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Try and remain calm, but a whole load of new photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their two children have been released. And theyre ridiculously sweet.请保持镇定!剑桥公爵(威廉王子)和公爵人(凯特王妃)以及他们的两个孩子的最新一组照片最近对外发布一家四口真的很甜蜜!Taken to celebrate Kate, Wills, George and Charlotte very first family holiday together, the series of snapshots show the foursome larking around the snow during a short ski break in the French Alps.这是凯特王妃、威廉王子、小乔治和小夏洛特一家四口首次一同度假这一系列照片拍下了一家四口在法国阿尔卑斯山雪中嬉戏的场景What a picture-perfect family.真是美如画的一家人Two photos show the entire family together, posing the camera in their very stylish ski gear while another shows Wills holding Charlotte as the snow falls around them. The last few snaps capture Kate and Wills messing around together, looking remarkably carefree and at ease.在这组照片中有两张全家福,照片中四人穿着时髦的滑雪另一张照片中,威廉抱着夏洛特,头上落着雪最后几张则拍下了凯特和威廉互相打闹的场景,二人无拘无束,非常轻松These are the first photos of the royal children that weve seen in months. The last images, taken the family Christmas card, were released in mid-December.这是近几个月以来皇家小兄二人第一次出现在照片中世人上次看到他们还是在去年月中旬一家人拍摄的圣诞贺卡上Now, almost three months later, it clear to see how much both Princess Charlotte and Prince George have grown. The mer is now months old while George is heading towards his third birthday.这三个月里,夏洛特公主和乔治王子看上去长大了不少夏洛特已经个月大了,乔治也马上要3岁了;This was their first holiday as a family of four and the first time either of the children had played in the snow,; a Kensington Palace spokesperson said. ;It was very special and fun short holiday the family, and they are grateful that John Stillwell was able to capture the moment so well. The Duke and Duchess hope people enjoy the photos.;肯辛顿宫的一位发言人表示:;这是王子殿下一家四口首次一同外出度假,两个孩子也是第一次在雪中玩耍这个假期虽短暂,但意义非凡,充满乐趣王子和王妃殿下非常感谢摄影师约翰·史迪威先生,感谢他将这些瞬间拍摄得如此美好,同时他们也希望大家喜欢这组照片; 78

本对话选自Joey《乔伊Joey Gina和Michael回家的时候Joey正在装扮新买的圣诞树虽然记者会被Joey 搞砸了,但是这没有影响到他的好心情Joey: Hey, guys. Check it out. I got the perfect tree. It smells like Christmas when we were kids, and the girl selling it had crazy low jeans on.Gina: And I found a store down by the airport that carries the Fist.Joey: Hey! Michael: So are you feeling better about the press conference thing?Joey: My boss was pretty mad at me, but I'm trying not to let it get me down, you know? I mean, it is the holiday season.重点知识解释:1. press n. 报刊; 新闻界例如:The minister invited the press to a meeting to explain his action. 部长邀请新闻界开会,向他们解释他的行动出版社,例如:the Oxd University Press 牛津大学出版社. check it out (非正式)查,核实例如:The police are still checking out his storyhis alibi.警察还在核实他交代的情况(他不在案发现场的据)例句:How does his story check out with the facts? 他的说法经核实与事实相差有多大?3. get me down 使疲倦(生病,不安);使诅丧例如:This continual wet weather is getting me down.连续下雨的天气我真受不了汉语译文:Joey: 嘿,伙计们来看看我找到了完美的树它闻起来有我们孩提时圣诞的味道售货员女孩穿着疯狂低腰的牛仔裤Gina: 我在机场回来的路上找到了一个店,他们卖“费斯特”酒Joey: 嘿!Michael: 关于那个记者招待会你感觉好点了吗?Joey: 我老板真的很生我的气,你知道,我试着不让它影响我的心情,我是说,这是节目的季节课后题目:学习完后,搞砸的记者会影响到了Joey过圣诞节的心情吗? 755

第一句:Id like to speak to the ticket reservation department.我要接通电话A: Hello. Id like to speak to the ticket researvation department.你好我要接通订票部B: Just a minute, please.请稍等A: Id like to book tickets from Huston to Shanghai.我要订从休斯顿到上海的机票第二句:When will the nearest flight be?最近的航班是什么时候?A: When will the nearest flight be?最近的航班是什么时候?B: Next Friday morning.下周五下午A: OK. I want two tickets children.好的我要两张儿童票相关讲解:1. 当接线员说Youre through to...时,意思是你与……接通了. fix your tickets指的是办理好机票3. check in意思是办理(住宿、登机)手续,游客在订票时应询问相关的信息 185738

A: Ive brought this dress back to exchange it.我买了这条裙子,不过现在想换条B: That not a problem. Leave it with me, and find something that you like.没问题把它给我吧,你可以去挑个你喜欢的A: I was hoping youd have something on sale today.我本来是希望今天有打折的东西B: We have nothing on sale today. But were having a big sale next weekend.今天我们没有打折的东西但是下周我们有很多大减价A: Is the sale going to include dresses?大减价的东西包括裙子吗?B: Everything you can see will be on sale.你能看到的所有东西都将要减价A: I like the sound of that. Ill just come back next weekend.这个消息不错,那我下周再来B: The savings will be worth the short wait. See you next weekend.下周再来一定会很值的,下周见了 3350

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