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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201607/455933TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201607/452209栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201607/452566

Selling fireworks is now banned in the Indian capital of Delhi, thanks to air pollution concerns.基于对空气污染的关心,现在在印度首都德里出售烟花是被禁止的。Fireworks are a traditional part of the Hindu festival of Diwali. But the morning after the recent celebrations, Delhis citizens woke to a thick blanket of toxic smog.烟花是印度排灯节传统的一部分。但在最近庆祝后的早晨,德里的市民起来后被浓密的有毒烟雾笼罩。Air quality in the city of 16 million people is among the worst in the world. In the aftermath of Diwali, some parts of Delhi recorded pollutant levels 30 times higher than recommended.在这个1,600万人口的城市,空气质量是世界上最糟糕的。排灯节之后,德里的一些地区记录的污染水平比推荐值高30倍。A lawsuit prompted by the incident led Indias Supreme Court to suspend all fireworks sales in the city and order a three-month study of the harmful effects of fireworks.由此事件引发的诉讼导致印度最高法院暂停该市所有的烟花销售,并命令展开为期三个月的烟花有害影响研究。But fireworks are hardly the only pollutant Delhi has to worry about. A sharp increase in the number of cars on the road has led to driving restrictions in the city.但是,烟花并不是德里唯一担心的污染物。道路上汽车数量的急剧增加,导致该城市对车辆限行。译文属。201611/480330

TED演讲视频:纽约街道从此不再破旧不堪“一名交通专员的工作,不仅限于停车标志和交通信号灯”,珍妮特·萨迪-汗解释说,2007年她被任命为纽约市的交通专员。在这个有趣且发人深省的演讲中,她详细介绍了成功改造五个区的街道背后的那些思考,其中还包括泰晤士广场的步行区以及Citi Bikes的引进。让我们一起来期待这位特别的嘉宾!201702/493538Im in Montana, faced with a deep ravine,and I need to find a way across.我身处蒙大拿州 面前是一条峡谷 我必须找个跨过去的方法I plan to use my cable to create a zipline from the cliff to a tree that I can then climb down.我打算用缆绳 从悬崖这边 拉到树上 做成滑索攀爬下去But first Ive got to get the cable over there.不过首先我要把缆绳扔过去And this antlers gonna be good to use just because its light.这根鹿角就是现成的材料 首先它很轻Its got to be thrown for about 50 foot to that tree.可以扔到50多英尺外的树上Strong, its got these natural hooks on it.而且还很坚固 本身就呈倒钩状And thats what Im gonna use as the grappling bit of it.所以用它来做爪钩再好不过Its actually very strong, this.But its gonna need to be.它真的非常坚固 也必须要这样才行The cables too heavy to throw straight across.缆绳很重 直接扔过去比较困难Instead, Im gonna throw the grappling hook first with just a loop of paracord attached.所以我要把爪钩先扔过去 带着一个轻质的伞绳环Then I can pull the cable into place.然后再把缆绳拉到位Here we go.Bulls eye.Got to be caught around that branch.开始喽 正中目标 应该是钩住了那根树枝The grapples in place,now to pull the cable through.爪钩已经就位 现在把缆绳拉过去Heck, yeah, thats working nicely.Almost back.看上去一切顺利 差不多都收回来了The cables locked in place,and Ive got my zip line.缆绳固定好了 我的滑索就完成了But the angle of the line is very steep.不过滑索的角度很陡And with a drop of 150 foot,I want to make sure I not only stay on the line上下落差达150英尺 我不仅要保能待在绳索上but that I also control my descent.还要能控制下爬的过程201608/461457Hi, everyone. Im Jade. In this lesson, Ive put together all the tips I have for IELTS listening, so if youre preparing to take the test,大家好,我是Jade,这次的课上,我把我所有的雅思听力技巧都汇总起来了,youve got all my tips to help you do your best in the listening exam.所以如果你们准备参加这个考试,你们就有了我所有的技巧来帮助你们完胜听力考试。So, its 40 marks, and its around 30 minutes long, so how can you make the most of your listening exam?听力考试共40分,时长大约30分钟,那么如何才能在听力考试中充分发挥呢?Well, its true what they say: practice really does make perfect.那句话确实说得很对:熟能生巧。So you should aim to do as many practice tests of the listening section as you absolutely can, it will really, really help you.所以你们应该尽可能多做一些听力部分的练习题,它真的真的会对你们大有裨益的。Theres a book that I recommend, its the Cambridge Series for IELTS, weve got some practice tests, there are other parts in that book,我给你们推荐一本书Cambridge Series for IELTS,里面有一些模拟题,那本书里还有其他部分的题,not just for listening, but the listening materials are good, so Ive used those many times.不只是听力部分,不过听力材料很不错,我已经用过很多次了。And you dont get that many listening tests in the book, but what you can do is do the tests, and then take a break for,那本书里没有特别多的听力试题,但是你们能做的就是把这些试题做完,然后隔一段时间,you know, two weeks or three weeks or whatever, and youll forget, and then you can do it again.比如两三个星期之类的,那时你们就把这些题都忘记了,然后可以再做一遍。