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远远望去,香港维多利亚港的风景被天大楼所统治但当你走入依偎在那片楼群脚下迷宫般的街道,香港丰富的文化迹象随处可见坐上双层有轨电车,透过车窗,香港的别样景致在眼前缓缓流淌《华尔街日报Lam Thuy Vo报道 69

安吉丽娜#86;朱莉教你预测婚后感情 --5 :55: 来源:   'Marriage feels different' says Angelina Jolie, who tied the knot after nine years with Brad Pitt.  与布拉德·皮特九年的爱情长跑之后,安吉丽娜·朱莉与他结婚了,她说:“婚姻给人的感受是不同的”  Let's hope she means different in a good way.  我们希望她的意思是说比之前更好  It might only be 'a bit of paper' but marriage can completely change the dynamics of a relationship - with good and disastrous consequences.  或许结婚就是领个而已,但婚姻却会完全改变一段恋情中二者的互动关系——其结果可能是好的,也可能是毁灭性的   lots of people, it makes the relationship feel safer and more secure and both people thrive. Other couples live together very happily years, then split up, quite suddenly, the second they make things official.  对许多人来说,婚姻会让恋人双方感到更加安心,更稳定,彼此都能更好的发展另一些情侣却可能在缔结法律关系的顷刻之间彼此分离,即使他们已经非常幸福的在一起数年之久  How do you know which camp you'll fall in?  你怎么知道你的感情会向哪一边发展?  I believe there are four main indicators of success: timing, parents, personality and the person you're choosing.  我相信成功的婚姻有四个主要指标:时间、父母、性格和你选择的对象  Timing:  时间  It's the stage not the age that's important. Some people have their hands out the slippers and pipe when they're in their mid s, dreaming of a family roast on Sundays.  重要的不是年龄,而是心理阶段有些人一心梦想着在周末一家人一起烧烤的幸福场景,在二十四、五岁的时候就开始担任家庭主妇、家庭主夫的角色了  Others still aren't y to tie themselves down in their 50s.  另一些人直到50岁之后才想要稳定下来  Marriage works best when both of you are confident that your future goals and aspirations are things you can do together.  当情侣双方都充满信心,能够向着未来的目标和志向共同努力的时候,婚姻关系最为顺利  Your personality:  你的性格  Are you more attracted to excitement or contentment?  你更喜欢新鲜刺激的感受还是满足惬意的感受?  If it's contentment, you're naturally suited to the fuzzy, secure domesticity of marriage.  如果你更喜欢满足惬意的感受,你可能天性更适合于冗杂、稳定的婚姻家庭生活  But some personality types - drawn to drama and danger - often find marriage suffocating and restrictive.  但是具有某些性格特征的人——他们往往喜欢戏剧性和危险的事物——常常感到婚姻令人窒息,备受束缚  One other point about personality though: while our core personality traits don't alter, age and life events do make us want different things.  不过关于性格还有一点值得注意的是:尽管我们的人格核心特征是不会变的,年龄和阅历的增长确实会让我们想要不同的东西  You might lean heavily on the excitement side up till about 35 only to find contentment nudges its way up the list after that.  也许到35岁之前你都会完全倾向于享受新鲜刺激,35岁之后却发现自己更想要获得安逸惬意的生活  Your parents:  你的父母  Study after study shows the likelihood of our marriages being successful or not depends heavily on the messages we got from our parent's relationship.  科学研究屡次明,我们自身的婚姻成功与否与我们从父母的婚姻那里接受到的信息密切相关  This works in mysterious ways.  两者之间的关系颇为神秘  If your parents had the ideal marriage you've learnt that marriage is a good thing and how to behave in a loving relationship.  如果你父母的婚姻非常理想,你就会认识到婚姻是一件好事,也知道在恋爱关系中如何对待对方,相互关爱  On the flipside, if their marriage was fairytale perfect, your own can seem sadly lacking because your expectations are too high.  不过,另一方面看,如果他们的婚姻像童话一样完美,你也可能由于对婚姻的期望过高,因而总感到自己的婚姻有所缺陷  The person:  你的对象  Sometimes you can be perfectly matched on paper but find the actual relationship is like both trying to swim against the current.  有时候,你们觉得彼此应该非常默契,然而实际上两人的关系却如同逆水行舟,倍感艰难  It should work but it doesn't and instead of bringing out the best in each other, you're constantly rubbing each other up the wrong way.  你们应该是默契的,然而却事与愿违,你们没有使对方获得更好的发展,而是常常往错误的方向勉强对方  Relationships are hard work, sure, but when you're with the right person they're a lot less hard work!  经营感情确实不容易,但是如果你是和对的人在一起,其中的困难就会少很多!  You'll know when you've found someone you're high on compatibility and chemistry: you blend together easily and while there are sticking points and rows, the over-riding feeling is you're in the right place.  当你遇到一个与自己非常匹配,气味相投的人的时候,你会知道的:你们很容易达成默契,尽管有些磕磕绊绊,你仍强烈的感受到你俩非常合适  Don't go there, no matter how happy you are living together, unless you score .  无论你俩在一起多么开心,不要轻率结婚,除非你的感情在上述四个指标上都符合条件 安吉丽娜

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 How to improve your life 如何让生活更美好Laugh大笑People who use humor to cope with stress have better immune systems, reduced risk of heart attack and stroke, experience less painduring dental work and live longer. 笑对压力的人有更好的免疫系统,比较不容易得心脏病或中风,看牙医时感受到的痛苦更少,活得更长Laughter should be like a daily vitamin. Just reminiscing about funny moments can improve your relationship. Humor has many benefits.大笑应该像每天一片的维生素只要想想有意思的事情就能改善人际关系幽默的好处太多了immune system 免疫系统例句:Problems arise when the body immune system is not functioning adequately.免疫系统不能充分发挥作用时,身体就会出现问题reminisce vi.amp; vt.追忆例句:Reminisce some time, the night they took my friend.有时候会想起,朋友离去的那个夜晚[本节目属] 301976

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Positive Affirmations ToTell Yourself Every Day每天都要给自己的肯定I believe in my dreams我相信我的梦想 Believe in yourself and all that you are. 相信自己,相信你的一切Believe that everything and anything canbe possible and you can have all the things you desire. 相信一切,相信任何事情都有可能的,相信你可以拥有你想要的一切Telling yourself that you believe inyour dreams will help you become a more confident person. 告诉自己,你相信你的梦想会帮助你成为一个更加自信的人One thing that no one can take away from you is your own belief in your ability to succeed and have the life you’vealways wanted. 没人能将你自己的信念带走这件事情的力量会让你成功,过上你想要的生活Trust yourself and trust the universethat dreams do come true once you really start believing in them.相信你自己,一旦开始相信信念,世界上的梦想就能实现【知识点讲解】take away from v.减损; 夺去;例句:It starting to rain again. — Not enough to take away from the charm of the scene.... “又下起雨来了”“这丝毫不影响景色的美丽”The victory looks rather hollow. That takes nothing away from the courage and skill of the fighting ces. 胜利只是表面的,可这丝毫无损于战斗部队的勇气和技术更多节目请关注微信公众号:安夏说英语(anxia),欢迎关注公众号参与“轻松背单词”,一起学习![本节目属] 997

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