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大理学院附属医院光子嫩肤多少钱玉溪治疗腋臭多少钱临沧市人民医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱 每半小时查一次邮箱,几分钟就要刷一遍微,瓜子或薯片一吃起来就停不下来;这样的场景你觉得熟悉吗?是否曾经或正在发生在你身上呢?After a tough day, do you come home and flop in your easy chair, grab a bag of chips and zone out in front of the television? Or maybe you compulsively check your e-mail, spend hours surfing the net or stay up late chatting with strangers on Facebook or Twitter. Whether you get lost in cyberspace, over shop, watch too much TV, gossip, bite your nails, daydream excessively, procrastinate or over-exercise, you may be caught in a ;soft addiction;.奔忙一天以后,你是不是一回家就窝在舒适的椅子里,顺手拿包薯片,然后就在电视机前把它们消灭光?或者,你会时不时不自觉地查邮箱、长时间泡在网上,跟社交网站上的人们聊天到很晚?不管你是迷失在网络空间、过度消费、或者看电视时间太久、八卦、咬指甲、成天做白日梦、总是拖延或运动过度,你都很有可能是染上了;软瘾;。Soft addictions are seemingly harmless habits that rob us of our time, zap our energy, numb us from our feelings, mute our consciousness and keep us from living the satisfying, meaningful lives we desire.;软瘾;是一些并无明显害处的习惯,只是这些习惯会消耗我们的时间和精力,让我们感觉麻木、失去意识,阻止我们追求我们想要的那种有意义的、满足的生活。Soft Addictions can be activities, moods or ways of being, avoidances, and things-edible and consumable. Many soft addictions involve necessary behaviors like eating, ing, and sleeping. They become soft addictions when we overdo them and when they are used for more than their intended purpose.;软瘾;可以是某些活动、情绪或存在方式,也可以是某种逃避心理或者可食用、可消耗的事物。很多;软瘾;都不可避免地与进食、阅读及睡觉有关。当我们做某件事过了头,违背了这件事初衷的时候,我们就是患上了;软瘾;。 /201203/175652昆明医学院附属韩辰医院割双眼皮手术多少钱

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玉溪垫鼻子多少钱 1. Put your personal work out in the world so that it’s potentially vulnerable for negative comments. A on YouTube, a piece of writing online – anything that can be complimented or critiqued, which will either boost your confidence or thicken your skin。让整个世界来评判自己的工作,这样就很容易收到一些负面的。在YouTube网站发布一个视频,在网站写一句话,任何可以参与的东西都可以,这样可能会增强你的自信心,也有可能会让你的脸皮更厚。2. Do something over-the-top embarrassing to make a fool of yourself. Take part in a dance-off, test out cheesy pickup lines, make preposterous requests at restaurants。做一些很囧的事情来自嘲一下。在集体舞即将结束时掺和一下,临时说几句台词,在饭馆提一些很可笑的要求。3. Set a colossal ambition that will require you to discipline yourself and accomplish smaller goals first. e.g. Running a marathon that will require weeks or months of training。设定一个很大的目标,这需要你严格要求自己,并且刚开始要你先完成一些小目标。例如:跑马拉松需要几个周甚至几个月的训练。4. Allow a friend to make plans for you, giving them creative control of a night filled with unknown festivities. Comfort is all about knowing what to expect and having limited surprises, this will be a unique change of scenery。让你的朋友帮你制定计划,让他们利用创意去安排一个你完全无法预知的欢乐夜晚。舒适感就是知道接下来要发生的事情,而没什么惊喜。这样毫无准备的话可以改变一切。5. Read a book from a section you’d normally never set foot in. If autobiographies are normally your thing, check out a Teen-Fiction novel or Humor piece. Whatever is outside of the norm。读一本你一般情况下都不会涉足的领域的书。如果你一般读传记,那么你可以试一下虚幻小说或者幽默小说。不管怎样,要从你一般不涉足的领域选择。6. Perform some type of public speaking, such as a poetry or ing at an open mic night。在公共场合演讲,比如在晚会上做一个诗歌朗诵或者阅读。7. Pickup a new hobby that you currently have very little ability to do. Musical instruments, cooking, painting, writing, dancing, etc。培养一个现在你还没有足够能力去做好的新爱好,比如说乐器,烹饪,画画,写作,跳舞等等。