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What Is ImmortalTo see the golden sun and the azure sky, the outstretched ocean, to walk upon the green earth, and to be lord of a thousand creatures, to look down giddy precipices or over distant flowery vales, to see the world sp out under one's finger in a map, to bring the stars near, to view the smallest insects in a microscope, to history, and witness the revolutions of empires and the succession of generations, to hear of the glory of Simon and Tire, of Babylon and Susan, as of a faded pageant, and to say all these were, and are now nothing, to think that we exist in such a point of time ,and in such a corner of space, to be at once spectators and a part of the moving scene, to watch the return of the seasons, of spring and autumn, to hear--- The stock dove plain amid the est deep,That drowsy rustles to the sighing gale.---to traverse desert wilderness, to listen to the dungeon's gloom, or sit in crowded theatres and see life itself mocked, to feel heat and cold, pleasure and pain, right and wrong, truth and falsehood, to study the works of art and refine the sense of beauty to agony, to worship fame and to dream of immortality, to have Shakespeare and Beloit to the same species as Sir Isaac Newton; to be and to do all this, and then in a moment to be nothing, to have it all snatched from one like a juggler's ball or a phantasmagoria…… 8屋内蟋蟀蟋蟀喜欢厨房和面包房的烘箱间,因为那些地方暖和生活于野外的脆弱的昆虫,或者仅能愉快地度过一个短暂的夏季, 或者在沉睡中度过寒冷难受的那几个月,然而这些生活在可以说是"热带"地方的虫儿,却始终是活跃而欢快的对于它们,熊熊的圣诞节炉火好比是三伏天的暑热虽然在白天可以经常听到它们的唧唧鸣声,但只有夜晚才是它们天然活动的时间一到黄昏,不仅那鸣声更为嘹亮,而且它们都跳了出来,小的只有跳蚤那样大,大的可已长够了个头它们生活于炎热的环境,人们可以猜想出它们是一种嗜水的昆虫,酷爱各种流质,因而常常溺死在有水的、有牛奶的、有汤汁之类的锅盘里它们爱好潮湿的东西,常常把挂在炉边的湿羊毛袜或围裙咬出一个个窟窿 吉尔伯特·怀特 (1)on of:因为 ()abroad:户外 (3)doze away: 用瞌睡来度过doze在句中作及物动词,其宾语为months ()as it were: 可以说是作插入语 (5)ranging from the size of a flea to that of their full stature: 大小都有,最小的只如跳蚤那般大,最大的则已完全长足range:(在一定范围内)变化 (6) show a great propensity : 对……有很大的癖好 (7)and the like: 等等,诸如此类 (8)whatever is moist: 凡是潮湿的东西 作affect的宾语 666实用英语口语:怎样赞美老外,效果超好 -- :9:38 来源: 虽然我们也知道“忠言逆耳利于行”,但是是个人都喜欢听表扬的话所以在生活中,记得嘴上常挂些小小的赞美,这并不是阿谀奉承,而是为了让彼此更舒心看了这篇文章,你就可以随时随地夸别人了哦You have a good sense of humor你真幽默(别人讲笑话不管好笑不好笑,都用这句美国人极其喜欢的表扬!)Your Chinese is really surprising!你的中文令人惊讶!(用来鼓励说汉语的老外)Your English is incredible我真不敢相信你的英语(用了六星级形容词!)You have a very successful business你的事业很成功(现代人喜欢听!)Your are very professional你非常专业(他会更认真!)Your are so smart你非常聪明(谁都愿意听!)I envy you very much我非常羡慕你(接下来你可以诉苦了)You two make a lovely couple你们真是天生的一对(他们会为选择了彼此而自豪)Your sondaughter is so cute你的孩子很可爱(外国人绝对喜欢听的表扬!)Your are really talented你很有天赋(给他动力和勇气)You look nice in that color你穿那种颜色很好看(搞不好,她会买一大堆那种颜色的衣)You have a good taste你很有品位(高层次的赞美)You look like a million dollars. (You look outstanding. You look like a movie star)你看上去帅呆了(多么昂贵的赞美!)You look great today你今天看上去很棒(每天都可以用!)We are so proud of you我们真为你骄傲(表扬孩子最有效)I'm very pleased with your work我对你的工作非常满意(正式、真诚的赞扬)This is really a nice place这真是个好地方!(随口就说且效果很好的赞美!)You are looking sharp你看上去真精神真棒真漂亮!(可令他兴致盎然)Everything tastes great每样东西都很美味(吃完了就说这句)I admirerespect your work我对你的工作表示敬意(世界通用!)You've got a great personality你的个性很好(非常安全的表扬)You always know the right thing to say. (You are very eloquent)你总是说话得体(高层次的表扬!)Nice going! (You did a good job)干得好!(极其地道的表扬!) 效果 赞美 怎样 英语口语口语脱口而出句 -- :9:9 来源: 1. What do you want your birthday?你过生日想要什么礼物?. This is your share.这是你的那份3. Here you have it.请收下. Make a silent wish.默默地许个愿吧5. Have you given any thought to your future?