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You couldnt take me to a fine restaurant.I know.你不能带我吃太好的。So you dont care about food? -No.你不在意这儿的食物?-不在意。Really? -Oh, no, no.真的么?-不,真的不在意。Do you listen to music?你听音乐么?I used to go to concerts here, in the churches and the opera.我以前会来这儿的教堂听一些音乐会或是歌剧。But that stopped years ago.Theres no time. -Yeah, sure.Right.但是我已经很久都不这样做了。完全没有这个时间。-哦,是的。嗯。I mean, if Im lucky I get to church on Sunday.还好我每周日都去教堂。Thats where I hear the music.我就是在那儿听的音乐。Really? You go to church to hear the music?是么?你去教堂听音乐?Do you go to church? -Yeah.你经常去教堂?-是的。Every Sunday? -Yeah.每周日都去?-嗯。Really?真的么?Its no big deal.这没什么…I go and repent.我去教堂忏悔啊。And you see all the paparazzi going crazy? -Oh, yeah.你看那些记者和仔队多疯狂。-哦,是啊。Over Catherine Denueve.他们在追凯瑟琳·德纳芙。I can hear people say, ;Hes gotta be the dumbest one in the crowd.He didnt bother photographing her. ;或许有人会说我很愚蠢。我居然不跑过去拍她。Well, she wasnt wearing anything interesting.实话说…她传的一点都不好看。Im interested in clothes.我只对好看的衣感兴趣。And even if I knew them, knew who they were, and usually I dont, I dont go to the movies much and Ive never owned television.很多时候我根本都不知道这些明星是谁,就算我知道他们是谁我也不在意,我很少去看电影我家里都没有电视。201609/460800In the summer of 1348,1348年夏the English could be forgiven for thinking themselves unconquerable.英格兰人自诩天下无敌的狂言 或许也情有可原They had vanquished the old enemies,the Scots and the French.因为他们已经击败了宿敌 苏格兰人和法国人Their king, Edward III,seemed the most powerful ruler in Europe.他们的国王 爱德华三世 一跃而成欧洲最强悍君主But they would be conquered,然而他们终将一尝败绩and by a king against whom neither longbows nor warships offered any defence.在这个进攻者面前 长弓战舰毫无招架之力King Death.His weapon was plague,那就是死神 他的武器就是瘟疫and by the end of his terrible campaign,在他那毛骨悚然的战役结束时almost half the people of Britain would be dead.几乎一半的英国人死于非命The country would survive the trauma,这个国家终将走出伤痛but first it had to undergo a purgatory of unimaginable misery,但首先 它必须忍受 难以想象的悲惨炼狱because hard on the heels of pestilence would come rebellion and civil war.因为瘟疫来袭后不多久 叛乱和内战接踵而来The century of plague was a pilgrimage through pain,整个世纪的瘟疫 是充满痛苦的朝圣之旅and this is the story of that journey.而本集所诉说的 就是这段故事 /201611/476990With my raft tethered, I can head up and see whats on here.要栓好木筏 我才能攀上去一看究竟Just a stinking, fetid,horrible block of rock in the middle of the sea,这块海中岩石 真的是臭不可闻 臭的无与伦比啊stinking of all of this guano, bird poop,and all of these cactus.Look, you see thats its covered in it.奇臭无比的鸟屎鸟粪 还有这些仙人掌 看到么 上面遍布鸟粪I can hardly breathe, this place stinks so much.我都无法呼吸了 这地方真是臭不可当While the rocks holding, lets get up this thing.石头还算结实 我们爬上去看个究竟Scan the horizon a bit here from right up this rock.从岩石的顶端 可远眺四周 Well, this is one of these places.youll never really imagining things.噢 这个地方 绝对扼杀了所以美好的幻想And you certainly never want to come to again.你绝不会想再次踏足此地Theres some booby eggs.See these? Look, a little nest.那有些鸟蛋 看到了吗 就在那有个小鸟巢See if these are fresh.Ugh, man, that one is not.看这是不是还新鲜 恶 天哪 这是个坏的That ones kind of all right.这个好像还行Its full of protein but tastes like a mix of salt and fish,delightful.这富含蛋白质 但吃着象腌的鱼肉 味道好极了Time to leave this putrid island.是时候离开这臭气熏天的海岛了Actually, look.Theres a pool of a little water here,and this is gonna be fresh.等等 看到了吗 这有一小滩水 这该是淡水Were way above the high-tide mark here.此处远高出满潮时的水位The thing is, it is full of bird droppings and looking pretty fetid,but it is worth collecting this.问题是这里到处都是鸟粪 还散发着恶臭 但是淡水就不能放过201607/453016

