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The educational materials presented here were developed以下教育资讯由爱荷华州立大学by students and faculty at the department of食物科学和人类营养学院的food science and human nutrition at Iowa State师生共同研究产生University.Funding for this project was provided此计划由美国中西部癌症协会by grants from the American Cancer Society Midwest和兰斯,阿姆斯特朗基金会and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.The materials提供资助,节目资讯旨在are intended for education use and are not meant教育用途而非提供医疗建议to provide medical advice.We welcome your feedback我们欢迎您对这些资讯提出about these materials.Please use the evaluation您的反馈,请点击主页上的survey link on the homepage to provide评估调查链接来提供your comments and suggestions.您的与建议If you can remember back to your first few years in如果您还记得您小学时最初的几年elementary school think about your favorite subject.请回忆一下您最喜欢的科目是什么Maybe you really enjoyed your math class and也许您真的喜欢数学课had parents that would congratulate you on您的父母会称赞您因为your 100 percent gold starred math homework.您的数学作业得了一百分On the other hand maybe you were not so good at也有可能,您不是很擅长数学math but loved art class and had parents that would却对艺术课情有独钟,您的父母always make sure to ask about all of your latest总是关切地询问您最近在学校所做的creations in school.Or maybe your favorite subject所有作品,再或者,您最喜欢的科目was ing or music.Well, I want to talk to you是阅读或者音乐,那么,我告诉您about my favorite subject, the lunch period.我最喜欢的科目吧,那就是午餐时间Parents should be talking to their kids about父母们应该就他们的孩子在学校选择what they choose to eat at school in the same way吃什么与他们谈谈,就像父母们parents ask their kids about how they are doing in询问他们的孩子在数学课上表现如何那样math class.Education is now more than the three Rs.现在的教育已不仅限于那三个;R;了So let#39;s start the discussion by所以我们就从学校食物营养的现状来开始talking openly about the facts of school nutrition.开诚布公地谈一谈Now this is important information for anyone这是一个相当重要的信息,无论对于任何who is a parent, a grandparent, a future parent,父母,祖父母,未来的父母anyone who is a babysitter, anyone in the作保姆的人,以保健为职业的人healthcare profession, anyone in a profession还是从事与学校和任何社区成员associated with a school and any community member之类相关的职业的人in general.I#39;m sure it#39;s no surprise that obesity is我相信肥胖者的人数在我们国家正在on the rise for both adults and children in our nation.上升,无论大人还是孩子,这不足为奇This chart shows the obesity trend in both girls这张图显示了在6-11和12-19岁的and boys ages 6-11 and ages 12-19.The first column年龄段的女孩和男孩的肥胖趋势,第一组柱is showing data from 1963-1970 when less than显示了1963-1970年的数据,那时5 percent of children were overweight or obese.只有不到5%的孩子超重或者肥胖The last column is showing data from 2003-2004.最后面一组柱显示了2003-2004年的数据By this time between 15 and 20 percent of children这期间已经有15%到20%的孩子were overweight or obese.I have even that属于超重或者肥胖,我读到的数字更令人吃惊the number is now up to 32 percent of children现在已经有高达32%的between the ages of 2 to 19 that are overweight2到19岁的孩子属于超重or obese.One in two children between the ages或者肥胖了,在6到19岁的美国孩子中of 6 and 19 in the US is overweight or at risk of两个里面就有一个属于超重或者有超重的overweight.Data strongly suggests that obese children危险,数据强有力地说明了肥胖儿童are more likely to develop adverse health outcomes更有可能产生对自己健康不利的后果including diabetes, hypertension and even包括糖尿病,高血压,甚至a shortened lifespan.Weight loss attempts in寿命缩短,成年后的减肥尝试adulthood are very difficult and have limited success是非常艰难的,也收效甚微so it is very important and urgent to address and所以,非常重要和紧急的是要提出并reverse the obesity epidemic in childhood.扭转孩子在儿童时期的肥胖趋势Addressing the problem before it begins in childhood在孩子童年时期问题尚未出现时就把它提出来is a major public health strategy.Take a look这是一个重要的公共健康策略,看一看at the data on this next slide to see why early下一张幻灯片上的数据,您就知道为何早期prevention is key.The fact that 1 in 2 children预防是如此关键,事实是如此令人警醒are overweight or are risk of becoming overweight两个孩子当中就有一个属于超重或有变得超重is alarming.The fact that 32 percent of children的危险,另一个事实同样也令人警醒 32%are overweight or obese is equally alarming.