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Former Party chief of Chongqing Municipality, Bo Xilai, will stand in an open trial at the Intermediate People#39;s Court next week in the eastern city of Jinan, Shandong province.重庆前市委书记—薄熙来贪腐案将于下周在济南中级人民法院公开审判。He has been accused of bribery, graft and abuse of power. The open trial will start at 8:30am Beijing Time on August 22 at its 5th courtroom.薄熙来被指控犯有行贿受贿,渎职及滥用职权罪。该案件将于8月22日北京时间上午8:30在第五法庭进行公开审判。 Article/201308/253510

Jay Sebring introduced my father to William Dozier who was the producer of Batman and also produced The Green Hornet.杰伊·西布林将父亲引荐给威廉·厄齐尔,他是《蝙蝠侠》和《青蜂侠》的制片人The murders were then followed up the very next night by more murders.那宗凶杀案之后的一晚发生了更多的凶杀案。It was just a nightmare and very scary for Bruce, too。because Bruce#39;s whole mentality was protection, to take care of us.这对布鲁斯也是场可怕的噩梦,因为布鲁斯心中充斥的就是保护我们,照顾我们。One officer summed up the murders:;In all my years I have never seen anything like this before.;一位警官是这么评价这些凶杀案的,多年的从警经验中我从未遇到过这样的案子。Those were tough times, going out of the 60 sand into the 70s.从60年代的废墟中踏入70年代着实不易And every day, I practise martial arts.We were really struggling financially to make it,and we had bought our first house which we ended up not being able to afford.我每天都练习武术,我们经济上十分困难,还买了一套房子,但最终没能负担得起。And right in the middle of that he hurt his back.就在这时他伤到了背部He was doing a good morning stretch exercise which can be very dangerous.Chiropractors like that exercise.他在进行弯腰伸展运动时伤到的,这种运动有时非常危险。师喜欢这种运动You see? -Watch out.For whatever reason, he did not warm up and just...that was it.看到了吗 -小心点。不管什么原因,他没有做热身,悲剧就发生了。He was in excruciating pain.All I know I was ;Where#39;s Bruce?;And then he was there.They never wanted to say he hurt his back.because I knew he was working on the screen scripts.他极度疼痛,我问布鲁斯在哪?他就在那。没人想说他背部受伤了,因为我知道他在写电影脚本。They told him that he was never going to walk properly and forget doing any gung fu.On the back of his business card he wrote the words ;Walk on;.他们说他再也不能正常行走并劝他放弃功夫,他在名片背面写道,坚持下去。He used to put the card on his bathroom mirror and his doors and walls so everywhere he went in his room, he#39;d see ;Walk on;.并将名片贴在浴室镜子上,门上和墙上,在房间每一角落他都能看到;坚持下去;So he#39;d get down and start doing his stretching.他鼓起勇气 又开始做伸展运动 Article/201312/267087

