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  • 本文选自The Big Bang Theory《生活大爆炸,Leonard和Sheldon讨论是否要邀请他们的新邻居过来吃饭聊天Leonard: I think we should be good neighbors and invite her over, make her feel welcome.Sheldon: We never invited LouisLouise over.Leonard: Well… and that was wrong of us. We need to widen our circle.Sheldon: I have a very wide circle. I have friends on "MySpace".Leonard: Yes, and you've never met one of them. Sheldon: That's the beauty of it.Leonard: I'm gonna invite her over. We'll have a nice meal and... chat.Sheldon: Chat? We don't chat. At least not offline.重点知识讲解:1. invite over 邀请某人过来例句:He's decided to invite her over, and tell her how much he loves her and maybe propose. 他已经决定邀请她过来吃饭,告诉她他是多么爱她,或许还要求婚. wrong of 不确实的,不正确的,错误的例句:It was wrong of you to go there. He will not be happy to see you. 你去那是错误的他看到你会不高兴的3. widen circle 扩大朋友圈例句:We should widen our circle, and make more friends outside of the Internet. 我们应该扩大一下朋友圈,多交一些网络以外的朋友. the beauty of something 美好之处例句:It's relaxing to be around nature. That's the beauty of it. 投入大自然的怀抱令人心旷神怡,那正是它的美妙之处汉语译文:Leonard: 我觉得我们应该做个好邻居,请她过来吃饭,让她感到受欢迎Sheldon: 我们就从未请过之前那个叫Louis还是Louise的邻居过来Leonard: 嗯,所以还是我们做得不对我们需要扩大我们的朋友圈Sheldon: 我的朋友圈已经很大了在MySpace里我有个好友Leonard: 是,但是你从来没见过他们Sheldon: 这正是它的美好之处Leonard: 我决定去请她过来,大家一起吃顿好饭,然后……聊聊天Sheldon: 聊天?我们不聊天至少离线后不聊课后题目:外国人的聊天很幽默你呢?你经常上网聊天吗?那上网聊些什么呢?与我们一起分享吧例如:今天班里发生了什么好笑事?今天上班有什么烦心或者开心的事?都可以说一说。
  • A woman from Shanghai, known only by her surname Fan, leaned too far ward from a ship deck and fell overboard, according to Chinese media.据中国媒体报道,一名来自上海的范姓女子,由于身体从甲板上向外太过前倾,最终不慎掉入海中She reportedly fell from the fourth deck, the approximate height of a seven-floor building. The 31-year-old survived the ordeal with only minor injuries.据报道,她当时是从第四号甲板上掉落下去的,大约有7层楼那么高不过这名31岁的女子最终竟然死里逃生,只受了些轻伤Ms Fan was on a five-day cruise on the Royal Caribbean from Shanghai to South Korea and Japan. She had nothing to cling on to after she fell in the sea, and drifted most of the time until she saw a fishing boat approaching.据悉,范女士当乘坐“皇家加勒比号”从上海开赴韩国和日本,进行一场为期5天的旅行在掉落到海里之后,这名女子身边没有任何可以抓附的东西,在海里的大多数时间她都在漂流,直到最终她看见一艘渔船靠近Her parents, who were on the cruise with her, did not realise she was missing until hours later. Her father refused to believe his daughter was alive until he heard her voice on the phone, reports said.这名女子的父母也在那艘游轮之上,但是他们直到数小时之后才发现自己的女儿不见了据报道,她的父亲甚至不敢相信女儿还活着,直到在电话里听到范女士的声音Some users took to micro-blogging site Sina Weibo to express their incredulity.新浪微上一些用户对此事表达了质疑;She didnt eat and drink at sea 38 hours and she survived? That a miracle,; said one user. ;This cant be real,; said another.一名用户说道:“她不吃不喝在海里待了38小时,最终还活了下来?真是一个奇迹”另一人说道:“这不可能是真的”One commenter was more light-hearted, saying: ;She should join the Olympics;.有一个更加轻松有趣,说道:“她应该去参加奥运会”Reports suggest that Fan physical strength may have helped her, as she studied sport at university and started swimming from the age of five.据报道,范女士良好的身体素质可能是帮助她活下来的原因,她在大学时主修体育,而且从五岁就开始游泳Local media attributed her survival to her ;strong will; - but did not explain how she survived the low temperatures.而当地媒体则将范女士的生还归功于她“坚强的意志”--但是并没有解释她到底是如何在低温环境下生存下来的 6565。
