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Lesson 4Text AWhat's the Matter with You?MRs WELsH: Good afternoon, Dr Dawes. DR DAwEs: Good afternoon, Mrs Welsh . MRS WELSH: Please come this way,Doctor.Peter's in this room. DR DAwEs: Well, Peter.I'm sorry you're ill. What's the matter with you? PETER: I don't know,Doctor. I'm ill.I have a headache and a stomachache. DR DAwEs: Show me your tor.gue.What did you eat yesterday? PETER: Well,Doctor,I. . . DR DAwEs: Did you eat any cake? PEKE: Yes,I ate some cake. DR DAwEs: Did you eat any ice cream? PETEK: Well,yes,I did.I ate some ice cream. DR DAWEs: Did you eat any candy? PETER: Well,yes,I did. I ate some candy. DR DAwES: Young man,tell me everything you ate yesterday evening. PETER: WeII, Doctor.I went to a birthday party. DR DAwEs: I see!How many pieces of cake did you eat? PETER: Three,Doctor. DR DAwEs: How many plates of ice ream did you eat,young man? PETER: Gosh,Doctor.I had only three plates of ice cream.John had four. Text BHow Did You hose Your Way? Mrs Brown's old grandfather lived with her and her husband. Every morning he went for a walk in the park and came home at half past twelve for his lunch. But one morning a police car stopped outside Mrs Brown's house at twelve o'clock, and two policemen helped Mr Brown to get out. One of them said to Mrs Brown, "The poor old gentleman lost his way in the park and telephoned to us for help, sowe sent a car to bring him home. " Mrs Brown was very surprised, but she thanked the policemen and they left. "But, Grandfather, " she then said , "you have been to thatpark nearly every day for twenty years. How did you lose your way there?" The old man smiled ,closed one eye and said, "I didn'tquite lose my way. I just got tired and I didn't want to walk home ! "Questions on Text B7. Read the following passage once. Underline the key words while ing and retell the story to your partner. One morning a man was crossing a narrow bridge when he saw a fisherman on the shady bank of the deep, smooth river under him,so he stopped to watch him quietly. After a few minutes, the fisherman pulled his line in. There was a big, fat fish at the end of it. The fisherman took it off the hook and threw it back into the water. Then he put his hook and line in again. After a few more minutes he caught another big fisb. Again he threw it back into the river. Then, the third time, he caught a small fish. He put it into his basket and started to get y to go. The man on the bridge was very surprised, so he spoke to the fisherman. He said, "Why did you throw those beautiful, big fish back into the water and keep only that small one?" The fisherman looked up and answered, "Small frying-pan. " /200906/74773近日,有外媒(CNN)报道称,赛百味在北美出售的食物中含有一种叫“偶氮二甲酰胺”的添加剂,这种物质也被用于制造瑜伽垫和鞋底。【新闻】我们来看一段相关的英文报道Subway announced this week that eventually it will stop using a kind of food additive – azodicarbonamide – a chemical used in yoga mats and shoe rubber as an ingredient in its b.But representatives for Subway would not say when the company would actually effect the changes.An online petition is asking Subway to substitute healthier ingredients.赛百味于本周宣布,将停止使用食品添加剂——偶氮二甲酰胺制作面包,偶氮二甲酰胺通常被用作瑜伽垫和橡胶鞋底的原料。但赛百味发言人并不愿透露该项变动何时能够生效。网上还是掀起了一波请愿的潮流,要求赛百味使用更健康的食品原料。【讲解】文中的additive就是“添加剂”的意思,是可数名词,尤指食品添加剂,如:Food additive can cause allergies.(食品添加剂会引起过敏。)。此次,赛百味以及星巴克使用的添加剂是偶氮二甲酰胺(azodicarbonamide),简称ADA,可以增加烘培制品的弹性和韧性。常见的食品添加剂有:着色剂 coloring agent;抗氧化剂 antioxidants;香料 spice等。最后一句中的petition用作名词,意为“请愿书”,如:sign a petition(在请愿书上签名)。 /201402/276004

