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宇宙的两种基本组成物质:暗物质和暗能量。它们组成宇宙的96%,但是不能被直接地测量,然而它们的影响是非常大的。 Article/201304/234784Today in History:Thursday, June13, 2013历史上的今天:2013年6月13日,星期四June 13th, 1971The New York Times begins publishing The Pentagon Papers --- a leaked, top secret study of America#39;s involvement in Vietnam. President Richard Nixon#39;s administration tries to block further publication in court, citing national security. Defense Secretary Melvin Laird,“It is our responsibility to call this violation of security to the attention of the Justice Department. This I have done.” But the U.S. Supreme Court rules The Times and The Washington Post can publish the material.1967,President Lyndon Johnson nominates solicitor General Thurgood Marshall to be the first black justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.1966,The case behind the phrase “You have the right to remain silent.” , as the U.S. Supreme Court issues its “Miranda” ruling. That landmark decision says criminal suspects must be informed of their constitutional rights before police can question them.1900,In China, the Boxer Rebellion, a national revolt targeting foreigners, as well as Chinese Christians, erupts into full scale violence.1983,Pioneer 10 becomes the first spacecraft to leave our solar system, as the American space probe crosses the orbit of Neptune.And 1986,Benny Goodman, the clarinet playing “King of Swing”, dies in New York. He was 77.Today in History, June 13th, Tim Maguire, the Associated Press /201306/243831




  Professor Ellen Langer was testing mind over body.艾伦·朗吉教授通过对思想进行控制测试身体If you made people think they如果让这些人觉得were years younger, would their bodies follow?自己变年轻 他们的身体会有相同的反应吗But given how dependent these men had become,因为这些人已经很有依赖性了a lot of convincing was going to be necessary.大量的说工作变的很必要At first, some of the group struggled with Ellen#39;s rules.刚开始 有些成员不遵守艾伦的规则As soon as we got off the bus,他们刚下车时I told them that they were in charge of their suitcases,我就告诉他们要自己getting them up to their rooms.把行李提到房间They could move them an inch at a time,他们每次可以挪动一英寸they could unpack them可以在车上打开箱子right at the bus and take up a shirt at a time.然后每次拿一件衬衣Just think about the difference in how these people were treated想象下这些人从我这里受到的不同待by me with the assumption that they之前他们被当成小孩could do everything, versus treated like a little kid.而这里他们被假设可以行动自如And this attitude这种状态was going to be maintained right through the experiment.要维持到整个实验结束There was nobody babying them.没有人照顾他们They were in all ways taking care of themselves as they would have,他们得自己照顾自己did, I#39;d say, 20 years earlier.像20年前一样 Article/201304/235497How can we put this in a way you#39;ll understand? Sending LOLs to your BFFs on company time is not KEWL.应该以怎样的方式表达才更容易理解呢?工作时间给你的好朋友发送英雄联盟信息并不是那么酷。You Will Need你需要A job一份工作An email account一个电子邮件帐户A phone with voice mail有语音信箱的电话Some common sense一些常识Steps步骤STEP 1 Remember you#39;re at work1.记住你是在工作First and foremost, remember you#39;re at work. Now is not the time to call or email your long lost frat brothers, ex-girlfriends, or bookie.首先,记住你是在工作。现在不是打电话或发电子邮件给你长时间没联系的兄弟,前女友或赛马的时候。STEP 2 Don#39;t use speakerphone2.不要用扬声器Don#39;t use your speakerphone unless it#39;s completely necessary. Otherwise, it#39;s just obnoxious.不要使用扬声器,除非完全有必要。否则,是非常令人讨厌的事情。Remember: background noise can be heard when you#39;re on a conference call from home—and that includes toast popping, kettles whistling, and toilets flushing.记住:当你在家中进行商务电话会议时是可以听到背景音乐的——包括烘烤,水壶烧水的声音和厕所的冲水声。STEP 3 Keep voice mail short3.语音信箱留言简短When leaving a voice mail, keep it short—you are not auditioning for Hamlet. Just provide the essentials: your name, your number, and a BRIEF reason for calling.当你在语音信箱留言时,一定要简短——你不是在为哈姆雷特试音。只说出精髓的内容就可以了:你的姓名,电话号码,和打电话的简洁原因。Have your message y before you call. Nothing is more annoying than listening to someone stammer while they try to formulate a coherent thought. And remember to enunciate so the person doesn#39;t have to replay your message 25 times.打电话前先准备好信息。没有什么比接电话的时候要努力抓住中心思想更令人讨厌的了。记住发音要明晰,免得对方要把你的留言多次重播。STEP 4 Include simple subject line4.简单的主题Always include a simple, straightforward description in your email subject line so its recipient can quickly assess if it#39;s important, and easily relocate it later.在邮件主题栏一定要列明一个简单,直截了当的描述,这样收件人就能迅速评估邮件是否重要,随后就能更方便地处理。STEP 5 Be careful with email5.发送邮件要小心Remember that an email doesn#39;t convey a context the way your gestures, expressions, and tone of voice would. What you write in a playful way may come across as harsh or insulting to your er.要记住,电子邮件并不能表达你的肢体语言,面部表情和语音语调所能表达的内容。你以开玩笑的语气写的邮件在收件人看来可能是严厉的或侮辱性的。Always spell-check your email before hitting #39;send#39;; It#39;s easy, and may just save you a lot of embarrassment.点击“发送”按钮之前一定要检查一下邮件的单词拼写是否正确。这是很简单的工作,可以为你避免很多尴尬的场景。STEP 6 Include explanation when forwarding6.转发邮件时附带解释Forwarding an email to a co-worker? Always include a brief explanation so they#39;re not left to ponder what you may want from them. If you#39;re totally swamped, at least include ;FYI;.向一位同事转发邮件?一定要附带简洁的解释,这样他们就不需考虑你想让他们做什么。如果你实在是非常繁忙,至少要注明“请大家注意看一下”。Eighty-two percent of what you communicate on the phone is non-verbal—in other words, what you say is far less important than how you say it.电话中沟通的82%的内容是非语言的——换句话说,你说的内容远远不如说的方式重要。视频听力译文由。 Article/201407/309452

