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How has China changed you?Editor note: Adapting to life in a different country can be quite difficult, but overtime you realize how much the country is changing you. The things you thought weird at the beginning may be the stuff of your everyday routine. Here are a few of the ways our um ers think their lifestyles have changed during their China stay. Youre also welcome to share your thoughts.1.Drinking warm and hot water..Eating watermelon with a spoon and putting pineapple in salty water.3.Using chopsticks more in both cooking and eating..Being very open about salary.5.Cooking too many dishes even when Im cooking Western food.6.Not getting angry with queue jumpers.7.Cycling like the roads are an obstacle course race.8.Showering bee bed.9.Taking off shoes bee entering a house..Eating a lot of intestine, liver, kidney, etc.Bad parenting1.If your child intentionally disturbs you, it is because you are not physically affectionate enough..If our child is lying, it means you overacted to the mistakes in past.3.If your child does not stand up themselves, it is because from a young age you have disciplined them regularly in public. Parents should not do so even in front of siblings, friends or cousins..If you buy everything your children still they take things that do not belong to them, it is because you don’t let them choose.5.If your child is a coward, it is because you help them too quickly. Don’t remove every obstacle from their path.6.If the child behaves rudely, it is learnt from parents or others living with them. Vocabulary:Affectionate, stand up 7The Bigger They Are the Harder They Fail爬得越跌得越重The psychiatrist was a bit perturbed. He had cured his patient of his delusions but still the man did not seem happy.一位心理医师感到有些厌烦他已治好一名病人的幻想症,但那名患者似乎仍然不快乐;What the matter, Mr. Jones?; he inquired. ;Arent you glad to be dealing with the world realistically?;“到底是怎么一回事,琼斯先生?”他询问道“难道你不喜欢踏实地面对周围的一切吗?”;Oh, sure. Doc, sure .... Only, last year I was Genghis Khan and now I m nobody ! ;“喔,是的,医生,我是很愿意只是去年我还是成吉思汗,现在我成了无名之辈!”

大家好,欢迎来到脑筋转转转,我是Magi,上期留给大家的脑筋急转弯为Can you go to the cinema with your watch broken?你手表坏了,可以去看电影吗?能不能去呢?Of course not, I dont have the time.当然不行,因为我没有时间I dont have the time,有两种理解一为我没有时间;第二种为我没戴手表或者我的手表坏了,不知道时间Of course not, I dont have the time当然不行,我手表坏了,没有时间,不知道时间没有时间就当然去不了电影院了下面我们来看看几个有关time的词组,同时at the same time;始终,一直all the time 及时in time 首次,第一次 the first time.下面给出今天的脑筋急转弯Will liars be honest after they die?骗子死了之后会诚实吗?他们死了会不会改变本性呢?下期将为你揭晓,谢谢你的收听,我们下期节目见! . 6

Ill See to the Rest其余的事交给我A guard was about to signal his train to start when he saw an attractive girl standing on the platm by an open door, talking to another pretty girl inside the carriage.一位列车员刚要发出信号让火车启动,这时他看见一个迷人的姑娘站在月台上,靠在一节车厢的门旁边,跟车厢里另一个漂亮姑娘在说话;Come on, miss!; he shouted. ;Shut the door, please!;“快点,!”他喊道,“请把门关上”;Oh, I just want to kiss my sister goodbye,; she called back.“噢,我还没有和吻别呢”她回答道;You just shut that door, please,; called the guard, ;and Ill see to the rest.;“请把门关上好了,”列车员说,“其余的事交给我” 5Over a lifetime, all of us change to an extraordinary degree. From a physical perspective, we start off as a little bundle about 50 centimeters high.With cherubic features, and elastic soft skin.And then we may end up some ninety years later, as a stoopped, gray, liver-spotted 180 centimeter high structure.人的一生都将会经历巨大的变化就生理变化而言 我们最开始都不过是50厘米高的新生儿天真无邪 皮肤柔软 充满弹性而也许九十年后,我们就会成为弯腰驼背 头发灰白 身患肝斑的一米八的驱壳In the intervening period, every single cell in our body will have been replaced often many times over, and wouldve gone through all kinds of experiences that perhaps leave almost no trace in memory.期间,我们身体里几乎每一个细胞都将一次又一次地被替换,它们也将经历各种各样的几乎不会留在我们记忆中的事The twenty five-year-old wont remember most of what the five-year-old felt so strongly about, the sixty seven-year-old will only dimly recall what was on their mind as they approached 30. We carry the same name throughout our lives, and consider ourselves as a relatively stable ary entity.5岁的你只会对你5岁时的喜怒哀乐保有模糊的记忆,67岁的你也只能依稀记得奔三时的零星往事我们一辈子只有一个名字,并认为自己是一个相对稳定的个体But is really right to think of ourselves as the same person?Once one puts it under a philosophical microscope, the issue of personal identity emerges as far trickier than it first assumed.