So, thats really important, because Ill tell you that as a native speaker, yeah, plus someone with a university degree,那非常重要,因为我可以跟你们说,作为一个母语是英语,而且大学毕业了的人,but Ill do...Ill do an IELTS listening test after a long break, and Ill not get a lot of the answers right. Okay?我在隔很长一段时间后再做雅思听力部分的试题,很多题都会做错。So what that tells me is that doing IELTS, and the listening part is just another example, its as much about learning how to pass a test and learning an exam technique, basically.所以我从这里面的体悟是,做雅思,听力部分只是另一个例子而已,做雅思题基本上就是学习如何通过一场考试,学习考试技巧。Because if a native speaker isnt going to get it all right, it shows you that you need to train yourself to be able to do this listening test.因为如果一个以英语为母语的人都做不到全对,那就说明你们需要训练自己才能具备做好听力部分的能力。So, anyway, if I do a couple of those tests, then Im getting them all right.不管怎么说,如果我做过好几套试题,那我就能把它们做到全对。So what Im telling you, just from my experience is: the more you practice those tests, you really will become better and better at doing those tests.所以从我的经验来说,我在告诉你们的是:你们练习得越多,就真的会越来越擅长做这些试题。Even if right now you think that your English is, like, really good and youre going to get a really high score in the IELTS listening because youre good at listening.即使现在你觉得自己的英语非常好,觉得自己在雅思考试的听力部分会拿到一个很高的分数,因为你认为自己很擅长听力。It may be true that you are a really good speaker of English and you understand a lot, but if you havent practiced any of the IELTS tests,也许你确实英语说得很好,懂很多英语知识,但是如果你没有练过任何雅思考试的试题,you might not get a good score, because you havent learned the exam technique, and youre not familiar with those tests.你可能拿不到一个很好的分数,因为你没有学过考试技巧,对那些试题不熟悉。So rule number one: Practice makes perfect.所以第一点:熟能生巧。Also in these tests, you really need to spell carefully, because if you make a spelling mistake, you dont get the mark.还有,在这些考试中,你们拼写单词的时候要非常小心,因为如果你们出现了拼写错误是得不到分的。So, try your best to spell things correctly.所以请尽力正确拼写单词。And especially in questions where they are spelling something to you, make sure you dont lose an easy point for writing down the wrong letter.尤其是在那些他们拼写什么给你听的题目里,确保你们不会因为写下了错误的字母而失去这么容易的得分点。Which brings us to this one: Learn the pronunciation of letters.这就带我们来到了这一点:学会字母的发音。So, just do a little bit of revision, go back over how to say the letters in British English, because the IELTS test is mainly in British accent.所以稍微复习一下,回顾一下英式英语中是如何读那些字母的,因为雅思考试主要是英式口音。So make sure you know how we say our letters here.所以请确保你们知道我们英国人是怎么读这些字母的。But it would also be quite handy for you to practice the letters in American English and Australian English,但是你们练习一下美式英语和澳洲英语的字母发音也会很有用,because these will also be covered in the...in the test, youll get these different accents.因为这些也会出现在......考试中,会有这些不同的口音。So theres a tip for you.这是一个技巧。Going back to this one: when youre doing the test, in between the different parts of the exam (there are four parts) , you get a little bit of ing time.我们回到这一点:当你们在考试的时候,试题的不同部分之间(总共有四个部分),会有一点阅读材料的时间。When you get this ing time, what you should be doing is ing the questions that youre about to answer.到了这个阅读时间的时候,你们应该做的是阅读将要作答的题目。Not checking the answers that you wrote before.而不是检查你们之前写下的。See, a lot of people will just be looking back at what theyve aly done, but when they do that, theyre not preparing for the next questions.是这样的,很多人会回头看看他们已经做完的题,但是这么做的话,他们就不能为下面的题目做准备了。So you really need to make the most of that time, and make sure that youve whats coming.所以你们真的需要充分利用那段时间,并且确保自己读过了接下来要回答的内容。And that will help you, because these listening exams, theyre in chronological order, it means it starts at the top of the page,这对你们很有帮助的,因为听力考试是按时间顺序排列的,也就是会从那一页的顶端开始,the first answers somewhere at the top of the page, and then it goes down.第一个就在试题页顶端的某个地方,然后会下移。Its not like you have to be looking all over the paper for the answers, basically.基本上你们不用在一整页里找。Next tip: Youre only going to hear this once, so dont stress about that.下一个技巧:你们只会听到一遍录音,所以不要紧张。When you are practicing your exams, doing the practice tests, try to do it in a way that youre only listening once.你们练习的时候,做模拟试题的时候,尽量只听一遍。