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Chinas carmakers中土王国汽车制造商Zoom, zoom, splutter一朝得志,语无伦次SAICs domestic brands are unloved—a problem shared across the industry上汽集团的国内品牌不受消费者欢迎,然而,这却是整个产业所遇到的问题CHINAS biggest carmaker does not seem to be doing so badly, a first glance at SAICs third quarter results on October 30th would suggest. Net profits rose by nearly 5% compared with a year earlier, to 6.8 billion yuan (.1 billion). But SAIC, like the countrys many other domestic car firms, is not firing on all cylinders and is far from living up to the hopes the government has invested in the state giant.上汽集团在10月30日发布了本年第三季度报,乍一看之下,这家全中土王国最大汽车制造商的成绩似乎还过得去:与去年同期相比,净利润增长约5%,达到了68亿元人民币(约11亿美元)。然而,就像中土王国国内其余众多厂商一样,上汽集团不仅没有开足马力进行生产,同时也辜负了政府对这家汽车业国营巨头的期待。SAIC makes a quarter of the vehicles that crawl along the countrys congested roads. In the third quarter it sold 1.3m cars, 9% more than a year earlier. Overall Chinese demand, tempered by a cooling economy, grew by just 4%. But SAICs success was mostly due not to cars bearing its own badges, but Volkswagen and General Motors models, made in factories jointly operated with these two Western giants.目前,在中土王国拥挤不堪的道路上,有四分之一的轿车是上汽集团生产的。在本年第三季度期间,该企业共卖出了1300万辆轿车,比去年同期高出了9%。而相比之下,由于受到了经济下行的影响,今年中土王国汽车总需求量仅增长了4%。但上汽集团斐然的成果,不是由自家品牌所贡献出来的,而是通过与德国大众(Volkswagen)以及美国通用汽车(General Motors)这两大西方巨头的联合,在合资企业里所推出的车型当中取得的。Foreign carmakers were forced to collaborate with Chinese ones as the price for entering what is now the worlds largest automotive market. SAICs partnerships with VW and GM are flourishing, as are the other Chinese-foreign joint ventures. The government had hoped that, by now, domestic firms would have absorbed all they needed to know from the foreigners about making and selling world-class cars, and be y to get by without them.要进入中土王国这个目前全球最大的汽车销售市场,得付出一定的准入代价:外国汽车制造商必须要与本土厂商成立合资企业来进行生产销售。不仅是上汽集团正与大众、通用合作无间,其他中外合资车厂也呈现出欣欣向荣的态势。中土王国政府本期待着现在国内制造商们已经学习吸收了一切必备的外来经验技术,并且已经做好了自力更生的准备以生产“世界级”轿车,但事情不尽如人意。But the success of the joint ventures has made the Chinese firms complacent. They have failed to develop their own technology, styling or marketing capability. SAIC has long been losing money on its own-brand cars, which sell under badges such as Roewe and MG (the latter a faded British brand it bought along with other parts of the collapsed Rover Group). In the latest quarter the losses rose sharply, to around 2 billion yuan. A vicious circle has set in: the poor financial performance of Chinese firms own brands has sapped their will to invest in research and development to improve their performance on the road and in the showrooms. Little wonder, then, that Chinese motorists spurn pleas for patriotism and covet foreign-badged motors.然而,合资企业的成功已经让中土王国制造商们欣喜不已。他们没有成功地发展出自己的生产技术、设计风格以及市场推广体系。在自有品牌的车型上,上汽集团已经损失了很多资金,其中包括“荣威”(Roewe)和“名爵”(MG,一个已经没落了的英国品牌),后者是上汽集团在“路虎”(Rover Group)破产之时一并买入的汽车牌子之一。在最近一季期间,上述部分的亏损额迅猛增加,达到了20亿元人民币。这是一个恶性循环:国产品牌的表现越差,中土王国制造商就越不愿意投入资金以提高技术研发能力,或者提高国产车无论是在行驶中还是在汽车展厅当中的表现。这也就能解释了,为何中土王国司机们会唾弃在驾驶上的展现爱国主义情怀的机会,反倒是极力推崇外国品牌的轿车。The government has tried to fix the problem by pressing the foreign carmakers to work with the locals to create new brands combining international flair with Chinese characteristics. So far this has made little difference: Chinese brands account for only about one-third of domestic sales, and their share continues to dwindle.