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The Chinese knot,originally invented by craftsman, has become an elegant and colorful art and craft after hundred years of improvement.




  单词转变的几个特点: 1.因为认为英文字母是形声字母,所以认为字母无方向性 bp .因为拼写和读音相互影响,元音字母发音相互重叠,所以认为元音字母可以相互替换 3.部分字母可以调序 .两个元音字母往往会简化成一个元音字母 5.部分地方可添加或删减易脱落字母h w 等阳光射入了它所能透过的地方,赶走了黑暗,驱散了幽影

  首页>英语能力>英语翻译>英语口译 英语高级口译成语表达精选 -- ::39 来源: 繁荣昌盛thriving and prosperous爱不释手fondle admiringly爱财如命skin a flea its hide .爱屋及乌love me,love my dog ;; He that loves the tree loves the branch安居乐业live and work in peace and contentment白手起家build up from nothing百里挑一one in hundred百折不挠be indomitable半途而废give up halfway leave sth. Unfinished包罗万象all-embracing all-inclusive饱经风霜weather-beaten卑躬屈膝bow and scrape cringe悲欢离合vicissitudes of life背道而驰run counter to run in the opposite direction本末倒置put the cart bee the horse笨鸟先飞the slow need to start early必由之路the only way闭关自守close the country to international intercourse变本加厉be further intensified变化无常chop and change fantasticality变化无常chop and change fantasticality别开生面having sth. New别有用心have ulterior motives彬彬有礼refined and courteous urbane兵不厌诈in war nothing is too deceitful古通今erudite and inmed不败之地invincible position不耻下问feel not ashamed to learn from one's subordinates不可救药be past praying beyond redemption不劳而获reap where one has not sown不屈不挠titude indefatigability perseverance persevere tenacity不速之客crasher uninvited guest不同凡响outstanding不言而喻speak itself tell its own story tell its own tale went without saying不遗余力spare no eft spare no pains不以为然not approve object to不义之财filthy lucre filthy pelf the mammon of unrighteousness不亦乐乎extremely不远千里go to the trouble of traveling a long distance不约而同happen to coincide不择手段by any kind of means by hook or crook play hard by fair means or foul不知所措be at a loss be all adrift lose one's head out of one's wits才疏学浅have little talent and learning惨绝人寰extremely cruel沧海桑田time brings a great change to the worlds沧海一粟九牛一毛a drop in the bucket草木皆兵a state of extreme nervousness层出不穷emerge in endlessly层峦迭嶂peaks over peaks察言观色carefully watch what sb. is doing and saying姹紫嫣红very beautiful flowers畅行无阻checkless车水马龙heavy traffic沉默寡言taciturnity称心如意well-content趁热打铁strike while iron is hot Hold a wolf the iron is hot成群结队gang horde诚惶诚恐with reverence and awe诚心诚意sincere desire承上启下a connecting link between the preceding and the following吃苦耐劳tough吃里扒外live on sb. while helping others secretly痴心妄想 胡思乱想wishful thinking持之以恒preserve叱咤风云ride the whirlwind愁眉苦脸pull a long face snoot愁眉苦脸的,愁眉苦脸地woebegone morosely臭名远扬,臭名昭著flagrancy, notorious出乎意料unexpected出口成章have an outstanding eloquence出类拔萃,鹤立鸡群fill the bill supereminence出谋划策give counsel suggest出奇制胜defeat sb. by a surprise action出生入死go through fire and water触类旁通comprehend by analogy垂头丧气,无精打采 down in the mouth lose one's spirits with the tail between the legs垂头丧气的blue about the gills crestfallen downhearted绰绰有余more than sufficient此起彼伏as one falls, another rises从容不迫go easy take one's time从容不迫的leisured unhurried从容不迫地by easy stages粗枝大叶careless slapdash sloppy粗枝大叶的broad-brush措手不及unaware unprepared错综复杂 扑朔迷离 anfractuosity错综复杂的anfractuous daedal reticular sinuous打草惊蛇act rashly and alert the enemy大材小用waste one’s talent on a petty job大公无私selfless大海捞针look a needle in a bottle of hay大惑不解be extremely puzzled大惊小怪a storm in a teacup; Foofaraw; fuss like a hen with one chicken大惊小怪的spoffish大快人心afding general satisfaction大名鼎鼎famous well known大器晚成great minds mature slowly大千世界the boundless universe大失所望greatly disappointed大同小异largely identical but with minor differences大显身手 大显神通strut one’s stuff大言不惭 夸夸其谈fanfaronade rodomontade大义凛然inspiring