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I looked up into his deep gold eyes, became befuddled, and, as usual, blurted out the truth.;I#39;m trying to figure out what you are.;His jaw tightened, but he kept his smile in place with some effort.;Are you having any luck with that?; he asked in an offhand tone.;Not too much,; I admitted.He chuckled. ;What are your theories?;I blushed. I had been vacillating during the last month between Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker. There was no way I was going to own up to that.;Won#39;t you tell me?; he asked, tilting his head to one side with a shockingly tempting smile.I shook my head. ;Too embarrassing.;;That#39;s really frustrating, you know,; he complained.;No,; I disagreed quickly, my eyes narrowing, ;I can#39;t imagine why that would be frustrating at all — just because someone refuses to tell you what they#39;re thinking, even if all the while they#39;re making cryptic little remarks specifically designed to keep you up at night wondering what they could possibly mean… now, why would that be frustrating?;He grimaced.;Or better,; I continued, the pent-up annoyance flowing freely now, ;say that person also did a wide range of bizarre things —from saving your life under impossible circumstances one day to treating you like a pariah the next, and he never explained anyof that, either, even after he promised. That, also, would be very non-frustrating.;;You#39;ve got a bit of a temper, don#39;t you?;;I don#39;t like double standards.;We stared at each other, unsmiling.He glanced over my shoulder, and then, unexpectedly, he snickered.;What?;;Your boyfriend seems to think I#39;m being unpleasant to you — he#39;s debating whether or not to come break up our fight.; He snickered again. Article/201208/193683

