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昆明市第一人民医院整形中心保山去抬头纹多少钱美国总统奥巴马1日向国会提交2011财年联邦政府预算案,总额为创纪录的3.83万亿美元,而本财年的财政赤字约达1.56万亿美元。 Obama admin. to propose 3.8 tln budget blueprint for 2011The Obama Administration will propose a 3 point 8 trillion dollar budget blueprint for the 2011 fiscal year to Congress on Monday. Insiders say through the proposal, the President wants to ensure investors that his administration can control the rising US deficit and reduce high unemployment.The new budget is expected to repeat many of the themes of the 2010 budget which stood at 3 point 5 trillion dollars. But the administration is proposing a 3-year freeze on spending for a wide range of domestic government agencies.Military, veterans, homeland security and big benefit programs such as Social Security and Medicare will not feel the pinch. The budget will also repeat Obama's recommendations for healthcare overhaul, but NASA's mission to return astronauts to the moon would be grounded.The proposal also includes a fee levied on the biggest US banks to raise an estimated 90 billion dollars. It would be used to recover losses from the government's 700 billion dollar financial rescue fund. The 2011 fiscal year runs from October 1st to September 30th next year.201002/95996临沧切埋线双眼皮多少钱 Myanmar缅甸Chinese takeaway kitchen中国的外卖厨房Three articles look at China’s influence in South-East Asia: first;resentment in Myanmar;second, Cambodian rivalries; third, Banyan on the strategic implications三篇文章都关注了中国在东南亚的影响问题:第一篇,缅甸之怨;第二篇,柬埔寨的对抗;第三篇是Banyan专栏关于战略意义的一篇文章。WAIST-DEEP in the muddy water, hundreds ofpeople swirl their pans, scouring the black sediment for the sparkle of golddust. They have come from all over Myanmar to Kachin state, where the N’Mai andMali rivers merge to form the mighty Irrawaddy, knowing that a good day mayyield ,000-worth of gold—and that time for gold-panning is running out.在缅甸的克钦邦,恩梅开江和迈立开江交会成为浩荡的伊洛瓦底江。在齐腰深的浑浊的江水中,可以见到数百名淘金者晃动淘选盘,在黑色的沉淀物中仔细搜寻闪闪发光的金粒。这些人是从全国各地来到克钦邦的,他们知道,如果幸运的话,一天的淘金收入可以达到1000美金,但他们也清楚,淘金的时日已然不多。Across the river, the corrugated-iron roofsof a prefabricated barracks glint in the midday sun. They house hundreds ofChinese labourers working on the Myitsone hydropower project. This, accordingto Myanmar’sgovernment, will be the sixth highest dam in the world, and generate 6,000MW ofelectricity a year. On completion in 2019, the dam will flood thegold-prospecting area and displace more than 10,000 people. All the electricitywill be exported to China.All the revenue will go to Myanmar’sgovernment. If an environmental and social impact study was conducted at all,it did not involve consulting the affected villagers.在江对面,预制棚屋的波形铁皮屋顶在正午阳光的照耀下闪闪发光。在那些屋子里寓居着数百名修建密松水电站的中国劳工。缅甸政府表示,该水电站的大坝高程位列世界第六,每年能够发电6000兆瓦。2019年工程竣工后,大坝周边的金矿勘探地区将被淹没,并且还要转移1000人到其他地区。所有的电能将被输送到中国,而所有的收入将统统流入缅甸政府的钱袋。即使他们真地做了环境和社会影响研究的话,但那也并未涉及征询受影响村民意见的环节。A local Catholic priest who led prayersagainst the dam says his parishioners were moved to a “model” village, intotiny houses on plots too small for cultivation. The letters of concern he sentto Myanmar’sleaders went unanswered. He says he will stay in his historic church “till thewaters rise over the doorstep”.当地的一个天主教神父曾组织过祷告活动,以抗议修建大坝,他表示他的教区居民被迁移到一个“模范”村,那里的房子非常小,而且房子周围的土地也很少,根本不适合耕种。他寄给缅甸领导人反映问题的信件,至今仍然未予回复。他表示他将呆在的那座历史上著名的教堂中,直到江水没过门阶。201106/140599American universities inherited a choral tradition from England where, centuries ago, student choruses gathered to sing songs with different vocal parts known as glees. Today, dozens of U.S. colleges have glee clubs - a cappella choruses open to students who pass an audition.美国大学继承了英国一个有几百年历史的合唱传统,那就是,喜欢合唱的学生聚集在一起,组成欢乐合唱团。如今,美国有几十所高校拥有欢乐合唱团俱乐部,只要能通过面试,学生们都可以参加这种无伴奏合唱团。