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昆明韩辰整形医院治疗疤痕多少钱So this is what the future of the ed Kingdom comes down to? Harry Potter versus EuroMillions. On September 18, Scotland will vote on independence. The news that JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter oeuvre, has decided to give #163;1m to the Better Together campaign is a welcome boost to the pro-union campaign. Until now, it has struggled to match the financial firepower of the pro-independence campaign, which has benefited from #163;3.5m donated by Chris and Colin Weir, a couple who won #163;161m playing the EuroMillions lottery in 2011. All told, the Weirs account for about 80 per cent of the funding received by the Yes campaign.那么,联合王国的未来将归结于哈利#8226;波特(Harry Potter)对战EuroMillions游戏吗?98日,苏格兰将举行独立公投。《哈利波特》系列小说作者J#8226;K#8226;罗琳(J. K. Rowling)决定向Better Together运动捐款100万英镑,对于这个持统一的团体而言,这是一个可喜的提振。在此之前,该团体一直很难与持苏格兰独立的Yes运动的财力媲美,后者获得了011年赢得EuroMillions 1.61亿英镑大奖的克里#8226;韦尔(Chris Weir)和考琳#8226;韦尔(Colin Weir)夫妇350万英镑的捐款。韦尔夫妇的捐款占到了Yes运动已收到捐款的80%左右。The idea that the UK’s survival might hinge on the political preferences of two lottery winners is unsettling. And the Scottish referendum is not an isolated example. Across the world, from the US to Asia, elections and political campaigns are shaped by massive donations by rich individuals.联合王国的存亡可能取决于两位者的政治倾向,这一想法令人不安。苏格兰公投并非一个孤立的例子。举目当今世界,从美国到亚洲,选举和政治竞选活动都受到富人巨额捐款的影响。The financial flows behind these political whims can be complicated. On a recent stay at the Marina Bay Sands hotel and casino in Singapore, which is owned by Sheldon Adelson, it struck me that I was watching Chinese gamblers enrich an octogenarian American billionaire, who would in turn use the money to fund Republican political candidates who support Israel. Most parts of the world seemed to be affected, one way or another, by the spinning fruit machines of Singapore.这些政治愿望背后的资金流动可能很复杂。在最近入住谢尔登#8226;埃德Sheldon Adelson)拥有的新加坡酒店——滨海湾金沙大酒Marina Bay Sands)期间,我突然想到:我正在目睹中国赌客让一0多岁的美国亿万富翁变得更富,这位富翁进而会用这笔钱资助那些持以色列的共和党政治候选人。全球多数地区似乎都会以某种方式受到新加坡的影响。Mr Adelson’s political donations have so far been lavish but not particularly effective. According to The Washington Post, he spent more than m backing losing candidates in the last US presidential election. This time round, he intends to place his bets more carefully and, according to an aide ed in the Post, is looking for a Republican candidate “who has convictions but is not totally crazya more difficult task than it sounds, given the state of the party.迄今,埃德森的政治捐款一直很慷慨,但不是特别有效。据《华盛顿邮报Washington Post)称,在上次美国总统大选中,他曾捐款000万美元,但他持的候选人最终都落败。这一次,他准备更为谨慎地下注,《华盛顿邮报》援引他的一名助手的话称,他正物色一位“有信念但并不完全疯狂”的共和党候选人——鉴于共和党的现状,这项任务实际上比听上去更为困难。Other billionaires have been more fortunate with their political spending. Although the precise amount of money that the Ambani family directed towards the campaign of Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister, is not known, it is widely accepted that Mr Modi and his Bharatiya Janata party massively outspent the Congress party in the recent general election. The industrialist Ambani brothers were generous funders of the BJP and have, in turn, done well out of the stock market boom that followed Mr Modi’s victory.