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When Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe spoke on the southern island of Okinawa last week he faced loud heckling but Japan’s media did not report it.日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)上周在日本南部的冲绳岛发表讲话时,遭到大声诘难,但日本媒体却并未报道此事。Such heckling is highly unusual in decorous Japan so the decision to ignore it by many news outlets, including national broadcaster NHK and the top circulation Yomiuri newspaper, shows how successfully Mr Abe has cowed, or co-opted, the Japanese press, say critics of the prime minister.安倍的批评者称,在注重礼仪的日本,这样的诘难十分罕见,因此,包括日本国家广播电视机构日本放送协NHK)和日本发行量最高的报纸《读卖新闻Yomiuri)在内的诸多媒体决定忽略此事,充分表明安倍在胁迫和笼络日本媒体方面做得有多么成功。Mr Abe appointed a close supporter as director-general of NHK and targeted the liberal Asahi newspaper’s coverage of wartime “comfort womenin moves that stoked fears about press freedom in Japan.安倍曾将一名与其关系密切的持者任命为NHK的会长,并针对自由派报纸《朝日新闻Asahi)关于战时“慰安妇”的报道采取了多项措施,这些措施引发了对日本新闻自由的担忧。It emerged at the weekend that a group of young parliamentarians from Mr Abe’s Liberal Democratic party want to put pressure on businesses to withdraw advertising to discipline recalcitrant media outlets.上周末有消息称,安倍所在的自民LDP)中,有一群年轻议员打算对商界施加压力,要他们撤回在不管束的媒体发布的广告,以惩戒这些媒体。“In terms of the heckling in Okinawa, the fact NHK didn’t really report it shows that the Abe government has largely succeeded in emasculating the Japanese media,said Koichi Nakano, professor of politics at Sophia University in Tokyo.东京上智大学(Sophia University)政治学教授中野浩一(Koichi Nakano)表示:“就安倍在冲绳受到的诘难而言,NHK实际上并未予以报道。这说明,安倍政府在很大程度上成功地阉割了日本媒体。”Speaking at a war memorial ceremony, Mr Abe was heckled with shouts of “Warmonger!and “Go home! showing the depth of feeling on Okinawa about plans to build a new US Marine Corps base on the island.当时,在一个战争纪念仪式上发表讲话的安倍,遭到一些人的大声诘难,这些人高呼“战争贩子!”和“滚回家去!”。这些口号突显出冲绳民众对在该岛新建美海军陆战队基地的计划有多么愤慨。But a NHK news bulletin just showed brief clips of Mr Abe’s appearance at the end of an item about the 70th anniversary of the second world war battle of Okinawa. Both NHK and the Yomiuri declined to comment on editorial decisions.但NHK的新闻节目只是在一则关于二战冲绳战0周年纪念活动的新闻的末尾,播出了安倍在此次活动中亮相的几个简短镜头。NHK和《读卖新闻》都拒绝就其编辑决策置评。Concern about freedom of the press mounted after reports that the Culture and Arts study group of young LDP politicians, regarded as close to Mr Abe, had discussed ways to target hostile media at a meeting on June 25.有报道称,由年轻自民党政客组成的“文化艺术恳话会Culture and Arts study group)曾在65日的一次会议上,讨论了对付敌对媒体的办法,这些年轻政客被认为与安倍关系密切。这则报道令人们更加担心日本的新闻自由状况。“The most effective way to punish the mass media is to make them lose advertising revenue and to do so, the government should apply pressure on Keidanren [Japan’s main business body],one participant was reported to have said.据报道,一名与会者曾表示:“惩戒大众媒体的最有效方式,就是令它们失去广告收入。要做到这一点,政府应对日本经济团体联合会(Keidanren,日本主要商业团体)施加压力。”Naoki Hyakuta, an author who spoke at the meeting, was ed as saying that the two main Okinawa newspapers “must be closed down by any means报道援引在会上发言的作家百田尚Naoki Hyakuta)的言论称,“必须动用一切手段关闭”冲绳的两家主要报纸。The LDP party moved quickly to stem the damage by attacks from its parliamentarians on the press becoming public. It sacked the convener of the Culture and Arts group from his position as head of the party’s youth division.