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ruddera rudderwithout a ruddera ship without a rudderA life without a purpose is a ship without a rudder.方向舵一个方向舵没有舵船失舵人生无目的,犹如船失舵rudder: 方向舵; 实用短语:lose the rudder:丢失舵;实用例句:We do not want to lose our rudder.我们不想丢失舵


  He went on his way,while Tess stood and waited,tears pouring down her cheeks.邮车驰走了苔丝站在一旁等着眼泪不住地从脸颊上流下来Daylight came.Prince lay there,unmoving,his eyes half open. 天亮起来了王子躺在那儿,一动不动,半睁着眼睛‘It all my fault,’cried Tess. “这全都是我的过错,”‘What will mother and father live on now?苔丝哭着说,“现在爸妈靠什么生活呢?”;Aby,Aby,wake up!We cant go on with our beehives—Prince is dead!;“亚比,亚比,快醒醒!我们的蜂箱运不成了——‘王子’死了!”When Aby realized what had happened,his face looked like an old man.亚比明白了所发生的事情时,露出了饱经沧桑的老人才有的表情It because we live on a bad star,isnt it,Tess?’he said through his tears.“这是因为我们生活在一颗坏星星上,是不是,苔丝?”他眼泪汪汪地说道Finally a man arrived with a horse to take the wagon on to Casterbridge to deliver the beehives,终于有人牵着匹马过来了这匹马拉着货车把蜂箱送到了卡斯特桥,and then collect Prince on the way back.并在返回途中把“王子”的尸体捎了上来When they got home,Tess broke the news to her parents.到了家之后,苔丝把这事儿跟父母讲了They were not angry with her,but she blamed herself completely. 他们并没有生她的气,反而是苔丝自己陷入了深深的自责中 188

  A church built with 57 cents - Anonymous57美分建成的教堂 匿名A sobbing little girl stood near a small church from which she had been turned away because it ;was too crowded.;I cant go to Sunday school,; she sobbed to the pastor as he walked by.一个小女孩被拦在一座小教堂外面,“因为里面“太拥挤了,他们不让我进星期日学校(在美国,星期日学校是指在星期天对儿童进行宗教教育的学校)”小女孩向一位路过的牧师哭诉道Seeing her shabby, unkempt appearance, the pastor guessed the reason and,taking her by the hand,took her inside and found a place her in the Sunday school class.The child was so happy that they found room her, that she went to bed that night thinking of the children who have no place to worship Jesus.见她蓬头垢面、衣衫褴褛的样子,牧师便猜出她为何被拒之门外了于是,牧师牵着她的小手,把她带进教堂,在星期日学校的教室里给她找到了一个位置,小女孩非常高兴 Some two years later, this child lay dead in one of the poor tenement buildings and the parents called the kindhearted pastor, who had befriended their daughter, to handle the final arrangements.As her poor little body was being moved, a worn and crumpled purse was found which seemed to have been rummaged from some trash dump.两年后,小女孩在一间破旧的贫民屋里离开了人世她的父母把那位曾经善待他们女儿的好心牧师请过来料理后事当他们挪动可怜的小女孩的遗体时,从她身上突然滑落了一个皱巴巴的、破烂不堪的、像是从垃圾堆里翻出来的红色小钱包Inside was found 57 cents and a note scribbled in childish handwriting which , ;This is to help build the little church bigger so more children can go to Sunday School.钱包里共有57美分,还有一张小纸条,上面用歪歪扭扭的小孩字迹写道:“这些钱用来扩建小教堂,这样更多的小朋友就能够上星期日学校了” two years she had saved this offering of love.When the pastor tearfully that note, he knew instantly what he would do.Carrying this note and the cracked, red pocketbook to the pulpit, he told the story of her unselfish love and devotion.小女孩花了两年的时间来积攒这份爱!牧师泪流满面地看完这张纸条,立刻意识到自己该做些什么他把这张小纸条和红色钱包带到教堂的讲坛,向众人讲述这个充满了无私的爱与宗教虔诚的感人故事 3775。

