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Citigroup花旗集团Paying up and moving on付讫,前行The perennial basket-case of American banking at last shows signs of life数年崩溃下美国业终于显现生机THERE were many reasons why Citigroups earnings for the second quarter, released on July 14th, might have elicited familiar groans. Revenues from its North American retail operations plunged by 26%, thanks in part to an abrupt drop in the refinancing of mortgages due to rising interest rates. Worse, the bank agreed to a billion settlement with prosecutors over its dealings in mortgage-backed securities before the financial crisis, twice what analysts had initially expected and 20 times what Citi had first offered. Yet in the wake of all this bad news, Citis shares rose.7月14日,花旗集团发布其第二季度盈利,这可能又会引发一片熟悉的呻吟声,之所以会如此,原因众多。花旗的北美零售业务收入锐减26%,部分原因是由于利率上升,抵押贷款再融资急剧下降。更糟的是,该同意就其在金融危机之前的抵押贷款持券交易付70亿美元,与检方达成和解。这个金额是分析师此前初步预计值的两倍,更是花旗最初愿意付金额的20倍。但是,紧随所有的这些坏消息之后,花旗的股价上涨。In part, that is because Citis troubles are, for the most part, reassuringly typical of American banks. Wells Fargo, Americas biggest bank by valuation, had previously announced its first decline in earnings per share since the financial crisis thanks largely to the refinancing drought. By the same token, Citis income from trading bonds, currencies and derivatives fell no more dramatically than that of its rivals.某种程度上,这是因为花旗的麻烦在很大程度上使众多典型的美国放下了心。受金融危机影响,美国市值最高的富国此前首次宣布每股收益下降,很大程度上要归结于再融资的干涸。同样的道理,花旗买卖债券、货币和衍生品的收入下降,其竞争对手也没讨到什么好。Even the settlement may have cheered investors. Although the accompanying statement of facts fingered the bank for giving misleading information about the quality of the mortgages that underpinned securities it sold, there was little to fuel private lawsuits seeking compensation. The most incriminating element was an e-mail from an unnamed trader saying, “I would not be surprised if half of these loans went down.” No employees have been charged with any sort of fraud related to the sales. Moreover, a provision of the settlement protects Citi from prosecution on similar grounds for its sales from 2005 to 2007 of another sort of toxic financial instrument, collateralised debt obligations.和解协议可能会使投资者们感到振奋。尽管随附的声明已指出故意歪曲抵押贷款质量,提供误导性资料而出售持券,但几乎没有激起要求赔偿的私人诉讼。大部分控诉材料来自于一位不愿透露姓名的交易员,他发电子邮件称“这些贷款即使有一半贬值,我也不会感到惊讶。”没有员工被指控犯有任何形式的与销售相关的欺诈行为。此外,和解协议中的一项条款将花旗从类似起诉中解救出来,花旗被控自2005年到2007年间销售债务抵押债券(另一类有毒金融资产)。Attention is now shifting to Citis future. Michael Corbat, its boss since 2012, has concentrated on cutting costs and selling unprofitable businesses. But there are also hints of growth: lending rose by 4%, thanks to strong demand from European and American companies. Profits from advising on mergers and underwriting stocks and bonds were up too—possibly a sign of bigger banking opportunities ahead.现在,众人都将注意力转至花旗的未来上。2012年以来,花旗CEO迈克尔?考伯特一直专注于削减成本以及出售无利可图的业务。然而集团业务也有增长的迹象:得益于欧、美公司的强劲需求,贷款上升了4%。而为兼并和承销股票及债券提供咨询务产生的利润亦同比增长—这可能标志着业更大的机会即将到来。Citis market capitalisation remains far lower than its accounting value, suggesting concerns remain about hidden problems. But the disparity has begun to shrink, as has the premium it pays to borrow. As one fund manager puts it, the debate over Citis prospects has shifted from whether it might die to how it might survive.花旗集团的市值仍远远低于其账面价值,意味着仍需关注其潜在问题。但因为它为保金付的借款,两数值之间的差距已经开始缩小。正如一位基金经理所说的那样,花旗的前景之争已然从它是否会就此消亡转至它该如何存活下去。 /201407/313216。

