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遵义/拔牙的坏处遵义/如何除掉体毛Alibaba and Suning are planning a shopping spree - of each other#39;s shares.阿里巴巴(Alibaba)和苏宁(Suning)计划上演一场购物狂欢,它们收购的对象是对方的股票。Alibaba is splashing out RMB 28.3bn (.63bn) to buy a 19.99 per cent stake in Suning, which bills itself as China#39;s largest consumer electronics retailer , a deal that will make the Chinese electronics giant the second biggest shareholder in Suning.阿里巴巴将斥资283亿元人民币(合46.3亿美元)买入苏宁19.99%的股份,这家中国电商巨头将因此成为苏宁的第二大股东。苏宁自称是中国最大的消费电子产品零售商。At the same time, Suning will spend up to RMB14bn (.28bn) to buy up to 27.8m newly issued ordinary shares in Alibaba.而苏宁将斥资140亿元人民币(合22.8亿美元)买入阿里巴巴至多2780万股新发普通股。After the investment, Suning will hold a stake of approximately 1.1 per cent in Alibaba.做出这笔投资后,苏宁将持有阿里巴巴近1.1%的股份。The companies said:“The strategic collaboration between Alibaba and Suning marks a milestone that signals the further integration of digital and offline retail. This strategic collaboration will bring benefits to hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers who use Alibaba#39;s online platforms and Suning#39;s offline channels. By cooperating, Alibaba and Suning will be able to provide holistic and more convenient shopping experiences, as well as superior customer service to users looking to purchase online and through mobile devices.”两家公司表示:阿里巴巴和苏宁的战略合作,具有里程碑式的意义,标志着数字化零售和线下零售的进一步整合。对于使用阿里巴巴线上平台和苏宁线下渠道购物的中国数亿消费者来说,这一战略合作将给他们带来好处。通过相互间的合作,阿里巴巴和苏宁将能够提供线上线下融合的便捷购物体验,还能为那些追求线上购物和移动购物方式的用户提供超值的客户务。 /201508/392135遵义/ 脱腋毛 遵义/无痛丰胸

遵义减肥Apple has owned up to a rare incursion of malicious software into its App Store, forcing it to pull some of the most widely used mobile apps in China from the service.苹果(Apple)承认其应用商店(App Store)遭遇罕见的恶意软件攻击,迫使它撤下了一些在中国被广为使用的移动应用。Late on Sunday in California, the iPhone and iPad maker confirmed reports by security researchers who had warned that a swathe of popular Chinese apps had been created using developer tools that were infected with the malware, resulting in the compromised apps.上周日晚,这家iPhone和iPad的生产商在加州实了安全研究人员报告中的说法,这些研究人员警告称,一大批热门的中国应用是用被恶意软件感染的开发工具创建的,结果导致这些应用被攻陷。“Hundreds of millions” of users of the popular Chinese apps were at risk of having their personal data exposed, including people who use Tencent’s WeChat mobile messaging service and ride-hailing app Didi Kuaidi, according to Palo Alto Networks, a US cyber security company.美国网络安全公司Palo Alto Networks称,一些热门中国应用的“数亿”用户的个人数据可能被泄露,包括使用腾讯(Tencent)微信(WeChat)和打车应用滴滴快的(Didi Kuaidi)的用户。Apple said it had removed the infected apps, which had been created with what it said was a fake version of its software for app developers, known as Xcode.苹果表示,它已移除被感染的应用,这些应用是开发人员用假冒版的Xcode软件创建的。It did not explain how developers of a large number of China’s most widely used mobile services had all been infected with the same piece of malware, or how the infected apps that resulted had got through its security screening for the App Store.苹果没有解释大批中国热门应用的开发人员是如何被同一款恶意软件攻陷的,也没有透露被感染的应用是如何通过苹果应用商店的安全审查的。“To protect our customers, we’ve removed the apps from the App Store that we know have been created with this counterfeit software and we are working with the developers to make sure they’re using the proper version of Xcode to rebuild their apps,” Apple said.苹果表示:“为了保护我们的客户,我们已从应用商店移除那些我们知道是用假冒软件创建的应用,我们正与开发人员合作,确保他们在使用正版Xcode重建他们的应用。”The admission is a black eye for the US company, which has made much of its superior security track record in mobile apps compared with that of Google.