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昆明五华区激光脱腋毛多少钱云南新新华医院隆胸多少钱Moon is shrinking, say astronomersThe Man in the Moon has become the latest victim of contraction in the housing market.Astronomers reporting on Thursday in the US journal Science said they had found previous undetected landforms which indicate that Earths satellite has been shrinking... albeit by only a tiny amount.The intriguing features, called lobate scarps, arefaultscreated when the Moons once-molten interior began to cool, causing the lunar surface to contract and then crinkle, they said.Relative to the Moons age, estimated at around 4.5 billion years, the contraction is recent, occurring less than a billion years ago, and is measured at about 100 meters (325 feet).Lobate scarps were first spotted near the lunar equator in the 1970s bypanoramiccameras aboard the Apollo 15, 16 and 17 missions.Fourteen new faults have been been spotted inhigh-resolutionimages taken by NASAs Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.The new discoveries show that the scarps are globally distributed and not clustered in equatorial regions, and this provides powerful evidence for the contraction scenario.The investigation was headed by Thomas Watters of the Center for Earth and Planetary Studies at the Smithsonian Museums National Air and Space Museum, Washington.Vocabulary:fault: a break in the continuity of a body of rock or of a vein, with dislocation along the plane of the fracture(断层)panoramic: birds-eye, as from an altitude or distance(全景的)high-resolution: having or capable of producing an image characterized by fine detail(高分辨率的)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/112022云南美容哪个好 Experts Assess Complex Issues Surrounding Piracy Off Somali Coast美国船长获救 世界各地关注  The recent rescue of an American cargo ship captain held hostage for five days by pirates off the coast of Somalia has heightened awareness of the piracy issue throughout the world. 美国货船船长菲利普斯被海盗扣押在索马里近海5天后获救一事提高了人们对世界各地海盗行动的关注。The London-based International Maritime Bureau, or IMB, an organization that tracks crimes on the high seas, says the waters off Somalia, including the Gulf of Aden, are the most dangerous in the world for international shipping.  伦敦的国际海事局跟踪记录公海上发生的犯罪行为,该组织说,包括亚丁湾在内的索马里近海是世界各地最危险的国际航道。The IMB says last year was the most successful ever for the pirates: 111 vessels were attacked in the region, 42 of them were hijacked and 815 crew members held hostage. Analysts say if current trends continue, this year will surpass last year's numbers.  国际海事局说,去年,海盗活动最为猖獗。索马里近海地区有111艘航船受到海盗袭击,42艘被劫持,815名船员被扣为人质。分析人士说,如果目前的趋势继续下去,今年的数字就会超过去年。Experts, such as J. Peter Pham with James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia say the waters off the Somali coast are key sea lanes that connect the Indian Ocean with the Red Sea, the Mediterranean and Europe through the Suez Canal.  美国詹姆斯.麦迪逊大学的彼得.范教授等专家说,索马里近海是连接印度洋、红海、地中海、欧洲直到苏伊士运河的关键航道。"Approximately 20,000 ships every year pass through these waters, carrying about 12 percent of the world's oil and more importantly, carries about 80 percent of the commerce between Europe and the Middle East and Asia. So this is a vital artery in international commerce, especially at a time like the one we're in right now - with the economic downturn, any further pressures on international commerce are certainly not needed," he said. 