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迷你对话:A:What will you do now? Propose to her.你现在怎么办?向她求婚吗?B:Of course I wontchill out. Opportunity knocks only once.我当然不会罢手的,几乎难得嘛。A:You should strike while the iron is hot.你应该趁热打铁。B:Youre right. I will have a talk to her about that.对,我要去和她谈谈。词海拾贝:1.propose to sb:向某人求婚Eg. He watched for his chance to propose to her.他在等待时机向她求婚。Eg. He was trying to decide whether he should propose to her.他反覆思量是否该向她求婚.Eg. Since youve got onto this basis, you can propose to her既然你们的关系已到这种程度,你可以向她求婚了。2.chill out:罢手,停止不干Eg. We will never stop until the experiment succeeds.试验不成功,我们决不罢手。Eg. I have always planned to knock off at thirty-five.我老是打算到三十五岁罢手。Eg. When things get this fouled-up its time for us to quit事情既已弄得这麽糟,我们就该罢手了。Eg. Shed never have stopped tiII she got what she wanted.因为她不得到自己想要的东西是不会罢手的。3.strike while the iron is hot:乘热打铁Eg. If I were you, Id strike while the iron is hot.如果我是你,我就会打铁趁热。Eg. Well, you should strike the iron while it is hot.你应该乘热打铁。4.have atalk to sb about sth:和某人谈论某事Eg. He turned aside to have a talk to someone else about what had happened this afternoon.他转过脸去同另外一个人谈论今天下午发生的事情。Eg. I want to have a talk to your manager about an urgent matter.我想和你们经理谈一件紧急的事。Eg. I don t get many chances to have a talk to her recently.近来我不太有机会与她会话。Eg. That is exactly what I wanted to have a talk to you about, Susan.这正是我想要跟你谈的,Susan。佳句妙言:Opportunity knocks only once.千载难逢。特别声明:该节目中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,其余均为未经授权。 /201207/189542。

汉语里的俗语可以说是丰富多、包罗万象,其中一些数字式俗语的运用使得汉语口语活泼生动、富有朝气,如:;不管三七二十一;、;八九不离十;、等等。类似的用法可以说是不胜枚举,比比皆是。有趣的是,英语中同样有类似的用法,如:nine-to-fiver指朝九晚五的工作或普通的上班族,fifth column泛指通敌的内奸,而forty winks则是小睡、打盹儿,等等。1. zero hour 重要决定或变化到来的时刻;危险行动的时刻zero hour是源于第一次世界大战的军事用语,用以指发起进攻等军事行动的准确时刻,后被用来指重要决定或变化到来的时刻。Zero hour for the bombers to take off was midnight. 轰炸机起飞的时间是午夜12点。It was zero hour and the doctor began the operation on the man. 关键时候到了,医生开始为那人做手术。2.A number one 第一流的,头等的The A number one material sells well. 那种头等布料很畅销。After our holiday, we were in A one condition. 休假后,我们的身体状况都很好。3.back to number/square one 从头开始在20世纪30年代的英国,为了方便解说,收音机在转播足球比赛时,《广播时报》(Radio Times)上常常会有一幅球场平面图。平面图分为多个有号码的方格,这样广播员只要说出第几个方格,听众就可以知道球员到哪里了。back to number/square one就是回到球赛开始的地方,换句话说就是恢复原来的状态,以前的努力白费了,必须再来一次。这一用法现常和go/be连用,表示;退回起点,从头开始;等,多用于口语中。Wersquo;ve got to get this done without going back to square one.我们得把它完成,而不要从头再来。My secretary has left my one and only manuscript in the taxi, so Irsquo;ll have to write the book all over again. Itrsquo;s back to square one. 秘书把我唯一的一份手稿丢在出租车上了,我只好重写这本书,一切从头开始。 /201205/184393。