And dont worry so much if you get them wrong, just listen once, then leave those tests for a while, and then when youve forgotten about them, come back and do it again.如果出错了也不要太紧张,只听一遍,然后把那些试题搁置一段时间,接着等你们把题目都忘光了,再回来做一遍。If youre listening twice, youre not really practicing the IELTS listening skill.And...what else have I got to say about it?如果你们听两遍的话就练不到什么雅思听力技巧了。我还要说什么来着?IELTS has a particular speaking style; its not like normal spoken English.雅思考试的讲话方式很特别,不像普通的英语口语。Its nothing like normal spoken English, but in one way, it makes it very easy to understand.一点儿都不像普通的英语口语,但是某种程度上,这样更容易理解。So, get used to that kind of speaking style, it might be in a British English accent, maybe its in an American accent or an Australian accent.所以请习惯那种讲话方式,也许是用英式英语口音,也许是美式口音或者澳大利亚口音。And this will just make you more y for doing the test.这会让你们考试的时候准备得更充分。Here are some other, more general tips, okay? As a listener, key words are really important.下面是一些其他的更笼统的技巧。作为听众,关键词非常重要。These are, as youre listening, the words that are going to point you to the answers,你们在听材料的时候,这些关键词会指引你们找到,like when youre looking at the question written on the paper, youll be looking for verbs, adjectives, and nouns.比如当你们看试卷上的题目时,你们要找动词、形容词和名词。Especially in the third and final part of the listening test, it gets increasingly difficult.尤其是在听力考试的第三部分和最后一部分,题目会越来越难。So, its also very likely that you dont know the nouns that theyre talking about.所以,也很可能你们不认识他们讲到的名词。It could be a scientific or academic context that theyre talking about.他们讲到的上下文可能是关于科学或学术性的。It could be a really unusual noun that youve never heard before.可能是个你们之前从没听说过的很不常见的名词。All right? Thats okay, because as long as you know that youre listening out for a noun, because you look at the question,知道了吗?这没关系,因为只要你们知道自己要注意听的是一个名词就行了,因为你们可以看看题目,if there is a word that you dont know but you know its a noun because it had ;the; before it, or ;a; before it, thats probably your answer.如果有个你们不认识的单词,但是你们知道它是个名词,因为前面有个;the;或者;a;,那可能就是你们的了。So dont be too scared when youre hearing words, like: ;I dont know what that means, I dont know what it means;, because youre not supposed to know what every word means.所以听到像“我不知道那是什么意思,我不知道它是什么意思”的单词时不要太害怕,因为你们本就不必知道每个单词的意思。Youre just supposed to be able to, you know, magically find the answer by knowing...knowing where a noun comes in a sentence, basically.基本上,你们只是应该能够......通过知道一个句子中哪里应该出现名词来神奇地找到。What else to say? Synonyms: your knowledge of synonyms will be useful and important in the text...in the test.还有什么要说的?同义词,你们对同义词的了解在考试中会很有用的,而且也很重要。So, when youre listening, you might hear the word ;suitcase;, but on the answer paper, the word ;luggage; may be written.你们在听录音的时候,可能会听到;suitcase;这个单词,但是在答题纸上也许写着;luggage;这个单词。And the same for ;reservation; and ;booking; and ;holiday; and ;vacation;.同样的还有;reservation;和;booking;,;holiday; 和 ;vacation;。So, know that when youre listening, youre not necessarily trying to find the exact word; youll be trying to find something similar.听材料的时候要知道这一点,你们不用费力找到同样的单词,要试着找到相似的单词。And here is the IELTS trick that they love to do: someone will be talking, and theyll give the answer, whatever the answer is, I cant improvise.现在我要告诉你们一个他们在雅思考试中喜欢耍的小手段:某个人会在讲话,然后会给出,无论那个是什么,我临时想不出来。;Yes, Id like to book a room for, for...Id like to book a table for two on Monday. Yes, thats great. Oh, no. Actually, Ive changed my mind. On Tuesday next week.;比如他们会这么说:“是的,我想预定一个房间......我想预定一个周一的两个人的位置,是的,很好。哦,不,事实上我改主意了,我要订下周二的。”Maybe I said the same day, but this is what they do: they say the answer, and then they take it back.也许我说的是同一天,但是是这样的:他们会说出,然后又收回。So...so sometimes, you think youve found the answer, and you write it down, so just be aware of that IELTS trick.所以......所以有时候你们会以为自己找到了正确,然后把它写下来,所以一定要注意雅思考试里的这个圈套。What were going to do in the next part of the lesson is look specifically at the harder questions, question forms, and what you need to look out for in those specific question types.在这节课的下个部分我们要来具体看看比较难的题目,题目形式,还有在这些具体的题目类型中你们要注意些什么。Lets have some general tips for the specific question types now.现在我们来讲一些针对具体题目类型的基本技巧。