥寥几段关于同性恋的段落里,上下文的背景几乎都是在探讨偶像崇拜,而这里的同性恋在很大程度上是与异教徒的行为联系在一起的。If thats the kind of thing that Biblical authors had in mind, if thats what they meant, then what theyre talking about and Im talking about are very different things, and to use those passages that way would be to pull them out of context.如果这是圣经的撰写者心中所想的话,如果这是他们的本意,那么他们所说的和我在这里所说的,是完全迥异的两件事,而把某段话单独拿出来离开上下文去解读的话,那就是断章取义。Now, a few caveats and clarifications.简单附加说明和澄清几句。First of all, I want to make it clear what Im not saying here.首先,请不要把我的意思进行曲解。Im not saying, ;Hey, the Bible is old, so forget about it. Ignore it. Just pick the parts you like.;我并没有说圣经已经老旧过时。忘了它吧,或者忽略掉它,或者仅取需要的段落来用作论据。A lot of people do that on different sides of the debate.事实上在辩论时,论辩双方常常都在怎么做。I dont think thats a very good way to proceed.我不认为这是种好的做法。Rather, Im saying that if youre going to understand what the Bible means for us today, we have to understand that the Biblical authors concerns and our concerns may be different, and thats relevant to our interpretation of the text.而我的意思是,如果你想理解圣经对于身处今天的我们的意义,你需要先理解这一点:圣经的撰写者们关注的东西与我们关注的东西可能大相径庭。而这点,对于我们今天该如何理解演绎圣经文本,有着非常大的意义。And the alternative to that is to commit ourselves to very strange views on womens roles, on slavery, and a host of other things.如果不是这样,我们就只能拥抱一些在今天看来很不正常的观点了,比如妇女地位低下,奴隶制等一大堆东西。Second, having said that, Im not so convinced that any amount of context is going to help the slavery passages.第二点,即使我前面讨论了那么多,也不代表我认为是否;断章取义;能改变那些关于奴隶制的段落的意义。I think that when we look to those passages, we have to admit that the prejudices and limitations of the Biblical authors crept into the text, and if they did that with respect to slavery, it could have happened with respect to homosexuality.我们必须承认圣经的撰写者,把偏见和时代的局限带入到了圣经的文本之中。而如果他们谈到奴隶制的时候,是带着偏见和时代局限的话,那么当他们谈到同性恋的话,是不是也可能带着偏见和时代局限呢?Finally, it seems to me in many cases, not all, but in many cases the Bible is not really the root of the objection here.最后我想说,对我来说,在很多情况下--并不总是--但很多,圣经并不是那些反对声音的根源。What often happens is people have an objection to homosexuality, maybe for reasons they dont quite understand, and then they use the Bible and bring it in to back that up.更多的情况是,当人们反对同性恋的时候,原因很可能是他们没有足够了解同性恋,所以他们拿出了圣经,然后用里面的话撑这种先入为主的观点。Why do I think this? Well, let me tell you a story.为什么我这么说呢?有这么一件事。Many years ago, I was briefly a graduate student at Notre Dame, which, as you know, is a major Catholic university.很多年前,我曾短暂地在圣母院大学读研究生。没错,圣母院大学时一所著名的天主教教会学校。At Notre Dame, we were told by the administration that we could not have a gay and lesbian group on campus because that would conflict with Catholic teaching.在这里,校方告诉我们不能在这里的校园内成立男女同性恋组织,原因是这与此处的天主教教育有冲突。And over and over, the administration would say, ;You cannot have a gay and lesbian group. That conflicts with Catholic teaching.;校方一次又一次地告诉我们:;你们不能在这里成立男女同性恋组织,因为和这里的天主教教育理念有冲突。;We did have a Muslim student group on campus and a Jewish student group on campus.可我们这里成立了穆斯林学生组织,成立了犹太学生组织。Muslims and Jews both deny the Divinity of Christ, which, when I went to Catholic school, was a very important part of Catholic teaching.穆斯林和犹太人连耶稣基督的神性都不承认,而耶稣基督,在天主教学校的教育里是非常重要的角色! This wasnt really about Catholic teaching, I dont think...at least not nicely, I think you know, they had this objection, and they pulled in Catholic teaching when it was convenient.所以整件事和天主教教育无关。他们先入为主地反对某样东西,然后随手把天主教教育理念拉过来作为挡箭牌,简单轻松。201605/443578昆明医科大学第二附属医院激光祛太田痣多少钱