中土王国政府想要通过强迫外国制造商与本土企业的合作来解决上述问题,希望能够创造出一批新的品牌,一批能够把国际上的优点与中土王国特色相结合的品牌。迄今为止,以上努力近乎徒劳,国产牌子的汽车仅占中土王国国内汽车销售的三分之一,而且该市场份额还在缩小。Chinese vehicles have not travelled well. Exports, mostly to poor countries where drivers care about price more than image, were fewer than 600,000 in 2013, 10% lower than the year before. SAICs hopes that Rover Groups brands and technology would help it do better in rich countries have yet to be met. Three years after it relaunched the MG brand in Britain, it is selling just a few hundred cars a month there. Likewise Geely, a smaller Chinese maker, has yet to see much benefit from buying Volvo of Sweden.中土王国汽车的发展目前仍是处于“菜鸟”阶段。2013年全年汽车出口量已经不足60万,与前年同期相比下降了10%,而出口的汽车大部分是运往贫困国家。相比于外观而言,当地的消费者更在意的是价格。上汽集团希望能通过“路虎”旗下的品牌和技术,来提升自己在发达国家的市场地位,而这一想法还有待实现。三年前,上汽集团在英国重新推出了“名爵”汽车,而现在该牌子的销量也仅仅为每月数百辆而已。同样地,较小的中土王国汽车制造商“吉利”汽车,仍未从瑞典沃尔沃(Volvo)汽车收购案当中获得可观的回报。Chinas carmakers are still trying to improve. A recent survey from JD Power, a market-research firm, shows that the quality gap with foreign rivals is closing. The Chinese firms are busy hiring Western designers to make their models more distinguished. But like many of its peers, SAIC lacks foreign managers who have the skills to market cars abroad and set up the service networks that buyers expect. No wonder the governments ambition for China to boast two or three world-class car firms, with badges as recognisable as Toyotas or Fords, remains a distant dream.中土王国汽车制造商仍旧在努力提升自己。最近,一份由市场分析机构JD Power所做的调查显示,中土王国国产品牌汽车与外国对手的质量差距正在逐渐缩小。中土王国厂商们正忙着聘请西方设计师去完成车型的设计,力求“与众不同”。但就像其他许多同行一样,上汽集团缺乏来自国外的管理者,一些能够让汽车进行市场推广走出国门,并且能够建立满足于消费者期待的务网络的管理者。中土王国政府想要培养出两三个能够生产“殿堂级”汽车的制造商,想要培养出能够跟丰田(Toyota)和福特(Ford)一样家喻户晓的厂商,在如此多的不利因素的作用之下,也难怪这些个“雄心壮志”最后只成了一个“中国梦”。译者:颜士竣 译文属译生译世 /201411/341271。

We love Adolf Hitler because we believe, firmly and profoundly,that he was sent to us by God to save Germany.我们热爱希特勒,因为我们深信不疑,他被上帝派来拯救德国。To those who follow him, there is no quality that he does not possess to the greatest perfection.他拥有世间所有最完美的特质。No-one even thought it odd when Hitler told them that what they were doing would last for millennia.甚至当希特勒告诉人们,他们的事业可千年不朽时没人觉奇怪。One foreign correspondent who attended the 1934 rally,wrote that some of those present looked on Hitler as a Messiah.一位参加1934年纳粹党集会的外国记者写道,一些参会的人将希特勒看作弥赛亚。This wasnt an accident.这并不是巧合。Hitler later talked of being guided by a mystical force he called ;Providence.;希特勒后来说,他曾受到神秘力量指引,他称为;神谕;。And this belief in himself as a kind of Messiah was a key part of his charismatic appeal.他这种;我是救世主;的信仰是他具有领袖魅力的关键之一。Hitlers birthday, celebrated here in Berlin,became a day for national rejoicing.在柏林人们庆祝希特勒生,这天已成为全国欢庆日。 译文属201512/416415。

