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上海/ 双眼皮上海市闵行区中医医院打美白针多少钱Asia#39;s richest man Li Ka--shing is predicting the rise of a third mobile operating system, fueling speculation that Mr. Li might be cooperating with Samsung Electronics Co. to help develop its Tizen platform. 亚洲首富李嘉诚预计将有第三种移动操作系统崛起,这令人猜测他可能会与三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)展开合作,帮助后者开发其Tizen平台。 Mr. Li, 85 years old, is often referred to as #39;Superman#39; in Hong Kong because of his business prowess and track record in spotting the right trends. His business empire, Hutchison Whampoa Ltd., stretches from telecommunications to ports and hotels. Hutchison has operations in 52 countries and employs about 270,000 staff worldwide. 现年85岁的李嘉诚因其商业才能以及在发现新趋势方面的战绩,在香港经常被誉为“超人”。他的商业帝国和记黄埔有限公司(Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. ,0013.HK, 简称:和记黄埔)的业务涵盖了从电讯到港口,乃至酒店的多个领域。和记黄埔的业务遍布52个国家,全球员工总数大概27万人。 Mr. Li has also made a number of high-profile investments in technology companies in the past, most notably a million stake in Facebook Inc. in 2007 through his personal technology investment arm called Horizons Ventures. The private investment arm has also invested in music streaming service provider Spotify Ltd., Tel Aviv-based social traffic and navigation company Waze, and newser app Summly. 过去李嘉诚也曾高调进行了众多科技公司投资,其中最引人注目的就是2007年通过其个人科技投资子公司Horizons Ventures以6,000万美元入股Facebook Inc.。该私人投资子公司也曾投资过在线音乐务供应商Spotify Ltd.、总部位于特拉维夫市的社交导航公司Waze和新闻阅读应用公司Summly. When asked about technology investment opportunities and ways to spot them, Mr. Li said in an interview with China#39;s Nanfang Media Group: #39;I enjoy keeping up with latest technology trends. I can also tell you that in addition to (Apple#39;s) iOS and Android, a new mobile operating system will come to the market soon. #39; 当被问及科技投资机遇以及如何发现这种机遇时,李嘉诚对南方报业传媒集团(Nanfang Media Group)说:我喜欢跟上最新的科技趋势。我也可以告诉你,除了(苹果公司(Apple)的)iOS和安卓(Android)系统外,很快会有一个新的手机操作系统问世。 Hutchison separately confirmed Mr. Li#39;s statement but declined to comment on the name of the new operating system and potential cooperation with Samsung. Samsung declined to comment. 和记黄埔方面实了李嘉诚的言论,但是对于新系统的名字以及与三星的潜在合作不予置评。三星电子则不予置评。 Although Mr. Li did not disclose more details about the new mobile operating system, many are interpreting the statement as Mr. Li having an interest in Tizen. Samsung has long been working with Intel Corp. on Tizen, an alternative mobile operating system that has the potential to compete with iOS and Android. 尽管李嘉诚没有透露新移动操作系统的更多细节,但是很多人认为他此番言论表明他对Tizen系统有了兴趣。三星电子与英特尔(Intel Corp.)在Tizen系统方面的合作已经进行了较长时间。Tizen是一个有望与iOS和安卓抗衡的移动操作系统。 Mr. Li is known to have a good relationship with the South Korean technology giant. Last year, Mr. Li met with Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee in Hong Kong and they discussed ways to deepen their partnership in areas including handsets, next-generation wireless technology and construction. 众所周知李嘉诚与三星电子之间有着良好的关系。去年李嘉诚在香港会晤了三星电子董事长李健熙(Lee Kun-hee),探讨了如何加深双方在手机、下一代无线技术和建筑等领域的合作伙伴关系。 Mr. Li#39;s global telecommunications unit 3 Group serves about 76 million users in markets including Italy, the U.K. Sweden, Austria, Ireland and Hong Kong . His 3 Group carries Samsung smartphones globally, as well as iPhones from Apple. 李嘉诚的全球电讯子公司3 Group为意大利、英国、瑞典、奥地利、爱尔兰和香港的大约7,600万用户提供务。3 Group不仅是三星电子智能手机的全球移动运营商,也是苹果公司iPhone手机的运营商。 /201312/266992上海/定位除皱术 Klout#39;s new business dashboard, rolling out today, will offer a granular using at which social networks brands are seeing the most (and least) traction.Klout近日推出全新企业仪表板,提供细化信息,帮助企业了解自身品牌在哪个社交网站最具人气、在哪个网站最不具吸引力。Klout, the analytics startup that aims to measure users#39; influence across their social networks, is going after businesses. The San Francisco-based venture, which launched in 2008, is launching Klout for Business, a portal intended to be used by big-name brands to better understand their online audiences.