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President Xi Jinping called on last Tuesday for ;more tolerance and patience; toward netizens and welcomed online criticism, ;whether mild or fierce;, as long as it arises from goodwill.国家主席习近平上周二呼吁,对广大网民,要多一些包容和耐心,并欢迎网上的批评,不论是和风细雨的还是忠言逆耳的,只要是出于好意的就应接受。The president also urged speeding up legislation of a cyber-law, improving legal supervision and preventing risks caused by the internet.此外,习近平主席也强调了要加快网络法规的建立,增强法律监督并预防由互联网引起的风险。The government should take constructive advice from netizens, help those who are in difficulties and explain to those who dont understand the situation, Xi said. Netizens complaints should be addressed quickly, and wrong online attitudes should be corrected.习近平主席表示,政府应该从网友那里听取建设性的意见,帮助那些身处困境的人,并向那些不了解情况的人作出解释。对网友的怨言应该快速引起重视,错误的网络言论也应该被纠正。Government officials should get close to the people through the internet, listen to online public opinions and suggestions, and answer the publics concerns in a positive manner, he said.习近平主席指出,政府官员应该通过网络走近群众,听取公众意见和建议,并就大众关心的问题进行积极回应。The meeting was attended by entrepreneurs of internet giants such as Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu, experts on media research and officials of internet management.此次会议参会的还包括阿里巴巴,腾讯和百度等在内的网络巨头企业,还有媒介调查的专家和负责网络管理的官员。Premier Li Keqiang and senior publicity official Liu Yunshan, both on the seven-member Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, attended the meeting as deputy leaders of the central internet security and informatization leading group. The group, headed by Xi, was established in February 2014.中共中央政治局常务委员会七大成员中的总理李克强和宣传部高级官员刘云山也以中央网络安全和信息化领导小组副组长的身份参加了会议。这个小组是由习近平主席领导的,成立014月。During the meeting, Xi talked with 10 representatives from colleges, companies and government departments and heard their suggestions on cybersecurity, core technology and public opinions.在会议期间,习近平主席与来自高校、公司和政府部门0位代表进行谈话,并听取了他们关于网络安全、核心技术和公众舆论的建议。Noting Chinas large number of internet users, Xi said that cyberspace should be regulated to make it a clean place for netizens, especially adolescents.考虑到中国网民的巨大数量,习近平主席表示,网络空间应该被好好管理,为广大网民特别是青少年营造一个风清气正的空间。来 /201604/439661

Towns and cities across the east of Vladimir Putins vast empire could collapse in the coming decades because of thawing permafrost.随着永久冻土的逐渐消融,弗拉基米尔?普京手中巨大帝国的东部城镇在未来几十年间可能会轰然倒塌。Ground that was once solid is crumbling due to climate change, and the impact for buildings across Arctic and Siberian regions will be devastating by 2050, says a new US-Russian report.一篇美俄的最新报道称,由于气候的变化,曾经坚固的土地开始破裂,截止050年,北极地区和西伯利亚地区的建筑将会受到毁灭性的影响。Problems are expected even sooner in Anadyr, the capital of the extreme eastern region on Chukotka, where Chelsea tycoon Roman Abramovich once served as governor.阿纳德尔很快就会面临难题。阿纳德尔是俄罗斯东部楚科奇自治区首府,切尔西大亨罗阿尔卡季耶维奇曾任区长。Here problems can be expected by the mid-2020s, as they can in Salekhard, a town which straddles the Arctic Circle, gateway Russias large gas supplies on the Yamal peninsula.预计21世纪20年代中期,阿纳德尔将遇到问题。横跨北极圈的萨列哈尔德城是亚马尔半岛上俄罗斯大量天然气供应的枢纽,它也面临着同样的威胁。At risk too from a stark weakening of the bearing capacity of the ground are Russias diamond capital Yakutsk and nickel mining city Norilsk.俄罗斯钻石之都雅库茨克和镍矿开采城诺里尔斯克的土地承受能力显著下降,也面临危险。The thaw has major implications for Russia since as much as 63 percent of Russian territory is underpinned by permafrost.俄罗3%的领土都是靠永久冻土撑,因此冻土消融对俄罗斯影响十分重大。It is aly hitting buildings in northern regions, making them unsafe, and has caused railway lines to become crooked, rendering them useless, reported The Siberian Times.据《西伯利亚时报》报道,北部地区的建筑物已经受到影响,十分不安全,铁轨也因此变弯,无法再投入使用。The analysis says a worst-case scenario could lead to a 75-95 percent reduction in bearing capacity throughout the permafrost region by 2050.分析称,最糟糕的情况将导致“到2050年,永久冻土地区的承受能力下5%5%”。The authors conclude: This can have a devastating effect on cities built on permafrost.作者们总结说:“对于建立在永久冻土上的城市来说,这会产生毁灭性影响。”Thawing of permafrost can potentially lead to deformation and collapse of structures, with residential and industrial buildings at risk, but also railway lines, which are used for industrial purposes as well as passengers.无论是居民楼还是工业建筑,永久冻土解冻“可能会导致建筑结构的变形和倒塌”,货运和客运铁路线也无法幸免于难On average, the fastest changes are projected for Salekhard and Anadyr.“从大体上预计,萨列哈尔德和阿纳德尔的变化最快。There the bearing capacity has potential to decrease to critical levels by (the) mid 2020s.1世纪20年代中期,萨列哈尔德和阿纳德尔的土体承受能力可能会下降到危险水平。In Yakutsk and Norilsk the critical climate-induced decrease in bearing capacity is expected around (the) 2040s.