但一生中,我们是否能认为自己是;同一个人;?当我们用哲学的眼光细细研究时,;人格;这个问题远比我们想象中的更加棘手So in what ways could we be said to be continuous throughout time?What does guarantee that we can plausibly think of ourselves as the same people over a lifetime?那么,我们要怎么样才能称得上是延续不变的?我们到底要在什么条件下,才能一辈子都把自己看作是同一个人?Just where is personal identity located? A standard assumption is that it out body that guarantees our personal identity. This is the theory that a key part of what makes me me, is that Im housed in an identical body.;人格;到底生于何处?通常,人们会认为我们的身体决定了人格这个观点认为;我;之所以为;我;,主要是因为;我;附在我的躯体上But philosophers like to push this assumption around a little. Imagine if I lost all my hair. Would I still be me? Yes, sure. What if I lost a finger? Eh ... Yes. A leg? Definitely. Now, what if a malevolent demon appeared and told us that we have to lose every part of our bodies, but could keep just on bit. Which bit would it be? Few of us will pick our elbows or bellybuttons. Almost all of us would pick our brains, and that tells us something interesting.而哲学家们则喜欢挑战这个设想想象一下 如果我掉光了头发 那我还是我吗?当然是啦那没了一根手指呢?额 . ..是一条腿呢?当然是咯现在,有个恶魔要取走我们身体的所有部位,只留下一部分,你会选哪一部分?很少人会选手肘或者肚脐眼儿几乎所有人都会选大脑,这点非常有趣We assume implicitly that some bits of our bodies are more ;meish;, closer to the core of personal identity than others, and most ;meish;of all the bits are our brains.我们的潜意识认为我们身体的某些部位更能代表;我;,比起其他部分,这些部位更接近我们人格的核心,而最具人格特征的部位就是大脑了Christianity runs a version of this thought experiment. It asks us to think what will happen after our death, and it imagines a separation of the body, ultimately not as significant, and the ongoing survival of a more modest precious bit that it calls the soul.基督教就宣传着对这个思维实验的其中一种解读它让我们想象自己死后会发生什么事,基督教认为,人死后会躯体分离,因为它最终是无关紧要的,而继续存在下去的则是更加精髓的部分——灵魂There another version of this thought experiment that two lovers can play. In the early throes of love, two people whove gone to bed together might ask : what do you really like about me?这个思维实验还有一个版本 适合由情侣来进行在陷入情网的初期,事后的两人也许会问对方:你究竟喜欢我什么?The wrong answer is to say youre fabulous breasts, or your amazing muscular arms. Breast and chest dont ultimately feel meish enough to be a respectable answer. It seems we want to be loved something closer to our real self, perhaps our soul or our brain.以下是错误:你那傲人的胸线,或你那充满力量的手臂胸部并不代表;自我;的典型部位,该零分人们希望听到更能代表他们真实自我的部位,例如灵魂和大脑Let push the thought experiment further. What bit of the brain is actually most crucial to being me? Let imagine that I have a bump to the head and lose my ability to play table tennis. Am I still myself? Most of us would say: yes,sure. What if I once spoke Latin and lose the ability, or got how to cook asparagus with a light mayonnaise sauce? Would I still be me ? Yes. In other words, technical capacities dont feel very close to the core of personal identity.让我们来进一步研究这个思维实验大脑中的哪个部位对于;自我;来说是最重要的呢?试想,如果我的头被砸到了,不能再打乒乓球了我还是我吗?多数人会说:当然是如果我会说拉丁语,突然丧失了这种能力,或者忘了怎么用低脂蛋黄酱炒芦笋?那我还是我吗?是的也就是说技术能力和;人格;并没有很大的关系What about other kinds of memories? A big part of making me me, tends to be my store of memories. I remember that carpet in my bedroom when I was growing up, the girl I was in love with in university, or the weather over Sydney as we came into land my first Australian book tour. But what if these memories all vanished as well? Could I still be me ?那其他方面的记忆呢?我之所以是我,很大程度上取决于我的记忆存储我记得小时候房间里的挂毯,在大学追过的女孩,或者第一次为了签书会而登上澳洲大陆时,悉尼的天气但如果这些记忆都消失了呢?我还能是我吗?One view is : possibly, so long as something else remained, and that thing we can call, my character. In other words, if my characteristic way of responding to situations, my sense of that is fun, wise, interesting or important remain the same, I can still, in some fundamental way, claimed to be the same person.其中一个看法是:只要那种被称为;特性;的东西被保留下来,那我就有可能还是;我;也就是说,我对某种情形的独特反应,以及我对滑稽、睿智、有趣或重要等等的理解保持一致,那么归根结底,我还能称得上是;我;My memory store of feelings and behaviors might be gone, but I could be assured of continuing to feel and behave in compatible ways in the future. Those around me would need to keep reminding me of stuff that happened, but they would still recognize me as me.虽然我的对情感和行为的记忆已经消失,但我感知与行动的方式还是和从前一样身边的人需要不断提醒我以前发生过的事,但他们还是会把失忆的;我;看作以前的;我;A fascinating idea comes into view. Personal identity seems to consist not in bodily survival, I could be put in somebody else body or live in a jar and still be me .nor in the survival of memory, I could get everything and still be me, bet in the survival of what we are here going to call: character.