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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/470044栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201606/450460This used to be my old sofa, the jacket, and my pants was...used to be my ottoman.这个外套是我旧沙发的团,这裤子的图案,和我原来的长椅一样。These are, uh, the issues from my appearances...in Bill Cunninghams ;On the Street; column.这些事登在我的文章Bill的;On the Street;专栏里。Theyre laminated so that this will preserve it for, uh, my grandchildren.这些…都塑封起来了,可以留给我的孙子们看。Put this one in the upper right-hand corner.把这张放到那一角。Give me these two together.把这两张放到一起。Lap them together. -Together.这两张重叠到一起。-好了。Uh, put the dog back where the cab is for the minute.好,这这些都放回去。Let me see them again, John.我们来重看一遍,John。Now dont get angry, jiggle the mouse.别那么烦躁,稍稍动一下鼠标。Im going to jiggle you right out that damn window.哦,我想把你从窗户上扔下去。Why dont you go get your film, so I can straighten this out?你干嘛不去拍照,我可以直接把这些弄完。No, I will. Put it back. As soon as I get exactly what I want.不,我现在不去。把照片都调回去我要把他们做到我想要的样子。Oh, Jesus, give me strength to deal with you today.哦,天呐…但愿我还有耐心忍你一天。Oh, and we gotta leave room for that damn three or four lines Web site, some nonsense.哦,我们还要花三四个小时去网站上看一些废话。Look at now. Theyve got the audio thing going at the Times, which they pushed me into, and they said, ;Well, a lot of people dont the paper.;看,他们现在在《纽约时报》上给我弄了个音频,他们强迫我这么做的,并且给的理由是;现在很多人懒得看报纸;。I said, ;Okay, Ill do it. Where do we do it?;我说;好吧,我会去做…不过我在哪儿录?;Oh, no, no, no, no, no.不不不,别这样。This is...Hes getting in a zone.这是他第一次尝试这样。I just go in the room and say whats on my mind and thats it.我就坐到那个房间里,然后把我的想法说出来。Its done in five minutes.大概五分钟就录好了。201608/460198


Just get a branch like this.就拿这样一个树枝Then into these gaps,Im just gonna push a lot of these birch-bark shavings.然后在这缺口里 塞进一些桦树皮屑But Im not gonna light this unless I really need to.但不到万不得已 我不会点燃它A least with this,I know I can instantly have a flaming torch in my hand.有了这个的话 我就能确保自己手上随时都有火炬了I just heard a noise out there.我听到点声响You know, Im not gonna take any chance with this.Im just gonna get this torch flaming.跟你说 我不会抱侥幸心理的 我要把这火炬点燃There you go. Hear that?就是这个 听见了吗I was once shown by a woodsman how to get a response from wolves.一个樵夫曾经教过我 如何与狼产生共鸣And if I can at least hear a response,then at least I know what Im dealing with.如果我能得到回应的话 我就知道我要对付的是什么了Okay. Hear that?That,that sounds a very long way away, there.听见了吗 这声音是从很远处传来的There you go. Hear that?Gonna try and get some sleep.又来了 听见了吗 我得试着睡会儿觉Try and slow the heart rate back down again.让砰砰乱跳的心平静一会The morning light signals the end to what has been a long, restless night.晨曦预示着 这个不安宁的长夜的结束The shelter worked well, that fire.大本营的作用发挥得不错 那火也是To be honest, though,the weak link last night was in my mind.但是说实话 昨晚那微弱的共鸣一直在我脑海徘徊You know, I really found it hard just to get back to sleep after hearing those noises.在听到那种声响以后 我真的很难入睡The fire gave me a sense of security,and Ive spotted something that means I can start another one at a moments notice.Tinder fungus!火给了我安全的感觉 我偶然一瞥 发现了让我能够再次生火的宝贝 火焰菌201704/506844TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201608/461822North Korea reportedly launched not one, but three missiles toward Japan Monday morning.据报道,周一朝鲜往日本方向发射三枚导弹。