Im not going to look at all the question types, because some are self-explanatory, like matching or multiple choice.我不会讲到所有的题目类型,因为有些题目是不言自明的,比如配对题和单选题。But lets have a look at form filling, sometimes youll get a form like this, with some information missing.但是我们来看看填表题吧,有时候试卷上会有像这样的表格,里面有一些缺失的信息。As I mentioned to you, the listening test is chronological, so it will start talking about this diagram by mentioning Sarah, and then it will move across.就像我之前跟你们提到过的,听力试题是按时间顺序的,所以它会通过提到某个人的名字,比如Sarah来开始谈论这个表格,然后会横向移动。So you know that after you hear the name, youre likely to hear the telephone number.所以你们听到名字之后就知道可能会听到电话号码了。And if this is repeated...maybe you have somebodys name, here, maybe you have the number, here.Theres my number, not my number; its just a number.如果这个重复了......也许某个人的名字在这儿,然后号码在这儿。这是我的号码,不是我的号码,只是随便诌的一个号码。So its...when you get here, again, you know you need to be waiting to hear this location.当你们听到了这里,同样的,你们就知道自己需要等着听地点了。And it might not be a place that you know, it might be a place that youve never heard of,可能不是你们知道的地方,可能是个你们从没听说过的地方,so when that...when that happens, you just have to either take a guess at spelling this word that youve never heard, or they will spell that place to you.所以当......当这种情况发生的时候,你们只需要猜着把你们从没听说过的这个单词拼写出来,或者他们会把这个地名拼读出来。The person will be like: -;Hmm. Im not sure if I understood that correctly. Did you say Bristol?; -;Yes, thats right. B-r-i-s-t-o-l.;那个人会说:-“嗯......我不确定我有没有听对,你说的是Bristol吗?”-“是的,没错,拼写是B-r-i-s-t-o-l。”So, either youll have to guess, or theyll spell it to you.所以你们要么蒙一个,要么他们会拼读出来。And if you have this kind of question-I mean, this is important in the whole test, in every single part-dont put too many words or too much information in these things.如果你们遇到了这种题目,我的意思是,这在整场考试中,在考试的每一个部分都很重要:不要在这些空格里填写太多单词或太多信息。Because...lets just imagine you put the answer here, but then you also put in some extra piece of information, you wont get any mark there; that will be wrong.因为......我们假设你们把写在了这里,但是接着你们还写了一些额外的信息,这样你们一分都得不到,那是错误的。So, the correct number of words, okay? No more than that.所以记得写下正确数量的单词,好吗?不要超过那个数字。And the IELTS trick...the IELTS trick is that they give you...they give you unfamiliar names, or ones that are spelled in unexpected ways.雅思考试中还会出现的陷阱是,他们会给你们......他们会给你们不熟悉的名字,或者用很出乎意料的方式拼写的名字。So, when youre listening out for that name, youre only going to hear it once,当你们注意听那个名字的时候,你们只能听一遍,but rather than think you aly know how to spell that name, spell it the way that you hear, because sometimes youll doubt yourself.但是不要按照你们以为自己已知的方式拼写那个名字,而要按照你们听到的方式拼写,因为有时候你们会怀疑自己。Youll hear the...the weird name, and youll be like: ;Oh, I know how to spell...; well, its not weird, okay lets...Ill give you an example.你们会听到一个很奇葩的名字,然后会想“哦,我知道怎么拼写......”,好吧,不是奇葩......我给你们举个例子。Lets imagine they said the word ;Smith;, and youre like: ;Oh, I know how to spell Smith, but it didnt sound like Smith, oh, but I must have heard that wrong.;假设他们说了;Smith;这个单词,然后你们觉得“哦,我知道怎么拼写Smith,但是它听起来不像Smith,我一定是听错了。”Theyll probably...theyll probably smell it...smell it? (Laughs) spell it in a strange way, I dont know.他们可能会用一种很奇怪的方式拼读这个单词什么的。Thats what they do, so, trust your...trust what you...what you hear, not what you think it should be. IELTS trick.他们就喜欢这么做,所以要相信你们自己听到的内容,而不是你们认为应该是的内容。要注意雅思考试中的这个陷阱。Lets have a look now at label and map, or label or diagram question.现在我们来看看标签与地图,或者标签或图表题。These will not necessarily be in every single test, and therefore, you might...you might not actually get this on your test.可能不是每套试卷上都有这种题目,因此,你们也许实际上考试的时候不会遇到这类题目。But theyre really worthwhile to practice, because when they are on the test, they are some of the hardest questions.但是它们非常值得练习,因为如果它们出现在试卷上,就是最难的题目之一。So, you might...you might lose points, here.所以在这种题型上你们可能会丢分。Label and map is usually in the first section or the second section, so it should be one...among the easiest listening questions in the whole test.标签和地图通常在听力考试的第一或第二部分,所以应该是......在整场考试最简单的听力题目中。So you really dont want to waste any points in this section of the test.所以你们真的不该在这个部分丢分。