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China’s labour force is shrinking and the “migrant miracle” that powered its industrial rise is mostly exhausted, removing the key drivers of the country’s meteoric growth, according to leading economists.一些著名经济学家表示,中国的劳动力队伍正在萎缩,驱动工业腾飞的“移民奇迹”几近枯竭,这使中国失去了推动经济飞速发展的关键驱动力。The transformation will lead to slower growth, reduced investment and a loss of competitiveness, increasing the urgency of reforms to fuel new sources of expansion, they warn.他们警告称,这一转变将导致增长放缓、投资减少和竞争力的损失,使实施改革以发掘新的增长源变得更为紧迫。Today the Financial Times begins a series on the end of the miracle — the three decades of rapid growth fuelled by unprecedented migration of labour from the unproductive farm sector to work in factories and construction.30年来,推动中国飞速发展的,是从生产力低下的农业部门转移到工厂和建设工地、规模前所未有的劳动力迁徙。FT中文网近期将发表一系列关于中国劳动力迁徙潮及其起伏兴衰之趋势的报道。Consensus has emerged that China has reached the point at which the once-inexhaustible pool of surplus rural labour dries up and wages rise rapidly.经济学家们形成的共识是,中国已经到达一个拐点,曾经取之不尽的农村富余劳动力正慢慢干涸,工资水平迅速上升。“Now we are at the so-called Lewis inflection point,” said Ha Jiming, chief investment strategist for private wealth management at Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong. “The working-age share of China’s population peaks this year at 72 per cent, then it will start to fall even more rapidly than what we saw in Japan in the 1990s.”“我们现在正处于所谓的刘易斯拐点,”高盛(Goldman Sachs)香港私人财富管理首席投资策略师哈继铭说,“今年中国工龄人口在总人口中的比例达到了72%的峰值,此后这一比例将加快下降,降速比上世纪90年代的日本还要快。”Cai Fang, director of the Institute of Population and Labour Economics, estimates China’s potential gross domestic product growth will fall to 6.1 per cent from 2016-20.人口与劳动经济研究所所长蔡昉估计,中国的潜在国内生产总值(GDP)增长率将在2016到2020年间跌至6.1%。Since Deng Xiaoping launched market reforms in 1978, 278m migrant workers from rural villages have moved to the cities. But the process is now mostly complete. Mr Cai said: “From 2005 to 2010, the growth rate of migrant workers was 4 per cent. Last year it was only 1.3 per cent. Maybe this year it will contract.”自1978年邓小平推出市场改革后,已有2.78亿农民工从农村迁移到城市。但这一进程现在已经几近完成。蔡昉说:“从2005年到2010年,农民工人数的增长率是4%。去年这一增长率仅为1.3%。今年这个数字可能出现缩减。” /201505/373425

An American website launched a wage comparison between various countries in the world. According to the most recently released statistics by the national statistics bureau, 56,389 yuan RMB is considered part of the high-income group. This reporter entered 56,389 yuan and learned that this amount of pay is 6x that of an Ethiopian schoolteacher, comparable to the earnings of a South African driver, and just 0.00026 times the income of the Queen of England.美国一家网站推出了世界各国比工资的活动。根据国家统计局最近公布的数据,56389元人民币就属于高收入人群。记者输入数字56389元,得出这一工资水平是埃塞俄比亚老师的6倍,与南非司机的工资水平相当,是英国女王工资的0.00026倍。World’s Minimum Wage Rankings: China 17th Place世界最低工资排行:中国17位The world wage level report released in 2013 by strategists for technology company ConvergEx show that mainland China is ranked 17th, with a minimum wage of 0.8 USD per hour.科技公司ConvergEx集团的策略师在2013年发布的全球工资水平报告显示,中国内地排第17名,最低薪资水平为0.8美元每小时。