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昆明市安宁市人民医院玻尿酸多少钱云南省妇幼保健医院祛眼袋手术多少钱保山市妇幼保健院抽脂多少钱 The fourth and final day of the 2016 Democratic national convention has ended, if you don’t count the ongoing balloon-related activity on the floor, where dozens of delegates continue to linger.2016年民主党全国大会的第四天结束了,同时这也是大会的最后一天,如果不算接下来的庆祝活动的话。数十名代表将继续参加后续的庆祝活动。Here’s what happened:以下是最后一天大会的具体情况:Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic presidential nomination, becoming the first woman to be nominated by a major party for the country’s highest office.希拉#8226;克林顿接受了民主党总统候选人提名,成为了美国历史上首位获得主要政党提名的女性。Clinton delivered an hourlong speech that was part biography, part profession of faith, part political prospectus, part job application and part attack on Donald Trump.克林顿发表了长达一个小时的演讲,演讲内容主要包括其个人经历、职业信念、政治计划、工作规划和对唐纳德#8226;特朗普的抨击。“He’s offering empty promises,Clinton said. “What are we offering? A bold agenda to improve the lives of people across our country - to keep you safe, to get you good jobs, and to give your kids the opportunities they deserve.“特朗普承诺的都是空头票,”克林顿说。“而我们呢?我们给出了一个提高全国人民生活水平的宏伟计划——保障你们的安全,让你们拥有满意的工作,让你们的孩子拥有属于他们的机会。“The choice is clear.”“应该选择谁,现在看来很明确了。”Clinton: “Imagine him in the Oval Office facing a real crisis. A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.”希拉里说:“想象一下,当特朗普坐在总统办公室,面对着一个真正的危机。一个你可以用推特做诱饵的男人是不可以把核武器交给他的。”The night was programmed to highlight the historic nature of Clinton’s nomination, with speaker after speaker calling for a first female president. However the rest of the country felt, the cheering room agreed that it was participating in history.这个夜晚就是为突出希拉里提名的历史意义而设计的,一个又一个的发言者都呼吁选民持希拉里成为第一位女性总统。无论其余的美国人怎么想,欢呼的人群相信他们正在创造历史。Clinton ignored attempts by scattered protesters to interrupt her speech, and sometimes the crowd helped her by chanting “Hillary! Hillary!”一些抗议者企图打断希拉里的演讲,却被她无视了。人群里时不时大声呼喊“希拉里!希拉里!”以示对她的持。The show was almost stolen by Khizr Khan, the father of a Muslim soldier killed in Iraq, who tore into Trump, his veiled wife standing beside him. “Donald Trump ... Let me ask you, have you even the ed States constitution?Khan asked, pulling a copy from his pocket. “I will gladly lend you my copy.”这场演讲差点被一位名叫希治尔#8226;可汗的穆斯林士兵的父亲抢了风头。他的儿子在伊拉克阵亡,他的妻子蒙着纱巾站在他旁边。他强烈抨击特朗普说:“唐纳德#8226;特朗普……让我问问你,你读过美国宪法吗?”他问道,从兜里拿出一本宪法。“我很愿意把我这本借给你看。”Introducing her mother, Chelsea Clinton delivered a personal speech about feeling supported as a child. “That feeling being valued and loved that’s something my mom wants for every child,she said.希拉里的女儿切尔#8226;克林顿谈到她母亲时表示,作为孩子,她感受到了持和鼓励。“那种感觉——被重视、被疼爱——是我母亲希望每个孩子都能拥有的。”她说。Sanders congratulated Clinton “on this historic achievementin a tweet. “We are stronger together,he wrote.桑德斯在推特上祝贺希拉里取得这个“历史性的成就”。“我们团结在一起会变得更加强大。”他写道。“Great speech,the president thought:美国总统奥巴马认为这是一个“精的演讲”:Great speech. Shes tested. Shes y. She never quits. Thats why Hillary should be our next @POTUS. (Shell get the Twitter handle, too)“精的演讲。她经受住了考验。她已经准备好了。她永远不会放弃。这就是为什么希拉里应该成为下一任美国总统。(她也会搞定推特的)”来 /201608/457583昆明延安减肥手术多少钱

