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云南南疆医院丰胸多少钱昆明祛除眼角皱纹昆明韩辰整形医院胸部乳房乳晕要多少费用 When it comes to management challenges, fish fingers and circuses are at opposite extremes: one product is the acme of industrialised food processing, the other the ultimate expression of human creativity and energy. Somehow, private equity has found room for both: last week, Permira agreed to sell Iglo, which makes Birds Eye fish fingers in Europe, after nine years running the frozen foods company, while another buyout group, TPG Capital, led a deal to gain control of Montreal’s Cirque du Soleil.谈到管理上的挑战,炸鱼条和马戏表演是两个相反极端:一个是工业化食品加工的极致,另一个是人类创造力和能量的终极表达。从某种程度来讲,私人股本找到了同时实现这两点的空间:前一阵子,私人股本集团帕米拉(Permira)同意出售在欧洲生产Birds Eye炸鱼条的Iglo公司,帕米拉经营这家冷冻食品公司已有9年时间;另一家收购集团德太集团(TPG Capital)则领衔达成一笔交易,获得蒙特利尔太阳马戏团(Cirque du Soleil)控股权。The coincidence made me wonder at the sheer bth of private equity-owned businesses, which seems to defy the caricature of buyout kings as asset-stripping short-termists, interested only in targets with an annuity-like stream of revenue. But something else links these two apparently disparate businesses. All great enterprises start like a troupe of inventive and inspired circus performers. But over time most end up churning out the equivalent of pre-cut bed strips of reconstituted seafood. The big question is: how can entrepreneurial and inventive companies slow their slippery slide to a fish-fingery fate?这一巧合让我想知道私人股本所有的企业到底有多少类型,它们似乎要挑战人们的这种不良印象:收购界的巨擘是低价掠夺资产的短期主义者,只对能带来源源不断收入的目标感兴趣。但其他一些因素将这两类看似迥然不同的业务联系在一起。所有的大企业在一开始,都像由富有创造力和灵感的马戏演员组成的马戏团。但随着时间的流逝,多数企业最终生产的东西,都像预先切好、裹着面包屑的脱水海鲜条。重要的问题是:富有创造力的初创企业,如何能放慢沦为炸鱼条生产者的速度? /201505/374651昆明医科大学第二附属医院祛疤手术多少钱

云南省割眼袋多少钱昆明富民县人民医院激光脱毛多少钱 My 18-year-old daughter knows exactly when it will be that time of the month. Since June, she’s been plugging the dates of her menstrual cycle into a popular period tracking app called Clue, and has it programmed to send her an alert every month, two days before her next period is due.我的女儿18岁,她很清楚自己经期的准确时间。从6月开始,她每个月都将自己的月经周期输入一款叫做Clue的流行经期跟踪app(应用程序),并将其设定为提前两天向她推送提醒消息。“It’s great because I never think about it, and now I never have to think about it,” she said.“这简直太棒了,”她说,“之前我就没刻意去计算过经期,以后也用不着再操这份心啦。”Like a lot of young women, my teenager is just too busy. And no, she doesn’t mind being ed, she said, adding, “Mom: I’m not embarrassed about my period.”她会这么说只是因为她像很多年轻女子一样,实在是太忙了,正如她的原话说的,不,“妈妈,月经并不会让我感到尴尬。”She’s not the only one. Girls and women are openly talking, tweeting and texting about their periods, and not just to Donald Trump. New companies tired of the stigma are selling menstrual products using the “P” word, singers and artists weave menstruation themes into their work, athletes and others have mentioned it on talk shows and at press conferences. Two New York City high school girls developed a game called “Tampon Run” — the heroine’s mission is “to rid the world of the menstrual taboo.”抱有这种看法的并不只是她一个。女孩和妇女们现在都能公开地或是在Twitter和短信中谈论月经,而不是仅仅告诉唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)。新兴公司不再耻于以销售带“P”字的经期护理产品,歌手和艺术家们开始在作品中涉及月经这个主题,运动员和其他人物也不惮在谈话节目和新闻发布会中提到它。在纽约,两名高中女生做出了一款名叫“Tampon Run(或译为《卫生棉大战》)”的视频游戏,女主角肩负起了“让世界不再对月经讳莫如深”的使命。Add to this mix period tracker apps, which have helped shift attitudes, demystifying and normalizing menstruation by assigning cute icons to once unmentionables like heavy flow, maxi pads and period pimples. Most important, the apps transform the input into crunchable data that can tell a young woman when her period is due, when it’s late and even why she might be feeling so blue.经期跟踪app也是同类的产品,它帮助人们转变了对月经的态度,给一度被认为是难以启齿的字眼儿,如月经量大、卫生棉、经期粉刺等配上可爱的图标,让月经褪去了神秘的外衣,成为了日常生活的一部分。最重要的是,这些app可利用输入的数据计算出准确的月经周期,在经期延迟时向年轻女孩发出警报,甚至可以告诉她为何她会情绪低落。