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今天汤姆很倒霉,很多问题都出在衣上。首先是裤子裂了。【口语要素1】I split my pants.然后是衬衣口袋脱线了。【口语要素2】Look, I’ve got a rip right here.于是想穿件外套,这样就可以掩盖住衬衣,结果拉链卡住了。【口语要素3】The zipper is stuck.算了,敞着怀吧,就这样汤姆去参加了婚礼。可是大家都知道汤姆今天的衣不是很得体,至少可以看到裤子是皱巴巴的!【口语要素4】Your pants look like they’ve been slept in.回家后汤姆还挨了妻子一顿骂,因为吃饭时候很有油点子撒到了裤子上,根本都洗不掉。【口语要素5】These stains won’t come out. /200604/6687。

14.Speech by Mohamed Elbarade14.国际原子能机构干事巴拉迪的演讲Fifteen years ago, when the Cold War ended, many of us hoped for a new world order to emerge. A world order rooted in human solidarity, a world order that would be equitable, inclusive and effective.十五年前,冷战结束时,我们都盼望一个新的世界秩序的出现。一个以人类团结为基础的、公平的、广泛的、有效的世界秩序。But today we are nowhere near that goal. We may have tom down the walls between East and West, but we have yet to build the bridges between North and South, the rich and the poor.但是今天,我们却远不及这一目标。我们可能已经拆毁了东西方之间的墙,但是我们却必须架起南与北,贫与富之间的桥梁。Consider our development aid record. Last year, the nations of the world spent over trillion on armaments. But we contributed less than 10 percent of that amount, a mere billion, as official development assistance to the developing parts of the world, where 850 million people suffer from hunger.看看我们的发展援助记录。去年,世界各国在武器装备上花费多达一千亿美元。但是我们却只贡献了不到百分之十,仅仅800亿美元,作为官方发展援助发展中国家,在那里8.5亿人在遭受饥饿。My friend James Morris heads the World Food Programme, whose task is to feed the hungry. He recently told me, ;If I could have just I percent of the money spent on global armaments, no one in this world would go to bed hungry.;我的朋友詹姆斯·英里斯,世界粮食计划署的负责人,他的任务是给饥饿的人提供食物。他最近告诉我“如果我能有世界花费在武器上的钱的百分之一,这个世界上就不会有人饿着肚子睡觉了。”It should not be a surprise then that poverty continues to breed conflict. Of the 13 million deaths due to armed conflict in the last ten years, 9 million occurred in sub-Saharan Africa, where the poorest of the poor live.那样的话贫穷继续滋生冲突就不足为奇了。在过去的十年中,1,300万武装冲突造成的死亡,有900万发生在撒哈拉以南之非洲地区,也就是最穷的人生活的地方。Consider also our approach to the sanctity and value of human life. In the aftermath of the September 2001 terrorist attacks in the ed States, we all grieved deeply, and expressed outrage at this heinous crime and rightly so. But many people today are unaware that, as the result of civil war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 3.8 million people have lost their lives since 1998.再看看我们对待人类尊严与价值的方式。在美国2001年 9.11恐怖袭击时间发生之后,我们都陷入沉重的悲痛之中,对这种穷凶极恶的罪行感到愤怒。但是今天许多人并没有意识到,由于刚果民主共和国的内战,1998年至今,380万人已经失去了他们的生命。Are we to conclude that our priorities are skewed, and our approaches uneven?我们将由此断定我们的权力被歪曲,我们的方式不公平吗?201704/503850。

第19课How do you say this word? 这个词怎么发音? 19.小错不断 How do you pronounce this word? 这个词怎么念? How to say ...? ×错误 How do you say ...?√对的 No!X错误(想说我不懂!,单独使用的意思是:你强烈不同意对方。) I don''t understand. √我不知道,我不懂。我没听明白。(对的) How do you say this word ? 这个单词怎么读? My cousin is France. ×错误(法国国名是France,住在法国的人是the French。Germany德国,German德国人,cousin表兄) France is a country. Franch people live there. My brother is Germany.× My brother is German.√我兄弟是德国人。 Gemany is as beautiful as France.德国与法国一样景色优美。 Geman is as beautiful as French.× German is not as romantic as French.德国人不如法国人生性浪漫。 Gerany is not as romantic as France.× 66、How did you say this word? 这个单词该怎么发音?(pronunciation发音) 67、I don''t understand. 我不知道。 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2926。

第5课Whadja do last night? 你昨晚干嘛去? 5.知其然及其所以然  5、去哪里happy? 15、Whadja do last night? 昨晚你干嘛去了?   WhadjaWhat did you 美国口语 I went out and had fun with my friends.我昨晚和朋友出去玩了。 16、Didja have a good time? 玩的开心吗? (一种非常随意的表达方法)   didjadid you Sure.Did.It was a great trip. 玩的很开心。 Nah,the food was really bad.没有,吃的不太好。 17、Where wouldja like to go tonight? 今晚你想上哪儿?   WouldjaWould you Let''s go to the bars!让我们去酒吧。 Would you like some dessert?你需要一些甜点吗? 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2912。