社交影响力分析网站Klout致力于衡量用户在自身社交网络中的影响力,现在它开始争取企业用户。这家2008年于旧金山成立的初创企业目前推出了企业版Klout(Klout for Business),即一个旨在帮助各大品牌了解自身在线受众的门户网站。Today, Klout is making available a free analytics dashboard for companies with features that allow them to learn how influential their fans and followers are, which social networks the brand resonates most (or least) with, which social networks they should use more, which topics about the brand are most popular, and which ;moments;—a Tweet or Facebook (FB) update, for example—get the most attention.日前,Klout发布了针对企业的免费分析工具,帮助各公司了解自己的粉丝和追随者的影响力,自己的品牌与哪个社交网站最有共鸣,又与哪个最格格不入,自己应该多利用哪个社交网络,关于自身品牌的什么话题最受欢迎,以及哪个“时刻”——比如Tweet或Facebook上的一条更新——最受关注。Later this spring, the company will also introduce a Groups feature. Klout Groups will operate somewhat similarly to Facebook Groups, although they will only include the most influential people on social networks like Twitter and Instagram. The feature will allow companies to know, broadly, in which social networks members are particularly influential. Pricing will vary on a case by case basis. Klout currently draws the lion#39;s share of its revenues from Klout Perks, a rewards program that encourages social media influencers to share information about brands. Klout CEO Joe Fernandez told Fortune he expects these to flip next year once Groups get off the ground.Klout将于一季度末推出新功能群组。Klout群组和Facebook群组有些类似。不过,前者的成员范围要窄得多,仅包括Twitter和Instagram等社交网站上最具影响力的人物。借助这项功能,公司能大体了解自己在哪个社交网站上特别具有影响力。这项功能的价格将根据公司而有所变化。Klout目前最大的收入来源是Klout奖励。顾名思义,这个奖励计划鼓励社交网站上的知名人士积极分享有关各大品牌的信息。Klout首席执行官乔?费尔南德斯告诉《财富》(Fortune)杂志,一旦群组功能步入正轨,将有望在明年成为Klout的柱业务。The third part of Klout#39;s business strategy will include tools so brands can interact and engage directly with their influencers, from polls to targeted perks. At this year#39;s South by Southwest, Cirque du Soleil and Klout provided users who downloaded the mobile app and were at the festival various prizes.Klout还准备了第三项业务。它计划推出多种工具,帮助各大品牌与社交大号互动,或是直接对他们给予激励。这些工具涵盖了从投票调查到精准奖励的多种功能。今年的西南偏南音乐节(South by Southwest)期间,太阳马戏团(Cirque du Soleil)和Klout就向那些亲临音乐节,同时下载了该移动应用程序的用户发放了各种奖品。Will it work? That remains to be seen. Klout is no stranger to controversy. The company#39;s very launch generated much discussion of the importance of measuring influence on the growing social Web. Later, controversy then shifted to Klout scores themselves. Because outsiders were unsure of how scores were achieved, they questioned their validity. (Indeed, at one point, President Obama ranked lower than tech influencer Robert Scoble. Wait, what?) That issue was allayed thanks a major redesign late last year that offered a more accurate calculation of scores as well as transparency into how they are measured.效果究竟如何?目前还不得而知。Klout是一家备受争议的公司。诞生伊始,人们就竞相热议,在高速发展的社交网络圈,制定一套影响力评分标准究竟有无必要。随后,大家的注意力转移到Klout的打分上。因为人们不认可Klout评分方法,质疑它在暗箱操作。(确实,奥巴马总统的分数竟然要低于科技界名人罗伯特?斯科布。这怎么可能?)迫于压力,Klout在去年年底对评分系统进行了大幅调整,分数计算更加精确,打分过程也更加透明。大家的怨气终于稍稍平息。Since then, Klout has matured and gained more acceptance among consumers, thanks in part to a partnership with Microsoft#39;s (MSFT) Bing search engine. The company tripled revenue last year and expects to make in the low double-digit millions this year. There#39;s a hitch, however. ;A friend came in and told me that 10 out of 10 CMO#39;s [chief marketing officers] that I talk to know what Klout is—so we have brand recognition—but 0 out of 10 know you do anything for brands,; says Matt Thomson, Klout#39;s VP of Business Development and Platform. Today#39;s announcements are intended to address this.此后,Klout慢慢成熟,并深得消费者的认可,一定程度上是因为它与微软必应(Bing)搜索引擎的合作伙伴关系。Klout的收入在去年增长了两倍,并有望在今年实现年入千万美元。但有一个小问题。Klout负责业务拓展和平台的副总裁马特?汤姆森表示:“有位朋友对我说,他遇见过的首席市场官没人不知道Klout,所以我们的品牌认知度很高。但是,没有哪位首席市场官清楚,Klout究竟为品牌做了什么贡献。”而Klout日前的宣告正是为了解决这一问题。 /201303/231607上海市同济医院抽脂多少钱