其他亿万富翁的政治出似乎更为幸运。尽管外界并不知晓安巴尼(Ambani)家族向印度总理纳伦德拉#8226;莫迪(Narendra Modi)的竞选具体投入了多少资金,但人们普遍认为,莫迪及其领导的印度人民BJP)在最近大选中的出远远超出国大党(Congress party)。实业家安巴尼兄弟是印度人民党的慷慨捐款者,反过来也受益于莫迪当选后出现的股市涨势。Courting the rich is both necessary and dangerous for politicians. Tony Blair and the Labour party had to return #163;1m to Bernie Ecclestone after suggestions were made that the Formula One boss had influenced government policy on cigarette advertising. The financial relationship between Nicolas Sarkozy and Liliane Bettencourt, an elderly heiress, provoked a criminal investigation although the former French president was eventually cleared of wrongdoing.对于政治人士而言,寻求富人的持既是必要的,也是危险的。托#8226;布莱Tony Blair)和工Labour party)不得不向一级方程式(F1)老板伯尼#8226;埃克尔斯Bernie Ecclestone)归还100万英镑,因为有人称,埃克尔斯通影响了英国政府有关香烟广告的政策。尼古拉#8226;萨科Nicolas Sarkozy)与年事已高的女继承人利利亚娜#8226;贝当Liliane Bettencourt)之间的金钱关系引发了一桩刑事调查,尽管这位法国前总统最终被明是清白的。It is rare to find people who have a completely consistent attitude to billionaire-funded politics. George Soros, the financier, is a hate figure for the American right but a hero to liberals because of the causes he chooses to support. The Koch brothers, conservative industrialists, evoke similar reactions but in reverse.我们很少发现人们会对亿万富翁资助的政治持完全一致的态度。由于他选择持的事业,对于美国右翼人士而言,融资家乔治#8226;索罗George Soros)是一个令人憎恨的人物,而对于自由派而言,他却是一个英雄。保守的实业家科赫兄Koch)则引发相反的反应。Once they calm down, all sides might agree that it would be better to have political systems not so much at the mercy of the whims of individual billionaires (or, in the case of Scotland, mere multimillionaires). But this is easier said than done. In an age of front organisations and fragmented media, capping campaign contributions or spending is far from straightforward. In the US, the government attempted to place legal limits on the amount an individual could give to a single campaign. But that could not prevent multiple contributions to various political organisations, with similar goals such as the political action committees that then rallied behind individual candidates. The Supreme Court has ruled that political spending is a form of free speech making caps on individual contributions illegal, and rendering it all but impossible to rein in free-speaking and free-spending billionaires.一旦他们平静下来,各方或许都会认为,不让政治制度受到亿万富翁(或者,在苏格兰的例子里只是百万富翁们)愿望的严重影响将是更好的结果。但说起来容易做起来难。在幌子组织和媒体分化的时代,限制竞选捐款或出远非直截了当。在美国,政府试图对个人向单一竞选活动的捐款数额设置法定上限。但这不可能阻止富人向多个目标相似的不同政治组织(例如几个政治行动委员会,由其进而持个别候选人)捐款。美国最高法院裁定,政治出是一种言论自由的形式,这使得对个人捐款封顶被界定为非法,并导致社会几乎不可能迫使亿万富翁收敛言论和出。The British used to congratulate themselves on controlling election campaign spending, banning television advertising by political parties. But, in the age of social media, that measure looks increasingly beside the point.英国曾经为控制竞选出而自我庆幸,禁止政党在电视上做广告。但在社交媒体时代,这一措施看上去越来越无足轻重了。Plutocratic funding of politics probably cannot be stopped. So it might be some comfort to reflect that although money undoubtedly helps campaigns it is no assurance of success. If Mr Adelson’s billions really could buy the US presidency, Newt Gingrich would be sitting in the Oval Office. The curse of Sheldon has now struck Eric Cantor, the outgoing leader of the Republicans in the House of Representatives, and an Adelson favourite, who has just lost his congressional seat in a Republican primary to a much-worse funded, insurgent candidate.