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圣诞节快乐 Merry Christmas-3 :58:59 A:Merry Christmas!圣诞快乐!B:The same to you!你也一样!A:Are you doing anything special?你准备做什么特别的事吗?B:We're having some friends over.What are you doing?我们的一些朋友会过来你呢?A:Oh.I'm just going to take it easy.哦,我只打算放松一下自己

Sex toys are a growth market attracting an ever-growing customer base, and ever-clever investors looking the next hot opporty. And nothing is hotter than sex.Most sex-toy makers have kept their business private in China, but now one is aiming to go public. Zhejiang Lover Health Science is planning to list in order to expand sales of its bedroom baubles.


  看看要出租的房间-01 ::3 A:Hello, May I help you?你好,我可以帮你吗?B:Yes, we're interested in seeing the rooms rent.是的,我们有兴趣看看要出租的房间A:Oh, how nice! There are bright rooms and the house is very quiet.噢,太好了!它有明亮的房间,而且房子非常宁静B:That is exactly what we're looking .这就是我们想找的A:Well, each room is 0 dollars a week.额,每间房每周0美元B:That sounds all right to us.对我们来说这听起来还行A:When do you want to move in?你们什么时候要搬进来?B:How about tomorrow afternoon?明天下午怎么样?A:Fine, I'll be expecting you.好的,我恭候你们B:See you tomorrow.明天见。


  我喜欢自立 I like to be independent- :6: A:Mom, you know that Andrea and I sometimes worry about you.妈妈,你知道吗,安德里亚和我有时很担心你B:Really? Why would you worry about me? I’m just fine.真的吗?你们为什么会担心我?我都很好A:You’re almost 70 years old, Mom! Don’t you think it would be better you if you moved in with us?妈妈,你都快70岁了!你难道不觉得你搬过来和我们一起住更好吗?B:No way! I like my apartment, and I like to be independent.绝对不行! 我喜欢我的公寓,而且我也喜欢自立A:Do you ever get lonely living alone?一个人住,你不觉得孤独吗?B:Not at all. I see you and your family twice a week, and I enjoy seeing my own friends. I’m too busy to feel lonely!才不会呢我看见你和你的家人一周都有两次,而且我喜欢看见我自己的朋友我忙得都没时间觉得孤独!,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活讨人厌的微朋友圈吃吃喝喝,无趣的生活Mundane details about their day appearing a smilestones: ;Going to dinner and a movie!!!;事无巨细地汇报每日行程:“要去吃晚餐看电影啦!”A very boring life.实在是无趣的人生啊Giving details about health along with emoticon to verify feelings about it: ;Feeling sick today :(;发一些跟健康有关的内容,再配上相应的表情:“今天感觉不太好:(”Bored, and too stupid to just play words with friends.无聊,连填字游戏都玩不明白mundane adj.平凡的; 宇宙的; 寻常的; 世俗的例句:I found the job very mundane.我觉得这工作非常单调.emoticon n.情感符例句:You can modify this emoticon by changing the inmation below.您可以通过更改下列信息修改此图释.更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 3783租房英语对话:你真是太好心了- ::37 A:Sorry to bother you so early. There's another couple who wants to rent the apartment, but I thought I'd ask you first.很抱歉这么早打扰你有另一对夫妻想要租这间公寓,不过我觉得该先问你们.B:That's so sweet of you. We definitely want it.你真是太好心了我们当然想租A:I thought so, by the looks on your faces when you left. So why don't you come to my apartment, and we'll settle all the details.我想也是,从你们离去时的表情就知道了你们何不来我家,我们来敲定所有的细节B:OK. How does seven o'clock this evening sound?好那今晚七点如何?A:Great. See you then.好到时见


  年度 维多利亚

  British singer Adele, who won an Oscar the theme from the James Bond movie "Skyfall," was seventh on the list with an estimated million.。

  Shanghai, who finished th in the league last season, have also been linked with Didier Drogba, Anelka's team mate at the English Premier League side.

  The singer - who split from husband Marc Anthony in July after seven years of marriage - showed she is getting serious about her latest love, dancer Casper Smart, by inviting fellow judges Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler and the show's host Ryan Seacrest dinner with them in Las Vegas after taping an episode.

  关于买书的英语对话--30 ::6 关于买书的英语对话Vocabularygenetic engineering 基因工程A: Excuse me. Have you got any books on genetic engineering? I've looked them everywhere,but I can't find any. 打扰了你们有基因工程的书吗?我到处找,但是找不到B: I'm not sure if we've got any now. Books of that kind are on this shelf. Well, I'm afraid we've sold out. 我不确定我们现在是否有那种书都在那个架子上额,恐怕我们已经卖光了A: What a pity! I should have come earlier. 好遗憾啊!我应该早点来的B: Come some time next week if you like. I think we'll have got some by then. 如果你想要,下周找个时间过来吧我想我们到时候会有的A: Ok, I will. 好的我会的

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