“雅库茨克和诺里尔斯克由气候变化导致的土地承受能力严重下降预计将出现在21世纪40年代左右。”The study by experts from The George Washington University and specialists from the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences highlighted these four cities but the threat applies across the vast permafrost territory.由乔治华盛顿大学专家和俄罗斯科学研究院西伯利亚分院专业人员负责的研究重点指出这四个城市,但威胁已蔓延到了俄境内的大片永久冻土。Numerous studies show the Russian Arctic is warming at a rate of approximately 0.12C (0.216F) a year - significantly faster than the global average, state the authors.大量的研究表明,俄罗斯北极地区的气温每年大约.12°C (0.216°F)的速度不断升温——研究作者称,“这比全球平均升温速度快得多”。The scale of the thawing in each location could vary and was hard to predict precisely.每个地区冻土解冻的程度都不同,因此很难做出精确的预测。And well engineered structures could survive, but there was a need for a change in building techniques.“建筑结构优质的大楼”不会因此倒塌,但是建筑技术需要做出改变。来 /201701/487458

  U.S. and South Korean military officials say they have detected a failed ballistic missile launch in North Korea near the northwestern city of Kusong.美国与韩国军方官员说,他们探测到朝鲜在西北部龟城进行了一次失败的弹道导弹发射。In a statement, The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) said North Korea likely launched a Musudan intermediate-range missile early Thursday. U.S. and South Korean monitors say the missile appeared to have exploded shortly after take-off and thus posed no threat.北美防空司令部在声明中说,朝鲜星期四早晨可能发射了一枚舞水端中程导弹。美韩监测人员说,导弹显然在发射后不久爆炸,没有构成威胁;We strongly condemn the Norths continued illegal acts of provocation and are fully prepared to counter any further provocations,; the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement Thursday.韩国参谋长联席会议星期四发表声明说,“我们对朝鲜持续的非法挑衅行动提出强烈谴责,全面准备对抗任何进一步挑衅。”Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said at a news conference Thursday Japan was aware of the missile launch and expects more missiles out of North Korea as the country expands its development program.日本内阁官房长官菅义伟星期四在新闻发布会上说,日本已经知悉朝鲜导弹试射的消息,并预计,随着朝鲜武器发展项目的扩大,朝鲜还会试射更多导弹。来 /201610/473558



  U.S.-led coalition aircraft waged a series of deadly strikes against Islamic State around the city of Falluja last Wednesday, U.S. officials told Reuters, with one citing a preliminary estimate of at least 250 suspected fighters killed and at least 40 vehicles destroyed.美国官员上周三接受《路透社》采访时表示,以美国为首的联军用飞机轰炸了被伊斯兰国占领的城市费卢杰,初步估计至少有250名武装分子被杀,至0辆汽车被毁。If the figures are confirmed, the strikes would be among the most deadly ever against the jihadist group. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to describe the operation and noted preliminary estimates can change.如果该数字属实,那么这将是针对极端分子有史以来最有效的一次打击。这位官员在不透漏姓名的前提下,描述了这次行动,并指出初步的估计可能会发生变化。The strikes, which the officials said took place south of the city, where civilians have also been displaced, are just the latest battlefield setback suffered by Islamic State in its self-proclaimed ;caliphate; of Iraq and Syria.该官员表示,这次进攻发生在城市的南部,那里的平民已经被转移。这次是伊斯兰国在伊拉克和叙利亚自行宣布成立;哈里;的最新打击。The groups territorial losses are not diminishing concerns about its intent and ability to strike abroad though. Turkey pointed the finger at Islamic State on Wednesday for a triple suicide bombing and gun attack that killed 41 people at Istanbuls main airport.该恐怖组织的领地损失并不能使我们降低警惕,它仍有意图和能力在国外展开恐怖活动。日前,伊斯坦布尔最大的机场就发生了一起造成42人死亡的三重自杀式炸弹击袭击,土耳其政府将矛头指向伊斯兰囀?CIA chief John Brennan told a forum in Washington the attack bore the hallmarks of Islamic State ;depravity; and acknowledged there was a long road ahead battling the group, particularly its ability to incite attacks.中情局局长约翰·布伦南接受华盛顿当地一家论坛采访时表示,本次打击表明了伊斯兰国;堕落;,并承认打败这个组织的路还很长,特别是它有着煽动攻击的能力;Weve made, I think, some significant progress, along with our coalition partners, in Syria and Iraq, where most of the ISIS members are resident right now,; Brennan said. ;But ISIS ability to continue to propagate its narrative, as well as to incite and carry out these attacks I think we still have a ways to go before were able to say that we have made some significant progress against them.;;在叙利亚和伊拉克有很多ISIS成员,但我认为,我们已经与盟友取得了一些显著的进展;布伦南说;但是ISIS仍有继续宣传其事迹的能力,还有它煽动和发动袭击的能力。我想在达到我们所说的显著进展前,我们可能还有一段路要走; /201607/453906Wait a minute we’re honoring him?等等,我们在向他致敬?Cities all over the world rename streets and put up statues to commemorate local heroes and beloved public figures. But to the bafflement and irritation of many people in St. Petersburg, Russia, their city has recently honored three people they would hardly call heroic or beloved.全世界的城市都会通过重新命名街道和树立雕像,来纪念当地的英雄和受人爱戴的公众人物。