富豪为政治捐款很可能无法阻止。因此,或许令我们稍感安慰的是,尽管金钱肯定有利于竞选,但并不能确保成功。如果埃德森的数十亿美元捐款真的能够买下美国总统职位的话,纽#8226;金里Newt Gingrich)早就入主白宫了。埃德森的诅咒现在击中了即将卸任的众议院共和党领袖埃里克#8226;坎特(Eric Cantor),坎特是埃德森中意的政治人士,他刚刚在中期选举的共和党初选中,把自己的国会议员席位输给一位竞选资金远远逊于他的挑战型候选人。Similarly, while help from Harry Potter will undoubtedly be hugely welcome to the No campaign in Scotland, the polls suggest that Better Together was still well ahead before the wizard struck, and despite the EuroMillions that have been poured into the Yes campaign. Maybe voters actually have minds of their own? That would certainly make the future of the UK seem like less of a lottery.类似地,尽管“哈#8226;波特”的帮助肯定会受到苏格兰独立公投No运动的热烈欢迎,但民调显示,在这位魔法师到来之前,尽管EuroMillions获奖者向Yes行动投入了巨资,但Better Together仍遥遥领先。或许,选民实际上有自己的想法?这肯定会让联合王国的未来不那么像是一场游戏。来 /201406/308347丽江去额头上的皱纹价格Argentina’s 12-year dispute with a group of hedge funds holding out for full payment on defaulted Argentine bonds is proving to be one of the most wasteful debt restructurings in history.阿根廷与一群坚持要求全额偿付其违约债券的对冲基金长2年的争执,已明是历史上最耗神耗力的债务重组之一。During the past few years an unedifying legal battle waged in New York courtrooms has steadily unpicked the restructurings that allowed Argentina to pick up the pieces after its bn default in 2001. Basing their rulings on a tight definition of the so-called pari passu clause that guarantees equal treatment for bondholders, US judges have declared it illegal for Argentina to make payments to the holders of restructured bonds unless it includes full payments to holdouts too.过去几年里在纽约法庭上展开的不光的诉讼战,逐步破坏了阿根廷的债务重组努力,后者本会让阿根廷在200150亿美元债务违约之后重整旗鼓。按照他们对所谓的同等权益条款(pari passu clause)的严格定义,即所有债券持有人有权得到同等对待,美国法官宣布阿根廷向接受重组的债券持有人偿付是不合法的,除非偿付也包括向拒绝重组的债权人全额偿付。This week, the unresolved dispute reached its doleful climax. Unwilling to bow to the demands of the holdouts, and consequently unable to keep the restructured bonds current either, Buenos Aires threw up its hands and gave up on its attempts to pay its creditors under US law.本周,久拖不决的争执达到了令人沮丧的顶峰。由于不愿屈从那些拒绝重组债权人的要求,从而也无法推进偿付接受重组的债券持有人,阿根廷政府放弃了按照美国法律偿付债权人的努力。Neither side can claim the moral high ground. Central to the holdoutscase has been that in two restructurings, Argentina strong-armed creditors into accepting a savage haircut worth just 25 cents on the dollar. Yet if warrants linked to economic growth are added, the payouts have in some cases been worth much more.双方都不能说占据了道德高地。拒绝重组债权人的核心论点是,在两次重组中,阿根廷都威逼债权人接受折后仅余债券面5%的野蛮折haircut)。然而,如果加上与经济增长挂钩的权,某些情况下的偿付价值要高得多。Of greater systemic concern, the points of law in the hedge fundsfavour have led to a situation where it will be easier for other holdouts to block future sovereign restructurings. This is an unwelcome possibility, however difficult Argentina’s behaviour has been.就更大的系统性担忧来说,有利于对冲基金的法律观点已导致一个情况,即其他拒绝重组的债权人将更容易阻碍未来的主权债务重组。这是一个不受欢迎的可能性,无论阿根廷的行为多么令人不快。