I could have sworn that I heard a strange tapping sound inmy house last night.我发誓昨天晚上在家里我听到了很奇怪的敲打声。It was faint but chilling. I think there mustbe a ghost in my house.那个声音微弱至极,但就是让人毛骨悚然。我家里是不是有鬼啊!Do you happen to keep caterpillars, perhaps the hook-tipmoth?该不会你正好养了毛虫,或是钩翅蛾吧?Why? Yes, I do. I have several little creatures.啊?嗯,我有养。我养了很多小动物。But what does that have to do with that tappingnoise I heard?但那跟我晚上听到的声音有什么关系呢?That noise probably came from your caterpillars, and it probably means one of them invaded anothers territory.那个声音很可能就是你养的小毛虫发出的。很有可能是一只小虫闯进了另一只的领地。I didnt know caterpillars were territorial.我都不知道毛虫还有领地呢!Well, it turns out some are.呃,有的是这样的。In fact, whats odd is that the hook-tip moths territorial behavior ismuch like that of many vertebrates, not what youd expect in an organism like a caterpillar.事实上,奇怪的是,钩翅蛾的占地行为更像是脊椎动物,并不像是你所想像的蛾类的占地行为。These caterpillars find themselves a good leaf, and then they construct a nest of silk to protectthem while they feast.这些毛虫为自己找到一片好叶子,然后用丝筑一个巢。When another caterpillar intrudes upon the resident caterpillars territory, the resident caterpillar stops eating, retreats into its nest, and it makes tapping noisesby dragging or striking its mandibles against the leaf.在毛虫“用餐”的时候,这个巢就可以起到保护作用。当另一只毛虫闯入该毛虫的领地时,“原住民”会立即停下用餐,退回巢内,借助拖拽鄂骨或是用鄂骨敲击叶子发出敲击声,以此威胁入侵者。What does the intruder do?那么,入侵者又会怎么做呢?Often the intruder makes the sound as well and may end up attacking the residents nest bybiting through some of the silk strands.通常情况下,入侵者同样也会制造出敲击声,到最后会咬掉“原住民”巢内的部分丝线。Caterpillars dont make this noise anywhere but in thenest, and scientists say this behavior suggests that the rivals are sizing each other up.毛虫只会在巢内发出这样的声音。科学家指出,这是双方在衡量对方的实力。They also suggest that the sounds may function to attract the attention of predators, in which case the intruder would be rather defenseless.同时,还指出,这种声音还会吸引来食肉动物,在这样的情况下,入侵者在防御上就会处于明显的弱势。 201407/315257。

Iran and its nuclear plans伊朗与其核计划Time out对话暂停The West and Iran will negotiate for four more months, but the gap is wide西方与伊朗将全面谈判对话延长四个月,但双方分歧很大AFTER some unconvincing last-minute brinkmanship, Iran and the six world powers it is negotiating with decided on July 18th to extend the deadline for an agreement by four months. The negotiators, seeking to secure a deal to curb Irans nuclear programme in exchange for the removal of sanctions, are taking a break until September. Then they have until November 24th, exactly a year after the signing of the “joint plan of action” that first set the ball rolling, to find a permanent solution.在一些难以令人信的边缘政策出台之后,伊朗和六国7月18日决定将对话延长四个月。谈判方希望能通过一个协定,以解除制裁伊朗来换取停止伊朗核项目。现在,双方对话暂停,于9月重新启动,并将持续到11月24日,这个日子自签订“联合行动计划”,也就是第一次开始对话以寻求永恒的解决办法以来,刚好整整一年。In the meantime, the provisions of the six-month interim deal that came into force on January 20th will stay in place with a few minor tweaks. Iran will take another step towards neutralising its stockpile of 20%-enriched uranium by turning the uranium-oxide powder into fuel plates for a research reactor. In return, Iran will continue to get very limited relief on some lesser sanctions and another 0m a month from frozen bank accounts abroad.同时,1月20日开始实施的临时协定—日内瓦协定将做出一些微调,但基本保持不变。伊朗下一步将通过把二氧化铀粉末变成每一个研究反应堆的板块燃料板件来使用掉库存的20%浓缩铀。反过来,在对伊朗的制裁上,伊朗只能得到些许缓解,以及每月从海外冻结的账户中获得7亿美元的资金。The decision to extend the negotiations makes sense for both sides and was widely expected. For the mainly Western negotiating team known as the P5+1 the interim deal has increased, if only by a bit, the time it would take Iran to produce enough weapons-grade uranium to make a single nuclear device. Some progress has also been made on a plan to defang the heavy-water reactor at Arak that could provide Iran with an alternative plutonium path to a bomb, by adapting it to a design that produces far less plutonium.延长对话的决定既对谈判双方都有益,也广受期待。