栏目简介:A group of Chinese tourists reportedly ran into a problem with customs officials at Nha Trang Airport in Vietnam last night. Vietnamese authorities wanted to charge them extra money to pass customs. One travel agency says similar cases have happened in Southeast Asian countries. Sun Caiqin has the details...201701/487054

As fighting broke out, many of those inside the Abbey,smelling smoke, rushed outside.冲突发生后 教堂里面的人 闻到了烟味 冲出了教堂The ceremony was completed in a half empty interior,with William, for the first time in his life,seen to be shaking like a leaf.最终加冕仪式在半空的教堂中冷清地结束了 威廉有生以来第一次 吓得魂不附体When he emerged from the smoke and chaos of the coronation,当他穿过烟雾 从混乱的加冕礼中走出just what kind of king did the surviving remnant of the old governing class imagine they had?那些幸存下来的贵族阶级 认为他们辅佐了以为什么样的君主Did they fondly suppose he was going to be another Canute,他们会天真地以为他会成为下一个卡纽特吗who now that hed won his round,would disband his army and send them home?现在已得偿所愿的他 会解散他的军队 任其归乡吗If they did, they were in for a very nasty shock,如果真这么想 他们就大错特错了because even if William had wanted to do this, it was quite impossible.因为即便威廉想要这么做 他也做不到His whole campaign had been based on the promise of the lure of land,他得到持是因为他曾许诺给予土地the pledge to hand over Saxon land on a golden plate of conquest.他曾许诺以撒克逊的土地 换取头顶的王冠So there was never the remotest chance that William was going to be another Canute所以说威廉根本就没有机会 成为下一个卡纽特and assimilate himself into the world of Anglo-Saxon England.也无法融入盎格鲁撒克逊英格兰His conquest turned the country around.他的征行动改变了这个国家Englands orientation now was south,away from Scandinavia and towards continental Europe.彼时的英格兰转向了南方 脱离斯堪的纳维亚 投入了欧洲大陆的怀抱The part of the country offering most resistance was the north of England,which still retained strong Viking sympathies.英格兰北部做出了最大规模的抵抗 这里依然残留着对维京人深厚的留恋Just three years into Williams reign,York opened its gates to King Swein of Denmark,在威廉统治的三年间 约克郡地区一直持丹麦国王斯万hailing him as a liberator from the new king of England.把他当做拯救他们于威廉魔爪的解放者 /201608/460383A debt of just 2 pounds would get you locked up in a debtors prison.哪怕只欠了两磅的债务 也足以把你打入欠债人监狱The prison, like almost everything else in greedy, managerial, hanoverian Britain,在这个利欲熏心的汉诺威王朝 监狱也和其他事物一样was a business,a matter of pounds, shillings and pence.成为了充斥金钱的交易场合5,000 was the price one John Huggins paid for the wardenship of the Fleet Prison,一个叫约翰·哈金斯的人 曾用五千磅买得舰队监狱典狱长之职the equivalent of half-a-million pounds today.这相当于现在的五十万英镑The way he could recoup his investment was to charge inmates for their stay.想要收回投资成本 他就得在狱中敲诈犯人The hotel from hell, including, of course,the rent for their shackles.牢房的陈设可以天差地别 当然也包括 租用镣铐A fiver would get you your own cell,a few shillings more, something approximating food.