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昆明省妇幼保健院全脸颏部颌角颌骨要多少费用昆明妇幼保健医院祛疤痕多少钱A Taiwanese food industry tycoon faces more than 130 charges carrying a possible sentence of up to 30 years in prison in connection with a scandal over the widesp sale of substandard cooking oil.由于卷入一起大量销售劣质食用油的丑闻,台湾食品业的一名大亨面临130多项指控,可能被判处至多30年的刑期。Wei Ying-chung, 57, is the highest-profile suspect to face prosecution over revelations that have raised widesp questions about the safety of food in Taiwan and the quality of its food exports. Mr. Wei’s family owns the Ting Hsin International Group, which has broad interests in the food industry, particularly in China, where its Kang Shi Fu instant noodles are ubiquitous.现年57岁的魏应充(Wei Ying-chung)是这起丑闻中面临起诉的最出名嫌疑人。丑闻的曝光使得人们纷纷质疑台湾的食品安全,以及该地出口食品的质量。魏应充所在家族拥有顶新国际集团,在饮食行业涉猎广泛,尤其是在中国大陆,集团出品的康师傅方便面随处可见。Earlier this month, Mr. Wei stepped down as chairman of three Ting Hsin subsidiaries, and the company announced it was pulling out of the Taiwan market for cooking oil. Prosecutors ordered Mr. Wei be detained two weeks ago as the investigation into the companies expanded.本月早些时候,魏应充卸下顶新集团旗下三家分公司的董事长职务,集团还宣布将退出台湾的食用油市场。两周前,随着针对该集团旗下公司的调查的深入,检察部门下令将魏应充羁押。The food safety scandal has centered on substandard cooking oil, often called “gutter oil” or “rancid oil.” The latest problems emerged in September, when the police raided a factory in southern Taiwan that was processing oil using waste from restaurants and slaughterhouses.这起食品安全丑闻的焦点是劣质食用油——常被称为“地沟油”或“变质油”。最新的问题于今年9月浮出水面。当时,警方突击搜查了台湾南部的一家工厂,其生产的食用油回收自餐厅废弃物和屠宰场副产品。That investigation implicated a company, Chang Guann, that had sold hundreds of tons of tainted oil across Taiwan and for export around the region to locations including Hong Kong and Macau. Its chairman, Yeh Wen-hsiang, faces 235 counts of fraud and other charges.针对此事的调查牵出了强冠公司。这家企业卖出了数百吨劣质食用油,不仅在台湾各地出售,还销往该地区很多地方,包括香港和。公司董事长叶文祥(Yeh Wen-hsiang)面临欺诈等类别的235项指控。The investigation into Ting Hsin was announced a month later. But Wei Chuan Foods Corporation, one of Ting Hsin’s Taiwan subsidiaries, had been involved in a food safety scandal last year, when it was found to have sold cooking oil that was substandard and contained illegal additives.一个月后,针对顶新集团的调查被公之于众。不过,顶新旗下的台湾分公司味全去年即身陷一起食品安全丑闻。公司遭曝光贩售含有违法添加物的劣质食用油。In the latest scandal, Ting Hsin is accused of selling cooking oils tainted with substandard materials, including products meant for animal feed it imported from Hong Kong and Vietnam. While no cases of serious illness have been linked to the scandal, it has raised questions about long-term effects and why the problem continued for more than a year after the first warning signs emerged.在最近的这起丑闻中,顶新集团被控其销售的食用油里采用了劣质原材料,包括从香港和越南进口的本应用于动物饲料的产品。尽管尚未有严重病患被明与这桩丑闻有关,但人们提出了有关长期副作用的担忧,并且质疑为何问题持续了一年多才开始出现警告。 /201411/339912昆明市盘龙区人民医院冰点脱毛多少钱 The study, by Tsinghua University associate professor TengFei, lays bare the extent of the country’s pollution problem that is the darkest side effect of the country’s rapid growth over the last 20 years: over 70% of China’s 1.4 billion population are exposed to pollution levels above national regulatory norms, and over 10% are exposed to concentrations of harmful particles 10 times the level considered safe by the U.N.’s World Health Organization.