由此可得出一个非常耐人寻味的观点;人格;并不取决于躯体的是否存在,我可以附在别的躯体上,或是在一个瓶子里生活,但我还是我;人格;也不取决于记忆是否存在,我可以完全失忆,但我还是我,;人格;取决于我们接下来要说的;特性;之中This is an idea attributed to the English philosopher John Locke, who famously wrote personal identity is made up of what he called sameness of consciousness.这个观点是英国哲学家约翰·洛克提出的,他有一名句:人格是由意识的同一性构成的If a demon offered as a choice between remembering everything but feeling and valuing very differently, or feeling and valuing the same sorts of things but remembering nothing, most of us would, Lock suggests, chose the latter. So if we have to boil personal identity down to its essence, it seems to come down to values, inclinations and temperament.如果一个魔鬼让你选择 A. 记得所有事,但对事物的感知和评价有巨大变化B. 对事物感知和评价不变,但忘记所有事洛克认为,大多数人都会选择B(价值观不变)所以 若将 ;人格;这个概念进行提炼,那剩下就只是价值观、意向和性格Let think of death with all these in mind. The standard view of death is that it sad because it means the end of our identity. Now it certainly does mean the end if we identify identity with the survival of our bodies or without our memories.明白了这些之后,让我们来考虑一下死亡常人认为 死亡让人悲伤,是因为它意味着人格的消亡如果我们认为人格和躯体或记忆有关,那死亡的确就等于人格的消亡But if we think that who we are is to a large degree about our values and characteristic loves and hates, then were in a sense, granted a kind of mortality.但如果我们认为;自我;很大程度上取决于我们的价值观和个人独特的爱恨情仇,那就某种意义而言,我们是永生的Simply through the fact that these will continue to live on in our species as a whole, lodged here and there, outside of their present home. Perhaps what we have learned to call ;me ; was only ever a temporary resting place, a set of ideas and proclivities that are far older, and are destined to live on far longer than our bodies. We might attempt to be less sad about death by letting go of the idea, that we are a particular constellation of physical features.Youre always in a sense far longer lasting, far more trans-generational as a bundle of inclinations and ideas.因为他们将一直在人类这个物种中存在,他们寄存在这人或那人身上,不局限于现在的躯体中也许现在我们所说的;我;只是一个暂时的储存空间,寄存着一堆早就存在的想法和意向,而且远在我们的肉体消亡之后,它们还能存在下去如果我们不再把;人格;看成是由一堆生理特征组成的话,那面对死亡,我们就能更看得开了如果把;人格;看作一系列的意向和想法的话,那你的人格将能跨越世世代代,比你的躯体更加长寿We will continue to crop up and live, wherever those ideas that are most characteristic of us will emerge, as they must in the generations that have to come.在未来的千秋万代里,哪里有着最具;我;的特性的思想,哪里就会有我们生活的踪迹Focusing in on questions of identity has the paradoxical and rather cheering effect of making us both less attached to certain bits of us, and more confident that the really important things about who we have been will survive in a way long after or bodies of return to dust and our memories have been obliterated.注重;人格;有一种非常矛盾却鼓舞人心的效果,它让我们不再痴迷于自己身体的某些部位,而是让我们坚信对;我;来说最重要的东西会在我们的躯体早已归于尘土、记忆早已消逝无踪时仍然长存不朽 57668

Two jobs两份工作While on recess duty at the elementary school where I teach, I was talking with several second-grades about what they want o be when they grew up. Rhonda said that she was planning to be a nun. ;But, Rhonda,; I protested, ;Last week you said you were going to be prime minister.; Giving me her most withering look, she retorted, ;I can have two jobs if I want to.;在我任教的那所小学,一次课间休息时间赶上我值班,我和几个二年级的学生讨论他们长大之后想做什么朗达说她想当修女“可是,朗达,”我反对说,“上个星期你还说你想当首相呢!”她咄咄逼人地瞪了我一眼,反驳道:“只要我想,我可以干两份工作嘛” 3670Wedding Anniversary 结婚纪念日I was accompanying my husband on a business trip. He carried his portable computer with him, and the guard at the airport gate asked him to open the case. It was locked, and the man waited patiently as my embarrassed spouse struggled to remember the combination . At last he succeeded. 我陪丈夫一起出差,他带着他的手提式计算机机场出口处检查员要他打开包他耐心的等着我那窘迫的丈夫设法回想起暗锁的密码最后他终于想起来了Why are you so nervous I asked him. “你为什么那么紧张呢?”我问他The numbers are the date of our anniversary. my husband confessed. “这密码是我们结婚纪念日”他承认道1.accompanyaccompany sb. to someplace陪同...去... keep sb. company陪伴 和某人做伴 in the company of在...陪伴下 accompany sb aton sth给某人伴奏.portable computerportable表示手提的,轻便的portable computer--手提电脑,便携式电脑lap-top computer--便携式电脑,可折叠的电脑notebook computer--笔记本式个人电脑portable 比较大一点的,可携带的都算此类lap-top computer和notebook computer都是笔记本式,lap-top厚度大一点,notebook薄一点 0

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