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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201609/466637新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson35:Deception欺骗511. You tricked me! 你骗了我!512. I was deceived in this business deal. 在这次生意中,我受骗了。513. His words were very deceptive. 他的话很有欺骗性。514. You allowed yourself to be deceived. 你让你自己受骗了。515. Don’t be fooled by his friendly words. 别被他的花言巧语所迷惑。516. He was completely fooled by his enemy. 他完全被敌人欺骗了。517. Don’t let appearances deceive you. 别让外表欺骗了你。518. You can’t fool me that easily. 你不能那么轻易地欺骗我。519. He was tricked out of his money. 他被骗钱了。520. I can’t believe I was such a fool. 我简直不敢相信我竟是这样一个傻瓜。521. She would have contacted my parents if I couldn’t have come up with a good excuse. 如果我给不出一个好的理由,她就会联系我父母。522. It’s only a white lie, so it’s no big deal. 这只是一个无恶意的小谎言,没什么大不了的。523. My consciencey would weigh heavily on me. 我的良心会狠狠地谴责我的。524. I had to make something up so I wouldn’t get into trouble. 我必须编造些理由才能避免惹上麻烦。525. Are you sure that you had to be dishonest? 你确定你是迫不得已才撒谎的吗?【生词解读】1. deception [di5sepFEn] n. 欺骗,欺诈2. trick [trik] v. 哄骗3. deceive [di5si:v] v. 欺骗,蒙蔽4. deceptive [di5septiv] a. 迷惑的,骗人的5. conscience [5kCnFEns] n. 良心;道义心;善恶观念6. dishonest [dis5Cnist] a. 不诚实的,不正直的;欺诈的 /200812/19258

Get back up into that loft.With bears in neighborhood,cooking in camp is risky.现在回阁楼 熊在附近出没时 做饭是很危险的Their sense of smell is seven times stronger than a bloodhound,熊的嗅觉比猎犬还敏感七倍and they can follow the scent of a rotting carcass for more than two miles.它们在2英里以外 就能嗅到腐烂尸体的气味Okay.I can hear a noise below.点着了 我听见下面有动静In a situation like this, you can#39;t afford to take any chances.在这种情况下 可疏忽不得I need to check it out.我要去查看一下Something just came through the window downstairs.有什么东西刚从楼下的窗户进来了All of those tin cans have gone. Below, below, in the corner!It#39;s only a raccoon.所有的烟囱 都倒了 看下面 在角落里 只是一只浣熊The noise and the torch drive him back out,but he#39;s triggered my warning system.火把和声音把它赶了出去 但它触发了我的警报系统I need to get down there to reset it.我需要下去重置警报系统Hang on, that#39;s on fire down there.等下 下面起火了With the fire extinguished, I reset the trip wire and get back up into the rafters.灭火后 我重置了绊索 重新回到横梁上Here, let me pass you that.You got it?You can hand me that.给 拿住这个 抓住了吗 可以给我了Fire and a raccoon.Get back to sleep again.Easier said than done.起火和一只浣熊 回去 继续睡觉 说着容易 做起来难啊 Article/201608/460343

