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2017年10月20日 04:14:51 | 作者:华分享 | 来源:新华社
Hi, Im Thom Tillis, Senator from the great state of North Carolina. I want to speak with you today about the vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court. Its a topic that has generated a lot of attention – and frankly, a lot of misinformation, especially since President Obama named a nominee earlier this week. There are a couple of things that make this vacancy unique. First, the seat became vacant in the middle of an election year, literally as Americans are casting their ballots to help choose the next President of the ed States. Second, the seat will determine the balance of the court for generations to come, as were replacing the incomparable Antonin Scalia. Justice Scalia was widely admired and respected for defending the original intent of the Constitution and its prescribed separation of powers, and he served as a critical check on President Obamas executive overreaches. While the Constitution allows the President to nominate a Supreme Court justice, our Founding Fathers also made sure to give the Senate advice and consent authority, to help protect the integrity of our system of checks and balances. The Senate can confirm a nominee, we can reject a nominee, or we can simply choose to withhold consideration of the nomination altogether, so the American people can weigh in on this important decision. This is about principle, not the person the President has nominated. And its why the majority of the Senate has chosen to use this unique situation as an opportunity to let the American people have a voice. The President and Democratic leaders arent exactly thrilled with giving the American people a voice. And contrary to their claims, the Senate is doing its job and fulfilling its constitutional obligation by deferring consent in order to let the peoples voice be heard. Both sides can respectfully agree to disagree, but its now time to move on to address the many pressing challenges facing our nation. We know good things happen when both parties in Washington cast aside their areas of disagreement and instead focus on identifying areas of common ground. We saw that last week when the Senate passed the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, bipartisan legislation that gives states and local communities vital tools they need to combat the painkiller and heroin epidemic. Its a great accomplishment, but there is still much more work to be done this year. We need to fund our military and make sure our brave men and women have the equipment and training they need to keep themselves and our nation safe. We need to ensure veterans are receiving the best health care possible and more healthcare choices. And we need to hold VA bureaucrats accountable. This year, Ill be leading an effort to reform the militarys health insurance program – and work to ensure that military families with autistic children have access to the care and the therapy they need. Senate Republicans aly have their sleeves rolled up and were y to get this and much more done. The question now is what choice the President and the Democratic leaders will make. Will they join us in doing our jobs on behalf of the American people? Or will they instead seek to further divide our nation by turning the Supreme Court process into a blatantly partisan back and forth? Are they going to resort to blocking and sabotaging important legislation and good-faith efforts to help the American people…all in the name of seeking to score cheap political points in an election year? Senate Democrats should remember the message the American people sent, during the 2014 election, which resulted in a new Senate Republican majority and 12 new Republican Senators, including myself. American voters made it clear they were sick and tired of the bitter partisanship and inaction of the then Democrat-controlled Senate. And they were frustrated with the Presidents over-reliance on executive orders to bypass attempts at compromise and cooperation with Congress. For the good of the nation, I hope the President and the Democratic leadership do not repeat their mistakes of the past. I hope theyll accept, however reluctantly, the fact that the American people will have a voice in this Supreme Court decision, and start focusing on the issues that concern hardworking Americans. I hope the Presidents final months in office will be spent working with both parties to do great things for our nation. Thats what the American people want. Thats what the American people deserve. Thank you for your time, God bless you and may God continue to bless the ed States of America.201603/43290672 books words author autobiography novel non-fiction hardback paperback volume publisher page spine introduction preface chapter encyclopaedia margin book review dedication acknowledements textbook picture sci-fi illustration graphs inspired by co-written by atlas a classic horror dictionary thriller cookbook bestseller phrases cover design publishing house detective story be based on a true story a collection of short stories/poems can’t put it down …from cover to cover beginner a: what are you ing? B: oh, it’s the latest novel by ray blune. It’s a sic-fi thriller. A; I thought he usually wrote horror books. B: he does. He’s good at this genre too. It’s a captivating . A; we’re going to the bookshop. Would