闵行区人民医院减肥瘦身多少钱上海新华医院做去眼袋手术多少钱 Apple Readies IPhone For China LaunchApple Inc. is getting closer to clearing the hurdles to start selling iPhones in China, one of the last major phone markets Apple has yet to tap.The release of the iPhone in China could turbocharge overseas growth for what is aly Apple's fastest-growing product. China is the world's largest mobile market by subscribers, with some 687 million subscribers. That compares with more than 270 million subscribers in the U.S.The iPhone hasn't sold as well in some markets as in the U.S. In Japan, for example, the Apple brand isn't as strong, and regular mobile phones offer many of the same features.In China, however, touch screens are hot, and there are aly a number of popular models that have no keypads. The Apple name has value as a status symbol, and Internet usage through cellphones is increasing.Toni Sacconaghi, an analyst with Sanford C. Bernstein amp; Co., calculates Apple can sell 2.9 million iPhones in China by the end of 2011. 'Ultimately, it will probably be the fastest-growing overseas market,' he said.But Apple faces competition from other smart phones that are set to launch in China in coming months. And analysts say the iPhone has struggled in overseas markets, where it has faced more competition from rivals like Nokia Corp., the world's largest mobile phone maker.'Apple's brand is strongest at home, where the competition is weaker,' said Edward Synder, an analyst for San Francisco-based Charter Equity Research.Apple's iPhone, which launched two years ago, has so far sold more than 26 million units world-wide in more than 80 countries, but the majority of its sales have come from the U.S.According to research firm IDC, only 7% of total iPhone sales in the second quarter, ended in June, came from the Asia Pacific, where it is sold in countries like Australia, Hong Kong and India, compared with 49% from the U.S. and 25% from Western Europe. Other sales come from markets in Japan, Latin America, Canada and the Middle East.An iPhone prototype that was modified for the China market recently received one of the technical licenses the government requires for mobile phones, according to a testing center under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is unclear how many approvals are required before the phone can be released.Apple must still complete negotiations with state-owned wireless operator China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd., which is expected to carry the iPhone, but analysts say those talks are nearing conclusion. Beijing-based research firm BDA China Ltd. said in a report this month that the iPhone is 'now finally set to make its official debut in China in October,' citing interviews with companies including Unicom.Cynthia Meng, analyst for Merrill Lynch in Hong Kong, said in a report that she also expects the iPhone to launch in the fourth quarter this year, in conjunction with Unicom's planned launch of 3G in October.A China Unicom spokeswoman said negotiations are still being finalized, and declined further comment. A spokesperson for Apple declined to comment. In an earnings call in July, Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook said the Cupertino, Calif., company expects to start selling iPhones in China within a year.Competing products are aly in the works in China, adding urgency to the iPhone's launch. China Mobile Ltd., the country's largest carrier by subscribers, plans to start selling smart phones with similar functions to the iPhone this year based on Google Inc.'s Android operating system. On Monday, Taiwanese phone maker HTC Corp. announced it plans to launch seven third-generation phones, including at least one Android phone, with China Mobile by next year.China Unicom, which holds the only license for the WCDMA 3G technology compatible with the iPhone, is China's second-largest carrier.Apple has faced regulatory hurdles to