Label or diagram is more complicated, usually in part three or part four, but the same principle.标签或图表更复杂一些,通常在第三或第四部分,但是原则还是一样的。How can you prepare for this? You use your ing time to look at the map. Okay?怎么准备这种题型呢?你们要利用阅读时间来看地图。So you get 30 seconds to look at the map, so, it could be a good idea to...你们有30秒钟的时间可以看地图,所以可能很好......I dont think its actually possible to predict the answers for all the questions in IELTS, but for the map, it could be helpful.我觉得预测雅思考试中所有题目的事实上是不可能的,但是对地图这类的题目来说,会大有帮助。If you look at the map, youll know: ;Am I listening for shop names? Am I listening for street names?如果你们看到地图就会知道“我要注意听商店名字吗?我要注意听街道的名字吗?Am I listening for building names, or numbers? Or is it particular landmarks, like trees, lake, that kind of thing?;我要注意听建筑物的名字或者门牌号吗?或者这是特别的地标吗?比如树、湖之类的事物。”And just knowing what youre listening for will really help you in the...in the map questions, or the...in the map questions.仅仅知道自己要注意听什么就能在地图类题目中给你们带来很大帮助。Also in the map questions, it will really help you to learn directions phrases.Anything like ;across;, ;opposite;, ;on the right hand side;.还有,地图类题目会帮助你们学习方向类短语。诸如;across;, ;opposite;, ;on the right hand side;。So make sure you study some directions phrases before you take your test, to refresh those all in your memory.所以请确保在参加考试之前学习一些方向类短语,在脑子里复习一下那类短语。And when we...when we get to a diagram question, these...these ones will be technical vocabulary or technical language, probably language that youre not familiar with.讲到图表类题目,这些题目中可能会出现技术性词汇或者技术性语言,可能是你们不熟悉的语言。You havent heard it before; you dont know it, so, when youre in these...when youre having this part of the paper, know that youll be listening out for an unusual word that you dont know.你们之前没听说过,不认识它们,所以当试卷上出现这个部分的时候,你们要知道自己要注意听不认识的不平常的单词。So dont let that...dont let that be a scary thing, dont let that make you panic or something.不要被那些单词吓到,不要惊慌。Its meant to be difficult in that way, that its testing your ability to just find a technical word in the middle of some other long technical thing.它就是要有那种难度的,它就是在测试你们从一些其他很长的技术性内容中找到一个技术性单词的能力。And then, the most difficult out of all the questions are flowchart completion and classification questions in the IELTS test.接下来,雅思考试所有题目中难度最大的就是完成流程图和分类型题目。Flowchart completion would be something like this: youd have some boxes showing a process, a scientific process, or something, an academic...something in academic things.完成流程图是这样的:会有一些方框表示一个流程,一个科学流程或者学术性流程之类的。No, thats not right, something, you know, at university level, this thing happens, this thing happens, this thing happens, Im thinking of biology or something like that.不,不是这样,就是......在大学水平上,会发生这个事情,会发生这个事情,会发生这个事情,我现在在想生物学或者类似的事情。So, therell be different steps, and when you listen, you need to order which thing happens first.所以会有不同的步骤,你们在听录音的时候要排好顺序哪个步骤最先发生。How do you do that? Well, the biggest IELTS tip I can give you is that: Use a different approach for these questions.怎么做呢?我能告诉你们的最重要的雅思技巧是:针对这些问题使用一个不同的方法。So Ill give you...Ill give you a real life example, when I was preparing IELTS with one of my students,我给你们举个真实的例子吧,我帮我其中一个学生准备雅思考试的时候,he was doing the practice, and he was consistently...he stayed not getting the result that he needed for quite a long time,他做了练习,但是他一直......他很长时间都得不到自己需要的结果,it was if...it was as if his practice wasnt really helping him get a better mark.就好像他做的练习一点都没帮到他取得一个更好的分数。But when I suggested to him: ;When you get to this part of the listening test, dont the questions and listen at the same time.;但是我建议他说:“当你做到听力考试的这一部分的时候,不要同时看题目和听录音。”When I suggested that he just listen, but then after, write in the answer, fill in the gap A, B, C, D,我建议他光听录音,然后听完之后再写,填上A、B、C、D,then, suddenly, the result that he was getting in the test went up by four marks, or something like that.然后突然之间,他的考试成绩就提高了4分,或者差不多的分数。So when he changed the approach, how he listened in these difficult questions, he was getting a much better result.所以他改变了听这些难度比较大的题目的方法之后,就获得了更好的分数。Because when you get to the end of the test, section four especially, which is the hardest questions,因为当你们做到试卷最后的时候,尤其是第四部分,这里的题目是最难的,you dont really have time to complex, long words, listen to academic speaking; its too much information.