但令俄罗斯圣彼得堡的很多人不解和愤怒的是,他们所在的城市最近向三个很难称得上英雄或受爱戴的人表达了敬意。Remarkably, the least controversial of the three is Kim Jong-il.需要注意的是,这三个人中争议最小的是金正日(Kim Jong-il)。Mr. Kim, the former North Korean dictator, was brutal even by the standards of Russia, which has seen its share of tyrants. What did he do to merit a plaque? He stopped by a local factory 15 years ago.俄罗斯自身也经历过暴君,但即使按照这样的标准,这位前朝鲜独裁者也颇为残暴。他做过什么,以至值得拥有一块纪念牌?他15年前顺道参观过当地的一家工厂。Even more eyebrows were arched when a bridge was renamed in honor of Akhmad Kadyrov, a Chechen leader who was assassinated in May 2004. That was widely seen as a political sop to Ramzan A. Kadyrov, Akhmad’s son and the current president of Chechnya, the restive region in the Caucasus.当一座桥被重新命名,以纪念在2004月遇刺的车臣领导人艾哈迈#8226;卡德罗夫(Akhmad Kadyrov)时,皱眉的人更多了。此举普遍被认为是对其子、车臣共和国现任总统拉姆#8226;A#8226;卡德罗夫(Ramzan A. Kadyrov)的政治安抚。车臣共和国是高加索地区的一片动乱地带。Noting that Akhmad Kadyrov had supported Russia in the Second Chechen War, a spokesman for the governor of St. Petersburg said, “Russia remembers and honors its heroes.This even though Mr. Kadyrov, in the First Chechen War, led an anti-Russian militia and was seen in propaganda s calling on Chechens to kill as many Russians as possible.圣彼得堡市长的发言人指出艾哈迈#8226;卡德罗夫曾在第二次车臣战争期间持俄罗斯,并表示,“俄罗斯铭记并缅怀它的英雄。”尽管如此,在第一次车臣战争期间,艾哈迈德领导了一个反俄民兵组织,并出现在多个宣传视频中,号召车臣民众尽可能多杀俄罗斯人。More than 90,000 people signed an online petition protesting the renaming, to no avail. Maksim Reznik, an opposition politician, tried to challenge the decision during a legislative meeting, but his microphone was abruptly switched off.万人在网上的一封请愿书上签名,抗议这次重新命名活动,但无济于事。反对派政治人物马克西姆#8226;列兹尼克(Maksim Reznik)试图在一次立法会议上挑战该决定,但他的话筒突然被掐断。Then there is the new plaque commemorating Carl Gustaf Mannerheim, the Finnish military officer and statesman. He fought for Russia in the Russo-Japanese War and World War I, when Finland was part of the Russian Empire. But after the Bolshevik Revolution, he led independent Finland’s army during World War II, when Finland was allied with Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union.然后便是纪念芬兰军官、政治家卡尔#8226;古斯塔夫#8226;曼纳海姆(Carl Gustaf Mannerheim)的牌匾。芬兰曾是俄罗斯帝国的一部分,曼纳海姆在俄日战争和一战期间为俄罗斯奋战。但布尔什维克革命之后,芬兰独立。二战期间,芬兰与纳粹德国结盟,共同对付苏联,曼纳海姆正是芬兰军队的领导人。The leaders of the St. Petersburg Military Engineering-Technical University, situated in the barracks where General Mannerheim served in the 1890s, were evidently overlooking that later part of his life; the national minister of culture even turned up for the unveiling.圣彼得堡军事工程技术大St. Petersburg Military Engineering-Technical University)的领导层显然忽略了他的后半生,这座学校位9世纪90年代曼纳海姆役时所在的军营内。甚至连俄罗斯联邦政府的文化部长都出席了揭牌仪式。But locals see the general as complicit in the devastating German siege of St. Petersburg during World War II, when it was known as Leningrad. Vandals have twice doused the plaque in red paint.但当地人认为,在二战期间德军围困圣彼得堡并造成毁灭性影响一事上,这位将军与德国串通一气。当时,圣彼得堡还叫列宁格勒。牌匾两次被人泼了红漆。In this case, opponents may be getting somewhere. Prompted by an outraged Communist lawmaker, the Russian prosecutor general’s office said in August that it was opening an inquiry into the plaque’s installation.在这件事上,反对派可能会取得一些进展。在一名愤怒的共产党议员的敦促下,俄罗斯总检察长办公室在8月表示,将开始调查牌匾安放一事。来 /201609/467302

  Donald Trump’s stunning electoral defeat of Hillary Clinton marks a watershed not just for American politics, but for the entire world order. 唐纳特朗Donald Trump)在选举中意外击败希拉里.克林Hillary Clinton),不仅对美国政治而言标志着一个分水岭,对整个世界秩序也是如此。We appear to be entering a new age of populist nationalism, in which the dominant liberal order that has been constructed since the 1950s has come under attack from angry and energised democratic majorities. 我们似乎正进入一个新的民粹民族主义时代。在这个时代,自上世0年代构建起的主导的自由秩序,受到了情绪激愤的民主多数的攻击。The risk of sliding into a world of competitive and equally angry nationalisms is huge, 世界陷入同样愤怒的各种民族主义相互竞争的风险巨大。and if this happens it would mark as momentous a juncture as the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.如果这种情况发生,它将标志着一个与1989年柏林墙倒塌同样重大的关头。The manner of Trump’s victory lays bare the social basis of the movement he has mobilised. 特朗普获胜的方式暴露了他动员起的这场运动的社会基础。A look at the voting map shows Clinton’s support concentrated geographically in cities along the coasts, with swaths of rural and small-town America voting solidly for Trump. 看一看投票地图,我们可以发现,希拉里的持者集中于沿海城市,而农村和小城镇地区坚定地投票持特朗普。The most surprising shifts were his flipping of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, three northern industrial states that were so solidly Democratic in recent elections that Clinton didn’t even bother to campaign in the latter one. 