The Yale Glee Club is the nation’s third oldest collegiate chorus. What began as a group of friends serenading passersby, has grown into a powerhouse vocal ensemble. This year marks its 150th anniversary, and this month, decades' worth of Yale Glee Club alumni head to New Haven, Connecticut for a reunion. 耶鲁大学欢乐合唱团是美国大学中第三老资格的合唱团。从最开始一群朋友组团为路人唱小夜曲,直到现在成为声名赫赫的大合唱团。今年,耶鲁大学欢乐合唱团迎来了建团150周年。2月12号,合唱团的新老团员聚集在耶鲁大学校园,展开庆祝活动。Diverse groupSinging has always been a big part of life at Yale, no matter what you’re studying. Art major - later actor - Vincent Price and music major - later minister - William Sloane Coffin sang in the Glee Club. And so did Cole Porter, one of America’s most popular composers, who wrote a football song celebrating Yale’s mascot, "Handsome Dan the Bulldog." 在耶鲁大学,不管学生学什么专业,唱歌都是校园生活的重要部分。耶鲁大学欢乐合唱团的团员包括:著名演员文森特·普莱斯、著名牧师威廉·斯隆·科芬,以及美国最有名的流行音乐作曲家科尔·波特。波特曾经为学校的吉祥物--斗牛犬帅气丹创作过一首歌曲。Another alum is Richard Brookhiser, who’s now senior editor at the conservative magazine National Review. In college, he was aly active in politics and recalls he enjoyed the wide cross section of people he met in the Glee Club. 另外一位老合唱团成员是美国保守杂志《国家》的资深编辑理查德·布鲁克海瑟。在耶鲁读书的时候,布鲁克海瑟就是个政治活跃分子。他非常喜欢在欢乐合唱团碰到的不同背景的人。"These were people who weren’t into politics, or didn’t share my politics necessarily," says Brookhiser. "But when you were singing, that didn’t matter, because you were all focused on the music, and having a good time doing the music." 他回忆说:“那些人不热衷政治,也不一定赞同我的政治观点。但是当大家开始唱歌的时候,其它的一切都不重要了,你会全身心地唱歌,会过得很愉快。”The Glee Club performs a mixture of folk songs, spirituals and classical music.耶鲁大学欢乐合唱团演唱民歌、宗教歌曲以及严肃的古典歌曲。"And that also showed someone who was maybe snobbish like I was, that all these different kinds of music have a value," says Brookhiser. 201102/125521临沧市妇幼保健院切眼袋多少钱

昆明哪家激光脱毛医院好Lehman's CEO to testify Lehman Brothers' former CEO is being called to testify about the investment bank's collapse. CNN's Ali Velshi reports. We are learning more now about the breaking news story we told you just a few moments ago that Lehman Brothers’ former CEO has been called to testify about the investment bank’s spectacular collapse last, last month. Let’s go now to correspondent Ali Velshi in New York for more details no this. So Ali, what have you been able to learn about this. Ralitsa, this is a major development in the effort to understand how the US financial system suddenly spiraled out of control, starting on September 15th with the collapse of Lehman Brothers. That was the biggest bankruptcy filing in US history. Now we have learnt the source directly involved with, the bankruptcy filing has conformed to CNN that former CEO, the CEO in place at the time of the bankruptcy D. Fuld is one of the people who has been called to testify in the Grand Jury, that is part of plus three investigations going on, two in New York, and one in the State of New Jersey. But federal investigations into what led to the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Now this is an interesting development because prior to the Enron and WorldCom scandals, there, it wasn’t necessary a federal offense to materially mislead investors but the// bill made that a material offense. So that meant that financial statement had to be signed up by the CFO and the CEO of the company and they had to attach to the fact that they knew what was in them and that they knew that information to be true. Well just days before the collapse of Lehman Brothers on Sept. 10th. There was a conference call with the company’s executives and analysts and investors and the investigations may be centering on whether the information that was disseminated at that point was accurate; whether anybody knew anything else; whether the executives of the company or those who had been subpoenaed had other information. Now we don’t the details of the investigation or