We tend to think of Edward the Confessor as the quintessential Anglo-saxon king.我们倾向于把忏悔者爱德华看作 一个典型的盎格鲁撒克逊国王In fact,he was almost as Norman as William the Conqueror.事实上 他几乎与征者威廉一样是个诺曼人After all, his mother Emma was a Norman and he#39;d lived here in Normandy for 30 years,他的母亲爱玛是诺曼人 在撒克逊与丹麦战争的硝烟中ever since she#39;d brought him as a child refugee from the wars between the Saxons and the Danes.把他扮作难民童带出 逃亡至诺曼底 自那以后 他便在此生活了三十年But Normandy was not just an asylum for Edward,但诺曼底不仅仅是爱德华的避难所it was the place which formed him politically and culturally.还培养了他在政治和文化方面的才能His mother tongue was Norman French.他的母语是诺曼法语His virtual godfathers were the formidable Dukes of Normandy.他真正的教父是那些令人敬畏的诺曼底公爵The Normans were descendants of Viking raiders,诺曼人是维京海盗的后裔but had long since traded in their longboats for powerful war-horses.但在很久以前就把战船换成了强大的战马The Duchy of Normandy was in no sense just a piece of France.诺曼底公国绝非仅为法国的一部分Though the Dukes did formal homage to the kings of France,尽管公爵在正式礼仪上效忠法国国王in every other way, they were fiercely independent,但在其它方面 他们是完全独立的possessed of castles, patrons of churches.拥有自己的城堡与自己资助的教堂These warlords were constantly in the saddle imposing their will on vassals,这些军阀常年马不解鞍地四处征战 将其意愿强加于诸侯fighting off revolts and forging shaky coalitions.平定叛乱 缔结摇摇欲倾的盟约But the duchy was also humming with energetic piety.公国也忙于各种虔诚的宗教活动In the 11th century,handsome stone monasteries and churches with Romanesque arches began to appear.在11世纪 拥有罗马式拱形结构的 漂亮的石砌修道院和教堂 开始出现And the first grandiose stone castles,as tough as the Norman lords who#39;d built them,became part of the landscape.最早的宏伟壮丽的石砌城堡 如建造它们的诺曼王族一般坚毅 成为了这风景一部分 /201607/456133

  Talking about last year's activities 谈论去年的活动[00:07.68]256. What time did you use to get up last year?[00:11.22]去年你通常什么时候起床?[00:14.76]257. I used to wake up early and get up at 7 o'clock.[00:19.08]我醒得早,七点钟就起床。[00:23.41]258. I used to set my alarm clock for exactly 7 a.m.[00:22.91]我一向把闹钟上到上午七点正。[00:22.41]259. I never used to oversleep.[00:25.79]我从来不睡过头的。[00:29.17]260. I used to get dressed quickly every morning.[00:33.05]每天早晨我总是很快就穿好衣。[00:36.93]261. I always used to leave for work at 8:30[00:40.86]我总是在七点半离家去上班。[00:44.79]262. I used to start working at 9:00 o'clock every day.[00:48.72]我每天通常中九点钟开始工作。[00:52.66]263. I used to have lunch every day at the same time.[00:56.44]我每天通常在同一个时间吃午饭。[01:00.23]264. I used to work until nearly 6:00 o'clock each day.[01:04.91]我每天总是工作到将近六点钟。[01:09.58]265. I used to have dinner at 7:30 and go to bed early.[01:13.46]我总是七点半吃晚饭很早就睡。[01:17.34]266. My brother and I used to go a lot of places together.[01:21.42]我和我兄弟一块儿去过好多地方。[01:25.49]267. We used go to the movies about once a week.[01:29.07]我们通常每周六大约去看一次电影。[01:32.65]268. We used to have a lot of interesting friends.[01:36.83]我们过去常有许多有趣的朋友。[01:41.01]269. My brother used to speak French to me all the time.[01:45.28](过去)我的兄弟总是和我讲法语。[01:49.55]270. I always used to ask him a lot of questions.[01:53.82](过去)我总是好问他许多问题。