由清华大学副教授滕飞主持的一项调查显示,近20年来中国经济飞速发展所引发的最严重的副作用是污染问题:中国14亿人口中超过70%生活在污染级别高于国家规定标准的环境中;其中,超过10%的人生活在有害颗粒浓度10倍于世界卫生组织安全标准的环境中。The study underlines how immediate and pressing pollution and public health issues are driving the discussion in China over industrial emissions, in contrast to considerations of long-term climate change prevalent in the West. It’s also a powerful reminder of why Beijing is trying to re-orient its economy away from energy-intensive, export-oriented manufacturing.此项研究报告强调,当前严峻的污染和健康问题刻不容缓,引起了国内对工业排放问题的广泛讨论。相比之下,西方国家已经开始关注长期气候变化的影响。这项调查无疑向政府敲响了一记警钟:中国必须改变经济发展的方向,不再倚重能源密集型和出口导向的制造业。Coal, by far the “dirtiest” of the major fossil fuels in terms of emissions, accounts for over two-thirds of China’s primary energy supply. Although Beijing has taken tentative steps to reduce its importance, such as banning the development of new coal mines in the country’s more developed eastern provinces, coal will still be over 50% of total energy supply even in 2040, according to official U.S. estimates.作为排放污染最严重的化石燃料,煤炭占中国主要能源供应量的三分之二以上。虽然中国政府已经开始尝试采取一些措施,以减少对煤炭的依赖,例如禁止在东部较为发达的地区开采新矿,但是根据美国官方的预计,到2040年煤炭仍将占中国能源供应总量的50%以上。Teng’s study will strengthen the arguments of those pressing the government to do more, faster. Teng suggested that taxes on coal need to be raised between five and ten times to reflect the real cost of burning it, according to the South China Morning Post.这份调查为人们提供了更多依据来呼吁政府采取更多措施,提高整治速度。据《南华早报》(South China Morning Post)报道,滕飞建议将现有的燃煤排污费提高5到10倍,以体现煤炭的真实成本。The study found that tiny particulate pollutants, especially those smaller than 2.5 micrograms (known as PM2.5), were linked to 670,000 premature deaths from four diseases – strokes, lung cancer, coronary heart disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – in China in 2012.该调查发现,2012年,与污染中悬浮微粒,特别是2.5微克以下的悬浮粒子(俗称PM2.5)有关的四大病症——中风、肺癌、冠心病和慢性阻塞性肺病导致的过早死亡约为67万例。But the actual cost is probably far higher, the SCMP ed Li Guoxing of Beijing University’s School of Public Health as saying.《南华早报》援引北京大学公共卫生学院的李国兴(Li Guoxing——音译)的观点称,实际数字可能还要高得多。“The health cost [of the study] is only based on the premature death figures due to the limitations of our research data,” said Li. “It could be way higher if we also include medical costs for other chronic illnesses.”“因为我们的研究数据有一定局限性,调查报告中的健康成本是根据过早死亡人数来测算的。”李国兴指出,“如果将慢性病的医疗成本也算进去,这个数字还要高得多。”The study found that in 2012, more than 70% of the population was exposed to annual PM2.5 pollution levels higher than 35 micrograms per cubic meter, the country’s benchmark for healthy air quality. And 157 million people lived in areas where the annual PM2.5 concentration was higher than 100mcg/cubic meter – 10 times the WHO’s recommendation.调查发现,2012年有超过70%的中国人生活在PM2.5年均值高于国家健康空气质量基准(每立方米35微克)的环境中;其中1.57亿人生活在PM2.5年均值超过每立方米100微克的环境中,这一数字是世卫组织发布的空气质量建议标准的10倍。According to the China National Coal Association, the country’s coal consumption totaled 3.03 billion metric tons in the first nine months of this year, down 1.2% from a year earlier. Domestic production fell to 2.85 billion tons, according to the Xinhua News Agency.据中国煤炭工业协会(China National Coal Association)统计,今年前九个月国内煤炭消耗总量为30.3亿公吨,同比下降1.2%。而据新华社报道,国内煤炭产量下降至28.5亿吨。 /201411/343198红河文山西双版纳激光脱腋毛多少钱

