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  • achievetry to achieveone is trying to achieveget what one is trying to achieveOne of the most dangerous ms of human error is getting what one is trying to achieve.目标试图达到目标一个人试图达到目标忘记自己的试图达到目标是什么人犯错误最危险的一种就是忘记自己的目标是什么error:错误;实用短语:make an error:犯错误;实用例句:Carelessness often leads to errors.粗枝大叶往往造成错误
  • I got a call yesterday from Amy, a co-worker from the office. She and I work in the same department. We've had lunch at work a few times but I really didn't know her that well. I was really glad she called.Kevin: Hello.Amy: Hi, could I speak to Kevin?Kevin: This is Kevin.Amy: Oh, hi, it's Amy from work.Kevin: Oh, hey, how's it going? I didn't recognize your voice. Amy: Not bad. Listen, the reason I'm calling is that I'm having a dinner party a week from Saturday at my place around 7:30. I wanted to see if you could make it.Kevin: So it's not this Saturday but the Saturday after that. That would be the th.Amy: Yeah, that's right, the following Saturday, the th. Kevin: Let me just check my calendar Yeah, I think I can make it. Are you inviting anyone else from work?Amy: Yeah, I am. Jennifer from marketing aly RSVP-ed so she'll be there sure and I'm waiting to hear back from James in ing. I've also invited a few other friends.Kevin: Just out of curiosity, are they in finance, too?Amy: No. My friend Janis is in the medical field. She's an orthopedic surgeon. She's bringing her boyfriend, Tim, and I think he's an engineer in the automobile industry. Then, there's Megan. She works part-time in retail and moonlights as a tour guide on the weekends. She's been wanting to get into the hospitality industry a long time. Kevin: Wow, that sounds like a great group of people. I'm looking ward to it. Can I bring anything?Amy: No, that's okay. Just come and bring your appetite. Kevin: Sounds great. Thanks the invitation.Amy: No problem. I'm glad you can make it. See you in the office tomorrow.Kevin: See you then. Bye. 18
  • In the doorway of my home, I looked closely at the face of my 3-year-old son, Daniel, his backpack by his side. 在家门口,我凝视着3岁的儿子丹尼尔的脸,他的背包就放在身旁We were saying goodbye.几个小时之后我们即将道别In a few hours he would be flying to France.他就要飞往法国He would be staying there at least a year to learn another language and experience life in a different country.他将在那里待上至少一年的时间学习另一种语言,体验另一个国度的生活It was a transitional time in Daniel’s life, a passage, a step from college into the adult world. 这是丹尼尔生命中的一个过渡时期,也是他从象牙塔进入成人世界踏出的一步I wanted to leave him some words that would have some meaning, some significance beyond the moment.我希望送给他几句话,几句能让他受用终身的话语But nothing came from my lips. 但我竟一句话也说不出来No sound broke the stillness of my beachside home. 我们的房子坐落在海边,此刻屋里一片静寂Outside, I could hear the shrill cries of sea gulls as they circled the ever changing surf on Long Island.屋外,海鸥在波涛澎湃的长岛海域上空盘旋,我能听见它们的声声尖叫Inside, I stood frozen and quiet, looking into the searching eyes of my son.我就这样冷冷地站在屋里,默默地注视着儿子那双困惑的眼睛What made it more difficult was that I knew this was not the first time I had let such a moment pass. 更糟的是,我知道自己已经不是第一次让如此重要的时光白白流逝When Daniel was five, I took him to the school-bus stop on his first day of kindergarten. 丹尼尔五岁的时候,那是他上幼儿园的第一天,我领着他来到校车的停车点I felt the tension in his hand holding mine as the bus turned the corner. 当校车转过街角出现时,他的小手紧紧地攥着我,我感觉到了他的紧张I saw color flush his cheeks as the bus pulled up. 