Johnson约翰逊Noam Chomsky诺姆·乔姆斯基The theories of the worlds best-known linguist have become rather weird世界最知名语言学家提出了更诡异的理论FEW disciplines are so strongly associated with a single figure: Einstein in physics and Freud in psychology, perhaps. But Noam Chomsky is the man who revolutionised linguistics. Since he wrote “Syntactic Structures” in 1957, Mr Chomsky has argued that human language is fundamentally different from any other kind of communication, that a “linguist from Mars” would agree that all human languages are variations on a single language, and that childrens incredibly quick and successful learning (despite often messy and inattentive parental input) points to an innate language faculty in the brain. These ideas are now widely accepted.很少有学术领域能如此紧密地与某个人挂钩:就像爱因斯坦之于物理学、弗洛伊德之于心理学,而诺姆·乔姆斯基则彻底改革了语言学。自从其著作《句法结构》于1957年问世以来,乔姆斯基一直认为人类的语言与其他任何交流方式有着本质的不同。“来自火星的语言学家”可能会同意所有的人类语言最初都是由单一语言变种而来,而儿童之所以能够快速地学会一门语言(尽管有时候家长会无意教些乱七八糟的东西)则都归功于大脑中天生的语言机制。这种观念已经被广泛接受了。 Over the past 60 years, Mr Chomsky has repeatedly stripped down his theory. Some aspects of human language are shared with animals, and others are part of more general human thinking. He has focused ever more narrowly on the features of language that he reckons are unique to humans. All this has led to a remarkable little book, published late last year with Robert Berwick, a computer scientist. “Why Only Us” purports to explain the evolution of human language.在过去的60年中,乔姆斯基不断地在精简自己的理论。人类语言的某些方面与动物类似,而其余的则来源于人类的思考。他一直专注于研究人类语言中独一无二的特性,并于去年与计算机科学家罗伯特·贝里克合著了一本名为《为什么我们是唯一的》的书,书中解释了人类语言的进化历程。Other biologists, linguists and psychologists have probed the same question and have reached little consensus. But there is even less consensus around the worlds most eminent linguists idea: that a single genetic mutation created an ability called “Merge”, in a single human whom Mr Chomsky has called “Prometheus”, some time before the human exodus from Africa. That mutation was so advantageous that it survived and thrived, producing todays 7,000 languages from Albanian to Zulu. But the vast differences among the worlds languages, Mr Chomsky argues, are mere differences in “externalisation”. The key is Merge.虽然其他各路生物学家、语言学家和心理学家也一直在探寻这个问题,却并没有达成多少共识。然而对于语言学中最著名的理论则分歧更大—在一个乔姆斯基称之为“普罗米修斯”的人中,一次单一的基因突变创造了“合并”的能力,而当时人类还没有迁徙出非洲。该突变如此强大,在之后的岁月中存活并繁衍,创造出如今从阿尔巴尼亚语到祖鲁语的7000种人类语言。而世界各种语言中存在的广泛差异,乔姆斯基认为这只不过是外在的区别,核心仍然是“合并”。But what is it? Merge simply says that two mental objects can be merged into a bigger one, and mental operations can be performed on that as if it were a single one. The can be merged with cat to give a noun phrase, which other grammar rules can operate on as if it were a bare noun like water. So can the and hat. Once there, you can further merge, making the cat in the hat.但“合并”到底是什么?是两个精神客体互相融合成一个更大的,如果这是一个单一个体,就能产生各类心理活动。”The”与”cat”合并就能组成一个名词短语,如果只有一个名词(例如”water”)从语法规则上来说也是可以的。”The”与”hat”的组合也同理。之后,你可以进一步合并更多的词”the cat in the hat”。 译文属译生译世 /201604/435017。

Germany and Greece德国与希腊Go if you must如有必要就退出Angela Merkel appears to have become more sanguine about a Grexit安吉拉·默克尔对“希腊退出欧元区”的态度似乎变得更加乐观Merkel points the way for Samaras默克尔为希腊总理萨马拉斯指明出路IF THE Syriza party wins Greeces election on January 25th, most think the power to negotiate rests with Angela Merkel, the German chancellor. “A small minority, centred on the conservative leadership of the German government,” says Alexis Tsipras, Syrizas leader, “insists on rehashing old wives tales and Grexit stories.”如果希腊左翼联盟在1月25日大选中获胜,多数人认为只有德国总理安吉拉·默克尔才能(与其)进行协商。左翼联盟主席阿列克西斯·齐普拉斯表示“极力拥护德国保守派执政党领导人的极少数党,坚持原来的观点,反复提到‘希腊退出欧元区的相关事宜。”