launching the iPhone in China, including having to comply with a government rule that requires the removal of the device's wireless Internet function. Analysts say they expect a later rollout of a Wi-Fi enabled iPhone that complies with newly revised regulations.Launching the iPhone in China would likely boost Apple's small presence in the country. Apple currently has less than 1% market share in personal-computer shipments in China. In the second quarter, Apple sold only about 36,000 units out of 11.7 million PCs shipped in China, according to IDC.One indication of the iPhone's strong potential in China is the thriving underground iPhone market that aly exists there. Though the device isn't officially available, BDA estimates there are aly 1.5 million iPhones in use in China, and the handset is on sale everywhere from online vendors to resellers of Apple products in sprawling electronics malls.People can use the iPhone and buy applications on Apple's iTunes store by unlocking the device with software that enables it to work with any network operator, even if they aren't approved by Apple.Jessica Wu, a 26-year-old iPhone user in Nanjing, said she bought her first-generation eight-gigabyte iPhone in Nanjing in 2008 for 4,600 yuan (5). Other high-end phones 'seemed expensive and too professional' compared with the iPhone, she said. 'The [iPhone's] icons are cute.''People are paying close attention [to the release of the iPhone],' said Ms. Deng, who declined to give her first name, a saleswoman at an Apple reseller in Beijing called Dragonstar. 'We've aly gotten a couple of phone calls from our clients placing orders for iPhones as soon as they arrive.'The iPhone will likely raise China Unicom's profile as it has for other iPhone operators that have seen their data revenue increase. In Europe, the iPhone has just 15% of smart-phone market share but represents 90% of the total data usage on networks, according to IDC. Ms. Meng of Merrill Lynch rated Unicom a 'buy,' saying the introduction of the iPhone and other data-intensive smart devices 'will be critical catalysts for Unicom to retain and attract mid-to-high end subscribers in highly penetrated urban markets.'How strongly the iPhone sells in China will depend on the subsidy China Unicom provides for it, analysts say. Chinese consumers spend an average of 1,100 yuan, or about 0, on cellphones, according to BDA. For comparison, the newest iPhone 3GS model starts at 9 in the U.S. with a two-year service contract, and 9 without any service commitment.In China, Apple and its operator partner face another challenge: most users prefer to prepay for services rather than subscribe to a monthly service. Average monthly revenue per user in China is also less than , in part because overall charges are lower, compared with about for ATamp;T Inc., the exclusive iPhone provider in the U.S.Still, the payoff could be huge for Apple. Xiang Ligang, chief executive of Chinese telecommunications news portal Cctime.com, estimates 100 million mobile phone users in China change their phones every year and about 20 million of those buy high-end mobile phones. In some of the biggest cities especially, mobile phones are often seen as status symbols and high-end cellphones typically cost upwards of 3,000 yuan. /200908/82668上海/玻尿酸打完硬块多久消