Among the rankings, Australia was at the top of the rankings with 16.88 USD per hour. Ranked at the top were mostly developed countries, with France placing second with a pay of 12.09 USD per hour, and New Zealand placing third at 11.18 USD per hour. Outside of this, the ed Kingdom and Canada also successfully placed in the top five. Japan was above the ed States with a high pay of 8.17 USD, successfully surpassing the “median” of the ed States. Te minimum wage of the ed States was ranked 7th in the world, considered to be among the medium range.在该榜单中,澳大利亚以每小时16.88美元的高薪高居榜首。而排名位居前列的大多数为发达国家,其中法国以每小时12.09美元的薪酬位居第二,新西兰以11.18美元的薪酬列第三位。此外,英国、加拿大也成功挤进前五。而日本也以8.17美元的高薪位居美国之上,成功越过美国这一“中位数”。美国的最低工资在全球范围内排第七名,属中等范围。The BRIC countries were ranked near the bottom, with mainland China ranked 17th, with a minimum wage of 0.8 USD per hour. The actual lowest minimum wage was Sierra Leone, where the per hour wages of the workers there is just 0.03 USD.金砖国家排名靠后,中国内地排第17名。最低薪资水平为0.8美元每小时。真正工资最低的是塞拉利昂,那里的工人每小时工资仅有0.03美元。 /201401/274340



  China has traditionally been famous for its fragrant teas, but the country is emerging as a key Asian producer of a different beverage: quality arabica coffee.在传统上,中国以出产芳香的茶叶而闻名。如今,中国却日渐成为阿拉比卡咖啡豆(arabica,亦称小粒咖啡)这种截然不同的饮品在亚洲的重要生产国。Known for its light body and fruity aroma, the coffee from the southwestern province of Yunnan has become a staple of European arabica blends, say international commodity traders and roasters.这种咖啡豆以轻巧的形体和芬芳的果香闻名于世。国际大宗商品交易商和烘焙商表示,产自中国西南省份云南省的阿拉比卡咖啡豆,已成为欧洲阿拉比卡咖啡的主要混合原料。“The mild taste and aroma is similar to the beans from Honduras or Guatemala,” said Wouter DeSmet, head of Nestlé’s coffee agricultural services team in China.雀巢(Nestlé)在华咖啡农业务团队主管沃特#8226;德梅(Wouter DeSmet)表示:“那种清淡的口感和芳香与产自洪都拉斯和危地马拉的咖啡豆十分类似。”An increasing number of Yunnan farmers are turning to coffee, which offers higher returns compared with other crops. In 2012, farmers’ income from coffee was double that for tea grown on the same acreage, according to Mr DeSmet.与其他作物相比,咖啡更高的回报正促使越来越多的云南农民转种咖啡。按照德梅的说法,2012年农民从咖啡中获得的收入是同等种植面积下茶叶的两倍。Nestlé started operations in Yunnan in the late 1980s, offering training and purchasing coffee from growers. Since 2005, the number of its suppliers has grown from 147 to 2,000.上世纪80年代末,雀巢在云南开展业务,向咖啡种植者提供培训务,并收购他们的咖啡。自2005年以来,该公司供应商的数目已从147家增加到2000家。For the whole Yunnan region, known for its lush hills, 80,000 farmers grow the crop, with many now growing both tea and coffee. The bulk of coffee produced in Asia – mainly in Vietnam and Indonesia – is robusta, the lower quality bean used in instant coffee.整个云南地区以草木繁盛的山丘而闻名,该地区种植咖啡的农民有8万人,许多人如今同时种植着茶叶和咖啡。目前,亚洲生产的咖啡主要产自越南和印尼,以罗布斯塔(robusta)咖啡豆为主,这是一种用来生产速溶咖啡的较低品质咖啡豆。Arabica, mainly used in cappuccinos and espressos, was introduced into Yunnan by a French missionary in the late 1880s. But coffee production only took off 100 years later with the investment of the Chinese government and the UN Development Programme.相比之下,阿拉比卡咖啡豆则主要用于制作卡布奇诺和浓缩咖啡(espresso)。这种咖啡豆是在19世纪80年代末,由一位法国传教士引入云南的。然而,直到一百年后,咖啡产量才在中国政府和联合国开发计划署(UN Development Programme)的投资下迅速提高起来。Chinese coffee exports have grown steadily over the past decade, with volumes rising from 137,000 60kg bags in 1998 to 1.1m 60kg bags in 2012 – on a par with Costa Rica and just under 1 per cent of the world total.过去十年里,中国咖啡出口量一直在稳步增长,从1998年的13.7万袋(每袋60公斤)增长至2012年的110万袋。这与哥斯达黎加的出口量相等,占全球总出口量的比例略低于1%。