So it seemed after German officials leaked to Der Spiegel, a weekly, their assessment that Grexit would not only be bearable but might even make the euro stronger. Other problem countries have weathered the crisis (Portugal, Ireland) or are making progress (Spain). The euro zone now has a bail-out fund and a banking union. German banks and insurers have reduced their exposure.德国官员在接受德国《明镜周刊》采访时透露了他们的评估意见,似乎表示:欧元不仅可以承受“希腊退出欧元区”的压力,还可能会增强其自身实力。其他问题比较严重的国家有些平安度过危机(葡萄牙、爱尔兰),有些不断取得成绩,如西班牙。欧元区目前拥有救市资金与联盟。而德国的与保险公司已降低其经营风险。On January 5th Steffen Seibert, Mrs Merkels spokesman, insisted that German policy had not changed: it still aimed to hold the euro zone together. Yet all sides are now debating Grexit. Some in Mrs Merkels Christian Democratic Union (CDU) said giving in to Greece would encourage other countries, including France, to rebel against spending cuts and supply-side reforms. Sigmar Gabriel, leader of the Social Democrats, Mrs Merkels coalition partners, said Germany must not be “blackmailed”.1月5日,默克尔总理发言人斯特芬·赛特坚称德国没有改变政策,仍旨在维护欧元区的统一。然而,德国各党派目前就“希腊退欧”一事争论不止。有些来自默克尔领导的基督教民主联盟的人士认为,对希腊做出让步会助长包括法国在内的其他国家反对削减开与供方改革的势头。默克尔总理联盟伙伴、德国社会民主党主席西格玛尔·加布里尔表示:德国千万不能被“要挟”。Other Social Democrats recoiled from this tone. So did the CDUs conservative Bavarian sister party. “We should not behave as a schoolmaster” to the Greeks, said Horst Seehofer, the Bavarian premier. The whole discussion was “irresponsible”, warned Simone Peter, a leader of the Greens. Sahra Wagenknecht, a leader of the ex-communist Left party, which sides with Syriza, accused Mrs Merkels government of “scare tactics” to influence the Greek election.社会民主党其他成员则惧怕使用这样的语调。基民联盟姊政党、巴伐利亚州的保守党派基督教社会联盟亦是如此。该联盟主席霍斯特·泽霍费尔表示,“我们不应该以校长的姿态”对待希腊人民。绿党领导人西莫尼·皮特警告道:整个讨论都是“不负责任的”。持左翼联盟的前社会主义左翼党的领导人莎拉·瓦根克内希特谴责默克尔政府采用“恐吓手段”来影响希腊大选的行径。Carsten Nickel at Teneo Intelligence, a risk consultancy, thinks Mrs Merkel is trying to “send a strong signal toAthens” that aid would still be tied to reforms, but that she will be flexible. A deal with Mr Tsipras could include lower interest or longer maturities for Greek debt. But politics limit her room for manoeuvre. One change is the rise of the new anti-euro Alternative for Germany. It did well in state elections last year but is now riven by squabbles. Any softness on Greece will feed its support in Hamburgs election in February. Public opinion remains sceptical. The tabloid Bild says that, if Greece cant play by the rules,Germany should show it the “red card”.风险咨询公司智库分析师卡斯滕·尼克尔认为,默克尔总理向雅典(希腊政府)试图传递这样一种强烈信号:援助与改革仍会绑定进行,没有改革,就没有援助,但她会灵活应对的。与齐普拉斯主席达成的协议可能包括减少利率或延长希腊还债期限。但囿于政治上的变动,她无法施展权术。变动之一是反对欧元的德国新选项党崛起。该党在去年州选中表现优异,而如今却因内讧四分五裂。对于希腊的任何仁慈行为都将有助于其持汉堡2月份的选举。民众依然持怀疑态度。德国《图片报》画报称,若希腊不按规则出牌,德国应该亮出“红牌”,以示惩罚。This is the tightrope Mrs Merkel must walk after January 25th. Until then, she is likely to keep quiet. Even Austria, usually as strident as Germanyon the euro, has struck a note of caution. Its finance minister, Hans J?rg Schelling, told a German newspaper that it was not appropriate to “meddle in the election campaigns of other countries”. That is the last thing Mrs Merkel can be seen doing.1月25日大选结束后,默克尔必须谨慎应对。在这之前,她极有可能保持沉默。即使是奥地利这个像德国一样一向极力反对欧元的国家也发出了警告通知。其财务部长汉斯·谢林在接受德国报社采访时表示,“任意干涉其他国家竞选的行为”并不可取。默克尔总理不到万不得已不会为之。翻译:石海霞 校对:毛慧 译文属译生译世 /201501/355134。

