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But at 7:45 in the morning, Phoebe heads out on HER patrol.但到了早上7:45 菲比要出门巡逻了And Kato, he#39;s at home.而凯托 正待在家里Watching nervously.谨慎地观望着A deeper look at the data suggests that the two cats深入分析数据得出 两只猫may be sharing the same space,也许在共享一片领地but not at the same time.但并非同时Kato#39;s out a lot, Kato#39;s out a lot late in the night here,凯托经常外出 通常是夜半时分and a few short forays in the morning.以及少数的清晨巡逻Phoebe#39;s active during the day,菲比在白天很活跃and mainly after lunch, in that period here.主要是午餐过后 对应这个部分Not much overlap in when they#39;re outside.他们的外出时间没有太大的交叉So when one was active outside, the other wasn#39;t.一个在外巡逻时 另一个正待在家里- So we think what they#39;re doing is... - Avoiding each other.-我们认为他们正在 -避免遇见对方Yeah. Using a shift system,采用了一种轮换机制and the occasional time when it doesn#39;t work,偶尔在他们相遇的时候- that#39;s when you#39;re getting a fight. - Right, OK.-就打起来了 -没错So it#39;s nice to know that they have got the shift system知道他们采用了这种机制令人很高兴and they are managing themselves.他们在自我调节重点解释:1.a few 一些(用于可数名词之前) 例句:A few anatomic mysteries remain unsolved.一些结构上的疑点仍未解答。2.each other 互相;各自例句;They took out their resentments on each other.他们互相发泄怨气。3.at the same time 同时; 尽管如此例句:At the same time, I#39;d like to be sure it#39;s true.尽管如此,我还是想实它的真实性。 Article/201608/458615I find some rusty chain on some freestanding timber.我在这根独立木梁上找到一根生锈的铁链I check above to make sure it#39;s not attached to the supporting roof beams.我检查一下木梁顶部 确定它没有碰到承重的横梁That#39;s probably worth taking.See if we can get this off.And I#39;ve got it.它们说不定会有用 看看能不能拿下来 拿到了That was close,but this could come in handy.Daylight.真是千钧一发 不过这东西迟早派得上用场 重见天日了Soon the adrenaline stops pumping.终于缓了口气God, I didn#39;t notice how quite how much this finger was bleeding when I caught it going into the mine.上帝 我都不知道 进矿井时我都没注意 手指流了这么多血Trying to use a bit of this pine resin just to put over the cut and seal it.用一点松脂 覆盖在伤口上 封住它The last thing I want is for that to get infected out here.此时我最不愿意 碰到的就是感染了That#39;s gonna help cover it,seal it from any nasties.Okay. Let#39;s keep going.松脂可以保护伤口 不要沾染上脏东西 很好 继续前进As I travel towards the valley bottom,I#39;m reminded of how extreme this place can be.我继续向山谷底部前进 才发现这里有多险峻There#39;s a deep ravine ahead.At 150 foot deep,it#39;s a formidable obstacle.这里有一条很深的沟壑 有150英尺深 这鸿沟真是令人望而生畏The rock on the cliff looks far too unstable to attempt a downclimb.But I#39;ve got a plan.崖边的岩石太不稳固 无法顺着石头爬下去 不过我有个主意If I can somehow make, like, a grappling hook,throw that into the tree,如果我可以做一个爪钩 带着缆绳and get the wire across,and make like a zipline from here to there and then just climb down that.扔到那棵树上去 从这儿到那里拉出一根滑索 沿着绳索就可以爬过去 Article/201608/461197Many tribes still rely on hunting to feed their families.很多部落依然依靠 打猎来维持生计And for them,it really is a matter of life and death.对他们而言 这是生死之间的考验Bravo No one is more surprised that I hitted than me.太好啦 当我射中的时候 没有人比我更惊讶But I know, this supposed to be good to eat.但我知道 这应该很好吃Poison does use world wide,but be aware,even the experts can get it wrong.毒物到处都有 但是记住 即使专家也会弄错Poison from the blow dart onto his hand.飞镖里面的毒液 弄到他手上了And that you can just see his fingers are beginning to swell up.你可以发现 他的手指开始肿了It#39;s so easy to do when you try to walk your way through the juggle.穿过丛林时 很容易遇到这种事Just rub against that very briefly.And get little bit on the hand, do imagine what that will do to little animall.只要轻轻地 一碰到 就会弄到手上 想想如果是小动物会是什么下场Hunters hold their skills over a lifetime.For the Nassaus,it#39;s a fast learning curve.猎人们的打猎技巧终生不忘 对于拿骚人 这是一个快速的过程What are they doing here is just simulating the noise Just with the leaf between the mouth.他们现在就是模仿声音 把树叶放在嘴边They will have a good.Making this noise of the leaf.But I have a dful feeling.他们就能做的很好 用树叶发音 但我有种挺糟糕的感觉This is not gonna resemble a sound of guilty will come out of my leaf. Let#39;s give it a go.不太可能 我的叶子能发出声音 试试I#39;m not sure, not sure what animal that was.Berbers say what kind of changing at the jungle.我不知道 不清楚 我吹的声音像什么动物 巴巴里人说不知道什么在丛林里 Article/201605/444859Rooster: Hey, dude! 公鸡: 嘿,老兄! Rooster: How are you doing? 公鸡: 过得好吗? Rooster: Have a nice weekend! Cheers! 公鸡: 过个愉快的周末!干杯! Rooster: Merry Christmas, buddy! 公鸡: 圣诞快乐,伙计! Frog: Merry Christmas! 青蛙: 圣诞快乐! Rooster: Happy birthday! 公鸡: 祝您生日快乐! Bull: Happy...birthday? 牛: 生日快乐? Rooster: Have a great Valentines Day! 公鸡: 祝你情人节玩得开心! Rooster: Happy New Year! 公鸡: 新年快乐! Rooster: And...and... 公鸡: 祝…… Rooster: Have a nice trip! 公鸡: 祝您旅途愉快! /200604/5789

英语口语1+1:The pot calling the kettle black【1+1英文】Angela: "I'm tired of you always wearing my clothing!" Andy: "Aren't you the pot calling the kettle black? You're wearing my pants right now!"【1+1中文】安吉拉:我讨厌你老穿我的衣。安 迪:你不是在犯同样的错误?你在穿我的裤子!【1+1】"The pot" (for cooking) and "the kettle" (for boiling water) sit on the stove over the fire and become black from the flames. 中文意思:责人严而律己宽;五十步笑百步;控告别人过错,而自己也在犯同样的错误。 /200605/7018

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