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遵义/韩美医院磨骨遵义/汇川区红蓝光去痘费用TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201608/457828遵义下颌角整形 零起点英语口语 第23讲:What..句型 相关专题推荐:从零开始学口语英语口语999句疯狂英语现场教学新英语900句视频色拉英语乐园视频 /200810/53981Okay. Okay, I got it.好的,好的,我知道了。Here, you stand over here.这边,你站到这边来。Say, what#39;s happening?怎么了?I#39;m looking at the foot.我正在看这只脚。You#39;re looking at the foot?你正在看着只脚?Come on now, this could be somebody.这可能是某个人的。Come on. I#39;m gonna point to a bone, and I want you to tell me what it is...我指定一块人体骨骼,你要告诉我它是什么。I#39;m looking at the foot again.我又在看这只脚了。Yeah, you are looking at the foot again.是的,你又再看那只脚了。Well, okay. Let#39;s just...Oh.好的,让我们...哦。That leg came off, I almost peed on myself.它的脚掉了,我差点没尿了。Aah! Okay. Okay.啊!好的。好的。What is this, and you have to tell me the name of it.这是什么,你需要告诉我它的名字。The foot! The foot.脚!脚。The ancient Romans were the first to make right and left shoes. Huh?古罗马是第一个制作左右脚鞋子的国家。嗯?Before that, shoes could be worn on either foot.在这之前,人们穿的是左右脚都能穿的鞋。Isn#39;t that silly? Yeah.这不是很傻吗?是的。Girl. Okay, what is this right here? The pelvis.小女孩,这是什么?盆骨。It#39;s the only bone in the body that#39;s gender-specific,盆骨是人体唯一一块区分性别的骨骼。which means it#39;s different in boys and girls.也就是说男女是不同的。Is it? Yes.是真的吗?是的。The pelvis#39;s job is to protect the organs used for digesting and reproduction,盆骨的作用是用来保护消化和生殖器官的,which means growing babies.意思是说它可以用来生孩子。What is this right here? The skull.这是什么?颅骨There#39;s 22 bones in the stull.颅骨由二十二块骨头组成。22 bones in...二十二块骨头在...22. In the what? In the stull.二十二块 在哪里?在“stull”(颅骨)应该是(skull)Around the brain, there#39;s eight cranial bones, and there are 14 facial bones.人类有八块颅骨,十四块面骨。I love this little girl right here, man.我喜欢这个小女孩。This is the cutest kid I#39;ve ever seen.这是我见过的最可爱的小女孩。Can I tell you something, Brielle?我能和你说些话吗,布丽尔?You#39;re very smart. Thank you.你很聪明,谢谢。You#39;re very pretty. Thank you.你很漂亮,谢谢。You#39;re very polite. Thank you.你很懂礼貌,谢谢。Ladies and gentlemen, Brielle!女士们,先生们,布丽尔! Article/201705/511271遵义韩美整形美容医院做丰胸手术多少钱

遵义/市习水县下颌角整形多少钱新英语900句视频版 第5课:你在做什么 文本如下:PEDR: Are you writing letters again?你又在写信了?MIGUEL: Huh?什么?PEDR: What are you doing?你在做什么?MIGUEL: I#39;m writing to my mother.我在写信给我妈妈.PEDR: Send her my regards.代我问候她.MIGUEL: Where are you going? Isn#39;t that my new sweater?你要去哪里? 那不是我的新毛衣吗?PEDR: Yes. I#39;m going to the movies with Marta, the Colombian girl on the fourth floor.是. 我正要与四楼那位哥伦比亚女孩子玛它去看电影.MIGUEL: You are? What about the woman in your office?你真要去? 那, 你的公司那位呢?PEDR: What about her?她怎么样?MIGUEL: Aren#39;t you seeing her tonight?你今天晚上不是要去看她的吗?PEDR: No, tomorrow night.不是, 是明天晚上.MIGUEL: And... what#39;s her name, the girl in the bakery?还有... 面包店那个叫什么名字来着的女孩子?PEDR: Yolanda? I#39;m seeing her on Friday.幼兰达? 我星期五要看她.MIGUEL: Marta#39;s a nice girl.玛它是个很善良的好女孩.PEDR: Who? Oh, Marta. Yes, she is, isn#39;t she? It#39;s her birthday next Sunday.谁? 哦, 玛它. 是的, 她很善良可不是吗? 下星期天是她的生日.MIGUEL: I know. April 22nd.我知道, 是四月二十二号.PEDR: We#39;re going to a party.我们将要参加一个宴会.MIGUEL: Aren#39;t you going to the movies?你们不是要去看电影吗?PEDR: Yes. Tonight Marta and I are going to the movies. Next week, on Marta#39;s birthday, we#39;re going to a party.是啊! 我和玛它今天晚上要去看电影. 在下个礼拜玛它过生日时, 我将要参加宴会.MIGUEL: Oh.喔!PEDR: Marta isn#39;t going to the party.