他说:“每年大约有两万艘船驶过这些水域,上面运载着全世界12%的原油,更重要的是,欧洲、中东和亚洲之间80%的商贸物品要经过这些水域运输。因此,这是国际商贸的大动脉,特别是在目前经济发展减慢的局势下,我们当然不希望看到国际贸易受到更多的压力。”Analysts say the Somali pirates target all sorts of vessels: from small pleasure crafts to cargo ships and even giant oil supertankers. Pham says pirates are members of armed gangs.  分析人士说,索马里海盗把各种航船都作为袭击目标,从小型游艇、货船甚至到超大型油轮。彼得.范教授说,海盗是武装帮派的成员。"Intelligence indicates that there are two primary gangs. One based in the town in Puntland, the northeast autonomous region of Somalia, the town of Eyl. Another gang is based in the south-central Somali town of Haraardheere. And these are the two primary gangs. There are other smaller operators," he said. 他说:“情报显示,这里有两个主要的帮派。一个据点设在索马里东北部自治区邦特兰的埃勒镇。另一个在索马里中南部的哈拉迪里镇。除这两个主要的帮派外,还有其它较小的团伙。”Analysts, such as retired U.S. Army Colonel Ralph Peters, say the Somali pirates work off so-called "mother ships", searching for potential victims.  美国退休海军上校彼得斯等分析人士说,索马里海盗在所谓的“母船”上寻找袭击对象。"And when they find a likely target, they'll unload speedboats from the hold or have speedboats in tow. And the speedboats, with pirates armed with machine guns and perhaps some RPG-7 type rocket launchers, will skip over the waves and come up on the cargo ship and either threaten it or they'll throw up grappling hooks and board it the way pirates do in old movies," he said. 他说:“当他们发现目标后,他们就从‘母船’船舱里放出快艇,或者用绳索拉着快艇。这些快艇上的海盗备有机关,快艇上还有RPG-7型火箭发射器。快艇乘风破浪,出现在目标货船旁,海盗们发出威胁,或者像老电影中的海盗那样扔出抓钩,跃上货船。”Experts say the pirates are not interested in the cargo or the crew - they only want ransom money which can reach several million dollars per vessel. 专家们说,海盗对货物和船员并没有兴趣,他们想要的只是赎金,每艘船的赎金可以到达几百万美元。Peters says the pirates are successful because the crews of the ships being attacked are not armed. He says that is due to insurance issues. 彼得斯说,海盗能够得逞是因为被袭击船只的船员没有武器。他说,这种情况是保险引起的。"If ships were to fight back, insurance rates would skyrocket because the insurance companies, the maritime insurers, are looking at what costs the most. And by their calculations, liability claims, actual damage to the ships or cargo might cost more than the million or - or million ransom," he said. 他说:“如果被袭击的船只要还击,它们的保险费就会疯涨,因为海事保险公司要看什么最花钱。根据它们计算的保险赔偿,如果船只或货物受到实际损害,那么它们要赔付的钱比一百万、两百万甚至三百万的赎金还要多。”Peter Chalk, maritime security expert with RAND Corporation, says there's another reason why not to provide weapons to the crew.  兰德公司的海事安全专家查克说,不给船员提供武器还有一个原因。"If you had crew members who were armed, it's almost certainly going to encourage greater lethality on the part of the pirates, who may be far more willing to open fire as they board a vessel, in the expectation that they could be met with crews armed with assault rifles. So it is generally thought that to preserve human life, to keep the instance of violence as low as possible, and also for legal reasons, that it's better not to arm crew members," he said. 他说:“如果海员们有武器,那么这几乎肯定会加强海盗杀伤性。海盗上船后就预计自己可能会遭遇持有冲锋的船员的抵抗,这样海盗就更要肆意开火了。因此,为了保护生命,为了使暴力冲突发生的可能性降到最低,同时也是出于法律原因,人们普遍认为最好还是不为船员提供武器。”In an effort to combat piracy off the coast of Somalia, the international community has sent navy ships to patrol the area. The task force includes vessels from the ed States and the European Union. Russia, China and India have also ships in the area.  为了打击索马里近海的海盗,国际社会已经派遣海军船只在这一地区巡航。这一特别行动小组包括美国和欧盟的战舰。俄罗斯、中国和印度也向这里派遣了军舰。