自民党迅速采取行动,遏制该党议员攻击媒体一事曝光所产生的破坏性影响,解除了此次文化艺术恳话会召集人的自民党青年局局长职务。“Freedom of expression is the root of democracy so it’s unacceptable for the LDP not to show our clear support for it,Mr Abe said.安倍表示:“言论自由是民主的根基。因此,对自民党来说,不显示出我们对言论自由的明确持,是无法令人接受的。”His government is struggling to push security laws through parliament. The laws reinterpret Japan’s pacifist constitution to let it fight in defence of allied forces.目前,安倍政府正在艰难地推动安保法案在议会获得通过。这一法案重新解释了日本和平宪法,以使日本能够为保卫盟军而作战。One reason for the stability of Mr Abe’s government over the past two and a half years has been his success in managing the media. Professor Nakano said it was “certainly truethe press has become weaker since Mr Abe came to power but that cracks are emerging as the prime minister’s popularity falls.安倍政府在过去两年半里保持稳定的原因之一,就是他成功地控制住了媒体。中野教授表示,安倍掌权以来,媒体“无疑”已经弱化,不过,随着安倍持率下滑,这种控制正在出现裂缝。“The fact that the [Culture and Arts] story came out indicates that the control over the media by the government is getting less firm,Mr Nakano said. “The government is becoming weak enough for the media to feel emboldened.”中野表示:“(恳话会)那件事会曝光,说明政府对媒体的控制力没有那么强了。政府正在变弱,因此媒体的胆子也大了起来。”来 /201507/383688Ukraine and Russia have agreed a tentative deal to restore the supply of natural gas at talks in Berlin today.乌克兰和俄罗斯昨日在柏林举行会谈,就恢复天然气供应达成了初步协议。Ukraine has agreed to pay a total of .1bn to Russias Gazprom for outstanding invoices by the end of this year.乌克兰同意向俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司(Gazprom)付总计31亿美元,用于偿还到今年年底之前的未偿还债务。In return, Gazprom will supply five billion cubic metres of natural gas. reports the FTs Jeevan Vasagar.同时,俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司将向乌克兰供应50亿立方米的天然气。The first tranche of bn will be paid by the end of October, EU energy commissioner Günther Oettinger announced in Berlin on Friday.欧盟(EU)能源专员冈瑟#8226;厄廷Günther Oettinger)周五在柏林宣布,乌克兰首0亿美元款项将0月底之前付。Ukraines energy minister Yury Prodan held talks in Berlin today with Russian energy minister Alexander Novak and the European energy commissioner. The chief executives of Gazprom and Ukrainian utility Naftogaz were also present.乌克兰能源部长尤#8226;普罗Yury Prodan)昨日与俄罗斯能源部长亚历山大#8226;诺瓦Alexander Novak)以及欧洲能源专员厄廷格在柏林举行会谈。俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司和乌克兰国家石油天然气公司(Naftogaz)的首席执行官也参加了会谈。Russia halted natural gas flows to Ukraine, a major transit route for EU gas, in June because of a dispute over price and payment arrears. The dispute is going before a court in Stockholm, which is due to rule next summer.今年6月,由于在价格和尾款付方面产生争议,俄罗斯停止向乌克兰供应天然气。乌克兰是欧盟天然气的重要中转站。这一争议已交由斯德哥尔一法庭审理,将于明年夏季做出裁决。Mr Oettinger said at a press conference in Berlin that if Ukraines legal position prevails in court, the payment of .1bn would settle the case. He said: ;We believe this is a tangible interim solution to secure gas supplies this winter into next spring.;厄廷格在柏林的一个新闻发布会上表示,如果乌克兰的立场得到法庭持,那么该国付的31亿美元将了结此案。他表示:“我们认为,这暂时切实解决了今年冬季至明年春季的天然气供应问题。”Mr Oettinger said that negotiators would return to national capitals to seek approval of the potential deal.厄廷格表示,谈判代表将回国获得政府对这一潜在协议的批准。Russian gas exporter Gazprom has requested that Ukraine repay its debt for past deliveries, and introduced a pre-payment system. Gazprom estimates Ukraines debt at over bn.