President Cristina Fernández has revelled in her “won’t pay, can’t payattitude. While this is central to her political image as someone who takes on financiers and wins, it is also a fiction. Argentina’s restructurings have not reopened international markets. The bigger worry is that her intransigence poses a real threat to the economic wellbeing of her compatriots. Although the initial reaction has been muted, Argentina’s default is likely to lead to a squeeze in trade finance and higher borrowing costs. Argentina has no easy options. Restructuring all of its debt into bonds issued under local law would be one way of thumbing its nose at the pesky holdouts and the US courts. But the costs would be huge. A general default could lock the country out of capital markets for years at a time when it needs international capital to develop its deposits of shale gas.阿根廷总统克里斯蒂#8226;费尔南德Cristina Fernández)沉迷于其“不会偿付、偿付不了”的态度。尽管这对她塑造与金融家较量并取得胜利的政治形象至关重要,但这种态度也只是个幻想。阿根廷的债务重组没有重新打开国际市场。更大的担忧在于,费尔南德斯的不妥协对其同胞的经济福祉造成了实实在在的威胁。尽管市场反应最初波澜不惊,但阿根廷违约可能导致贸易融资紧张和借款成本上升。阿根廷没有轻松的选择。将所有债务重组为按照当地法律发行的债券,将是向恼人的拒绝重组债权人和美国法庭表达蔑视的一种方式。但这样做的代价将是巨大的。全面违约将让阿根廷在需要国际资本以开发页岩气资源之际,多年无法进入资本市场。That leaves settling, which has difficulties too. For instance, it exposes Argentina to claims from other holdouts, which Buenos Aires costs at bn. Another problem is the so-called RUFO clause in the restructured bonds. This prohibits Argentina from offering investors more than the 30 cents on the dollar it paid holders that accepted the restructuring.那么就只剩下和解,但这也很困难。例如,阿根廷将面对其他拒绝重组债权人的索偿,阿根廷政府估计索偿规模50亿美元。另一个问题是债务重组中所谓的“未来发行权利”条Rights upon Future Offers,简称RUFO)。之前阿根廷向接受重组的债券持有人偿付面值的30%,而RUFO条款规定,阿根廷现在向投资者付的赔偿不得超过这一比例。Allowing the stand-off to continue profits no one. Meanwhile, the holdouts are racking up legal fees and must want to settle. The outlines of a deal exist. Argentina could meet the holdoutsclaim, or some compromised figure, with fresh bonds, issued on a deferred basis to sidestep the RUFO clause which expires at the end of 2014. All the holdouts could be invited in, settling the problem for good.让僵局持续下去不会令任何人受益。与此同时,拒绝重组的债权人的诉讼费用不断攀升,他们必然希望和解。和解协议的轮廓是存在的。阿根廷可以以延期方式发行新债券,避开将于2014年底到期的RUFO条款,来满足拒绝重组债权人的索偿要求,或达成一个折中数字。所有拒绝重组的债权人都可以受邀加入,彻底解决这个问题。Whether this can be agreed swiftly, if at all, is another matter. Indeed the case once again illustrates the need for a better way of managing sovereign defaults. The collective action clauses since introduced into many bond contracts, which oblige minorities to accept majority writedowns, are no fail safe. The pari passu clause should be scrapped, even at the price of higher borrowing costs.这一方案能否迅速达成一致(如果真的会达成一致的话)则是另一回事。实际上,此案再次说明亟需一种更好的方式来管理主权债务违约。后来很多债券合约中引入的集体行动条款也并非万全之策,这种条款迫使少数债权人接受多数债权人同意的减记比例。应取消同等权益条款,就算以更高的借款成本为代价也在所不惜。In the absence of clarity, well-paid lawyers to hedge funds will continue to exploit the confusion in other debt workouts, and perhaps other jurisdictions. Debt bondage of this kind is the last thing the world needs.在没有明确解决方案的情况下,对冲基金聘请的收入不菲的律师,将继续利用其他债务重组方案、乃至其他司法管辖地区的含混之处。这种债务奴役是这个世界最不需要的。来 /201408/319456云南中西结合医院打玻尿酸多少钱