经典英文情侣网名 -- 3::00 来源: 英文情侣网名大全泯灭cucumber # | 褐瞳cucumber # 冷温柔°Triste | 失眠梦°Triste5JOSD 眼神空 | 36GUIL 眼眶红浮浅Superficia | 言冷Coldwords岛屿cucumber # | 海岸cucumber #失魂人* Pugss | 控魂者* MoneeToxicant°罂栗花 | Toxicant°彼岸花Sunny°刺眼 | Rainy°伤情旧人梦﹌ Curtain° | 旧情人﹌ Curtain°双生花 Callous | 旧恋人 Callous写意 ﹏|Zionye | 言情 ﹏|Domlon爱或毁 Extreme | 恨或厌 Extreme|▍左瞳 Remnant | |▍右眸 Remnant余存° d3sTiny- | 温存° d3sTiny-人情味 Humane※ | 半颗心 Broken※温柔cc - yok1 | 柔情cc - yok1ゆ、 流苏 get | ゆ、 褐瞳 CuteyTout-An.诺尘. | Tout-An.诺粞Have you now、陪伴 | Have you now、疼爱夜色的朦胧,love | 醉眼的迷蒙,love情迷|▍Las Vega | 迷情|▍Pox Dose暖色 cheeks -◢ | 冷色 cheeks -◢- Emotiona°这段情 | - Emotiona°要珍惜寂寞与红酒▍Nervou | 烟蒂与口红▍Direct|▍Perfume 染烟 | |▍Perfume 引味受伤疲惫的°heart | 跌荡起伏的°Mood血59曼珠沙华▌JUST | 冷36温暖眼瞳▌MOST醉后的情事,heart1 | 放纵的情欲,heart寒冬 Gentle ⊿ | 暖春 Gentle ⊿替代品 Substitute | 太委屈 grievancemy heart 为沵痴迷- | my world 为沵颠覆-こpeerless 断夏 | こpeerless 续连巴黎左岸° Provence ? | 东京蓝调° Provence ?西决◢  -dream | 东霓◢  -dream寞灵≈Accompany | 梵灵≈Accompany偏执 Paranoid * | 执著 Paranoid *▲ Temptatn ゜ 夜 | ▲ Temptatn ゜ 昏Have you now、陪伴 | Have you now、疼爱挂念 - hcsu3 | 想念 - gmvゆ 情蛊 - Fate | ゆ 情愫 - Fate谨守° Version- | 谨护° Version-寂寞.Ⅱ lonely | 洫暗.Ⅱ lonely温瞳 Sou1ゝ | 冷眸 Sou1ゝ- 控心 loveㄣ | - 控肺 loveㄣ写意 ﹏|Zionye | 言情 ﹏|Domlonlow-key ㄨ | 1 种 proud ㄨof the wings ♂ | side wings旳 bride | ng Dian 涐In the Bowl, | have never met,mighty men | edcollapseEdisonChen 乱情|Sensational 感觉浮浅Superficia | 言冷Coldwords岛屿cucumber # | 海岸cucumber #失魂人* Pugss | 控魂者* MoneeToxicant°罂栗花 | Toxicant°彼岸花Sunny°刺眼 | Rainy°伤情旧人梦﹌ Curtain° | 旧情人﹌ Curtain°双生花 Callous | 旧恋人 Callous醒梦空△  | mm醉酒浓△  - ggever丶天长| ever丶地久罗马半夏° Provence ? |巴黎左岸° Provence |? 东京蓝调° Provence ?冷温柔°Triste|失眠梦°Triste旧人梦﹌ Curtain°|旧情人﹌ Curtain°海岸cucumber #|空诺cucumber #|▍_____Just|、 |▍ _____Only、Re、member |、get羁绊 °sunset|▎| 牵绊 °sunset|▎各自安好゛Elope| 互不打扰゛Elope小男Renゝ | 小女Renゝmylovesheng° | myloveting°Dunabeヽ | ThamesヽTenderness__ | Laugahuren__谨守° Version-谨护° Version-ヽEvil. 魂牵ヽEvil. 梦萦Accompa°爱俄么Accompa°必须旳Insane |▏ 疯癫Insane |▏ 疯狂先生mmmmmmmm°离心率mmmmmmmm°痴心范七分醉  amor -三分醒  amor -- Emotiona°这段情- Emotiona°要珍惜魄悲 Triste -落魄 Triste -Lifetime 约定Lifetime 承诺寞灵≈Accompany梵灵≈Accompany人质 Curse|傀儡 Curse|魄悲 Triste -|落魄 Triste -Rebecca 「七」|Rebecca 「度」知足 Content つ| 识趣 Content つ如履薄冰 ▲ Gluttony|旧城失词 ▲ Gluttony∝ the Last World| the First DeramOne day when Peggotty and I were having tea in my flat, Tommy Traddles came to visit me. ;My dear Copperfield! ;he cried. ;I#39;ve been several times before, but you#39;ve been out. ;一天,我正和辟果提在我寓所喝茶,汤米·特拉德尔来找我。“亲爱的科波菲尔!”他叫道,“我来过好几次,你都没在家。”;My dear Traddles, ;I replied, ;yes, I#39;m very sorry, I#39;ve been visiting my—Miss, D, you know. ;“亲爱的特拉德尔,”我回答,“是的,我很抱歉,我总去找我的——D,你知道。”;I expect she lives in London, doesn#39;t she? Mine—that#39;s Sopby—beautiful name, isn#39;t it? Mine lives in Devon, I think I told you. So I don#39;t see her very often. She really is the dearest girl! She#39;s very busy at home, you know, looking after the other nine children. And her mother, who#39;s unable to walk. ;“我想她住在伦敦,是吧?我的——索菲——很美的名字,是吧?我的那位住在德文,我想我跟你说过。所以我不常见她。她的的确确是最可亲的姑娘!她在家非常忙,你知道,要照看其他9个孩子,还有她的母亲,不能行动的母亲。”;What a wonderful girl she must be! ;I agreed politely. ;And tell me, Traddles, how is Mr Micawber? ;“她真是位了不起的姑娘!”我礼貌地附和道,“告诉我,特拉德尔,米考伯先生怎么样了?”;I#39;m not living in his house at the moment, ;said Traddles, ;because his creditors demanded payment of his debts recently, and he had to move to another house. To avoid these unpleasant men, he#39;s even changed his name to Mortimer, and he only comes out of the house after dark, wearing glasses. ;“我现阶段没住他们家,”特拉德尔说,“因为他的债主们最近总是催债,他只好搬到别处去住。为了避免这些讨厌的人,他甚至把自己的名字改作尔提么,他只在天黑后出门,并带上眼镜。”;So nothing has turned up for him yet? And what abut the money you lent him, Traddles? ;“看来他还是没遇到转机?你借给他的钱怎么样了,特拉德尔?”;I#39;m afraid I may not get it back. But Mr Micawber promises to give it back one day. He#39;s a fine, honest man, isn#39;t he? ;And Traddles looked hopefully at me.“恐怕是要不回来了,可米考伯先生答应我总有一天会还给我。他是一个好人、一个很善良的人,是吧?”特拉德尔乐观地看我一眼。 /201210/203512金融英语(FECT-1)考试综合单选题1

1.建立“课前五分钟会话“,培养课堂交际氛围如一进课堂我说:“It’s nice to see you again.It’s fine today, isn’t?How are you today?”星期一上课问:“Did you have a good time in the weekend?”学生会作出不同的回答,引出更多的对话,从而达到交际的目的  Suitable recommendations must be made to a customer based on inmation obtained when the customer opens an .

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