上海市第一人民医院宝山分院祛疤多少钱The Ache: In presbyopia, the eye#39;s lens loses elasticity with age. The ability to focus on near objects deteriorates, resulting in the need for ing glasses.病痛:老花眼的成因是,眼睛的晶状体随年龄增长而失去弹性,聚焦近处物体的能力减弱,因此需要佩戴老花镜。The Claim: A 12-week, scientifically tested training program, newly available as an iPhone app, uses a technique called perceptual learning to reduce -- or even eliminate -- the need for ing glasses.主张:一项为期12周、经过科学检验的训练项目最近以iPhone应用的形式面市,该项目使用一种名为“知觉学习”(perceptual learning)的技术来减少(甚至消除)佩戴老花镜的必要性。The Verdict: A 30-person study published in February 2012 in the journal Scientific Reports found that after trying the program -- now on sale as an iPhone app called Glasses-Off -- participants on average could letters 1.6 times smaller than they could previously. The program is much more likely to show improvement in adults 40 to 60 years old, scientists say.定论:2012年2月份刊登在《科学报告》(Scientific Reports)上的一项覆盖30人的研究的论文指出,在试用该项目(目前作为一个名为“摘掉眼镜”(Glasses-Off)的iPhone应用销售)之后,参与者平均能够阅读比之前小1.6倍的字母。科学家们表示,该项目为40至60岁的成年人带来改善的可能性要比其他人群大得多。The self-guided app, launched this week by GlassesOff Inc., starts with a vision test, followed by a personalized training program users employ three times a week for 12 to 15 minutes per session. In one test, users must decide whether an E is facing up, down, right or left. The test gets harder when the E becomes smaller or lower-contrast. At the end of the session, users receive a personalized assessment of how much the app is likely to help them in various tasks, such as ing an article.该自助式应用由GlassesOff Inc.于近期推出,该公司在以色列和纽约设有办公室。该应用一开始是一项视力测试,之后是个性化训练项目,用户一周接受三次训练,每次12到15分钟。在一项测试中,用户要判断字母E是朝上、朝下、朝右还是朝左。随着字母E尺寸缩小或对比度降低,测试难度会加大。在训练的最后,用户会接受一项个性化评估,看看该应用能在多大程度上帮助他们改进在各项任务中的表现,比如阅读文章。The training consists of identifying fuzzy, striped images called Gabor patches, which can be hard to see against a similarly colored backdrop.该训练内容包括辨认名为“加尔视标”(Gabor patch)的条纹状模糊图案,在颜色相近的背景下,这些图案辨认起来会有难度。The app is free for two or three weeks after a user signs up. To continue using it after that costs for four months. The company, which has offices in Israel and New York, is offering a temporary promotional price. After the initial program, the company offers a personalized maintenance program of one or two sessions per week at extra cost.该应用在用户注册两周或三周之内可免费使用。之后若想继续使用,费用为59美元,可使用四个月,目前促销价为10美元。最初的训练项目完成之后,该公司会提供一项个性化保持项目,每周安排一次或两次训练,须额外交费。The app isn#39;t a cure for presbyopia, but makes the brain #39;better able to interpret#39; the poor information it gets from aging eyes, says Dennis M. Levi, dean of University of California Berkeley#39;s School of Optometry and co-author of the study. Dr. Levi is a scientific adviser to GlassesOff and has been promised stock options as compensation.加州大学伯克利分校(University of California Berkeley)眼科视光学学院(School of Optometry)主任、此项研究作者之一丹尼斯#12539;M.利瓦伊(Dennis M. Levi)表示,该应用并不能治愈老花,但能使大脑“更好地诠释”通过老化的眼睛所获得的贫乏信息。利瓦伊士是GlassesOff的科学顾问,该公司承诺授予他股票期权作为报酬。Anyone can use the product, says GlassesOff Chief Executive Nimrod Madar. But people over 70 likely still will need ing glasses for extended ing and low-light tasks.GlassesOff首席执行长尼姆罗德#12539;马达尔(Nimrod Madar)表示,任何人都可以使用该产品。但70岁以上的人如果长时间阅读或在光线较暗的环境中做事情,可能还是需要佩戴老花镜。Using the new app #39;might help people to better recognize slightly blurry images, but it isn#39;t going to change the elasticity of the lens,#39; says James Salz, a clinical professor of ophthalmology at the University of Southern California.南加州大学(University of Southern California)眼科学临床教授詹姆斯#12539;萨尔斯(James Salz)表示,使用这款新应用“或许能帮助人们更好地辨认略显模糊的图像,但不会改变晶状体的弹性”。The idea of using perceptual learning for vision difficulties has scientific merit, says Peter J. Bex, a neuroscientist at Schepens Eye Research Institute in Boston, part of Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. Using perceptual learning to improve vision has proved viable in several scientific studies, including in people with lazy eye. Still, more research is needed on the GlassesOff program -- particularly comparing the test group to a group that got an ersatz training exercise, scientists say.波士顿舍彭斯眼科研究所(Schepens Eye Research Institute,属于马萨诸塞州眼科和耳科医院(Massachusetts Eye and Ear Institute))神经学家彼得#12539;J.贝克斯(Peter J. Bex)称,通过知觉学习来缓解视觉困难这一做法是有科学道理的。通过知觉学习来改善视力的可行性已得到几项科学研究的明,其中包括针对弱视者的研究。但科学家称,还需要对GlassesOff的项目展开更多研究――尤其是将受试组与接受替代训练的组别进行对照的研究。