你有没有为将来打算过?6. It made me look like a duck in the water.它让我如鱼得水7. I will make it up to you,I promise.我发誓我会补偿你的8. When the world turn its back to you,you turn your back on the world.如果这个世界对你不理不睬,你也可以这样对它9. All life is a game of luck.生活本来就靠运气. Would you help me set the table?你能帮我准备餐桌?. What do you want the dinner?晚饭吃什么?. How soon can you get it y?你还要多久才能准备好?. Would you help me correct my pronunciation?你能帮我校正发音吗?. Why don’t you take a nap?你干嘛不睡午觉?. Don’t let the opporty slip.别错过机会. Can you baby-sit tonight?今晚你能帮我照看一下孩子吗?. What will you call the baby?你们将给孩子取什么名字?18. Will you change the baby’s diaper?你能给孩子换块尿布吗?19. Did you feed the baby milk?你喂孩子牛奶了吗?. I have been getful lately.最近我总是丢三落四 口语 your 孩子 baby

经典:(99) 安慰他人 -01-7 18:6: 来源: 安慰别在意Never mind.I'm really sorry! (我真的很抱歉)Never mind. (没什么)*带有“别在意”、“忘了它吧”、“没什么”的语感Don't worry (about it).It's okay.get (about) it. (没什么) *比Never mind更直接根据说法不同,有时听起来没有礼貌太遗憾了What bad luck. *用于宽慰努力了但却没能成功的人“太遗憾了”、“太不顺了”、“太可惜了”Better luck next time! (下次一定会走运的!)That's too bad!What a shame!Bummer! *俚语没事儿That's all right.I'm sorry, I'm late. (真对不起,我来晚了)That's all right. (没事儿)That's okay.It's no problem.别责备自己了Don't blame yourself. *blame “责备人、责难人”It's all my fault! (都是我弄错了)Don't blame yourself. (别责备自己了)这不是你的错It's not your fault.常有的事It happens. *发生了没有预料到的事情,劝人想开点儿的语气I feel really bad about it. (那件事我做的真不好)Don't worry, it happens. (别担心了,那是常有的事)这种事谁都会遇到It happens to the best of us.It happens to everyone.不必为那事烦恼There's no need to worry about it.Don't concern yourself.别想得太多Don't give it another thought. *give it another thought 直译是“别再有其他的想法”,“别想得太多”没办法呀!It can't be helped.我不想给您添麻烦I don't want to put you out. *put out 有“添麻烦”的意思You're welcome to stay. (您就住下吧)I don't want to put you out. (不,我不想给您添麻烦)I don't want to bother you.I don't want to cause you trouble.这算什么呀This is nothing.Wow! Shibuya is crowded. (哇!涩谷这么挤呀!)This is nothing, you should see Shinjuku. (这算什么呀!你该去新宿看看)You have a lot of homework. (你有这么多作业呀)This is nothing. (这算不了什么)It's no big deal.It's no problem.多糟糕呀!How terrible!How awful!别小题大作No big deal. *这种表达方式表示“没什么了不起的”、“没什么”、“这很容易”Sorry, I can't play tennis with you tomorrow. (对不起,我明天不能和你一起去打网球)No big deal. I'll ask John to play. (没什么,我问约翰能不能去)这还算好的呢I've seen worse. *“我还知道更糟糕的事”、“这还算好的呢”,用于鼓励遇到挫折的人That was a bad movie. (那真是部糟糕的电影)I've seen worse. (这还算好的呢)It could have been worse. (还有比这更糟的呢!)It might have been worse. (也许有的比这更糟呢)别那么自暴自弃Don't feel so bad about yourself.Don't be so hard on yourself.Don't be so down on yourself.Don't think so lowly of yourself.真遗憾!What a pity!What a shame!总会有办法的It'll work out. *work out 表示“进展顺利”、“解决”I don't know what to do! (我不知道该怎么办!)I'm sure it'll work out. (别担心,总会有办法的)Everything will be fine. (一切都会顺利的)Things will work out.她只是有点心烦She's just upset.What's her problem? (她怎么了?)She's just upset. (她只是有点心烦)She's just mad.She's only angry. 他人 英语口语 经典 没什么

英语口语每天说上半小时0(1) -- ::00 来源: 高速下载 1.Supposition 猜测1.They'll be taking some exercise..This house must be at least 1oo years old.3.The bus must have gone ..He can't have remembered.5.You must be joking.6.Maybe he has too much money.7.I guess he'll fail the exam.8.They're predicting a good harvest this year.9.There is much probability that he can be saved..I suppose he could have gone to Europe.Dialogue OneA:Dear,can you drive me to the clinic?B:I'm afraid I can't .A:Why?B:Well, my car won't start.I don't know what's the matter with it.A:Could it be the battery?B:No, I don't think it could be.I checked the battery