There are over 200 different period tracker apps to choose from, and they are immensely popular: consumers have downloaded Period Tracker (by GP International) and Period Calendar/Tracker (by ABISHKKING) more than 10 million times from the Android store alone, according to IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics.据IMS医疗信息研究所(IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics)报告,经期跟踪app广受欢迎,目前已有超过200款不同产品可供选择,仅以安卓商店计算,Period Tracker(经期跟踪器,由高品国际[GP International]开发)和Period Calendar/Tracker(女性日历/日记,由ABISHKKING开发)的下载量就超过了1000万次。Period tracker apps can track a range of issues related to the menstrual cycle including emotions, cramps, weight, sleep, energy, food cravings and more. They also can record when you had sex (Clue’s icon for protected sex is a man wearing a tie) or remind you to pack tampons, take your birth control pill or do a breast exam, all information women say is both empowering and liberating. Some apps are pink and girlie, all hearts and flowers and butterflies; others take a more subtle approach with lots of graphs in muted shades of purple. Specialized apps have even been developed for niche groups like Orthodox Jewish women who adhere to religious family purity laws. The apps say they are “rabbinically approved.”经期跟踪app可以追踪与月经周期相关的一系列问题,如情绪、痛经、体重、睡眠、精力、食欲等等。它们还可以记录你的性事(Clue中有保护性行为的图标是一个戴领带的男人),提醒你携带卫生巾、吃避药或做乳腺检查,所有让女性感到自主和解放的信息。一些app采用了粉红色和富有少女情怀的心形、花朵和蝴蝶装饰;另一些则大量使用柔和的紫色调图片,给人较为淡雅的感觉。研发人员甚至还开发了专用于小众群体——如遵循“家庭纯洁”宗教准则的正统派犹太教妇女——的app,并声称这些产品得到了“拉比的批准”。“When you see a technology that someone has developed specifically for you as a woman, it really legitimizes talking about your periods and thinking about them,” said Shuangyi “E.E.” Hou, 24, a product designer in San Francisco for apps and websites who has used a period tracker app for over a year. “If we as a society say women should be checking in on their periods, and we give them permission to talk about it, I’m convinced it will be beneficial for women’s health.”“专为女性开发的技术的出现,代表了考虑和谈论月经是完全合理且正当的,”旧金山24岁的app和网站产品设计师侯双艺(Shuangyi ;E.E.; Hou,音译)说,她使用经期跟踪app已有一年以上。“我相信,如果整个社会都赞同女性关注自己的月经周期,允许她们谈论相关的问题,势必将有益于女性健康。”While the apps also can be used to track ovulation, signaling the days the user is more or less likely to become pregnant, most period tracker apps explicitly warn users not to rely on them to prevent pregnancy. The ovulation tracker and fertility prediction can be helpful for a woman trying to conceive, but it can give a false sense of security to a woman who relies on the app as a form of birth control.虽然这些app也可以用于跟踪排卵,并提示用户哪些日子比较容易/不容易怀,但大多数经期跟踪app都明确地警告用户不要依赖它们来避。排卵跟踪和受预测对想要怀的妇女有一定帮助,但它可能给依赖app来避的妇女造成安全的假象。That’s because even the most vigilant ovulation tracking methods have shockingly high failure rates, according to the American Academy of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, with up to one in four women becoming pregnant over the course of a year with typical use.这是因为,即使是最灵敏的排卵跟踪方法,错误率依然惊人得高。美国妇产科医师协会(American Academy of Obstetricians and Gynecologists)的调查显示,在使用这些app来预测安全期的一年期间,还是会有多达四分之一的女性“中招”。“Apps are a tool; they’re not actually a birth control method,” said Hannah Ransom of San Diego, a certified fertility awareness educator.圣地亚哥市的一名经过认的易受期知晓(fertility awareness)教育人员汉娜·兰塞姆(Hannah Ransom)说:“app只是一种工具;它们并非切实有效的避方法。”But many users of period tracker apps rely on them to help schedule their busy lives or for tracking health conditions that fluctuate with their cycle, rather than contraception. Aliya, a 23-year-old from the Bronx, said she uses Pink Pad Pro to schedule social outings like visits to a Russian bath house and to give her doctor an accurate answer to the inevitable question about the date of her last menstrual period (though she admitted relying on it occasionally for birth control as well).不过,许多经期跟踪app的用户主要是用它们来协助自己安排忙碌的生活,跟踪随月经周期波动的健康状况,而非用于避。布朗克斯市的23岁女孩阿莉娅(Aliya)说自己使用Pink Pad Pro来安排洗俄式浴之类的社交活动,或是在医生问及她末次月经日期之类的问题时能帮她做出准确的回答(不过,她也承认自己偶尔依靠它来避)。