这番承认对苹果而言是个打击。苹果移动应用的安全记录在很大程度上优于谷歌(Google)的应用。Palo Alto Networks said in a blog post on Friday that it had found 39 apps in Apple’s App Store that had been created with the infected developer software, which has been dubbed XcodeGhost. Along with WeChat and Didi Kuaidi, the compromised apps include ones for games, banking, stock trading, maps, social networks, and mobile phone services, it added.Palo Alto Networks在上周五发布的一篇文中表示,它已在苹果应用商店发现有39款应用是用被感染的开发软件创建的,这种软件被称为XcodeGhost。Palo Alto Networks补充称,除了微信和滴滴快的,被攻陷的应用还包括游戏、、股票交易、地图、社交网络和手机务等应用。Tencent said in a statement on social networking service Sina Weibo that it had replaced the compromised version of its app. It also said that users had not lost personal information or other property because of the infection.腾讯在新浪微上的一份声明中表示,最新版本微信已经解决此问题,目前尚没有发现用户会因此造成信息或者财产的直接损失。 /201509/400284遵 义 哪 里 有 脱 毛 Split-screen multitasking and improved notification controls are among the new features being added to the Android operating system (OS). An early build of the new OS, known as Android N, was released on Thursday for app developers to test.据悉,分屏多任务处理和优化的通知控件等新功能被加入到了新版的安卓操作系统中。被称为安卓N的新操作系统的早期版本已经于上周四发布,并由应用开发者进行测试。Google said it had released the beta software earlier than usual so that device manufacturers could get the finished version sooner. At the moment, fewer than 3% of Android phones run the latest OS, Marshmallow.谷歌方面表示,比平时提早发布测试版本将会便于设备制造商能更快得到最终版本。目前,只有不到3%的安卓手机运行最新的操作系统:棉花糖。Typically, Google discusses the next generation of its Android OS at its annual developer conference in the summer. But this year it has released a first draft earlier than expected.通常来讲。谷歌会在每年夏季的开发者大会上讨论下一代安卓系统。但今年该公司比预期更早地发布了第一个早期版本。;By releasing the first preview and asking for your feedback now (in March!), we#39;ll be able to act on that feedback while still being able to hand off the final N release to device makers this summer,; wrote Hiroshi Lockheimer, senior vice president of Android, in a blog post.安卓高级副总裁洛克海默在客中写道:“通过发布第一个预览版,并于现在(3月份!)就要求你们反馈。我们就可以根据得到的反馈进行相关工作,同时也可以在这个夏天向设备制造商提交最终的N版本,”Android N will introduce split-screen multitasking that allows people to use two apps at the same time. Information can be copied across from one app to the other. A similar feature is aly available on some iOS and Windows 10 devices, and Samsung has aly added the feature to some of its Android smartphones.安卓N会推出分屏多任务处理功能,让人们可以同时使用两个应用。信息可以从一个应用程序复制到另一个。类似的功能已经适用于某些iOS和Windows 10设备,三星也已经在它的一些安卓智能手机上添加了此功能。The new software also introduces some cosmetic changes to settings and notifications, and aims to improve battery life.此外,这一新版本系统还引入了设置和通知控件设计上的改变,旨在提高电池寿命。Google has traditionally named new versions of the operating system after sweet treats, as was the case with Lollipop and Marshmallow. The newest version has not yet been named but it has been suggested that Android N will be named after a popular chocolate and hazelnut breakfast sp.谷歌向来把操作系统的新版本根据甜食来命名,比如棒棒糖和棉花糖。最新的版本还未命名,但据说安卓N将会已一种流行的榛子巧克力早餐涂抹酱命名。;We#39;re nut tellin#39; you yet,; said Mr Lockheimer, possibly hinting at the name.“我们还不会告诉你,“洛克海默先生把“不”(not)的发音发成“坚果”(nut),很可能是暗示这个名字。 /201603/431505遵义/处女膜修复术医院