Their snake-like bodies can even wriggle into crevices.它们蛇一般的身形可以挤进礁石的缝隙当中。And they can fold their dorsal fin flat to squeeze through small holes.可折叠的背鳍更便于通过狭小的缝隙。If discovered, a sleeping parrotfish wouldnt stand a chance.睡着的鹦鹉鱼一旦被发现,就只有束手就擒了。Once the first shock has caught its prey, the smell and commotion attracts others.一旦第一条鲨鱼成功捕到了猎物,狩猎的气味和动静就会吸引其他鲨鱼。Every now and then, you find yourself in moderately strange situations in life, and this is one of them.我们不时地会发现自己陷于相当诡异的状况中,现在就是这样。Im in a cave with feeding sharks.我居然和狩猎状态的鲨鱼同处一穴。They are very well designed to be in here and Im not sure I am, quite frankly.珊瑚礁是为白顶鲨量身打造的,但我不想。201412/346087。

Dozens of people are dead Sunday after a suicide bomber attacked a park in Lahore, Pakistan. 周日,巴基斯坦拉合尔一公园发生自杀式袭击造成数十人死亡。The death toll stands at 50 people but it is almost certainly to increase. 当前死亡人数为50人,但几乎肯定会继续增加。New outlets are reporting that women and children were the primary victims. 新媒体报道称,妇女和儿童是主要的受害者。The explosion apparently went off near a swing set in the park. 爆炸发生在公园秋千附近。The blast injured at least 200. There were no immediate claims of responsibility for the attack.爆炸至少造成200人受伤。没有组织立即声称对袭击负责。译文属。201603/433602。

Today, Afghanistan is a war-torn region, battled over by military forces and world-spanning empires.如今军队武力战争和帝国扩张疆土让阿富汗饱受战乱之苦。Eight hundred years ago things were much the same.而早在800年前,阿富汗时局依旧。Only then, there was only one ruler: Genghis Khan.唯一不同的是只有一个统治者:成吉思汗。Khan is one of the greatest conquerors who ever lived.成吉思汗是史上最伟大的征者之一。Before he was finished, he had created an empire that ran all the way from the Caspian Sea to the Sea of Japan.成吉思汗生前征的疆域从里海到日本海。Thats the history portion of our segment.讲完历史故事,Now, on to the science.让我们来说说科学吧。What is it that powerful males of the human species are after when they overrun other males?为什么强大的民族想要征其它民族?From an evolutionary point of view, the major objective is to sp their genes more effectively.从进化的角度说,其主要目的是开枝散叶。And surprising, new data suggest Khan may have done that more successfully than anyone imagined.令人惊讶的是,新数据显示成吉思汗出人意外地成功做到了这一点。 201503/363313。

Europe Greek politics Tsiprass travels The new government ruffles feathers abroad but gains popularity at home欧洲 希腊政治 齐普拉斯之旅 希腊新政府享誉国内却在国际上饱受指责RATINGS for the evening news soared this week as Greeks tuned into a new show: of Alexis Tsipras,their new prime minister,and his colourful finance minister,Yanis Varoufakis,sharing the spotlight as they separately toured European Union capitals. For Greeks worn down by five years of austerity,it was cheering to see their new leaders “standing up to the euro-zone bosses”,as an official from PAME,the communist trade union,put it.随着希腊新任总理亚丽克西斯·齐普拉斯和个性鲜明的财政部长雅尼斯·瓦鲁法克斯各自展开对欧盟各国的访问,两位新任领导者齐聚聚光灯下,而希腊在本周的晚间新闻中完全颠覆其原有形象。一位共产主义贸易联盟(PAME)的官员表示:在希腊经历了长达五年的艰难时期之后,现在能看着他们的新领导人“重新站在欧元区各位BOSS”面前,这着实让人振奋。Mr Tsiprass Syriza party has lost no time getting its anti-austerity message across since defeating Antonis Samarass New Democracy government on January 25th. Syriza fell two seats short of a majority in parliament,so Mr Tsipras signed up the Independent Greeks,a right-wing anti-austerity party,whose leader,Panos Kammenos,became defence minister.