玛它不参加聚会了.MIGUEL: Oh? Why?哦? 为什么?PEDR: She#39;s sick.她生病了.MIGUEL: Oh, I#39;m sorry. What#39;s wrong?噢, 真可惜, 她怎么了?PEDR: A headache.头痛.MIGUEL: A headache?头痛啊?PEDR: Yes, a headache.对了, 头痛.MIGUEL: Where are you going?你要去哪PEDR: To the party.去参加聚会.MIGUEL: You#39;re going alone?你一个人去吗?PEDR: Sure. Are you writing to your mother again?当然. 你又要写信给你妈妈?MIGUEL: Yes.是的.PEDR: Send her my regards. Well, I#39;m going. Good-bye.请代我问候她. 好了, 我要走了, 再见.MIGUEL: Bye. See you later.回头见.MARTA: Who is it?那一位?MIGUEL: Miguel. Pedro#39;s friend.米盖尔, 佩德罗的朋友.MARTA: What a surprise! Come in.真想不到! 请进.MIGUEL: Thank you. Here. Happy birthday.谢谢. 这个给你, 祝你生日快乐.MARTA: Oh, Miguel. They#39;re beautiful! Thank you.米盖尔, 真漂亮, 谢谢你.MIGUEL: I#39;m sorry about your headache.听说你头痛, 我真替你难过.MARTA: Headache? Oh, yes, my headache. I#39;m fine now, thank you.头痛? 噢, 是的, 我是头痛, 但现在已经好了, 谢谢你.MIGUEL: I#39;m glad. Let#39;s go to a movie, then.我很高兴. 那么, 我们一起去看电影, 好不好?MARTA: Miguel! What a good idea!米盖尔! 那真是一个好主意! /200808/46804遵义去除眼角细纹 A new report released Monday by the International Energy Agency says about 6.5 million deaths each year can be attributed to both indoor and outdoor air pollution.国际能源署发布的一项新报告称,每年约有650万人死于室内外空气污染。According to the World Health Organization, that#39;s more than the number of people who die from HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis and road injuries combined.根据世界卫生组织,这一数据超过死于艾滋病、肺结核和道路伤害人数的总和。This is the first air pollution study from the agency a Paris-based energy security group which is probably best known for its monthly oil market reports.这是总部设在巴黎的能源安全集团的首次空气污染研究,其最为人所知的可能是每月石油市场报告。The report also warns that premature deaths from outdoor air pollution are probably going to rise from 3 million to 4.5 million by 2040, mainly in developing Asia.该报告还警告说,到2040年室外空气污染引起的过早死亡将从300万人攀升到450万人,主要在发展中亚洲国家。In a statement, the IEA executive director said, No country rich or poor can claim that the task of tackling air pollution is complete.We need to revise our approach to energy development so that communities are not forced to sacrifice clean air in return for economic growth.在一份声明中国际能源署执行主任表示,无论富裕或贫穷,没有国家可以声称解决空气污染。我们需要修正我们的能源发展道路,不以牺牲洁净空气换取经济增长。The IEA suggests three steps for improving air quality like setting long-term air quality goals, having a clean air strategy for the energy sector and making sure countries actually monitor and enforce those goals and strategies.国际能源署提出三个步骤改善空气质量,像制定长期的空气质量目标,能源部门有清洁空气战略以及确保国家实际上监控和执行这些目标和策略。But to help slow air pollution, the developed world is going to need to do some investing in developing countries. That will allow countries like China where air pollution contributed to 1.2 million premature deaths in 2010 to finance industrial change and develop low-carbon technologies.但为了帮助减缓空气污染,发达国家需要对发展中国家进行一些投资。那将允许像中国这样的国家提供资金进行工业变革,并发展低碳技术。在中国,2010年空气污染致120万人过早死亡。If the IEA goals can be reached, developing countries could see the number of people exposed to certain types of air pollution drop. In India, it could fall below 20 percent by 2040 from the 60 percent it#39;s at today.如果国际能源署的目标可以达成,发展中国家暴露在某些类型空气污染下的人数下降。在印度,到2040年可以从如今的百分之60下降到百分之20以下。译文属。 Article/201606/451674遵义/腹部抽脂哪家医院好

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