the grand jury, but the grand jury in the ed States is called to investigate whether federal crimes were committed in the particular incidence. And that is what we understand D. Fuld has to be subpoenaed to testify at.Yeah. That’s could possibly be huge. Ali, let’s look at the other side of the story. Uh, when he was testified in front of Congress, he pointed the finger at the government’s inaction. He said that had caused it.Yeah, look, this is what..this is going to be seen as the turning point in this economic crisis. Until then we knew the ed States was in a recession; we knew that the investment banks were having the trouble raising money and the federal government has stepped in a number of cases including that of Bear Stearns, try to guarantee purchase, guarantee the finance of these companies. That the federal government went into that weekend meeting prior to Sept. 15th with the understanding that they were going to try and find a buyer for Lehman Brothers and they emerged. You may recall what Bank of America which is one of the potential buyers ending up buying Merrill Lynch but nobody’s buying the Lehman Brothers. And the collapse of Lehman Brothers led us to this credit freeze because we realize that somebody’s company’s of no value, or will have no value even to the lowest bidder. So we have to understand what happened there. Was there information the public didn’t know? Uh, it seems very strange that they pointed the finger at the government. But what we do know is regulatory oversight in the ed States did seem to not be in order. We have more than a dozen regulatory agencies dealing with financial institutions in the ed States. I liken that / of having a regulatory system like a highway system that was built for cars that go 25 miles an hour when all your cars can go 100 miles an hour. There’s definitely something to be said for government oversight but I think this investigation’s gonna look very specifically at what executives of Lehman knew and that they told the investors.200810/53539云南省韩辰整形医院鼻子隆鼻鼻骨鼻部多少钱 SchumpeterThe daughter also rises 天行健,女子以自强不息Women are storming emerging-world boardrooms女性席卷新兴世界的董事会Aug 27th 2011 | from the print edition ZHANG YIN (also known by her Cantonese name, Cheung Yan) was the eldest of eight children of a lowly Red Army officer who was imprisoned during the Cultural Revolution for “capitalist offences”. Today she is one of the world’s richest self-made women, with an estimated fortune of .6 billion. In the early 1980s, as a dogsbody in a paper mill, she noted that the waste paper her superiors so casually discarded was actually worth something. She has been capitalising on her insight ever since. Nine Dragons Paper, which she founded with her husband in 1995, is now one of the world’s largest paper recyclers. 张茵出生在一个普通的红军军官家庭,是家里八个孩子中最大的。父亲曾在文革时期因“走资本主义道路”被关进监狱。而今天拥有16亿美元资产的她却成为了世界上最富有的白手起家的女性之一。在80年代初期,张茵在一家造纸厂做杂工。在此期间她注意到工人们随便丢弃的废纸实际上还有利用价值的。从此她的洞察力给她带来了源源不断的财富。1995年张茵和丈夫一起创办的玖龙纸业,现如今已成为了世界上最大的废纸回收企业之一。The emerging world is home to many businesswomen like Ms Zhang. Seven of the 14 women identified on Forbes magazine’s list of self-made billionaires are Chinese. Many firms in emerging markets do a better job of promoting women than their Western rivals, some surveys suggest. In China, 32% of senior managers are female, compared with 23% in America and 19% in Britain. In India, 11% of chief executives of large companies are female, compared with 3% of Fortune 500 bosses in America and 3% of FTSE 100 bosses in Britain. Turkey and Brazil come third and joint fourth (behind Finland and Norway) in the World Economic Forum’s ranking of countries by the proportion of CEOs who are women. In Brazil, 11% of chief executives and 30% of senior executives are women.许多像张女士这样的女商人都来自新兴世界。在《福布斯》杂志亿万富豪榜中上榜的14位白手起家的女富豪中,就有7位是中国人。一些调查研究显示,在女职员晋升方面,许多来自新兴市场的公司都比来自西方的竞争对手强。在中国,32%的高级管理人员是女性,而在美国、英国这一比例分别只有23%、19%。在印度,大型公司的首席执行官中11%为女性,而美国福布斯500强老板中3%为女性,英国富时100老板中也只有3%为女性。世界经济论坛按女性CEO所占比例给各个国家排名,土耳其和巴西并列三四位(排在芬兰和挪威之后)。在巴西,女性首席执行官和女性高级主管所占比例分别为11%和30%。201108/151809昆明晋宁县人民医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱

