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Americans use a lot of antibacterial soaps, but today the U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned 19 chemicals commonly found in them.美国消费者使用很多抗菌香皂,但是美国食品药品日前禁止了其中出现19种化学物质的香皂。;Companies will no longer be able to market antibacterial washes with these ingredients because manufacturers did not demonstrate that the ingredients are both safe for long-term daily use and more effective than plain soap and water in preventing illness and the sp of certain infections,; the FDA wrote in a news release.食品药品在一次新闻发布会上声称:;各大公司不能在投放市场的抗菌洗涤用品中使用这些原料,因为制造商无法实这些原料在长期日常使用中是安全的,也不能明这些物质与普通的水和香皂相比,具有防止疾病和特定感染扩散的作用。;In its ruling, the FDA said this would apply to soaps containing any of the 19 chemicals, including triclosan, found in liquid soaps, and triclocarbon, found in soap bars.食品药品表示,这条规定适用于任何包含这19种化学成分之一的香皂,包括液体香皂中的三氯沙和块状香皂中的三氯二苯脲。The FDA said some soap manufacturers had aly removed these ingredients.食品药品称,一些香皂制造商已经移除了这些成分。;Consumers may think antibacterial washes are more effective at preventing the sp of germs, but we have no scientific evidence that they are any better than plain soap and water,; said Janet Woodcock, M.D., director of the FDA#39;s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER).食品药品药物评价和研究中心主任加内特·伍德考克士表示:;消费者可能认为抗菌香皂在预防疾病方面比一般香皂更加强力,但是我们没有任何科学依据来明这一点。;;In fact, some data suggests that antibacterial ingredients may do more harm than good over the long-term.;;事实上,一些数据表明,抗菌原料长期使用的话,坏处可能大于益处。;In 2013, the FDA proposed the ban, saying that using antibacterial soaps containing these chemicals ;could pose health risks, such as bacterial resistance or hormonal effects.;2013年,食品药品提出了这项禁令,认为包含这些化学成分的抗菌香皂;可能导致健康风险,比如细菌抗药性和激素效应;。Manufacturers have one year to comply to the FDA#39;s ruling.制造商有一年的时间来执行食品药品的规定。While the FDA maintains that simple soap and water is the best way to prevent sping germs, if they are not available, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends using a hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol.食品药品一直认为,普通的香皂和瓶水就是预防细菌蔓延的最好办法,如果不可用的话,美国疾病控制与预防中心建议使用酒精含量不低于60%的洗手液。 /201609/465927。

First, the good news: the cost of raising kids rose at a slower rate between 2014 and 2015 than any typical year since 1960, says government data released this month. The bad news? Well, you make want to take a seat. If you#39;re planning to have any more kids, it#39;s going to cost you—and maybe a lot more than you thought it would. Even though the cost rose only 3 percent, it#39;s still above the rate of inflation and the total price tag is quite hefty when you think about it.首先,有则好消息:本月政府发布的数据显示:自1960年以来,2014年到2015年间,养育孩子的费用涨幅最低。那坏消息呢?你最好还是坐下来听我慢慢宣布。如果你还想再生孩子,那么其成本可能会比你以为的要多得多。虽然养育孩子的费用只涨了3%,但仍然超过了通货膨胀率,当你认真思考时,你会发现总价格还是相当高的。The average cost for a middle-income married couple to raise a child from birth to age 18 for kids born in 2015 was a whopping 3,610, according to a report from the Department of Agriculture. The cost for low-income families ranged as low as 4,690 and as high as 2,210 for wealthy families.据农业部门的一份报告显示:2015年,中等收入家庭的结婚夫妇将宝宝从出生抚养到18岁需平均投入233,610美元,数目不小吧?而低收入家庭最低也要投入174,690美元;富裕家庭最高会投入372,210美元。But how much you end up paying overall depends a lot on where you live. Families living in Northeast urban areas (think New York City and Boston, for example) pay the highest cost for raising kids, followed by families living in West Coast urban areas (think Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle) and urban areas in Southern states (think Dallas, Atlanta and Miami). Parents raising kids in rural areas pay the least, but then, they also lack access to some things urban and suburban parents have at their disposal.