今年全国两会期间,“养老”再度成为热门话题。日前,中国青年报通过益派咨询对2200人进行的一项网络调查显示,71.8%的受访者对养老问题的态度是“担心,不知道将来会遇到什么样的情况”。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道Nearly 72 percent admit that they worry about life post-retirement, China Youth Daily reported Thursday.据中国青年报周四报道,近72%的受访者承认他们担心退休后的生活。【讲解】 life post-retirement是退休后的生活。据青年报通过市场研究咨询组织益派公司进行的调查,2200名受访者中只有18.2%的人不担心退休后的生活(post-retirement life)。其余10%的人表示很难对这个话题发表意见(comment on the issue)。在制药公司(pharmaceutical manufacturing company)工作的一名38岁的受访者表示,退休金(retirement pension)很少,不够日常开销(not be able to afford the daily expenses)。提到为养老做的准备(prepare for life after retirement),调查发现,“缴纳社保”(79.3%)、“攒钱(save money)”(69%)和“购买商业保险(commercial insurances)”(36.4%)是受访者选择最多的3项。人力资源和社会保障部部长尹蔚民表示,据测算,我们国家目前60岁以上的老年人口(the proportion of Chinese over the age of 60)已经达到了14.9%,到2050年将达到38.6%,而在这个过程中,劳动年龄人口(working age population)的绝对数是在下降。同时也会导致抚养比(dependency ratio)下降。养老金基金(pension fund)的收平衡(break even)面临巨大的压力(under tremendous pressure),政府将采取渐进式的延迟退休年龄(gradually raise the official retirement age)的政策来缓解这一问题。 /201503/364170

  Thank you very much.Thanks a lot.You are welcome.No swear.Donot mention it.I beg your pardon.Pardon me.Please excuse me. I am very sorry.Donot worry about it. It#39;s nothing.Forget it. Accidents happen. /201204/178677


  在金融创新频繁的背景之下,利率市场化推进的速度可能远超市场预期。央行行长周小川本月11日在接受访问时表示,放开存款利率很可能在最近一两年内实现。【新闻】我们来看一段相关的英文报道China is set to fully liberalize its interest rate within one or two years, in a bid to further reform the financial sector, the Central Bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said on Tuesday at a news briefing during the two sessions.;We will let the market play its due role in interest rate liberalization. That#39;s for sure,; Zhou said. ;Deposit rate is set to ease within one or two years. It#39;s part of our plan.;He added that interest rates will possibly go up, but will eventually level in the longer term due to market forces and competition.央行行长周小川本周二在两会上的一次新闻发布会中说道,中国将在一两年内全面开放利率,旨在进一步改革其金融部门。周小川说:“我们将让市场在利率放开中发挥应有的作用,这是肯定的。存款利率放开将在最近的一两年内实现。这是我们计划的一部分。”他补充道,利率可能会出现上升,但受市场力量和竞争影响,在长远看,最终会被拉平。【讲解】文中的deposit rate就是“存款利率”的意思,其中deposit用作名词,解释为“存款”,如deposit account(存款账户)、a current deposit(活期存款)、a fixed deposit(定期存款)。deposit的反义词是withdrawal(提款)。第二段中的news briefing是“新闻发布会”的意思,也可以翻译成press conference、press briefing等。 /201403/280236