校车到站的那一刻,丹尼尔双颊发红He looked at me—as he did now.抬头望着我——就像现在这样What is it going to be like, Dad? Can I do it? Will I be okay? “爸爸,接下来会怎样呢?我能行么?我会很好吗?”And then he walked up the steps of the bus and disappeared inside. 说着,他上了校车,消失在我的视线里And the bus drove away. 车开走了And I had said nothing.我却始终开不了口A decade or so later, a similar scene played itself out. 十多年后,这一幕再次上演With his mother, I drove him to William and Mary College in Virginia. 我和妻子开车送他到维吉尼亚州的威廉玛丽学院读书His first night, he went out with his new schoolmates, and when he met us the next morning, he was sick. 在学校的第一个晚上,丹尼尔和他的新同学一起外出,第二天清晨,再见到他时,他病了He was coming down with mononucleosis, but we could not know that then. 其实他当时已经染上了单核细胞增多症,但我们并不知道那件事We thought he had a hangover.以为他只是有点不舒而已In his room, Dan lay stretched out on his bed as I started to leave the trip home. 我准备启程回家时,丹尼尔正在宿舍的床上躺着I tried to think of something to say to give him courage and confidence as he started this new phase of life.我很想说一些鼓励的话语,在他开始这份新生活时,给他一些勇气和信心Again, words failed me. 但是,我再一次语塞I mumbled something like, “Hope you feel better, Dan.” And I left.我只是咕哝了一句:“希望你快点好起来,丹尼尔”然后就转身离开了Now, as I stood bee him, I thought of those lost opporties. 此时此刻,当我站在他面前,我想起了那些错过的时刻How many times have we all let such moments pass? 究竟有多少次,我们让这些珍贵的时刻白白溜走?A boy graduates from school, a daughter gets married. 儿子的毕业典礼,女儿的婚礼等等We go through the motions of the ceremony, but we don’t seek out our children and find a quiet moment to tell them what they have meant to us. 我们疲于应付这些热闹的场面,却没有在人群中抓住我们的孩子,找个安静的地方,亲口说出他们对我们有多么重要Or what they might expect to face in the years ahead.或者与他们聊聊未来的挑战和人生的期望How fast the years had passed. 时光飞逝,岁月如梭Daniel was born in New Orleans, LA.,in 196, slow to walk and talk, and small of stature. 196年,小丹尼尔出生于洛杉矶新奥尔良市他学会走路和说话要比同龄人稍迟一些,个子也长得不高He was the tiniest in his class, but he developed a warm, outgoing nature and was popular with his peers.但是,尽管丹尼尔是班里最瘦小的一个,但他的性格热情外向,在同学中人缘颇佳He was coordinated and agile, and he became adept in sports.由于协调性好,动作敏捷,他很快就成了运动高手Baseball gave him his earliest challenge. 棒球是丹尼尔人生的第一项挑战He was an outstanding pitcher in Little League, and eventually, as a senior in high school, made the varsity, winning half the team’s games with a record of five wins and two losses.他是棒球队里出色的投手,高三的时候,丹尼尔带领学校棒球队所向披靡,创下了七局五胜的记录At graduation, the coach named Daniel the team’s most valuable player. 在毕业典礼上,棒球教练宣布他为球队里的最有价值球员His finest hour, though,came at a school science fair. 然而,丹尼尔最辉煌的时刻却是在一次校园科技展上He entered an exhibit showing how the circulatory system works. 丹尼尔带着他的循环电路系统参加了这次展览It was primitive and crude, especially compared to the fancy, computerized, blinking-light models entered by other students. 与其他参展学生的那些新奇怪异、电脑操控、熠熠发光的模型相比,丹尼尔的作品相形见绌My wife, Sara, felt embarrassed him.我的妻子莎拉都感到有些尴尬It turned out that the other kids had not done their own work—their parents had made their exhibits. 后来我们才知道,其他孩子的作品并不是自己完成的,而是父母代劳的As the judges went on their rounds, they found that these other kids couldn’t answer their questions. 当评委在现场评审的时候,他们发现这些孩子都对参展作品一无所知,无法回答他们的问题Daniel answered every one. 只有丹尼尔对答如流When the judges awarded the Albert Einstein Plaque the best exhibit, they gave it to him.于是,他们把本次展览的最佳作品奖颁给了丹尼尔,并授予他艾伯特·爱因斯坦奖牌By the time Daniel left college he stood six feet tall and weighed 0 pounds. 丹尼尔刚进大学时已经是个身高六尺、重一百七十磅的堂堂男子汉了He was muscular and in superb condition, but he never pitched another inning, having given up baseball English literature. 