最令人意想不到的是他在宾夕法尼亚、密歇根和威斯康星的翻盘,这三个北部工业州在最近几次选举中曾是如此固若金汤的民主党州,以至于希拉里甚至没有去威斯康星造势。He won by being able to win over unionised workers who had been hit by deindustrialisation, promising to make America great again by restoring their lost manufacturing jobs.特朗普获胜是因为他得以争取到那些受到去工业化冲击的工会工人的持,他承诺通过恢复他们失去的制造业工作岗位,让美国再次变得伟大。We have seen this story before. 这一幕似曾相识。This is the story of Brexit, where the pro-Leave vote was similarly concentrated in rural areas and small towns and cities outside London. 英国退欧就是这种情况——持退欧的投票同样集中于农村地区、小城镇以及伦敦以外的其他城市。It is also true in France, where working-class voters whose parents and grandparents used to vote for the Communist or Socialist parties are voting for Marine Le Pen’s National Front.在法国也是如此,父辈和祖父辈曾投票给共产党或社会党的工人阶级选民,眼下正投票持马琳.勒庞(Marine Le Pen)的国民阵National Front)。But populist nationalism is a far broader phenomenon than that. 但民粹民族主义是一个远比这更广泛的现象。Vladimir Putin remains unpopular among more educated voters in big cities such as St Petersburg and Moscow, but has a huge support base in the rest of the country. 弗拉基米普京(Vladimir Putin)在圣彼得堡、莫斯科等俄罗斯大城市受教育程度较高的选民中仍旧不受欢迎,但在该国其他地区却拥有众多持者。The same is true of Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has an enthusiastic support base among the country’s conservative lower middle class, or Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban, who is popular everywhere but in Budapest.对土耳其总统雷杰塔伊埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)或者匈牙利总理欧尔维克Viktor Orban)来说也是如此,前者在土耳其保守的中产阶级下层中受到狂热的持,而后者在除了布达佩斯的整个匈牙利都受到欢迎。Social class, defined today by one’s level of education, appears to have become the single most important social fracture in countless industrialised and emerging-market countries. 如今,由个人受教育程度界定的社会阶层,似乎已经成为很多工业化和新兴市场国家中最重要的社会分割线。This, in turn, is driven directly by globalisation and the march of technology, which has been facilitated in turn by the liberal world order created largely by the US since 1945.这种现象受到全球化和技术进步的直接推动,而促进全球化和技术进步的正是945年以来主要由美国创建的自由世界秩序。When we talk about a liberal world order, we are speaking about the rules-based system of international trade and investment that has fuelled global growth in recent years. 在我们谈论自由世界秩序时,我们说的是近年来推动全球增长的、基于规则的国际贸易和投资体系。This is the system that allows iPhones to be assembled in China and shipped to customers in the US or Europe in the week before Christmas. 正是这一体系使得苹果手机能够在中国组装、并在圣诞节前一周运至美国或欧洲的消费者手中。It has also facilitated the movement of millions of people from poorer countries to richer ones, where they can find greater opportunities for themselves and their children. 这一体系还方便了数以百万计的人口从较贫困国家迁移至较富裕国家——在那里他们可以为自己和子女找到更好的发展机会。This system has worked as advertised: between 1970 and the US financial crisis of 2008, global output of goods and services quadrupled, bringing hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, not just in China and India but in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa.这一体系如宣传的那样奏效:从1970年到2008年美国金融危机,全球商品和务产出翻了两番,让数亿人口摆脱了贫困——不仅包括生活在中国和印度的人,还包括生活在拉丁美洲和撒哈拉以南非洲地区的人。But as everyone is painfully aware now, the benefits of this system did not filter down to the whole population. 但正如现在大家都已痛苦地意识到的,该体系所带来的好处并没有层层惠及所有人群。The working classes in the developed world saw their jobs disappear as companies outsourced and squeezed efficiencies in response to a ruthlessly competitive global market.随着企业为应对竞争残酷的全球市场而进行外包并尽可能提高效率,发达国家工人阶级失去了工作。This long-term story was hugely exacerbated by the US subprime crisis of 2008, and the euro crisis that hit Europe a couple of years later. 这一长期问题008年美国次贷危机以及几年后欧洲遭遇的欧元危机而大大加剧。In both cases, systems designed by elites liberalised financial markets in the US case, and European policies such as the euro and the Schengen system of internal migration collapsed dramatically in the face of external shocks. 在这两场危机中,精英们设计的体系——美国的自由金融市场以及欧洲的欧元和管理内部人口流动的申Schengen)体系等政策——在面对外部冲击时都迅速崩溃。The costs of these failures were again much more heavily borne by ordinary workers than by the elites themselves. 这些失败的代价又一次更多地由普通工人、而非精英自身承担。Ever since, the real question should not have been why populism has emerged in 2016, but why it took so long to become manifest.从此以后,真正的问题不应再是为什么民粹主义在2016年出现,而是为什么它过了这么久才显现出来。In the US, there was a political failure insofar as the system did not adequately represent the traditional working class. 在美国,政治上出现了这样一个错误:政治体制未充分代表传统工人阶级。