五英镑即可换得单人牢房 再加几先令 就能得到可下咽的饭菜Less than that, you took your chance in the packed common prison,如若付不起 就只能和其他犯人挤牢房sleeping on the floor,no air, no sanitation,and smallpox waiting to get you.夜宿地板 没有新鲜空气 没有卫生设施 极有可能染上天花;Who are the real criminals?;到底谁才是真正的罪犯Was the cry on the streets, in coffee houses,and in the newspapers of London.这个话题在街头巷尾 在咖啡馆 甚至在报纸上都有广泛讨论Everywhere you looked,the line between the law enforcers and the law breakers seemed arbitrary.环顾四周 你会发现执法者与犯法者的界线 模糊不清In 1725,the Lord Chancellor was convicted of embezzling 80,000 pounds.People had had enough.1725年 大法官因挪用公款八万磅被判罪 人们已忍无可忍 /201705/510884

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/470012【新闻精讲】The other big selling-point is that pets by and large receive better treatment.另外一个大的卖点就是,总体上宠物会得到更好的照顾。Treatment1. 对待:处理或对待某个人或某件事的动作、方式或方法:“the right to equal treatment in the criminal and juvenile justice system”(Susan C. Ross)“在刑事和少年犯罪法律体制中受到同等对待的权利”(苏珊C.罗斯)2. 处理:处理特定情况的常用方法:gave the opposing team the treatment.按惯例对付对方 There are ways, apparently, to vet dog hosts to find the real pet lovers: only around 15% of those who apply to serve as sitters are approved.据说,这些公司有很多方式去审核“保姆”来找到真正的喜欢宠物的人:只有约15%申请当“宠物保姆”的人通过认。Apparent据说含糊例:Apparently the girls are not at all amused by the whole business.据说这些女孩们完全不觉得这整件事好笑。Vet受审查She was secretly vetted before she ever undertook any work for me.她在为我承担任何工作之前受到了秘密审查。Besides offering pooches more attention and room to roam, the platforms try to offer extra add-ons that appeal to helicopter parents.此外,为了给提供更多的关心和散步空间,这些平台尝试提供额外的附加物来吸引“直升机式的”父母。Besides除…以内,也就是包括内容》除了She has many good qualities besides being very beautiful.我觉得她除了非常漂亮,还有许多好的品质。She has many good qualities except being very beautiful.我觉得她除了非常漂亮以外,还有许多好的品质。Pooch Roam 来回走动或漫步于 wonderroamed the streets. 在街头漫步appeal to1. 吸引力例句:Economic change for its own sake did not appeal to him.经济变化本身对他并没有吸引力。2. 呼吁:为进一步实而求助;依靠:I appeal to your sense of justice.我呼吁你们拿出正义感helicopter parents.直升机父母Wiki: Helicopter parents are so named because, like helicopters, they hover overhead, overseeing their childs life.过于关注于孩子的家长Rover has launched a feature that enables customers to see how far their dog has been walked via the GPS in the host’s phone.Rover已经开发出一项新的功能,这能够让顾客通过“宠物保姆”手机上的GPS查看他们的散步路程。Feature1. 特点Patriotic songs have long been a feature of Kuwaiti life.爱国歌曲长期以来一直是科威特人生活的一个特点。2. (电影等) 由…主演; (展览会等) 以…为重点例:Its a great film and it features a Spanish actor who is going to be a world star within a year.那是一部精的电影,它由一位西班牙演员主演,他一年之内就会成为国际明星。ViaBy means of: 通过,凭借:sent the letter via airmail. 通过空邮寄信Like Airbnb, both DogVacay and Rover insure stays against accidents.和Airbnb一样,Rover和DogVacay都为“入住期间”投保意外险。Like 形式和逻辑一致Like Mr Huang, his cloth is yellow (错误!!!)Like Mr Huang’s, his cloth is yellow保Insure, Assure, EnsureAgainst1. 靠着 (某物)例: She leaned against him. 她靠在他身上2. 反对Taxes are unpopular – it is understandable that voters are against them.税收是不受欢迎的–选民们反对是可以理解的。