  The Little Clay Boy 98

  An Old Legend about Cheese一个关于奶酪的古老传说No one knows who made the first cheese,没有人知道谁制成了第一块奶酪,but an old legend says that it was an Arabian merchant.但是一则古老的传奇故事说,一位阿拉伯商人制成了第一块奶酪He put his milk in a pouch made from a sheep stomach他把牛奶放在用羊胃做成的袋里,and set off across the desert.动身穿过沙漠The jouncing of his camel, the desert heat,骆驼的摇动,沙漠的灼热,and the chemicals in the pouch made the milk separate into curds and whey.以及袋中的化学物质使牛奶离析成凝乳和乳清The thick part,or curd,was the first cheese.这稠的部分,或者说凝乳,便是第一块奶酪Ancient records show that cheese has been eaten more than four thousand years.古老的记载表明,人们食用奶酪已有000多年的历史了From earliest times it has been considered a very nourishing food.从最远古的时代起,它就被看成是营养丰富的食品Americans eat less cheese than people in some countries do,美国人比其他国家的人吃奶酪要少些,yet they still consume eight to ten pounds a year per person.然而,每人一年仍要消耗八到十镑奶酪Today cheese is made all over the world. Most cheese is made from cow milk,今天,世界各地都制造奶酪了,大部分奶酪是用牛奶做的but supply of this milk is greater throughout the world.但是在全世界,这种奶酪的供应量较大Smaller quantities come from the milk of other animals--goats,sheep,camels and even reindeer.少量的奶酪来自于动物的奶,如山羊,绵羊,骆驼,甚至驯鹿 18Day 第天Home, Sweet Home家啊,甜蜜的家John H Payne约翰·佩恩Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam, Be it ever so humble, there no place like home;纵然游遍海角天涯,住高楼住大厦, 但是没有一处地方能胜过自己的家A charm from the skies seems to hallow us there, Which, seek through the world, is neer met with elsewhere.仿佛天上飘来的声音,同我们说着话, 叮咛游子莫忘家园,在心中常牵挂Home, home, sweet, sweet home! There no place like home, there no place like home!家,家,我甜蜜的家, 再没有一处地方,能胜过自己的家I gaze on the moon as I t the drear wild, And feel that my mother now thinks of her child,当我走在冷落的旷野,总抬头望明月, 遥想我那慈爱的母亲,盼游子心切切As she looks on that moon from our own cottage door.Through the woodbine, whose fragrance shall cheer me no more.此刻也站在茅屋门前,望月儿盈又缺, 我多盼望在她身边,吻故乡的花和叶Home, home, sweet, sweet home! There no place like home,there no place like home!家,家,我甜蜜的家, 再没有一处地方,能胜过自己的家An exile from home,splendor dazzles in vain; Oh,give me my lowly thatched cottage again!背井离乡,飘泊四方,繁华难动心肠, 只求重新返回家园,低矮的茅屋旁,The birds singing gayly, that came at my call.Give me them-and the peace of mind, dearer than all!小鸟听到我的召唤,飞回来快乐地唱: 让我重温安宁的生活,那是我最向往Home,home,sweet,sweet home! There no place like home,oh,there no place like home!家,家,我甜蜜的家, 再没有一处地方,能胜过自己的家 657


  Hank: What that ?汉克:那是干什么的?Svetlana: This costume? Im planning a publicity stunt to get our store more business.斯维特拉娜:这套装束吗?我计划做一场秀来吸引更多顾客光临我们店Hank: You think that dressing up as a giant banana will get our store more business?汉克:你认为打扮成一只巨大的香蕉会招来更多顾客吗?Svetlana: We need to get media coverage the grand opening of our store and attract as much attention as possible. Ill be on hand to give sound bites and organize photo ops.斯维特拉娜:我们需要媒体来报道我们店的隆重开业,尽可能引起人们的关注我会去现场录原声,并安排拍照Hank: How does a giant banana tie into our store?汉克:这只巨大的香蕉与咱们店有什么关系呢?Svetlana: It doesnt directly, but trust me, itll get noticed.斯维特拉娜:没有直接关系,但相信我,它会聚集人气的Hank: I was thinking of a traditional marketing campaign, more along the lines of holding a contest or a giveaway. And I dont see how a giant banana is going to get media attention.汉克:我想到了一种传统的营销活动,更类似于举行竞赛或者分发赠品我不明白这只大香蕉如何引起媒体的关注Svetlana: The person in the giant banana costume will skydive into the parking lot of the store.斯维特拉娜:身着巨大香蕉装的人会跳伞落入商店的停车位Hank: What idiot have you convinced to do that?汉克:是哪个白痴说你这么做的?Svetlana: Well, that actually why Im here...斯维特拉娜:嗯,其实那就是我来这里的真实原因...原文译文属! 73