two days ago.It must be other problems.A:Well, I suppose it could be the gas.B:No,there is plenty of gas.I filled it up yesterday.A:Perhaps it's the starter then?B:Yes,that's possible.Dialogue Two A:What's this, I wonder?B:I'm not sure.Let me have a look.....It could be a coffee grinder.A:A coffee grinder?B:Yes,it must be used grinding coffee beans.A:Oh,that would be very useful.Dialogue ThreeA:Have you seen that house?B:Yes,it looks interesting.A:You're right.I love it very much.B:It must be old.A:At least more than 0 years old.B:Let's enter it!A:I can't open the door.B:It must be locked.A:Let me ask the old woman in that reception office.B:She can't answer you.A:She must be deaf.B:It must be a haunted house.Are you frightened?A:Frightened?You must be joking.Dialogue FourA:What was that noise?B:It was the pilot putting the wheels down.We must be coming into land.Are you frightened?A:Frightened?You must be joking!Dialogue FiveA:John's very late.Do you think he's coming?B:Well, it doesn't seem like it.He must have gotten.A:I suppose you're right.He can't have remembered.Dialogue SixA:Watch out!You'll hit that car if you're not careful.B:Oh no,I won't .But we will have an accident if you don't stop shouting.A:You see.I told you you'd hit him if you weren't careful.B:Oh,shut up,will you?It was all your fault.If you'd kept quite this would never have happened.A:Oh,so it was my fault,was it?If I hadn't warned you in time it would have been much worse.老奶奶的生日礼物The little boy,Johnnie,had been up with a packet of mints,and said he wouldn't go out to play until the post card came."I guess you'll get lots and lots of presents,"he said."I did last week when I was six."What would she like?A pair of slippers perhaps.Or a new cardigan.A cardigan would be lovely.Blue's such a pretty color.Jim had always liked her in blue.Or a table lamp.Or a book,a travel book,with pictures,or a little clock,with clear black numbers.So many lovely things. 小时 上半 每天 英语口语

Difficulties arise in the lives of us all.生活中困难在所难免What is most important is dealing with the hard times, coping with the changes, and getting through to the other side where the sun is still shining just you.最重要的是要挺过艰难的时刻,积极应对种种变故,冲破黎明前的黑暗,你终会看到只属于自己的灿烂阳光It takes a strong person to deal with tough times and difficult choices. But you are a strong person.只有强者才能勇敢直面困难时刻,做出艰难抉择而你正是这样一位强者It takes courage. But you possess the inner courage to see you through.要有勇气你拥有披荆斩棘的勇气It takes being an active participant in your life. But you are in the driver seat, and you can determine the direction you want tomorrow to go in.你必须在这场游戏人生中积极主动,而且你正在驾驭这场游戏,并决定着自己明天前进的方向Hang in there, and take care to see that you dont lose sight of the one thing that is constant, beautiful, and true 坚持再坚持,别让你的视野迷失了那不变的美好真理:Everything will be fine, and it will turn out that way because of the special kind of person you are.一切都会好转的,因为你是如此的与众不同So...beginning today and lasting a lifetime through;Hang in there, and dont be afraid to feel like the morning sun is shining just you.到生命的终点;;坚持住,不必怀疑,朝阳为你而升起 88