但是最终投入的金额在很大程度上与你的居住地相关。生活在东北城区(比如纽约城和波士顿)的家庭,他们在养育孩子方面出最多;生活在西海岸城区(比如洛杉矶、旧金山和西雅图)和南部各州(比如达拉斯、亚特兰大和迈阿密)的家庭则紧随其后。生活在乡村的父母在养育孩子方面出最少,但他们也缺少城区或次城区父母所能接触到的东西。Average costs for families in urban Midwest and rural areas are the lowest.中西部城区和乡村地区的家庭,他们的平均成本是最低的。So what does the breakdown look like?所以细分下来是怎么样呢?From birth until age 18, you#39;ll shell out that cost divided somewhat like this:从出生到成年,你的出成本细则可能是这样的:29 percent on housing29%用于供房18 percent on food18%用于食物16 percent on child care and education16%用于儿童看护和教育15 percent on transportation15%用于交通9 percent on health care9%用于医疗7 percent on miscellaneous costs (this includes things such as personal care items, entertainment, devices such as portable media players and computers, sports equipment, and non-school ing materials)7%用于各杂项出(包括个人洗护用品、、可携带媒体播放器和电脑等设备、运动器材、校外的阅读材料)6 percent on clothing6%用于买衣None of these figures take into account the costs of private schooling or college if those are in the cards. Ouch.如果你有考虑私立学校或大学,那么让我告诉你,上述那些数据可没有包含这些费用哦!心疼三秒!译文属 /201701/489197。

Three parts to this question:这个问题有三部分:Why is the cost structure of Starbucks high;为什么星巴克这么贵;Why are they able to charge such high prices;为什么星巴克可以这么贵;And why do they choose to charge such high prices?为什么星巴克要这么贵?Regarding the cost structure, as others have pointed out, they have a high cost model for producing coffee beverages (and other products).说到成本结构,像其他人指出的一样,在他们的咖啡制造商业模型中很高的成本(他们也生产其他产品)。Principally, they are often located in high rent areas, and are optimized for service quality rather than cost-efficiency.主要来讲,它们经常开在租金很高的地段,而且使务水平最佳化,而不是追求成本效益。Regarding how they are able to charge such high prices, it#39;s largely a product of branding and convenience.说到他们怎么能要价这么高,很大程度上是因为这集品牌和便利于一身的产品。Though I wouldn#39;t say they are out of line with other independent coffee shops, so the branding perhaps isn#39;t even that marginally important, other than attracting customer volume.虽然我不会说他们和其他非连锁咖啡店有多不一样,所以最重要的是吸引消费者,相比之下品牌不是那么重要了。Regarding why they choose to charge such high prices ... because they can.至于为什么他们选择要价这么高..因为他们可以要得这么高。 /201705/509384。

1. ;Should I get my hair cut?; Yes? No? We like ... your hair? If you#39;re just taking half an inch off or something, we#39;re not even going to notice (unless you aly have your hair short ... like half an inch short). This is just putting us in a situation where three things could happen: We say ;yes,; and you get offended because we don#39;t like your hair as is. We say ;no,; and you cut it anyway. Or we both happen to agree. None of those situations are constructive and at least one ends in you getting mad at us.1. “我要不要剪头发呢?”要?不要?我们喜欢你的头发?如果你只剪短半英寸,我们都注意不到的好嘛(除非你的头发本来就很短,比如本来就只有半英寸长)。女生们这样问男票,只会发生三种情况:我们说“好的,”你会觉得受到了冒犯,因为我们不喜欢你现在的发型。我们说“不行,”那你终究还是会剪。或者我们刚好意见一致。这些情况都对彼此无益,至少会有一个人生气。2. ;Which dress looks best?; Our answer is always going to be the one that shows off your cleavage the most and then you#39;re going to get mad we chose that one.2. “哪条裙子更好看呢?”我们总是挑那条露出事业线的裙子,然后你就会发飙。3. ;Do you want to come to my mom#39;s birthday party?; No. We#39;re going to go because we#39;re obligated, but we#39;d rather stay home and screw around. Please don#39;t tease us with the illusion of choice. Just tell us what day it is.3. “你要不要参加我母亲的生日聚会?”不。但我们还是会去的,因为我们有这个义务啊,但我们更想待在家里四处乱走。不要嘲笑我们的选择幻想,只要告诉我们日期就行了。