In order to source their coffee, international coffee groups and commodity traders are starting to set up operations in Yunnan, which borders Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar.为采购咖啡,国际咖啡集团和大宗商品交易商正着手在毗邻越南、老挝和缅甸的云南省设立业务。Volcafe, the Swiss coffee trading arm of commodity house EDamp;F Man, is the latest company to enter a procurement and processing joint venture agreement with Simao Arabicasm Coffee Company, a local group. They follow Starbucks, which formed a venture with Yunnan based agribusiness Ai Ni Group in 2012.最新一家与云南当地企业达成咖啡采购和加工合资协议的企业是瑞士的Volcafe公司。该公司是大宗商品交易商EDamp;F Man旗下的咖啡交易公司。和它达成合资协议的云南当地企业名为思茅阿拉比卡星咖啡公司(Simao Arabicasm Coffee Company)。在它们之前,星巴克(Starbucks)在2012年与云南爱伲农牧集团(Ai Ni Group)组建了合资公司。The boom in production comes as coffee drinking in China is growing at about 15 per cent a year, compared with about 2 per cent for the world.就在咖啡产量迅猛增长的同时,中国的咖啡饮用量也在以每年约15%的幅度快速增长。相比之下,全球咖啡饮用量的增速只有大约2%。 /201411/340813

  The first year of college was punishingly lonely for the young medical student.Brought up in a poor village, he had little in common with his wealthier urbanpeers. He made no friends. No one listened to him. All he did was study.一名年轻的医学生在入学第一年感到极度孤独。他在贫穷的农村长大,与在较富裕的城市长大的同龄人拥有的交集很少。他没有朋友,没有人倾听他的新生。他所做的一切就是学习。It might be a tale of China#39;s growing social divisions.But instead of begrudging the other students their advantages, or bemoaningcliques, Zhang Yin concluded that the problem layinside. Agonised by his sense of isolation, he turned to a counsellor for help.这可能就是对中国差距日益加大的社会阶层的描述。但张银(Zhang Yin)并没有嫉妒其他学生的优势或哀叹拉帮结派现象,他将问题归结于内因。由于为自己的孤立感感到烦恼,他向心理顾问寻求帮助。What began as a search for meaning in his life became his vocation: he isresearching stress and depression at Changsha University and hopes totrain as an existential therapist. ;I want to know how others relievetheir pain and anxiety and discomfort,; the 24-year-old said.原本是对生命意义的探索,现在变成了他的职业:他现在正在长沙大学研究压力和抑郁症并希望将自己培养成存在主义治疗师。24岁的张银说,“我想要了解其他人是如何缓解痛苦、焦虑和不安的”。Zhang#39;senthusiasm for the ;talking cure; reflects a wider surge in interest,as China#39;scitizens seek meaning beyond the quest for prosperity.随着中国人民寻求成功之外的人生意义,张对“谈话疗法”的热爱反应了人们对这方面日益高涨的兴趣。;Chinese people have been hungering and searching for something for a long time sincethe collapse of Maoism. Every so often there#39;s a certain #39;fever#39; sweeping thecountry,; said Huang Hsuan-ying, an ethnographerwho has been studying the boom in psychotherapy in China since 2007. ;It fitsinto that long-term search for something that is not only material.;HuangHsuan-ying 说,“自从毛泽东思想坍塌之后,中国人民很长时间以来都在饥渴地寻求着什么。常常就会有一阵‘狂热’席卷整个国家”。作为人种论学者,Huang Hsuan-ying从2007年就开始研究心理疗法蓬勃发展的现象。“这与人们长期寻求物质之外东西的趋势相符”。ZhaoXudong, of Tongji University, in Shanghai,has said there are just 20,000 psychiatrists in the country. Yet evidence fromother countries suggests China will need 100,000 more to meet the population#39;s needs in coming years.上海同济大学的张旭东(Zhao Xudong)说,中国只有两万名精神病医生。而其他国家分析表明,在未来几年里,中国还将需要10万名精神病医生来满足人群的需求Althoughthere are 400,000 psychological counsellors registered with the country#39;sministry of labour, many in the profession believe the licence is too easy to obtain.虽然中国劳工部有4万名注册心理咨询师,但很多专业人士认为这本从业书太容易得到。 /201409/326827