俄罗斯天然气出口商——俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司要求,乌克兰应偿还之前俄罗斯交付的天然气的货款,该公司还提出了一个预付款制度。俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司估计,乌克兰的债务超过50亿美元。Russian energy minister Mr Novak told reporters in Berlin that the details of the agreement are ;to our satisfaction.;俄罗斯能源部长诺瓦克在柏林告诉记者,协议的具体内容“让我们感到满意”。He said: ;[The details] are in line with the Russian position. Part of the debt is repaid and deliveries are paid in advance. There are some minor details that need clarification. Once this is achieved, we shall recommend to the Russian government to pass the whole package.;他表示:“(协议具体内容)符合俄罗斯的立场。部分债务得到偿还,同时预先付货款。还有一些小的细节需要澄清。一旦最终敲定,我们将建议俄罗斯政府批准整个协议。”Mr Novak said that, under the deal, Ukraine would pay bn to Gazprom before any new supplies are made. The remaining .1bn will be paid in instalments by the end of the year, the Russian minister said.诺瓦克表示,根据该协议,在俄罗斯供应新的天然气之前,乌克兰将向俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司0亿美元。剩下的11亿美元将在今年年底之前分期偿还。Under the deal, Russia and Ukraine have agreed a gas price of 5 per 1000 cubic metres for new gas supplies over the winter.根据该协议,俄罗斯同意以每一千立方米385美元的价格在今年冬季向乌克兰供应新的天然气。来 /201409/332509On one thing everyone lining up for next year’s US presidential race can agree. Barack Obama has led from behind on the global stage. The president has been shy about deploying US might, accommodating of adversaries and reticent about standing up for allies. His successor in the White House, we are to believe, will restore America’s global prestige by standing up to China, facing down Russia and sorting out the Middle East.所有准备角逐明年美国总统大选的候选人都会同意一点。美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)已经退居世界舞台幕后领导。奥巴马一直不愿动用美国军力,他迁就对手,也不怎么热心持盟友。我们相信,他在白宫的继任者将会恢复美国在全球的声望,对抗中国、打压俄罗斯以及恢复中东秩序。An old friend in Washington, a foreign policy veteran of the Reagan administration, calls this a “bumper stickerview of the world. He is right.我在华盛顿的一位老朋友曾在里Reagan)政府时期负责外交政策工作,他将上述说法称为关于世界的“保险杠贴纸”观点。他说得没错。The chatter in an aly crowded Republican field is that 2016 will be a “foreign policy election Republicans fear that a buoyant economy will narrow the range of domestic targets. National security offers obvious opportunities. The march across Syria and Iraq of the self-styled Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) has revived fears of attacks on the US. Mr Obama’s proposed deal with Iran falls short of the scrapping of Tehran’s nuclear programme. Russia’s Vladimir Putin is menacing America’s European allies.已然拥挤不堪的共和党候选人阵营总是说,2016年将是“外交政策选举年”。共和党人担心,经济强劲将缩小国内选举议题的范围。国家安全将是显而易见的选举议题。自称“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)的组织在叙利亚和伊拉克的推进令人再次担忧美国遭受恐怖袭击。奥巴马提议与伊朗签署的协议没有包括废止德黑兰的核项目。俄罗斯的弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)正在威胁美国在欧洲的盟友。The 2016 hopefuls are as hawkish as they are inexperienced in foreign affairs. Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker and the rest all promise to be tough-guy presidents. Even Rand Paul, who once flirted with isolationism, has hardened up the rhetoric. Mr Bush blames Mr Obama’s hesitations for the rise of Isis. Mr Rubio, who marches under the old neoconservative standard of “a new American Century would slam the door again on Cuba. They are all against the nuclear deal with Iran.