Another advantage of the model is that, unlike other platforms that match consumers with workers, like handymen or masseuses, for one-off visits, consumers often use dog-sitting services many times a year, and they tend to be loyal.这种模式的另一个优点就是,不像其他平台为了一次性访问量,会把顾客和诸如打零工的人或女师这些工作人员匹配在一起,而这些平台的顾客们可以一年多次使用“宠物保姆”务,他们都会成为这些平台的忠实拥趸。Model pattern模范,典型:用作被模仿或比较的范例:a model of decorum.礼法的典范Handymen 做零活的人Masseuse 女师one-off一次性事物例:Our survey revealed that these allergies were mainly one-offs.我们的调查显示,这些过敏大多是一次性反应。dog-sitting 宠物保姆loyal忠诚的表赞许例:They had remained loyal to the president.他们一直忠于总统。That has helped DogVacay and Rover attract a lot of venture-capital money—around 0m between them.这已经帮助Rover和DogVacay吸引了大量风险投资金,约1400万美元。Venture冒险 (从事活动)例:He enjoyed little success when he ventured into business.他在冒险涉足生意时很少成功。Capital 资本; 资金例:Companies are having difficulty in raising capital.各公司在融资方面遇到麻烦。But firms that connect pets with hosts will face daunting competition as they try to go global.但是,这些使宠物和“宠物保姆”联系起来的公司在打开国际市场时会遇到巨大竞争。Connect1. 连接或联合(AHD, To become joined or united)two streams connecting to form a river. 两条小溪汇流成一条大河2. 建立联系或关系;相关:The candidate failed to connect with the voters. 候选人无法与选民建立关系Daunt使人畏缩的例: He and his wife Jane were faced with the daunting task of restoring the gardens to their former splendour.他和他的妻子简当时面临着恢复花园昔日风采的艰巨任务。Companies offering home-stays for dogs are now cropping up in many different countries, including Australia, Brazil and Britain.为提供寄养务的公司在许多国家如雨后春笋般出现,包括澳大利亚、巴西和英国。cropping up突然出现例句:We had a perfectly detailed plan for the project, but then all sorts of problems began cropping up.我们为这个项目作了详细的计划,但是各种各样意想不到的困难出现了。And unlike Airbnb, which pulls in customers thanks to its presence in lots of markets that people want to travel to, the network effect for services like DogVacay is local.和Airbnb不一样的是,Airbnb能吸引顾客是因为人们想要去旅行的地方就有Airbnb,而Dogvacay这样的务其网络效应仅限于当地。travel to 去...旅行例句:You had better travel to Helsinki tomorrow.你最好明天赶赴赫尔辛基。Effect1. 影响,效用:能引起某种结果的力量;影响:The governments action had no effect on the trade imbalance.政府的行为对商业不均衡毫无作用2. 利益;效益:used her words to great effect in influencing the jury. 她的话有易于影响陪审团pull away 后退,离开,抽出:移开或向后移;撤退:The car pulled away from the curb.汽车驶离了路边pull down 毁坏;破坏:pull down an old office building.摧毁一幢旧办公大楼pull out离开或脱离:The train pulls out at noon.火车在中午发车pull over暂停在路边:将车辆在路边停住:We pulled over to watch the sunset.我们停下车看日落Despite having anticipated the trend early, such firms may never achieve the same scale as an Airbnb.虽然现在去预测这种趋势的走向为时尚早,但是这些公司可能永远不会像Airbnb一样遍及全球。But then no one ever said it was easy to be top dog.不过,没有人说过做到业内顶尖是很容易的。Anticipate 预期 expectAt the time we couldnt have anticipated the result of our campaigning.当时我们不可能预期到我们活动的结果。be top dog 处于配地位I hope you will be top dog in your profession. 我希望你能成为业界出类拔萃的人物201702/493079