  Coke bottle made from plants可口可乐推纯植物瓶子Coca-Cola showed off its new bottle at the Expo Milano.可口可乐近日在米兰世会上展出了它的新包装瓶。The bottle is plastic, but instead of using petroleum, the bottle#39;s plastic is derived from sugar cane.这款瓶子是塑料的,但这种塑料的原材料不是石油,而是甘蔗。Coca-Cola debuted ;PlantBottle; packaging in 2009, which is 30% comprised of plant materials.2009年可口可乐公司;植物环保瓶;首次亮相,其材质30%源于植物。The new PlantBottle that Coke debuted this week is its first to be made 100% from sugar cane plastic.本周亮相的新;植物环保瓶;首次做到材质100%由甘蔗做成。The soda company didn#39;t say when it would start shipping Coke in the new bottles.该公司没有明确表示新瓶包装何时投入使用。 /201506/380419

  In case you feared you were lagging behind your peers, a new infographic reveals exactly when Brits achieve life#39;s major goals from marriage to buying their first home.如果你担心你的人生步伐落后于同伴,这里为你提供了一份英国人人生大事时刻表,它准确显示了英国人在什么年龄完成结婚、买第一套房等人生大事。According to a poll of 2,000 people, the 25 milestones begin with a first kiss at the age of 15 and end with a relatively early retirement at 60.一项2000人参与的调查报告列举了从15岁初吻到60岁享受较早的退休待遇等共25项人生大事。But many cash-strapped thirtysomethings will be baffled by the finding that the majority of people in the UK buy their first property in their late 20s and are splashing out on two holidays a year by the age of 36.许多因经济条件不好的三十多岁的人们会对这些调查结果感到困惑:大多数英国人在三十岁之前就买到了他们的第一套房产,在36岁时就能享受每年两次旅行。The study commissioned by lending company, Amigo Loans, quizzed UK adults between the ages of 16 and 65.这一研究由借贷公司Amigo Loans委托,调查对象是16岁到65岁之间的英国人。The research found that the most awkward life milestone - the first kiss - is best ticked off at the tender age of 15.研究发现,最尴尬的一件人生大事——初吻——最好发生在青涩的15岁。The experiences of our early 20s should include passing a driving test at 20, moving out of home and buying our first car at 22 and jetting off to sunnier climes for the first time with a boyfriend or girlfriend at 23.我们20岁出头的经历应包括:20岁拿到驾照,22岁搬出家里在外独立生活,买到自己的第一辆车,23岁第一次开始与男朋友或女朋友飞往气候更和煦的远方旅行。Researchers also revealed that 19 is the best age to start a full-time job, while we should feel free to enjoy the first holiday without mum and dad two years later.研究人员还透露,19岁是开始自己第一份全职工作的最好时机,21岁应该去享受父母不在身边的自由旅行。The common consensus is that by the time we are 30 we should have ticked off everything from living on our own at 24, to meeting the one and getting engaged at 25, and getting married at the age of 27.人们的共识是,30岁之前我们应完成以下所有事:24岁独立生活,25岁找到结婚对象并订婚,27岁结婚。According to the data, buying a house and even having a first child are best ticked off before reaching the big 3-0, at the ages of 29 and 28, respectively.数据显示,30岁之前最好能买一套房子,甚至有了第一个孩子,这两件事最好分别在29岁和28岁实现。The age of 31 was hailed as the prime time at which to have a second child, while landing a managerial role and being able to afford to buy a brand new car should also be within sight at this point.31岁被誉为生第二个孩子的黄金年龄,在这个年龄,晋升到管理阶层、买得起一辆新车都应该是可及的目标。Additionally, two holidays a year should be affordable by the time we turn 37, and we ought to have our eye on a buy-to-let property two years later.另外,到了37岁就应付得起一年两次的旅行,39岁应关注一下房产投资了。As we head through our mid to late-30s and early-40s we ought to be aiming to have moved to slightly bigger second home, have earnings of around #163;40k a year or more, and even have considered, or set up our own business.在35岁到40岁出头,我们的目标应该是移居大一点的房子,年薪达4万英镑或更高,甚至考虑自己创业。