Another issue, Dr. Bex says, is that the results of perceptual learning sometimes apply only very narrowly to the tasks practiced in training. The ability to small print may improve, but it#39;s unclear how much difference that makes for people in a wider range of daily tasks.贝克斯士表示,另一个问题是知觉学习的效果有时仅仅局限于在训练中练习过的任务。阅读小字的能力可能会有所提高,但目前还不清楚这项训练能在多大程度上提高人们完成更广泛日常任务的能力。A study, presented in July at the Asia-Pacific Conference on Vision in China, found that the GlassesOff program improved performance on measures including contrast sensitivity -- suggesting the improvement will apply to a wide range of daily tasks, Mr. Madar says.马达尔说,7月份在中国举行的亚太视觉会议(Asia-Pacific Conference on Vision)上宣读的一项研究成果显示,GlassesOff的项目改善了对比敏感度等指标――暗示该应用能改善人们完成广泛日常任务的能力。 /201312/269901 Douglas Merrill is used to overcoming challenges. As a child growing up in Arkansas, he was deaf for three years -- the result of an auditory nerve infection -- and had to relearn how to speak. The difficulty was made more problematic by his dyslexia, which was not diagnosed until high school. At an early age, Merrill learned that he could achieve his goals, but his path wouldn#39;t always be the obvious one. After earning degrees in sociology and economics from the University of Tulsa, Merrill went on to receive a Ph.D. in cognitive science from Princeton and eventually became the chief information officer at Google (GOOG).道格拉斯·梅里尔早已习惯了克各种挑战。梅里尔小时在阿肯色斯州长大,幼年由于罹患听觉神经感染,他曾失去听力长达三年之久,后来只得重新学习说话。但他人生的挫折还远远不止于此,高中时,梅里尔被诊断出患有阅读障碍。因此梅里尔在人生的早年就已经明白,自己的成功要比别人付出更多的努力。后来梅里尔从陶沙大学(University of Tulsa)获得了社会学与经济学学位,然后赴普林斯顿大学(Princeton University)深造,获得认知科学士学位,一路打拼,最后当上了谷歌公司(Google)的信息总监。Today, he runs ZestFinance, a 100-person company that he started in 2010. ZestFinance uses a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data to help lenders assess the credit risk of potential borrowers. The company#39;s mission is to help people who are ;under-banked; find access to credit at lower interest rates, a particular challenge since the 2007 banking crisis.2010年,梅里尔创立了一家名叫ZestFinance的公司。这家公司有100名员工,主要利用人工智能、机器学习和大数据等技术,帮助借款人分析潜在贷款者的信用风险。ZestFinance旨在帮助“资金不足”的人以较低的利率获得贷款,经过2007年的金融危机后,这无疑是一个特殊的挑战。Merrill, 43, is based in Los Angeles. He spoke with Fortune.现年43岁的梅里尔居住在洛杉矶。近日他接受了《财富》杂志的专访。1. Who in technology do you admire most? Why?1. 你最欣赏的科技界人士是谁?为什么?I admire a guy who#39;s been dead a very long time. His name is Matthew Fontaine Maury. Maury was a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy in the 1800s, when ships had sails. He was the captain of a ship, and the routes that he tended to sail were from west coast of the U.S. towards Japan. Sometimes the routes were great, and sometimes the routes were very rough. Like almost all ship captains, he knew exactly one way to get to Tokyo, but every captain#39;s path had slight differences.我最欣赏的人已经过世很久,他叫马休o方丹o毛利。他是19世纪美国的一名海军上尉,当时的军舰还是帆船。他曾是一艘军舰的舰长,经常行驶从美国西海岸到日本的航线。有时航线的海况很好,也有时风浪十分恶劣。像差不多所有其他船长一样,他只知道一条去东京的航线,不过每个船长的航线多多少少是不太一样的。Sadly he was injured. Unable to be a ship captain anymore, he was looking around for something to do. He stumbled upon the fact that other captains had other routes that performed better in some times of the year and worse in some times of the year. He noticed that all captains have ways to go from same city to same city, and they all had different times of the year when they were good. He started telling captains that if they gave him their log book, then he would give it back later with the sum of their routes with everyone else#39;s routes.后来他不幸受了伤,没法再航海了,于是他打算找点别的事做。他偶然发现,有些舰长选择的航线在一年的有些时候海况较好,但同样在一年的其它时候海况较差。另外,所有舰长从一个城市到另一个城市都有自己的习惯航线,这些航线在一年中的海况都有好有差。于是他让舰长们把他们的航海日志交给自己,由他对所有人的航线进行汇总,然后将汇总后的航线交给舰长们。