昆明botox价格德宏大理去除黄褐斑多少钱 Shinzo Abe has a reputation for being a nationalist and a hawk. Yet in striking a deal with South Korea over wartime “comfort women the Japanese prime minister has made the most significant atonement for his country’s past conduct since 1995, when Tomiichi Murayama the dovish Social Democrat who then held that office apologised for Japan’s aggression during the second world war.安倍晋Shinzo Abe)以民族主义和鹰派立场著称。然而,通过与韩国就战时“慰安妇”问题达成协议,这位日本首相却完成了995年以来为日本过去行为所做的最重要赎罪995年时,当时的日本首相、鸽派的社会党人村山富市(Tomiichi Murayama)为日本在二战期间的侵略行为进行了道歉。As part of this week’s agreement, Tokyo apologised for forcing Korean women to serve as sex slaves for imperial troops. It pledged .3m for surviving victims; as many in South Korea had demanded, the funds will come from official rather than private sources. Both sides called the agreement “final and irrevocable raising hopes that two of Asia’s most important economies can finally overcome a longstanding impediment to constructive relations between them.作为本周达成的协议的一部分,东京方面为强迫韩国妇女充当日本帝国军队性奴进行了道歉。日本政府承诺出30万美元援助依然健在的受害者;正如很多韩国人曾经要求的那样,这笔资金将来自官方、而非民间渠道。日韩双方均称这份协议是“最终和不可撤销的”,这让人们不禁期待,亚洲两个最重要经济体终于能够克长期以来阻止双方建立建设性关系的一道障碍。Both South Korea and Japan have showed courage, pragmatism and the willingness to risk a domestic backlash. The benefits of this rapprochement should not be underestimated, at a moment when east Asia confronts both opportunity and peril.韩国和日本均表现出了勇气、务实作风以及冒国内反对的风险达成协议的意愿。在东亚既面临机遇又面临危险之际,人们不应低估日韩修好带来的好处。One of the more astonishing features of the deal is that it comes on Mr Abe’s watch. Here is a leader who has outraged neighbours with plans to revise Japan’s pacifist constitution. In his rightwing screed, Towards a Beautiful Country, he has brazenly displayed his nationalist stripes. He has also flirted with historical revisionism. In 2007, during a previous stint as prime minister, he went so far as to say that there was no evidence that the “comfort womenhad in fact been forced into prostitution.更令人惊讶的一点是,该协议是在安倍掌权期间达成的。这是一位因企图修订日本和平宪法而激怒邻国的领导人。在其冗长的右翼作品《致美丽的国家Towards a Beautiful Country)中,安倍公然向人们展示了他的民族主义色。他还与历史修正主义有着暧昧关系007年,在上次担任日本首相期间,他甚至表示没有据表明“慰安妇”事实上是被强迫卖淫的。Yet it is because of his hawkish credentials that Mr Abe has been able to begin the crucial work of pulling Seoul closer to Tokyo. Rightwingers make up an important chunk of his Liberal Democratic party’s support base. Perhaps, alone among Japanese politicians, the prime minister has the street credibility to quell their anger and persuade them that, in the end, he has their interests at heart.不过,正是因为拥有身为鹰派的种种“凭”,安倍才能够启动拉拢韩国的关键工作。右翼是他领导的自民LDP)的持阵营的重要组成部分。这位日本首相拥有的街头号召力,可以平息右翼的怒火并让他们相信他内心深处记得他们的利益,他的这种号召力在日本政界或许是绝无仅有的。Mr Abe has been able to press the same advantage in other areas, too. He has achieved the remarkable feat of bringing Japan into the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a major trade pact involving 12 Pacific Rim nations, taming his own camp’s vested interests along the way. The deal is good for Japan’s economic prospects, but potentially painful for the coddled farming sector, a pillar of LDP support. Using a combination of clout and sweeteners, Mr Abe has hacked through resistance to change in a way that the Democratic party which was last in power between and 2012 has never managed.安倍还能将这种优势运用在其他领域。他实现了令人瞩目的成就,让日本加入了涉2个环太平洋国家的重要贸易协定《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定》(Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement,简称TPP),并在这个过程中驯了他所在阵营内的既得利益。该协定有利于日本的经济前景,但可能会不利于受到呵护的农业部门,后者是自民党的重要拥趸。通过恩威并施,安倍突破了阻力,实现了变革,而这是民主党(上一次执政是009年至2012年)一直未能做到的。