的孩子是超重的或肥胖的 Article/201503/366545The technological development that#39;s driven the improved accuracy forecast促成这种准确性的科技floats thousands of miles above us.漂浮在数千里的高空Satellites.卫星We#39;ve got so much more information because of all the satellites.借助卫星我们能获取更多的信息We know you need to know what#39;s going on globally to get a good forecast你需要知道全球都在发生什么变化of what#39;s going to happen in the UK for the next five days.才能更好预测英国未来五日的天气情况You can#39;t do it without global coverage.没有全球范围的数据就不能预报Satellites have given us that global coverage.卫星给了我们全球的数据Satellites provide huge amounts of information卫星提供了大量信息about the world#39;s most extreme weather events.告诉了我们世界最极端天气But making sense of them...但要处理这些信息requires one of these.需要这个东西This is the Met Office#39;s computer behemoth.这是英国气象局的巨型计算机 Article/201411/342211

Anne returned to England in 1522,a sophisticated, accomplished,1522年 安妮回到英格兰 一个睿智 老练ambitious young woman with a mind of her own.有思想 有野心的年轻女人Anne Boleyn entered the glittering, dangerous world of the Tudor court in her 20s.安妮·林在她二十出头的年纪 踏入了闪耀夺目而又危机四伏的都铎宫廷Physically she was no raving beauty,despite the long balck hair and dark eyes.她没有倾国倾城的美貌 除了那她乌黑的秀发与深邃的眼眸but she knew how to exploit her natural vivaciousness to play the game of courtly love for all it was worth.但她知道怎样展现自己自然的灵动 和所有可利用之人玩起宫廷恋爱的游戏One of the first to fall was a man every bit as sophisticated as she was,第一个坠入情网的 是一个和她同样精明的男人Thomas Wyatt, the epitome of the Renaissance courtier.托马斯·怀亚特 文艺复兴主力军的代表人物A soldier, a diplomat and, above all, a poet.他是军人和外交家 更重要的是一个诗人His poems are heavy with the conventional lover#39;s sighs,他的诗句带有强烈的传统情爱的咏叹but in those apparently inspired by Anne the sighs come from the heart.这咏叹因安妮而生 自心底徜徉而出Wyatt, unhappily married, realised he stood no chance with her,怀亚特不幸早已婚配 与安妮有缘无分and in one of his famous poems compares himself to a hunter, vainly chasing a deer.在他最著名的一首诗中 他自比猎人 徒劳追逐着母鹿Unable to divorce his wife,all that Wyatt could offer anne was that she should become his mistress,因为无法同妻子离婚 怀亚特能给安妮的 只有一个情妇的身份not good enough for an ambitious girl on the make.这对满心抱负 追名逐利的安妮远远不够And beside, there was another reason why Wyatt would never catch his hind,as his poem goes on to explain.除此之外 还有另一个原因让怀亚特难获芳心 他曾在诗中写道 /201612/485329

In 2009,the country of Samoa prohibited the sale of alcohol for three days to keep people safe while the island nation switched from driving on the right side of the road to driving on the left.The switch was so Samoans could get cheap ;hand-me-down;cars from nearby left-side driving New Zealand and Australia.But Samoans weren#39;t too pleased,since most of the cars they owned were designed to drive on the right.2009年,萨亚禁止酒精饮料售卖三日,为了在这个岛国从靠右行车转为靠左行车期间,保人们的安全。这样做的原因是,萨亚人可以从附近靠左行驶的,澳大利亚和新西兰买到便宜的二手车。但是萨亚人也不是很高兴,因为他们自己的车都是为靠右行驶设计的。In fact,2 out of 3 earthlings drive on the right.But why?...There aren#39;t clear and obvious reasons to choose one side over the other,so the origin of driving conventions is a perfect opportunity for the mathematics of game theory and symmetry breaking.Or we can just look at historical evidence.Today#39;s rules evolved from;driving;livestock and carts on the earliest roads.实际上,三个地球人当中就是两个是靠右行驶的。但是,为什么呢?对于选择行车方向的偏好,没有清晰而明显的原因,所以说,这种习惯的起源对于数学上的,弈论和对称性破缺而言,是一个完美的机会。或者我们可以看看历史上的据。今天的规则 是从在古道上“驾驶”牲畜和马车的规则演变而来。