昆明祛法令纹价格Casual Friday Gone Too Far? 便装 Too dressed down? Go behind-the-scenes at an office and judge for yourself.Well you know employers across the country have embraced casual Fridays. And many employees are happy to partake. But how casual is too casual? From open toes to exposed flesh? Extreme dressing down can be a job hazard and there are some rules to follow. Our Jeremy Happed has the Sign of The Times.At first it seemed like such a good idea, casual Friday, once a week, lose the suit, don the duckers, dress down. But have we now lost our sartorial sense in a sea of flip-flops and cleavage, short bottoms and muffin tops? “Do you really think this is appropriate for the owner of the company?” “No!” When did casual Friday get this casual and why on earth is this guy wearing those to work? “Has the boss ever said anything about your showing off your tootsies?” “Not really, he looks down over here, just really don’t.. ” “See, this is the problem. ” For answers, we will track down Clinton Kelly, he’s host to the popular TLC show “What Not To Wear”. It’s his job to tell people what’s wrong with their fashion choices. “It makes me wanna run away from her… ” “This fanciest most, New Yorkers. ” This poor woman hasn’t got a clue how to dress a body. And on this resent casual Friday on this busy New York street outside Macy’s, he found plenty wrong. “I think you got a lovely cleavage.” “Well, thank you.” “A lot of it for work however.” “Is this something you would wear Monday till Thursday or just on Friday?” “NO, and I’m not supposed to wear on Friday. ” “Don’t you not like your job, or you’ll get fired.” “Oh I like my job.”Actually it is the fear of being fired that he’s recently started to reverse/ this trend of dressing too casually, Clinton says. “Well, you know when economy gets a little bit tough, you know people strut to dress a little bit better at work, because if a manager’s looking around the office and he knows he’s gonna lay off a few people. You know if everything else is equal, he might be looking for the one who aren’t the best representatives of the company. ”But clearly not everyone is getting the message. Maybe the Internet boom is swim business casual first one bus, when billionaire bosses started sporting denim and - shirts , we all losing up a bit. And it was all down hill from there. “I think we finally got it right.” Cargo shorts won’t fall behind. “oh,Yeah, it’s a great pussy you know to steal some pencils and pen from work. But it probably not the best, the best look. ” And plunging necklines. “You know, too much boogie too much cleavage. ” The result, business casual confusions. “Well this is a real issue especially with new arrivals to the workforce, college graduates that sort of thing. A lot of them truly don’t know to dress, right?” “Right! You know the average 22-year-old has no real fashion icons. You know, for the workplace, I mean that they’ve spent their time watching MTV and you know who’s your style icon then, you know.