对主要的西方谈判小组,也就是被大家所知晓的P5+1组织而言 ,对话暂停增加了时间伊朗能生产出足够武器级的铀来制造单个的核装置。目前就计划通过调整适应一个产生极少钚的设计方案以阿拉克重水反应堆已经取得一些进展。阿拉克能给伊朗提供替代性的钚来完成炸弹。Another issue that people close to the negotiations feel could soon be resolved is that of the enrichment facility at Fordow. Buried deep beneath a mountain and believed by many to be invulnerable to attack by conventional bombs, it could now be converted into a fairly innocuous Ramp;D centre. Combined with the enhanced-inspection regime that Iran has largely co-operated with, these are potential gains worth holding on to, at least for now.另外,谈判相关人员能感觉到另一件事情可能很快得到解决,即弗杜的浓缩装置。很多人都认为这批被埋在大山地下深处的装置很容易遭受传统炸弹的轰击,而现在,已经转入一个相当安全的发展研究所。与伊朗大力合作的增前了的审查制度一并,这些都还值得紧紧抓牢,至少目前是这样。For Iran, the choice has been much starker. To walk away from the table at this point would be to condemn Iranians to the prospect of a failing economy permanently locked in the grip of an unyielding sanctions regime. The damage to the presidency of Hassan Rohani, elected last year to end Irans economic and political isolation, would probably be irreparable. Even the glowering supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, might fear the consequences of failure for his regimes legitimacy.对伊朗来说,这种选择则更加严峻了。在这个节骨眼上离开谈判桌,伊朗因一个长期受制裁控制日渐衰退的经济状况而受到指责。去年,哈桑鲁哈尼当选总统,结束了伊朗的经济政治孤立状态,而如今他所受到的迫害怕是无法挽回的,甚至是凶狠的至高领导者阿亚图拉·阿里·哈梅内伊,也会害怕政权无效的后果。Western negotiators are clearly hoping that contemplation of that grim prospect will give their Iranian counterparts the space they need to make the further concessions undoubtedly required if a comprehensive agreement is to be reached. America and its negotiating partners want to see Irans current enrichment capacity—about 19,000 centrifuges, half of which are spinning—cut drastically. The Americans believe that anything above 3,000-4,000 would be impossible to sell to a sceptical Congress. Yet the Iranians seem to be digging in their heels by coming up with ever-higher estimates of the number of centrifuges they aim to have.西方的谈判者很明显,他们就是在期待如果要达成全面的协议,不容乐观的前景会让伊朗做出进一步妥协。美国与其协商伙伴希望能看到伊朗大规模减少其目前的浓缩能力——1.9万分离机,其中一半处于工作中。美方认为,超过3000-4000以上,持怀疑态度的国会就不会买账。然而,伊朗似乎拒不让步,他们已经增加了预计持有的分离机数量。In a speech on July 7th, Mr Khamenei declared that Iran must be able to produce enough enriched uranium to fuel the Russian-built Bushehr nuclear reactor when a contract with Russia to supply fuel runs out in 2021. That translates to a “definite need” for 190,000 separative work units. Iran would need more than 100,000 of the older IR-1 centrifuges that are the current backbone of its enrichment programme, or about 20,000 of the more efficient IR-2m centrifuges it has recently begun to deploy. The Iranians say this is in line with what they describe as their “right to enrich” for civil nuclear purposes under the terms of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).7月7日,哈梅内伊在讲话中说到,当与俄罗斯签订的燃料供给合约到2021年到期,伊朗一定能生产足够的浓缩铀供给俄罗斯建造的布什尔反应堆。也就是满足额定的19万分离功单位。伊朗还需10万多老式IR-1分离机,目前这是浓缩项目中的主要设备,或者2万多更高效的IR-2分离机,这也是目前已经开始采用的。伊方表示,这与他们所描述的在《不扩散核武条约》下,“有权浓缩”民用核是一致的。America has tacitly admitted that Iran will have to be allowed to do some enriching as the price for a deal that otherwise constrains its nuclear plans. But it will not accept that Iran, given its record of deceit and clandestine activity, needs a capacity to enrich that is possessed by very few other countries that use civil nuclear power. Robert Einhorn, an arms-control expert at the Brookings Institution in Washington who served in the Clinton administration, argues that the Iranian demand “fails the realism test at several levels”. It has no need to produce all its own fuel because it can either go on getting it from Russia or on the enriched-uranium buyers market. Iran has neither the technical knowledge nor the infrastructure to produce fuel of the type Bushehr requires.