8. Go on an adventure and explore a surrounding city or an area you’re unfamiliar with, using no GPS or assistance from your phone. Enjoy being lost and getting around only by investigating for yourself, and asking others for directions。去冒险吧,探索一个你不熟悉的周边城市或地区,不借助GPS或者手机设备。享受迷失的感觉,考自己调查或者询问他人来获得方向。9. It’s not always easy to express our feelings to the people we love the most. Make time for the people you consider yourself closest to, and vocalize your care for them, despite how much easier it can be to think “I love you” than to say it。想对我们最爱的人表达感情,并不是一件容易的事。给那些你觉得和自己亲近的人一点时间,虽然在心里想着“我爱你”比说出来更容易,但也要用语言表达出你对他们的关心。10. Go to a restaurant you’ve never actually been to and order something unique off of the . No cheeseburgers or salads, nothing you’ve had several times – and preferably something you struggle to pronounce。去一个你从来没有去过的饭馆,点一些菜单上没有的东西。不要点奶酪汉堡包或者沙拉,不要点那些你吃过好几次的食物,最好是那些你连名字都可能读不出来的东西。11. If you’ve grown comfortable doing things solo, start doing those activities with a friend. If you only do things with friends, try going it alone. Trust me, seeing a movie by yourself is surprisingly pleasant。如果你习惯了自己一个人做一些事情,那就开始尝试和朋友一起做。如果你只会和朋友一起做,那就自己做。相信我,自己去看一场电影会有很大的惊喜。12. Make a new friend. No – that doesn’t mean add a random person on Facebook! At work, in class or when you’re out, start a conversation IN PERSON, and make friends with someone。结交新的朋友。我的意思并不是指你在Facebook上随便添加一个朋友。在工作中,在班级里,或者当你出门时,私下单独和人开始一场谈话,和他们做朋友。13. Take an improv class to get comfortable with unscripted interaction which, most of life consists of。随意去上一堂即兴表演课,去习惯没有剧本的即兴互动,我们大部分的生活不就是这样吗?14. Switch up your daily routine drastically. If you’re a night owl, try hitting the hay early and waking up at sunrise. If you’re an early bird, explore the wee hours of the night for a change。尽量打乱你的日常常规。如果你是一个夜猫子,就试着早睡然后早起。如果你是早起的鸟儿,那就尝试晚点睡,改变一下自己。15. Limit your television watching. Replace that newfound time being active and living your life, as opposed to watching others。限制自己看电视。让这段时间的自己变得更加活跃,过自己的生活,而不是观看别人的。16. Take a financial risk that could result in a great reward。尝试一次金融风险,你可能得到很大回报。17. Choose one of your fears and confront it head-on. Don’t like heights? Try skydiving, hiking a mountain or going on a rooftop – whatever you can do, as long as the idea of it makes you uneasy。选择一个你恐惧的东西然后直面它。你恐高?那就试试跳伞,爬山,或者去屋顶,任何使你感到不舒的都可以去尝试。18. If at all possible, spend time around people more successful than you. Being surrounded by individuals who’ve accomplished more than you can be beneficial if used as inspiration and motivation。如果可能的话,多花些时间和一些比你更加成功的人在一起。和更成功的他们在一起会激发你的创造力和动力。19. Enter a competition in which the odds are stacked against you. Failure isn’t always a bad thing, especially if it’s utilized properly. By losing and feeling a letdown, you should become thirsty to try again or at least feel the glory of winning and success。去参加一个情况可能对你不利的比赛。失败并不总是坏事,尤其是用的恰到好处的时候会变成好事。通过失败,感受到失望,你应该会更加想再次尝试,至少能感受到赢取成功后的荣誉感。20. Say “yes” to every single opportunity that presents itself, big or small. From an invite to an event you typically wouldn’t attend, to a job promotion in a different city. Some things are life changers, and they should be embraced with open arms instead of shot down without consideration。不管机会是大是小,都要好好抓住。不管是一次邀请你不愿意去参加的活动,还是一个去不同的城市工作的晋升。有些事情就是会改变你的一生,你应该敞开双手去接受它们,而不是不加任何考虑就拒绝。 /201508/392193普洱市人民医院绣眉手术多少钱昆明瘦腿针打哪儿



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