But Chalk says the area is too vast to patrol.  不过查克说,这片水域太大了,靠巡航是不够的。"Basically you've got an area now that if you take into account the wider vicinity of the southern part of the Indian Ocean, you are talking about two million square miles. So it's an enormous area to monitor. You've got an enormous amount of vessels transiting the region. So there's no way that the international naval presence could provide comprehensive security to cover that expanse and all those vessels," he said. 他说:“如果你把印度洋南部的广阔海域都算上,那么这块海域就有大约两百万平方英里。因此这是一个无比辽阔的海域,无法进行监控,而在这个海域往来的船只更是不计其数。因此,各国海军战舰是无法为这整个海域和所有的船只提供安全保护的。”Analysts say a naval presence alone will not eradicate piracy in the region. They say the international community must seriously address the core problem: the lack of an effective government in Somalia - a country described by many analysts as a failed state. 分析人士们说,单靠海军驻军无法消灭这一地区的海盗。他们说,国际社会必须认真解决最核心的问题,那就是,索马里没有一个有效的政府。许多分析人士说,索马里是一个行政失败的国家。04/67299云南中医学院第二附属医院丰脸v脸磨骨面颊哪家便宜价格

云南昆钢医院耳垂耳廓外耳招风耳多少钱U.S. President Barack Obama said this week that his administration has to do a better job of dealing with terrorism threats in the wake of the failed Christmas Day bomb plot aboard a commercial flight en route to Detroit. Opposition Republicans have been critical of the administration's handling of the incident, and political experts have been assessing the fallout.在圣诞节发生的阴谋炸毁一架飞往底特律的民航班机未遂事件之后,美国总统奥巴马表示,美国政府必须在处理恐怖威胁方面改进工作。反对党共和党人一直在批评行政当局对这个事件的处理,政治专家们正在评估其结果和影响。The failed terror bomb plot constitutes Mr. Obama's most serious national security test to date, and the president has been quick to acknowledge that there is plenty of room for improvement.炸飞机未遂事件,是迄今在国家安全方面对奥巴马最严峻的考验。奥巴马总统迅速承认,有很大的改进余地。"So we have to do better, and we will do better," he said. "And we have to do it quickly. American lives are on the line."奥巴马说:“我们必须改进,我们将会改进。我们必须迅速着手。这关系到美国人的生命。”Opposition Republicans see an opening in the administration's flawed handling of the failed attack, and appear eager to highlight the incident as a potential campaign issue for the November midterm congressional elections.反对党共和党人从行政当局处理这次事件的不当之处看到了机会,他们似乎乐于强调这个事件,作为11月美国国会中期选举的潜在竞选议题。Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele spoke on N's Today program.共和党全国委员会主席迈克尔.斯蒂尔(Michael Steele)在N的"今日"节目中说:"At some point this administration has to take responsibility for what it is doing and take responsibility for its decisions," he said. "They are having an impact, whether domestically or internationally, and you have got to account for it, and this is one of those break points where you stop and assess how is the administration doing? How are they performing? 斯蒂尔说:“在某一阶段,本届行政当局不得不为自己的作为和决定负责。这些是有影响的,对国内外都是有影响的,你必须承担责任。这是事情的‘断点’之一,在这一点上,你停下来,评估行政当局做的如何,表现如何。”201001/94084开远市人民医院激光去痣多少钱 FOR the past year or two, the big economies have experienced a “multi-speed” recovery, as the IMF calls it. The recovery has resembled third-world traffic, where juggernauts and rickshaws, cars and cycles ply the same lanes at different speeds, often gettingin each other’s way.在过去的一两年,各大经济体经历了一次被国际货币基金组织称为“倍速”的复苏。此次复苏就像第三世界的交通,货车、人力车、汽车、单车以不同的速度行驶在同一条道路上,经常互相驶入别人的车道。