The Republican party was dominated by corporate America and its allies who had profited handsomely from globalisation, while the Democratic party had become the party of identity politics: a coalition of women, African-Americans, Hispanics, environmentalists, and the LGBT community, that lost its focus on economic issues.从全球化中获利颇丰的美国企业界及其盟友主导了共和党;而民主党已变成一个玩弄身份政治的政党:一个由女性、非洲裔美国人、西裔美国人、环保主义者以及LGBT(女同性恋者、男同性恋者、双性恋者与跨性别者)等群体组成的联盟,不再关注经济问题。The failure of the American left to represent the working class is mirrored in similar failures across Europe. 美国左翼未能代表工人阶级,欧洲各地的左翼也犯下同样的错误。European social democracy had made its peace with globalisation a couple of decades ago, in the form of Blairite centrism or the kind of neoliberal reformism engineered by Gerhard Schr#246;der’s Social Democrats in the 2000s.二十年前,欧洲的社会民主主义就已经同全球化和解了,和解的表现就是布莱尔中间路线,以及德国前总理格哈施罗Gerhard Schr#246;der)的社会民主党在本世纪头十年设计的新自由主义改革。But the broader failure of the left was the same one made in the lead-up to 1914 and the Great war, when, in the apt phrase of the British-Czech philosopher, Ernest Gellner, a letter sent to a mailbox marked class was mistakenly delivered to one marked nation. 但左翼的更大错误跟一战前的那个是同一个,当时的情况——借用捷克裔英国哲学家埃内斯特.格尔Ernest Gellner)形象的描述——是一封本应投进标为阶class)的邮箱的信件,被错误地投进了标为民族(nation)的邮箱。Nation almost always trumps class because it is able to tap into a powerful source of identity, the desire to connect with an organic cultural community. 民族几乎总是压倒阶级,因为它能利用一种强烈的身份认同感,那种与一个有机的文化共同体建立联系的渴望。This longing for identity is now emerging in the form of the American alt-right, a formerly ostracised collection of groups espousing white nationalism in one form or another. 这种对身份认同的渴望正以美国新右alt-right)的形式显现出来,新右翼包括各种以前受到排斥的形形色色的白人至上主义团体。But even short of these extremists, many ordinary American citizens began to wonder why their communities were filling up with immigrants, and who had authorised a system of politically correct language by which one could not even complain about the problem. 但即使没有这些极端主义者,很多普通美国公民也开始奇怪为什么他们的社区中出现越来越多的移民,又是谁授权建立了一套讲究语言的政治正确性的体制,在这个体制中人们甚至不能抱怨这一问题。This is why Donald Trump received a huge number of votes from better-educated and more well-off voters as well, who were not victims of globalisation but still felt their country was being taken from them. 这就是为什么特朗普从受教育程度更高、更富裕的选民那里也得到了不少选票,这些人不是全球化的受害者,但仍感到有人正从他们手中夺走他们的国家。Needless to say, this dynamic underlay the Brexit vote as well.不用说,英国投票退欧本质上也是因为同样的原因。So what will be the concrete consequences of the Trump victory for the international system? Contrary to his critics, Trump does have a consistent and thought-through position: he is a nationalist on economic policy, and in relation to the global political system. 那么,特朗普获胜对国际体系将带来哪些实际影响?与他的批评者相反,特朗普确实拥有始终如一、经过深思熟虑的立场:他在经济政策和全球政治体系方面是一个民族主义者。He has clearly stated that he will seek to renegotiate existing trade agreements such as Nafta and presumably the WTO, and if he doesn’t get what he wants, he is willing to contemplate exiting from them. 他明确表示,将寻求就现有贸易协议重新进行谈判,如北美自由贸易协定(NAFTA),可能还有世贸组WTO)。And he has expressed admiration for strong leaders such as Russia’s Putin who nonetheless get results through decisive action. 如果他得不到自己想要的,他愿意考虑让美国退出。He is correspondingly much less enamoured of traditional US allies such as those in Nato, or Japan and South Korea, whom he has accused of freeriding on American power. 他对普京等通过果断行动一样办成了事情的强人领袖表示了赞赏。相比之下,他对北约成员国或日本、韩国等美国的传统盟国要冷淡得多,并指责这些国家搭美国力量的便车。This suggests that support for them will also be conditional on a renegotiation of the cost-sharing arrangements now in place.这意味着,对这些盟友的持将依据对现有费用分担安排的重新谈判而定。The dangers of these positions for both the global economy and for the global security system are impossible to overstate. 这些立场对全球经济和全球安全体系的威胁,怎样往严重了说都不为过。The world today is brimming with economic nationalism. 当今世界充满经济民族主义。Traditionally, an open trade and investment regime has depended on the hegemonic power of the US to remain afloat. 一直以来,一个开放的贸易和投资体系的正常运转,依靠的都是美国的霸权。If the US begins acting unilaterally to change the terms of the contract, there are many powerful players around the world who would be happy to retaliate, and set off a downward economic spiral reminiscent of the 1930s.如果美国开始单方面采取行动修改这一契约的条款,全世界范围内有很多强大的参与者都将乐于展开报复,并引发一场上世纪30年代那样的经济螺旋式下行。The danger to the international security system is as great. 这些立场对国际安全体系的威胁同样巨大。Russia and China have emerged in the past decades as leading authoritarian great powers, both of whom have territorial ambitions. 过去几十年间,俄罗斯、中国已崛起为重要的威权主义大国,且两国都有领土野心。