awe by upholding justice大义灭亲place righteousness above family loyalty大智若愚Still waters run deep. An empty vessel makes the most sound Still water runs deep呆若木鸡dumbstruck transfixed待人接物the ways one gets along with others殚思极虑rack one’s brains胆小如鼠cannot say boh to a goose胆战心惊的funky淡泊明志not seek fame and wealth道貌岸然be sanctimonious得过且过drift along muddle along得天独厚的advantaged得心应手handy with facility得意忘形 得意洋洋 bloat get dizzy with success得意洋洋elated elation exaltation jauntiness得意扬扬ride high得意洋洋的cock-a-hoop high-blown perky得意扬扬的triumphant德才兼备have both ability and moral integrity德高望重sainted saintlike登峰造极reach the limit reach the peak of perfection地大物vast territory and abundant resources颠倒黑白 颠倒是非 混淆是非call white black swear black is white颠三倒四confused disorderly雕虫小技insignificant skill调兵遣将move ces调虎离山lure the enemy away from his base掉以轻心treat sth. Lightly喋喋不休blat cackle chackle harp harp on jaw-jaw rattle twitter wag顶天立地of indomitable spirit东施效颦blind imitation with ludicrous effect东山再起bob up like a cork独具匠心show originality独树一帜develop a school of one’s own独一无二in a class by oneself独一无二的unique unmatched unparalleled度日如年one day seems like a year断章取义garble e out of context对牛弹琴whistle jigs to a milestone Cast pearls bee swine对症下药suit the remedy to the case多才多艺versatility多才多艺的accomplished all-round;Miscellaneous;versatile多愁善感sensitivity sentimentality多愁善感的moonstruck spoony多此一举bring owls to Athens hold a candle to the sun多多益善the more the better咄咄逼人aggressive脱胎换骨thoroughly remold oneself阿谀奉承 趋炎附势greasiness恩将仇报 以怨报德 忘恩负义 bite the hand that feeds one尔虞我诈each trying to cheat the other发人深省的thought-provoking发人深省set people thinking发扬光大carry ward翻山越岭tramp over hill and dale翻天覆地world-shaking泛滥成灾overrun飞黄腾达 青云直上come into one’s kingdom rise in the world strike oil飞黄腾达的successful飞禽走兽birds and beasts废寝忘食get food and sleep分道扬镳part company, each going his own way分化瓦解disintegrate divide and demoralize分门别类classify纷至沓来come in a continuous stream纷至沓来的thick as hail奋不顾身dash ahead regardless of one’s safety愤愤不平be indignant愤世嫉俗的cynical丰富多rich and colorful丰功伟绩great achievement丰衣足食have ample food and clothing风花雪月sentimental writings of the exploiting classes风马牛不相及be totally unrelated风靡一时be the rage风平浪静calm风起云涌like a rising wind and scudding clouds风雨同舟stand together regardless of situation风雨无阻in all weathers锋芒毕露make a showy display of one’s abilities蜂涌而来pour逢场作戏join in the fun on occasion逢凶化吉trun ill luck into good奉公守法law-abiding敷衍了事make short shrift of palter scuffle釜底抽薪take a drastic measure to deal with a situation赴汤蹈火 出生入死go through fire and water富丽堂皇magnificence覆水难收spilt water cannot be gathered up again It is no use crying over spilt milk例如,一个小学生要学习英语,倘若笼统地确立一个目标,将来出国深造;;他会感到前途渺茫;如果确定不同的近期目标,先完成容易的部分,如每天学习个名词,进而掌握动词、形容词、副词等,他就会感到信心十足,感到学习语言不再是枯燥乏味的工作每一次克了困难,每一次获得了成功,自信心便会随之增长,而自信心同时又鼓舞他去争取更大的成功


  首页>英语能力>英语翻译>英语口译 中国译协中译英最新发布各类专业术语直译 -- ::55 来源: 1.科学发展观 the Outlook of Scientific Development.倡导公正、合理的新秩序观 call the establishment of a new just and equitable order3.以平等互利为核心的新发展观 new thinking on development based on equality and mutual benefit.推动树立以互信、互利、平等和协作为主要内容的新安全观foster a new thinking on security featuring mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and coordination5.主张形成以尊重多样性为特点的新文明观 foster a new thinking on civilization that respects diversity6.新能源观 new thinking on energy development有关先进文化的词汇1.古为今用、洋为中用旧译 let the ancient serve the present, let the eign serve the national 现译 draw from past and eign achievements.文艺工作 cultural and art work; work in the cultural field3.牢牢把握先进文化的前进方向firmly keep to the direction of an advanced culturecultural advancement.