昆明市西山区人民医院去眼袋多少钱One of China’s biggest oil companies signed a billion deal with BP PLC BP for liquefied natural gas deliveries, and announced a strategic partnership with Royal Dutch Shell PLC RD , in a flurry of activity marking a three-day visit to the UK by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.中国总理李克强对英国进行为期三天的访问期间,中国最大的石油企业之一与英国石油公司(BP PLC)签订了一份价值200亿美元的液化天然气供应协议,同时还宣布与荷兰皇家壳牌石油公司(Royal Dutch Shell PLC)达成了战略伙伴关系。Li also repeated China’s interest in financing the construction of the next generation of nuclear power plants in the UK, although there were no firm deals struck due to the ongoing uncertainty over whether the government’s policy on new nuclear build breaks European Union law on state aid.另外,李克强总理再次提出中国有意向资助英国建设下一代核电站,尽管由于担心政府建设新型核能的政策有可能会违反欧盟有关政府救助的法律,双方并未签订正式的投资协议。The deal with BP is the latest in a series of mega-deals illustrating China’s insatiable demand for clean-burning gas, as pollution from coal-fired power plants and vehicle use threatens to reach crisis levels in many of its cities. Only last month, China signed a much larger 0 billion 30-year deal to import gas from Russia. That deal, ironically, was based in part on supplies of gas from fields in eastern Siberia which BP’s former joint venture in Russia had been squeezed out of as Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin assumed more direct control of the country’s mineral wealth.因为电厂燃煤和交通工具尾气导致很多城市空气重度污染,近年来中国对清洁能源的需求激增,与外国签订了大量订单,与英国石油公司的订单就是其中最新的一个。上个月,中国刚刚与俄国签订了一份为期30年、价值4,000亿美元的天然气供应协议。颇为讽刺的是,协议中部分天然气的供应来自于东西伯利亚油田。英国石油公司与俄国的合资企业就曾坐落于这个地区,但由于普京政府加强了对矿藏的直接控制,收购了这家合资公司中英国石油公司的股份。The Chinese deal is a welcome piece of good news for BP after repeated disappointments in the U.S. as it struggles with the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. It will see BP will deliver up to 1.5 million tons a year of LNG–equivalent to 72 billion cubic feet of gas–to China National Offshore Oil Company, or CNOOC, for 20 years from 2019 onwards. It’s not yet fixed where the gas will come from, but BP has a global portfolio of LNG assets, including the opportunity to export from terminals in the Gulf of Mexico. It aly supplies LNG to CNOOC from Indonesia.自从“深水地平线”钻井平台事故后,英国石油公司在美国屡次碰壁。因此,这次与中国成功达成协议对它来说确实是件好事。根据项目要求,从2019年开始,英国石油公司每年要向中国海洋石油总公司( China National Offshore Oil Company, 简称中海油)供应150万吨液化天然气,相当于720亿立方英尺的天然气,为期20年。协议虽然没有确定天然气供应地,但英国石油公司液化天然气供应地遍布全球,甚至包括墨西哥湾天然气管道终端。据称,它已经在从印度尼西亚向中海油供应液化天然气。The office of UK Prime Minister David Cameron, in an ostentatious display of coyness, made no mention of the deal in briefing notes on Li’s visit, focusing instead on a list of less controversial deals involving furniture and children’s TV programs.卡梅伦政府对这个项目态度暧昧,在李克强访英的简报中只字未提该石油协议,而把话题集中在其它不痛不痒的项目上,包括家具与儿童电视节目等。Li also confirmed that China would lift a ban on imports of beef from Britain that has been in place since contaminated feed triggered a widesp outbreak of Bovine spongiform encephalitis, or Mad Cow Disease.自牛脑海绵状病(疯牛病)大规模爆发以来,中国一直禁止从英国进口牛肉。李克强此行还明确表示中国会解除对进口英国牛肉的禁令。 /201406/307071禄丰县人民医院打玻尿酸多少钱 昆明省妇幼保健院治疗狐臭多少钱

