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昆明市儿童医院治疗疤痕多少钱昆明盘龙区做疤痕修复多少钱昆明市昆华医院做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱 Business The Oppenheimers Swapping gems for cash商业 宝石 交易What next for South Africas foremost mining family?南非最有影响力的矿业家族,下一步会如何?MOST people would be overjoyed to pocket .1 billion.在大多数人眼里,获得51亿美元是一件高兴的事。But Nicky Oppenheimer, the chairman of De Beers, said that it was with a heavy heart that his family had decided to sell its remaining 40% stake in the worlds biggest diamond miner to Anglo American, a mining behemoth.然而对于尼克 奥本海默而言,这位德比尔斯(全球最大,历史最悠久的钻石矿业公司)主席却不那么轻松。其家族海默家族已经决定向矿业巨头英美资源集团出售剩余的40%德比尔斯的股份。The deal marks the end of an era for South Africas foremost mining dynasty.而这次交易也标志这个南非矿业巨头辉煌时代的结束。The Oppenheimers have been in the diamond business for more than a century, including over 80 years with De Beers.海默家族涉足钻石业已超过一个世纪,其中80年在德比尔斯工作。Nickys grandfather Ernest settled in South Africa in 1902, having been posted to the diamond-boom town of Kimberley at the age of 22 as an agent for a London-based firm of gem traders.尼克的祖父欧内斯特在1902年定居在南非。在他22岁那年,作为一家总部在伦敦的钻石交易公司的代理,他外派到钻石业繁荣的小城金伯利。By 1917 he had set up his own mining company, Anglo American.1917年,他已有了自己的矿业公司,英美资源集团。A few years later he won control of De Beers, a diamond miner that had been founded in 1880 by Cecil Rhodes, a British-born colonialist.几年之后,他又掌控了德比尔斯,一家由英国殖民者塞西尔?罗兹于1880年创立的企业。By the time Rhodes died in 1902, De Beers controlled 90% of the worlds diamond production.1902年,也就是罗兹去世时间,德比尔斯钻石产量占据世界份额的90%。Rhodess immense fortune still pays for people like Bill Clinton to study at Oxford.至今,罗兹的巨额财富仍在付美国前总统克林顿在牛津大学学习的费用。Since 1929, when Sir Ernest (knighted for war services in 1921) took over as chairman, the Oppenheimers have led De Beers almost without interruption, massaging the price of diamonds by hoarding them and occasionally selling part of the firms stockpile.1929年,欧内斯特爵士成为德比尔斯主席。自此之后,海默家族一直经营着德比尔斯,并通过控制库存量来调控钻石价格。The family has wielded political influence, too, mostly bankrolling liberal causes.与此同时,海默家族为一些南非的自由事业提供资助,在政界也有一定的影响。Both Ernest and his son Harry served in South Africas parliament: Ernest for 14 years in the run-up to the second world war, and Harry for nine years as a member of the anti-apartheid opposition.另外,欧内斯特和儿子哈利也曾为南非议会务:欧内斯特在14年里为二战提供持,哈利也是种族主义的持者。Of late, however, the familys influence has waned.近来,海默家族的影响力却日渐衰弱。Some wonder whether Nicky and his son Jonathan have the same drive and acumen as their swashbuckling forebears.一些人就质疑尼克和他的儿子是否拥有先驱的进取心和洞察力。And Anglo American, the firm their family founded (and in which it now has a stake of 2%), moved its headquarters to London in 1999.而且英美资源集团,这个曾经海默家族一手打造的企业也在1999年把总部迁到了伦敦。Nicky Oppenheimer insists that the family will stay connected with South Africa: they are still based in Johannesburg.而尼克 奥本海默却坚持家族应该要立足于南非:其总部仍在约翰内斯堡。What will the Oppenheimers do with their new pile of cash?奥本海默家族又如何运用这笔钱?The deal will take months to complete, so they have time to ponder.这次交易历经数月才能完成,因而海默家族有着足够的时间来考量。Under its terms, they are barred from dabbling in diamonds for two years. But other possibilities abound.条款规定,他们在2年内禁止从事钻石行业。但不排除有其他可能他们将再次干起老本行。The family has two investment arms. One, called Stockdale Street Capital, invests largely in medium-sized firms in South Africa.海默家族有2个投资分部:斯托克代尔街资本,主要投资南非的中型企业。The other, Tana Africa Capital, is a joint venture with Singapores sovereign-wealth fund, Temasek, and invests in the rest of Africa.非洲塔纳资本,这家与新加坡淡马锡(主权财富基金公司)成立的合资公司则负责其余非洲的业务。Among other things, it holds a stake in a Nigerian firm that sells powdered milk, and it plans to build up five to ten substantial firms over the next decade.除了这些之外,家族还拥有一家尼日利亚的奶粉厂,并计划在近十年中投资在新建5到10个新工厂。At the moment, Tana is focused on fast-moving consumer goods and agriculture, and to a lesser extent on building materials, health and education.与此同时,塔纳资本愈发重视投资日益繁荣的消费品和农产品行业。同时,也在慢慢涉足建筑材料领域、健康领域和教育界。The new money could go into any or all of these areas, says James Teeger, a family spokesman.娜塔丽珍,这位家族的发言人声称,家族获得的资金会投资到这些行业中。And the Oppenheimers may also look at infrastructure and energy, two of the hottest businesses south of the Sahara.除此之外,基础设施和能源领域是作为撒哈拉沙漠南部最热门的行业,海默家族也在考量着对这两个领域进行投资。Nicky Oppenheimer is said to be furiously jetting around looking for shrewd places to inject his cash.据说,尼克四处打探消息,寻找可以投钱的最佳场所。 /201212/212908昆明韩辰整形美容医院打瘦脸针