美国机智地回应,承认伊朗以达成协议为前提能进行一些浓缩项目,不然将限制其核计划。但鉴于伊朗有撒谎和暗中擅自行为的前科,美国不会允许伊朗拥有只有少数使用民用核的国家拥有的浓缩能力。Robert Einhorn是华盛顿布鲁金斯学会的一位军备控制专家,曾为克林顿工作。他认为伊朗的需求在很多层面上显得不现实。伊朗完全没有必要将其所有的燃料生产出来,因为它能继续从俄罗斯或者浓缩铀市场得到燃料。伊朗既没有技术知识也没有基础设施生产出布什尔所需要的燃料品种。If the enrichment capacity that Iran says it will eventually need is both implausible and far in excess of anything being contemplated as acceptable to the P5+1, so too is its concept of the time an agreement would run before Iran could be treated as a “normal” NPT signatory. Iran is thinking in terms of not much more than five years, while the Americans and their partners have in mind ten to 20 years of punctilious compliance before Iran could start building up its centrifuges again. It is possible that under such a deal Iran might be allowed to continue developing advanced centrifuges and learn the techniques of fuel fabrication, thus preparing itself for a more ambitious nuclear programme after the agreement expires. That, Mr Einhorn thinks, could be the basis of a compromise.如果伊朗所说自己最终需求的浓缩能力既不合情理,也不能被P5+1接受,那么在伊朗也能被视为一个正常的《不扩散核武条约》签署国之前,协议达成所需的时间也是一样的。伊朗的考虑是5年内,而美国及其盟友心中所想的时间伊朗需要谨慎遵从条约规定10到20年,才能再开始建立分离机。只有在这样的前提下,伊朗才有可能被允许继续发展高级的分离机以及学习燃料制造技术,因而在协议期满之后为自己更宏伟的核计划做好准备。 Einhorn表示这是妥协的基础。Can Mr Rohani sell a deal along those lines back home, above all to the enigmatic Mr Khamenei? They may not even know. But four months is not long to find out.鲁哈尼能与哈梅内伊达成协议吗?他们也许不会知道,但是花上四个月的时间,不难发现。 /201407/315253。

DON:Time once again for What You Didnt Know.唐:又到了《你并不清楚的事情》节目环节。This is where we a well-known science fact and then surprise you with the follow-up. Ready?我们这里有一条非常著名的科学事实而稍后的节目可能会让你大吃一惊。准备好了吗?YAEL:Yep.雅艾尔:没错。DON:Heart disease is a leading cause of death.唐:心脏病是造成人们死亡的主要原因。YAEL:Hey, it turns out the sky is blue.雅艾尔:嘿,原来你刚知道天空是蓝色的。Everybody knows heart disease is bad news for all those overweight guys in suits.对于那些穿西装的超重人群来说每个人都知道心脏病是晴天霹雳般的消息。DON:. . . for women.唐:这是对于女性而言。YAEL:Whoops! Did you say heart disease is a leading cause of death for women?雅艾尔:哎呦!你说心脏病是导致女性死亡的主要原因?DON:More than that:its not only a leading cause of death, its the leading cause of death.唐:不只如此,不只是死亡的主要原因,而就是死亡的主要原因。Women over fifty are more likely to die of heart attacks than anything else.50岁以上的女性更有可能死于心脏病发作。YAEL:But I thought heart attacks were a guy thing.雅艾尔:但我认为心脏病是男人的事情。DON:You and almost everyone else.唐:你和几乎其他所有人一样。A recent American Heart Association poll asked what the leading cause of death in women over fifty was.美国心脏协会最近的一项民意调查问及50岁以上妇女死亡的主要原因。Guess how many American women got the answer correct?猜一猜有多少美国妇女的回答正确?YAEL:Not a lot?雅艾尔:不是很多?DON:Only eight percent.唐:只有8%。Even more alarming, a Gallup poll asked doctors the same question. Only fifty-five percent knew it.更令人担忧的是盖洛普民意测验问及医生的也是同样的问题。只有55%的人知晓。Thats almost one out of two getting it wrong!几乎是一半人都会犯的错误!YAEL:So heart attacks arent a guy thing?雅艾尔:所以心脏病不是男人的事情?DON:Heart disease happens to women just as much as to men--maybe even more.唐:女性的心脏病发病与男性一样,甚至更多。The number of men dying of heart attacks is dropping, studies show, while the number of women dying of them is on the rise.死于心脏病的男性正在数量下降,但研究显示死于此种疾病女性的数量正在上升。Some researchers speculate that it has to do with just this lack of understanding that heart disease isnt just a male problem.一些研究人员推测这与缺乏心脏病不只是男性的问题的理解有关。Men may be getting better prevention and better treatment, while womens warning signs are being missed. 男性可能会得到更好的预防及更好的治疗,然而对于女性而言可能错过警告迹象。 201311/266010。