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昭通市妇幼保健院治疗腋臭多少钱云南下颌角下颚下巴太阳穴哪家便宜价格Builders are hiring Portuguese bricklayers on #163;1,000 a week because not enough Britons can do the job.建筑商出每周1000镑雇佣葡萄牙砖瓦工,因为英国实在是缺少可用的人手。Skilled workers are in such short supply they can demand double the normal day rate of #163;100.技术娴熟的工人太稀缺了,他们可以要求每天100镑的工资翻倍。A month ago the Mail revealed that a similar labour shortage had forced the UK’s biggest sandwich manufacturer to recruit in Hungary because it could not fill its production line with local workers.一个月前,《每日邮报》报道了英国最大的三明治工厂劳动力短缺而到匈牙利去招聘,因为在当地没有足够的工人开启产品线。Portugal has become a hot spot for builders while energy firms are hiring Spanish engineers, according to James Hick of recruiters Manpower.据人力资源招聘处的詹姆斯·西克所说,能源公司正招聘西班牙工程师,而葡萄牙成为了建筑商的招聘热点。‘There is a severe shortage of skilled tradespeople in Britain – bricklayers, plumbers, electricians, mechanical engineers, HGV drivers,’ he added. ‘Where they were paying #163;500 a week at the beginning of the year, the demand for those skills means they are now paying #163;1,000 a week.“英国现在技术娴熟的工人严重稀缺——砖瓦工,水管工,电工,机械工程师,载重物货车司机,”他补充道。“在年初的时候他们还是500镑一周,现在技术需求已经让他们的工资涨到1000镑一周。”‘That pressure on skills is huge, particularly in the construction industry in the South East and London.’“技术压力是巨大的,尤其是在伦敦东南的建筑业。”He accused UK firms of halting training schemes in the downturn and being left short when construction picked up.他控诉英国公司在这种低迷期停止培训课程,而且在加快建设的时候人手不足。‘That is not something that can be resolved quickly, but companies need people who can work now, so they have had to put up pay and look elsewhere’, he added.“这不是可以马上解决的问题,但是公司需要马上能工作的人,所以他们只能提高薪水到别处找人,”他说。 /201503/362447丽江市妇幼保健院脱毛手术多少钱 Higher levels of vitamin D have been associated with a reduced risk of colon cancer in many observational studies. A new analysis has found a possible reason.很多观察性研究发现,血液中维生素D含量越高,患结肠癌的风险越低。一项新研究可能找到了其中一个原因。A malignant tumor contains not just cancer cells but many types of cells, some of which affect how fast a tumor may grow or sp. Among them are a group of immune system cells called T lymphocytes, or T cells, that can target tumor cells and limit their growth. Having a tumor with more T cells correlates with a better prognosis.恶性肿瘤中不仅有癌细胞,还有很多其他种类的细胞,其中一些细胞能影响肿瘤变大或扩散的速度。其中有一群免疫系统细胞,名叫T淋巴细胞或T细胞,它们能攻击肿瘤细胞,限制它们的发展。含有更多T细胞的肿瘤,预后情况更好。The study, published in the journal Gut, included 318 people who had developed colorectal cancer and 624 matched controls. All had vitamin D levels measured before the appearance of any cancers.这项发表在《内脏》(Gut)杂志上的研究调查了318名结直肠癌患者和624名匹配的对照组人员。研究人员测量了所有这些人出现任何癌症之前的维生素D水平。The higher the blood levels of vitamin D, the less likely people were to develop colorectal tumors. Vitamin D, the authors suggest, interacts with the immune system to prevent the growth of this type of malignancy.血液中的维生素D含量越高,越不可能患上结直肠肿瘤。这项研究的作者们认为,维生素D与免疫系统相互作用,能预防这类恶性肿瘤的生长。“This study really shows that vitamin D has an effect on immunity,” said the senior author, Dr. Shuji Ogino, an associate professor of pathology at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, “and it’s the first study to show that in a human population. Vitamin D boosts immunity not just in cancer, but in fighting infections as well.”这项研究的资深作者、波士顿丹娜法伯癌症研究院(Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)的病理学副教授荻野修二(Shuji Ogino)说,“这项研究确实表明,维生素D能提高免疫力。它是第一项在人体上表明这一点的研究。维生素D对免疫力的促进作用不仅在于防癌,还在于对抗感染。” /201501/355974云南省去红血丝价格

保山市妇幼保健院激光去胎记多少钱石林寻甸禄劝背部脱毛 云南省邮电医院胎记多少钱