According to South Koreas military, the missiles were fired from an area south of Pyongyang and flew more than 600 miles, landing in Japans air defense identification zone.据韩国军方称,这些导弹是从平壤南部的一个地区发射的,飞行600多英里降落在日本的防空识别区内。Officials say North Korea did not give any warning prior to the launch. 官员称,朝鲜在发射前没有给予任何警告。It appears the country was attempting to flex its military muscle as world leaders, including U.S. President Barack Obama, continue to meet for the G-20 summit in China.此时,包括美国总统奥巴马在内的世界领导人在中国举行20国集团领导人峰会,朝鲜此举似乎试图显示其军事实力。Mondays launch very well could have embarrassed North Koreas main ally, China, which has gone to great lengths to ensure the G-20 summit goes smoothly in Hangzhou.周一朝鲜的导弹发射很可能使其主要盟友中国备受尴尬。中国在竭尽全力确保G20峰会在杭州顺利进行。The White House condemned the launch, calling it ;reckless; and saying it could ;pose threats to civil aviation and maritime commerce in the region.;白宫对朝鲜的发射表示谴责,称其是“鲁莽的”,并称它可能对该地区民用航空和海上贸易构成威胁。North Korea has been banned from conducting missile tests, but that hasnt stopped them from launching several lately.朝鲜已被禁止进行导弹试射,但这并没有阻止他们最近发射几次导弹试射。Another launch reportedly happened just two weeks ago when the country fired a ballistic missile from a submarine off its eastern coast.据报道,就在两星期前发生了另一次发射,当时朝鲜在其东海岸的一艘潜艇上发射了一枚弹道导弹。译文属。201609/465690

Roofing felt is crude paperboard impregnated with tar and bitumen to make it water-resistant.油毡是用厚纸坯制成 浸以焦油和沥青防水It burns slowly and steadily,making it perfect for torches.它可以持续稳定地燃烧 非常适合用来制作火炬Time to get into this ventilation shaft.现在我们可以进通风管了Im gonna squeeze going into this one.Dont want to have had too much lunch.我要努力挤进去 记得午饭别吃太多Entering this ventilation system is like going into unexplored caves.进入通风管系统内部就好比 探索一个无人涉足的山洞This is a mad place in here.It smells of stale air.这地方真让人疯狂 空气味道陈腐The air isnt good,but as long as my torch is burning,theres enough oxygen to breathe.空气不好 但只要火炬仍然燃烧 就有足够的氧气供我呼吸Getting a bit wet in here.Also means its rustier,so just watch where you put your feet.这里有些潮湿 也意味着铁锈更加严重 小心你前面的路A bit like going through a minefield, this bit.有些像探索雷区 步步惊心Just dont know what youre ting on whether its solid or whether its been rusted through,不知道你脚下是否安全 踏板是否牢靠 有没有被锈掉which means we need to t really gingerly just test each foot before we commit the weight to it.这意味着我们要非常小心 每向前一步之前都要小心试探Thats a bad bit there.Try and sp your weight like youre on thin ice.这块锈得太严重 想象着下面是薄冰 要把体重分散开You know, go on all fours if you need to.Sp your weight. Thats thin here.有必要的话用上手 分散体重 这块太薄了But thin ice is better than no ice.Hang on. Steady here. Theres a drop down here.就算如履薄冰也好过寸步难行 这里小心 路是直下的Let me see how far that is.It looks like its gonna be taking me down to the next level.Let me go first.让我看看这到底有多深 看起来这一直通到下一层 让我先走201609/468781North Korea has reportedly detained another American citizen.据报道,朝鲜扣留了另一名美国公民。The countrys official news agency reported Sunday that Kim Hak-song was arrested on charges of committing ;hostile acts.;朝鲜官方通讯社周日报道,Kim Hak song犯“敌对行为”罪被逮捕。If the arrest is confirmed, Kim would be the fourth American held by the country. In late April, another American was arrested at Pyongyang International Airport on similar charges. 如果逮捕被实,Kim将是第四名被朝鲜扣留的美国人。四月下旬,另一名美国人在平壤国际机场以类似罪名被捕。Both men worked for the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, but its not clear if theres a connection between the arrests.两人都在平壤科技大学工作,但目前还不清楚逮捕之间是否有关联。The arrests come at a time of increased tension between North Korea and the U.S. 逮捕之际,朝鲜和美国的紧张局势不断加剧。North Korea continues to test missiles and the U.S. sent warships to the Korean Peninsula as a show of force last month.朝鲜继续进行导弹测试,上月美国派遣军舰到朝鲜半岛展示武力。译文属。201705/507933

