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上海玫瑰女子医院激光祛痘手术多少钱青浦注射丰唇一针多少钱A monkey-like animal seen as an ancestor of monkeys, apes and humans was not as brainy(1) as expected, according to scientists who analyzed its nicely preserved 29-million-year-old skull.The finding indicated that primate(2) brain enlargement evolved later than once thought, the researchers said on Monday.They analyzed a remarkably well-preserved fossilized(3) skull of the little primate Aegyptopithecus(4) zeuxis, which lived in the trees and ate fruit and leaves about 29 million years ago in warm forests in what is now an Egyptian desert.A technique called microcomputerized tomography(5) scanning -- a computerized X-ray method also called micro-CT -- allowed them to determine the dimensions of the animal's brain."What was astonishing is how small this brain is," Duke University primatologist Elwyn Simons, who led the study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, said in a telephone interview."You can also see it's a pretty darn primitive brain. It would be small for a monkey or an ape," Simons added. "So it's telling us that the speed of achievement of brain enlargement in primates was a little slower than perhaps we had thought."This skull of a small female was uncovered in a quarry(6) southwest of Cairo in 2004. It was better preserved than another skull of a larger male of the species found in the same area in 1966.Based on earlier finds, scientists had theorized the species had a relatively large brain. Instead, it had a brain that might have been even smaller than that of a modern lemur, a primate with primitive traits.Simons said that when this primate lived, Africa was an island, limiting the competition for survival. Simons said brain enlargement may have evolved in this lineage after Africa became connected to Asia, bringing in more animals including new and dangerous predators."Brain-volume enlargement is favored under conditions of competition because you need to be smarter," Simons said. 科学家对一个保存良好的2900万年前的头骨进行研究,发现这种类猴的猴子、猿和人类祖先并没有预想得那么聪明。周一,研究人员们说此发现显示灵长类大脑进化时间比原来认为的要晚。这个小巧的古埃及猿头骨化石保存十分完好。此种灵长类动物生活在2900万年前的温暖埃及丛林,以树为家,以果为食,但是现在这片丛林已经变成沙漠了。一项被称为微型电子计算机X线断层扫描的技术可以帮助测算动物大脑尺寸,它也可被称为微CT。杜克大学灵长类动物学家Elwyn Simons在电话采访中说:“我们很惊讶它的大脑竟然如此之小。” 由他负责的本次研究被刊登在美国国家科学院报中。Simons说:“它虽然是一个灵长类头骨,但是比猴子或者猿的都要小。也就是说灵长类动物大脑的飞速发展比我们原来推算的要慢一点。”这个小的女性头骨在2004年被发掘于开罗西南部一个采石场中。它的保存状况好于1966年在同一地点发现的另一个稍大的同类男性头骨。根据之前的研究,科学家们推断这种动物应该拥有相对大的大脑。但是它的大脑却比具有原始特点的现代狐猴的还小。Simons说这种动物生活的时候非洲还是一个岛屿,没有生存竞争。Simons认为他们的大脑发展发生在亚非大陆相连的时候,因为很多动物包括新的和危险的食肉动物都来到了这里。他说:“竞争促进脑容量的扩展,因为你如果不变得更聪明就得死。” /200805/38136上海中潭医院绣眉手术多少钱 上海市第九医院整形中心

上海九院激光去痘手术多少钱崇明县妇幼保健医院做抽脂手术多少钱 You spend your day doing unnecessary activities. Then, you wish you could have that time back. We are all guilty of this at some point. Where are you going to waste time today?你一整天做的全是没必要的事。然后,你希望能挽回浪费掉的时光。我们每个人都会有为这种负罪感的时候。今天你会把时间浪费在什么上面?We all have the same amount of time in the day.It all comes down to how your chose to spend yours.Avoiding time-wasting activities can make all the difference.What frivolous and silly ways do you waste time during your day?我们每人每天的时间都是一定的。关键在于你怎么使用你的时间。尽量不要去做那些浪费时间的事,这才会成为你和别人的差别所在。你一天中都会浪费时间做什么琐事和蠢事呢?Here are 29 Ways You’re Wasting Time Today:以下是29种浪费时间的表现:Complaining. No one gets what they want by whining. Instead, try asking.抱怨。光是发牢骚是不可能得到想要的东西的。不要光抱怨,要质疑。Commuting during rush hour. Time-shift your drive for less traffic.在高峰时间上下班。换到其他时间点,这样路上就不会那么堵。Gossiping. It never gets the work done.八卦。八卦什么都做不成。Doing other people’s work. Do your work first.做别人的工作。先把自己的事情做好吧。Watching TV. No one ever accomplished their goals by sitting on the couch.看电视。坐在电视前是不可能做成什么事的。Hanging out with negative people. Be careful, attitude is contagious.常和消极的人在一起。小心点,态度是会传染的。Procrastinating. Action now always beats inaction.拖延。现在开始就战胜无所作为吧。Indecision. Make decisions or life will make them for you.优柔寡断。要么就自己做决定,要么你就会被决定。Reading the news. Go on a media diet.读新闻。戒掉爱看媒体新闻的瘾吧。Antagonizing others. If you don’t have something nice to say…和别人对着干。如果你没什么好话要说的话…Playing games. Angry Birds don’t get work done.打游戏。光玩“愤怒的小鸟”什么都干不成。Eating junk food. Do something active and get your body in motion.吃垃圾食品。吃点健康的东西,让你的身体活动起来吧。Making empty promises. Stop saying what you’re not going to do.说空话。不要再吹嘘那些你不会去做的事情了。Waiting for something to happen. Go out and make it happen.等待什么事发生。行动起来,自己去让这件事发生吧。Attending unnecessary meetings. Practice the “Right to Decline” unneeded meetings.参加没必要的会议。试着婉转地拒绝那些没必要参加的会议吧。Reading Email. Only check it 3 times a day. Morning, noon, end of day.查电邮。一天只要查3次就够了:早上,中午和晚上。Answering the phone. Remember, your phone is there for your convenience.接电话。记住,电话是为了你自己的方便才存在的。Playing Email Ping-Pong. Avoid the back-and-forth, go talk to someone.发电邮,你回复我,我回复你。不要用电邮回复来回复去,真正去跟别人聊聊吧。Not putting things away. You’ll have to look for them later.不把东西放好。之后你就要开始找东西了。Surfing the web endlessly. One thing leads to another…漫无目的地上网。事情一件连着另外一件……Constantly updating your social media status. No one needs to know what you are eating for lunch.不断更新社交媒体状态。没人想知道你中午吃的是什么。Not capturing ideas. Where did you write down that million dollar idea?不记录下好想法。上一次你写下很有价值的想法是什么时候?Fighting with others. Agree to disagree, but skip the fight.和别人争吵。求同存异保留各自不同的意见,不要和人争。Reading the tabloids. Do you need to know which celeb got arrested this week?读八卦小报。这周哪个明星被捕跟你有关系吗?Looking for things you misplaced. Make sure you have a place for your stuff.翻找被你放错地方的东西。每样东西都要有固定的放置位置。Letting email notifications interrupt your day. Turn off those pop-ups!让新电邮通知打扰到你。关掉弹出窗口吧!Piling instead of filing. Piles are not organization.乱堆乱放,而不是分类归档。堆成一团可不能算整理。Not looking at your todo list. You wrote that task down, but you didn’t look at your list.不查看待办事项。明明写下了要做的任务,但是不去查看待办事项。Solving the same problems, again. Make sure you document solutions so you have them down the road.花时间解决同样的问题。要把问题的解决方法归档,这样下次你就能用到它们。What Shouldn’t You Do Today?今天什么事是你不该做的?Sometimes it’s not what you do, but what you stop doing. Protect your day from these time-wasters.You just might have a little more time in your day. Where do you catch yourself wasting time?有时关键不在于你做什么,而在于你不该做什么。不要让你的一天被这些浪费时间的事情占领。这样也许你能挤出一些时间。今天你发现自己把时间浪费在哪里了呢? /201302/226354上海哪个脱毛医院好