  You know, I#39;m constantly doing things to make you lifes better我一直致力于让人们的生活更美好and you know the little pongpongs on the back of the ankle socks my idea.见过短袜后面的球球么 我的杰作A couple weeks ago, I was researching about the most useful iPhone apps.几个星期前 我在找寻一些最有用的苹果appAnd so today I thought I would show you some of the least useful iPhone apps.今天我要给大家看几个最没用的苹果appAnd these are real, ok? these are real apps.这些都是真的 真实存在的appThis, right here, is a see it, this is a app and see UK Payphone.这个软件是 看到了 这是一个app 名叫UK PayphoneSo it#39;s a British app and let you search for the nearst payphone. From your phone.这是一个英国的App 能够帮你找到最近的公共电话 从你的手机上找You can find payphone from your phone and then you can make a phonecall with.你可以从你的手机上找到公共电话然后打电话Like payphone but free.像公共电话一样 不过就是免费That#39;s a almost good idea, is actually having an app to find your phone if you lose it.这个App的好处就在于如果你丢了手机 它还能帮你找回来All right. Here#39;s another app on here. This is Hang Time, which is来看下一个App 这个app叫做Hang TimeIf you can see this, it#39;s so tiny. This is a real app, and here, try it你们看见这个这个图标 超级小 这是一个真实的app 打开来看看all right , throw the phone up and there tell you how long, so phone when up are 0.99 seconds.把手机往上扔然后它会告诉你用了多少时间 刚才扔的这一下历时0.99秒That was1.1sceonds. And higher.这回是1.1秒 再高点儿that was 1.28 seconds. and it#39;s a 99 cent app, and of course, it#39;s 300 dollars buy new phone when you...这回是1.28秒 下载一个app只要99美分 而买一台新手机却要300美金all right, that was fun. and here is another one, this is called, go back to this.有意思 来看下一个app 叫做 回到手机桌面These are real apps. this is called Kiss Me. It#39;s an app.这些都是真实存在的app]这个叫做Kiss MeAnd all you will do, if you kiss your phone then you will your kiss ability.你要做的就是亲一下你的手机 然后它会测试你的亲亲能力If you line on your phone then tell you if you good kiss her, you not. But I#39;ll try it.把你唇线画在上面让它测一下你是不是kiss技巧很高 它会告诉你并不是 我要来试试See it#39;s ing kiss. Ding ding ding, we got winner. Wow.现在在测我的kiss 将将将将!你赢了!哇! Article/201707/516010。