One college theater student said she always forgets about her period during the week or two before a production, when there are a million other details to think about, so she likes the push notification reminders from Period Tracker Lite.一名戏剧学院的学生说,在演出前一两周,她总有太多的事情要操心,于是往往会忘了经期的事情,所以她乐于让Period Tracker Lite给她推送提醒通知。Ida Tin, who founded Clue, one of the fastest growing period tracker apps with 2 million active users in 180 countries, said her motivation in developing the app was to provide women with more information and greater understanding about a “foundational” part of their lives for 40 years.Clue是发展最快的一款经期跟踪app之一,在180个国家拥有200万活跃用户。其创立者埃达·丁(Ida Tin)表示,她开发该app的动机是为了向女同胞们提供更多信息,帮助她们更深入地了解这个在她们生命中长达40年的时间里都具有重要意义的“基本”部分。“If you just have the data about what is going on in your body,” said Ms. Tin, “It’s a navigating tool for your life.”丁女士说:“获知有关你身体内部变化的数据,可以让你更好地规划自己的生活。” /201601/422974昆明小腿减肥多少钱

保山割双眼皮多少钱 The rapid movement of robots “out of factories to automate all aspects of our lives” has prompted an international group of scientists, engineers and ethicists to set up a body to examine their impact.在工厂以外正给我们生活各个领域带来自动化的机器人的快速发展,促使一个由科学家、工程师和伦理学家组成的全球团体建立一个机构来考察机器人的影响。The Foundation for Responsible Robotics, launched in London, will encourage governments and industry to consider the impact of the technology on society, ranging from the potential for mass unemployment to human rights violations. Researchers and policymakers have so far ignored the field, say the founders.这家机构名为“负责任机器人学基金会”(The Foundation for Responsible Robotics),在伦敦创建,将鼓励政府和行业考虑科技对社会的影响,包括从大规模失业的可能性到违反人权。这些创始人表示,研究人员和政策制定者迄今一直忽视该领域。“We are rushing headlong into the robotics revolution without consideration for the many unforeseen problems lying around the corner,” said Noel Sharkey, robotics professor at Sheffield University and chairman of the foundation. “It is time now to step back and think hard about the future of the technology before it sneaks up and bites us.”“我们正草率地进入机器人革命,没有考虑未来很多不可预见的问题,”谢菲尔德大学(Sheffield University)机器人科学教授、该基金会董事长诺埃尔夏基(Noel Sharkey)表示,“现在我们该回过头去,在这种技术走近并影响我们之前认真思考它的未来了。”Although industrial robots working in factories have historically dominated robotics, the balance is changing fast as service sectors automate. The world aly has 12m service robots, compared with 1.5m industrial robots, Prof Sharkey said. The International Federation for Robotics predicts that the number of service robots will rise to 31m by 2018.尽管在工厂工作的工业机器人一直在机器人领域占据主导地位,但随着务行业的自动化,这种平衡正迅速发生变化。夏基教授表示,全球已拥有1200万台务业机器人,而工业机器人为150万台。国际机器人联合会(International Federation for Robotics)预测,到2018年,务业机器人数量将增至3100万台。Robots are beginning to entertain and care for children and old people, they are preparing food and cooking in restaurants, cleaning homes, milking cows and killing in armed conflict — defence is the biggest non-industrial user of robots.机器人正开始为儿童和老人提供和照管务,它们还在餐厅准备食品和烹饪、保洁、挤奶以及在武装冲突中杀人,国防领域是非工业行业使用机器人最多的行业。The nature of the human brain means that we cannot help treating robots as other people — or at least as living animals — to which we quickly grow attached, said Prof Seibt. That “anthropomorphism” makes people protect their favourite robots if they are threatened, even at the expense of other human beings. “Soldiers are prepared to risk their lives to protect a robot,” she said.丹麦奥胡斯大学(Aarhus University)的教授乔安娜嬠布特(Johanna Seibt)表示,人脑的特点意味着,我们不得不将机器人视为其他人(至少是活着的动物),我们与它们的亲密关系迅速增进。“拟人化”让人们会在机器人受到威胁时保护他们最爱的机器人,甚至不惜牺牲其他人的生命。她表示:“士兵们可能会准备用他们的生命来保护一个机器人。”There are similar concerns are the impact of robotic companions at the other end of life — how will they affect the ability of young children to interact and make friends with real people?类似的担忧还有机器人同伴对于生活的影响,它们是否会影响儿童与真人互动和交朋友的能力。 /201512/415983云南昆明东川区脸部去痣价格云南省妇幼保健院激光祛太田痣多少钱



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