Mr Abe is no closet liberal. Left to his own devices, he might very well be tempted to careen into the rigid nationalism where his instincts lie. Yet instead he has surrounded himself with clear-sighted realists, notably chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga, whose official role as government spokesman belies his outsize influence. And Mr Abe himself should be given much credit for the positive economic and diplomatic steps Japan has taken. Faced with the choice between the romantic nationalism close to his heart, and the recognition that only bold economic and diplomatic measures can restore his country to prosperity, Mr Abe appears to have listened to his head and chosen the latter.安倍并不是一个秘密的自由派。如果他由着自己的心意,他很可能会忍不住倒向顽固的民族主义,因为那才是他内心深处所推崇的。尽管如此,他却挑选了一些精明的现实主义者作为自己的副手,特别是内阁官房长官菅义Yoshihide Suga)——虽然他的官方身份只是政府发言人,但他的影响力其实要大得多。就日本已经采取的积极的经济和外交举措而言,很大一部分功劳应记在安倍本人头上。他内心推崇的是浪漫的民族主义,但他同时也认识到只有大胆的经济和外交举措才能使日本恢复繁荣。在要在这二者当中作选择时,安倍似乎理智地选择了后者。Next he should turn his attention to Beijing, and see whether a similar approach can generate a virtuous circle of trust and co-operation to replace the acrimony of the past seven decades.接下来他应把注意力转向北京方面,看看类似的做法是否可以在日中两国间建立起信任与合作的良性循环,来取代过0年两国间的恶语相向。There have been hopeful moments before. In 1972, Kakuei Tanaka, the Japanese premier, and Zhou Enlai, his Chinese counterpart, enjoyed a meeting of minds and especially of personalities, which led to the normalisation of diplomatic ties between the two Asian giants. Watching the grainy footage of their handshake, one senses something more at stake than the realpolitik of Asian rivalry. These are two old codgers moved by friendship and mutual achievement. They are beyond faking it.以前曾有过充满希望的时刻972年,当时的日本首相田中角Kakuei Tanaka)和中国总理周恩来愉快地举行了一次会晤,展现出了双方的思想,尤其是人格魅力。这促成了两个亚洲巨人之间外交关系的正常化。观看田中与周恩来握手的模糊影像画面,人们可以感受到某种比亚洲竞争的现实政治更重要的东西。这是两位被友谊和相互成全打动的老人。他们的姿态不是装出来的。There was a glimmer of that in the handshake in Seoul between South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye and Japanese foreign minister Fumio Kishida to mark this week’s agreement. I have watched it over and over; it does not look choreographed, but entirely sincere.在首尔,当韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)与日本外相岸田文Fumio Kishida)为庆祝本周达成的协议而握手时,人们也能隐约感受到类似的东西。我看了一遍又一遍;这一幕看起来不像是精心设计的,而是完全发自内心。Here are two politicians, coming from vastly different historical perspectives, who are genuinely pleased at the prospect of a new beginning. They want something to happen.历史观截然不同的两位政治人士,为一个新开端的前景而由衷地高兴。他们希望能够促成某种东西。Yet there is a touch of shrewdness, too, in this week’s deal. It comes just as Japan goes into a mode of collective hibernation known as the shogatsu, or new year, holidays. Even the most hardened nationalist may be too busy drinking sake and munching on rice cakes to make much of a fuss about Japan extending a historic hand of friendship to Korea.不过,在本周的协议中也能体会到一丝精心的设计。协议达成时,正值日本人进入“集体冬眠”模式,即新年假期。即便是最强硬的民族主义者或许也在忙着喝清酒、吃年糕,没时间就日本向韩国伸出历史性的友谊之手大做文章。来 /201601/419998昆明胎记治疗

德宏大理激光治疗红血丝价格When Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe makes his visit to Pearl Harbor, just after Christmas, it will be a dovish act that masks a hawkish intent.日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)将访问珍珠港(Pearl Harbor),此举将是一个掩盖鹰派意图的鸽派行为。There can be no doubt that when Mr Abe stands shoulder to shoulder with US President Barack Obama at the scene of his country’s 1941 attack on Hawaii the first Japanese leader to go to the site he will be carrying out a deeply meaningful gesture of reconciliation.毫无疑问,当安倍与美国总统巴拉奥巴Barack Obama)并肩站在日本1941年袭击夏威夷珍珠港的现场时————他将展现出具有深远意义的和解姿态。It reciprocates Mr Obama’s historic visit to Hiroshima in remembrance of up to 80,000 people who died when the US used an atomic weapon against the city in 1945. 