上海中医药大学附属曙光医院东院脱毛手术多少钱 出门行路,一定要注意交通安全。不论是司机也好,行人也好,大家都希望“高高兴兴上班去,平平安安回家来”。今天,我们就来看看美国的一些交通规则,除了一些细枝末节外,其实和国内的交规差不太多。1. Always buckle up. 永远系好安全带。Buckle up指的是把安全带系好,还可以说fasten the seatbelt. 一般来讲,各个州都要求司机和司机副座上的乘客系安全带,不过现在很多州更为严格,要求普通轿车的所有乘客都要系安全带,否则被发现就要受处罚。记得我曾看过一个公益广告,警察出来说:“If you don’t buckle up, you’d better listen up.” 意思就是“如果你不系安全带,那么你最好听清楚了。” Listen up这个词组在口语里也很常用,它被用来提醒大家的注意,就是“听好了!”的意思。例如老师要宣布一件很重要的事情,但是班上乱哄哄的,老师就会说:“Listen up!”。  2. Put your children in back! 把您的孩子放在后座上!美国法律规定,12岁以及12岁以下的儿童一律要坐在后座上,而且4岁以下的婴幼儿要使用特殊的座位装置(我们在谈论车子的文章里,曾经提到过)。这是因为,儿童的骨质比较柔软,遇到危险紧急刹车,容易受到更大的冲击。  3. Never drunk drive! 决不酒后驾驶!美国的醉酒问题很严重,酒后开车出的事故也比其他原因的事故多。据说,每五个美国人中,有三个在他的一生中,都会遇到酒后开车的大大小小的事故(这可是我交规笔试的一道题)。各州对于酒后驾驶的处罚也非常严厉,除了罚款,扣分,试情形还要坐牢。你可能还会听说DUI Law,也就是Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol,这条法规禁止在使用毒品,造成神志不清醒的药物和酒精的情况下开车,抓到了,处罚也非常严厉。很多美国人有去酒吧喝酒聊天的习惯,所以交通部门建议最好有一个人保持清醒以便驾驶。另外,如果真的喝多了,有些酒吧也会免费提供出租车送你回家。   4. You always have to stop at a stop sign. 在停车标志前,你永远要停。Stop sign,停车标志,通常在比较小的路口出现,它起到了红绿灯的作用。这些路口因为比较小,车辆来往少,所以没有必要设置红绿灯,但是为了安全起见,车子开到路口,停一下,看看十字路口有没有行人车辆,再继续行驶。如果有,那么一定是先让行人,车辆就本着先来后到的原则了。   5. In a crosswalk, pedestrians have the right of way. 在过街人行道上,行人有先行权。这当然不是说,这边绿灯了,行人还要通过。基本在各个十字路口,都有指示行人的红绿灯,行人也都按照这个红绿灯的指示行动。有时候,由于行人比较少,这种红绿灯不是次次都变绿。因此,当你要过马路的时候,会发现路边的柱子上有一个按钮,按一下,控制中心就知道有人要过马路,过一会儿绿灯就会亮。如果你开车过十字路口,有行人过马路,无论何种情况,行人都有先行权,这在美国是起码的常识,也是一个讲文明公民的标志。 /200803/28472普陀区妇幼保健医院修眉多少钱杨浦区无痛隆胸手术价格



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