A spokeswoman for Amigo Loans, who commissioned the study, said: #39;It#39;s normal to want to achieve certain things by certain ages and it#39;s good to be ambitious.Amigo Loans公司委托此项调查的发言人说道:“人到了一定的年龄就想实现一定的目标,这很正常。人应该心怀抱负。”#39;Borrowing money to achieve life#39;s milestones, such as moving out, buying a car or starting a business is harder than ever for ordinary, hard-working people and our research shows nearly half of people between the ages of 16-34 expect to turn to their family and friends for financial help to achieve their life goals.“借钱来实现搬家、买车、创业这些大事对普通劳动者来说前所未有的难。我们的研究显示,16岁至34岁人群中有近一半渴望从家人或朋友那里得到经济援助来实现这些目标。”#39;Indeed, nearly 80 per cent of our guarantors are family members.#39;“确实如此,我们的担保人近8成是家庭成员。”The team of researchers also found those who are yet to tick off significant milestones are struggling to do because of financial pressures.研究小组还发现,由于经济压力,即将完成这些大事的人都在苦苦挣扎。Of those who have managed to achieve most of those on the list, the majority did so within their targeted time-frame.而那些已经实现了清单上大多数大事的人,多数也是在他们的目标时间内完成的。But the milestones which proved the most difficult to achieve and which took longer than expected were passing a driving test, buying a first car and then being able to afford a brand new car.这些大事中最难的、可能需要花费比预想的更长时间才能做到的是:拿到驾照,买到第一部车,以及有能力付一辆新车。Most had to wait longer to have their second child than they would have liked, while getting to the point where two holidays a year wasn#39;t a problem also proved tough.大多数人花了比他们料想的更长时间才迎来了他们的第二个孩子。毫不费劲地付一年两次的旅行,要达到这个阶段也比较难。The study also looked into the subject of pressure and the part it plays in helping us achieve our goals.这项研究还对压力这一话题及它在我们实现目标过程中的作用进行了分析。One in three people said they felt there was more pressure on the current generation to reach milestones within specific time-frames.三分之一的人坦言,当代人在既定时间内实现人生大事得承担着更大的压力。But according to the data, a large percentage of us also put the pressure on ourselves to achieve things by certain times.调查数据显示,我们中大部分人也会自我施压,迫使自己在既定时间内实现既定目标。 /201505/376388。

  The World Health Organization expressed worry on Wednesday about a second cluster of Ebola virus patients in Nigeria — in the center of its oil industry — because one of the three confirmed victims was a doctor who had treated patients and socialized after he became contagious.世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)周三对尼日利亚出现第二起感染埃拉病毒的聚集性病例表示担忧。这次的病例出现在该国石油产业的中心城市,而担忧的原因在于,三名确诊的病患之一是名医生,而他在具有传染性之后曾治疗病人并参加社交活动。The doctor, in the southern city of Port Harcourt, died on Aug. 22, and his infection was confirmed five days later. On its website, the W.H.O. said that more than 200 people might be at risk.这名医生身处南部城市哈科特港,于8月22日死亡,五天后被确诊是感染了埃拉病毒。世卫组织在其网站上宣布,可能有200多人面临感染风险。The W.H.O. said this second cluster had indirectly resulted from a quarantine lapse in the first cluster of Ebola cases that hit Lagos, the capital, in July, and was potentially far more serious. Tracing the sp of the disease in Port Harcourt, the statement said, revealed “multiple high-risk opportunities for transmission of the virus to others.”世卫组织表示,间接导致这第二起聚集性病例的是尼日利亚首都拉各斯7月份出现第一起埃拉聚集性病例时发生的一次隔离失误,而这一次的问题有可能要严重得多。声明表示,追踪哈科特港的疾病传播状况时发现,存在“多次将病毒传染给他人的高风险机会”。