  The trick to revealing your crush is to do it in a way that doesn#39;t jeopardize the friendship. This game plan will help.大胆表白自己感情的技巧就是以不破坏友情的方式。下面的技巧或许会帮助你。You Will Need你需要A keen eye敏锐的双眼Patience耐心Courage勇气Steps步骤STEP 1 Look for signs they feel the same way1.他们是否也对你产生了感情?Look for signs your friend feels the same way – like stealing glances at you when they don#39;t think you#39;ll notice, or touching you on the arm or shoulder when they#39;re speaking to you.查看一些信号,看一下他们是否和你有着同样的感觉——比如是否在你不注意的时候偷偷地看你,或者跟你说话的时候轻触你的手臂或肩膀。If their pupils become bigger when they look into your eyes, it means they#39;re physically attracted to you. That#39;s one sign they can#39;t hide!如果他们看你的时候瞳孔变大,这意味着他们对你感兴趣。这是难以隐藏的迹象。STEP 2 Drop some hints2.暗示Give them some clear openings. For instance, if they#39;re complaining about a bad date, make a joke that maybe you two should be dating instead.给他们一些明确的启发。比如,当他们抱怨一次糟糕的约会的时候,开玩笑说你们两人可以约会。If your best friend is the same sex and straight, it#39;s probably best to keep your crush to yourself.如果你最好的朋友和你是同种性别而且是异性恋,最好把你的感情深埋在心中。STEP 3 Weigh the risk3.权衡利弊Weigh the risk of confiding your feelings. If your BFF doesn#39;t feel the same way, would the friendship become too awkward to continue?权衡一下坦白感情的风险。如果对方没有同样的感觉,你们的友情会不会由于尴尬而难以继续?STEP 4 Consider timing4.考虑时间Consider timing, too: Are they free to return your feelings, or are they involved with someone else? If they#39;re dating someone, examine whether your crush is sincere or is coming from jealousy over the relationship.也要考虑一下他们是否有空回应你的感情,或者他们是否爱上了其他人?如果他们正在和其他人约会,考虑一下你的迷恋是真诚的,还是仅仅出于对他们恋情的嫉妒。Never kiss them out of the blue. If they don#39;t share your feelings, they might feel too uncomfortable to continue the friendship.千万不要出乎意料地亲吻他们。如果他们和你没有同样的感觉,他们会觉得不安,你们的友情也难以继续。STEP 5 Tell them how you feel5.告诉他们你的感觉If you decide to tell them how you feel, be casual. Say something like, ;I had a huge crush on you in grade school,; and see how they react. Make it more of an offhand remark than a confession.如果你决定坦白自己的感受,随意一点。比方说,“我初中时曾经非常迷恋你。”看看他们的反应。尽量看上去像是随意的谈话,而不是表白。STEP 6 Accept whatever happens6.接受结果Be prepared for their reaction. If they say, ;Wow – that would never work,; or laugh hysterically, change the subject and don#39;t bring it up again. If you#39;re aly kissing, well, congratulations!做好准备接受他们的反应。如果他们说,“哇,这不可能,”或者不可抑制地大笑,那就换个话题,不要再提起。如果对方申请地亲吻你,那就祝贺你了!STEP 7 Take a step back7.后退一步If your feelings are not returned and it hurts to be around them, consider putting some distance between you two for a while.如果你的感情没有得到回应,继续留在他们身边会让你伤心,可以考虑暂时保持一段距离。It will put you in a better place to meet someone who will love you back, at which time you might be y to resume the friendship.当你遇到一个能回应你的感情的人时,你的境遇就会改善,这种时候你或许做好准备重新开始你的友情了。Did you know?People know if they#39;re romantically interested in someone within the first 15 minutes of meeting them!你知道吗?人们在遇见某人的15分钟内就能知道是否对对方感兴趣。视频听力译文由。 Article/201406/305430

  Chinese Premier Li Keqiang addressed the opening ceremony of the 2013 World Economic Forum in Dalian on Wednesday. Under the theme of Meeting the Innovation Imperative, participants of the three-day forum are dedicated to finding solutions for sustainable growth.周三,李克强总理在2013世界经济论坛开幕式上发表演讲。论坛以创新-势在必行为主题,在为期三天的大会上,参会者致力于寻找可持续增长寻找解决方式。In his speech, Premier Li said that China is at a crucial stage to achieve sustainable economic growth. He also reiterated the importance of reform and innovation. He added, as developed economies begin to show improvement, emerging economies face serious downward pressure. the Financial Times says Li#39;s speech is a sign that China has made progress in economic restructuring and the government is confident of economic reform. Standard Chartered Bank expects the Communist Party of China will announce plans to speed up the economic shift in the key meetings to be held in November.李克强在演讲中表示,中国正处于实现经济可持续增长的关键时期。他重申了改革与创新的重要性。他还表示,由于发达经济体已经开始出现良性发展,新兴经济面临下行风险。《金融时报》道,李克强的演讲表明中国已经在经济转型方面取得进展,而且中国政府对经济改革很有信心。渣打希望中国共产党会在11月举行的重要会议上宣布加快经济转型的举措。 Article/201309/256450。