  For more on that, we are joined live by our correspondent Tang Bo, who has been following the meeting in Shanghai.为了解更多有关台湾可在福建开设分行的讯息,让我们连线我台记者唐波一起来分享。唐波一直在跟踪报道在上海进行的相关会议。Q1: After the signing ceremony this afternoon, more details about the service trade agreement were released at a press conference. Give us more about that.今天下午的签字仪式后,更多的务贸易协议相关细节在新闻发布会上发布。请与我们分享下这些细节。Q2: The idea of ARATS and SEF setting up reciprocal offices across the Straits caught many people#39;s attention. What other details do you have on that?关于海峡会和海基会建立两岸互惠办公室的想法引起了很多人的关注。那么对此,你还知道什么更多的细节内容? Article/201306/245107Be kind to your tummy so it will leave you alone when you want to rest.善待你的胃,这样你就可以安然入睡。You Will Need你需要High-protein foods高蛋白质食品Foods high in calcium and magnesium钙和镁含量较高的食品Salad with fruit水果沙拉Comfort food安慰食品Chamomile tea甘菊茶Ginger姜Warm milk温牛奶Steps步骤Step 1 Give yourself time to digest1.留有消化时间Eat no less than four hours before turning in. Avoid any before-bed snacks, especially grains and sugars.进餐时间距离睡觉时间至少四小时。睡前不要吃任何零食,尤其是谷物和糖类。Step 2 Digest high protein2.消化高蛋白质食品Digest high-protein food, such as meat, fish, greens, and eggs, late in the day. The amino acid L-tryptophan, which these provide, will release melatonin and serotonin for good sleep.一天当中较晚的时候消化高蛋白质食品,例如肉类,鱼类,绿色作物和蛋类。这些食品中含有的左旋色氨酸可以释放抗黑变激素和血清素,有助于睡眠。Step 3 Calm the mind3.平静思想Include dairy products, broccoli, chickpeas, nuts, and seeds in your meal a few hours before bed to elevate calcium and magnesium levels. Research shows that calcium and magnesium calm the mind.睡前几小时进餐时吃一点奶制品,西兰花,雏豆,坚果和瓜子,提高钙镁水平。研究表明,钙和镁有助于平静思想。Always avoid alcohol and caffeine before bed, or entirely, as these can disrupt sleep.睡前一定要避免酒精和咖菲因,因为这两种物质会干扰睡眠。Step 4 Eat salad with fruit4.吃水果沙拉Eat salads with fruits, such as apples or pears, which are known to calm the digestive system.吃一点水果沙拉,例如苹果或梨,这些水果可以平静消化系统。Step 5 Consume comfort foods5.吃一点安慰食品Consume comfort foods like chicken soup that encourage fond memories and make you happy and restful.吃一点安慰食品,例如鸡汤,可以刺激欢快的记忆,让你快乐无忧。Eating a light and healthy diet will keep your weight down and guard against sleep apnea.轻松健康的饮食可以保持较低的体重,还可以防止睡眠时呼吸暂停。Step 6 Drink tea6.喝茶Drink chamomile tea with ginger before going to bed to aid and settle your digestive system. Warm milk can be a sleep aid as well.睡前喝点甘菊茶,加一点生姜,可以帮助平复消化系统。温牛奶也可以帮助睡眠。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201304/233696