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201612/481031

  Are you aware of payments made by Standard Oil to a Senator, ,000 to block a bill hostile to Standard Oil.你是否知悉标准石油公司用一万五千美元贿赂一位参议员 以阻止一项对标准石油不利法案的通过I don#39;t remember.我不记得了We have a list of bribes made by Standard Oil to politicians between 1903... I stepped down as Chief Executive of Standard Oil in 1902.我们有一份标准石油贿赂政客的清单 时间从1903年 我1902年就辞去了标准石油公司首席执行官的职务了I can#39;t answer for any incidents that occurred after that date.在该日期之后所发生的任何事件 我不能负责You are still President of Standard Oil, are you not?你目前还是标准石油公司的总裁 是不是It#39;s an honorary title.这只是一个荣誉称号Much like that of President of the ed States.就像美国总统一样Can I remind you Mr. Rockefeller of the seriousness of the charges brought against you.洛克菲勒先生 我想提醒你一下 对你所提指控的严重性As John Rockefeller fights to keep his monopoly intact a new generation of businessmen is facing a new set of challenges as they struggle to get their companies off the ground.在约翰·洛克菲勒为保持垄断而战的同时 新一代的企业家为了开公司 正面临着一系列新的挑战I have set out to build the best motor car for popular use.我已经开始着手打造最好的供日常使用的电动车The Ford motor car is durable and light, weighing only one thousand lbs.福特汽车耐用 轻便 重量只有一千磅It has a four cylinder engine and is capable of speeds up to forty-five miles an hour.它有一个四缸发动机 速度可达四十五英里每小时It is priced at nine hundred compared to 00 for the average licensed car. Which makes it the first car affordable for the common man.与一般授权汽车一千五百美元的价位相比 它只要九百美元 所以它是第一辆 普通人负担得起的小轿车 Article/201607/454425I ran into my teacher on the street yesterday我昨天在街上碰见我的老师。run into和bump into意思差不多,都表示偶然遇见。上句也可写成:I bumped into my teacher on the street yesterday. /200802/27252I face some of the harshest places on earth,and every step I take,my crew follows.我亲临这世界上一些严酷之地 每一步艰难的前行 都有同伴相随When you through on it for mid of the wildness,it always take time to adjust.当你身处荒野之中时 总是需要花时间来适应But it is swamps that the crew found most unnerving.You come from London on the plane,但是最让队员们感到不安的是沼泽 你从伦敦来坐飞机来literally... you know,couples of days later, you are dropped into a swamp,which is...you know, incredibly intimidating place.事实上 你知道 几天之后 你掉进了一滩沼泽 那真是 你知道 难以置信的 令人恐惧的地方And immidiately your senses just on absolute overreacting and anything that brush brushes your leg,you just ;Ho, what#39;s that? what#39;s that? what#39;s that?;瞬间 你的神经绷到极点 所有碰触你腿的东西 你唯一的反应就是 ;哦 啥东西 啥东西 啥东西;It#39;s amazing how sensitive your hear become, just...every little crack will twig,when you#39;re not quite sure what#39;s under the surface.你的听觉变得异常敏锐 连小树枝断裂都听得见 因为你不知道 水下面会有什么Whether is the swamp to the deep south or the jungle river in Belize.无论是在深渊的沼泽 亦或是贝里斯的丛林河流surviving in water is a tough business.And filming in it, a real challenge.在水中求生从来都不是易事 在水中拍摄 更是挑战the temperature, the wild water and the risk of drowning are all facts that meet me and my team always thinking long and hard.水温 宽广的水域和溺水的危险都是我和我的团队 要深思熟虑的Fast flowing rivers and rapids they are...they are for me, personally the...the risk is environment.急速奔流的河和湍流 它们就我个人来说 真正的危险是外部环境Because it#39;s totally moving changing risk.Every day the flow is different,so it#39;s very tense environment to operate it.因为这是完完全全的 不断变化的风险 每一天 水流都会不同 所以 这是很难驾驭的艰难环境I can#39;t affirm us of thinking right, okay?If something went wrong here,it#39;s dental my ability to get off here or it#39;s completely you tense... tense more than nature.我无法断定我们的想法是对的 如果有什么意外 究竟我能自行脱困 还是一切要由大自然主宰I think water, is defenitely the best example that cause you are completely at its mercy.我认为水 绝对是最好的例 因为你完全只能任其摆布Bear is very very good at finding that line,and not exactly like to me.贝尔非常擅长发现这其中的界限 而像我就不能分辨的那么准确 Article/201605/446619