  Cameron: #39;This Is A Packed Programme#39;David Cameron defends claims there was ;not enough; in the Queen#39;s speech in the House of Commons.What we heard from the party opposit was that there wasn#39;t enough in the Queen#39;s speech, i think we should be clear about this, the fiscal year of this parliament, for the first time ever, we are introducing tax free child care to help hard working families, we are creating new laws on producing shell gas to give us energy security, new laws to help build high speed rail to modernize our infrastructure, new laws to reform planning to build more homes and help more young people, we are outlawing modern slavery, confiscating assets from criminals, protecting people to volunteer, cutting red tape, curbing the abuse of zero as contracts, this is a packed programme of a busy radical government. /201406/304566

  Bruce Lee#39;s philosophy, recouted in his book the ;Tao of Jeet Kune Do;,was apparent in some of his earliest TV appearences where he would include his teachings in the script.李小龙在;截拳道之道;这本书里阐述的哲学,在他早期电视节目中表现得很明白,当时他就曾在剧集剧本中加入教学部分。You must free your ambitious mind and learn the art of dying.你必须解放你充满野心的心灵,并且学会死亡的艺术。He ed from the ;Hagakure;, the Japanese way of the warrior,to learn to lose, to learn to die.It#39;s been liberated from.他引用了代表日本武士道的;叶隐;一书,学会失败 学会死亡。然后从羁绊中解放。I mean it#39;s just amazing to think of like geting that kind of information,that kind of philosophy on a main-stream television show.能从一个主流的电视节目中得到这种信息,学到这种哲学 真的太不可思议了。Bruce Lee changed philosophy by modernize it and make it main-stream.李小龙把哲学现代化 大众化了He embrace the notion of self-help years before it became popular and show that philosophy could be part of everyday life.早在自力更生理论流行之前 他就接受了这套理论,并展示了哲学也能成为日常生活的一部分。Bruce Lee had his own philosophy.李小龙的哲学自成一派And that philosophy ultimately was finding yourself, in my opinion,truthfully expressing yourself and putting on no pretence.我认为这套哲学最终目标是认识自我,把自己真实地表达出来 毫无掩饰。Being able to be who you are is a hard thing without putting on the show.So his goal was too just being.毫无掩饰地展示自我是很困难的,他的目标也就是展示真我。 Article/201401/273025

  那些在役期间失去了四肢的士兵们每天面对的困难不是我们常人所能想象的。在TEDMED,迪恩 卡门讲述了那些激励他完成机械义肢发明的对他影响深远的人和故事。 Article/201307/246496