What he discovered were the trade winds and the notion that weather changes throughout the year and as a result the time to travel changes over time. He basically crowdsourced routes all over the world. If you look at the data over time before Maury, the routes were kind of random between cities; they were all over the board. So the next 10 to 20 years after Maury had this idea of crowdsourcing routes, the routes got more and more defined and sensitive to seasonal weather patterns. The sea is how everything in the world works; it#39;s the backbone of trade and information. Maury provided massive change.结果他发现了信风对航线的影响,并且发现全球各地的海况会随着气候而变化,因此两地之间的最佳航线也会随着时间变化。他基本上是采用了众包的方式筛选出了全球各地的最佳航线。如果你注意看毛利之前的航线数据,你会发现城市之间的海路是随机的。在毛利之后的10到20年里,有了航线众包的概念,航路变得越来越固定,并且对季节性气候很敏感。海洋对全球政治经济有重大影响,它是贸易和信息的柱,而毛利带来了重大的变化。2. Which companies do you admire? Why?2. 你欣赏哪些公司?为什么?I want to go slightly off the beaten path and talk about the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation. Sandy Hook Promise is a group that was founded after the Sandy Hook tragedy a couple of years ago. It was founded by a group of parents, and a bunch of Silicon Valley VCs are in it, and they are trying to find ways to improve school security by using venture capital-ish formats. They try to let people in the world come up with interesting ideas and see if they can seed fund those ideas to find interesting potential ways to reduce school violence.我的回答稍微偏离你的问题,我最欣赏的是桑迪胡克希望基金会(Sandy Hook Promise Foundation)。这个基金会是几年前的桑迪胡克惨案发生后成立的一个组织。它是由部分学生家长创立的,也有不少硅谷风投家参与到这项事业中。他们希望通过风投的模式找到巩固校园安全的方法。他们希望让全世界的人想出有意思的点子,看看能否通过种子基金资助这些办法以减少校园暴力。3. Which area of technology excites you most?3. 最让你感到兴奋的科技领域是什么?Biotech. If you look at the incredible increase in computational power and math power, even in the past few years, there has been rapid change from having a very hard time asking the interesting medical questions to being able to start putting together some thoughts. There are companies like Celmatix, a biotech company that gives you very precise guidance on reproductive and fertility issues. For example, if you are on a particular path to have IVF, they take a couple of tests and they gather data about you, and they may say, actually you#39;re probably a candidate for this procedure vs. that procedure. They care a lot. They#39;re an example of a company that is doing something interesting in the field.生物科技。近几年,计算机性能和数学运算能力有了惊人的提高,因此生物科技领域也发生了巨大的变化,从一开始连提出有趣的医学问题都很难,到现在已经可以开始把某些想法整合到一起。比如现在有一家叫Celmatix的生物技术公司,它可以就生育问题给出非常精确的指导。比如如果你要尝试体外受精的话,他们就会做几个测试并且收集你的数据,然后他们可能会说,你可能更适合这种方法或那种方法。他们关注的方面很多。现在有一些公司正在这个领域做一些很有趣的事,这家公司就是一个例子。4. What advice would you give to someone who wants to do what you do?4. 有些人也想从事和你这一行,你对他们有什么建议?I think oftentimes people get advice to take more science classes or go do an internship at a firm, and that#39;s all good. But what I have found useful is that I very broadly. I history, biography, fiction, poetry. I about fields that I know nothing about at all, like biotech. I find that having that broad-based information allows me to stumble across things that really influence my thinking. My advice would be to go something random. Luckily the barrier to entry for ing is very low, so I have a lot of books on my Kindle.我认为人们可能经常会获得比如多上一些科学课程或者在一家公司实习之类的建议,这都很好。但是我有一个很有用的经验,那就是我读书读得很广泛,像历史、名人传记、小说、诗歌都有涉猎。这些广泛的信息能为我带来真正影响我思考的东西。我的建议是多随机地阅读一些东西。幸运的是现在阅读的门槛很低,我有很多书都是在Kindle电子书上读的。5. What is the best advice you ever received?5. 你得到过的最好的建议是什么?When I was at Google, one of the things I did was help run the IPO, and one day when I was going through part of the process, I made a big mistake and messed something up that was important. I immediately flagged the thing, but I got a call from Eric Schmidt, the CEO, who wanted to meet me in a conference room. So I#39;m running over there, and when I get there he says, ;Hey, I understand that you did X.; And I said, ;Yes, I did, and I#39;m sorry.; Eric looked at me, put his hand on my shoulder said, ;Okay. Don#39;t ever do it again, but I still love you.; It#39;s not terribly helpful advice, but it reminds me that people make mistakes and simultaneously you have to hold them accountable for those things and remind them that they#39;re people that you value and not just a mistake. That was incredibly valuable for me.