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昆明市盘龙区人民医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱昆明富民县人民医院激光去斑手术多少钱When the British say ;I hear what you say. ; They mean ;I disagree and do not want to discuss it further.; But what others understand is ;He accepts my point of view.;当英国人说“我听到你所说的了”时,他们的意思是“我不同意也不想就其做进一步讨论”,而其他人却理解成了“他接受了我的观点”。When the British say ;With the greatest respect... ; They mean ;I think you are an idiot.; But what others understand is ;He is listening to me.;当英国人说“出于最大的尊重…”时,他们的意思是“我觉得你太二了”,而其他人却理解成了“他正听我说话呢”。When the British say ;That#39;s not bad. ; They mean ;That#39;s good.; But what others understand is ;That#39;s poor.;当英国人说“不算太糟”时,他们的意思是“太好了”,而其他人却理解成了“太差了”。When the British say ;That is a very brave proposal. ; They mean ;You are insane.; But what others understand is ;He thinks I have courage.;当英国人说“那真是一个非常有勇气的提议”时,他们的意思是“你真是疯了”,而其他人却理解成了“他觉得我很有胆识”。When the British say ;Quite good. ; They mean ;A bit disappointing.; But what others understand is ;Quite good.;当英国人说“很不错哦”时,他们的意思是“有点小失望”,而其他人却理解成了“真心不错”。When the British say ;I would suggest... ; They mean ;Do it or be prepared to justify yourself.; But what others understand is ;Think about the idea, but do what you like.;当英国人说“我想建议的是……”时,他们的意思是“去实践或者做好准备明你自己”,而其他人却理解成了“考虑一下他的点子,但还是做我想做的”。When the British say ;Oh, incidentally / by the way... ; They mean ;The primary purpose of our discussion is...; But what others understand is ;That is not very important.;当英国人说“顺便说一句……”时,他们的意思是“我们讨论的最根本目的是……”,而其他人却理解成了“接下来的话不是非常重要”。When the British say ;I was a bit disappointed that... ; They mean ;I am annoyed that...; But what others understand is ;It doesn#39;t really matter.;当英国人说“我对……有点小失望”时,他们的意思是“我对……很恼火”,而其他人却理解成了“无伤大雅”。When the British say ;Very interesting. ; They mean ;That is clearly nonsense.; But what others understand is ;They are impressed.;当英国人说“非常有意思啊”时,他们的意思是“那明显是瞎扯淡”,而其他人却理解成了“那真是让人印象深刻”。When the British say ;I#39;ll bear it in mind. ; They mean ;I#39;ve forgotten it aly.; But what others understand is ;They will probably do it.;当英国人说“我刻在脑子里了”时,他们的意思是“我已经不记得了”,而其他人却理解成了“他们大概会去做的吧”。When the British say ;I#39;m sure it#39;s my fault. ; They mean ;It#39;s your fault.; But what others understand is ;Why do they think it was their fault?;当英国人说“我确定是我错了”时,他们的意思是“那其实是你的错”,而其他人却理解成了“为什么他们会觉得是他们的错呢?”When the British say ;You must come for dinner. ; They mean ;It#39;s not an invitation, I#39;m just being polite.; But what others understand is ;I will get an invitation soon.;当英国人说“你一定要来赴宴”时,他们的意思是“那绝不是什么邀请,我只不过想礼貌一些”,而其他人却理解成了“马上我就会收到一个邀请了”。When the British say ;I almost agree. ; They mean ;I don#39;t agree at all.; But what others understand is ;He#39;s not far from agreement.;当英国人说“我基本同意”时,他们的意思是“我一点儿都不同意”,而其他人却理解成了“他真的是非常非常同意啊”。When the British say ;I only have a few minor comments. ; They mean ;Please re-write completely.; But what others understand is ;He has found a few typos.;当英国人说“我只是有一点儿建议”时,他们的意思是“请从头到尾地重写一份吧”,而其他人却理解成了“他只不过发现了一些言语错误”。When the British say ;Could we consider some other options?; They mean ;I don#39;t like your idea.; But what others understand is ;They have not yet decided.;当英国人说“我们可以再考虑一些其他的选择吗?”