  Throw a bachelor party that everyone will be sure to remember. At least, parts of it.举办一个所有人都难忘的告别单身聚会。至少,其中的部分内容令人印象深刻。You Will Need你需要Schedule日期安排Guest list宾客名单Budget预算Location地点Entertainment活动Camera照相机Car service (optional)汽车(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Schedule1.日期安排Schedule the party a few days before the wedding, but preferably at least a week ahead of time. Scheduling a party the night before the wedding is usually a mistake.将聚会时间安排在婚礼前几天,但是最好能提前至少一周。将单身聚会安排在婚礼的前一天晚上通常是错误的。Step 2 Invite friends and family2.邀请朋友和家人Invite the groom#39;s male friends and relatives.邀请新郎的男性朋友和亲戚。Step 3 Set up a budget3.制定预算Plan a budget for the party and figure out how much each guest is willing to spend.制定聚会预算,算好每一位宾客乐意付多少。Overestimate the cost per person to make sure all the expenses are covered.尽量多预算一点,确保所有费用都包括在内。Step 4 Pick the location4.选择地点Pick a location for the party. Popular bachelor party destinations vary from Las Vegas to local bars to camping in the outdoors.选择聚会地点。受欢迎的单身汉聚会目的地从到当地酒吧到户外野营都可以。Hire a car service if the party includes drinking and no one wants to be the designated driver.如果聚会内容包括饮酒,任何人都不想做司机的话,可以考虑雇佣一辆汽车。Step 5 Plan activities5.策划活动Plan the evening so that there#39;s never a dull moment. Consider hiring entertainment, going golfing, gambling, or camping.提前计划好当天晚上的活动,这样就不会索然无味。考虑雇佣道具,打高尔夫,或野营。Step 6 Have fun6.玩得开心Have fun. Bachelor parties are a chance for everyone to have a good time, but don#39;t let it get too out of control.玩得开心一点。单身汉聚会是每一个人好好休闲的好机会,但是不要过分失去控制。Step 7 Take pictures7.照相Take lots of pictures at the party, but don#39;t take pictures of anything too incriminating.在聚会上多照点相,但是不要照太不符合规矩的照片。Bachelor parties originated in fifth-century Sparta.单身汉聚会起源于五世纪的斯巴达。视频听力由。 Article/201311/265278。

  Rapper-Actor on Starring in Upcoming 9/11 Film Riz Ahmed, also known as Riz MC in London, discusses his role in ;The Reluctant Fundamentalist.;里兹·阿迈德,出生于英国英格兰伦敦市温布利区,英国籍巴基斯坦人。访谈中他谈论在《拉合尔茶馆的陌生人》中扮演的角色。电影内容:来自巴基斯坦没落家族的成吉思,曾经努力编织美国梦,而他也的确拥有了许多移民梦寐以求的生活。然而,九一一恐怖攻击之后,什么都变了···The Timely film that tackles terrorism and its roots, it’s called ;Reluctant Fundamentalist.; Yesterday here, from one of its stars, kate Hudson. It#39;s great to have her co-star Riz Ahmed here with us today. Thank you for coming in. Good to see you.Thank you for having me.Thank you for going coatless here in this season.Yeah, you’re gonna know why. I was thinking, I just kind of think it was America, it is the picturely sunny place so I can just come in with a T-shirt. Well, certainly, there is another fascinating story. You play a character, a Pakistani man in America after 9/11. He#39;s climbing the ladder upon wall street, and 9/11 happens and everything changes for him. Yeah, I mean in many ways, the film is about the American dream. It#39;s about an immigrant coming to this country full of hope and optimism, about the promise that this country holds out for so many people. And it#39;s a kind of, I guess, a couple of aged story. It’s about a young man finding his way in life. And he does that through his relationships with Jim Cross, played by Keva Sullevin, his boss. And with the lovely Kate Hudson. You fought hard for this role. And what a prize. You played Kate’s … I didn#39;t get to take the prize home, though. Fortunately I didn’t get the kids … And, well, now it was amazing working with Kate. She is someone I voice, you know, I had tremendous admiration for the, I mean I’m gonna tell you, she had a 1-month- old baby onset. So it’s be able to film such long hours. Each week she#39;d go from breast feeding and on action hand the baby to someone, and then burst into tears, you know, moments later, and it’s absolutely incredible. It’s anouncing, probably powerful film, that it’s your first leading role. But I’m told you#39;re also a rapper? I am. Yes, I am. Can you give us a little? But you got to help me out a little bit, maybe. Now this guy is actually gonna help me out. It’s an operation. You get to go the number one. A duel fists out of this. Okay, so guys, the movie is out Friday, Mirror Night directed it. What’s it called, George? The Reluctant Fundamentalist. There we go. And I got fans now, if you like. I am the guy people stop me and say I loved you in the life and pie. But that was not what … Yeah! /201304/237552


  减少你的能源消费,最行之有效的方法是什么?你能相信吗:看看你邻居付了多少。Alex Laskey用更低价的能源账单来告诉我们,一个奇妙的人类行为是如何让我们这些使用者都变得更美好,更明智 Article/201402/272454

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