  【视频讲解】First, European regulators have tried harder to preserve competition between existing carriers. The EU has been willing to block mergers, such as a proposed tie-up between Ryanair and Aer Lingus, and to prevent airlines from building monopoly positions at airports. Not so in America: at 40 of its 100 biggest hubs, a single carrier now accounts for more than half of capacity. That pushes up prices. The merger of American and US Airways in 2013 increased American’s market share at Philadelphia’s airport to 77%. Fares rose from 4% below the national average in 2013 to 11% above after the merger.首先,欧洲的监管机构更为努力地维护现有航空公司之间的竞争。欧盟一向愿意阻止合并,防止航空公司在机场建立垄断地位,例如它曾叫停瑞安航空与爱尔兰航空(Aer Lingus)的合并计划。美国的情况则不同:在100个最大的枢纽机场中,有40个机场超过一半的容量都属于某一家航空公司。这推高了票价。美国航空(American Airlines)和全美航空(US Airways)于2013年合并,导致美国航空在费城机场的市场份额上升至77%。该公司票价在2013年较全国平均水平低4%,合并后则比平均水平高出11%。preserve v.维持 (maintain), 保护(protect)- The laws are intended to help preserve our environment.block v.阻止propose v.提议tie-up n.合并monopoly n.独家垄断hub n.中心account for 占有.....capacity n.容量Second, Europe has made it easier for foreigners to boost competition by entering new markets. There are no ownership limits at all between European countries; and the EU lets airlines with a non-EU owner that has a stake of up to 49% fly anywhere within the bloc. America caps foreign ownership at 25%. Foreign joint ventures, such as Virgin America (which was acquired by Alaska Air Group last year) struggle to take off.其次,欧洲让外国人更容易进入新市场,以此促进竞争。欧洲国家之间不存在任何持股限制,而且只要航空公司的非欧盟股东持股在49%以内,它就可以在欧盟的任何地方飞行。美国的外资持股上限为25%。维珍美国航空(Virgin America,去年被阿拉斯加航空集团收购)等外国合资企业步履维艰。boost v.增加bloc n.联盟 (欧盟)cap v.以...为上限Third, Europe has also encouraged competition between different airports and their main operators. Breaking up the ownership of London’s biggest three airports has saved passengers #163;420m (8m) in fares since 2009, according to ICF International, a consultancy. In contrast, most American cities have only one airport, many of them publicly owned.第三,欧洲还鼓励不同机场及其主要运营商之间的竞争。根据咨询公司ICF国际(ICF International)的数据,自2009年以来,拆分伦敦最大的三个机场的所有权为乘客节省了4.2亿英镑(6.28亿美元)的机票费用。相比之下,大多数美国城市都只有一个机场,其中有许多是归政府所有。consultancy n.咨询公司Some of Europe’s advantages are hard to replicate. Distances between big cities are shorter, making road and rail transport serious rivals. Yet that is all the more reason for America to promote competition in the sky. America’s regulators should loosen the cap on foreign ownership, take away slots from incumbents and promote the use of secondary airports to give new entrants a leg-up. If that doesn’t yield dividends, regulators should consider breaking up the big airlines. Allowing competition to wither was a huge mistake. It should be rectified.欧洲的一些优势很难复制。欧洲大城市之间的距离较短,使公路和铁路运输成为飞机的劲敌。然而,这也让美国更有理由推动天空中的竞争。为了帮助新进者,美国的监管机构应该放松对外资持股的限制,减少现有企业独占的起降时段,并促进线机场的使用。如果这样做没有产生回报,监管机构应该考虑拆分大型航空公司。放任竞争减少是一个巨大的错误,应该予以纠正。replicate v.复制- replica n.赝品cap n.限制slot n.可用机位incumbent n.在职者(现有航空企业)entrant n.新加入者let-up n.帮助 (boost)yield v.产生dividend n.回报wither v.减弱,枯萎- The plants withered and died.rectify v.纠正 Article/201707/516024

  Part 2(食) 5(2):对话-买外卖比萨英语口语900句文本下载 /200708/16832。

  You should be nice because sometimes people might not be nice back.你应该对别人好,因为有些时候人们不会反过来对你好。Because then they can get along and have more friends.因为他们能和谐相处,交更多的朋友。If people are nice, then other people will like them, and then they#39;ll have more friends.如果人们很友好,那么其他人就会喜欢他们,他们就会有更多的朋友。And we want people to have more friends.我们希望人们交更多的朋友。If you don#39;t be nice to each other, that#39;s how you don#39;t make friends.如果你不对别人好,你就不能和别人交朋友。Three to five friends, I want everybody in this world to have three to five friends.三到五个朋友,我想让全世界的人都有三到五个好朋友。So everybody could get along.这样人们就能和谐相处。If you be nice to them, they#39;ll be nice to you. Get it?如果你对别人好,他们也会对你好,不是吗?Because if you be mean, no one will think you#39;re a good friend and if no one thinks you are a good friend,如果你很自私的话,那就没人和你做朋友,如果他们不认为你是好朋友,they won#39;t be friends with you and if you don#39;t have any friends, you#39;ll have no one to hang out with他们就不会和你做朋友,如果你没有朋友的话,那就没人和你出去玩,and if you don#39;t have anyone to hang out with, all you have is yourself and the iPad.如果没人和你出去玩的话,剩下的就只有你自己和iPad的了。Just be nice. Just be nice! Just be nice.要对别人好。要对别人好。要对别人好。 Article/201706/513382

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201609/464450


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