时,他们的意思是“我着实不喜欢你的点子”,而其他人却理解成了“他们还没有决定下来吧”。 /201303/228075云南整形医院眼尾纹眼周眼线眼纹多少钱 Three competing store owners rented adjoining shops in a mall.Observers waited for mayhem to ensue.三个互相争生意的商店老板在一条商业街上租用了毗邻的店铺。旁观者等着瞧好戏。The retailer on the right put up huge signs saying, ;Gigantic Sale!; and ;Super Bargains!;右边的零售商挂起了巨大的招牌,上书:“大减价!”“特便宜!”The store on the left raised bigger signs proclaiming, ;Prices Slashed!; and ;Fantastic Discounts!;左边的商店挂出了更大的招牌,声称:“大砍价!”“大折扣!”The owner in the middle then prepared a large sign that simply stated, ;ENTRANCE;.中间的商人随后准备了一个大招牌,上面只简单地写着:“入口处”。 /201210/203598昆明哪家医院做光子嫩肤好

楚雄州妇幼保健院激光去红血丝多少钱云南去除眼袋多少钱 One-third of American adults are obese, a health crisis that is typically linked to eating too much food, eating the wrong kind of foods, and not getting enough exercise.三分之一的美国成年人肥胖,这是通常是与吃得太多、饮食不正确且没有得到足够锻炼有关的健康危机。But there are also psychological factors at play.但也有心理因素在起作用。New research from Florida State University shows that making people feel bad about their bodies actually increases the risk of obesity, rather than encouraging people to lose pounds.佛罗里达州立大学的新研究表明让人们对自己身体感觉失望实际上增加了肥胖的几率,而没有鼓励人们去减肥。Weight discrimination, also known as fat-shaming, includes teasing, bullying someone to lose weight, and other biases that appear in the workplace or relationships linked to weight.体重歧视,也称为肥胖羞辱,包括取笑,威逼别人去减肥,以及出现在工作场所或人际关系中与体重有关的其他偏见。More than 6,000 men and women from the U.S. participated in the four-year survey to test whether weight discrimination is associated with becoming obese or staying obese.来自美国的超过6000名男性和女性参加了为期四年的调查来测试体重歧视是否与变胖或者一直肥胖相关联。Subjects reported their experiences with weight and other types of discrimination that had been directed toward them between 2006 and 2010, and their body mass index was recorded at the start and end of the study.主题报道他们与体重有关的经历以及其他类型的歧视在2006年和2010年之间一直针对着他们,他们身体的质量指数在研究始末都被记录下了。Participants who were overweight at the beginning of the study were about 2.5 times more likely gain weight and become obese by follow-up if they reported weight discrimination, according to research published in the journal PLOS One on July 24.在研究开始就超重的参与者约2.5倍的可能体重增加,如果他们被报道体重歧视,后续会变成肥胖,据7月24日发表在《PLOS One》上的研究。Weight discrimination was equally harmful to participants who were aly obese. These participants ;were over three times more likely to remain obese at follow-up, rather than drop below the obesity threshold, than those who did not experience such discrimination,; according to the study.体重歧视对已经肥胖的参与者来说也同样有害。比那些没有经历这种歧视的人,这些参与者“超过三倍的可能在后续研究中保持肥胖,而不是低于肥胖阈值”,根据这项研究。;Weight discrimination is associated with behaviors that increase risk of weight gain, including excessive food intake and [lack of] physical inactivity,; the researchers conclude. ;Heightened attention to body weight is associated with increased negative emotions and decreased cognitive control.;“体重歧视与增加变胖风险的行为有关,包括过多的食物摄入量和缺乏身体锻炼,”研究者总结说。“高度重视体重与负面情绪积累以及减少认知控制有关。” /201308/250886昆明大学附属医院口周纹颈纹法令纹脖纹价格

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