角016年美国总统大选的共和党候选人选不仅在外交事务上缺乏经验,而且还非常强硬。杰#8226;布什(Jeb Bush)、马#8226;鲁比Marco Rubio)、克里斯#8226;克里斯蒂(Chris Christie)、特#8226;克鲁Ted Cruz)、斯科特#8226;沃克(Scott Walker)以及其他候选人全都承诺要做一位强势的总统。即便是一度表现出孤立主义思想的兰#8226;保罗(Rand Paul)也说了狠话。杰#8226;布什指责奥巴马没有对ISIS的崛起采取果断行动。鲁比奥按照过去建立“一个新美国世纪”的新保守主义标准行事,他会再次对古巴关上大门。他们全都反对与伊朗的核协议。Republican hawks are not alone. Hillary Clinton served as Mr Obama’s secretary of state. Now she is running for the office he denied her in 2008. Admirers say she too would be more robust. Had she not argued for arming moderate Syrian rebels and for a reset of the reset with Moscow when Mr Putin started throwing his weight around? Were she to set a “red linethere would be real consequences for those who crossed it. Mrs Clinton, of course, is under attack from Republicans for the deaths of US diplomats in Benghazi. All the more reason to show her mettle.并非只有共和党人在外交事务中持强硬立场。希拉里#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)曾经是奥巴马政府的国务卿。现在她将角016年的总统大选——在2008年的总统大选中,希拉里败给了奥巴马。她的拥趸们说,希拉里也会更加强硬。她难道没有主张为温和的叙利亚叛军提供武器,以及在普京开始耀武扬威的时候提出重置美俄关系的“复位”吗?如果她划定了“红线”,那些跨过红线的人将会受到切实的影响。当然,由于美国外交官在班加西遇袭身亡,希拉里正在遭受共和党人的抨击。这让希拉里更有理由展示自己的魄力了。Some of the criticisms of Mr Obama’s approach to global affairs have a point. Most of them miss a bigger one.对奥巴马解决全球事务方法的部分批评是有道理的。这些方法大多忽视了全局。In one respect, to say that the president has often been reluctant to throw America’s weight around is simply to describe the circumstance of his election in 2008. He inherited two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the US was losing both of them. George W Bush had tested to destruction the notion that American military power could remake the Middle East. Mr Obama’s task was to get the troops home.从某个方面来看,如果说奥巴马往往不愿在全球施加美国的影响力,这只是奥巴马008年刚刚当选时的情况。他继承了(在伊拉克和阿富汗的)两场战争,而美国输掉了这两场战争。小布什(George W Bush)已经进行过试验,结果表明美国利用军事力量改造中东地区的想法是行不通的。奥巴马当时的任务是让军队回囀?The charge against the president that half-sticks is that the imperative to end these military entanglements has encouraged him to be overcautious elsewhere. Officials who have served in the administration say he is slow to weigh the costs of inaction. Power is about perception as well as economic strength and military hardware. It is one thing to draw a tighter definition of America’s national interests; another to forget that if the US steps back in one part of the world, allies and enemies elsewhere draw their own conclusions.人们指责奥巴马因为不得不结束这些军事纠葛,以致在其他地区过于谨慎,这样的说法有几分道理。曾在奥巴马政府任职的官员们表示,他在衡量不作为的代价时行动迟缓。实力与观念、经济实力和军事装备都有关。给美国国家利益作出更狭窄的界定是一回事,但忘记了以下事实就是另一回事:如果美国在世界某个地区后退一步,其他地区的盟友和敌手会得出它们自己的结论。The impact of Mr Obama’s decision to allow Syrian president Bashar al-Assad to cross a red line was felt as much in east Asia as in the Middle East. China’s new assertiveness in the East and South China seas has been grounded in a calculation that the White House wants to avoid confrontation.奥巴马放任叙利亚总统巴沙#8226;阿萨Bashar al-Assad)跨过红线,东亚和中东一样都感受到了该决定带来的影响。中国在东中国海和南中国海表现出的新的自信源于如下考量,即白宫不想与中国发生对抗。