这是对奥巴马历史性地访问广岛、纪945年死于美国原子弹袭击万死难者的礼尚往来。It also follows Japan’s surprising diplomatic approaches to former foes. 此前,日本还向昔日的敌人作出了令人意外的外交举动,These include an agreement with South Korea over women forced into prostitution during the second world war, sealed about a year ago. 包括年前就二战慰安妇一事与韩国签订的协议。Tokyo issued an apology and pledged m to surviving victims; both sides called the deal final and irrevocable.东京方面正式道歉并承诺向仍然在世的受害者赔00万美元;双方称该协议为最终且不可逆的了结。Pragmatism appears to be tempering Mr Abe’s rightwing instincts, which include an alarming penchant for historical revisionism regarding wartime Imperial army depredations. 务实主义似乎缓和了安倍的右翼本能(后者包括他对于战时大日本帝国陆军劫掠行为的令人震惊的历史修正主义倾向)。Yet it may be argued that this very pragmatism is driven by a conservative agenda.不过或许可以辩称,这种务实姿态恰恰是受保守议程的驱动。Mr Abe’s dream is to revise Japan’s pacifist constitution, drawn up by the US under postwar occupation, so allowing the country to have a real army. 安倍的梦想是修订日本和平宪法(战后日本被美军占领期间由美国起草),从而让日本拥有真正的军队。The thumping majority in parliament’s upper house that the prime minister won in July has allowed him to test the waters on achieving that goal.7月,安倍在日本参议院获得了绝对多数议席,这使得他可以尝试实现修宪目标。Yet he faces strong opposition among Asian neighbours, many Americans and Japan’s own people to the idea of shedding constitutional restraints on military power in particular, Article 9 of the constitution, which says land, sea and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained.不过,对于摆脱宪法对军力限制的构想——特别是和平宪法第九条永远不保持陆海空军及其他战争力量——他面临着来自亚洲邻国、许多美国人以及日本民众的强烈反对。The Japanese leader is also aly looking beyond Mr Obama to the presidency of Donald Trump, and he is eager to continue the golf club diplomacy 这位日本领导人的视线也已经越过了奥巴马、展望唐纳德.特朗Donald Trump)的总统任期,并且迫切希望推进高尔夫球友外交。that he enjoyed in November as the first foreign leader to visit the incoming president at Trump Tower, in which the two exchanged gifts of golfing gear.11月,安倍成为首位亲临川普大Trump Tower)拜访美国当选总统的外国领导人,其间两人互赠了高尔夫球装备作为礼物。On both fronts, visiting Pearl Harbor is shrewd politics.无论从哪方面看,访问珍珠港都是一个精明的政治举动。High-profile acts of historical rapprochement, such as paying respects in Hawaii, may go some way to defusing fears about militarism reawakening in Japan under a new charter and under a leader who makes no secret of his conservative outlook.高调的历史和解举动,比如在夏威夷向死难者致敬,可能在一定程度上化解外界对新宪法——以及从不掩饰其保守观点的领导人——下日本军国主义抬头的担忧。The visit will also be an ideal stage on which to reaffirm Japan’s alliance with the US as a volatile incoming American administration sends contradictory signals about its strategic intent in Asia.在具有不确定性的美国新一届行政当局在亚洲战略意图上发出矛盾信号之际此次访问也将是重新确立日美同盟的理想舞台。The prime minister holds one crucial advantage in pressing for constitutional change and visiting Pearl Harbor will strengthen that card. 安倍在施压修宪方面掌握着一个关键优势——而访问珍珠港将加强这张牌的效果。The US, under both Republican and Democratic administrations, has long urged Japan to do just what Mr Abe wants: broaden the role and capabilities of the nation’s military. 无论是由共和党还是民主党执掌行政当局,美国官方长期敦促日本采取的行动正是安倍所希望的:拓宽日本军队的角色,并提升其能力。It wants Japan to shoulder its share of the Asian security burden.美方希望日本分担美国在亚洲的安全负担。The irony is that Mr Trump’s rant that the Japanese can sit home and watch Sony television if America is attacked is a warped, hall-of-mirrors reflection of long-held Washington positions. 讽刺的是,特朗普的咆哮(如果美国遭到攻击,日本可能会坐在家里看索尼电视)只是从一个侧面反映了华盛顿方面的长期立场。American policymakers since the cold war have complained about Tokyo’s buck-passing as the US kept Japan and the world safe. 