Trump’s position on Russia is particularly troubling: he has never uttered a critical word about Putin, and has suggested that his takeover of Crimea was perhaps justified. 特朗普对俄罗斯的立场尤其令人担忧:他从未对普京有过半句批评,还暗示后者吞并克里米亚或许是合理的。Given his general ignorance about most aspects of foreign policy, his consistent specificity with regard to Russia suggests that Putin has some hidden leverage over him, perhaps in the form of debts to Russian sources that keep his business empire afloat. 考虑到特朗普对外交政策大多数方面整体的无知,他对俄罗斯的始终如一的特殊态度暗示着,普京对特朗普拥有某种隐形的影响力,或许后者的商业帝国赖以维系的债务幕后的债主是俄罗斯人。The first victim of any Trumpist attempt to get along better with Russia will be Ukraine and Georgia, two countries that have relied on US support to retain their independence as struggling democracies.特朗普与俄罗斯改善关系的任何尝试,最先伤害的将是乌克兰和格鲁吉亚,这两个身处困境的国家一直依靠美国的持才得以保持独立的民主国家地位。More broadly, a Trump presidency will signal the end of an era in which America symbolised democracy itself to people living under corrupt authoritarian governments around the world. 更广泛地说,特朗普担任总统将标志着一个时代的终结,在那个时代,美国对世界各地生活在腐败威权政府统治之下的人们而言就是民主的象征。American influence has always depended more on its soft power rather than misguided projections of force such as the invasion of Iraq. 美国的影响力一直更多地依赖于其软实力,而非像入侵伊拉克那样的不明智的武力使用。America’s choice last Tuesday signifies a switching of sides from the liberal internationalist camp, to the populist nationalist one. 美国11日作出的选择意味着,它脱离自由国际主义阵营,改投了民粹民族主义阵营。It is no accident that Trump was strongly supported by Ukip’s Nigel Farage, and that one of the first people to congratulate him was the National Front’s Marine Le Pen.特朗普受到英国独立党(UKIP)领袖奈杰法拉Nigel Farage)如此强烈的持并非偶然,国民阵线的马勒庞是最早对特朗普获胜表示祝贺的人之一也非偶然。Over the past year, a new populist-nationalist internationale has appeared, by which like-minded groups share information and support across borders. 过去一年,一个新的民民族主义国际已经浮现,想法相同的组织通过这个新的国际跨境共享信息和持。Putin’s Russia is one of the most enthusiastic contributors to this cause, not because it cares about other people’s national identity, but simply to be disruptive. 普京领导的俄罗斯是这一事业最热心的持者之一,不是因为它关心其他民族的民族认同,而只是为了制造混乱。The information war that Russia has waged through its hacking of Democratic National Committee emails has aly had a hugely corrosive effect on American institutions, and we can expect this to continue.俄罗斯通过侵入民主党全国委员会(Democratic National Committee)邮件系统发动的信息战,已然对美国的制度造成了巨大的侵蚀,我们可以预期这种状况还将持续。There remain a number of large uncertainties with regard to this new America. 关于这个新美国,目前仍存在若干较大的不确定因素。While Trump is a consistent nationalist at heart, he is also very transactional. 虽然特朗普本质上是一个一贯的民族主义者,但他也非常善做交易。What will he do when he discovers that other countries will not renegotiate existing trade pacts or alliance arrangements on his terms? Will he settle for the best deal he can get, or simply walk away? There has been a lot of talk about the dangers of his finger on the nuclear trigger, but my sense is that he is much more isolationist at heart than someone eager to use military force around the world. 当特朗普发现其他国家不会按照他的条件,就现有贸易协定或同盟安排重新进行谈判时,他会怎么做?他会退而接受自己能得到的最好交易,还是会一走了之?对于由他来控制核按钮的危险性,人们已经谈论了很多,但我的感觉是,他内心深处更是一个孤立主义者,而非一个渴望在全世界使用武力的人。When he confronts the reality of dealing with the Syrian civil war, he may well end up taking a page from the Obama playbook and simply continue to sit this one out.在他面对处理叙利亚内战这个现实时,他最后很可能会借鉴奥巴马的剧本,继续袖手旁观。This is the point at which the matter of character will come into play. 在这一点上,性格特征将会发挥作用。Like many other Americans, I find it hard to conceive of a personality less suited to be the leader of the free world. 像许多美国人一样,我觉得很难想象有性格比特朗普更不适合担当自由世界领袖的人了。This stems only in part from his substantive policy positions, as much from his extreme vanity and sensitivity to perceived slights. 他实质性的政策立场只是部分原因,其他原因还包括他极端的虚荣心以及敏感的自尊心。Last week, when on a stage with Medal of Honor winners, he blurted out that he too was brave, financially brave. 不久前,在与荣誉勋章(Medal of Honor)获得者同台时,他脱口而出,称自己也很勇敢——在财务上很大胆。He has asserted that he wants payback against all his enemies and critics. 他声称要对自己所有的敌人和批评者进行报复。When faced with other world leaders who will slight him, will he react like a challenged Mafia boss, or like a transactional businessman?当面对轻视他的其他世界领导人时,他的反应是会像一个受到挑战的黑手党老大,还是会像一个善做交易的商人?Today, the greatest challenge to liberal democracy comes not so much from overtly authoritarian powers such as China, as from within. 如今,对自由民主的最大挑战,与其说来自中国等公开实行威权主义的国家,不如说来自于自由民主世界内部。In the US, Britain, Europe, and a host of other countries, the democratic part of the political system is rising up against the liberal part, and threatening to use its apparent legitimacy to rip apart the rules that have heretofore constrained behaviour, anchoring an open and tolerant world. 在美囀?英囀?欧洲以及其他许多国家,政治体制中民主的部分正在反抗自由的部分,并有可能利用其表面上的合法性来撕毁现行的一些规则,正是那些规则一直以来约束了行为,撑起一个开放、包容的世界。The liberal elites that have created the system need to listen to the angry voices outside the gates and think about social equality and identity as top-drawer issues they must address. 创造了这一体系的自由主义精英们需要倾听门外愤怒的声音,把社会平等和身份认同作为他们必须解决的最重要问题来思考。One way or the other, we are going to be in for a rough ride over the next few years.不管怎样,我们在未来几年都免不了经历一段艰难旅程。来 /201611/479506


