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Theyre not cheap, so you want to make them last as long as you can.太阳眼镜价格不菲,所以你肯定想要好好保养,尽量戴的久一点。You Will Need你需要Microfiber cleaning cloths微纤维清洁布And a hard eyeglass case质地较硬的眼镜盒Small precision screwdriver小螺丝刀Soap and water肥皂和水And pre-moistened cleaning cloths提前湿润的清洁布Steps步骤Step 1 Inspect glasses1.检查眼镜Inspect your glasses often, making sure the screws are tight and they align correctly on your face.经常检查眼镜,确保螺丝比较紧,戴上比较端正。Tighten loose screws with a small precision screwdriver. Or take them to your local eyeglass store: Theyre usually willing to do it free as a courtesy.用小螺丝刀把松掉的螺丝拧紧。或者带到当地眼镜店,他们通常乐意为你无偿务。Step 2 Clean glasses2.清洁眼镜Clean your glasses frequently with a microfiber cloth made especially for lenses.经常用镜片专用的微纤维清洁布清洁眼镜。If your glasses are very dirty, clean with regular dishwashing soap and water, then rinse thoroughly and air dry. Or use the pre-moistened cloths sold at drugstores.如果你的眼镜很脏,使用普通肥皂水清洁,然后彻底清洗,风干。或者使用药店出售的提前湿润的布。Step 3 Use two hands3.双手取下眼镜Always use both hands to remove your glasses. If you pull them off with just one hand, youll likely do so off to the side, gradually bending the frame over time.一定要用双手取下眼镜。如果只用一只手摘眼睛,可能只抓住眼镜的一边,久而久之导致镜框变形。Step 4 Buy an eyeglass chain4.购买眼镜链Buy an eyeglass chain and use it when youre doing something that may cause them to fly off.购买一条眼镜链,在做有可能导致眼镜脱落的事情时戴上链子。Step 5 Store safely5.安全存放When not wearing them, always store your eyeglasses in a hard case.不佩戴的时候,一定要把太阳眼镜存放在较硬的盒子里。Benjamin Franklin invented bifocals in 1784.1784年,本杰明·富兰克林发明了双焦镜片。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201305/237810

Impress your friends with this ultimate party trick - clapping with your tongue! Learn how to clap with your tongue and youll be the talk of the party. 在聚会上向朋友展现这个把戏吧;;用你的舌头鼓掌!学习如何用舌头鼓掌,你将会是聚会谈论的焦点。Step 1: You will need 你需要准备 Your tongue. 当然是舌头。Step 2: Stick it out 伸出舌头 Force your tongue as far out of your mouth as it will possibly go. 伸出舌头,尽可能的伸长 Step 3: Roll it 第三步:卷 Curl your tongue so the two edges come to meet each other. Genetically, you may be unable to do this. If so this trick isnt for you. Dont worry, your skills obviously lie elsewhere. 把舌头卷起来。由于基因关系,你可能无法做到这一点。那么这个魔术就不适合你。别担心,你的技能很明显会在别处有所体现。 Step 4: Get sucking第四步:开始吸To make the impressive clapping motion, suck in with force. The air pressure over your tongue will cause it to vibrate, making the clapping motion.为了表现出最让人印象深刻的鼓掌动作,用力吸。当空气压力超过你的舌头时会使其震动,表现为鼓掌的动作。165472


  The Japan Pavilion is a semi-circular structure, covered by a purple membrane material. Several antennae and caves make the pavilion a "breathing organism," which will express the harmony between the human heart and technology. The pavilion has been dubbed "Purple Silkworm Island" by Chinese people. The pavilion uses solar energy collection batteries hidden in the double-layer membrane, and the cave will collect rainwater to spray on its exterior surface to keep temperatures cool. The pavilion is divided into past, present and future exhibits.201009/113716。


  当海洋生物学家查尔斯·安得森在马尔代夫生活和工作期间,他注意到在每年的特定时候,大量的蜻蜓就会突然出现。他讲述了他是如何仔细跟踪一种名叫全球点水蜻蜓的很不起眼的蜻蜓的行迹,却不料发现它是世界上所有昆虫中迁徙旅程最长的。201204/179424通过使用休假和胃肠镜检查的例子,诺贝尔奖获得者及行为经济学创始者丹尼尔·卡纳曼向我们揭示了“经验自我”和“记忆自我”是如何使用不同角度来理解快乐。这一新见解将会对经济领域、公共政策领域以及我们的自我意识产生深远的影响。201304/234782Three groups of dolphins live close to Lantau Island.有三群海豚生活在大屿山周围As the tide comes in, they move with it to feed on small fish or squid涨潮时 他们随着潮水利用回声which travel with the currents,在浑浊的水中定位随水而来的using echolocation to see their prey through the murky water.猎物——小鱼和乌贼They also use sound to communicate.他们还通过声音进行交流But they face a deafening problem.但如今却面临着震耳欲聋的噪音所带来的问题The Pearl Estuary has become one of the busiest shipping channels in China,珠江口已成为中国最繁忙的海运通道之一and the dolphins are constantly bombarded with sound.海豚也经常受到噪音的狂轰滥炸New research suggests that they may now pack more information新的研究指出他们的叫声中可能into shorter calls in a bid to be heard.包含了更多的信息并变得更短促Local conservationists have now set up a protected zone near Lantau Island.当地的环保主义者如今在珠江口附近建立起一个保护区So, for now, Chinas white dolphins are holding on.中华白海豚从此得以生存 /201210/202743


  c6Ss|w5twSImG+n2a6mw.yU0YkmIpjzt5|RUO+#q+4xlNeed some new friends? Youre not alone. ;How to make new friends; is a universal dilemma.pxJVv+cWtFdEw4yJk需要一些新朋友?你并不孤单kjKbQL,@6N(dt^3。“如何结交新朋友”是一种普遍的困境]-~|uARoBruMj3]@R2NQ。cMAYH8s,My2%[E%oNA*)HRMH^#UDtZ)*W,vRZhQagxU|1201205/184813