  • A Chinese tourist spent nearly two weeks in a German migrant hostel after mistakenly applying asylum when he actually wanted to report a theft.一名中国游客本想就失窃报警,但却被误认成寻求庇护的难民,无奈在德国移民宿舍滞留了周German media say the 31-year-old backpacker, who spoke neither German nor English, underwent a medical check and his fingerprints were taken.据德国媒体表示,这名31岁的背包客既不会说德语也不会说英语,目前他已经接受了医疗检查,并且采集了指纹A Red Cross worker later found out that the man wallet had been stolen in Stuttgart. But instead of going to the police the man registered as a migrant.一名红十字会工作人员随后了解到,该名男子在斯图加特被偷了钱包但该男子却没有像警察求助,而是登记成为一名移民A Mandarin speaker solved the puzzle. The translator was found at a Chinese restaurant near the migrant hostel where the tourist was staying.最终,一个会说汉语的人解决了这个难题据悉,这名翻译就在该游客居住的难民宿舍附近的一家中餐馆里工作In early July the tourist arrived at the hostel on a bus with migrants, from Dortmund.在7月上旬,这名游客乘坐一辆巴士,从多特蒙德和一些移民一起抵达了这座难民宿舍;He was so different from the others. Very, very helpless,; said Red Cross worker Christoph Schluetermann.红十字会工作人员克里斯托弗·史律特曼表示:“他是如此的与众不同他非常非常的无助”A translation app confirmed Mr Schluetermann suspicions that the tourist had got entangled in the asylum system by mistake.一个翻译软件实了克里斯托弗的怀疑--这名游客被误登入了移民庇护系统;It came up with phrases like I want to go on a trip abroad,; he said. It emerged that the tourist had plans to visit Italy and France.克里斯托弗说道:“它(翻译软件)蹦出了一些短句,例如我想出国旅行”这名游客之前曾计划造访意大利和法国The man, from northern China, had calmly allowed the authorities to take away his passport and visa, and take his fingerprints. He then had a medical check and was given the standard papers that migrants get on arrival in Germany.这名男子来自中国北方,他之前没有任何抵抗地就让有关部门拿走了他的护照的签,并采集了他的指纹随后他接受了医疗检查,还拿到了前往德国的移民都会领到的标准文件Mr Schluetermann said hostel staff made futile calls to various consulates, hoping to identify the tourist. An error over the man visa caused further delay. Finally his asylum application was stopped and he was able to continue his European tour.据克里斯托弗表示,移民宿舍的工作人员给许多国家的大使馆都打了电话,希望查明这名游客的身份,但是却徒劳无功而该名男子签的一个错误又使得事情进一步延误最终他的移民庇护申请被取消,而他也得以够继续自己的欧洲之旅According to German broadcaster WDR, the man did not get angry but left Germany saying simply that he had imagined Europe to be quite different.据德国广播电视台WDR表示,这名男子一点都没有生气,但是在离开德国之前,他曾轻描淡写地表示,这和想象中的欧洲完全不一样 688。
  • Indian court officials confiscated a passenger train after the railway department failed to pay compensation to a farmer acquiring his land.由于铁路局长期拖欠一位农民占地补偿款,印度一列客运列车在路上被法庭没收了The train had more than 0 passengers on board when the officials confiscated it at the Harihar station in southern Karnataka state last Monday.这起事情发生在上周一,该列车在经过印度南部卡纳塔克邦赫里赫尔车站时被没收,当时车上还有0多名乘客The train was only released after railway officials gave an assurance that the compensation would be paid.最终该列车在铁道部官员承诺还款之后才被放行The railway acquired his land in , but have still not paid him it.铁道部在年占用了这位农民的土地,却迟迟没有给补偿款The farmer, Shivakumar, agreed to let the railway department acquire his one-acre plot of land the express train line, after he was assured compensation of 3.6m rupees.该农民名叫西瓦库马尔,当年印度铁道部为了修高速公路,从他那里以360万卢比的成交价格购买了一英亩地He approached a local court after the railways ignored several requests payment.在几次三番要求铁道部还钱不成的情况下,他只好请当地法庭为自己主持公道了The court in , ordered the railway department to pay Mr Shivakumar his compensation along with interest.直到年,铁道部才被判连本带息赔偿西瓦库马尔But after the railways did not heed the order three years, the court ordered its officials to confiscate the train.可接下来的三年中,铁道部根本就没有理睬判决结果,于是法庭这才决定没收该列车;The railway officials gave an undertaking to the court that the amount will be given in one week time and the train was allowed to leave after about 0 minutes,; KGS Patil, Mr Shivakumar lawyer, told B Hindi.西瓦库马尔的律师帕蒂尔向驻印度英国广播公司透露:“铁道部官员向法庭承诺下周肯定会还款之后,该火车才被放行,至此,这辆列车已经被扣留了0分钟” 791。
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