  Syrian rebels are in secret talks with Russia to end the fighting in Aleppo, according to opposition figures, a development that shows how the US could become sidelined in some of the Middle East’s most pivotal conflicts.据反对派人士称,叙利亚反政府武装正与俄罗斯进行秘密谈判,以结束在阿勒Aleppo)的战斗,这一事态显示美国在中东一些最关键的冲突中如何可能受到排挤。Four opposition members from rebel-held northern Syria told the Financial Times that Turkey has been brokering talks in Ankara with Moscow, whose military intervention on the side of President Bashar al-Assad has helped turn the five-year civil war in the regime’s favour. 来自叙利亚北部反政府武装地盘的四名反对派成员告诉英国《金融时报》,在土耳其的斡旋之下,他们在安卡拉与莫斯科方面谈判;俄罗斯为撑巴沙尔.阿萨Bashar al-Assad)总统而进行的军事干预,使这场五年内战的战局朝着有利于现政权的方向转变。Russia is now backing regime efforts to recapture the rebel’s last urban stronghold in Syria’s second city of Aleppo.目前俄罗斯正在叙利亚第二大城市阿勒颇的战场上,持叙利亚政府军夺回反政府武装占据的最后一块城市地盘。The Russians and Turks are talking without the US now. 俄罗斯人和土耳其人正在没有美国参与的情况下商谈。It [Washington] is completely shut out of these talks, and doesn’t even know what’s going on in Ankara, said one opposition figure, who asked not to be identified.华盛顿方面被完全排除在这些谈判以外,甚至不知道在安卡拉发生了什么,要求匿名的一名反对派人士说。US President Barack Obama’s administration has provided limited training and weaponry for the rebels but had been hesitant to give forceful backing that could turn the tide in the opposition’s favour. 美国总统巴拉奥巴Barack Obama)领导的行政当局为叙利亚反政府武装提供了有限的训练和武器,但一直不愿给予有力持,使战局朝着有利于反对派的方向转变。President-elect Donald Trump, meanwhile, has repeatedly signalled willingness to back Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s efforts to shore up the Assad regime, arguing they are working to stamp out Islamic extremists.与此同时,当选总统唐纳特朗Donald Trump)多次发出信号表示,愿意持俄罗斯领导人弗拉基米尔.普京(Vladimir Putin)扶持阿萨德政权的努力,辩称他们正致力于消灭伊斯兰极端分子。While the secret contacts are not the first time a rebel representative has met with the Russians, those familiar with the talks said it was the first time such a large number of opposition groups were involved.虽然上述秘密接触并不是反政府武装代表第一次与俄方人员见面,但熟悉会谈情况的几名人士称,这是首次有多个反对派组织参与会谈。However, the negotiations are riven by the tensions between Ankara and Moscow. 然而,这些谈判也受到安卡拉和莫斯科之间紧张关系的困扰。Russia confirmed on Wednesday that Mr Putin spoke with Recep Tayyip Erdogan after the Turkish leader said he was seeking Mr Assad’s overthrow. 俄罗斯周三实,在雷杰普.塔伊埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)扬言要推翻阿萨德之后,普京曾与这位土耳其领导人沟通。A Turkish official, who asked not to be named, said talks over an Aleppo ceasefire were derailed after Mr Erdogan’s comments caused a Russian delegation to abruptly cut off talks while waiting for Mr Erdogan and Mr Putin to speak.一名要求匿名的土耳其官员透露,埃尔多安的言论促使俄罗斯代表团当场退出谈判,等待普京和埃尔多安交谈。这个节外生枝的插曲使阿勒颇停火计划落空。Though the talks have made little progress, they underline the shifting political dynamics in the Middle East. 虽然谈判进展不大,但它们突显了中东不断变化的政治动态。Regional actors now seem more willing to bypass Washington to seek out pacts with Russia, which is keen to develop the image of a rising power that can help broker such deals.该地区的各股势力如今似乎更愿意绕过华盛顿,寻求与莫斯科直接打交道,而莫斯科也热衷于打造一个不断崛起的大国的形象,能够帮助撮合此类协议。The fierce Russia-backed aerial assault has nearly flattened Aleppo. 俄罗斯持的猛烈空中打击几乎把阿勒颇夷为平地。In the past week regime forces have made steady advances, capturing more than a third of rebel-held districts.在过去一周,政府军稳步推进,夺取了三分之一以上的反政府武装控制区。Yaser Alyoussef, spokesman for the Nour al-Din al-Zinki brigades, a rebel group, called the talks consultations, not negotiations, adding they were ongoing but had so far been unsuccessful.反政府组织努尔丁.赞吉运动(Nour al-Din al-Zinki)发言人亚西尔.优素Yasser al-Youssef)形容此轮会谈是磋商,而不是谈判,他补充称,会谈还在进行中,但迄今没有成功。There are consultations with the Russians through Turkish mediation to calm things down and bring in essential goods into the city, he said. 在土耳其方面调解下,与俄罗斯人进行了磋商,以平静局势,使必需品能够运入该市。Even if just a single bag of rice could come in. 他说,即使只有一袋大米可以运进来。At this point everything is needed, from food and fuel to medicine.眼下什么都是需要的,从粮食、燃料,到药品。None of those who spoke about the talks would clarify if the rebels met the Russians face-to-face or indirectly, with Turkish officials mediating.在介绍会谈情况的人士中,没有人愿意澄清叙利亚反政府武装与俄方人员是面对面交谈,还是通过斡旋的土耳其官员传话。来 /201612/481660。