昆明医学院第二附属医院整形美容科呈贡区妇幼保健人民中心医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱A senior South Korean official has offered to hold ministerial-level talks with North Korea to discuss ;mutual concerns,; including a reunion of families separated by the Korean War.一名韩国高层官员表示,愿与朝鲜举行部长级会谈,讨论“共同关心的问题”,包括安排一次韩战离散家人团聚活动。Ryo Kihl-jae, the Souths unification minister in charge of North Korean affairs, told a news conference Monday that a formal request had been sent to Pyongyang. He said he is willing to discuss any issues of mutual concern.负责朝鲜事务的韩国统一部部长柳吉在星期一举行的记者会上说,已将一份正式邀请函递交平壤。他表示,愿意与朝鲜方面讨论任何双方共同关心的问题。If agreed to, the talks would take place next month in Pyongyang with Ryos counterpart, Kim Yang Gon.如果平壤做出肯定的答复,柳吉在将于下月在平壤与朝鲜负责韩国事务的官员金养建举行会谈。The two countries had agreed on high-level talks scheduled for two months ago after a surprise visit to Seoul in October by a high-powered delegation from the North. However, North Korea angrily backed out when activists in the South sent anti-Pyongyang leaflets across the border via balloons.一个朝鲜重量级代表团十月对首尔进行出人意料的访问,韩朝双方同意举行高层会谈。但韩国活动人士放飞带有反平壤传单的气球后,朝鲜对此举表示愤怒,并搁置了会谈。来 /201412/351377BERLIN Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed Prime Minister Li Keqiang of China here with full military honors on Friday before the two leaders and their ministers announced more than 2 billion euro, or .5 billion, worth of cooperation and investment deals involving Volkswagen, Daimler and some of Germany’s other leading companies.柏林——周五,德国总理安格拉·默克尔(Angela Merkel)在柏林以全军礼欢迎李克强,随后两位领导人及双方的部长们宣布了价0亿欧元(约合155亿元人民币)的合作及投资协议,其中涉及大Volkswagen)、戴姆勒(Daimler)和德国的其他一些主要公司。The deals sprang from the third bilateral encounter between leaders of Germany and China since the countries forged a government-level exchange program in 2011.双方在会晤期间签订了上述协议,这是两国自2011年开展政府级别交流计划以来,中德领导人第三次举行双边会谈。Another big beneficiary was the European aircraft maker Airbus, in which the German government holds a stake, which signed a deal to sell 70 A320 single-aisle jets to China’s state purchasing agency.另一个巨大的受益者是欧洲飞机制造商空客公司(Airbus),该公司签署协议,向中国政府采购机构出售70架单通道飞机A320。德国政府持有该公司股票。In all, the German and Chinese leaders signed a 52-page document detailing areas of cooperation that included pushing for the rapid conclusion to talks between the European Union and China on an investment pact, and a raft of projects aimed at fostering innovation in the health, education, climate, energy and technology sectors.中德领导人签署的协议总计长达52页,详细列举了各个合作领域,包括加快欧盟与中国之间的投资协定谈判进程,以及大量旨在促进卫生、教育、气候、能源及技术领域创新的项目。Ms. Merkel praised the day’s meetings and deals as an “indication of marked cooperationbetween the two countries. The arrangements over the last three years have contributed to steady growth in bilateral trade, with 6.1 percent of German exports heading to China in 2013, compared with 1.6 percent in 2000. Trade between the two countries amounted to 140 billion in 2013.默克尔称赞当天的会晤及达成的协议是两国“加强合作关系的象征”。过去三年的协商工作促使双边贸易稳步增长013年,德国向中国出口的产品占总出口量.1%,000年这个比例只.6%013年,两国贸易总额达到1400亿欧元。Recent figures, however, point to a cooling of the German economy. According to official data released on Thursday, German exports overall slumped 5.8 percent in August compared with July, the sharpest drop since ; they were driven down by unease linked to the conflict in Ukraine and tensions with Russia, as well as decreasing demand for German goods.但最近的数据显示德国经济发展趋冷。