自从放弃棒球而选择英国文学后,肌肉结实、身体强壮的丹尼尔就再没打过棒球了I was sorry that he would not develop his athletic talent, but proud that he had made such a mature decision.我为他放弃了自己的体育特长感到遗憾,但更为他做出如此慎重的决定感到骄傲One day I told Daniel that the great failing in my life had been that I didn’t take a year or two off to travel when I finished college. 有一次,我告诉丹尼尔,我一生中最大的失误就是,大学刚毕业时没能抽出一两年的时间出游旅行This is the best way, to my way of thinking, to broaden oneself and develop a larger perspective on life.在我看来,旅行是开拓视野、形成豁达人生观的最好的方式Once I had married and begun working, I found that the dream of living in another culture had vanished.而当我成家工作以后,我发现,体验异国文化的梦想已经烟消云散了Daniel thought about this. 听了这番话后,丹尼尔若有所思His friends said that he would be insane to put his career on hold. 丹尼尔的朋友告诫他说,为了游历世界而把事业搁在一边,这是非常愚蠢的疯狂行为But he decided it wasn’t so crazy.但丹尼尔并不认同After graduation, he worked as a waiter at college, a bike messenger and a house painter. 毕业后,他曾在大学校园端盘子,骑单车送报纸,还替人刷过墙With the money he earned, he had enough to go to Paris.通过打工挣钱,他攒足了去巴黎的路费The night bee he was to leave, I tossed in bed. 丹尼尔离开的前一晚上,我在床上辗转难眠I was trying to figure out something to say. 我想准备好明天要说的话Nothing came to mind. Maybe, I thought, it wasn;t necessary to say anything.但脑袋里却一片空白,也许根本就无须说什么,我安慰自己What does it matter in the course of a life-time if a father never tells a son what he really thinks of him? 即使一位父亲一辈子都不曾亲口告诉儿子自己对他的看法,那又如何?But as I stood bee Daniel, I knew that it does matter. 然而,当我面对着丹尼尔,我知道这非常重要My father and I loved each other. 我爱我的父亲,他也爱我Yet, I always regretted never hearing him put his feelings into words and never having the memory of that moment.但我从未听他说过什么心里话,更没有这些感人的回忆,为此,我总是心怀遗憾Now, I could feel my palms sweat and my throat tighten. 现在,我能感觉到自己手心冒汗,喉咙也在打结Why is it so hard to tell a son something from the heart? 为什么对儿子说几句心里话这么困难?My mouth turned dry, and I knew I would be able to get out only a few words clearly.我的嘴巴变得干涩,我想我顶多能够清晰地吐出几个字而已“Daniel,; I said, ;if I could have picked, I would have picked you.;“丹尼尔,”我终于挤出了一句,“如果上帝让我选择谁是我的儿子,我始终会选你”That;s all I could say. 这是我说的唯一一句话I wasn;t sure he understood what I meant. 我不知道丹尼尔是否理解了这句话Then he came toward me and threw his arms around me. 但他扑过来伸出胳膊抱住了我 a moment, the world and all its people vanished, and there was just Daniel and me in our home by the sea.那一刻,整个世界都消失了,只剩下我和丹尼尔站在海边的小屋里He was saying something, but my eyes misted over, and I couldn;t understand what he was saying. 丹尼尔也在说着什么,但泪水已经模糊了我的双眼,我一个字也没听进去All I was aware of was the stubble on his chin as his face pressed against mine. 当他的脸紧贴着我时,我感觉到了他下巴的胡子楂And then, the moment ended. 然后,一切恢复原样I went to work, and Daniel left a few hours later with his girlfriend.我继续工作,丹尼尔几个小时后带着女友离开了That was seven weeks ago, and I think about him when I walk along the beach on weekends. 七个星期过去了周末在海边散步时,我会想起丹尼尔Thousands of miles away, somewhere out past the ocean waves breaking on the deserted shore, he might be scurrying across Boulevard Saint Germain, strolling through a musty hallway of the Louvre, bending an elbow in a Left Bank cafe.几千英里之外的某个地方,横跨这个荒芜海岸的茫茫大海,丹尼尔也许正飞奔着穿越圣热蒙大道,或者漫步在卢浮宫散发着霉味的走廊上,又或者正托着下巴,坐在左岸咖啡馆里憩息What I had said to Daniel was clumsy and trite. 我对丹尼尔说的那些话,既晦涩又老套It was nothing. And yet, it was everything.空洞无文然而,它却道出了一切 3
  • 只有一种弱读形式;Tell us a story please.Show us the picture that you drew.They want us to leave.It is not good us.He is coming with us. 59