昆明市呈贡区吸脂丰胸多少钱 DATONG, China — The colossal Buddhist statues in the cliffside caves outside this northern Chinese city, carved from golden sandstone by Turkic-speaking nomad conquerors in the fifth and sixth centuries, were so covered in coal dust that when visitors blew on them, black clouds rose up.[qh]中国大同——在这个中国北部城市外的崖边洞窟中有多尊巨型佛像,它们是讲突厥语族语言的游牧民族在五、六世纪在金色砂岩上雕刻而成的。佛像上覆盖着厚厚的煤灰,访客一吹,就会飘起黑色的烟尘。[qh]Called the Yungang Grottoes, the relics had survived the rise and fall of dynasties, modern wars and the Cultural Revolution. But the scourge of a more prosperous China — industrial pollution — had been eating away at the sandstone.[qh]这个被称为云冈石窟的遗迹历经朝代兴衰、现代战争,以及文化大革命,而留存下来。但中国的经济繁荣带来的后果——工业污染——却不停地在侵蚀这些砂岩。[qh]Chinese officials and preservationists have embarked on an ambitious effort to protect them that could become a model for saving antiquities at other sites. They have not only cleaned the statues here and created a vast park, but also shut down nearby coal mines and removed or regulated other sources of air pollution.[qh]中国的官员和保护工作者已经开始采取雄心勃勃的举措,保护云冈石窟,使之在古迹保护方面成为其他遗址的典范。他们不仅清洗了雕像,建造了一个大型公园,还关闭了附近的煤矿,并清除或控制其他空气污染源。[qh];You don#39;t know how bad it was before,; said Huang Jizhong, the head engineer at the Shanxi Province Cultural Relics Bureau and former research director at the grottoes. ;The contrast is very dramatic.;[qh]“你不知道以前有多糟,”山西省文物局总工程师、前云冈石窟研究院主任黄继忠说。“对比非常明显。”[qh]Vast parts of China have some of the world#39;s worst outdoor air pollution, and ancient sites across the country are falling prey to its effects, officials and scholars say. Among the antiquities damaged by acid rain are the giant Buddha at Leshan in Sichuan Province and an 800-year-old thousand-armed statue of Guanyin, a revered Buddhist figure, at Dazu, according to Chinese news reports. A professor in Guangzhou, a provincial capital in the south, warns that acid rain is also eroding the red sandstone buildings there from the Ming dynasty.[qh]官员和学者表示,中国广大地区的室外空气污染堪称属于世界最严重的行列,全国各地的古迹都深受其害。根据中国的新闻报道,被酸雨腐蚀的古迹包括四川乐山大佛和已有800年历史的大足千手观音像。中国南部省会城市广州的一名教授警告称,广州的明代红砂岩建筑也遭到酸雨腐蚀。[qh]Even the terra-cotta warriors of Xi#39;an, a symbol of Chinese civilization, may be under threat. Lee Shun-cheng, an engineering professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, has called for glass walls to be built around the warriors, now protected only by a roof.[qh]中华文明的象征——西安兵马俑——可能也面临威胁。香港理工大学工程学教授李顺诚(Lee Shun-cheng)曾呼吁在兵马俑周围建造玻璃墙,现在保护兵马俑的只有顶棚而已。[qh]Experts working on the Yungang Grottoes, in the heart of China#39;s coal country, are now advising officials seeking to preserve sites elsewhere. Mr. Huang visited the mountainside relics at Xiangtangshan and Yaowangshan, both in heavily polluted areas of northern China, and told officials there to shut down or move cement factories. In some cases, officials complied, and where they could not they built glass enclosures around the statues, Mr. Huang said.[qh]云冈石窟的专家正在为那些寻求保护遗址的官员提供建议。云冈石窟位于中国煤炭之乡的中心地带。黄继忠参观过位于响堂山和药王山山腰上的这片遗迹,这两座山都位于中国北部污染严重的地区。黄继忠建议当地官员关闭或搬迁水泥厂。他表示,官员们有时会遵从建议,而无法关闭工厂时,就在雕像周围建造玻璃围墙。[qh]At the Dazu rock carvings in Chongqing and the Longmen Grottoes in Henan Province, in central China, preservationists are using moisture-monitoring devices that were invented at Yungang.[qh]在重庆的大足石刻和中原河南省的龙门石窟,保护工作者均在使用云冈石窟首创的湿度监控设备。[qh];All these things share something in common: they suffer from the air and the water,; Mr. Huang said. ;So these places can draw directly from the Yungang experience.;[qh]“这些东西有共同之处:它们都受空气和水的影响,”黄继忠说。“因此,这些地方可以直接借鉴云冈的经验。”