  How to Make Up Your Mind on HowcastMaking certain decisions, like whether or not to lose weight or file for divorce, can be difficult. Make the right choice and make up your mind.做某些决定,比如决定是否减肥或离婚都有难度。做正确的选择并下定决心。Step 1: Do not make decisionsDo not make any decisions when you are upset.心烦时不要做决定当你心烦时,不要做任何决定。Tip:Make sure you are calm and thinking clearly before you begin.小贴士:在你开始前要确保自己情绪平和并已经考虑清楚了。Step 2: FocusWrite down your options on the piece of paper. Focus on which options are in your best interest.精力集中将你的选择写在纸上。将精力集中在你最感兴趣的那些选择上。Step 3: WriteWrite down the problem and what is causing the problem to exist.写将问题和导致问题存在的原因写下来。Step 4: LookLook at your goals and what challenges or opportunities exist with each option.看看下你的目标和每种选择面临的挑战或机遇。Step 5: Talk with othersTalk with others who may be affected by your decision.和别人交谈和那些可能会受到你决定影响的人交谈。Step 6: ListenListen to what others have to say and see if there are different alternatives that you may not have thought of.倾听倾听他人所说,看下是否有你没有想到的其他选择。Step 7: Make a decisionMake up your mind and make a decision you can live with.做决定下定决心并做你自己能接受的决定。201103/128257。

  英国到底是Great Britain还是UK?怎么说才最准确呢?看看这个短片,了解一下它们到底都指什么吧!Man: So where are you from?Woman: Scotland. Are you Scottish too?Man: Well no, I’m English actually, but…you know…it’s all like the same thing, isn’t it?Woman: Not exactly.Man: Go on! Isn’t Scotland just like well, a bit of England?Woman: No, it is not!Man: Sorry, Britain I mean.Woman: “Britain” is not “England”!Man: Well yeah…I know…that I’m not stupid or anything…but Britain’s like, England, Scotland and Wales, isn’t it?Woman: Not exactly.Man: Yeah, it’s the UK – the ed Kingdom.Woman: The ed Kingdom is “Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland”.Man: Oh I see, but we’re all like the same nation, aren’t we?Woman: Not really. Four nations, one state.Man: Oh, I get it! So the UK (is) like the same as Great Britain...Woman: Great Britain is a geographical term – it’s a big island with Scotland, England, and Wales on it.Man: All right, but we all have the same prime minister, don’t we?Woman: Yes. And the same head of state.Man: The Queen!Woman: Exactly.Man: And the same government?Woman: Well, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own local parliaments.Man: Oh. I see.Woman: It’s complicated.Man: Yeah, I can see that.201007/107849


  Child seen driving NYC subway 有人看到小孩子在驾驶纽约的地铁It was a little before 3 o’clock Sunday afternoon, the uptown #4 Lexington Avenue train, was pulling into the Fulton Street Station in lower Manhattan. And that’s when a subway rider said he could not believe what he was seeing – at the controls in the train’s cab, what appeared to be, an 8 year old boy.”这事发生在星期六下午三点前面一点点的时间,开往非商业区的Lexington大街的4号线地铁正在徐徐驶进为于曼哈顿下城区的Fulton街地铁站。就是在这个时候,一个地铁乘客说他简直不敢相信他所看到的情景——在火车的驾驶室里的一个看上去象8岁的小男孩。“Amazing, you would think, again, the operator, and the…, the amount of…, the life at stake, to let an eight year old kid, do that. What was…, what were they thinking?”“简直难以置信,你会认为,这个驾驶员,和这么多生命攸关的事情,让一个8岁的孩子去操作,他们到底在想什么?”“Considering the fact the other things I have seen, I guess it’s not totally crazy. I would assume there was someone else sitting there with him, I would like to think”“考虑到我所见到过的别的事情,我猜(对于纽约地铁来说)这也不是完全疯狂的事情。我愿假设可能有其它的人跟他一起坐在那儿。或者说我希望是这样的。”According to the passenger who made the report, the train operator wasn’t in the cab. New York City Transit is investigating. A spokesperson said agency policy is clear. “Rule 11J states: train operators and conductors must not allow any person to ride in their operating cab without a written order from the Chief Transporting Officer.”根据那个举报的乘客,地铁的驾驶员并不在驾驶室里。纽约城市运输当局正在进行有关的调查。一个发言人说该机构的政策是清楚的。“规章的第11J条规定:没有来自最高运输官的书面命令,火车驾驶员和售票员绝对不能允许任何人在他们的驾驶室乘车。”“It was just two weeks ago the transit authority sent out this bulletin to all of its operators, reminding them about rule 11J, that after someone reported seeing a passenger in the cab along the Long Island Railroad Train.”“仅仅二周之前,在有人举报看到有乘客在长岛铁路线上的列车驾驶室里以后,运输当局对所有驾驶员发出了这个公告,提醒他们注意关于规章的11J条的规定。”Transit investigators have tracked down the operator and conductor on Sunday’s Woodland 1434. And they both have been taken off the train while the investigation moves forward.运输当局的调查人员已经追踪到了星期天的Woodland 1434地铁班次的驾驶员和售票员。在调查继续进行的同时,他们都已被调离了列车的岗位。201001/95292

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