这个时候你们没有多少时间去阅读复杂冗长的单词,听学术性讲话,这里面信息太多了。So, you could try this, like my student tried: when you get to these hard questions, youre listening to a long lecture by one person, just listen to it.所以你们可以试着这么做,就像我的学生那样:当你们做到这些困难的题目时,你们会听到一个人进行的长讲座,就直接听。And then, when theyre finished speaking, take your full knowledge of everything that you listened to and then choose your answers.然后,等他们讲完了,充分利用你们听到的所有内容,然后选择。So try that, thats my number one tip for these hard questions.试试吧,这是我针对这些难度比较大的题目的第一个技巧。I still think a different approach works in the earlier questions, obviously, if youre listening for a telephone number,我还是认为另一种方法在先前的题目中显然更为奏效,如果你们在听一个电话号码,you dont just let the telephone number go and then say: ;Oh, yes. I remember;, because you wont remember.你们不能直接听过这个电话号码就说“好的,我记住了”,因为你们记不住的。But for the hard questions, that different approach really helps.但是对于难度更大的题目,这个不同的方法非常有用。And I put classification type questions in there, because these are...its a bit like matching, you have to say我把分类型题目放在了那里,因为这些......它和配对题有些像,你们会觉得Oh, this thing goes with this idea, this thing goes with this idea;, and its more complicated.哦,这个事情和这个想法是一起的,这个和这个想法是一起的”,它更复杂一点。So, you really need to have an understanding of everything you listen to, to answer that well.所以要答对那些题目,你们非常需要理解听到的所有内容。So, there are my IELTS tips for you, I wish you a very successful listening exam.以上就是我给你们准备的雅思技巧,希望你们在听力考试中大获成功。Remember, you do need to do the practice, do as much practice as you can, follow my tips, also, Id really like you to do the quiz for this lesson, so go to the engVid site to do the quiz.别忘了,你们真的需要做练习,按照我的技巧尽可能多做练习,还有,我想让你们做一个关于这节课的小测验,所以请登陆engVid网站去做测验吧。But before you go there, please do subscribe here on my channel, and my personal channel, because Ive got two YouTube channels.不过在你们去登陆网站之前,请在这里订阅我的频道,还有我的个人频道,因为我有两个YouTube频道。Id really like to have you subscribe in both places so you get all my s, and, yes, Im finished now, so good luck in your exam.See you later.我非常想让你们两个频道都订阅,这样你们就不会错过任何我的视频啦,是的,我现在讲完了,那么祝你们考试好运啦。再见。201707/516709

And the villagers were real neighbours, living cheek by jowl,村民们比邻而居 关系十分亲密 their houses connected by walled, sometimes decorated alleyways.房屋鳞次栉比 有些地方还修有走廊Its not too much of a strech to imagine gossip travelling down those alleyways after a hearty seafood supper.不难想象 某次海鲜盛宴结束后 邻里间穿行在走廊间闲话家常的情景We have another word everything you could possibly want from a village except a church and a pub.作为一个村庄 除了酒吧与教堂 这里应有尽有In 3,000 , the sea and air were little warmer than they are now.公元前3000年 水温与气温略都高于今日Once theyd settled in their sandstone houses,村民们一旦定居于此they could harvest red bream and mussels and oysters that were abundant in the shallows.便可捕获附近浅滩中丰富的红鲷 贻贝以及牡蛎食用Cattle provided meat and milk and dogs were kept for hunting and for company.蓄养家畜供应肉类和奶制品 驯养用来打猎和作伴During the Neolithic century there would have been at least a dozen little houses here,新石器时期 至少数十个小房屋曾坐落于此half-dug into the ground for comfort and safety.均采用半地下式 兼顾安全与舒适A thriving, bustling little community of 50 or 60.五六十人组成了这个欣欣向荣的小部落The real miracle of Skara Brae is that these houses were not mere shelters.而斯卡拉布雷真正的奇迹 是他们的房屋绝不仅是简单的庇护所They were built by people who had culture, who had style.建造它们的人们 自有其文明与时代风格Heres where they showed off that style.这里便是展现他们时代风格的地方A fully equipped,all-purpose Neolithic living room,complete with luxuries and necessities.一间装备齐全 用途明确的新石器时代起居室 必需品与奢侈品一应俱全Necessities? Well, at the centre, a hearth,around which they warmed themselves and cooked thire food.何为必需品呢 比如说中央的炉床 用来取暖和做饭 /201606/450354It was when Murray marched south and wallace moved north to meet here on the Forth at Stirling当默里向南进军时 华莱士引军北上 他们在弗斯河畔的斯特林会师the key to Scotland that a chaotic wildfire uprising turned into a major military compaign.成为苏格兰战争的关键 它使得凌乱的星星之火 汇成了燎原的烈焰On the eve of the battle of Stirling Bridge,Wallace told the English We are not here to make peace,在斯特林桥之战前夜 华莱士传信给英国人 我们不是为和平而来but to do battle and to liberate our kingdom.