  17 Congratulations!祝贺Fantastic!太好了!(较随便)A:I defeated Ted in chess.我打败了泰德!B:Fantastic!I#39;ve been trying to do the same but I never succeed.太好了!我一直想赢他,可每次都失利。A:Maybe it#39;s only my luck.也许是我走运吧。Well done,...!干得好,......!(较随便)A:Tom,my mum agreed!汤姆,我妈妈同意了!B:Well done ,Peter!So we can go to the beach fight now.太好了,彼得!我们现在就去海滩。A:Yeah,let#39;s go.好,咱们走吧。Super!好极了!(较随便)A:My father really believed I would have lessons on Sunday.我爸爸真的以为我星期日有课。B:Super!I#39;ll sait for you at nine.Don#39;t be late. A:you bet it.好极了!我九点等你,别晚了。没问题。Good old ...!......,好样的!(较随便)A:I managed to put the frog in Miss Smith#39;s handbag.我把青蛙放到了史密斯的手提包里了。B:Good old Mike!Nobody saw you?迈克,好样的!没人看见吗?A:There was not a soul in the room.房间里一个人也没有。It#39;s great to hear about your...听说你......,这太好了。(较随便)A:It#39;s great to hear about the opening of your store.听说你的店开张,太好了。B:Thank you.do come and have a look at it . A:I sure will.谢谢,一定来看看哟。我会去的。That#39;s marvelous!太好了!(较随便)A:I passed the history test! B:Really?That#39;s marvelous!我历史考及格了!真的?太好了。A:And then your old man won#39;t beat you this time.那么这次你老爸就不会打你了。B:I#39;ve made up my mind not to be beaten again.我决心再也不让他打我了。That#39;s great!真棒!(较随便)A:I got the first prize in the contest.我比赛得了一等奖。B:That#39;s great!Congratulations! A:Thanks.真棒!祝贺你!谢谢。I#39;m very happy for you.太为你高兴了。(较随便)A:I got admitted to Harvard University.我被哈佛大学录取了。B:I#39;m very happy for you.Have you told it to Mr.Jones?太为你高兴了。告诉理论琼斯先生了吗?A:Not yet.I#39;ll give him a pleasant surprise.还没有。我想给他一个惊喜。Congratulations!祝贺!(通用)A:Bob,I hear your team won the match.鲍伯,听说你们队赢了比赛。B:Yeah,all of us tried our best.是的,我们都尽了最大努力。A:Congratulations. B:Thanks.祝贺你们!谢谢。Congratulations on...祝贺你们......。(通用)A:Liza,I am told you did very well in your exam.里兹,听说你考得不错。B:I was the only one who got a straight A in my class.我是班里惟一得;优;的。A:Congratulations on your success. B: Thank you.祝贺你的好成绩!谢谢。Please send him my congratulations.请代我向他表示祝贺。(通用)A:Your brother is going to be sent to Britain to study,really?你弟弟要被派去英国留学,是真的吗?B:Yes,he#39;s aly got the passport and visa.是的,他已经拿到了护照和签。A:Please sent him my congratulations.请代我向他表示祝贺。B:Thank you.He#39;s very lucky indeed.谢谢,他的确很幸运。Many,many congratulations on ...祝贺,恭喜你......。(通用)A:I#39;m going to get married next Sunday.Come to my wedding,will you?我下周日就要结婚了.一定要参加我们的结婚典礼呀!B:Many,many congratulations on your wedding. A:Many thanks.祝贺你们喜结良缘!多谢。Let me congratulate you.祝贺你!(较正式)A:My advisor praised my research paper.我的导师对我的论文很赞赏。B:Let me congratulate you. A:Thank you very much.祝贺你!谢谢。Allow me to express my heartiest congratulations on ...请允许我对...表示我最忠心的祝愿.(较正式)A:I finally got my novel published.Good news,isn#39;t it?我的小说终于出版了。B:That#39;s great!Allow me to express my heartiest congratulations on your success.太好了。请允许我对您的成功表示的祝贺。A:It#39;s very nice of you to say so.非常感谢。Please accept my sincere congratulations.请接受我最的祝愿!(较正式)A:I#39;ve finally passed the entrance examination.终于通过了入学考试。B:Please accept my sincere congratulations.请接受我最的祝愿!A:How very nice of you to say so!谢谢。Allow me to offer my warmest congratulations on...请允许我对...表示最热烈的祝贺!(较正式)A:Your troupe is so favorably received by the people here in this city.你们的剧团在这个城市很受欢迎。Allow me to offer my warmest congratulations on your success!请允许我对你们的成功表示最热烈的祝贺!B:I really appreciate your remarks.你这么说太感谢了。A:Next time you#39;re sure to get a much more satisfying result.下次你们肯定会取得更令人满意的成绩。B:Thank you so much.非常谢谢。I must congratulate you on ...我得祝贺你......。(较正式)A:I#39;m told you#39;ve finished a very difficult operation,Dr Johnson.约翰逊大夫,听说你完成了一次很难的手术。B:Yeah.This operation is really a challenge to us.是的,这次手术的确是个挑战。A:I must congratulate you on the success!我得对你的成功表示祝贺!B:It#39;s very good of you to say so.谢谢。I#39;d like to be the first to congratulate you.我想第一个向你祝贺!(较正式)A:General Manager said you would be head of the Sales Department.总经理说你将被选为销售部经理。B:Yes,but it hasn#39;t been announced yet.是的,但是还没有正式公布。A:So I#39;d like to be the first to congratulate you.那我想第一个向你表示祝贺。B:It#39;s very kind of you to say so.谢谢。May I offer my congratulations on...请允许我为......表示祝贺!(较正式)A:I#39;m going to take charge of the engineering department next month.下个月我开始负责工程部。B:You#39;ve been working hard for it.你一直在努力,May I offer you my congratulations on your promotion?请允许我为你的提升表示祝贺!A:Thanks a lot.非常感谢。 /200909/84656