Minerals like calcium and phosphate keep your bones tough and rigid,像钙和磷酸盐这样的矿物质使你的骨骼保持坚硬,so your limbs can be attached properly, and your bodys not just a squishy mess of tissue.这样你的四肢才能正常地活动,你的躯体,不至于成为一堆软乎乎的组织。But sometimes minerals can build up where theyre not supposed to.但有时矿物质能够在意料之外的地方起作用。In fact, after a heart attack, some of your heart tissue could effectively turn into bone.事实上,心脏病发作后,你的部分心肌组织能有效的转化为骨。This might sound kind of like a mutant superpower, but its actually really dangerous,这可能听起来像是一种超强突变,但实际上这相当危险and has perplexed scientists for a while.并且曾经困扰了科学家一段时间。But a new study published in the journal Cell Stem Cell suggests that these bony calcium deposits但发表在Cell Stem Cell杂志上的最新研究表明,这些骨钙沉积are just an unfortunate byproduct of the heart trying to heal itself.仅仅是心脏试图治愈自身的不良副产物。Its no surprise that heart tissue and bone tissue have really different jobs.心肌组织和骨组织具有完全不同的功能,这并不奇怪。Heart muscle has to be flexible and beat in a rhythm to keep your blood circulating.心肌必须灵活,以一定的节律跳动从而保持血液循环。Your heartbeat is controlled by electrical signals that sp through the muscle cells你的心跳受到心肌细胞中传递的电信号的控制that make up different heart chambers.这些心肌细胞构成不同的心脏室。So when heart tissue turns all stiff and mineralized, it cant conduct those signals as well,因此当心脏组织变得僵硬和矿化时,它也就不能执行这些电信号了,and your heart cant keep that smooth, steady beat – a condition called heart block.心脏不能保持平稳的心跳,这种情况叫做心肌梗死。And theres currently no medical treatment to break down these calcium deposits if they form.并且这些钙沉积物一旦形成目前没有医疗手段能够分解它们。This bone-like tissue can form after a heart attack, where blood flow gets blocked这些类骨组织会在心脏病发作后形成,它们会阻碍血液流动so the cells get deprived of oxygen and start to die.因此细胞会缺氧并开始坏死。We know that the heart can kind of repair itself when it gets injured.我们知道心脏受伤时会自我修复。In fact, in an earlier paper, this team of researchers showed事实上,在更早的文献中这个团队的研究显示that some heart cells can even switch jobs to try and patch things up.一些心脏细胞甚至能够转而承担修补工作。See, usually, all mature cells take on a specific function and stay that way forever.通常,所有成熟细胞都有其特定功能并且一直保持这样。But rarely, with the right signal from the body, certain cells can change forms.但罕见地,在接收到来自身体的正确信号时某些细胞可以改变形态。In this case, the turncoats are called cardiac fibroblasts, a type of connective cell,这种情况下,这些“变节者”被称为心脏成纤维细胞,它是一种连接细胞which can become blood vessel cells after an injury.能够在机体受伤之后成为血管细胞。And in the study published this week, these researchers found that cardiac fibroblasts在本周发表的研究中,这些研究者发现心脏成纤维细胞can also become cells that act just like osteoblasts,也能够表现成骨细胞的特性成骨细胞,the cells responsible for depositing minerals in your bones.负责在骨骼中储存矿物质。To figure this out, they took heart fibroblasts from mice with calcified hearts为了弄清楚,他们从心脏钙化的老鼠身上获取成纤维细胞and put them in healthy mice hearts.然后放到正常老鼠心脏里。