  Victoria: Congratulations are in order. I just scored a product placement our brand in the latest McQuillanator movie. Thank you, thank you very much.维多利亚:需要祝贺一下我刚在 McQuillanator 最新的电影里植入了广告谢谢,非常感谢Gerard: Really? That great! Will it have a prominent place in the movie?杰勒德:真的吗?太棒了!它在电影中的位置显眼吗?Victoria: Well, you know how these things are. Our logo goes by in the blink of an eye, but millions of people are going to see it.维多利亚:嗯,你会知道具体情况的我们公司的标志一眨眼就过去了,不过还是会有上百万观众看见它Gerard: So will the star be wearing our logo on his shirt or something?杰勒德:那么明星们会穿着贴有咱们标志的短袖或者其它什么东西吗?Victoria: Something like that.维多利亚:类似吧Gerard: But not that.杰勒德:但不是那样Victoria: No, it a little more subtle than that, but itll be embedded into an important scene.维多利亚:是的,没有那么明显,不过会植入到一个很重要的场景中Gerard: But where are they going to see it?杰勒德:但人们会在哪里看到它呢?Victoria: Is that really important? The important thing is that our brand will be associated with a major Hollywood movie. What more could we ask ?维多利亚:这真的很重要吗?重要的是我们的品牌能与一部好莱坞大片有联系我们还奢求什么呢?Gerard: Stop beating around the bush. Where in the movie will our logo appear?杰勒德:别拐弯抹角了我们的标志会在电影的哪个部分出现?Victoria: All right. Itll be on the bottom of the star shoes, on the sole, and the audience will be able to see it when he running.维多利亚:好吧它会出现在明星们的鞋底,当明星们奔跑时,观众们会看见它的Gerard: Only if he running in slow motion, but he wont be, right? If it goes by that quickly, itll be more like subliminal advertising.杰勒德:只有在他慢动作奔跑时才能看见,但他是不会慢动作奔跑的,对吗?如果一闪而过的话,那么这更类似于潜意识广告Victoria: Exactly! I hadnt thought of it that way, but hordes of people will be going out to buy our products and they wont even know why. Im even more of a genius than I thought!维多利亚:正是如此!我没这么想过,但成群的人会来购买我们的商品,他们甚至不知道为什么我比我想象的要更有天赋!原文译文属! 368。

  Jennifer: Maybe. That's how some guys get girls. Billy: But I don't think any guy will be stupid enough to... Jennifer: Put it on me! Billy: OK, but this doesn't mean... Jennifer: It's a perfect fit! Billy: OK, now take it off and let's go! Jennifer: Oh, no! I can't get it off! Billy: Don't tell me we're still cursed!put...on   穿戴(衣饰)fit (n.)   合身、合穿戴的衣饰get something off   脱下…,摆脱…curse (v.,n.)   诅咒 A: What happened after you hit the taxi? 你撞到出租车之后怎么了? B: The driver of the taxi jumped out and cursed me. 出租车司机跳出车外对我骂脏话珍妮花:或许吧有些男人就是这样钓女孩的 比 利:不过我想没有男人会笨到…… 珍妮花:来帮我戴上! 比 利:好,但这可不表示…… 珍妮花:正合呢! 比 利:好了啦,把戒指脱掉,我们走! 珍妮花:完了!戒指拿不下来! 比 利:别跟我说这诅咒还没完! 5

  The deal also provides a general mula ending long-running tensions between the two countries over tax.我们先来看看mula这个单词.mula最常见的意思是"公式,方程式,计算式",是数学用语但在新闻当中,这个词的意思是"a particular method of doing or achieving sth 方法,方案",可以理解为原意的引申义,因为公式就是用来解决问题的.They're trying to work out a peace mula acceptable to both sides in the dispute. 他们正在设法制定出一个争执双方都可接受的和平方案.There's no magic mula a perfect marriage.没有一个达到完美婚姻的神奇方法.Long-running 是一个合成词.在英语中,这类词的使用很是广泛.今天我们重点介绍下long-形式的合成词.Long-standing: that has existed or lasted a long time 存在已久的,悠久的a long-standing relationship长期的关系Long-suffering: bearing problems or another person's unpleasant behaviour with patience 长期忍受的,容忍的his long-suffering wife他那长期受罪的妻子Long-running: that has been continuing a long time 持续时间长的Over在这里做介词用,意思是"由于,关于"an argument over money为了钱的争吵 898


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