Ebola has primarily afflicted three countries in West Africa — Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone — where hundreds of people have died in recent weeks in what W.H.O. officials have called the worst outbreak of the disease ever recorded. While the toll in Nigeria has been far more limited, officials are particularly worried about it because it is Africa’s most populous country.埃拉病毒目前主要在非洲西部的几内亚、利比里亚和塞拉利昂肆虐,导致这三个国家最近数周里有成百上千人死亡。世卫组织官员称之为有历史记录以来最为严重的埃拉疫情。尽管尼日利亚的死亡人数要少得多,但它让官员们颇为担忧,因为这里是非洲人口最稠密的国家。The W.H.O. has been criticized by some other medical advocates for what they call its initial failure to mobilize adequately against Ebola when the outbreak surfaced in West Africa months ago.世卫组织遭到了其他一些医疗倡导机构的批评。后者认为,几个月前非洲西部冒出埃拉疫情爆发的苗头时,世卫组织最初未能恰当地进行动员,加以应对。The Lagos cases were traced to a traveler from Liberia, and Nigerian officials thought they had basically contained the sp. But the health organization’s statement said one person in Lagos escaped a quarantine in early August and sought treatment from a doctor in Port Harcourt, nearly 400 miles away. That doctor became infected and developed symptoms after a few days, was hospitalized on Aug. 16 and died of Ebola less than a week later.拉各斯的病例可以追溯到一名来自利比里亚的旅客身上。尼日利亚官员本来以为,他们已经基本控制住了疫情的蔓延。不过,世卫组织的声明称,拉各斯有一人在8月初逃脱了隔离,跑去近400英里(约合640公里)外的哈科特港寻求治疗。治疗此人的医生随即感染上了病毒,几天后出现症状,于8月16日入院治疗,不到一周后死于埃拉。Even as he developed symptoms, the statement said, the doctor “continued to treat patients at his private clinic, and operated on at least two.” Moreover, the statement said, before he was hospitalized the doctor “had numerous contacts with the community, as relatives and friends visited his home to celebrate the birth of a baby.”声明中表示,即便是在出现症状后,这名医生仍“继续在他的私人诊所中治疗病患,还至少对两人实施了手术”。此外,文中称,在入院治疗之前,这名医生“已与社群进行了多次接触,因为亲友纷纷前往他的住所庆贺一名婴儿的诞生”。It said visitors to his hospital room had included members of his church who performed a healing ritual that could have exposed them as well.声明还说道,前往病房探望他的包括一些教友。这些人进行的祈祷治愈仪式也可能让他们受到病毒侵袭。The other two confirmed cases in Port Harcourt are the dead doctor’s wife, who is also a doctor, and another patient at the same hospital. The W.H.O. statement said that epidemiologists were monitoring “more than 200 contacts” and that 60 were considered especially vulnerable.哈科特港的另外两个确诊病例分别为,身亡医生的妻子——她同样是一名医生——以及同一所医院的另一名病人。世卫组织的声明表示,流行病学专家正在监控“逾200名接触者”,其中60人被认为风险尤其高。It said the Ebola outbreak in Port Harcourt had “the potential to grow larger and sp faster than the one in Lagos.”文中称,哈科特港的埃拉疫情“有可能比拉各斯发展得范围更广、扩散得更快”。Discovered in 1976, Ebola is an aggressive virus that causes high fevers, extreme weakness and internal bleeding, with a fatality rate as high as 90 percent.于1976年发现的埃拉病毒发病凶猛,能导致高热、极度虚弱和内出血,致死率高达90%。In Washington, the head of the W.H.O., Dr. Margaret Chan, said Wednesday at a news conference that there had been at least 3,500 Ebola cases, with more than 1,900 deaths. She called the outbreak “the largest and most severe and most complex we’ve ever seen in the nearly 40-year history of this disease.”周三,世卫组织总干事陈冯富珍士(Margaret Chan)在华盛顿召开的新闻发布会上表示,目前累计的埃拉病例数至少为3500人,死亡数逾1900人。她将这次疫情称为“在该疾病近40年的历史中,规模最大、最为严重、最为复杂的一次爆发”。Last week, the organization, based in Geneva, said Ebola could afflict more than 20,000 people before it was brought under control.上周,总部位于日内瓦的世卫组织表示,控制住这次埃拉疫情之前,它可能会感染逾2万人。 /201409/326616



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