自冷战以来,美国政策制定者一直抱怨,在美国维护日本乃至世界的安全之际,东京方面却在推卸责任。That is simply a more polite expression of Trump’s complaint.这只是更礼貌地表达了特朗普的抱怨。The Pearl Harbor visit standing next to a popular, moderate and statesmanlike president allows Mr Abe to send the right messages to multiple stakeholders: US veterans, Japan’s neighbours and the Japanese people.访问珍珠港,站在一位受欢迎、温和、具有政治家风范的美国总统身边,使得安倍可以向多个利益相关方——美国老兵、日本的邻国以及日本民众——传达正确的信息。Mr Abe’s revisionist tendencies which in a previous stint as premier included questioning evidence that Korean women were forced into prostitution are a cause for worry and vigilance is required. 安倍的修正主义倾向——在此前担任日本首相的短暂任期内,他竟然质疑韩国妇女被迫沦为慰安妇的据——有理由让人担忧,需要对这种倾向保持警惕。Yet in the 70 years since the end of second world war, Japan has by and large established itself as a responsible global citizen. 不过,在二战结束以来0年里,日本大体上确立了自己作为负责任的全球公民的地位。And the current Japanese administration may come across today as rather reassuring, compared with the rabid populism that has become a global trend. 而与已经成为全球趋势的狂热民粹主义相比,当今的日本政府看上去似乎相当令人放心。In the strange world in which we live, even the arch-conservative Mr Abe, aided by his team’s deep institutional knowledge of governance, may provide geopolitical ballast that will help the centre hold.在我们所生活的这个奇怪世界里,即使极端保守的安倍在其团队的深层次制度化的治理知识的辅助下,也可能成为地缘政治的镇流器,有助于保持主流中间立场。Mr Abe alone among recent Japanese leaders enjoys the domestic clout needed to visit Pearl Harbor. 在最近几任日本领导人中,唯独安倍拥有访问珍珠港所必需的国内影响力。And it is the right thing to do whatever his strategic imperatives. 而无论他的战略意图是什么,此举都是正确行为。Even from a centrist perspective, he is also correct to argue that it is time Japan took a greater role in its own security and in that of the region, especially in the face of an increasingly assertive China and an unpredictable North Korea.即使从中间立场人士的视角看,他认为日本是时候在确保本国乃至地区安全上发挥更大作用,也是正确的,特别是在中国日益强硬、朝鲜愈发难以预料的情况下。But first Japan must exorcise the demons of its past. 但是首先日本必须赶走昔日的心魔。A bow from Mr Abe at Pearl Harbor will be a positive step in that direction.安倍若能在珍珠港鞠躬,将是向这个方向迈出的积极一步。来 /201612/485702 Beijing is banning Chinese tour groups from visiting South Korea, the latest retaliation against the planned Korean deployment of the US-built Thaad missile shield, according to two people with knowledge of the plans.根据两位了解相关计划的人士的说法,中国政府正在禁止中国旅游团体赴韩国旅游,这是对韩国拟部署美制萨Thaad)反导系统的最新报复手段。Wang Ki-young, a director at South Korea’s culture ministry, said on Friday that Chinese authorities had ordered tourism agencies in Beijing to halt tours to South Korea from mid-March. Mr Wang said the move would be expanded to other provinces.韩国文化部一位名叫黄记泳(Wang Ki-young,音译)的主管周五表示,中国当局已要求北京的旅行社从3月中旬起停止韩国游项目。黄记泳表示,此举或扩展至其他省什?Meanwhile, a salesman from online travel company Tuniu Corp told the Financial Times that it had on Friday “removed all tours to South Korea due to the Thaad issue A search for South Korean tours on the website returns the message: “Sorry, we have not found a relevant product.”与此同时,在线旅游公司途牛(Tuniu)一名销售人员告诉英囀?金融时报》,该公司周五已“因萨德问题取消了所有韩国游”。在该网站上搜索韩国游,会弹出一则消息:抱歉,没有找到符合条件的产品。”Written instructions apparently issued by China’s tourism administration, shown to the FT by one Beijing travel agent, order agencies to cancel group tours to South Korea booked for after March 15 and add that companies not in compliance could be fined or have their licences revoked. The tourism administration was not immediately available for comment.北京一家旅行社向英囀?金融时报》展示了一份疑似由中国国家旅游局发出的书面指示。该文件要求旅行社取消预订在35日之后成行的组团游,并表示不遵守该指示的企业会被罚款或吊销执照。中国国家旅游局未能马上置评此事。