  If you are affected by severe, frequent blushing, you may well have resigned yourself to a life sentence of feeling embarrassed, uneasy and awkward. But perhaps these tips will help keep your blushing under control.如果你受到严重的,频繁的脸红影响,你在生活中可能经常感到尴尬,不安和难堪。不过以下这些方法或许可以帮助你控制脸红。Step 1: Relax Out Of It1.放松Blushing is often a vicious circle: you get embarrassed, so you blush, so you get more embarrassed. Blushing occurs when you get tense, and blood rushes to the face. But if you can learn to recognise this starting to happen, you can prevent it. Try the following: drop your shoulders, relax the muscles in your body, breathe deeply and push your stomach out. All these things help stop the rush of blood to the head. Before you know it, you will have learned this strategy, and will be doing it without even thinking about it.脸红经常陷入恶性循环:你感到尴尬,所以脸红,以至于更加尴尬。当你紧张的时候,血液会涌向面部,因此导致脸红。但是如果在最开始的时候能够认识到,你就可以避免。可以尝试以下方法:垂下肩膀,放松全身肌肉,深呼吸,将胃部推出。这些动作都可以防止血液涌向头部。你要学会这个策略,当你要脸红的时候,不知不觉地就会到这一点。Step 2: Announce It2.坦白One thing that allows the vicious circle of blushing to continue is when the blusher tries to hide it. Instead, try being up front, and announce it when it you feel it happening. Say things like ;Here we go again,; ;I#39;m going to go red now; or ;Oh, I think I#39;m blushing!; meets the situation head on, makes light of it and helps you to relax.导致脸红恶性循环,让你继续脸红的一个原因就是试图掩藏。试着坦白一点,当你感到自己脸红的时候不如说出来。比如说,“又来了,”“我要脸红了,”“我想我脸红了!”坦白勇敢地面对这种情况,可以帮助你放松下来。Step 3: Accept It3.接受You need to change the relationship you have with blushing by accepting it as part of you. Try saying to yourself ;At the moment, I am a blusher;. It sounds strange, but if you can bring yourself to like that part of you more, it is more likely to go away.这就是你性格的一部分,坦然接受这一点。试着对自己说,“此时此刻,我是容易脸红的人。”这听上去很奇怪,但是,如果你可以更坦然接受这是自己的一部分,你就更容易摆脱。Step 4: Don#39;t Worry About Other People#39;s Opinions4.不要太在意他人的看法You blush, so what? Part of the embarrassment about blushing is caused by the thought that others will see you as weak or silly. Learn not to care about this. After all, any decent person would be sympathetic about it. Anyone who thinks less of you for it is simply not worth knowing anyway.你是容易脸红,那又怎么样?因尴尬而脸红的部分原因是担心其他人笑你软弱愚蠢。学着不要在意别人的看法。毕竟,任何正直善良的人都会同情你。嘲笑你,不为你考虑的人根本不值得结交。Step 5: Retrain Your Body5.控制自己的身体Self hypnosis can be a useful technique to help you train your body to relax as you feel the blushing coming on. Use yoga or meditation, and once you are really relaxed try visualising yourself blushing, and it not bothering you at all. Last of all remember, no one#39;s perfect, and no one expects you to be.当你感到自己脸红的时候,自我催眠是让自己放松下来的好方法。尝试瑜伽或冥想,一旦真正放松下来,设想你自己正在脸红,这根本就完全不再困扰你。 最后一点,记住,任何人都不是完美的,任何人也不期望你做到完美。Thanks for watching How To Stop Blushing.感谢收看“怎样坦然面对脸红问题”视频节目。视频听力节目由。 Article/201308/251214。

  In upstate New York, a couple are taking part in an experiment在纽约郊区 一对夫妇加入了一个run by the University of Washington.华盛顿大学的实验Paul and Meredith have保罗和梅雷迪斯已经决定decided to submit to a seriously strict regime.严格遵守一个规定Calorie reduction.减少卡路里I#39;m 63, I have been up since 5.30, I feel great.我63了 我5点30起床 感觉很好I#39;m 61 years old. I feel like I#39;m about 40.我61岁 我感觉像40多岁一样How old do I think I look?你觉得我看上去几岁Gee, I hope I might look a little bit younger than that.我希望我看上去能比现在更年轻点50 or 40.50岁或是40岁The experiment requires that这个实验要求你们减少you cut your calories by as much as a third.你们三分之一的卡路里摄入Maintaining a sufficiently nutritious diet保持营养全面的食物whilst counting calories is a painstaking job.但要控制卡路里的摄入非常艰巨Foods like broccoli, kale, collards,像花椰菜 甘蓝 羽衣甘蓝叶mustard greens, onions, those are some of the ones that...芥菜 洋葱这样的食物就是其中的一些Celery. Celery. Radishes.芹菜 芹菜 萝卜Radishes, yes, radishes do come to mind.萝卜 对 是想到萝卜I have often some sort of b with我常吃铺着某样蔬菜some sort of vegetable sp on it which is a lot of fun.的面包 那很有趣They are determined to make the best of what they can eat他们决定尽可能多吃能吃的as there is quite a lot they can#39;t.少吃不能吃的Habits are known to be very difficult to break.习惯很难打破 Article/201303/229641



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