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Classical: Upper class, personable, intellectual, unattractive and boring古典乐:上层阶级、和蔼、智慧、缺乏吸引力、乏味 /200909/83042。

1. When helping a woman pull her chair to the table, hold it and guide it. Don#39;t shove it against the back of her legs.1.为女士拉椅子的时候,要把椅子抓住了,留个角度,让女士好走过去。别让椅子腿碰到女士的腿。2. If you#39;re seated at a table with eight or fewer guests, wait for everyone to be served and for the hostess to begin eating before you dig in. At a long banquet table, it#39;s OK to start when several people are seated and served.2.如果就餐人数少于等于八人,那就等所有人都坐好了,女主人开始用餐了,再开动。如果是长餐桌,那么只要有几个人入座进食了,你也就可以开始吃了。3. All things not having to do with food should remain off the table: keys, clutch bags, cigarette packs, sunglasses, BlackBerrys.3.一切和食物无关的东西都不应该出现在餐桌上,包括:钥匙、手袋、烟盒、墨镜还有手机。4. Don#39;t snap your napkin open or unfurl it showily like it#39;s an Olympic flag.4.不要把餐巾展开,看起来像是在展示奥林匹克会旗一样。5. If you prefer not to have wine while dining out, don#39;t turn your glass upside down, and donrsquo;t make a big deal of saying you don#39;t drink. Simply place your fingertips on the rim of the glass and say ;Not today, thanks.;5.如果在用餐时你不想饮酒,不要把酒杯倒过来放,也不要很在意地宣布你不喝酒。只要轻轻地把指尖放在酒杯边缘,说一句;今天不喝,谢谢。;6. If you#39;re eating and want to take a sip, dab your mouth with your napkin to avoid staining the rim of the glass.6.如果你在吃东西的时候,想要啜一口饮料的话,那就先拿餐巾把嘴擦干净了,以免在杯子边缘留下残迹。7.Grabbing a bowl of salad or a saltshaker as it#39;s being passed to someone who asked for it is the equivalent of cutting in line: greedy and rude.7.把原本要递给别人的沙拉碗或者盐瓶从半道截下来,这基本上就等于在说:你是个既贪婪又粗鲁的人。8. On the subject of passing: Dishes go counterclockwise, but if someone to your left asks for something, you can hand it directly to him.8.餐桌上要传递东西的话,规则一般是逆时针传递。不过,如果坐在你左手边的人想要什么东西时,你也可以直接递给他。9. When you excuse yourself to go to the restroom, just say ;Please excuse me.;9.想去洗手间的时候,只要说;失陪一下;就可以了。10. When out with friends or family ; even at a fancy restaurant ; it#39;s OK to ask for your leftovers to be wrapped. But don#39;t do it at a business lunch or dinner.10.和朋友家人一起外出用餐,即使是到很高级的餐馆,也可以要求把吃剩下的食物打包带走。不过,如果是在商务宴会上,就不要这么做了。 /201112/163172。

世界卫生组织发布报告,指出心脏病、传染病以及癌症仍然是导致人们死亡的前三大病症。这份报告是世卫组织根据2004年全球一百多个国家的死亡登记记录统计得出的。该报告还指出,女性患心脏病的死亡率高于男性,这可能与女性寿命普遍男性比男性长有关。不过整体而言,男性患心脏病的几率较高,原因可能是超重、缺少运动,以及摄入过多高脂高盐的食物。Heart ailments, infectious diseases and cancer remain the world's top three killers, the UN health agency said on Monday.Heart attacks and related problems are the top killer, especially among women, claiming 29 percent of people who die each year, the World Health Organization said in a report on the global burden of disease. In second place, infectious diseases lead to 16.2 percent of worldwide deaths.Cancer, in third, claims 12.6 percent of global deaths, said the 146-page report, which is based on death registration data from 112 countries and estimates where reporting is incomplete.The figures are from 2004, the most recent records available on a wide scale, officials from WHO said. But the rankings are unchanged since 1990 when WHO first did a global check.Some 58.8 million people died worldwide in 2004, most of them over 60, the report said. Nearly one in five deaths was a child under 5.The heart disease death rate was virtually unchanged from WHO's previous study on death causes, based on 2002 figures.The rate for infectious diseases dropped from 2002, when they accounted for 19.1 of the world's deaths, partly because estimates for AIDS deaths were revised downward last year, said Colin Mathers, a WHO expert and lead author of the report.Women die more often from heart disease than men. The rate for females is 31.5 percent, and for males 26.8 percent, the report said.Mathers said the percentage for women was higher because there were more women living at older ages than men.But in general, men are more affected by heart diseases, he said."Men in many parts of the world have a higher risk," he said, adding that they are more often overweight or obese, get insufficient physical activity and eat more fat and salt.Dr Nieca Goldberg, an American Heart Association spokeswoman who was not linked to the WHO report, said: "Oftentimes women's symptoms are more subtle than men's so they are not recognized and the women don't seek medical attention as soon as they should.""For a long time cardiovascular disease was considered a man's disease," Goldberg said in an interview. Doctors therefore often failed to evaluate risk factors in women as aggressively as they should, she said.Higher rates of women in deaths from heart diseases have been observed since 1984 in the ed States, according to Goldberg.Filling out the top 12 causes of death are respiratory infections including pneumonia in fourth place, 7.2 percent; respiratory diseases, including asthma and allergies, 6.9 percent; accidental injuries and drownings, 6.6 percent; health problems of fetuses and newborns, 5.4 percent; digestive diseases, 3.5 percent; suicide, murder and conflict, 2.8 percent; neuropsychiatric disorders, 2.1 percent; diabetes, 1.9 percent; and maternal health problems related to pregnancy or birth 0.9 percent.Dr Ties Boerma, who heads WHO's statistics department, said there is always a time delay in assembling such data from a number of countries."Countries have a backlog of two, three years in publicizing their own information," he said.In nations where no death registration data are available, the figures are taken from research studies, which take a few years to get published, Boerma said. /200810/54467。