周四公布的官方数据显示,德月份的出口总额月份下降.8%,这是自年以来的最大降幅;乌克兰冲突,与俄罗斯的紧张关系所引发的不安,以及对德国产品的需求下降,是导致出口额下降的原因。In fact, European stocks fell on Friday, with Germany’s leading share index, the DAX, down 2.4 percent amid fears of an economic slowdown in Europe and Asia. The Euro Stoxx 50 index, which tracks eurozone blue-chip shares, fell about 1.7 percent.实际上,伴随着欧洲及亚洲经济发展放缓引发的恐慌,欧洲股市在周五出现下跌,德国的主要股票指数DAX下跌2.4%。道琼斯欧洲STOXX50指数下跌1.7%,该指数反映欧元区蓝筹股的情况。Mr. Li forecast that his country would see growth of about 7.5 percent this year, despite the turbulence, adding that the Chinese economy had “a lot of room for maneuver.”尽管存在波动,李克强预计中国今年的经济增长将达.5%,他还表示,中国经济“有巨大的回旋余地”。Germany has enjoyed a special relationship to China, given its relatively uncomplicated history with the Asian country. Yet some analysts question how long the honeymoon phase between Berlin and Beijing can last. Points of contention in the business sector have begun to emerge as the Chinese authorities have accused major foreign firms of unfair practices.鉴于德国与亚洲国家之间没有太过复杂的历史牵绊,德国与中国一直保持着一种特殊的关系。但一些分析人士质疑,柏林与北京的蜜月期能够维持多长时间。随着中国当局指责一些大型外国公司存在不正当做法,商业领域的分歧已经开始显现。Last month China fined the German carmaker Audi, owned by Volkswagen, .5 million for violating antitrust laws. It was only one in a series of tough measures by China against what it considers monopolistic practices by multinational companies.上个月,中国以违反反垄断法为由,对德国汽车制造商大众旗下的奥Audi)开出了4050万美元(约合2.48亿元人民币)的罚单。中国采取一系列强硬举措打击他们所称的跨国公司垄断行为,这只是其中之一。That made it all the more notable that Volkswagen agreed on Friday to extend its joint venture with China’s FAW Group by 25 years, pledging to invest 100 million euros in the Xinjiang region. VW has been present in China since the 1980s and currently operates eight facilities that produce cars and nine that make components.周五,大众同意把它与中国第一汽车集团公司的合资关系延5年,承诺对新疆地区投亿欧元(约合7.7亿元人民币)。考虑到此前的罚款,这件事更加令人瞩目。大众自20世纪80年代已进入中国,目前拥有八座生产汽车的工厂和九家制作零部件的公司。Ms. Merkel described Friday’s meeting with Mr. Li as “open and intense,but noted that she had brought up the issues of fair markets, rule of law and human rights.默克尔表示,周五与李克强的会晤“坦诚而紧张”,但又指出她提到了市场公平、法治和人权等问题。Sebastian Heilmann, director of the Mercator Institute for China Studies in Berlin, cautioned that the relationship between Germany and China “has the potential to be shaken by open conflict.”柏林墨卡托中国研究中心负责人韩天(Sebastian Heilmann)提醒道,中德关系“可能会因为公开冲突而受到动摇”。He noted that the two also faced growing competition with each other in several critical sectors that could further strain ties.他指出,两国在几个关键领域的竞争可能会越来越激烈,从而使两国关系更加紧张。“There will be increased future competition in areas where the Germans are strong suppliers, such as mechanical tools, industrial parts and heating technology,Mr. Heilmann said. “The Germans are climbing the ladder, and the Chinese are climbing right behind them.”“德国在机械工具、工业部件和供暖技术等方面都是重要的供应商,将来,这些领域的竞争肯定会更加激烈,”韩天说。“德国人正在爬梯子,中国人则紧随其后。”Ms. Merkel’s insistence that human rights and economic interests must go hand in hand also has potential to strain the ties. In her most recent weekly podcast, she criticized China for sentencing Ilham Tohti, a Uighur intellectual, to life in prison. On Friday she emphasized the importance of pro-democracy protestersright to free speech in Hong Kong and expressed the hope that “a solution can be found through the free exchange of ideas that will satisfy the people of Hong Kong.”