[qh]A large part of the problem is coal. Burning coal emits sulfur dioxide, which further oxidizes in the atmosphere and then combines with water to produce sulfuric acid.[qh]问题的很大部分在于煤。燃煤过程释放二氧化硫,而二氧化硫在大气中进一步氧化,然后与水汽结合产生酸雨。[qh]In the 1980s and 1990s, as the coal industry here in Shanxi Province powered growth throughout China, the impact of acid rain and air pollution on the statues in the Yungang Grottoes was ;severe,; said Liu Xiaoquan, a senior manager at the Yungang Grottoes Research Institute. A national highway ran in front of the grottoes, where 51,000 statues stand in 254 niches and caves. Up to 20,000 coal trucks passed each day. Villagers burned coal for cooking and heating.[qh]云冈石窟研究院高级管理人员刘晓权表示,20世纪八九十年代,随着山西省的煤炭工业为全国各地的发展提供动力,酸雨及空气污染对云冈石窟雕像的影响“非常严重”。一条国道从云冈石窟前穿过。云冈石窟的254个洞窟中有5.1万尊雕像,而每天经过的运煤卡车最多达两万辆,村民们也要烧煤,来做饭、取暖。[qh]Restoration efforts, prompted by a bid for Unesco World Heritage List status, started in the late 1990s. Officials moved the highway in 1998 and barred coal trucks from using it. About 10 small coal mines were ordered shut, Mr. Huang said. Officials also moved six villages from the area, a total of 4,750 households, over the reported objections of some villagers, who said the compensation was too low.[qh]为了使这里的雕像进入联合国教科文组织世界文化遗产名录(Unesco World Heritage List),相关部门从20世纪90年代晚期开始努力展开修复工作。1998年,官员们迁移了高速公路,并禁止运煤卡车经过云冈石窟。黄继忠表示,大约有10家小型煤矿被要求关闭。官员们还将六个村庄迁出该地区,其中涉及4750户家庭,有报道称,一些村民拒绝搬迁,他们称赔偿金太少。[qh]Workers used soft brushes to remove the coal dust that coated the statues. Many of the Buddhas now appear in the golden glory envisioned by their creators. On some statues, vivid paint added during later dynasties is visible again. The biggest Buddha, a seated statue 56 feet tall, has a thin layer of gold paint on its face.[qh]工人们利用软毛刷清扫雕像上覆盖的煤灰,很多佛像如今金光闪闪,就像其创建者想象的那样。后来的朝代在一些雕像上添加的鲜艳涂料又变得清晰可见了。最大的佛像——56英尺(约合17米)高的坐像——面部有一层薄薄的金色涂料。[qh]The grottoes were designated a World Heritage site in 2001, and further work began in 2008, including the banning of tour buses from the nearby national highway, expanding the park that includes the grottoes to six times its original size and planting trees. In a courtyard is a shiny copper statue of Tan Yao, a monk from the Northern Wei dynasty who oversaw the building of the first grottoes for the imperial rulers.[qh]2001年,云冈石窟列入世界遗产名录。进一步的保护工作于2008年开始施行,包括附近的国道禁止旅游巴士通行,将石窟群所属的景观区扩建至原规模的六倍,以及植树种草。一座庭院里坐落着昙曜的铜像,熠熠发光。这位北魏时期的高僧负责为帝王们督建了首批石窟。[qh]The numbers of Buddhist pilgrims and other tourists have grown. On a recent afternoon, dozens of nuns in gray robes arrived on tour buses. The park has 1.5 million to 2 million annual visitors, up from half a million a year less than a decade ago, Mr. Liu said.[qh]慕名前来朝拜的佛教徒与游客人数逐年增长。不久前的一个下午,数十名身着灰袍的尼姑乘坐旅游大巴到达。刘小泉表示,景观区每年接待150万到200万游客,而不到10年前,每年仅为50万。[qh]The most intense preservation and restoration work is underway at four of the most stunning caves. Workers are building wooden roofs to shield the statues from rain. After that, experts from the Mogao Caves of Dunhuang, another sanctuary of Buddhist art, are expected to restore some of the paint. The last time the cave was painted was in the Qing dynasty, which ruled China from the 17th century to the early 20th century.[qh]有四座蔚为壮观的石窟正在进行力度最大的保护与重建工作。工人们在修建木质顶棚,以防止雨水侵袭石像。完成后,从另一处佛教艺术圣地——敦煌莫高窟——请来的专家将重新画上部分绘。上次石窟着色还是清朝的时候,而清朝统治中国的时间为17世纪到20世纪初。