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Joseph Stiglitz says Asia's economies are in a good position to reduce their dependence on exporting goods to the ed States and Europe. 855Insects Will Be Part of UK Diet年昆虫将成为主食Western diners should get used to the idea of eating insects because by it is ;inevitable;they will m an important part of our diet,according to the entomologist who heads up the world first university centre focusing on insects as a food source.一位昆虫学家指出,西方人应当适应吃昆虫的想法,因为到年昆虫将不可避免地成为我们日常饮食的重要部分该昆虫学家是全球首个关注昆虫作为一种食物资源的大学研究中心的负责人He argues that consumers who have traditionally turned their noses up at six-legged food may have to change their minds as conventional meat becomes more expensive and scarce.他指出,随着传统肉类食物变得越来越昂贵和稀有,那些一向对六条腿食物嗤之以鼻的人可能不得不转变自己的观念Prof Marcel Dicke of Wageningen University said;The most important thing is getting people prepared,getting used to the idea.瓦格宁根大学的马塞尔?迪克教授说现在最为重要的事是让人们做好准备,习惯这一想法Because from onwards,there wont be much of a choice us.;因为从年以后,我们就没有太多的选择余地He wants to persuade people to ditch prejudices about insects,and to persuade manufacturers and suppliers to come up with products that can be sold in ;a reassuring and attractive manner;.他想说人民抛弃对昆虫的偏见,并想说生产商和供应商将昆虫食品以令人放心和吸引人的方式出售 centuries insects have been part of the daily diet of humans throughout the world,from the ants and larvae eaten as part of their subsistence diet by the tribes of Africa and Australia to the popular crispy-fried locusts and beetles enjoyed in Thailand.很多世纪以来,在世界范围内昆虫已经成为人类日常饮食的一部分,其中包括被非洲和澳洲的原始部落示威生存必需品的蚂蚁和蛹,以及在泰国大受欢迎的酥炸蝗虫和甲虫Insects as food are increasingly being promoted as an alternative which are more healthy,nutritious and sustainable than mainstream staples such as chicken, beef and fish.昆虫正越来越多地被推崇为一种比鸡肉,牛肉和鱼肉等主流食物更健康,更有营养和更具可持续性的新选择As well as being low in cholesterol and high in protein,insects produce less waste, Dicke points out,as we typically throw away three-quarters of a chicken,but can eat the same percentage of a locust.迪克指出,昆虫属于低胆固醇和高蛋白的食物,且造成的浪费更少我们在吃鸡的时候,通常要扔掉其中的四分之三,而一只蝗虫,我们则能吃掉它的四分之三Insects also win on the ;conversion factor; or ration of feed ingested by the animal to the meat produced by it-known as ECI.昆虫同样在转换系数上领先Beef cattle has an ECI rate of while the cockroach triumphs with .牛肉的ECI比率为,远远高于此数,为The carbon emissions associated with growing insects is also far lower than those linked to conventional livestock.昆虫生长过程中的碳排放量也比传统的牲畜要低得多

My friend Julia called me the other day. She wanted to grab some lunch and asked me if I wanted to go to the local fast food place down the street. I said sure, even though I knew it wouldn't be good me. I hopped in my car and swung by to pick her up at her work. When we got to the restaurant, there was aly a long line at the drive-through. It was the lunch hour, so that is to be expected. We inched ward in the driveway and finally reached the order station. "Welcome to McApple's Restaurant. How can I help you today?" I leaned over to shout into the little box, "Uh, I'll have a cheeseburger, and my friend will take a regular hamburger." "Would you like anything to drink with that?" she asked. She had a very low voice. "Two diet Cokes, please," I said. "And would you like any fries with that?" she asked again. "No, just the hamburgers, thanks." "That'll be .75. Please pull ward." We drove up to the pick up window and paid the cashier. Our food was y about 30 seconds later. "Thank you!" I said as we drove away . We pulled over to the side of the road to eat our hamburgers. I knew I was going to regret it, but it sure did taste good!Script by Dr. Jeff McQuillan 19935

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