  Hong Kong police have confirmed that another of a group of five missing booksellers who sold works critical of Beijing is in mainland China, just a day after his colleague was paraded on Chinese state TV confessing to a 12-year-old drink-driving offence.香港失踪的五名书商当中,又有一名经香港警方实现身处中国内地,而就在一天前,此人的同事刚刚在中国官方电视台上“示众”、供认了12年前的一桩醉驾案。这五名书商销售的书籍,包括一些对中国政府持批评态度的。Lee Bo, a British citizen, vanished at the end of last year in Hong Kong, several months after his colleagues from Causeway Bay Books disappeared while overseas. Hong Kong police had been unable to locate him until now.这名叫李波的书商是英国公民,去年底在香港失踪。而在几个月前,他在香港铜锣湾书店(Causeway Bay Books)的几名同事在海外失踪。直到最近,香港警方还一直无法找到李波的下落。The disappearances have sparked fears that Chinese state security is extending its reach into Hong Kong, in breach of the “one country, two systemsarrangement that guarantees the former British colony autonomy from Beijing, an independent legal system and free speech.这些失踪案令人们担心中国国家安全部门正将其触手伸向香港,这有违“一国两制”安排。这种安排确保了香港这个前英国殖民地拥有自治权、独立的法律体系以及言论自由。It has also prompted warnings from the UK government and the EU, with Philip Hammond, British foreign secretary, saying it would “not be acceptable for somebody to be spirited out of Hong Kong in order to face charges in a different jurisdiction这还促使英国政府和欧EU)发出警告,英国外相菲利普哈蒙Philip Hammond)称,“偷偷地把人带出香港在另一个司法管辖地受审是不可接受的”。Hong Kong police said in a statement released late on Monday that the public security department in neighbouring Guangdong province had told them Mr Lee was in the mainland and that it had requested a meeting with him to “further understand the situation of the incident香港警方在周一晚发布的声明中称,广东省公安厅告诉他们李波现在中国内地,香港警方已要求与李波会面以“进一步了解事件的情况”。Hong Kong police said Guangdong public security had also sent them a letter addressed to the Hong Kong government from Mr Lee, which was similar in content to one sent to his wife and published by local media. The police said his wife had confirmed it was written by his hand.香港警方称,广东省公安厅还发给了他们一封李波致香港政府的信,信的内容与李波寄给他妻子并在香港媒体上发表的信类似。香港警方表示,李波妻子已实这封信为李波亲笔信。In the letter, he said that “since I voluntarily went to the mainland to assist with investigations, progress has been good. Things are going well. I have made friends with them.”李波在信中表示:“自愿回到内地配合调查工作,进展相当顺利,目前事态正向好的方向发展。我跟他们都成为好朋友了。”The UK’s Foreign Office said it remained “deeply concerned by the disappearance and possible detention on the mainland of five individuals associated with the Causeway Bay Books bookstore in Hong Kong英国外交部称,它仍“对与香港铜锣湾书店有关的五人失踪和可能在中国内地遭拘禁深感担忧”。“We have urgently requested both the Hong Kong and mainland authoritiesassistance in ascertaining the welfare and whereabouts of a British citizen involved in the case,it said.该部表示:“我们迫切要求香港和中国内地当局协助确定此案涉及的一名英国公民的健康状况与下萀?”Mr Lee’s wife, a shareholder in the publishing company that runs the bookshop, reported him missing on January 1 and later tried to withdraw the report, saying he had told her he was helping with an investigation in the mainland.李波的妻子是运营该书店的出版公司的股东,她于1日报案称李波失踪,后又试图销案,称李波告诉她正在内地协助调查。Hong Kong police said they were continuing to look into the case because only the person reported missing can close the file. The whereabouts of the other three missing booksellers is still unknown.香港警方表示,他们正继续调查此案,因为只有被报失踪的人才能销案。其他三名失踪书商的下落仍不可知。Human rights campaigners say China’s all-powerful police often coerce witnesses and suspects to extract confessions and put pressure on their families to minimise publicity around sensitive cases.人权活动人士表示,拥有很大权力的中国内地警方常常采用强制手段套取人和嫌疑人的口供,并会向他们的家人施压、以尽可能降低敏感案件的曝光度。In the letter published by Hong Kong media, Mr Lee hit out at those using his “immigration methods as an excuse to wantonly attack one country, two systemsand called for people to “respect my personal choice and the privacy of my family香港媒体的报道显示,李波在信中抨击了那些“以他入境方式为借口,大肆攻击‘一国两制’”的人,并呼吁人们“尊重我的个人选择和我的家庭私隐”。“I hope people and organisations wanting to pursue their own agenda will stop blowing up and sensationalising the fact that I voluntarily returned to the mainland to assist in investigations,he wrote.他写道:“我希望各方人士别把我自愿回到内地配合调查一事放大炒作,而达到你们个人和组织的目的。”来 /201601/424039

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