They observed that these osteoblast-like cells started depositing calcium,他们观察到这些类成骨细胞开始储存钙质,and mineralizing other cells.并矿化其他细胞。Theyre still not completely sure why heart cells would start spewing out minerals,他们仍然不能完全确定心脏细胞为何会大量释放矿物质but its probably an accident.但那可能是一个意外。Maybe the fibroblasts are trying to switch jobs one way to be helpful, they mess up,可能成纤维细胞试图通过转变功能来变的更有用,但它们搞砸了and go down a different developmental path.走上了一条不同的发展道路。The researchers hope that by understanding how heart cells can make this mistake,研究者希望通过理解心脏细胞的犯错机制theyll be able to develop drugs that block this sort of calcium buildup in patients.他们能够开发出阻断病人体内这种钙沉积的药物。Lots of scientists are researching really small things许多科学家在研究很不起眼但是可能在人体中that can go wrong in human bodies, but plenty are also looking at planet-wide issues.出错的过程,但是还有很多科学家关注的是全球的问题。For example, some fish populations are plummeting because of things like commercial fishing and climate change.比如,一些鱼类种群数量由于商业和气候变化的原因而骤降。And its not like you can just stick your head underwater and count them to check on the damage.并不是你把头伸到水下数数就能核实危害的程度。So, in a new paper, a team of Danish researchers think a soda bottle full of seawater因此,在一项新研究中一个丹麦的研究团队认为一苏打水瓶的海水might have the power to tell us how many and what kinds of fish are in the ocean.可能能够告诉我们海里有多少鱼、是什么种类的。One strategy to keep tabs on fish populations is trawling,监视鱼类种群数量的一种方法是拖网作业,or dragging a big net across the seafloor and seeing what you scoop up.即在海底撒一张大网看看能捞上来什么。But it has its problems: only part of the ocean floor is flat enough to drag a net across,但是这种方法存在问题:不是所有的海底都平坦到适合撒网,some bigger animals can easily avoid the nets, its pretty invasive, and its not all that fast.一些大型的动物能轻易地避开网,这种方法太具侵略性并且没有那么快。Researchers can also ask commercial fishing companies how much theyve caught,研究者也可以了解渔业公司捕到的鱼数量,and try to estimate fish populations that way.以此来推断鱼类种群的数量。But this is the twenty-first century, and we have cool sciencey toys now,但现在是二十一世纪了如今我们有更酷的科学玩具,like quick, cheap, accurate DNA sequencing.比如快速、廉价、精确的DNA测序。Fish shed DNA in the water all the time,鱼类在水中会一直脱落DNA,just like we humans leave bits and pieces of ourselves wherever we go.就像我们人类到哪都会留下我们自身的皮屑毛发一样。So instead of scooping up the fish, a team of Danish researchers figured所以一个丹麦的研究者团队认为他们可以they could just scoop up a bunch of environmental DNA, or eDNA, from the water,从水中取得一些环境DNA或eDNA来取代,and match it to known tissue samples and sequences.然后将得到的DNA和已有的组织样本和序列进行比对。They ran a traditional trawling study side-by-side with this eDNA study,他们同时进行了拖网作业研究和这个eDNA研究,pulling up two liters of water – a soda-bottle sized amount – everywhere they dropped a net.在每个撒网的地方取两升水样--一瓶苏打水的量。And, for the most part, the eDNA was able to tell them what was in that part of the ocean.在大多数情况下eDNA能够告诉他们在那片海里有哪些动物。eDNA sequencing did miss some rare fish that trawling caught,eDNA测序确实漏掉了一些拖网作业捕到的稀有鱼,suggesting that two liters of water just didnt have enough of their DNA in it.说明两升水里这些鱼DNA的含量不够多。Plus, the scientists are still figuring out how the amount of DNA can be used另外,科学家仍然在研究如何用DNA的含量to estimate the actual number of fish in the water.估计海里鱼的数量。But in the case of one species, the Greenland shark,但对其中一个物种格陵兰鲨鱼来说,the eDNA method may actually have done a better job than trawling.eDNA方法实际上已经比拖网作业得到了更好的结果。