you like to join us? B; yes, I would. I need to buy a textbook for my course and, as you know, I love browsing through the latest paperbacks. A: me too. I need something to on the flight to new york. I can never sleep on planes. Sarah wants to pick up some children’s books for her daughter. B: I want to look at nelson mandela’s autobiography. A: this is sure to be a worthwhile . Intermediate A: good morning. I’m from the new york book review. Could I ask you some question about your latest book? B: sure. Take a seat… what would you like to know? A; first, I’ve heard that your latest book is based on a true story. B; that’s correct. It’s a murder mystery based on actual murders that book place in florida several years ago. The main character-the police invesigator-is based on the man who investigated the case. A: how do you research your books? B: I always visit the places that I use as setting for stories. Readers like things to be as factually correct as possible-even in fiction! I usually base my characters on people I have met. Most character are a mixture of the characters of two or more people. A; I really like your books. I’ve just finished this one. I it from cover to cover in a single day. Congratulation on making the bestseller list yet again! B; thank you. Let met sign it for you …there you go. A; oh! Thank you very much. I heard that you are currently writing a collection of short stories. What are the stories about? B: there’s a real mix of stories in the book. I haven’t finished all of them yet, though. Many of them are short detective stories, but there are also horror stories and sci-fi ones. If you give me your business card, I’ll make sure you get an advance copy to review. A; thanks very much. I’m sure it will sell well. I can’t wait to it. Here’s my card. Thank you for you time. /200705/13744VOA流行美语 135: gang up on somebodyLarry和李华到物馆去看中国艺术品的展出,不过Larry好像心情不太好。今天李华会学到两个常用语:gang up on someone和basket case.(Indoor crowd in a museum)LH: Larry, 怎么啦?你好像很不开心?LL: Oh, it's just that my mother, father, and sister are all upset with me for not calling them enough. I feel as though my whole family is ganging up on me.LH: 既然你爸爸妈妈还有你都说你打电话回家太少,那恐怕情况确实是如此。不过,他们可能不了解你是工作和学习太忙了,所以才没法经常给他们打电话啊!不过,Larry,你说你家人gang up on you. 那是什么意思?LL: If two or more people join together against another person, then they are "ganging up" on that person.LH: 噢,gang up on someone就是合伙对付某个人的意思。所以你觉得你们全家联合起来埋怨你。LL: Exactly, maybe they think that if they gang up on me, then I'll be sure to call them at least every other day.LH:那你以后会不会隔一天就给他们打电话呢?其实,这也可以做到嘛。象我们现在休息的时候,你就可以打。说几句话就可以了嘛!LL:Has anyone ever ganged up on you, Li Hua?LH: 嗯,我不记得有什么人联合对付过我。哎,不过我记得在我们家附近有几条经常联合起来欺负我邻居的猫。那只可怜的猫最后只好跳到屋顶上去了。LL: That's a good example, Li Hua. In my house, it was the opposite. We had three cats and one dog. The cats used to gang up and chase the dog around the house.LH: 啊!原来在你们家是刚好相反。三只猫追一条。嘿!真有意思!你们家的一定很瘦小。我还没听说过有会怕几只猫的呢!LL: Actually, he was a pretty big dog; he just wasn't very brave. Whenever the three cats would gang up on him, he would try to hide under the bed, but he was too big to hide there.LH: 原来它还是只大,就是胆小。一只大因为怕三只猫而想躲到床底下!Larry,我没听说过,你肯定是在瞎说。LL: No, it's true!******LH: 嘿!Larry,你和你家人谈过了吗?他们还在气你不常打电话吗?LL: They aren't mad at me anymore, but my mom is a basket case because my sister will be graduating soon.LH: 你妈妈怎么啦?basket case?Basket是篮子的意思,你快要毕业。这和basket有什么关系?LL: Oh, a basket case is someone who is really upset or nervous. My mom is upset that my sister is graduating and will be leaving home for college.LH: 噢,原来basket case就是指一个人很紧张,很不高兴。你高中毕业后,很快就要到外地念大学;你妈妈紧张不安是可以理解的。LL: That's true. However, I think my sister will be just fine. There's no need for Mom to be such a basket case.LH: 那倒是,你妈妈没有必要那么紧张。我刚来美国的时候,也是个basket case。我那时好紧张,因为我的英语还不是很好,我担心听不懂别人讲的话而犯错误。LL: That's pretty normal. How about now? Are you still a basket case? Or have you adjusted to life in the U.S.?LH: 嗯,现在我只有在考试的时候才会紧张。每学期总是有一个礼拜,我会紧张得睡不着,吃不下。LL: I didn't realize that exams turned you into such a basket case. Why do you worry so much when you always get good grades?LH: 我也不知道为什么我那么在乎考试成绩。但我也没办法控制,只要考试一来,我就马上成了个basket case。我想我大概是对自己信心不足吧!LL: Well, next time you feel yourself turning into a basket case, let me know and I'll make you learn to be relaxed.今天李华学到两个常用语。一个是gang up on someone, 就是合伙对付某个人的意思。另一个常用语是basket case, 是指一个人很紧张,很担心。 /200602/3355点击此处下载音频嗨!大家好!广播学口语又准时和大家见面了。欢迎与Andy准时相约。今天的句子,Andy为你准备了两个很简单的:Itlsquo;s just a small talk和Irsquo;m framed。到底是什么意思呢?(音乐)先来看这第一个句子吧:Itrsquo;s just a small talk。很简单吧?small talk不就是小谈 ,简短的谈话吗?有什么好讲的!哈哈!不要;以貌取意;呀!small talk在这里可是可长可短!因为它可以指见面说的寒暄,这很短吧?和可以指平时的闲聊,特别是女孩的闲聊,就很长了吧?一天和女友在一起时,Andy起身去外面接了个电话。回来时本想遮掩一下,就随口说了句 ;Just a small talk ;(闲聊了两句。)不想女友却的心了,;Is that so?I donrsquo;t believe in you。Youlsquo;ve lid to me numerous times! ;(是吗?我不信!你都和我撒谎了多少次了?)冤枉啊!可是轮到她的时候不也这样吗?那次不知是和她的哪个煲了足有两个小时的电话粥。 问她什么事,她竟一笑而过,;Nothing serious!Just a small talk。We are just killing time!;(没什么,随便闲聊了两句。打发时间呗!)(音乐)接下来进入第二个句子:Ilsquo;m framed。frame这个词指用框架框起来。难不成Andy也和动 物一样被圈在了笼子里?哈哈!那可是侵犯人权的。这里它的意思是被人陷害栽赃了。 经女友的几次电话粥,话费暴涨。月底交完话费她却说是我干的。;Ilsquo;m framed!;Andy shouted,;Irsquo;ve never made a long distance call。Moreover,I have my own cell phone!(;我冤枉!;Andy大叫,;我从没打过很长的电话,再说我有自己的手机,干吗要用你的?;)不过享受这种待遇的还不止我一个人。朋友打电话向我诉苦:;What can I do?She even said I had another one besides her。Ilsquo;m framed!;(怎么办啊?她非说我除了她外面还有一个。我被诬陷了。我冤枉啊!)(音乐)今天的节目就到这里吧!再说下去Andy要被全世界的女性所痛斥了。Byebye! /200605/7227