It is easier to say that Mr Obama has never got it right than to come up with a strategy to tilt the balance back in the other direction. Risk-taking is not just about military force. The diplomacy with Iran has been bold. Save in the dreams of diehard neoconservatives, the US lacks the resources and political will for “generational projectsto transform the Middle East.指责奥巴马从来没有弄明白过是很容易,但要提出一项扭转局面的战略恐怕就不容易了。冒险不仅仅与武力有关。与伊朗建立外交关系是一个非常大胆的举措。美国还缺乏推出“世代项目”以改变中东地区的资源和政治意愿,它只是存在于顽固的新保守主义者的梦想之中。The Republican contenders do not want to admit that, relatively speaking, the US is weaker. You do not have to be a US declinist to observe the rising economic and military weight of China, India and others. Nor, with the end of the cold war, can foreign policy be framed as a simple fight between good and evil. Not so long ago, Republicans were talking about Isis as the big threat. Now the danger comes from Iran. And yet Tehran is a fierce enemy of the jihadis.共和党候选人选不愿承认,美国实力相对来说有所下降。即使你不是美国衰落主义者,你也会看到中囀?印度以及其他国家经济和军事实力的崛起。同样,随着冷战的结束,外交政策也不能简单地界定为正义与邪恶之战。不久前,共和党人还认为ISIS是巨大的威胁。现在威胁来自伊朗,而德黑兰与伊斯兰圣战分子(Jihadis)势不两立。The neat lines drawn by the contest with communism have disappeared. The new international disorder is being defined at once by the return of great power rivalry think of China and Russia and, paradoxically, by the collapse of the post-imperial state system in the Middle East. The US remains the most powerful nation but, on its own, it is insufficient.与共产主义对抗而形成的泾渭分明的界限已经消失。国际上迅速出现了新的混乱局面:大国间重新展开竞争(想想中囀?俄罗斯),同时有些矛盾的是,中东地区后帝国时代的国家体系开始崩溃。美国依然是最强大的国家,但凭借其一己之力还不足以稳定局面。The case for Mr Obama is that in seeking to deploy economic and diplomatic power, and to leverage US influence through multinational coalitions, he has recognised the complexities of this new landscape. The case against is that he has sometimes gone too far in drawing the limits of US power.持奥巴马的理由是,为了寻求使用经济和外交力量,以及通过多边联盟利用美国的影响力,他已经认识到这种新局面的复杂性。反对他的理由是,在划定美国实力的局限方面,他有时做得过头了。What has been missing is an overarching framework a set of principles clear and practical enough to deter adversaries and to reassure allies. A grand strategy, in other words, that balances ambition and realism. Republicans used to have a reputation for such thinking. Now they prefer bumper stickers.奥巴马缺少的是一个全局性的框架——一套足以威慑对手、安抚盟友的明确而务实的原则,也就是一项既有抱负又切合实际的宏大战略。共和党人曾经被认为具备这种思维。现在他们更偏爱保险杠贴纸式的做法。来 /201504/372486

BEIJING China and 20 other countries signed a memorandum on Friday agreeing to create an international development bank that Beijing hopes will rival organizations like the World Bank. But some leading Asian countries refrained from joining the project, which the ed States has been quietly lobbying against.北京——周五,中国与其0个国家签署了一份备忘录,就建立一家国际发展达成共识。北京方面希望,该能匹敌世界(World Bank)等机构。但是,一些主要亚洲国家并没有参与该项目,美国也一直在私下游说各国不要参加。Japan, Australia, South Korea and Indonesia were not represented at the signing ceremony for the bank, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, in Beijing. India joined the bank, along with Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, news agencies reported.日本、澳大利亚、韩国和印度尼西亚均未派代表参加亚洲基础设施投资(Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank,简称亚投行)相关文件的签字仪式。据各通讯社消息,加入该的国家除印度以外,还有马来西亚、泰囀?越南和菲律宾。