Archaeologists view deeper grooves on the left lane leaving an ancient Roman quarry in England as evidence for left-side traffic,since departing wagons would#39;ve had heavier loads.And it#39;s possible that this left side convention was in place so right-handed soldiers and knights could draw their weapons more quickly against passing enemies.考古学家将英格兰一个古罗马时期的采石场的文物上,左侧车道凹陷更深的现象作为靠左行驶的据,因为出场的运货马车会装更重的东西。而且,靠左的惯例可能是适当的,因此,偏用右手的士兵和骑士们,能快速抽出自己的武器,迎击经过的敌人。Whatever the reason,keeping to the left was eventually made into law in England in 1835.And today,most people who drive on the left side live in countries,like India,South Africa,and Australia,which were once British colonies.But that doesn#39;t explain why the rest of the world drives on the right.Some claim that following the French Revolution,drivers there switched to the right to reject the practices of their overthrown aristocracy,but others suggest the French drove on the right all along.不论什么原因,靠左行驶的规则,最终在1835年被英格兰以法律上形式确定下来。时至今日,大多数有靠左行驶习惯的人们的所在地,像印度,南非,澳大利亚,都是英国曾经的殖民地。但是,那不能解释为什么世界其他地方靠右行驶。有些人声称,在法国大革命之后,那儿的驾驶员们转成了靠右行驶,以抵制日贵族的惯例,但其他人说,法国人从来都是靠右行驶。Regardless,driving on the right side of the road did sp across much of Europe when Napoleon(and later Hitler) imposed their national driving rules on conquered territory.And other countries voluntarily switched to the right to align with their neighbors,like Sweden in 1967,or to veer away from their colonial pasts,like Nigeria and Ghana in the 1970s.无论如何,靠右行驶的习惯,在拿破仑(而后希特勒)将此强加到被征领土之后,确实在欧洲大部分地区被推广开来。其他的国家自愿改为右行,就像瑞典1967年那样,以向它们邻国看齐,或是为了远离他们的殖民史,就像在七十年代的尼日利亚和加纳那样。And in the US? Well,America owes its right-sided habit,in part,to the carts and postilion wagons of its early days.Driving either from the ground or from horseback,right-handed men preferred to walk or ride on the left side of the horses,so they could control the animals with their right hand.As a result,they drove their wagons to the right in order to be seated near the center of the road,to see and steer clear of oncoming traffic.那美国呢,美国靠右行车,在某种程度上是因为,美国早期的左驭马的马车。不论是在地上还是马背上,右撇子喜欢在马的左边行走或骑行,这样他们就可以用右手驾驭牲畜。因此,他们会靠右行车,使得座位靠近路中央,以便于看清和避开迎面而来的车辆.And that#39;s ultimately the point of driving laws:to keep us safe from the high-speed,two-ton metal projectiles we call cars.从根本上来说,这就是交通法规的要义,保我们在高速行驶的,两吨重的,拋体一般的汽车中的安全。 Article/201503/364733

The continents of our planet are drifting.地球上的大陆正在漂移Fast forward 75 million years and they快进七千五百万年will be clustered towards the south pole.它们将朝着南极聚拢No one knows if the Earth will still be habitable then,没人知道地球将来还是否适合居住but the sad truth is that但遗憾的是we may not last long enough to find out.人类也许活不到见的一刻的出现As we gaze into the future,我们凝视未来时it turns out that the universe is a pretty dangerous place.会发现其实宇宙颇为危险Just look at our neighborhood.看看地球周边即可略知一二It#39;s littered with billions of asteroids,这里存在着数十亿颗小行星ancient remnants left over from the process that built the solar system.都是太阳系形成时期存留下来的古老的残骸The possibility of one of these wiping us out它们毁灭我们的可能性isn#39;t just the stuff of Hollywood disaster movies.并不只停留在好莱坞虚构的灾难片中The threat from asteroids is real.小行星的威胁是真实存在的We#39;ve even given some of them names.我们已经为其中一些命名This one is called Apophis,这一颗叫阿波菲斯after a mythical Egyptian demon,得名自埃及神话中的一个恶魔a god of darkness and destruction.黑暗与毁灭之神Discovered in 2004,于2004年被发现的阿波菲斯Apophis is the size of a 100-story skyscraper.大小相当于百层天大楼It weighs about 20 billion tons.重约二百亿吨Speeding through space at 28,000 miles an hour,以每小时二万八千英里,子弹的十倍速度10 times as fast as a bullet,穿梭于宇宙之中it carries almost as much energy as它所具有的能量几乎是all the world#39;s nuclear weapons combined.