1. Bill can tell a dead cat on the line before anybody knows there's something wrong.比尔总能比别人先发现问题。2. Has the cat got your tongue? I'm waiting for an explanation.你哑巴了吗?你倒是解释啊!3. What's the matter with her? She's like a cat on a hot tin roof this morning.她今天怎么了?一早上都坐立不安的。4. This year the other party is way ahead of us when it comes to campaign money. They have all the fat cats on their side.今年对方党派的竞选经费比我们多很多,因为那些有钱的赞助人都在他们那边。fat cats:有钱有势的人 /201107/144757。

第一, 迷你对话A: Sue and Lily have both taken dancing lessons. They want to be famous dancers, I think.Sue 和Lily都选择了舞蹈课,我想她们将来想当舞蹈家。B: Yet Sue is not a patch on Lily because she’s not as diligent and clever as Lily.Sue比不上Lily,因为她没有Lily那么刻苦和聪明。A: I think you are holding a brief for Lily.我觉得你在有意维护Lily。第二, 地道表达hold a brief for1. 解词释义Hold a brief是在“在诉讼中当某人的辩护律师为其辩护”,引申为“为某人或某事辩护”“为……大声疾呼”“主张……”。2. 拓展范例e.g. I hold no brief for severe punishment.我不赞成严惩。e.g. I hold no brief for people with extreme views.我不持持极端观点的人。第三, 咬文嚼字as… as:和……一样e.g. This film is as interesting as that one.这部电影和那部电影一样有趣。e.g. Your pen writes as smoothly as mine.你的钢笔书写起来和我的一样流畅。be a patch on:不如……,比不上……e.g. What they accomplished was not a patch on what they had planned.他们的成就远不如预期。e.g. Her latest novel isnt a patch on her others.她这部新小说比以前所写的差得远。 /201611/478439。

You know whats funny,I have talked to you a million times.Hung out with you some.We shot some stuff together.有趣的是 我和你聊过上百万次了 跟你一起玩过 我们拍了一些短片And yet people are intimidated by you sometimes,right?Because of you,you have a fierce但是人们有时依然怕你 对吗you have a fierce expression.You emanate power and intensity.你的表情很凶 你给人感觉强势而严肃These are all compliments Im giving you.我这是在夸奖你But am I right that people probably get intimidated,right?但人们会被你吓到 我说的对吗Im a no nonsense kind of guy,you know what I mean.No nonsense.I aint with that,yeah.我这人不喜欢废话 你懂吗 不废话 我不接受废话 是的So dont give me no nonsense.I would never.所以别拿废话糊弄我 我永远不会那样做的I would be the last person on earth,cube,to give you nonsense.我是世界上最不可能对你说废话的人 库珀But is it a misconception?Are you unapproachable?You just came out now and youre smiling.但是 这是一种误解吗 你是不是很高冷 因为你出场以后有说有笑的What happens when people come up to you and they just want to hang out?如果有人过来和你说 他们想跟你一起玩怎么办Wait a minute.We cant hang out?Im cool.Im approachable.Just dont do anything stupid.等等 我们不能一起玩 我很酷 平易近人 只要别做蠢事就行Simple.Dont do anything stupid.Ok,nothing stupid.很简单 别做蠢事就行 好的 别做蠢事Look,Conan,dont do anything stupid and were cool.You act like youre addressing me now.I am.听着 柯南 别做蠢事我们就没事 你好像在对我说这话 我是在对你说I have created a,you know,sort of a hypothetical situation and now youre making it about me.我假设了一种情景 而你现在开始怪我了I would never come up and do someting inappropriate uncool.You,yeah.我永远不会对你做一些不适合或不酷的事 你吗 是的Admit it,Im the coolest guy you know.Coolest guy you know.承认吧 我是你认识的最酷的人 最酷的人Youre pretty cool.Youre pretty cool,no doubt.You arent as cool as this dude right here.你挺酷的 你挺酷的 毫无疑问 你没有这边这个家伙酷 但是But out of all of these people in here,yeah,you probably would be the one come up and do something really stupid.但是在这里的这么多人里 你最有可能做出一些蠢事201611/475462。