[qh]Workers are also trying to make digital recordings of all the artwork. Those would help with construction of three-dimensional renderings of the caves that visitors and scholars can view.[qh]修复工作者还在努力对这里全部的艺术作品进行数字备份。这将有助于构建石窟的三维渲染图,供游客与学者查看。[qh]A mine run by the Datong Coal Mining Group, a state-owned enterprise, is still operating within sight of the grottoes. But the company has closed some shafts, and ;they do well with dust and pollution control,; Mr. Liu said.[qh]在云冈石窟的可见范围内,仍有国有企业大同煤矿集团公司旗下的一座煤矿在运行。不过,刘小泉表示,公司已经关闭了一些矿井,而且“他们在煤粉灰和控制污染上做得不错”。[qh]On a recent morning, two photographers were setting up lighting equipment inside the first cave to take photos for the research institute. The cave has a stone pagoda in the center, typical of a sculpture in the middle period, said Ma Yexia, an official guide. A nearby twin cave also has a pagoda, though its base has been eroded by water that once filled the bottom of the cave. The water was pumped out sometime after 1949, when the Communists took over, Ms. Ma said.[qh]不久前的一天上午,两名摄影师在第1窟里调试灯光设备,以便为研究院拍摄图片。这座窟里的正中雕有一尊方塔,官方导游马叶霞(音)称,这是典型的中期雕刻作品。附近的双窟也有一座塔,不过它的基座因为洞穴底部以前充盈的流水而遭侵蚀。马导游称,共产党1949执政后,抽干了其中的水。[qh]Running water, which can damage sandstone carvings, has been a danger for centuries. During the Jurchen Jin dynasty, in the 12th and 13th centuries, a river that ran in front of the caves threatened the statues, and a great warrior ordered the river to be redirected, she said.[qh]流水能侵蚀砂石雕像,多个世纪以来一直是个威胁。马导游说,在十二三世纪的金朝,流经石窟前方的一条河直逼这些石像,于是一位伟大的将军下令河水改道。[qh]Cave numbers 16 through 20 have the oldest statues, built by the monk Tang Yao. The simple Buddhas here were carved from rock at the rear of the caves. Ms. Ma said one enemy was the rainwater, which makes the sandstone brittle and more vulnerable to the wind. The wall surrounding the entrance of cave number 20 has collapsed, leaving the sitting Buddha there exposed.[qh]第16到20窟拥有最古老的雕像,为高僧昙曜督建。这几座窟里的佛像颇为简朴,从后方的岩石中开凿而出。马导游表示,雨水构成了一大威胁,会让岩石疏松,更易于被风化。本应环绕第20窟入口的前壁已经坍塌,让端坐其中的佛像暴露在外。[qh]The oldest caves were used by the early Tuoba rulers of the Northern Wei to help sp the idea they had the divine right to rule over the conquered locals, Ms. Ma said. The Tuoba eventually moved the seat of their dynasty south to Luoyang, in present-day Henan Province. There, they built more grand Buddhist statues at the Longmen Grottoes. Officials at Longmen, which is also a Unesco site, have been carrying out preservation efforts similar to those at Yungang, following what is becoming standard practice for local governments that have sought international recognition.[qh]马导游说,最古老的石窟被北魏前期的拓跋氏帝王用来宣扬,他们拥有天赋神权来统治被征的当地人。拓跋氏最终将都城南迁至位于今天的河南省境内的洛阳。在那里,他们开凿了龙门石窟,建起更多宏伟的佛像。龙门石窟同属世界遗产,那里的管理者也在进行与云冈类似的保护工作。这种做法正在成为惯例,为那些寻求国际认可的地方政府所遵循。[qh]What Chinese officials have been unable or unwilling to control are the stratospheric levels of air pollution. Xinhua, the state news agency, reported that acid rain hit 135 cities in early 2013. Of those, 23 were severely affected. Mr. Huang said, ;The current air pollution still poses a threat.;[qh]不过,严重的空气污染,官方还没能控制,或者说不愿控制。官方媒体新华网曾报道,2013年上半年,有135座城市属酸雨城市,其中23座属重酸雨城市。黄继忠说,“当前的空气污染仍然构成了威胁。”[qh] /201409/327059昆明医学院附属延安医院口周纹颈纹法令纹脖纹价格昆明市红会医院面部酒窝颊部脸部多少钱



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