Im not raising a little boy, like Mike.我没有抚养过像Mike这样的小男孩儿。Mike is a little boy in Florida. Hes 11 years old,Mike是弗罗里达州的一名小男孩儿,他今年11岁。and the thing that he loves most in the world is a show called ;My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,;他在这个世界上最喜欢的东西,和美国其他成千上万的孩子们一样,like millions of other children across America.是一部动画片,名叫《小马驹之友谊魔法》。Now, the show is marketed to girls ages five to nine,这个动画的消费人群针对5-9岁的小女孩,but there are millions of boys and grown men who enjoy ;My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.;但是却有不计其数的小男孩儿,还有成年男性,也喜欢《小马驹之友谊魔法》。They have a club. They call themselves Bronies, pony bros, guys who like ponies.他们成立了一个俱乐部。他们称自己为小马兄弟,一群喜欢小马驹的男人。I happen to be one of them.我碰巧就是其中之一。And what are Mike and myself and millions of other boys and men learning in this feminine, sissified world of ;My Little Pony?;Mike和我,还有无数的男孩和男人们,从这个女性化的“我的小马世界”里学到了什么呢?Well, theyre learning to study hard and to work hard and to party hard and to look good and to feel good and to do good,他们懂得了努力学习,努力工作,努力玩耍,懂得了举止得体,乐观自信,行善积德,and heaven preserve us from teaching these wussified concepts to boys.而男孩生来就被避免了接触这些死板的概念。So the other kids in his neighborhood pick on Mike and they beat him up and they make fun of him,所以邻里的孩子就在Mike身上找茬儿,殴打他,嘲笑他,and at 11 years old, Mike goes home, finds a belt, wraps it around his neck,作为一名11岁的男孩,Mike回到家,找到了跟带子,套过脖子,and hangs himself from the top bunk of his bed.把自己挂在了上铺的床沿上。Because we have developed a society in which you would rather be dead as a boy than thought of as liking stuff for girls.因为我们的社会决定了一种模式,宁可做一名死去的男孩,也不愿被人说喜欢女孩的东西。And that is not Mikes fault. That is our fault.那不是Mike的错。那是我们的错。We have failed him. We have failed our children.我们令他失望了。我们令我们的孩子们失望了。And we have to do better for them.我们应该为了他们做得更好。We have to stop making it so that the only female superheroes appear on shirts that are pink and cut for girls.我们必须停止这么做,不能让女超人的形象只出现在针对女孩儿的、可爱的、粉嘟嘟的T恤上。201705/509386

即学即用英语会话词典C部分:询问叙述 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/15096

新东方最新英语口语学习词典H部分 /200707/15333

英语场景口语:不要相信你的第一感觉比尔的公司换了一名很严厉的女主管,她一开始上任就对大家说:【口语要素1】Don’t make a bad impression on me.大家还都以为这下可惨了,但是这位主管并不像想象的那样,而是经常在老板那里称赞员工的优点【口语要素2】She always has a good word for us.只是管理很严格,但是这也是应该的嘛,大家都开始喜欢这个女主管了,开始议论她,但是都是些好话,【口语要素3】They speak well of her.这时候比尔就开始吹牛了:“我早看出来了她很聪明。”【口语要素4】Offhand(第一感觉), I’d say she’s smart.过了一阵,比尔因为总公司裁员不得不离开公司,临走,大家和他道别,女主管鼓励他说【口语要素5】Please try to put your best foot forward with your new boss, Bill. /200604/6697

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