4. Literally anything about your weight. Anything. You#39;re good. You look good. And if you#39;re asking, you#39;re not going to believe us anyway. Just don#39;t sweat it.4. 任何有关你体重的事情都不要问!不管是什么,在我眼里你都很好看,很健康。如果你问的话,你也不会相信我们。只要别逼问我们就行了。5. ;Did your ex do this better?; As far as we#39;re concerned, our ex is dead to us so it doesn#39;t matter.5. “你的前任是不是做的更好啊?”就男生而言,我们认为前任已经不存在了,一点都不重要。6. ;Do find Jennifer Lawrence attractive?; Please don#39;t ask this, because the answer is ;yes; and you don#39;t want to hear us say ;yes; and we#39;re also bad liars. Plus, it doesn#39;t mean we don#39;t like you. It just means we have eyes.6. “你觉得大表(詹妮弗#8226;劳伦斯)吸引人吗?”请千万别问这个,因为肯定是“当然”,但你又不想听到这个,而且我们撒谎技术又不行。另外,这并不表示我们不喜欢你。这只是意味着我们的眼睛不会骗人。7. ;Notice anything different?; The only time you should ask this question is if you literally want your boyfriend to shit his pants for some reason. We probably don#39;t know, unless it#39;s something incredibly obvious like you dyed your hair a (drastically) different color or surgically grafted your iPhone to your face. Please don#39;t make us guess.7. “有没有注意到我有什么变化?”你问这个问题的唯一时机就是你真的想吓坏你的男票。我们可能不会注意到,除非你真的做了一些什么明显的事情,比如很夸张的染了头发或是动了手术将苹果手机嫁接到了你的脸上。可别让我们猜了。8. ;What are you thinking about?; Something stupid. It#39;s always something stupid and the reason we don#39;t want to tell you is that it would take way too long to explain. It#39;s not because we were thinking of breaking up with you or even about you at all. We were honestly daydreaming about the dumbest thing ever and it isn#39;t worth explaining.8. “你在想什么?”想一些很蠢的事情。我们想的总是无关紧要的事情,我们不想告诉你是因为要花很长的时间来解释。我们并不是在想与你分手,甚至所想的事情完全与你无关。我们只是在做白日梦,想一些很蠢的事情,根本就不值得解释。译文属 /201609/466477。

November is vegan month and is dedicated to sping awareness about vegan eating and lifestyle. People presume vegans to be fringe eaters depriving themselves of proper nutrition, but a vegan diet has all the necessary ingredients to keep one strong and healthy.11月是素食者之月,人们致力于传播对纯素饮食和生活方式的认识。人们认为素食者是边缘食者,认为他们剥夺了自己获得适当营养的权利,但纯素饮食含有使人体强壮健康的所有必要成分。Disease-fighting抵抗疾病A vegan diet reduces the risk of developing chronic degenerative diseases like obesity, high blood pressure and type-2 diabetes due to lower intake of saturated fats. Saturated fats are mostly found in fatty meats and poultry besides dairy products.由于纯素饮食摄入更少的饱和脂肪,因此降低了人们患慢性退行性疾病的风险,比如肥胖、高血压和2型糖尿病。除了奶制品,肥肉和家禽含有的饱和脂肪最多。Healthy heart健康的心脏Vegans consume no animal fat or cholesterol, thus there are less chances of them developing cardiovascular diseases (which kill over five million people annually). You can even reverse some of the harm done to your heart besides boosting by going vegan.素食者不摄入动物脂肪或胆固醇,因此不太可能患心血管疾病(每年因心血管疾病离世的人达500万以上)。吃素食还可以扭转一些已经对心脏造成的伤害。Prevents cancer预防癌症Vegetarian and vegan diets are considered to be cancer protective. In particular, a vegan diet prevents certain types of cancer including colon, breast, prostate, stomach, lung and esophageal cancer.人们认为素菜和纯素饮食可预防癌症。纯素饮食尤其能预防特定癌症,包括结肠癌、乳腺癌、前列腺癌、胃癌、肺癌和食管癌。Mission fitness健身任务If getting back in shape is your goal, then you can lose weight without counting calories or carbohydrates and without measuring portions or feeling hungry.如果你的目标是回到理想身材,那吃素食就可以减肥,而且不用计算卡路里或碳水化合物含量、也不用计算份额、更不会感到饥饿。Increased life span寿命延长According to a 30-year study of more than 600 Japanese centenarians, the secret to their longevity was a low-calorie diet of unrefined complex carbohydrates, fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, and soy.根据日本一项对600多名百岁老人进行的为期30年的研究,他们长寿的秘诀就是摄入非精制复合碳水化合物低卡饮食、纤维丰富的水果、蔬菜和大豆。