遵义/明星烤瓷牙多少钱Shenzhou V Spacecraft神舟五号载人飞船Shenzhou V-atop a Long March 2F rocket-was successfully launched on October 15, 2003 ,at 09:00 Beijing time ( UTC +8) ,carrying one astronaut, Yang Liwei. As the country’s first manned space launch, the launch of the Shenzhou V space capsule, however, will mark China’s entry to an exclusive club by becoming only the third nation in history to successfully place an astronaut into Earth’s orbit after the ed States and Russia. Chinese President Hu Jintao watched the launch of the spaceship. The Shenzhou program, supported and run by the military, had been carried out under much secrecy. Most people got their first glimpse of the launch preparations on Monday, when Chinese state television began airing news stories and a documentary on the upcoming mission. At 09:34 Beijing time( UTC + 8) , the astronaut send the message of“I feel good. ”to the earth. And when it came to the sixth orbiting around the earth there was the first “sky-to-ground greeting” between Yang Liwei and Cao Gangchuan, the Defense Minister. At 18:40 Beijing time ( UTC +8) , Yang Liwei displayed the national flag of China and the flag of --UN and gave the greetings to the Earth. Yang Liwei also had a communication with his families at 19:59 Beijing time ( UTC +8).“神舟五号”载人飞船是中国神舟号飞船系列之一,为中国首次发射的载人航天飞行器,于北京时间(UTC +8)2003年10月15日9时在中国酒泉航天发射中心用“长征二号”F型运载火箭发射,将航天员杨利伟送入太空。这次的成功发射标志着中国成为继前苏联(现由俄罗斯承继)和美国之后,第三个有能力独自将人送上太空的国家。中国国家主席胡锦涛在现场观看了飞船的发射。“神舟五号”的研制和发射都是由军方实施,相当保密。许多人是在周一即将发射前官方媒体开始对此进行报导时才首次了解发射的准备过程。9时34分杨利伟向地面表示“感觉良好”。17时32分,飞船在进行第六圈飞行时,杨利伟与国防部长曹刚川进行第一次“天地对话”。18时40分,中国航天员杨利伟在太空展示中国国旗和联合国旗,并向地球发出问候。19时59分,杨利伟与家人通话。The launch of Shenzhou V took place at the Jiuqian Space Center, in north- western Gansu Province and landed after orbiting about the Earth 14 times during a 21-hour period in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The orbital module remains in orbit for several months.“神舟五号”在完成了14圈绕地球的飞行后,返回舱于2003年10月16日6时23分在内蒙古着陆场成功着陆,离预定着陆地点仅差4.8千米。轨道舱继续绕地球运行半年左右。 /201603/430088 The co-founder of the famous Swatch watch says the Apple Watch could result in big losses for Swiss watchmakers. “Apple will succeed quickly,” Elmar Mock told Bloomberg. “It will put a lot of pressure on the traditional watch industry and jobs in Switzerland.”著名的斯沃琪手表的联合创始人艾尔玛o默克说,Apple Watch可能将导致瑞士钟表制造商遭受重创。他对彭社表示:“苹果公司很快就会取得成功,这将给瑞士的传统制表业带来巨大压力。”Mock said he believes the Apple could sell 20 million to 30 million Apple Watch units yearly. All told, Switzerland exported 28.6 million watches last year, according to Bloomberg. “Anything in the price range of 500 francs to 1,000 francs is really in danger,” Mock said. “I do expect an Ice Age coming toward us.”莫克表示,他认为苹果公司每年可以卖出2,000万至3,000万只Apple Watch。据彭社统计,去年瑞士腕表出口总量为2,860万只。默克称:“价格在500至1,000瑞士法郎的产品都将面临危险。我似乎看到一座冰山正迎面袭来。”The Apple Watch ranges in price from 9 for entry-level models to ,000 for the most expensive luxury version, Apple announced Monday. The Apple Watchwill begin shipping on April 24, with a preview and presale period starting April 10. Despite Mock’s estimates, it’s still unclear how many Apple Watch units the company will actually sell. Analysts’ guesses are ranging from 8 million on the low end to 41 million on the high end, with the sp owing to a lack of data about the still-embryonic smartwatch market.苹果公司在周一宣布,Apple Watch基本款的价格为349美元,最高档的版本售价为17,000美元。Apple Watch将于4月24日开卖,预售期从4月10日开始。尽管默克给出了这样的预测,但目前外界并不确定苹果公司将出售多少Apple Watch。分析师猜测Apple Watch的销量将达到800万至4,100万,之所以有如此大的差距,是因为目前处在萌芽状态的智能表市场并没有太多数据可供参考。Swatch, a Swiss company, was founded in 1983 and later gained worldwide recognition for its sometimes outlandish, highly colorful designs.瑞士腕表公司斯沃琪成立于1983年,之后凭借色丰富的奇特设计在全球腕表市场占据一席之地。 /201503/364396遵义/注射瘦脸针好医院遵义腋下脱毛

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