文化与经济和政治互相交融interaction between cultural work, and economic and political activitiescultural elementsfactors intermingle with economic and political factors5.民族的科学的大众的社会主义文化a socialist culture that is distinctly Chinese, pro-science and people-oriented6.弘扬主旋律,提倡多样化 promote mainstream values and uphold cultural diversity7.以科学的理论武装人,以正确的舆论引导人,以崇高的精神塑造人,以优秀的作品鼓舞人Equipempower people with scientific theories, guide them with correct opinions convey to them right messagesprovide them with correct media guidance, imbue them with a noble spirit and inspire them with excellentfine works8.具有中国气派的社会主义文化Chinese-style socialist culture; socialist culture with Chinese appeal9.越是民族的,越是世界的The pride of a nation is also the pride of the world.What's unique a nation is also precious the world.When you are unique, the world comes to you..文艺应当贴近群众,贴近生活,贴近实际Culture and arts should bekeep close to the people, their lives and reality..艺术滋润心灵,文化陶冶情操Art nurtures the soul and culture cultivates the mind..文化是维系中华民族生生不息、蔓延不断的精神纽带Culture is the spiritual bond that ensures the continuity of our Chinese nation..我们不能割断民族的文化血脉We must never sever the cultural vein of our nation..树立正确的世界观、人生观和价值观to foster a rightcorrect outlookview on the world, life and values.文化市场,文化贸易cultural market, cultural trade.始终把社会效益放在首位always put social benefit first.扶持体现民族特色和国家水准的重大文化项目和艺术院团support majortop-notch cultural projects and art troupes that represent national characteristics and national level稳定地走上了富裕安康的广阔道路 move steadily toward prosperity and happiness不断探索和回答什么是社会主义、怎样建设社会主义,建设什么样的党、怎样建设党,实现什么样的发展、怎样发展等重大理论和实际问题constantly seek answers to major theoretical and practical questions such as what socialism is and how to build it, what kind of party we must build and how to build it, and what kind of development China should achieve and how to achieve it党的基本理论、基本路线、基本纲领、基本经验 Party's basic theory, line, program and experience社会主义和马克思主义在中国大地上焕发出勃勃生机 Socialism and Marxism have shown vigor and vitality in China.大踏步赶上时代前进潮流 catch up with the trend of the times in big strides符合党心民心 accord withecho the aspirations of the Party members and the people尊重人民首创精神 respect the people's initiativepioneering drivecreativity提高全民族文明素质 to improve the educational and ethical standards of the whole nation开辟了中国特色社会主义道路 blaze a trail of socialism with Chinese characteristics open a path of...形成了中国特色社会主义理论体系 theoretical system of Chinese socialism建设富强民主文明和谐的社会主义现代化国家 make China a prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally developed and harmonious modern socialist country实践永无止境 Practice knows no bound.勇于变革、勇于创新 make bold changes and innovations不为任何风险所惧,不被任何干扰所惑 fear no risks and never be confused by any interference使中国特色社会主义道路越走越宽广 broaden our path of socialism with Chinese characteristics让当代中国马克思主义放射更加灿烂的真理光芒 Let the truth of Marxism of contemporary China shine more brilliantly.马克思主义关于发展的世界观和方法论的集中体现 a concentrated expression of the Marxist world outlook and methodology with regard to development同……一脉相承 in the same line as...立足社会主义初级阶段基本国情 fully recognize the basic reality that China is in the primary stage of socialism粗放性增长方式 the extensive mode of growthinefficient model of growth改革攻坚 further rem in difficult areas统筹兼顾各方面利益 accommodate the interests of all parties农业基础薄弱的局面尚未改变 The foundation of agriculture remains weak思想活动的独立性、选择性、多变性、差异性明显增强 become more independent, selective, changeable and diverse in thinking社会结构、社会组织形式、社会利益格局 the structure of society, the way society is organized and interests of different social groupsand the mix of social interests发达国家在经济科技上占优势的压力长期存在 Pressure caused by