昆明省中医医院绣眉多少钱What’s So Special About A Sharp Knife?Everyone knows that a sharp knife cuts better than a dull one, but do you know why, exactly?The purpose of the cutting edge of a knife is to concentrate the force that’s being applied at the handle.When you push down on the handle of a knife you exert a force. The force on the handle and the edge are the same, but the areas in which the force is concentrated are quite different.At the handle your hand’s force is sp over a wide area, but on the cutting edge it is concentrated in a very small area, so therefore the pressure on the edge is much greater.You can easily see how this works with a piece of modeling clay, a nail with a wide head, and a nail with a small head. First hold the nail with the wide head by its shaft and push it head-first into the ball of clay. Then do the same with the small-headed nail.The small-headed nail goes into the clay much more easily than the wide-headed nail. Since the head of the small nail has less surface area than the big one, the force of your push is concentrated in a smaller area, exerts more pressure on the clay, and so the nail goes in more easily. The same principal causes pointed high-heeled shoes to sink into a soft surface more easily than flat shoes.By applying this principal to the knife you can see that with a keener edge there’s a greater concentration of the pressure on the edge, so it takes much less force to make the knife cut. /201205/184745昆明祛胎记的价格 昆明市第一人民医院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱

昆明市打溶脂针价格 Fish produces a toxic venom which causes profound pain followed by tissue death in its victims. But according to scientists at Sarpolars Butertan institute. The nickname isnt all bad. The researches led by Monicol Lowpest Folelar said the fishs venom also contains chemical compounds with extremely powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Folelar says tests on laboratary mice have proven that compounds are ideal for treating the symptoms of asthma, a chronic, sometimes fatal disease of the lungs which can stricts the airways causing shortness of breath.巴西蟾鱼的毒液可导致受害者组织坏死并伴有剧痛。但Sarpolar Butertan学院的科学家们来说,这种毒素并不只有坏处。Monicol Lowpest Folelar小组的实验结果显示,这种毒液中含有一种有强力消炎功效的成分。Folelar表示,实验室中的白鼠实验实,这种成分可以有效治疗哮喘。哮喘是一种慢性肺部疾病,病发时气管收缩造成短时窒息,这种疾病可能致死。Foleral and her colleagues are using the fish venom compounds in the new drug, she says its superior to those currently available.Foleral和她的同事首次将这种成分制药,她表示新药的效果明显优于现在市场上的药物。In the first place, I would say the new drug has the same or even a greater strength than existing asthma drugs. Secondly, it just not has any side effects.首先,这种新药和现在市场上的药物有相同的效果,甚至是比现在的药物效果更好。其次,这种新药没有任何副作用。In commonly prescribed steroid-based drugs those side effects often includes nausea, high blood pressure, and appetite lost, and patients cant use the drugs continuously. Forleter says thats not the case with the new treatment. The drug she has developped is a synthetic and mass producible version of the compounds found naturally in the fish. And while the institute has secured the patent. Foleral says the process of getting the new drug to the market has only just began.一般来说,常用的类固醇类药物会带来头晕,血压升高,食欲不振等副作用,患者不能持续用药。Foleral表示,他们研制的新药物就不存在这一问题。因为新药物是从自然界中的鱼身上提取出来的物质合成加工而成的。该实验室的学院还向患者们保药品的安全性。Foleral说,新药目前才刚刚上市。Weve completed the entire scientific process, the part which was the responsibility of the researchers. Now, a lot more investments will be necessary, large financial investments in order for the drug to be produced on a larger scale.我们完善了整个科学实验过程,对我们的研究负起责任。现在,吸引投资对发售新药来说十分重要,大投资才能大规模生产。Foleral estimates the process will take about 3 years, eventually helping asthma sufferers, and the Nican fish reputation.Foleral估计新药的推广需要3年时间,最终会帮助患者摆脱病痛,蝉鱼也将发挥它的神奇功效。Romio Reatuers.Romio报道,路透社消息。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201209/198004德宏州妇幼保健院治疗痘坑多少钱昆明韩城医院去痣多少钱



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