// they aren’t gonna teach you how to dress for the workplace. You know they are dressing to go to a club or hook a hottie. You know that’s not how you dress for the office. ”So if you are more interested in hooking a job than a hottie, here are some casual Friday tips from Clinton. First for men, no T-shirts. It’s got to have a collar. And give the shorts a rest. Khakis are better. For women, instead of a mini-skirt, trying walking shorts, but it can’t be above the knee. And as for your blouse, just don’t show your bra straps or breasts. “I have a wrote about cleavage in the workplace, and its chest not breast. So as soon as you know soft tissue is seen in the office then you know you’ve crossed the line and somewhere. ” As for blue jeans, ok, go ahead if your company dress code allows denim, and if they are dark enough, and here is most important part, they gotta fit right. “Nothing too low-rise where you know the buckram is goona hang up.” “Muffin tops are not good for the working environment.” “Well unless you actually work in a muffin factory.” Some of our fashion victims should have known better. “// think of your // maybe is a little bit too short. Or is that?” “Too short?!” It’s questioning.” “Only when you look at it down like that…” “Where do you draw all the line? What’s the one fashion thing you are not being able to…” “You are the owner of a staffing company. So you put people out there in the world and // work. Are you giving them any advices on how to dress? ” “I tell them to dress corporate. ” “Just corporate. SO basically you say do what I am not doing it” I am Jeremy Happed for nightline in New York.Well I am in Casual Friday, tonight for sure. All right thank for Jeremy Happed. 200811/55395 Jobs figures就业数据 A gentle tailwind进展顺利,但缓慢Employment is moving, ever so slowly, in Barack Obama’s direction 在奥巴马的指导下,就业率缓慢回升 ON APRIL 4th Barack Obama announced, to no one’s surprise, that he would seek a second term in 2012. The timing was auspicious. Three days earlier the job market, a key determinant of his re-election chances, took a turn for the better. On that day the government reported that non-farm payrolls rose a hefty 216,000, or 0.2%, in March, led by manufacturers, hotels, restaurants and temporary staffing agencies. Strapped state and local governments trimmed their payrolls for the fifth month in a row. But private payrolls, a better indicator of the economy’s animal spirits, have posted their biggest two-month advance since 2006, at 470,000.4月4日,不出众人所料,奥巴马宣布他将争取在2012年连任总统。 当时的时机很有利。 三天之前,决定奥巴马连任的关键性因素-就业市场,开始走向好转。当天的政府报告称,三月份非农业就业人口大幅上升216,000,占总人数的0.2%,这一增长主要来自于制造业,酒店,餐饮业和临时职介所。经济拮据的州和地方政府过去连续五个月的一直削减人数。 但是,但是私营企业的就业人数,这个表示经济扩大投资的优良指标,达到了自2006年以来最大的两个月连续增长,为470,000人。 Meanwhile, the unemployment rate fell to 8.8% from 8.9%. It has now plummeted a full percentage point in four months, a feat unmatched since early 1984 and a fact Mr Obama made sure to point out. No doubt he hopes it augurs for him what it did for Ronald Reagan in 1984. Like Mr Obama, Mr Reagan endured a savage recession early in his first term that crushed his approval ratings and cost his party seats in the mid-terms. But by 1984 job creation was on a roll and Mr Reagan romped to re-election.与此同时,失业率从8.9%下降到8.8%。 如今,它已在四个月下跌了整整一个百分点,这是自1984年年初以来无与伦比的壮举,也是奥巴马一定要指出来的事实。毫无疑问,如奥巴马一样,里根在其第一任期之初经历了严重的经济衰退,这让他的持率一落千丈,并使得共和党在中期选举中丢失议席。但到1984年创造就业机会滚滚上升,里根轻而易获得举重新选举。A closer look at the data, however, illustrates why the economy is less of a tailwind for Mr Obama than it was for the Gipper. Unemployment is falling far faster than the health of the economy can explain. In the four months during which unemployment dropped a percentage point in 1983-84, non-farm payrolls leapt by 1.6m. In the last four months they have advanced a mere 630,000. The survey of households that yields the unemployment tally shows a much bigger gain in employment than the survey of employer payrolls, but still less than in 1984.但是仔细观察数据就会发现奥巴马执政期间经济不如里根顺利了。失业率下降的速度远远快于经济健康可以解释清楚的速度。1983-1984年间失业率下降一个百分点的四个月间,非农事业人数猛降了160万。但在过去四个月,他们仅仅增长63万。对于失业率的人口普查显示就业率大大增加了,但仍然少于1984年。201105/136721云南省第三人民医院打瘦腿针多少钱昆明市中医院切眼袋多少钱



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