怒江楚雄迪庆去痣多少钱一颗The chubby, inert pet dog has become a familiar household sight in richer countries. And yet there lies a possible boon to the out-of-shape among us. A recent study suggests that being told one’s pet is dangerously overweight might provide the impetus that gets an owner moving.胖乎乎、慢吞吞的宠物已经成为富裕国家常见的家庭景象。但是对我们中间身材走样的人来说,这可能是一种福利。最近的一项研究表明,告诉主人他/她的宠物太胖、存在健康风险,可能会给他/她提供锻炼动力。It might seem that having a pet dog would result in considerable physical activity, and that’s true, broadly speaking. A 2013 review of studies related to dog ownership concluded that as a group, dog owners spend almost an hour more per week walking than people without dogs. Even so, a survey from 2008 conducted in Australia found that nearly a quarter of all dog owners reported never walking their pets. This population of dog owners, studies show, actually engage in less physical activity each week than people without a dog.养个宠物似乎会增加很多运动量。一般来说的确是这样的。2013年与养相关的研究表明,总体来说,养的人每周比不养的人几乎多走一个小时。即便如此,2008年澳大利亚的一项调查发现,将近1/4的主人说他们几乎从不遛。研究表明,这部分养的人每周的运动量实际上比不养的人还少。A majority of dog owners, of course, are deeply attached to their pets, whether they walk them or not. That bond prompted a group of scientists, veterinarians and physicians at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, in Bethesda, Md., and other institutions to consider whether people might be willing to undertake ahealth-and-fitness regimen targeted at their dog, even if they had little enthusiasm for such a program for themselves.当然,不管遛不遛,大部分主人都非常喜爱自己的宠物。这种情感联系促使马里兰州贝塞斯达健康科学统一务大学(Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences)等机构的一群科学家、兽医和医生们开始考虑人们是否愿意采取针对小的健康健身生活方式——尽管他们对针对自己的这种项目没什么兴趣。The researchers recruited 32 dog owners who visited a veterinary clinic in Maryland. Their dogs varied widely in age, breed and size, but all were overweight or obese and, by and large, sedentary. So, too, were most of their owners (although the only criterion for their participation was that their dogs be rotund). Half the volunteers were told by a veterinarian to watch their dog’s nutrition and monitor its health. The rest were told that their dog was overweight and needed more exercise. These owners were given specific exercise prescriptions, which generally advised walking the dog for at least 30 minutes every day.研究者们在马里兰州的一个兽医诊所征募了32名主人。他们的在年龄、品种和体型上各不相同,但都超重或过度肥胖,并且总的来说坐得太多。它们的主人大多也是这样(虽然唯一的参与标准是他们的超重)。兽医让其中一半志愿者关注的营养,留意它们的健康状况;对另一半志愿者说他们的超重,需要更多锻炼——兽医给这些主人提供了具体的锻炼计划,总的来说是建议每天至少遛30分钟。Three months later, the volunteers and their dogs were re-evaluated. Both owners and pets in the dog-walking group had lost weight. But more interesting, those who hadbeen told only that their pets were worryingly heavy also began exercising their pets and themselves. They reported walking far more often than they did before theygot health warnings for their dogs, and both they and their pets were thinner.三个月后,研究者重新评估志愿者和他们的。遛那组的主人和宠物们都瘦了一些。不过更有意思的是,那些仅被告知宠物胖得令人担忧的主人们也开始和宠物们一起运动了。他们说,与被警告存在健康隐患前相比,他们走路要频繁得多,他们和宠物都瘦了一些。The upshot, says Capt. Mark B. Stephens M.D., a professor of family medicine at Uniformed Services University and a co-author of the study — it was published in September in the journal Anthrozoamp;ouml;s — is that “love and concern for a dog can be a powerful motivation for exercise.” Which is not to say, he adds, that people should adopt a dog as a kind of fitness device. Unlike a tmill, Marley cannot be abandoned in the basement when you tire of working out. On the other hand, no device will ever be so happy to see you lace up your walking shoes.这项研究9月份发表在《人与动物》(Anthrozoamp;ouml;s)杂志上。