But for the past month or two, this traffic has slowed in unison. The deceleration is evident in the prices of commodities, which have fallen by 8.6% since mid-February, according to The Economist’s commodity-price index. It is also reflected in American manufacturing. New orders for durable goods, such as engines and cars, fell by 3.6% in April (albeit after a strong rise the month before). Factory output is still growing modestly, according to the Philadelphia Fed’s latest survey, but has lost more momentum since March than in any two months since November 2008.但在过去的一两个月,这股复苏车流同时放缓,这减速可从商品价格看出。根据《经济学人》商品价格指数,自从二月中旬,商品价格已跌8.6%。这亦能从美国制造业看出。四月份耐用品(例如发动机与汽车)新订单数跌了3.6%(虽然前一个月才大幅上升)。根据费城联邦的最新调查,工厂输出虽然仍然保持一定程度的增长,但自从三月份便失去持续的动力,这两个月是2008年11月至今最疲弱的两个月。America’s recovery relied for longer than most on fiscal injections. But by early August the federal government will bang up against a debt limit imposed by Congress. Any deal to raise the limit would almost certainly require spending reductions, and failure to strike a deal at all would require drastic cuts as the government stops selling debt. Even if the government is allowed to keep selling debt, the Federal Reserve will soon stop buying it, as it reaches the end of its latest round of “quantitative easing”, a programme to buy longer-dated paper with freshly printed money.美国依赖注资来复苏的时间较其它国家要长,但联邦政府的债务将于八月初冲破国会所准许的顶限。要抬高债务顶限,就要节省开;若不能产生一个各方满意的办法,政府将停止出售债券,使各方面预算剧减。即使政府能继续发售债券,由于这一轮“量化宽松”政策——一个用新印钞票收购旧钞票的项目——临近结束,联邦储备局早晚会停购。The euro zone’s prospects of growing its way out of trouble are receding, according to surveys of purchasing managers by HS and Markit, an information provider. Their “flash” (ie, preliminary) index for the euro-area economy fell sharply from 57.8 in April to 55.4 in May, a drop not seen since late 2008. In services the pessimism expressed about the coming year was reminiscent of mid-, before the recovery had picked up any speed at all.而根据恒生及信息务商Markit所做的采购经理调查,欧元区摆脱泥淖的前景不佳。他们的欧元区经济初步指数从四月的57.8急跌至五月的55.4,是2008年末以来首次。悲观论调认为对于务业,在复苏重获任何一点动力之前,来年会是年中的再版。201106/139447昆明市云大医院隆鼻多少钱

昆明第二附属医院去除狐臭多少钱 White House Takes on Critics of Terror Policy白宫对批评反恐政策言论进行反击The White House is lashing out at Congressional critics of the administration's policy on terrorism. President Barack Obama's top counter-terrorism advisor John Brennan says these critics are playing politics with national security.美国国会对奥巴马政府的反恐政策提出批评,白宫抨击了这些批评言论。奥巴马总统的首席反恐顾问约翰.布伦南表示,这些批评人士是在国家安全问题上玩弄政治把戏。"Quite frankly, I am tiring of politicians using national security issues, such as terrorism, as a political football," Brennan said.他说:“坦白地说,我已经厌倦了政界人士用恐怖主义这类国家安全问题作为政治足球。”During an appearance on the N television program Meet the Press, Brennan said congressional critics and others are speaking before getting the facts. He said they are making charges with no basis in reality, and, in so doing, are endangering the reputation of the men and women trying to keep the country safe.布伦南在美国国家广播公司“会见新闻界”节目上说,批评国会的人和其他一些人在搞清楚事实前就大发言论。他说,他们没有事实依据便作出指责,这样的做法损害了那些试图维护国家安全的人们的声誉。"I think they have to have confidence in the knowledge and the experience of these counter-terrorism professionals," he added.布伦南说:“我认为他们应该对这些反恐专家的知识和经验抱有信心。”The level of criticism has reached new heights in the weeks following the attempted Christmas Day bombing of a Northwest Airlines jet as it was preparing to land in Detroit, Michigan.去年圣诞节当天,一名男子试图引爆西北航空公司一架准备在密西根州底特律市降落的客机。在这一事件发生后的几个星期中,对政府反恐政策的批评声浪日渐高涨。201002/96383德宏州妇幼保健院做隆鼻手术多少钱昆明医学院附属延安医院隆胸丰胸大胸奥美定多少钱



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