However, five Beijing-based travel agents said they were still selling South Korea tours for March, as was China’s largest online travel company Ctrip. Representatives at the top three state-owned airline carriers in China told Bloomberg they had not received instructions to halt ticket sales to the country.不过,五家总部驻北京的旅行社表示,他们仍在销月份的韩国游产品,而中国最大在线旅游公司携Ctrip)也做了同样表态。中国三大国有航空公司的代表向彭Bloomberg)表示,他们并未收到要求停止销售赴韩国机票的指示。Beijing has responded with increasing rancour against Seoul’s decision to deploy Thaad, the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence platform. While South Korea insists the system is for defending itself against North Korean missiles, China fears the technology will allow an ally of the US to spy on its military developments.对于韩国部署萨德的决定,中国政府已经以越来越大的愤怒加以回应。尽管韩国坚称该系统旨在保护韩国免受朝鲜导弹的打击,中国却担心该技术会令这个美国的盟国查探中国的军事动向。“This could be just the beginning,said Michael Na, a strategist in Seoul with Nomura.?“They have so many options to punish Korean businesses.”野村券驻首尔策略师Michael Na表示:“这可能只是个开始。要惩罚韩国企业,他们有如此多的选项。”He added that “almost every major Korean company, including Hyundai Motor and AmorePacific, relies heavily on Chinese sales他还表示“包括现代汽Hyundai Motor)和爱茉莉太平AmorePacific)在内,几乎每家韩国大企业都严重依赖对华销售。”Shares in Hyundai and AmorePacific slid on Friday, down 4.4 per cent and 12.5 per cent respectively in late afternoon trading in Seoul.周五,现代和爱茉莉太平洋的股价出现下跌,在首尔下午晚些时候的交易中分别下.4%2.5%。Several South Korea-linked entities have aly felt Beijing’s wrath in response to the Thaad plans. Chinese state news agency Xinhua last month issued a stark warning to Lotte, one of South Korea’s biggest companies, for giving up land on which the Thaad platform will be hosted.几家与韩国有关系的机构已经感受到了北京方面对萨德计划的怒火。上个月,由于乐Lotte)出让土地用于部署萨德平台,中国官方新闻机构新华社(Xinhua)向乐天发出了强硬警告。乐天是韩国最大的企业之一。“Lotte will hurt the Chinese people and the consequences could be severe,said the report, which followed a string of government probes into the company’s business interests in China.该报道表示:“乐天将伤害中国人民,后果可能是严重的。”该报道发表之后,中国政府对乐天在中国的商业集团开展了多起调查。Mr Na said that although South Korea had signed a trade agreement with China, there were plenty of other ways in which Beijing could punish Seoul.Michael Na表示,尽管韩国已经和中国签署了贸易协议,中国政府仍有足够多的其他方式惩罚韩国政府。“If they, say, delay a customary process for Korean imports and take other retaliatory measures on Korean products, there is nothing Korea can do about it,he said.他说:“比如说,如果他们拖延从韩国进口的海关流程并采取对韩国商品的其他报复举措,韩国政府对此将无能为力。”Chinese tourism to South Korea has boomed in recent years, delighting retailers but irking domestic tourists who have found the country’s attractions swamped with visitors.最近几年,中国赴韩旅游出现了蓬勃发展,这让韩国的零售商高兴不已,不过也激怒了韩国国内的游客,因为他们发现韩国旅游景点被来访游客淹没。There were more than 8m Chinese tourist arrivals in the country last year up 36 per cent year-on-year, said Mr Wang. The numbers had continued to increase even after Seoul announced the deployment of Thaad, he added.黄记泳表示,去年赴韩旅游的中国游客超00万人,同比增6%。他还表示,甚至在韩国政府宣布部署萨德之后,该数字也曾继续上升。China’s tourism administration issued a notice on Friday confirming reports that Chinese travellers had been denied entry to South Korea’s Jeju island in recent months for holding incomplete travel documentation. It reminded citizens to “select travel destinations with caution中国国家旅游局周五发出通知,确认了最近几个月中国游客因所持旅游文件不完整而被拒进入韩国济州岛的报道。该机构提醒中国公民“慎重选择旅游目的地”。Additional reporting by Tom Hancock in Shanghai汤姆?汉考克(Tom Hancock)上海补充报道 /201703/496562怒江楚雄迪庆opt嫩肤多少钱昆明市安宁市人民医院祛眼袋手术多少钱



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