而是要为王国的自由 浴血奋战The Scots gathered on the Abbey Craig Bridge.苏格兰士兵聚集在艾比科莱克桥Below, a narrow wooden bridge led to the castle and to the English脚下是一座狭窄的木桥 通向城堡和里面的英国人Wallace allowed about half of them to cross the fragile structure,enough for his forces to deal with.大约一半的人马被华莱士派去 穿越这脆弱的建筑 他觉得这些兵力足够了And so they did, rushing down from their perch, through the woods,and into the English ranks.他们没让人失望 从高处直冲下来 穿过树林 直抵英格兰军队驻扎地Wallace, on foot, with a great sharp sword,goes amongst the very thickest of his foes.华莱士 手提锋利的宝剑 徒步冲锋陷阵 奋勇杀敌The Scots vanquished the savage English,whom they put into mourning for death.苏格兰战士击溃了野蛮的英国人 他们在哀嚎中死去Some had their throats cut by swords,others were taken prisoners, others drowned.利剑刺穿了他们的喉咙 有些人做了俘虏 剩下的则被溺死One, the hated English taxman Cressingham, was skinned,His fat body made into a belt for Wallaces victorious sword.一个招致民愤的英国税官克莱斯汉姆被剥皮 他的臭皮囊被制成剑带 佩在华莱士的胜利之剑上 /201610/474376原味人文风情:How to Restore Energy for Life如何找回生活的动力A lot of people come to me and ask, ;How do I restore my excitement, my passion, my energy for life? Im feeling so uninspired and listless.; My answer more often than not is that in our culture, we, sort of, really focus on achievement and excitement and being up and getting things done; we dont focus much on the complement of that, which is rest. Very, very often if you dont know what way youre supposed to go in your life, what youre really supposed to do is rest for a while. Its that simple-every animal knows it.很多人来找我然后问:「我要如何恢复我的冲劲、我的热情,我对生活的动力?我觉得好无聊又提不起劲。」我的多半是,在我们的文化中,我们非常重视成就和兴奋感跟积极正向,以及达成使命;我们不太注重那的互补面,也就是休息。很多时候,如果你不知道人生的下一步该往哪走,那你真正该做的是休息一阵子。就是那么简单--所有动物都明白。I was just, uh, recently in Africa. And I watched some lions come back from hunting. And they, sort of, threw themselves on the ground. And they rolled over on their backs, and they started purring so loudly that it was like tractor engines. And my friend who was with me looked at me and he said, ;You know what? Lions rest like they mean it.; And I thought, You know, we dont rest like we mean it. We dont just let ourselves totally relax and let go of all need to achieve during the period of relaxation-we never turn off the lights.我最近在非洲。我看见几只狮子狩猎完回来。牠们躺到地上。牠们滚啊滚,接着开始发出呼噜声,那声音大到像拖拉机的引擎声。和我在一起的朋友看着我然后说:「妳知道吗?狮子们可是很认真在休息。」我心想,你知道吗,人们的休息不像是认真在休息。我们不会让自己完全放松,也不会在休闲时抛开所有待办事项--我们从未关上灯完全放松。So what I found with myself and my clients is if I ask them, ;How old do you feel?; and they say they feel older than their actual chronological age, they almost always just need a period of physical rest, and also psychological rest. So, if youre feeling uninspired, stop trying to do anything. Do nothing for a while. Roll over on your back and purr, until you feel like getting up again. Dont worry-rest restores. And as you rest, as you come to the end of the resting period, youll feel a surge of energy.所以我在自己和客户身上发现,如果我问他们:「你觉得自己几岁?」而他们回答觉得自己比实际年龄还要老时,他们几乎都只是需要让身体休息一段时间,还有心理上的休息。所以,如果你感到兴致缺缺,不要再试着做任何事。什么都不做一阵子。躺着滚一滚然后打呼噜,直到你想再站起来为止。别担心--休息能恢复力量。当你休息时,当你休息到最后时,你会感到有股力量涌现。So I like to say that life is a balanced, sort of, interplay between rest and play. Play is when we reach outward for power through activity, and rest is when we reach inward for power through peace. Both are powerful actions, and theyre both necessary, but we ignore peace and rest to our detriment.所以我喜欢说生活有点是在休息与玩乐间的平衡相互作用。玩乐是当我们透过活动向外寻求力量时,而休息则是我们透过心灵平静向内寻求力量。两者都是很有效的行动,而且都不可或缺,不过我们忽视心灵平静与休息,造成自己的伤害。201702/490836