我在谷歌工作的时候,曾经帮公司运作过IPO事宜。有一天在做一项跟IPO有关的工作时,我犯一个大错,搞砸了一件重要的事,我马上注意到了这个错误,但是我也接到了CEO埃里克o施密特的电话,他让我到会议室见他。于是我马上跑到会议室,等我到了之后,他对我说:“嘿,我知道你犯了个错。”我说:“是的,我很抱歉。”埃里克看着我,把手放到我肩膀上说:“好,以后别再犯了,我仍然爱你。”虽然这不是一个非常有用的建议,但它提醒我,人是会犯错的,同时你得告诉他们要为自己犯的错负责,还要让他们知道,他们仍然是你重视的人,而不仅仅是一个犯了错的人。这对我非常有价值。6. What challenges are facing your business right now?6. 你的公司现在面临哪些挑战?The regulatory environment for lending is very complicated. There are state laws, there are federal laws, so we#39;re continuing to find regulation#39;s role vis-à-vis other elements. We#39;re really trying to help, but everything is inherently regulatory. It#39;s a good challenge in that the industry will be better by increasingly strong and well-intentioned regulation.目前借贷的监管环境非常复杂。各州有各州的法律,还有联邦的法律,所以我们还在继续研究监管机构和其它因素扮演的角色。我们虽然很想提供帮助,但是一切从根本上都离不开监管的因素。这是一个很好的挑战,因为有了力度日益增强的健康的监管,整个行业会变得越来越好。7. If you could have done anything differently in your career, what would it have been?7. 如果你的职业生涯中有一件事能从头来过,那会是什么?I would have started a company earlier. I went around to a lot of other firms, and I always enjoyed it, but I didn#39;t necessarily have enough confidence in my own ideas to start my own business. Now I#39;m going on four years, and I love it. I learn something new every day. But it#39;s also hard because there are no ;B; days; everything has to be an ;A; day.我会更早开始创业。我曾经在很多其他公司干过,我也很享受这个过程,但我不一定非要等到对我的创业理念拥有十足的信心了才去创立自己的公司。现在我已经创业四年了,而且我很喜欢这个过程。我每天都会学到新东西。但是创业也是很艰难的,因为你不能得“B”,必须把每件事都做到“A”。8. What is one goal -- either personal or professional -- that you would like to accomplish during your lifetime?8. 你这一生希望完成的个人目标或者职业目标是什么?I want to eat dinner at the White House. I am a distant aficionado of politics. I find the political process fascinating.我想在白宫吃顿饭。我是一个跟政治不沾边的政治爱好者,但我觉得政治非常有趣。9. What was the last book you ?9. 你最近读过的一本书是什么?I#39;m going to go in a very strange direction. The last book that I just finished last night was by a guy named Michael Easton. Michael is a friend of mine who is an actor but also a writer of graphic novels. He wrote one recently called Soul Stealer. He gave it to me for Christmas in a hardback cover, and I was just now getting around to ing it. It#39;s interesting to me that, at 43, I can still comic books. The style of how the art is produced is different from when I was younger. The physical art is different. It#39;s much darker, and the story is grittier, more painful, and disturbing on multiple levels. It#39;s not just pure violence, it#39;s actually hard to ; it#39;s sad and a little bit upsetting. The ability to use this two-dimensional, small frame art to capture the emotional color of a city is challenging and fascinating. What a cool application of art.就读书而言,我正在走一条非常不同的路。我昨晚刚读完的一本书是一个叫迈克尔o伊斯顿的人写的。迈克尔是我的一个朋友,他既是一名演员,也是一位漫画小说作家。他最近刚写了一本叫《偷魂者》(Soul Stealer)的书。他把一本硬封皮的精装书当成圣诞礼物送给了我,我最近刚抽出时间打算读一读。我觉得最有意思的是,我今年虽然已经43岁了,但还能看得进漫画书。现在这种艺术的表现形式与我年轻的时候已经不一样了。整个艺术基调更加阴暗,从很多层面上看,故事都更曲折、更痛苦、更纠结。它不仅仅是纯粹的暴力。实际上它读起来很艰难,它是悲伤的,而且有点让人难受。能够用这种二维的、小格子的艺术捕捉一个城市的情绪色,这种能力非常有挑战性,而且非常吸引人。这真是艺术的一种很酷的应用。10. What is one unique or quirky habit that you have?10. 你有什么独特的习惯或爱好吗?The fingernails of my left hand are painted with black nail polish. I don#39;t know why it#39;s one hand and not two. I don#39;t know why it#39;s my off hand. I have no story other than I like how it looks. I used to do it myself but then I realized that I suck at it. Now I pay someone to do it. One of the benefits of our company is that we have a manicurist who comes in every week, so I have her do it.我左手的指甲涂了黑色的指甲油。我不知道为什么我只涂了一只手而不是两只手,也不知道为什么是左手而不是右手。除了觉得好看,我也没有别的解释。我以前都是自己涂的,后来我意识到自己涂得很难看。现在我付钱请别人替我涂。我们公司的一个好处之一就是,我们请了一个美甲师每周来我们公司,所以我都是请她给我涂。 /201406/304257上海/什么是塌鼻梁上海黄浦区第九人民医院做双眼皮手术多少钱



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