第45课Watch out! 小心点儿! 46.意外惊喜 壶口瀑布,the Yellow River 黄河 如何表达有兴趣的东西 161. Hay, check that out! 嗨,快看那边! 162. Is that cool, or what? 那个很不错,你觉得呢?(cool 是凉爽的意思,表示什么东西很好啊,中国叫作酷,酷毙了!,加个what,我觉得很好,于是我问你,你是不是觉得很好呢?) 163. Watch out! 小心点儿!(睁大你的眼睛,注意观察你前面的情况,弄清楚要发生什么事情) 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2952。

My mortgage was 5 a month.我的抵押贷款,每月需要还175美元。When she came back, I picked up her up and I said, you remember that house you liked?她从芝加哥回来的时候,我去接她,问她还记得你喜欢的那栋房子么?She said yeah. I said, while you were gone I bought it, you have to marry me now.她说记得。我说你走了以后我买了那栋房子,你现在必须嫁给我。The third time was the charm.第三次求婚如有神助!We were married in that little house on October the 11th, 1975.1975年10月11日,我们在那栋小房子里结婚了。I married my best friend.我跟我最好的朋友结婚了。I was still in awe after more than four years of being around her at how smart and strong and loving and caring she was.在一起四年后,我还是对她的聪明、坚强、富有爱心、善解人意而怀有敬畏。And I really hoped that her choosing me and rejecting my advice to pursue her own career was a decision she would never regret.我真的希望她选择我,而不是接受我让她追逐自己事业,别让自己后悔的建议。A little over a year later we moved to Little Rock when I became attorney general and she joined the oldest law firm west of the Mississippi.一年后,我们搬到了阿肯色州小石城,我成为首席检察官,她加入密西西比州西部历史最悠久的律师事务所。Soon after, she started a group called the Arkansas Advocates for Families and Children.很快,她就成立了阿肯色儿童家庭权益保护律师协会。Its a group, as you can hear, is still active today.这个组织你可能听说过,直到今天还很活跃。In 1979...In 1979, just after I became governor, I asked Hillary to chair a rural health committee to help expand health care to isolated farm and mountain areas.1979年,我成为了州长,我请希拉里担任了一个乡村卫生协会的主席,为那些偏远的农场和山区的人提供医疗务。They recommended to do that partly by deploying trained nurse practitioners in places with no doctors to provide primary care they were trained to provide.他们的部分建议,就是派驻训练有素的执业护士到没有医生的地方,提供初级的医疗救助务。It was a big deal then, highly controversial and very important.当时那是一个大问题,既饱受争议而又至关重要。And I got the feeling that what she did for the rest of her life she was doing there.我感觉,她当时正在做的事,是她余生致力于的事业。She just went out and figured out what needed to be done and what made the most sense and what would help the most people.她出面弄清楚什么需要解决,什么才是最有意义的,怎样能帮助最多的人。And then if it was controversial, shed just try to persuade people it was the right thing to do.之后,如果某件事有争议,她就会劝导说民众,告诉大家那样做是对的。201612/480388。

突破口语之独白(13):Long Distance Love远程恋爱All my life I've been waiting for you...The first time we talked, it was like we had known each other forever. I didn't even know you, but I felt like you were aly an old friend. I waited in anticipation for months until I flew to Sweden to study at university in Stockholm. It seemed so far away, but I dreamed about what it would be like when you met me at the airport in Copenhagen.And the day finally came, I was so nervous. For 9 hours over the Atlantic, my heart was pounding out of my chest. But when I finally saw you (with your little bouquet of flowers that was making you sneeze) and you ran to me and just about knocked me over with your hug. Well, I knew, I knew that everything I thought about you was true. I knew you would never hurt me. I knew I would tear down all the walls that I had built up around my heart for you, because I knew I now had you to protect me.Every day I love you more. Even when we have misunderstandings, I can't stop thinking about how much I love you. Can you imagine how annoying it is for me when all I want to do is be angry about something that happened, but I can't because the second I look at you, my heart melts. It's annoying, but I love it. I love not being angry. I love not being selfish. I love doing things for you, just to do it, not for something in return.This letter is a small gift to you. We missed having a honeymoon, and I know Hawaii's always been a dream for you. It's no guarantee, but I thought I'd try......I've finally found you, and I love everything about you, especially your "faults". I saved myself for you emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. I loved you before I knew you existed because I knew that God was saving someone for me.我的整个生命一直为你而守候……当我们第一次聊天的时候,那感觉就好像我们早已了解对方。我甚至还不认识你,可是我感觉你已是我的老友。在期待中等待了数月,直到我飞往瑞典就读于斯德哥尔大学。虽然好像遥不可及,可是我总想象着当你我在哥本哈根机场见面时,那将会是怎样的一个情景。这一天终于来临。我无法按捺内心的紧张情绪。飞机在大西洋上空飞了9个小时,我的 心就要跳出来了。但是当我最终见到你的时候,(虽然你手中的一小束鲜花让你一直打喷嚏)你直奔向我,热情的拥抱几乎将我撞倒。这时,我知道,我知道我对于你的一切梦想都已成真,我知道你永远不会伤害我,我知道我心中筑起的所有防线都已崩溃,因为我知道现在我有了你,有了你的保护。我对你的爱意日益浓厚。纵然我们之间出现误会的时候,我也会禁不住去想我有多么爱你。你知道吗?当一些不愉快的事情发生而让我生气的时候,我是多么烦恼,可是一旦我再次见到你,我的心就软了。虽然这很恼人,可是我喜欢。我不想生气,也不想自私,我愿意为你做任何事情,一心为你而做,不奢求一丝一毫的回报。这封信是送给你的一份小礼。我们都想好好度一次蜜月,我也知道去夏威夷也一直是你的梦想,我不敢给你任何保,可是我会努力的…………最终我还是找到了你,我爱你的一切,特别是你的"缺点"。我的情感、内心、精神和身体都是为了你而存在。在我认识你之前我就爱上了你,因为我知道你就是上帝为我安排的那个人。 /200708/16470。