齐普拉斯的左翼政党在1月25日击败萨马拉斯的新民主政府之后,立即开始向大众传播他们的反紧缩政策。因为左翼联盟在议会中以两席之差,未能成为多数党,齐普拉斯选择与右翼反紧缩政党——独立希腊人党,而该党派的领导者帕诺斯·卡门诺斯也顺势成为国防部长。True to Syrizas promises,Mr Tsipras and Mr Varoufakis challenged their first visitors,Martin Schulz,president of the European Parliament,and Jeroen Dijsselbloem,chairman of the eurogroup of finance ministers,demanding an end to austerity,the dismantling of the “troika” of the European Commission,the European Central Bank and the IMF,and an international conference to restructure Greeces debt of 175% of GDP. In return,the Syriza government would crack down on tax evasion and corruption,which previous administrations ignored,and produce a programme of structural reforms in June.为了兑现左翼联盟的承诺,齐普拉斯和瓦鲁法克斯分别向他们的第一位拜访目标发——欧盟议会主席马丁·舒尔以及欧元集团主席戴塞尔布卢姆发起了挑战。他们的目标是终止紧缩政策,拆散由欧盟议会;欧洲央行以及国际货币基金组织组成的“三驾马车”,并且寻求国际会议来裁减希腊高达GDP总值175%的债务。作为回报,新政府将着力展开针对逃税以及腐败的治理行动,这两个问题也恰巧是前任政府所忽视的,与此同时新政府还计划在6月的时候进行体制重建。To the delight of many Greeks,other cabinet members also announced measures to reverse many earlier reforms: pension increases,a 45% rise in the minimum wage,a return to collective bargaining and a freeze on privatisations. Poor households will get food stamps and free electricity. Mr Kammenos said that the armed forces would have their pay restored to pre-crisis levels,plus compensation for four years of pay cuts. Mr Varoufakis has not spelt out the budget cost of all this,though he promises still to run a small primary surplus (ie,before debt interest).让很多希腊人兴奋的是,其他的内阁成员同时还宣布了很多之前改革的替代政策:养老金的最低额度上调45%;重新展开劳资双方谈判;冻结国企私有化的进程;贫困家庭将会获得食物补助和免费供电。卡门诺斯表示,最终的目标是让工资水平恢复到经济危机前,同时还要给予这四年间因工资降低所造成损失的补偿。瓦鲁法克斯并没有明确说出实现这一切需要的花费,尽管他还同时承诺国家经济会有少量的盈余(在结算欠息之前)。The reversal of reforms and the tough stance toward Greeces creditors have increased the new governments popularity. Opposition by the new foreign minister to more sanctions against Russia,albeit short-lived,was also welcomed by many who want the government to defend Greek interests,even against NATO and the EU. One opinion poll gave Mr Tsipras a 68% approval rating after his first week,better than any other recent Greek leader.因为颠覆性的执政策略以及对债权国的强硬态度,新政府在国内大受追捧。即便是新任外交部长反对制裁俄罗斯而得罪欧盟和北约的短期行为,也受到了那些旨在保护希腊利益的人的欢迎。近期的一次民意调查显示,齐普拉斯的新政府在上任的第一周之后,获得了68%的持率,这一数据超过了近年来所有的领导人。Yet the exhilaration could evaporate if Mr Tsipras and Mr Varoufakis fall out with the EU. They have watered down their demands: instead of a debt write-off,Mr Varoufakis now proposes a limited repayment via special bond issues. Greeces creditors insist it must stick to the terms of its bail-outs. Greeks are still removing cash from their bank accounts,though the pace of withdrawal has slowed since the election. On February 4th the ECB said it would no longer accept Greek government bonds as collateral. Earlier the same day an issue of six-month bonds was only just covered,because foreign investors failed to buy. The new government has a tough year ahead of it.然而一旦齐普拉斯和瓦鲁法克斯和欧盟的谈判失败,这一切也可能都是一场空欢喜。事实上他们已经开始降低自己的要求:瓦鲁法克斯现在试图通过特殊的债权来进行有限的偿还,而不再寻求裁减债务。但是希腊的债权国仍坚持要求按期偿还。尽管在大选后速度有所放缓,但是希腊从未停止从它的账户中拿钱的步伐。2月4号,欧洲央行宣布不再接受希腊政府债券作为担保物。因为国外的投资者无法购买,同一天的早些时候一个刚刚担保发行的半年期债券不得不胎死腹中。新政府接下来将面对及其艰难的一年。译者:曾擎禹 校对:邵夏沁 译文属译生译世 /201502/360853。