美国军队卫生务大学(Uniformed Services University)的医学士、家庭医学教授马克·B·斯蒂芬斯上尉(Mark B.Stephens)是这项研究的合著者。他说,重点在于,“对的热爱和关心可以成为强大的锻炼动力。”他补充说,这并不是说,人们应该把养作为一种健身手段。你不能在厌倦锻炼时把小马利(Marley)像跑步机一样丢到地下室里。不过,从另一方面讲,没有哪个健身器材会在看见你穿上步行鞋后如此高兴。 /201501/351908 CANCER and ARIES:巨蟹-白羊:This is not a very good combination for you. The Ram#39;s lack of tact and hot temper is just too devastating for your sensitive and insecure nature.白羊座的人并不衬你。缺乏经验且冲动鲁莽的白羊座人很难与敏感且需要安全感的你合拍。CANCER and TAURUS:巨蟹-金牛:The Bull is one of your best partners. You are both homebodies who appreciate good food, good quality and thrift. You can keep each other quite happy. Truly an enduring relationship.牛儿是不错的选择哦。你俩都是喜欢吃喝、讲究生活品质的居家一族。你们能快乐地生活在一起,一定还能白头偕老。CANCER and GEMINI:巨蟹-双子:The Twins play too many mind games for your soft and innocent approach to life. Gemini#39;s flirtatious free-spirited nature is just too hurtful for you to have to deal with.双子座的人对待感情太随性,他们轻佻的态度很可能会给多愁善敏的你造成极大的伤害。CANCER and CANCER:巨蟹-巨蟹:Together you are far too negative for this union to work. Emotional problems will exist throughout the entire relationship. Neither one of you has the ability to see the positive side to the relationship.你俩要是一对就没法工作了。情绪化将是这对组合遇到的最大的麻烦。另外,双方都没有能力用积极的方式引导关系正常维系下去。CANCER and LEO:巨蟹-狮子:The Lion needs to be the center of attention; therefore, you will often feel quite neglected in this relationship. You have a tendency to nag, and that will drive a Leo mate on to greener pastures.狮子座的人常常以自我为中心,这是你最不能忍受的地方;而巨蟹座的你也过于唠叨,狮子又怎么受得了呢?CANCER and VIRGO:巨蟹-处女:This partnership lacks excitement, to say the least. However, that doesn#39;t usually matter to either you or your mate. Security and the home are much more important to both you and the practical Virgoan.这对组合缺少刺激,不过也不是什么大不了的事。安全感和归属感对你和处女座来说才是最重要的。CANCER and LIBRA:巨蟹-天秤:Your mood swings are far too upsetting for the Scales. Libra needs harmony and a variety of entertainment, which really isn#39;t your style or your intent. You create melodrama at an emotional level and would prefer to stay at home where it#39;s safe and secure.你和天秤座很不搭调哦。他/她喜欢步调一致,热衷各类活动,这可和你的生活方式完全不同;巨蟹座的你宁愿待在家里,享受安静惬意的小日子。CANCER and SCORPIO:巨蟹-天蝎:You are both too possessive. That can and usually does lead to problems at some time. As long as you deal with these issues promptly, you can have a happy, satisfying and loving union.人们的占有欲都太强烈,有时可能因此而产生矛盾。只要你及时处理好这一问题,你们会是这个世上最幸福、快乐、甜蜜的组合。CANCER and SITTARIUS:巨蟹-射手:You don#39;t like to take risks, and Sagittarians thrive on chance. This is not your best bet for a lasting union but it is one that often attracts you.你不喜欢冒险,偏偏这是射手座最钟意的。不敢保这对搭档能维持很久,不过射手座的人往往很吸引你。CANCER and CAPRICORN:巨蟹-羯:Polar opposites, Usually there is a lot of chemistry, but the Goat does not usually have the time to show you enough affection. If you can put up with their workaholic ways you can rest assured that you will be well-taken care of financially.南辕北辙的组合。虽然你们在一起会产生强烈的“化学效应”,不过羊儿根本没有时间和你谈情说爱。如果你能忍受对方是个工作狂,那么请放心,他/她一定能在经济上给你最大的满足。CANCER and AQUARIUS:巨蟹-水瓶:You are far too sensitive for the Water-bearer#39;s aloofness. Aquarians cannot tolerate your need to cling to them.你很难理解水瓶座人的超然态度;水瓶座人也不能忍受你强加在他/她身上的压力。CANCER and PISCES:巨蟹-双鱼:You and the Fish are probably the two most sensitive signs of the zodiac. Although you can comprehend one another, you can also play emotional games and hurt each other. This connection can work if you communicate openly and honestly.你和鱼儿是黄道带里最敏感的2个星座。尽管你们能彼此理解,有时还是会因感情用事伤害到对方。只要你们敞开心扉、坦诚相待,这对组合还是不错的哦。 /201507/387564云南省昆明市嵩明县人民医院激光祛痣多少钱开远市人民医院祛除腋臭多少钱



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