第11课Are you doing anything tonight?今晚你有空吗?11.我爱约会(和外国girl女友约会) Are you doing anything tonight?今晚你有空吗?(你想约会那位让你心仪已久的女孩,你鼓起勇气对她说) 38、Are you doing anything tonight/this weekend/tomorrow?   你今晚/周末/明天有空吗? 39、If you are not busy tonight, would you like to go out with me?   如果你今晚有空的话,愿不愿意和我一起出去? can we get together and go out some time? can we get together tommorrow?(明天,tonight今晚,weekend周未) 40、Mayby we can get together sometime.   也许今后我们有机会在一起。(她说晚上没有空,你千万不能气馁,你说) 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2918。

网络社交英语口语 59:他们是天造地设的一对SCENE② B 欢送会上 苏和唐看着柔丝和赫伯Don: Rose and Herb look cute together.唐: 柔丝和赫伯在一起蛮顺眼的。 Sue: Have you ever thought...苏: 你有没有想过…… Don: ...that they're a 1) match made in 2) heaven?唐: ……他们是天造地设的一对? Sue: Yes, my thoughts 3) exactly!苏: 一点没错,我就是这样觉得! Don: If we work together, they'll be a 4) couple 5) in no time!唐: 假如我们同心协力,他们马上就会在一起了! 语言详解 A: Aren't kids so cute? 这些小孩是不是挺可爱的? B: Sure are. They can play hide-and-seek for hours. 的确是。他们捉迷藏可以玩好几小时。 【My thoughts exactly! 跟我想的一模一样】 当对方跟你像有心电感应般说出你的想法时,你就可以说这句话表示同意或惊叹。这个句子另一种说法是My thoughts precisely. A: Let's fire Allan and promote Ann. 咱们让艾伦走路,给安升官。B: My thoughts exactly. 我正有此意。 1) match (n.) 相配的一对2) heaven (n.) 天堂lt;/P /200708/16842。

英语日常口语 59:Tim's love advice Tim 爱的忠告本单元是关于Tim 爱的忠告的对话Michal: Tim, can I talk to you? Tim: Sure, what's on your mind? Michal: It's about Helen and her family. Tim: Yeah, how was that visit you had to her folks' place? Michal: It was difficult. Tim: Why?Michal: Well, I thought Helen and I were just having some fun, you know, nothing too serious. But her parents have aly got us married and are right now thinking up names for the grandchildren we're going to give them! Tim: Does Helen feel the same as you then?Michal: I'm not sure. Tim: Well, you need to find out and then you've got to set her parents straight ... I wonder who that is.Vocabulary:(字汇)folks (plural only, informal):(家人,只能用复数,非正式)family or parentsplace (informal):(家,住所,非正式)house or flat  本单元的语言点是关于 s 的发音,一般复数名词 (e.g. names, parents) 和第三人称现在简单式动词 (e.g. she sings, he learns, it runs) 都必须在字尾加上 's' ,但是字尾的S有 三种不同的发音方式。Pronouncing 's'Regular plural nouns (e.g. names, parents) and 3rd person present simple verbs (e.g. she sings, he learns, it runs) all end in 's' but there are three different ways of pronouncing this letter. 一般复数名词 (e.g. names, parents) 和第三人称现在简单式动词 (e.g. she sings, he learns, it runs) 都必须在字尾加上 's' ,但是字尾的S有 三种不同的发音方式.Voiced and unvoiced sounds 发音和不发音If a sound is voiced it means that there is a vibration in your throat when you say the sound. If place your hand over your throat and say the sound /z/ or /m/, for example, you can feel your throat vibrate or buzz. When you say an unvoiced sound, on the other hand, like /s/ or /t/, you can't feel any buzz or vibration in your throat. 's'发音的规则 /200707/16063。