I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you。  我爱你,不是因为你是一个怎样的人,而是因为我喜欢与你在一起时的感觉。 /200912/93019。

1. SUCCESS 从对成功的定义看……A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.成功的男人就是挣得比老婆花得多。A successful woman is one who can find such a man.成功的女人就是能找到上述那样的老公。 /201005/104313。

Virgo is probably top of the list for self sufficiency, especially the female of the species. They can be phenomenally picky about prospective partners, to a degree where they put off3 commitment for years and years. But they have to watch that they don’t get too out of touch with their earthy animal side4 and end up perpetually alone.处女座很可能是最独立的星座,尤其是这个星座的女性。他们可能会很明显地挑剔未来伴侣,而且能达到很多年一直不给对方承诺的程度。这个星座的人必须要警惕,他们不能不顾及自己最基本的生理需求而孤独终老。  Aquarius is next since they are never happy about partnerships. Their motto is: “Sp your favors and friendliness around – the more the merrier.” They’ll only agree to a match if they’re sure there’s plenty of space to stay independent.水瓶座位居第二是因为他们从不觉得伴侣关系有什么让人开心之处,对他们来说,伴侣关系能导致幽闭恐怖症。他们的座右铭是:“四处撒播你的友爱,愈广泛愈快乐。”他们只有在确定一段关系中自己有大量的独立空间的时候,才赞成结合。Capricorn can be a touch like Virgo, defensive, workaholic and not inclined to disappear into swoons of rapture about a blissful mating. That is until they fall rapidly and inexplicably into a romance that astonishes them – and everyone around them!羯座也许和处女座有得一拼——戒备心强,是个工作狂,而且不那么容易沉迷于幸福婚姻如痴如醉的喜悦之中,直到他们毫无缘由地快速地陷入爱河—这段感情不仅会让他们自己很惊讶,也会让他们身边的人震惊! /201106/140754。

我生日那天,我丈夫给了我一个拥抱。他说两只胳膊加上十个手指相当于12件礼物。内容来自: /201106/142531。

My advantage is that I am handsome, but my disadvantage is that the handsomeness is not so obvious.我的优点是:我很帅;而我的缺点是:我帅得不明显。When I went shopping one day, a group of girls stopped me, saying that I was handsome. But I denied it, and then they hit me and said I am hypocritical.有一次我上街,一群女孩把我拦住,她们说我帅。我不承认,她们就打我,还说我虚伪。I am an angel, and the reason why I can not go back to heaven is the problem of my weight.我是天使,回不去天堂是因为体重的原因。Although you wear some cologne, I can still vaguely smell a scummy whiff out of you.虽然你身上喷了古龙水,但我还是能隐约闻到一股人渣味儿。It does not hurt feelings, when it comes to money, but it indeed damn cost money when it comes to feelings.谈钱不伤感情,但是谈感情最伤钱。The accountant said : "Could you please come for your earnings later, because I have no change here?"会计说:“你能晚点来领工资么,我这儿没零钱。” I curse your buying instant noodles without getting flavoring bags.我诅咒你一辈子买方便面没有调料包。 The most mysterious department in the history is the department concerned.史上最神秘的部门就是——有关部门。 There are two things that I could not do in my life--I could not do this and I could not do that.我这辈子只有两件事不会去做——这也不做,那也不做。 The others have their background, while what I have is the sight of my back.人家有的是背景,而我有的是背影。 Never treat a dried shrimp not as seafood.别把虾米不当海鲜。 Since there are so many deceivers, it is very obvious that idiots are not enough.骗子太多,傻子的数量明显跟不上了。 We never be afraid that thieves carry their tools, but afraid they know some kind of technology.不怕偷儿带工具,就怕偷儿懂科技。 /200909/83675。

Two Russian hunters meet. "I shot a gigantic bear yesterday," says Ivan. "Look at the hide!"   "How do you find such huge bears?" Sergei asks.   "Easy," says Ivan. "You stand in front of a cave and whistle. When the bear comes out, you shoot."   Weeks later the two meet again. Sergei is covered in bandages. "Didn't you follow my advice?" Ivan asks.   "Sure I did. I stood, in front of a cave and whistled, " Sergei replies.   "And what came out?"   "To me, "says Sergei, "it looked like the Trans-Siberian Express." 两个俄国猎人相遇。“我昨天打了一只巨熊,”伊凡说,“看看这兽皮!”   “你是如何发现这么大的熊的?”谢尔盖问道。   “很简单,”伊凡说,“你站在一个洞前并吹哨子。熊出来时你就开。”   几周后,两人见面了。谢尔盖浑身缠满了绷带。“难道你没有听我的建议?”伊凡问。   “我当然是按你的建议做的。我站在一个洞前并吹哨子,”谢尔盖回答说。   “出来了什么?”   “向着我来的,”谢尔盖说,“像是穿越西伯利亚的快车。” /201109/154071。