香格里拉妇幼保健院抽脂多少钱And what happens is -- this is -- Im going to show you now some fallout plumes.接下来将要发生的-这是-我现在要向大家演示放射性坠尘。Within 20 minutes, it comes straight down.在20分钟内,坠尘直线下落;Within 24 hours, lethal radiation is going out with prevailing winds,24小时内,致命的辐射将随着盛行风飘散and its mostly in this particular direction -- its going northeast.基本上沿着某一特定方向向东北方飘去And if youre in this vicinity, youve got to get away.如果你在这附近,就得设法逃离So youre feeling the wind -- and this tremendous wind now that youre going to be feeling --如果你感觉到了风,感觉到这股强劲的风and you want to go perpendicular to the wind or downwind,你就应该沿着垂直与风向的方向逃走或者顺着风的方向if you are in fact able to see where the blast was in front of you.如果你能看到爆炸发生的地方的话Youve got to get out of there.你必须赶快离开那儿If you dont get out of there, youre going to be exposed to lethal radiation in very short order.如果你没有迅速离开,你很快就会近距离暴露在致命的辐射中If you cant get out of there, we want you to go into a shelter and stay there.如果你无法离开那里,我希望你能找一个避难所躲起来Now, in a shelter in an urban area means you have to be either in a basement as deep as possible,躲在城市里的避难所指的是,要么躲在地下室,越深越好or you have to be on a floor -- on a high floor --要么躲在楼上,越高越好if its a ground burst explosion, which it would be, higher than the ninth floor.如果是爆炸发生在地面上,辐射尘可能会到达9楼。So you have to be tenth floor or higher, or in the basement.所以你需要跑到10楼或者更高的楼层,或者躲到地下室But basically, youve got to get out of town as quickly as possible.但总的来说,你需要尽快离开这座城市,越快越好And if you do that, you actually can survive a nuclear blast.如果你这么做了,你其实是可以在一次核爆炸中生还的Over the next few days to a week, there will be a radiation cloud,在之后的几天到一周内,如有辐射云again, going with the wind, and settling down for another 15 or 20 miles out同样随着风,然后下落,继续往前推进15到20英里in this case, over Long Island.在这个例子中会飘过长岛And if youre in the direct fallout zone here,如果你处于放射性坠尘经过的区域you really have to either be sheltered or you have to get out of there,你真的需要躲进避难所或者尽快离开and thats clear. But if you are sheltered, you can actually survive.这很明显。但那是如果你能躲进避难所,你确实可以生还The difference between knowing information of what youre going to do personally,每个人是否知道应该如何逃生and not knowing information, can save your life,所带来的区别and it could mean the difference between 150,000 to 200,000 fatalities影响了最终的死亡人数是15万还是20万from something like this and half a million to 700,000 fatalities.在这个例子中,将意味着死亡人数能否从70万减少到50万So, response planning in the twenty-first century is both possible and is essential.所以,21世纪的核应急预案不仅是可能的而且是必须的But in 2008, there isnt one single American city但是直到2008年,全美国没有一个城市that has done effective plans to deal with a nuclear detonation disaster.拥有有效的应急预案来应对一次核爆炸灾难Part of the problem is that the emergency planners themselves,部分原因是应急预案的制定者,personally, are overwhelmed psychologically by the thought of nuclear catastrophe.他们自己都已经被核灾难这一想法从心理上击溃了They are paralyzed.他们不知所措。You say ;nuclear; to them, and theyre thinking,你如果和他们说起“核”,他们会想,;Oh my God, were all gone. Whats the point? Its futile.;“天啊,我们全都得死。还有什么可说的呢?这都是徒劳。”And were trying to tell them, ;Its not futile.