For those of us who might wish to resist surveillance,对那些想要抵抗监控的人来说the hunt for that technology is now on寻找这项技术的行动已经开始了and it is to cryptographers that we must look for answers.如密码学家所说我们必须寻找If you want a demonstration如果你想知道of their importance to todays internet,他们对当今互联网的重要性you only have to come to this bunker in Virginia.你只需要来弗吉尼亚州的这个地堡Today, an unusual ceremony is taking place.今天 正在举行一场特殊的仪式Please centre your eyes in the mirror.;请将双眼对准镜子中心;The internet is being upgraded.互联网正在升级Thank you, your identity has been verified.;谢谢 你的身份已被验;Right, were in.好了 我们进来了This is the biggest security upgrade to the internet这是近二十年中互联网界最大的in over 20 years.安全升级A group of tech specialists have been summoned by Steve Crocker,史蒂夫·克罗克召集了一群技术专家one of the godfathers of the internet.他是互联网教父之一We discovered that there were some vulnerabilities我们发现在域名系统的基础结构中in the basic domain name system structure存在一些漏洞that can lead to having a domain name hijacked这些漏洞能使域名被劫持or having someone directed to a false site and, from there,或者让某人进入一个虚假网站 而假网站passwords can be detected and accounts can be cleaned out.能够窃取用户密码并清空账号重点解释:1.now on 从现在开始例句:Take heart! It will be easier from now on.打起精神来!从现在起情况就会好转的。2.look for 寻找例句:He turned on the torch to look for his keys.他打开了手电筒,寻找钥匙。3.take place 发生例句:The meeting will take place soon.会议即将举行。201704/505376The sort of point of no return when you absolutely believe, in your own mind,you cant get out.这种有进无退的处境 当你意识到时 你已经不能脱身了You thats it youre going. Youre taking off on a wing.只有这样了 你得上 站在机翼上起飞Beneath me is the Chihuahuan Desert.You cant mistake this place.It will kill you.我下面就是奇瓦瓦沙漠 这地方你绝不能出任何差错 否则必死无疑When youre in the air, youre just a lump of meat hanging on the wing. You cant do anything.当你在空中的时候 你只是机翼上的 废人一个 什么都做不了I was just sort of wedged in a sort of sort of mime-artist static position,trying to get these shots.我就好像是默剧艺术家 摆着一个静止的姿势 尽全力进行拍摄And the pilots smiling away,and Bears all comfortable in his seat.飞行员笑而不语 贝尔舒地坐在座位上And Im thinking, ;Hang on, this isnt usually,Im in a slightly more comfortable position than Bear.我就想 要坚持住 以前都是我比贝尔舒得多Okay, Bear,were coming up on 8,000 feet now.You better get y to jump.好了 贝尔 我们已经到达海拔8千英尺 你得准备跳了This was a first for me.If I catch the tail on exit,its game over.这是我头一回做这种尝试 要是在出口挂到了降落伞尾部 那我就玩完了The only way to do it was to invert the plane so I could hang clear.唯一的方法 就是把飞机翻转过来 这样我就没有妨碍了So, I was in the cockpit,filming Bear.Bear was now standing on top of the wing.于是我就在驾驶员座舱 拍摄贝尔 贝尔正站在机翼上面As soon as the plane inverted, he would then be hanging off the top of the wing.只要飞机一翻转 他立马就会 悬挂在机翼下面It tilts round,hes then suddenly hanging,and Bear goes from feet in my eye view to feet suddenly hanging off the ground.飞机开始旋转 他突然被吊起来 原本贝尔的脚在我镜头前面 突然变成吊在半空中Amazing. Absolutely amazing feeling.But I remember it going through my mind,太神奇的 真是震惊 可我还记得当时想的是yeah, Im upside-down in the plane, this is great.And Bears jumping out.我也坐在底朝天的飞机上了 真棒 接着贝尔就跳下去了201610/473012Im in the Canadian wilderness,and Im taking two rookie survivors on the experience of a lifetime.我正身处加拿大的荒野 带着两名探险新手 体验生活Were kind of two different individuals.我们应该算是两种完全不同的人He comes from a big city. I come from a small town.他来自大城市 而我来自一个小镇So our lives are, you know, polar opposites.我们的生活基本没有交集This is Bears office right here.这里就是贝尔的办公室This is where he punches in and punches out.这就是他每天进进出出的地方Its amazing to think he does this for a living.每当想起他以此谋生就感觉很奇妙Its dawn,and were finally beginning to thaw out around the fire.黎明了 而我们围着火 终于不那么冷了Definitely need warming up after last night.经过昨晚 我们可得好好热热身Frigid.Wet, and it was cold.But this spruce tea will do the job.冷死了 又潮又冷 但喝点云杉茶很有好处Spruce tea contains 20 times more vitamin C than an orange.云杉茶含有的维生素C是橘子的二十倍It literally tastes like I have a car freshener in my mouth right now.Its that bad.尝起来就像 车用空气清新剂在嘴里 就那么糟If the guys dont rate the O.J., Im pretty sure they wont think much of the rest of our breakfast.如果这些家伙喝不到橙汁 我敢肯定 他们对早餐也没多大兴趣了Were gonna forage under rocks and see what grubs and worms we can find.我们要看看岩石下能不能找到粮草 看能不能找到一些幼虫和蠕虫Check this one out.Oh, man.Bear breakfast.看看这里 天哪 贝尔早餐Worms are around 60% protein,which is around the same as a sirloin steak.蠕虫里含有60%的蛋白质 跟沙朗牛排里蛋白质含量差不多We are cooking these,right?我们要把它们弄熟吧Seriously, were cooking these?说真的 我们把这些东西弄熟了吧Less cooking, more scrubbing.不用 洗干净就行了Okay, look. Get these. Stick them in the spruce tea.Then well wash off.看着 把它们放到云杉茶里 这样就能把它们洗干净Then just pull them out, and probably the easiest way.把它们拿出来 或许这是最简单的方法Oh, man.just pop it in.老天 扔到嘴里去Tastes horrible.Well done, Sean.难吃要命 做得好 肖恩201706/512863

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