世界上所有核武器所具能量的总和And we know roughly where it#39;s headed.我们目前只知道其大致走向The precise path is not yet fully known.其精确路径还有待研究But on April 13th, 2029,但在2029年4月13日this huge rock is likely to pass这块巨石很可能在距地球表面within 23,000 miles of the planet#39;s surface.约两万三千公里的位置经过Close enough to pass beneath the satellites in orbit around Earth近得能在地球轨道卫星下空掠过and give us all a scare.从而使我们担惊受怕Luckily there is very little chance that Apophis will actually hit us,幸运的是,阿波菲斯撞上地球的可能微乎其微but the problem for humanity is但人类面临的真正问题是that in space there is always a bigger rock.宇宙中总是有更大的石块 Article/201510/401928

Staying Motivated During a Job Search在求职过程保持积极A Monster Guide一份 Monster 指南When you set out on your job search, it#39;s rarely possible to guess how long it will go on for. As time passes, the rejections mount up and the budgets get tighter. It#39;s easy to become disheartened. However, this is exactly the time when you need to dust yourself off and put in more hard work than ever. One of the main attributes of a successful job seeker is persistence.当你开始了你的求职路,不太可能猜到它会持续多久。随着时光流逝,拒绝信逐渐增加,手头越来越紧。很容易变得沮丧。然而,这正是你需要重新准备好自己、并比以往投入更多努力的时候。成功的求职者主要的特质之一就是坚持。Start as You Mean to Go On用坚持不懈的精神开始Instead of getting up late, set your alarm as if you#39;re going to work. Have a shower and take a walk to get some fresh air in your lungs.与其睡到很晚才起床,不如将闹钟设成好像你要去上班的时段。洗个澡,并散个步来呼吸一些新鲜空气到你的肺部。Set Daily Goals设定每天的目标Goals will keep your mind focused on the things that are important, and keep you feeling positive about your future.目标会让你的心志集中在重要的事情上,并让你对未来感到正向积极。Set Up the Right Environment设置适当的环境Make an area in your home, where you can run your job search with a phone, computer, and everything else you might find in an office. It will help you stay focused on the target.在家里创造出一个区域,在那里你可以用电话、电脑、和其他你可能会在办公室里找到的东西来进行你的工作搜寻。它会帮助你持续聚焦在目标上。Eat Right吃对食物Make sure you eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Stay away from fatty foods and try to limit your alcohol intake. A healthy body generally leads to a healthy mind.确保你摄取许多水果和蔬菜。远离油腻食物并试着限制你的酒精摄取量。健康的身体通常会带来健康的心志。Create a Support Network建立持网络Forming an alliance with other job seekers will help you share experiences, get advice, and give you an outlet for your inner feelings.和其他求职者组成同盟会帮助你分享经验、得到建议、给你的内在情绪一个宣泄管道。Remember the Law of Averages记得平均法则The more applications you make, the greater your chances are of finding the job of your dreams. However, resist the urge to blanket bomb every recruiter out there. You need to tailor your CV for each job. Sooner or later, you#39;ll hit the right mark.你丢出越多申请,你找到梦想中工作的机会就越大。但是,要忍住大规模攻击那里每个招聘人员的衝动。你需要为了个别工作修改你的履历。迟早你会击中正确的目标。Enjoy the Process享受过程Job hunting is a time of transition and change, and it can also be a very important time for self-development. Use this period to reassess your goals.找工作是转型和改变的时机,它同样也是自我成长非常重要的时机。使用这段时间来重新评估你的目标。At every stage of your job search, you should look to get feedback. If you#39;re not getting asked for interviews, then get someone to have a look through your CV. If you#39;re getting into the interview but being rejected there, you should find out what you#39;re doing wrong. Fix these, and you#39;ll find yourself in a job in no time.在你找工作的每个阶段,你应该要期待得到回应。如果你没有被邀请参加面试,那么就找某人来看过你的履历。如果你进入面试阶段,但在那被拒绝了,你应要找出你做错什么事。调整这些,你很快就会发现自己找到工作了。This guide was brought to you by Monster. For more advice, jobs, and career tools, visit monster.co.uk.这份指南由 Monster 带给您。想要更多建议、工作机会、还有职场工具,请上monster.co.uk。 Article/201411/343938

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