我们所尝试的就是告诉他们这其实并非徒劳:We can change the survival rates by doing some commonsensical things.;我们可以通过做一些常识普及的工作来提高生还比例So the goal here is to minimize fatalities.我们的目标是将死亡人数降至最低And I just want to leave you with the personal points that I think you might be interested in.我希望留给大家一些个人的看法,我认为你们可能会感兴趣的。The key to surviving a nuclear blast is getting out, and not going into harms way.在核爆炸中生存的关键就是逃出去,并且不要误入危险区域Thats basically all were going to be talking about here.这基本上就是我们接下来要讨论的全部内容201605/443248 VOA流行美语 122: on edge/give it a rest李华和Larry今天又到购物中心去采购圣诞礼物。李华会学到两个常用语:on edge和give it a rest.(Crowded mall FX)LH: 我真搞不懂耶!还有几个星期就要过圣诞节了,可是有些人看起来好像不是很开心,好像很紧张,很烦躁呢!LL: Oh, well, when people are busy doing their Christmas shopping, they can sometimes be a little on edge.LH: 你说他们怎么啦?Edge不是指在某个东西的边缘吗?On edge。那是什么意思呢?LL: No, no, I said, everyone is on edge that means everyone is a little nervous or in a bad mood.LH: 原来,on edge就是紧张不安的意思。可是我以为大家都喜欢过圣诞节,不是都要高高兴兴的吗?为什么不开心呢?(grumbles) 哎呀!那个挤到我前面了。这里好挤噢!LL: People do love Christmas, and Americans are always try to be kinder and friendlier this time of year. But people are under pressure to buy Christmas gifts for all of their friends and family members, which is why a lot of them are on edge right now.LH: 嗯,忙着采购给每个家人朋友的礼物,是挺有压力的。我其实也有不少压力,学期快结束了,我得交报告,还得买礼物,还要批改学生的考卷。Hey! (yells in English) Watch where you're going!LL: Calm down Li Hua! I know that you're on edge right now, but try not start any arguments, OK?LH: 我才没有要和人吵架呢!我只是要那个人小心一点!LL: Look, everyone's on edge around here, and so are you. It's really easy to start an argument in this kind of situation. Just calm down.LH: 好嘛!对不起嘛!我想我真的需要冷静一下。Larry我们能不能找个地方坐下,喝点东西?咦!这儿有张桌子,我们坐这儿吧!LL: Why don't we come back some other time when it's not so crowded. When you're on edge like this, it's better to stay away from other people.LH: 那怎么行!我们已经费了这么大功夫到这儿来。没买到礼物就回去呢?你怎么啦?LL: Sorry, Li Hua, I guess I'm a little on edge myself. I still have a lot school work to do for next week, and I want to finish my shopping early so I can relax during Christmas break.LH: 好,那我们就尽快把礼物买好,赶快回家罗!******LH: 快点,Larry你动作真慢耶! 我还有一些东西要买呢!LL: Give it a rest, Li Hua. I told you, I can't move quickly and carry all of your bags as well.LH: A rest? 你又要休息啦?我们不是半个小时前才坐下来休息的吗?LL: No, that's not what I said. I said give it a rest that means stop complaining, talking about, or doing something.LH: Give it a rest,是停止抱怨或停止做某件事。你的意思是我抱怨太多了?哎!是你浪费太多时间,首先,你到我家时就已经迟到半个小时...LL: Oh, give it a rest, Li Hua, I told you, I had to wait because of a traffic accident.LH: 因为交通事故你迟到,这还说得过去。可是我们来购物中心的路上,你又迷路了3次!LL: Give it a rest, Li Hua. We finally got here. Anyway, you weren't much help.LH: 好啦,好啦!算了啦!我也受不了在这么挤的地方逛。我今天实在不应该来的!LL: Well, I'm starting to get tired of carrying stuff for you. These bags are heavy!LH: (In English) Give it a rest, Larry! 你是大男生耶!这些东西对你来说不算什么啦!LL: Look, I'm tired, I'm a bit on edge, and I have a lot of work to finish this weekend. Can't we just give it a rest and go shopping next weekend?LH: 好吧!好吧!我们两人今天都有点急躁。也许我们真的应该回家,等有空再来买礼物吧!今天李华学到两个常用语。第一个是on edge, 意思是紧张不安,脾气急躁。另一个常用语是give it a rest。意思是停止抱怨或是停止做某件事。 /200602/3342昆明复合彩光祛黄褐斑哪家医院好昭通市第一人民医院激光祛斑多少钱



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