the economic and scientific dominance of developed countries will continue a long time to come从生产力到生产关系、从经济基础到上层建筑都发生了意义深远的重大变化 experience far-reaching changes in the productive ces and the relations of production, as well as in the economic base and the superstructure人民日益增长的物质文化需要同落后的社会生产之间的矛盾这一社会主要矛盾 Chinese society's principal problemchallenge is the gap between the ever-growing material and cultural needs of the people and the low level of social production当前我国发展的阶段性特征 the salient features of the current stage of development in China妄自菲薄 belittle oneself自甘落后 be resigned to backwardness脱离实际、急于求成 unrealistic pursuit of quick results共同建设、共同享有的原则 the principle of all the people building a harmonious ...and enjoy its benefits着力解决人民最关心、最直接、最现实的利益问题 spare no eft to solve most practical problems of the utmost and immediate concern to the people形成全体人民各尽其能、各得其所而又和谐相处的局面 cultivatefoster an environment in which all people do their best, are content with their livesenjoy what they do and live together in harmony提高改革决策的科学性,增强改革措施的协调性 make decision-making more scientific and measures of rem better coordinated全面提高开放水平 improve the work of opening-up把改善人民生活作为正确处理改革发展稳定关系的结合点 We need to improve...as we endeavor to balance...全面把握科学发展观的科学内涵和精神实质fully appreciateunderstand the essence of the Scientific Outlook on Development把全社会的发展积极性引导到科学发展上来 guide the whole society in pursuing development in a scientific way把握经济社会发展趋势和规律 follow the trend and the law of economic and social development坚持中国特色社会主义经济建设、政治建设、文化建设、社会建设的基本目标和基本政策构成的基本纲领uphold the basic program consisting of the basic objectives and policies economic, political, cultural and social progress under socialism with Chinese characteristics区域协调互动发展机制 a mechanism promoting balanced and interactive development among regions主体功能区 development priority zones法治政府建设 enhance law-based government administration社会主义核心价值体系深入人心 Core socialist values are winning the hearts and minds of the people.弘扬良好思想道德风尚 promote moral integrity建设生态文明 promote a conservation culture生态文明观念在全社会牢固树立 To foster public awareness of conservation culture具有更高文明素质和精神追求 Raise ethical standards and have higherlofty aspiration对外更加开放、更加具有亲和力 be more open and friendly to the outside world为全面建成惠及十几亿人口的更高水平的小康社会打下更加牢固的基础 Strengthen the foundation building a well-off society of a higher level in all respects to the benefit of over one billion people建设创新型国家 make China an innovative nation国家中长期科学和技术发展规划纲要 Outline of the National Program Long- and Medium-Term Scientific and Technological Development突破制约经济社会发展的关键技术 make breakthroughs in key technologies vital to China's economic and social development持前沿技术研究、社会公益性技术研究 support research in frontier technology and in technology public welfare建立以企业为主体、市场为导向、产学研相结合的技术创新体系 establish a market-oriented system technological innovation, in which enterprises play the leading role and which combines the efts of enterprises, universities and research institutes引导和持创新要素向企业集聚 guide and support the pooling of factors of innovation into enterprises科技成果产业化 the application of scientific and technological achievements in production培养造就世界一流科学家和科技领军人才 train bring up world-class scientists and leaders in scientific and technological research使创新智慧竞相迸发、创新人才大量涌现 inspire creativity and bring th large numbers of innovative personnel推进信息化与工业化融合 promote IT-based industrialization具有国际竞争力的大企业集团 internationally competitive conglomerates。

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  A) They have the final say in which university their children are to attend.   


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