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201608/457832【视频讲解】AS A teenager, Travis Kalanick’s first job was to knock on strangers’ doors and sell them knives. Now he is trying to dodge the daggers aimed at him and at Uber, a ride-hailing firm that is the world’s most valuable startup. On March 19th Jeff Jones, the company’s president, stepped down after six months, declaring that “the beliefs and approach to leadership that have guided my career are inconsistent with what I saw and experienced at Uber.” At least six key executives and high-ranking employees have left in the past nine weeks. They include Uber’s head of mapping, a former head of self-driving car technology, and an artificial-intelligence (AI) expert who had been put in charge of the firm’s AI research lab only three months ago.特拉维斯#8226;卡兰尼克(Travis Kalanick)在十几岁时做的第一份工作是上门向陌生人推销刀具。如今他则在努力躲避朝他和优步(这家网约车公司是全球估值最高的创业公司)飞来的刀子。3月19日,该公司的总裁杰夫#8226;琼斯(Jeff Jones)在上任六个月后辞职,并宣称“在优步的见闻体验与自己职业生涯中一直遵循的领导理念和方式有冲突。”过去九周内,至少已有六位核心高管及高层员工离职,其中包括优步的地图测绘部门主管、自动驾驶汽车技术部门的一名前主管,以及一位三个月前才开始掌管优步人工智能研究实验室的AI专家。dodge v.躲避- He dodged questions.dagger n.匕首ride-hailing 一键叫车inconsistent adj.不符合artificial adj.人工的- artificial diamondsintelligence n.治理put in charge of 任命去管理Aggressive and unrelentingly ambitious, Mr Kalanick built his eight-year-old company into America’s largest privately owned technology firm by ting on the toes of different groups, including traditional taxi drivers, other tech companies and regulators. He pushed into new markets abroad and raised an unprecedented amount of capital, to the tune of around .5bn, including debt. The firm has a valuation of close to bn .好斗的而具有不懈雄心的卡兰尼克不惜开罪传统出租车司机、其他科技公司和监管机构等不同团体,把这家创立八年的公司打造成美国最大的非上市私人科技公司。他努力开拓海外市场,筹集到前所未有的巨额资本,包括借债在内约达125亿美元。该公司目前估值接近700亿美元。aggressive adj.好斗的unrelentingly adv.不懈地 (not slowing down/stopping)- unrelenting adj.有决心的- an unrelenting leaderambitious adj.有抱负的t on someone‘s toes 得罪某人- t v.踩 (step on)- Carelessly ting on the flowers.unprecedented adj.史无前例的capital n.资金to the tune of 达到...之多debt n.债务Yet a remarkable run of bad news for Mr Kalanick, combined with some setbacks for Uber itself, threatens to halt the firm’s momentum. “I have never seen someone have such a bad couple of months,” commiserates the boss of a large, public tech firm. Politics struck first: in January Mr Kalanick was widely criticised for serving on Donald Trump’s businessadvisory committee and for apparently intervening in a strike by taxi drivers opposed to Mr Trump’s ban on refugees. A campaign, called #DeleteUber, took off, encouraging users to stop using the Uber app.然而,坏消息接二连三地向卡兰尼克袭来,加上优步本身遭遇的一些挫折,公司的发展势头受到威胁。“我从没见过有人像这样倒霉好几个月的。”一家大型上市科技公司的老板同情地说。先是政治方面的冲击:今年1月,卡兰尼克因加入特朗普的经济顾问团,以及疑似干扰出租车司机反对特朗普难民禁令的停运活动而广受批评。网民们发起名为“#删除优步”(#DeleteUber)的行动,鼓动优步用户卸载该应用。remarkable adj.引人注目的setback n.挫折- Despite some early setbacks, they finally became successful.halt v.暂停- The project halted for lack of funds.momentum n.势头- maintain the momentumcommiserate v.同情strike v.袭击intervene v.介入- The military had to intervene to restore order.201705/510299TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201612/480368

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