The researchers say that Greenland sharks are big enough to avoid trawling nets.研究者说格陵兰鲨鱼大到能够避开拖网。But this issue doesnt apply to their DNA, so it might provide a better estimate of their numbers.但这个问题不适用于它们的DNA,所以eDNA方法可能提供了更好的方法估计它们的数量。Mostly, because eDNA sequencing is much less invasive than trawling,主要是因为eDNA测序对环境的破坏性比拖网作业小得多,these scientists think its a promising option for future fish studies, even though it still needs some refining.这些科学家认为这是未来鱼类研究一个很有前途的方向,即使它仍需改善Thanks for watching this episode of SciShow News, brought to you by our President of Space,谢谢观看由我们的President of Space带来的本期科学秀,you guessed it…. SR Foxley! Thanks SR!你一定猜到了。SR Foxley!谢谢SR!And if you want to help support this show, you can go to patreon.com/scishow.如果你想赞助本节目,请访问patreon.com/scishow。And dont forget to go to youtube.com/scishow and subscribe!别忘了登录youtube.com/scishow订阅我们!201706/515411And apart from Patch, who is the blue,除了帕奇 蓝色的那只and he does have a further range,他活动的范围更大he does go much further than the others,比其他几只走得更远theyre very, very much centred around your home,他们都集中在你家周围活动around your garden,在花园附近and the really interesting thing is,真正有趣的事情是theyre all there at the same time.他们是同时在那儿出现- Fantastic. - None of them are moving particularly quickly,-太神奇了 -没有一只走得特别快theyre all just bumbling around together, really.他们几乎是同时在一起走动That, for us, is fascinating,这在我们看来很神奇because a whole group of unrelated cats...因为对于几只没血缘关系的猫猫来说we just wouldnt necessarily expect that at all.我们从没想过会出现这种情况Out of all the lot weve had,在所有的研究中this has been the ones that have gelled the most.这些猫猫是共处最融洽的Especially the boys, theyre always...尤其是男孩们 他们通常...Youll see them playing together,你会看到他们经常一起玩they will lie together.睡在一起Pumpkin and Ralph lie on top of each other,南瓜和拉尔夫会躺在对方身上not just next to each other.而不仅是挨着对方睡Its so cute the way they get on so well together.他们相处融洽的样子真是太可爱了Do you ever see them rubbing their faces against each other?你看过他们擦对方的脸吗Yes.有And Pumpkin and Ralph spent a lot of time grooming each other.南瓜和拉尔夫会花大量时间为对方梳理毛发重点解释:1.apart from 除 ... 以外例句:She lives in seclusion apart from her friend.她远离朋友,过隐居生活。2.at all 完全例句:Im not at all sure, actually.实际上我根本不能肯定。3.none of 当中谁都不例句:Its none of your business. Dont concern yourself with it.这不关你的事,别管闲事。201609/466453Botos are highly social, and in the breeding season, there is stiff competition for mates.亚马逊江豚是高度社会型动物。在繁殖季节,会有一场激烈的求偶竞赛The males hold court in a unique way.雄江豚会以独特的方式向雌江豚示爱They pick up rocks in their jaws and flaunt them to their attending females.它们用长嘴捡起石块,然后向自己的“心上人”炫耀。Maybe each male is trying to show how strong and dexterous he is这或许是雄江豚展示自己强壮身体和敏捷身手的一种方式and that he therefore is the best father a female could have for her young.以此来明自己将是最好的父亲,雌江豚为了孩子就应该选它Successful displays lead to mating.求爱成功后,它们便开始交配Even for giant rivers like the Amazon,即使像亚马逊河这般巨大的江河the journey to the sea is not always smooth or uninterrupted.流向大海的过程也并非都是平缓连续的Iguagu Falls, on the border of Brazil and Argentina,位于巴西和阿根廷边境的伊瓜苏瀑布is one of the widest waterfalls in the world, 1.5 miles across.是世界上最宽的瀑布之一,宽幅达1.5英里。In flood, 30 million litres of water spill over every second.瀑布每秒的水流量达到3000万立方米。201706/513064

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