The bank, proposed a year ago by President Xi Jinping of China, is to offer financing for infrastructure projects in underdeveloped countries across Asia. China, which has promised to contribute much of the initial billion in capital, sees it as a way to increase its influence in the region after years of fruitless lobbying for more say in other multinational lending organizations.一年前,中国国家主席习近平提议成立该,其目的主要是为亚洲不发达国家的基础设施项目提供资金。在500亿美元(约合3060亿元人民币)的初始资本中,中国承诺会付一大部分。对于中国而言,这个可以增加中国的地区影响力。数年来,中国为了在其他重要国际组织获得更多话语权做出了诸多努力,但都无果而终。But the ed States, with allies like Australia and South Korea, has campaigned against the project, characterizing it as an attempt to undercut the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, which are dominated by the ed States and Japan.然而,美国与其盟友澳大利亚和韩国,都对该项目表示反对,称这样做是在试图削弱世界和亚洲开发银Asian Development Bank)。在这两家占主导地位的是美国和日本。Mr. Xi, meeting with representatives of the founding members after the signing ceremony, said the new bank ;will help to improve global financial governance,; according to Xinhua, the Chinese state-run news agency.中国官方通讯社新华社报道,习近平在签字仪式后会见创始成员国代表时说,这个新“有利于推动完善全球金融治理”。Australia has yet to make a decision on joining, Gemma Daley, a spokeswoman for Joe Hockey, the treasurer of Australia, said on Friday. The South Korean finance minister, Choi Kyung-hwan, said this week that Seoul was willing to participate under certain conditions, including a commitment from the bank to meet international standards on issues like the environmental impact of projects. ;If such issues are resolved, there will be no reason for us not to join,; Mr. Choi said on Wednesday.澳大利亚财政部长乔·霍Joe Hockey)的女发言人杰玛·戴Gemma Daley)周五表示,澳大利亚尚未决定是否加入。韩国财政部长崔炅焕(Choi Kyung Hwan)本周表示,首尔方面愿意在一定条件下参与亚投行,比如亚投行承诺在项目环境影响等问题上,达到国际标准。崔炅焕周三表示,“如果这些问题解决了,我们没有理由不加入。”Still, the countries absence on Friday was a blow to the project.但这些国家周五没有出席签约仪式,对于亚投行也是一个打击。Chinese officials have said that the bank is intended to complement existing lending organizations, not to compete with them. In March, Lou Jiwei, the Chinese finance minister, said the bank would ;mainly focus on infrastructure construction,; whereas the World Bank and Asian Development Bank ;put their priorities more on poverty reduction.;中国官员曾表示,亚投行旨在与现有的信贷机构形成互补关系,而不是竞争关系。今月,中国财政部长楼继伟表示,亚投行“专注于亚洲基础设施建设”,而世界、亚洲开发则“则以减贫为宗旨”。The Asian Development Banks president, Takehiko Nakao, disputed that view on Thursday. ;Theres a misunderstanding that the A.D.B. is for poverty reduction and the A.I.I.B. is for infrastructure, but the majority of our banking is to infrastructure,; Reuters ed him as saying.周四,亚洲开发总裁中尾武彦(Takehiko Nakao)反驳了这一观点。路透社(Reuters)援引他的话说,“有人误认为,亚行以减贫为目标,亚投行侧重于基础设施,但我们大多数的业务是基础设施项目。”China aly directly finances many infrastructure projects in the developing world, and many Chinese analysts see the bank as a sensible next step.中国已经在为发展中国家的很多基础设施项目提供资金,很多中国分析人士认为,建立亚投行是一个明智的计划。Wang Yong, director of Peking Universitys Center for International Political Economy Research, said it was natural for China to work with other countries to fill the investment gap in infrastructure, which he called ;tremendous.; The Asian Development Bank estimated in that the region would need trillion in infrastructure investment by 2020.北京大学国际政治经济研究中心主任王勇表示,中国与其他国家合作填补基础设施投资方面的缺口,是合乎常情的,他形容这一缺口十分“巨大”009年,亚行预计该地区在2020年前需万亿美元的基础设施投资。来 /201410/338778

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