英语口语每天说上半小时0() -- ::8 来源: . Complaint高速下载 1. Could you hurry up the bus?. Do you think you could turn your TV down a bit?3. I’m afraid I have a complaint to make.. I’m afraid, sir, it just isn’t good enough.5. He just won’t do.6. Well, this is most unsatisfactory.7. Would you please not make so much noise?8. It’s always the case.9. You’ve got to do something about it.. I really do object to your wasting our precious time here.Dialogue 1W: Could I see the manager please? I have a complaint to make.M: Yes, I’m the manager here. What can I do you, Madam?W: Did you have the room checked bee we move in?M: Which room are you in?W: 18. The toilet doesn’t work properly; the water doesn’t run in the shower.M: I’m awfully sorry to hear that. I’ll turn to it right away.(After checking)M: I do apologize. We’ll change your room to .W: That’s not bad. Thanks your help.M: It’s my pleasure, Madam.Dialogue M: Excuse me.W: Yes, sir. Can I help you?M: Um, this steak, I asked to be medium rare.W: Medium rare, that’s right, sir. I remember your order.M: Well, I’m afraid it isn’t. It’s a bit too well done and rather tough. Would you mind changing?W: If it is not to your satisfaction, I’ll certainly bring you another. But I’m afraid you may have to wait a few minutes.M: Yes, that’s all right. Thank you very much.Dialogue 3W: Look! I bought these shoes only three weeks ago and there is a hole in them aly.M: If that happen to me, I’ll take them back to the shop.W: I did. But they said they won’t change them.M: That’s terrible. But if they wouldn’t change them, I know what I would do.Dialogue M: Oh, the food here really is bad. My soup was cold and meat, ur…it was like leather.W: Yes. And they don’t give you very much either. I’m still hungry.M: I’m sure this one is especially bad. And the word is so unpleasant. W: Don’t do this! Don’t do that! You mustn’t do this! You can’t do that!M: Well, I’m going to write a letter of complaint.W: And we’ll all help you.Dialogue 5W: Good morning.M: Good morning. Can I help you?W: Yes. It’s about this boots I bought here the other day.M: What seems to be the trouble?W: Well, they cut into my feet and rather painful. I was wondering if you could change them me. M: Um. That’s a bit difficult. No one ever complained bee, you know. I’ll tell you what. I can try stretching them you if you like. I think you’ll find that would be satisfactory. I have no complaint at all. But the world is a little bit tough to me. I was born in a poor family with 6 elder sisters and little brothers. I didn’t receive any good education, and you could imagine what my husband’s education is like. He usually calls rude names to me and I choose to pretend to be deaf. Our daughter, she is really a little lovely thing. But she is always crying and looks as if to say, ‘go away, I don’t like you.’ I am a woman, a small woman. It is universally acknowledged that I have no complaint at all. 小时 上半 每天 英语口语

(1)Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam, Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home! A charm from the skies seems to hallow us there, Which seek through the world, is ne'er met with elsewhere, Home! Home! Sweet, sweet Home! There's no place like Home! There's no place like Home! ()I gaze on the moon as I t the drear wild, And feel that my mother now thinks of her child, As she looks on that moon from our own cottage door, Through the woodbine, whose fragrance shall cheer me no more. Home! Home! Sweet, sweet Home! There's no place like Home! There's no place like Home!   (3)An exile from home, splendor dazzles in vain; Oh, give me my lowly thatched cottage again! The birds singing gaily, that came at my call- Give me them, and the peace of mind, dearer than all! Home! Home! Sweet, sweet Home! There's no place like Home! There's no place like Home! 837

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