  • A friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out.别人都走开的时候,朋友仍与你在一起Sometimes in life, you find a special friend, someone who changes your life just being part of it.有时候在生活中,你会找到一个特别的朋友,他只是你生活中的一部分,却能改变你的整个生活Someone who makes you laugh until you can’t stop.他会把你逗得开怀大笑Someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the world.他会让你相信人间有真情Someone who convinces you that there really is an unlocked door just waiting you to open it.他会让你确信,真的有一扇不加锁的门,在等待着你去开启This is ever friendship.这就是永远的友谊When you’re down, and the world seems dark and empty, your ever friend lifts you up in spirits and makes that dark and empty world suddenly seem bright and full;当你失意, 当世界变得黯淡与空虚, 你真正的朋友会让你振作起来,原本黯淡、空虚的世界顿时变得明亮和充实Your ever friend gets you through the hard times, the sad times, and the confused times.你真正的朋友会与你一同度过困难、伤心和烦恼的时刻If you turn and walk away, your ever friend follows.你转身走开时, 真正的朋友会紧紧相随If you lose your way, your ever friend guides you and cheers you on.你迷失方向时, 真正的朋友会引导你,鼓励你Your ever friend holds your hand and tells you that everything is going to be ok.真正的朋友会握着你的手,告诉你一切都会好起来的And if you find such friend, you feel happy and complete. Because you need no worry, you have a ever friend life, and ever has no end.如果你找到了这样的朋友, 你会快乐,觉得人生完整 因为你无需再忧虑你拥有了一个真正的朋友,永永远远,永无止境 50
  • I was very much pleased and astonished at the glorious show of these gay vegetables, that arose in great profusion on all the banks about us.看到花团锦簇的美妙画面,我真是又惊又喜一垄一垄的花儿,密密麻麻地将我笼罩Sometimes I considered every leaf as an elaborate piece of tissue, in which the ths and fibers were woven together into different configurations, which gave a different coloring to the light as it glanced on the several parts of the surface.一时间,我觉得每一片叶子都变成一方精美别致的薄纱,经纬交错,形成一幅幅千娇百媚的画卷阳光照在薄纱不同的角落上,叶子便映出五斑斓的色Sometimes I considered the whole bed of tulips, according to the notion of the greatest mathematician and philosopher that ever lived, as a multitude of optic instruments, designed the separating light into all those various colors of which it is composed.有时我觉得,这大片的郁金香,在曾经最伟大的数学家和哲学家看来,就是由众多的光学仪器把光线分散成为的各种不同的颜色I was awakened out these my philosophical speculations, by observing the company often seemed to laugh at me.意识到大家似乎一直在嘲笑我,我这才从陶醉中清醒过来I accidentally praised a tulip as one of the finest I ever saw; upon which they told me, it was a common Fool Coat.我赞美一朵郁金香,认为它是世界上最美丽的花朵但他们却出乎意料地告诉我,那仅仅是最普通的“愚人衣”Upon that I praised another, which it seems was but another kind of Fool Coat.然后,我又去赞美另一朵,但那朵花好像也属于“愚人衣”I had the same fate with two or three more, which reason I desired the owner of the garden to let me know which were the finest of the flower;赞美其他两三朵花时,我遇到了相同的情况于是,我恳求花园的主人告诉我,哪些是最好的花 that I was so unskillful in the art, that I thought the most beautiful were the most valuable, and that those which had the gayest colours were the most beautiful.因为我对花一知半解,一直以为最美的就是最有价值的,最鲜艳的就是最美的The gentleman smiled at my ignorance.看到我这样,主人只是一笑了之 66
  • Live with me, and be my love, and we will all the pleasures prove,请来与我同住,做我的爱人,我们要享受所有的欢乐By hills and valleys, dales and fields, and all the pleasant pastures yields.而那些幽谷,果园,小山,原野,森林,或是嶙峋的山峰,都将为我们歌唱There will we sit upon the rocks, and see the shepherds feed their flocks,我们要坐在高高的岩石上,看那牧羊人悠闲的放牧着羊群,By shallow waters, by whose falls Melodious birds sing madrigals.伴随着河水流动的潺潺乐声,欢乐的小鸟也会为我们唱出美妙动人的歌儿There will I make thee a bed of roses, with a thousand fragrant posies.我要为你献上玫瑰的花床和千百束芬香的花束 97
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