默克尔坚决主张,人权和经济利益应该得到同等对待。她这种观点可能也会加剧紧张程度。默克尔在她的每周播客的最新一集中批评了中国对维吾尔学者伊力哈木·土赫提(Ilham Tohti)判处无期徒刑的做法。周五,她还强调了香港亲民主抗议者享有言论自由的重要性,并表示她希望“各方能通过自由交流想法来找到解决方案,让香港人民感到满意”。On Thursday, government leaders in Hong Kong called off planned talks with students, after protesters vowed to continue their sit-ins.在抗议者誓称将继续举行静坐抗议之后,香港政府领导人于周四取消了与学生的对话。Mr. Li said there had been no change to China’s policy of allowing Hong Kong to be governed by a different system than that of mainland China, but he would not be drawn into answering a question about China’s plans to have nominees for the post of top official vetted by a committee loyal to Beijing.李克强表示,中国允许香港采用与大陆不同的制度,这项政策并未改变,但他并不愿意回答与特首选举相关的一个问题——中国政府计划由忠于北京的一个委员会来提名特首候选人。“Maintaining Hong Kong’s long-term stability and prosperity is not only in China’s interest, but all the more in the interest of the city’s inhabitants,Mr. Li said. He pledged to “protect the legitimate interests of all foreign investorsin Hong Kong.“香港保持长期的繁荣、稳定,不仅符合中国人民的利益,更符合香港居民的利益,”李克强说。他承诺要“保护香港所有外国投资者的合法利益”。After a business meeting in the northern port city of Hamburg over the weekend, Mr. Li will travel to Russia, where he is to meet President Vladimir V. Putin, before continuing to Milan to attend a meeting of Asian and European leaders on Oct. 16 and 17.周末,李克强将前往德国北部的港口城市汉堡参加商务会谈,之后又将前往俄罗斯会见俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·V·普京(Vladimir V. Putin)06日和17日,他将前往米兰与亚洲和欧洲领导人举行会晤。Experts expect Germany to seek to persuade Mr. Li to use his influence with Mr. Putin to move toward a resolution of the simmering crisis in Ukraine. “The Germans are hoping the Chinese can have a moderating influence over Russia,Mr. Heilmann said.专家预计,德国将试图说李克强利用他对普京的影响力,尽快为乌克兰日益升级的危机找到解决方案。韩天说,“德国人希望中国能对俄罗斯施加约束性的影响。”来 /201410/335273昆明膨体隆鼻哪家医院好The ed States, Japan, Canada, Vietnam and eight other nations have been working on the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership for years, and were hoping to wrap up an agreement during this weeks negotiations in Atlanta.来自美国、加拿大、澳大利亚、新西兰、日本、智利、新加坡、越南等国的代表过去几天来在美国的亚特兰大就跨太平洋贸易伙伴协定进行了进一步的磋商。The issues include Washingtons push to extend patent protection on a promising new class of drugs for longer than other nations want. Other disputes include dairy exporter New Zealand seeking greater access to Canadas dairy market, and squabbles between the ed States and Japan over auto industry trade.各国之间存在的分歧包括美国方面希望能够对一些新研发出的药物实行一定时期的知识产权保护,但是其他参与协商的国家希望这一时期不要那么长。新西兰方面则希望其奶制品能够更容易进入加拿大市场;美国和日本之间在汽车贸易方面也还存在着分歧,如此等等。Resolving these and other disputes is made more difficult by pending elections in several key nations, where some workers and farmers worry that increased trade will mean decreased employment. Many businesses support expanded trade as a way to open new markets to exports.上述各类问题的解决有可能会因为不只一个国家的大选即将来临而变得更为复杂和艰难,因为各国国内的一些选民担心贸易幅度的加大将意味着工作机会的流失。来 /201510/402462昆明省中医医院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱

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