  v今天的每日一句是: It#39;s my rule never to lose my temper until it would be detrimental to keep it.--Sean O#39;Casey我的原则就是:非到万不得已,绝不轻易发脾气。--肖恩-奥凯西(爱尔兰剧作家)Notes:1.rulen. 规则,规定;统治,配;章程;尺子vt.amp; vi. 控制,配;判定;裁定,裁决;价格稳定vt. 统治;规定;管理;裁决vi. 统治;管辖;裁定常见搭配:as a rule通常, 照例be ruled by受...配, 受...所左右bend [stretch]the rules放宽规定break rules破例, 犯规 majority rule少数从多数的原则by rule按规则; 机械地by rule and line准确地, 精密地closed rule议会禁止对某一议案再提修正意见的规定ground rule【体】比赛场地临时规则;基本规则, 行动准则hard and fast rule硬性的规定home rule地方自治, 内政自治lay down the rule that...规定...make a rule of doing sth.有做某事的习惯Once is no rule.[谚]一次不成例。out of rule不按常规, 违背惯例There is no rule without an exception.[谚]有规则必有例外。rule of the road交通规则;【航海】航行规则rule off划线隔开; 不准参加比赛rule out(用直线)划去;排除在外; 拒绝考虑; 使...不可能rule over治理..., 统治...2.detrimentaladj. 有害的;不利的n. 有害的人(或物);不受欢迎的求婚者be detrimental to对...不利的, 对...有害(to) 本节目为可可原创节目,。 /201305/240376每日一句口语:Don#39;t judge me. You only see what I choose to show you.不要妄加评断,你看到的,只是我选择让你看到的。【知识点讲解】judge vt.amp; vi.审判,评判;断定 例句:He stood emotionless as he heard thejudgepass sentence.他面无表情地站在那里,听法官宣布判决。 /201408/323160

  I don#39;t see any point in. 我觉得没必要。用法透视这里的;point;表示;意义;。这个句型的意思是;做;;是没必要的,没意思的;。持范例1.I don#39;t see any point in asking him.我认为问他也没意义。2.There is no point in wasting time.没必要浪费时间。3.I don#39;t see much point in protesting.我觉得抗议也没多大意义。会话记忆A: Why you are so crazy aboutBeijing Opera? It#39;s so boring.你怎么会对京剧那么着迷呢?它太无趣了。B: But I think it#39;s fantastic and charming. Well, you have your opinion and I have mine.可我觉得京剧非常精,有魅力。唉,你有你的观点,我有我的观点。A: Maybe you are right. But I just still can#39;t understand...或许你是对的,但我还是弄不懂;;B: Come on. I don#39;t see any point in arguing about this. Everyone has a right to his own opinion.算了,我觉得没必要为此辩论,每个人都有权保留自己的意见。 /201201/167659


  每日一句口语:Don#39;t judge me. You only see what I choose to show you.不要妄加评断,你看到的,只是我选择让你看到的。【知识点讲解】judge vt.amp; vi.审判,评判;断定 例句:He stood emotionless as he heard thejudgepass sentence.他面无表情地站在那里,听法官宣布判决。 /201408/323160


  听力训练Answer the following questions about the .1) How many folk heroes does he mention?a) threeb) four2) Where did Big Foot live?a) Alaskab) Texas3) He says Big Foot _____ to talk about himself.a) lovedb) hated本期话题Topic:Who is a famous folk hero from your country?Hi, my name is Paul Walker. I#39;m from the USA and this is for elllo.org. And my question is: who is a famous folk hero from your country? Texas history is full of colorful and legendary folk heroes, such as Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and Texas John Slaughter. One of the biggest of these is Big Foot Wallace. Big Foot Wallace came to Texas in 1836 to take part in the Texas revolution. He was a soldier, frontiersman, Indian fighter, Texas Ranger, and male carrier. There are many tall tales of Big Foot#39;s life and adventures covering over fifty years of Texas history and he especially enjoyed recounting these tales himself, never telling the same story the same way twice. Big Foot was a big man for his day and time. He was six feet two inches tall and weighed 240 pounds, and Big Foot#39;s feet, they were a foot long.听力b b a /201210/203103

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