Check on toxins控制毒素The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), estimates that nearly 95 percent of the pesticide residue in diet comes from meat, fish and dairy products. Going vegan can help check the intake of harmful toxins in the body.美国环保署估计,食物中近95%的农药残留来自于肉类、鱼类和乳制品。吃素食可以控制体内有害毒素的摄入量。Boost to immunity增强免疫力A vegan diet is full of foods that boost immunity, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, beans, and soy products.纯素饮食富含提高免疫力的食物,包括新鲜的水果、蔬菜、全谷物、坚果、豆类和豆制品。Natural anti-carcinogens天然抗致癌物质Fruits and vegetables are laced with phytochemicals - anthocyanins and carotenoids, which have anti-cancer effects in general.水果和蔬菜含有植物化学成分--花青素和类胡萝卜素,一般具有抗癌作用。Prevent neuro diseases预防神经疾病Berries, herbs and spices, and green vegetables are rich sources of anti-oxidants. Consumption of these products in apt amounts decreases the onset of cerebral diseases like Alzheimer#39;s and Parkinson#39;s disease.浆果、草本和调料以及绿色蔬菜都富含抗氧化剂。适当摄入这些产品会降低阿尔兹海默症和帕金森症等脑疾病的发病几率。Detoxifies body给身体排毒Compared to vegetarian diets, vegan diets tend to contain less saturated fat and more dietary fiber, which helps detoxify the body naturally.相比素菜饮食,纯素饮食往往含有更少的饱和脂肪和更多的膳食纤维,这能够自然地给身体排毒。译文属 /201704/503292。

English has morphed into several other languages all over the world.英语已经演变成世界各地好几门其它语言。Languages are ever changing, mixing and mutating, and sometimes they give birth to new ones.Three important factors linguists have identified in languages giving birth to other languages are time, separation, and contact.语言一直在变,有混合、有演变,有时候还会产生新的语言。语言学家发现语言产生语言的三大因素为时间、分离和联系。All languages change with time, as speakers innovate and economise.This does not quickly make a new language, but it can over time.所有语言都随时代而变,说语言时人们精简话语、有所创新。语言不是一蹴而就的,需要时间。Separation – geographical distance, cultural divergence, political independence – helps give a changed version of a language an independent identity.分离,即地理上的距离、文化分化和政治独立,给了语言独立的省份。Contact with other languages is a very important force: mutual influence leads to borrowing of words and even grammatical structures.和其它语言的交流也是很重要的因素:相互影响引发借用其它语言的词汇、乃至语法结构。Sometimes a simplified version is created for the purposes of trade, often using simplified grammar mainly from one language and adapted words from mainly from the other.有时候,出于贸易的目的创造了简化版语言,通常用简化一门语言的语法,又从另一门语言借鉴改装了几个词。Which languages will be to English as French and Italian are to Latin?那么如同法语、意大利语和拉丁语的关系,哪些语言和英语有这般关系呢?Tok Pisin新美拉尼西亚语Tok Pisin is an official language of Papua New Guinea and has about 120,000 native speakers and some 4 million second-language speakers. Tok Pisin began as a pidgin based on English with influence from German, Portuguese, and several Austronesian languages, but it gained native speakers who more fully elaborated it and made it a creole.新美拉尼西亚语是巴布亚新几内亚独立国的官方语言,有12万人以此为母语,有4百万人以此为第二语言。新美拉尼西亚语一开始受德语、葡萄牙语和其它几门奥斯特罗尼西亚语言影响,是一门语言大杂烩,但以新美拉尼西亚语为母语的人多了,改良了语言,形成了克里奥语。Pitkern皮特肯语The isolation of Pitcairn in the South Pacific and the mixture of people there made it a natural breeding ground for a distinct language, Pitkern.皮特克恩地处南太平洋,偏居一隅,人群混杂,自然而然形成了别具一格的皮特肯语。Gullah嘎勒英语Gullah is a creole based on English and West African languages, and it is spoken by some 250,000 people – mostly descendants of slaves – along the south-east coast of the US.嘎勒英语是以英语和西非语言为基础的克里奥语,有25万人说嘎勒英语,多为奴隶的后代。Sranan斯拉南语Sranan, spoken in Suriname, has an English base with vocabulary from Portuguese, Dutch, and West African languages.苏里南共和国说斯拉南语,以英语为基础,词汇来自葡萄牙语、荷兰语和西非语言。Singlish新加坡英语Singlish arose in the past century from the mixing of many different language groups within an English school system.新加坡英语上一世纪兴起,混集了英语学校体系中多种语系。 /201609/466169。