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The company had lost its lead in the computer market,苹果公司已经失去了它在计算机领域的领导地位customers were leaving in droves, the company had no future, no roadmap.客户不断在流失 公司的前途一片黯淡 不知何去何从The company was in serious trouble.苹果当时身陷囹圄I, and other Apple users, were being told with malicious grins那些使用Windows操作系统的朋友们曾坏笑着from our Windows-using friends that if we wanted to keep our machines告诉我和其他苹果机用户 如果我们想继续使用我们的机器wed have to go to hobbyist shops because there would be no Apple computer.就得去小众爱好者商店了 因为以后不会再有苹果机了At Next, Jobs had focused on developing its powerful operating system.此时 在Next公司 乔布斯正在全力筹备一个强大操作系统的开发Apple needed just such a system.而这恰恰是苹果所需要的Apple was in technical trouble.苹果遇到了技术瓶颈Next was absolutely in financial trouble, and the two came together.而Next则陷入了财务困境 它们刚好可以互补Apple bought Next for 0 million.苹果以4亿美金收购了NextIt got the new operating system it needed, and Steve Jobs.获得了它正需要的操作系统 以及史蒂夫·乔布斯 Steve was truly excited to be linked up with Apple again.能够再次回到苹果让史蒂夫兴奋不已It was the company he founded, the company he was kicked out of.这是他一手创建的公司 也是他被扫地出门的公司Its the company that had lost its way, it was starting to fail,这也是一家失去了方向 开始走下坡路的公司so he had this opportunity to go back and start fixing Apple at large.他现在有了一个回去让苹果重整旗鼓的机会A few days later, Apple revealed just how much trouble it was really in.几天之后 苹果坦白了它究竟遇到了多大麻烦They announced that they were going to lose something like billion,他们宣布 苹果的损失达到将近十亿美元and back then billion was a lot of money.那个时候 十亿美元可是一大笔钱I said, ;Steve, what did we just get ourselves into?;我说 史蒂夫 我们这可是给自己挖了什么样的大坑啊?And he was wondering himself! Because this was a big surprise to us.他自己也愣住了 这个情况是我们都始料未及的To bring Apple back from the brink,为了让苹果重回正轨Jobs had a conventional business challenge.乔布斯需要解决一个典型的商业难题He had to stop the company haemorrhaging money,那就是扭转公司持续亏损的状态but he also had to do more.但他需要做的远远不仅如此He had to help the company rediscover itself,他还必须让这个公司重新定位自己and for that he thought he needed to take it back to the future,因此 他觉得自己有必要让苹果找回先机to the values that had built it up in the first place.找回那些苹果最初赖以生存的价值观 /201308/252210

That time I was saying Im special because I was European champion before that.那时候我说我是特别的,因为我之前获得过欧冠冠军。So I arrived here with my ego.所以我带着我的自傲来了。重点词汇:ego 自傲例句:He has the biggest ego of anyone Ive ever met.他是我所见的最自傲的人。201407/309766

马克.肖(Mark Shaw)为我們演示了“极度干燥”,一种可以非常有效的防水和水性材料的涂层。在纳米级上,这个涂层会在表面形成一层空气保护伞防止水的渗入。来看看这激动人心的两分钟吧!201405/291756

He would stretch and and review on 8mm film of a boxer at the same time.他会一边做动作,一边看书,一边回顾拳击手的胶片电影。According to John Saxon, his co-star on Enter the Dragon,John asked him,;Why do you have all these boxing films on Ali?And Bruce said, ;Because one day Im gonna fight him.;《龙争虎斗》的演员约翰·撒克逊说,他有一次问李小龙,你为什么要收集阿里的所有拳击实况?布鲁斯说,因为总有一天我会跟他决斗。If I was to fight Bruce Lee,Bruce Lee was so quick, so smooth,but the one thing that negates speed on a fighter is pressure,and I was a pressure fighter With Bruce Lee, you gotta go inside, smother him and outmuscle him.如果要我跟李小龙打一架的话,李小龙动作很快、很流畅,但压力会拆解斗士的速度,而我就是一个会给对手施压的人,跟李小龙打的话必须从内部扼杀他,并靠力量战胜他。 But you cant fight a dude like that outside.I see Bruce leading off with some long-ass kicks.and Boom Boom gets pissed off and tries to give him some body punches.你无法从外部跟他交手,布鲁斯先会来两记飞腿,被激怒之后会朝他身上来几拳。And when you get close, then BruceIm sure would be trying to bring knees and high head kicks and Id throw an upper cut, bring the elbow across.And hes gonna be trying to counter me,so I have to bob and weave inside.你靠近时布鲁斯肯定会用膝盖顶,或是踢面门。那我就会用上冲拳,把手肘带过去。然后他会试图反击,所以我必须左挡右闪。Bruce gets it to the ground and arm-bars him or guillotines him.It would have been a good time.布鲁斯会把他打倒在地,用手臂锁住他的脖子,然后勒断。这一定很爽。I was just laughing because Im saying, people are watching this going ;He took more shots than we thought.;我笑是因为大家都在看着,心想,没想到他还能出这么多招。;He absolutely has lost his mind thinking he can do that against Bruce Lee.Ray was good to the body.Then he eventually get that hook on you.他一定是疯了,以为能跟李小龙过招。雷的身体条件很好,他最后会把你缠住。Bruce wouldnt know how to stop it.Why? Because he never did it.布鲁斯不会知道该怎么办,为什么?因为他没做过这种事。201311/265010

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Its time for the shoutout. 大声喊出来的时间到了!Which U.S. president has appeared on the 0 bill? If you think you know it, then shout it out. 100美元纸币上是哪位美国总统?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, or Thomas Jefferson? Youve got 3 seconds, go.他是亚伯拉罕·林肯、亚历山大·汉密尔顿、本杰明·富兰克林还是托马斯·杰斐逊?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!The key word here is president, and President Lincoln appeared on the 0 currency printed in the late 1800s. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.这里的关键词是总统,林肯出现在了十九世纪所印的一百美元现金上。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Of course, its all about Benjamin now on the 0 bill. 当然,现在的一百美元纸币都是本杰明了。I only wish I had one to show you, but there is a new note out. 我真希望我能有张能展示给你们看,但现在有新的纸币了。Its making its official debut this week after a two-year delay that had nothing to do with the partial government shutdown. 他的官方首秀是在推迟了两年后的今天,这与政府部分关闭没有一点儿关系。It was because of the bills design caused it to fold during printing, leaving blank spots on the money.那是因为由于纸币的设计,在印刷时会折叠起来,导致钱币上有空白点。Thats fixed now. 现在已经修复好了。But why did the Federal Reserve change it once again?但是为什么联邦储备局再一次对其进行改动呢?Theyre trying to make it easier to be sure a bill is genuine and harder to counterfeit it. 他们试图以更简单的方式保是真币,并且难以造假。The new 0 has a blue ribbon. 新的百元钞有一条蓝授带。Why? Because its a winner! 为什么呢?因为它是!No, its actually a 3D strip that appears to change when you move it, adding a new dimension of security. 不是啦,它实际上是是一条3D条纹,当你移动它的时候会改变,再次加强它的安全系数。Same idea behind the bell in the inkwell. 墨水池中的铃也是同理。 /201310/260611

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